JoJo Magoo gaff & the time he said he misquoted himself

JoJo Magoo gaff & the time he said he misquoted himself

Greetings brothers and sisters um I want to start over here Viral Gaffigan refuses refers to LL Cool J as boy After bungaling his name this is Forbes And this is YouTube recommending this to Me this is YouTube's front page view And we'll get into that in just a moment Here this um Gaff by JoJo Magoo and so it's been kind Of a weird couple weeks for me Um just uh you know things going on with The you know heartfulness stuff that I Have been That I've been you know Sort of um not able to get to I guess it was dodgy's birthday Gathering the first one that was weird And I started working on Journey series And I have a glot of content like I have Two Journey series one I just made Published today And another one that I've been sitting On my members on the Matthew for members Only thing For the past couple weeks I got another One that I'm uploading today You know then all the weird stuff that's Been happening with the You know the the big parasite thing And so and just in general like things Just seem like weird in the world like Weirder than normal Um but I've been you know trying to get

All this content up And I've been putting up so much content Like hours of stuff And so I put a video up already one of The journey Series this is going to be a Shorter video And then I um Want to get to uh just a few things here And there's one comment a flat Earth Thing I want a kind of funny one that I Want to get to but here's the JoJo Magoo Gaff ER Include those who serve across my Administration like Secretary of Housing Affairs great great martial fudge So this is the he's speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Which he talked about being His um Well I'll show you that clip because I Was actually wanting to show that clip Again And he talks about how and they were Supporting him over black candidates They were supporting him over Cory Booker now Cory Booker is annoying But at least he's not senile right Cory Booker was a much better candidate than Joe Biden like he was sharper in the Debates like he's very superficial I Don't like the way he acts in the whole T-Bone thing you know that was weird But they had an exchange where

Kamala and Cory Booker and I'll show you The whole thing Can't believe that this is the guy That's beating them in the black Community That JoJo Magoo was getting more support In the black community than they were They couldn't believe it because he was Senile let's let's show that clip first I wanted to return back to this issue of Of black voters I I have a lifetime of Experience with black voters I've been One since I was 18. Nobody on the stage should need a focus Group to hear from African-American Voters black voters are pissed off and They're worried they're pissed off Because the only time our issues seem to Be really paid attention to why Politicians is when people are looking For their vote and they're worried Because the Democratic Party We don't want to see people miss this Opportunity and lose because we are Nominating someone that doesn't isn't Trusted doesn't have authentic Connection And so that's what's on the ballot and Issues do matter I I have a lot of Respect uh for for the vice president he Is swore me into my office as a hero This week I hear him literally say That I don't think we should legalize Marijuana I I I I thought you might so

This is this will show you this is in 2019. so this is four years ago and he Still had he had the Deliverance boy Eyes right I mean just he was gone then Like he's worse now But I was talking about that then Because he was you know he was senile Then he was wandering off stage this was A definitely at one of these JoJo senior Moments they've been high when you said It and let me tell you because because Marijuana kaboom Marijuana marijuana in our country is Already legal okay so like there's lots To not like about Cory Booker And his superficial kind of way and he's Just inauthentic But he's so much sharper and smarter Than Joe Biden right he doesn't have the The baggage Joe Biden had In terms of the plagiarism and all the Other stuff right you see the difference Between these two guys disguise got life Force and he's alive and awake this Guy's you know should be retiring And Cory Booker for the life of them Can't understand How he's losing in the black community To this guy like he can't understand it And neither can Kamala because just Based in the fact that you know the Color of their skin if all things were Equal and they're not because Joe Biden Is much worse

He's not as sharp like you know commless Sucks worse because she's Kamala but Cory Booker is certainly better than Joe Biden if I had a choice I said you know It was up to me like someone said Everyone said it's up to you to pick Between Cory Booker and Joe Biden I Would say oh Cory Booker most people Would Like he's just better you know if I had To hire one of these two guys for a job I would hire Corey Booker every time Because not that I like Cory Booker but He's much better than Joe Biden right And he hasn't had anything where he's Glimming on kids and do I mean just all The weirdness with Joe Biden privileged People and it's one the War on Drugs has Been a war on black and brown people And so let me just let me just say this With more African-Americans under Criminal Supervision in America than all The slaves since 1850 do not roll up Into community And not talk directly to issues that are Going to relate to the liberation of Children because there are people in Congress right now that admit to smoking Marijuana while there are people our Kids are in jail right now for those Drug crimes uh Joe he's in the sand like He's still at least at least like at the Elementary school flashback here Somebody authentically we lost the last

