JoJo Magoo Nailed it at the State of the Union

JoJo Magoo Nailed it at the State of the Union

[Applause] If you try anything to raise the cost of Brazilian jobs I will beat so this word Right here Make no mistake if you try anything to Raise the cost of this word This guy's saying prisoner jobs Appreciate them jobs Kamala Harris and The Democrats clap to that And this is the key word in the sentence This is the noun if the Republicans Raise the cost of this word he will veto It right that's the threat and if you Don't know what this word is you don't Know what the f he's talking about some Of these other words just based in the Context he could mess up veto or any of The other words and you might be able to Figure out what he's talking about but This word is the key word this is the Policy this is the representative jobs It's the thing that you're probably Going to be politically against and he's Trying to win political points so it's a Complete fail

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