Election let me just give you this data Example we lost in Wisconsin because of A massive diminution a lot of reasons But there was a massive diminution in The African-American vote we need to Have someone that could Inspire as Kamala said to inspire African-Americans To the polls thank you Senator Booker Vice President Biden you can respond to That I'll be very grief number one I Think we should decriminalize marijuana Period And I think everyone anyone who Has a record should be let out of jail Their record is expunged like the way You phrased that he said everybody not Just people who have uh marijuana Convictions it'd be completely zeroed Out but I do think it makes sense Based On data that we should study what the Long-term effects are on for the use of Marijuana that's all you mean there they Don't know are you saying that they Don't know what marijuana does to you Like it's been around since the 20s Right it's been around for 100 years I Mean longer than that but in America Marijuana like the studies have been Done bro I think we should study this New drug oh uh fentanyl no marijuana Like This newfangled drop called marijuana Marijuana holidays number one everybody Gets out record expunged secondly I uh You know I'm part of that that Obama

Coalition I come out of the black Community in terms of my support if you Notice I have more people supporting me In the black community that have nouns For me because they know me they know Who I am three former chairs of the Black caucus the only black African-American woman that ever been Elected to the United States Senate a Whole range of people my point is true Look at how confused he gets there's a Great moment now he's gonna lie Because it doesn't I said the first now he's going to say Now he said he I said the first what he Said the only right this is a great Moment because no one said they're not Repeating back what he said and he's not He's he said I misquoted myself This is how senior moment he was because He says the only member so he's going to Say the only which they're going to say Kamal is the second of course Kamal is Jamaican and Indian but that's whatever That is but he's going to reverse what He said he's going to lie like he just Misquoted himself I'm out of the black Community in terms of my support if you Notice I have more people supporting me In the black community that have Announced for me because they know me They know who I am three former chairs Of the black caucus the only black African-American woman that ever been

Elected to the United States Senate a Whole range of people Come first so my point is So they can't believe that he's getting Support they couldn't believe it because You know they thought that they would Get more support because of the color of Their skin and because this guy's senile But they weren't kamala's laughing at Him you know and he's saying I didn't Say the First the Kamala the Kamala uh cackle so My point is my plans for one of the Reasons I was picked to be vice President was because of my relationship Long-standing relationship with the Black community so this is you know I Mean this is something I thought about Yesterday and now it's come back around Because here he is at the Congressional Black Caucus right Now tonight's award is Hakeem Jeffrey The leader with integrity and courage He's just saying her name over and over Again like so I guess they don't have a Teleprompter My press secretary No wonder I'm doing okay You're not doing okay 67 percent of the Democrats don't want You to run again like you're not doing Okay bro you're doing badly right Justin Jones a new voice Two of the great artists of our time

Representing the groundbreaking Legacy Of him in America Llj Cool J It's llj Cool J going to be there but Now he's going to drop the boy I think he's An MC life both of you thank you So there's having this guy announce MC Light who I'm not sure who that is and LL Cool J getting Awards apparently cool Jay We refers to as boy has bigger Biceps than JoJo has thighs you know his Thighs were involved with the black Community before when he said black kids Used to like to touch the hairs on his Skin his legs When he was at the pool Because Um JoJo freaks like that right he's you Know and out and out freak You know what is going on here right Social Security trust funds are running Dry Here are four things to know Um Social Security pays for time income To U.S we know that Uh To run out by 2033 So in 10 years there's no more money There they can't pay out after that time And there's no money in it like the Money that you're putting in right now And on your paycheck any Social Security

Tax is being Um you know paid off to the Boomers At at that time retirees will still get A check but it would be about 70 77 of Promised benefits Um You know it's not going to last Speaking of old crusty things Sharon Stone 65 makes a fashion statement in Giraffe print code and she leaves a Beverly Hill restaurant with producer Michael carbajal or something Somebody sent me this like a week ago Hard times for Sharon Justice Alito temporarily pauses order Restricting Biden administration's Social media contacts now This was um There was a you know a senate hearing About this And in Missouri and Louisiana Brought suit to Joe Biden Uh having these brutal At least threatening contacts with Social media Giants we were threatening To pull their ability to Um you know not get sued And for whatever's being put out there By content creators You know and this has been well Documented all the pressure they put on Social media and the guy who the judge Who wrote the um who wrote the judgment He put in as many examples as he could

He wrote a long like dissertation of the You know the crimes the you know the These first amendment violations that JoJo Biden was doing And they were saying the Democrats Didn't deny this in the hearing and JoJo Magoo's defense wasn't to deny any of This stuff was going on it was that America was unsafe because of people Posting conspiracy theories online And so like it was okay because they Were shouting fire in a crowded theater So it was okay to censor them It's okay to pressure social media Private companies to set for censorship And so this is I mean he shouldn't be Doing this it's his First Amendment Violation and juggle judge Alito who's a Republican right everyone's talking About how it's a republican-owned Supreme court with six Republicans And he paused an order restricting the By Administration Communications with Social media companies after lower Courts ruled officials engaged in Censorship practices so Leto saying he Can do that again Right now during the time of the Election that they can pressure social Media companies because of you know Alito's ruling here and it's clearly That's wrong like it's really wrong it's A First Amendment violation And Lido has always been a piece of Boop

Fighting tells olinsky that U.S will Send Ukrainian atacm long-range missiles Aid going to Ukraine something about Missiles right Uh yeah on a good morning you mentioned That 325 billion dollar or million Dollar Security package that has already Been reported on and that the president Announced yesterday that includes air Defense equipment artillery rounds and Anti-tank weapons but we're also just Learning another 325 million dollar Military aid according to NBC News Citing three U.S officials and a Congressional official familiar with the Discussions that yesterday President Biden informed president zielinski that The U.S does plan to provide a small Number of attackers those long-range Guided missiles that Ukraine had been Asking for still the officials cautioned That it's not clear exactly how many Attackums the annoying attackers are They giving them West plans to provide Or exactly when they will be delivered Or even when it will be announced but The officials did say that the president Made it clear to zielinski that will Happen some point in the future Has been speaking with officials at the Pentagon and they say that there had Been some concern about the stockpile of Attacks here in the U.S and also okay so They're sending out attacks over the

The Ukraine long-range missiles you know We're edging closer and closer to World War III and they're just looting what's Left of a Dying economy here Remember I told you the Federal Reserve Has been absorbed by the U.S treasury This is why this is happening and all This happened in March of 2020 And it said when the lockdown started Why is the Federal Reserve Note no Longer showing us U.S debt Clock And now the U.S treasury node is showing In its place Anyone anyone Um So it used to be the Federal Reserve Note Okay so when you scroll over these Things it tells you what it is up here So you scroll over this it says interest On the debt includes U.S treasury notes And bonds So I guess they're calling what used to Be the Federal Reserve Note a U.S Treasury no and I don't know if that Says that on currency yet but that's What they're referring to it as so this Used to say Federal Reserve Note and now It says money issued by the U.S treasury And so Um It says here in 1962 President Lincoln Issued 450 million dollars directed from The U.S treasury

On June 4th 1963 President Kennedy Signed executive order Ensuing 4.3 billion Directly from the U.S treasury bypassing The Federal Reserve Bank These debt-free interest-free notes were Then known as silver certificates So there's this this is here But up here they've gotten rid of the Idea of The uh the Federal Reserve money Um so again I'm not sure what that means But they're saying that the Federal Reserve has been absorbed by the U.S Treasury that was a privately owned bank The Federal Reserve it's not a a Government Institution And that's you know the whole big Controversy so maybe they don't want to Be on the hook for What's going to happen in terms of the Collapse that would be the only reason For the Federal Reserve to be absorbed By a by a National governmental Institution you understand that a Private bank would be on the hook for All this money this value When the dollar collapses and it's you Know it's worthless And they're going to be uh on the hook For the value so they're turning it over To the U.S treasury that would be my Only guess here Okay

Um So I um Was meant to cover this Bob and Menendez Indictment highlights gold bars and wads Of cash Um But then there was this Visas for lovers private jets and fees And Villas inside the bribery case Senator Bob Mendez Beat Um He's no stranger to corruption But he has you know Got gold bars and stuff there he is with His Daughter There he is um Well then hands with some dude There are some of his gold bars that he Had There's some of his cash Um There's him and looks to be like a Hooker or something right He had escorts and things and Mercedes-Benz and all this stuff So um Here it is here this person Lopes liat was a star in Big Brother in Brazil But now lives in Florida she told the Post in 2015 she had no idea Mendes had Allegedly been involved in getting her a

Visa Um he's just like you know he's just Helping out the needy And so that's this is somebody else here Ukrainian models Lived in Spain before coming to Florida Was one of the women that Senator Menendez allegedly helped obtain an Immigration visa because it seems to be A little bit of a pattern here right So that's Bob Menendez and Coulter blast Gigantic bonus hole Trump after he calls Her a has been Stone Cold loser So that's going on Kamala Harris says she may have to take Over as president's president please Know Um this was from a while ago it's a lot Of these things I haven't been able to Get to It was like from a week or two ago the President's age often go hand in hand With questions about how you would step In the role you know if necessary do you Feel prepared for that possibility uh And ceremy's vice president prepared you For for that job yes And how would you you know describe the That that process well first of all Let's I'm answering your hypothetical Um but Joe Biden's going to be fine so That is not going to come Like she's getting her face is kind of Morphing more and more into like a

Witch-like face I mean just but look at the smile here Joe Biden's gonna be fine That is not going to come to fruition But let us also understand that every Vice president Every vice president Understands that when they take the oath That they must be very clear about the Responsibility they may have exactly They gotta know that you know they're Only uh they're only a a cardiac arrest Away and you know that that M and frm I'm looking at you know I mean in the Next couple of years you're looking at The next president of the United States Biden world is worried about spoilers as Third party threatened to boost Trump Of course you're going to see a third Party candidate if they nominate this Guy I mean it's already Kennedy About all these things Hillary Clinton Putin hates democracy and will interfere In the U.S election again so I've Covered this so much in the past the Reason you lost Hillary is because People don't like you I mean there's Some Die Hard Hillary fans because they Like the idea of Hillary But they don't like her and wouldn't Like her in real life like you know they Don't like even the brand that you built Right because she's a politician that

Carefully built her brand you know she Married a guy who had Charisma and Became president she was always hated Upon but she carefully crafted a brand And made a political name for herself With all her connections and even that Political brand and that person who was Out there pretending to be a nice person And you know whatever she was pretending To be They didn't like I mean any of these Politicians when you put on a facade and You try to create create a likable Persona and you have publicist and you Have professionals helping you and in Her case the media was fawning all over Her on the left and you know all those Things and they don't like you then There's something wrong like you know Like they don't even know they're really You they don't even like to fake you Right You know you've got to understand how People see you and I've documented this And talked about my own experience where You know I'm unapproachable and you can See by the number of people who end up Staying here on my channel it's a small Fragment Of the overall people who watch my Videos You know I'm never going to be a popular Person I'm more of a French person and I'm not you know someone who's like had

A pie like ability factor and I'm not a Person who values being liked right I Mean the people who knew me you know Friends and whatever but you know I had My own issues too that made it difficult Like you know in general people sort of Rooted for me despite my Abrasiveness or whatever is there but I Know that about myself like I'm not you Know I wouldn't run for political office Not you know not only because I wouldn't Make a good politician or leader but Also because there isn't any part of me That's good or values being liked by a Bunch of people you know I never put any Value into being famous or popular and When you're like that and you know maybe People just misunderstand you or you're A better person than people think or You're just Gruff around the edges you Know in the massage Mark system people With soft hearts Usually have Gruff personality so There's that but regardless of that you Don't do something that popularity and Likability is a part of it and Hillary Just lucked into a political career she Wouldn't have made she would have won One election without her husband right She wouldn't have you know without her Connections and being the wife of a of a Successful politician she didn't have it And so blaming the Russians right And then there's

Um this video I covered where this Family You know this kid was beating the TV With a hammer and I got more comments to That than I've gotten to any subject I've been covering In recent past years people are very um Opinionated lots of people thought it Was definitely a fake other people Wanted to punish the kid you know lots Of people wanted to punish the kid in Fact they just saw a comment where some Three-year-olds some mom said or Three-year-old said is that kid gonna Get Punished you know in a more graphic Detailed way you know Um you know I don't know if it's a fake Or not like there are things that I Thought made it a fake but then I'm like Well You know who knows like the way parents Are today I mean the biggest thing for People You know to think it's a fake is it's Obviously something that has viral Potential because just the reaction I Got from you know my audience here and This would you know get a reaction from Most audiences And it seemed like the parents were Allowing this to happen because of it Being a potential viral video like that Would be motivation but also parents are

So weak now And you know I can't say I mean people said they were bad actors But I don't know if they were acting And you know it could be either way But either way you know it's a it's like A very telling about parents who are Allowing their kid to beat on the TV so They could get viral views so they're Horrible parents that way right And Andor it's truly it actually Happened the way that they you know it's An organic event and their horrible Parents for allowing their kid to take a Hammer and just beat on the TV there was A moment where the woman says We'll see the husband why are you always Leaving those hammers around and that to Me was an indication was real but it Also could be an indication it's fake But you know they don't have scripted Lines and that's exactly like the thing A helpless parent would say right like You can't control your kid you know a Normal I mean it'll leave your Hammer Around when you have two or Three-year-olds because that's just Dangerous but that kid's like eight or Nine years old and you should be able to You know trust that if you leave a Hammer around your kid isn't going to Pick it up and start bashing the TV Right and so like we're saying that kind Of to me uh was like maybe this is real

Right but whatever I want to get to this I think I only Have one comment I want to get to and It's a flat Earth comet Um This person said this Uh this is to my Hollywood celebrity Shopping like flies Travis Kelsey gets Roll Johnny Depp I have more with Travis Kelsey and Taylor Swift I'm going to Cover on my other channel because that's A follow-up to what I covered yesterday Just an observation you say the Flat Earth movement isn't catching on and Isn't working couldn't you say the same Thing about saja Mar System the person spelled it s a d j m a R It's sahaj Marg the natural path And you know these are two entirely Different things right The Flat Earth to me is a psychological Operation But whether you believe it's that or not Or just some organic movement what I was Saying was that there are these things That go around the truth community And then it plays itself out like you Get a it becomes a brand or a label and The brand of the Flat Earth thing is bad It's bad because people don't buy into It people don't believe it so you have Like lots of liberals and Democrats and Science people that are immediately

Going to reject it so you just have the Right wing people and truthers as your Possible uh your compatriots or people Who would be open to this idea Flat Earth right those are you that's your Potential audience it's about you know 30 or 40 percent of the you know Whatever I mean there's lots of Different people who flirt with Conspiracy theories but you have to be a Person that's more religious oriented You have to be somebody who's more into The Bible And you know it's about 30 percent of The people That are potentially Flat Earth Believers or at least sympathetic to Your view And you know the truth Community the way The flat earthers became so Argumentative and gang-stocked and you Know trolled bombed people and you know They migrated into the QB movement you Became an insulated and hated group of People by everyone else in the truth Community I mean ask people who have had To deal with flat earthers or you know Who voiced their opinion I mean it's Constant anytime I say anything that Indicates that I believe the Earth is Round or I don't believe in the Flat Earth some of you say it's flat like you Know for years I ban so many people Because of that right they're constant

You know obsession with wanting everyone To know what they thought about you know Like when it was inappropriate had Nothing to do with the content of the Video I was making And the cubies were even worse and you Know the flat earthers were the creators Of that way of dealing with people on The internet and it failed and then when They started to attack so-called Conspiracy theorists the politicians and The media they use Flat Earth and cubies To uh to bludgeon the the rest of the Truth community and then use that to Then in turn censor us and make it Harder for us to post content so the Movement has no purpose right it's a Belief and you know became so um Divisive and so animated and so Argumentative it's just something that People associate with it being sucky and Flat earthers are you know all bitter And butt hurt all the time and not all Of them so some of them watch my videos It just don't comment that's fine I'm Talking about the people who are Engaging in these behaviors and there Was a time where you would just let it Go like there are movements and things I Know to be true At least you know partially true or Mostly true and I don't talk about Anymore Because

It's over it's it was branded you know The pizza thing you know there's some Truth in the pizza thing before the QBs And the you know the first timers the Newbies of you know the coming to the Truth Community got hold of it and Started bringing disinformation and Disinfo and started to you know just Mess it up and I don't talk about that Those events that happened around school So school tragedy things you know I used To cover that I was grateful to stop Covering that for a variety of reasons Because you know it it's hard not to Look bad when you're you know mocking Families who have you know just in terms Of what most people believe lost loved Ones you know even if it's you know Perceived as fake by you and other People some people believe it's real so You look kind of like a a complete A-hole when you're calling people out And calling them fake and things like This and they're allegedly grieving Right so I never really liked covering That but the way those narratives played Out the way those narratives and that Lawsuit with Alex Jones and all the Other things You know they're being used as weapons And you you realize you just lost the Battle this happens in politics Where America you know believes you to Be a flip-flopper

You know like they did with John Kerry They made him into a flip-flopper and he Did some flip-flopping but all of them Do but they did a good job of painting Him as a flip-flopper day the commercial Was on a one of those um you know those Boards with a sale sailboards or Whatever surfboards with a sale on it Windsurfing is that what it's called Windsurfers And they had them going back and forth If you ever seen the ad by Carl Rove and It was a great ad and it really Scrooge On Kerry as an elitist he was married to The The Heist woman who owned the you Know the Heinz Ketchup thing and all These things and sometimes you lose the Battle of the brand You know people are going to believe Something about you And the more you talk about it the more Guilty you look the more you look like You're just denying something that's True and you know whatever it might be It's just you know you're on the wrong Side of public opinion and if it's Something to do with the truth Community As a whole you just let it go you lost That battle you lost it you lost the Flat Earth thing and then you went and Became hubies and you lost that and you Never learned your lesson right if You're out there trying to profit the Ties proselytize and win people over to

Your movement at some point you realize That ship has sailed that most people Have a negative connotation with flat Earth so that's what I was talking about Massage Mark does none of that because Barely known by anybody right massage Mark has its own problem that it's Experiential And it's something that lots of people Can't feel the transmission And so you know only in a small number Of people are ever going to do it so It's not the same thing this person's Equating like a real spiritual service That isn't trying to be political that Isn't trying to you know paint your Beliefs one way or another not you're Not joining a club of flat earthers that Believe in the Earth being flat you're Receiving transmission and cleaning a Service that is given freely by the Organization right and you could say oh Well it's a cult whatever you want to Believe but that's just you missing out On the opportunity to get free Transmission and cleaning right like It's a service for people you know That's available to anybody who wants to Try it and you know those people who It's worked for like myself it's amazing But not everybody has that experience so It's not even you know they're not you Know gang uh you know going to Everybody's videos and talking now about

You know something that's Um you know the equivalent to saying It's flat I'm talking about the Behaviors exhibited by the flat earthers And how they destroyed their own Movement and made it into a negative Brand and they just never let it go like It's time to just talk stop talking About you believe it fine talk about it Amongst your friends but no longer is You know every time you comment every Time you say something it just brings up That feeling we all have towards you The same feeling that we have towards QBs and again there'll be people be like All right I'm going to comment on that Right I got so many comments and I'm not Gonna you know this is the only comment I thought worthy of saying something About it was on my other channel But I said you know if and I shouldn't Have opened the door to flatter such Commenting because it's a nightmare and All these people say you know I like Your channel but I actually believe in It there's no reason to say that like I Don't care I don't care what you believe in about Most of these things it's up to you your Beliefs are your beliefs right you don't Have to justify them or explain them to Me I just have an opinion about those Beliefs

But I don't if it's not personal to you Like if you came up to me and said I'm a Flat earther I wouldn't say all the Things I say here on this channel this Channel is about me expressing my views On things that I don't do to people Personally because it's you know you're You're right to believe what you believe Right I'm not here to control your Beliefs or any of these things And people are saying this but you know What I said about it was ask yourself if You have a model a working model and a Few people responded to that say no I Believe in this but I realize we don't Have a model that makes sense and most Flat earthers are they going to be Honest that was what they would say so You could lighten up about it right when You don't have a model that works and You don't have the kind of proof that is You know that would go with the kind of Attitude that is such a slam dunk and This is more about the behavior than the Belief right just the overall Behavior There's reasons why people don't like Flat Earth there's so let me get back to The commenter here Um Gotta find it here Just an observation you say flatter's Movement isn't catching on and it isn't Working no people dislike flat earthers Or they use them on the left to mock the

Truth Community couldn't you say that About again about your size Mark system Literally everything you said about Flat Earth is applicated to your system times Ten just pointing out the obvious it's Not obvious at all because they're not The same thing Is not something that was even talked About we were you know basically it was Asked that we didn't talk about on Social media there was the official site There's no advertising it was word of Mouth and people would put up like Little posters nobody and it's a system That doesn't use Force And so there's no forcing People forcing themselves on other People saying you got to do this and There's no Hard Sell inside smart it's Nothing like the Flat Earth movement Literally the only way you've heard About it is because I talk about it you Know sometimes on my videos I mean There's lots of videos I don't talk About at all flat earthers talk about Their thing almost like every video Right you know it's a constant and so Like there's no obvious correlation here Perhaps things the same thing when you Say the things you say what is a truther Flat Earth made me realize we are just Nothing flooding through space Flat Earth made me realize God is real only Because you believe in the Bible which

The Bible sucks the Bible isn't God it Made you believe the Bible was real Because he said four corners in the Old Testament it's really the the Jewish Bible the the Old Testament that so you Believe in the old Jewish Bible we get It right because you now believe in Flat Earth when you didn't say anything about It having a working model And so like you know This is everything I say about flat Earthers and the rest of it right like It's just a comment waiting to be mocked Right you're trying to you know like oh Look you're being hypocritical you don't Understand my thing so don't talk about It right like I understand your point of View I understand the the videos the Hours the things that people said I did My own research on this you know you Can't even you don't even know the name Massage Mark Most people can spell Flat Earth like What you said I had to figure out what You were trying to say right like you Know you spell the thing You spelled the thing it was one word It's two words there's no D in it There's no J right you're missing a g And so sahaj S-a-h-a-j space Marg m-a-r-g size Mark You said Jamar That sounds like some uh dude's name so How's Jamar for with the reception

And so like this is you know everything That we've come to expect from Flat Earthers you know someone mentioned Vegans which I talked about before like I had this with vegans who attacked me Because I showed an image of my kids Bottle feeding cows our dairy cows that Were loved these calves and Heifers that We had my kids are out there when they Were young it's kind of a nice picture And the person wrote like A book someone was on Facebook and wrote Me too long messages it was a number of Vegans that were saying that I was so Cruel for having dairy cows and the cows Were loved and you know they I mean you Know cows are domesticate animals There's no wild cows And they just have a thing that they're All wild up being vegans they think they Know more than all the people who drink Milk around the world and you know all These village-based people Farmers these vegans are so much better Than them right and you know vegans are Like known for this And it's the same kind of energy that They have And they're assaultive and you know they Get into your thing when they you know I Talked about how violent this woman Wrote this long thing and I made a video About how she says she's a vegan but She's violence in Her speech right she's

Aggressive one vegan said to me you know I I don't believe in violence myself but I hope you like what I said in the video Was that people should at some point Kill animals that they're gonna eat like Instead of Outsourcing it to stores and And whatever it is you know if you if You're not willing to kill a fish or you Know something that you eat and you're Eating that dead animals you know I mean There's a thing there And I just you know off the cuff remark This guy took it as like I want people To just go out and Slaughter animals Which I wasn't saying and then he left a Comment saying you wish I was shot But he wouldn't do it himself because He's a pacifist but he just wished it Upon me right and so there's groups of People who You have experience with and those People those vegans who are like that And those flat earthers are like that Record for everybody else right And you know it's I mean you got to Understand that and those are the people That Define your movement in the Q Movement QB's and the flat earthers and The vegans and other movements I don't Talk about it unless I've experienced it Like I you know I'm not a hateful person I don't talk about hating people and you Know all these things if I experience Something that's negative

Which you know I do in these situations And I talk about it my experience of it Like how this affects me how it makes me You know how being around you makes me Feel like these things You know when I say these things it Isn't I'm like I'm making it up and I'm Saying it as a group I'm not even like You know these common things are common Things but those are people who have Gotten aggressive and stupid and you Know they've you know they've engaged in Some sort of adversarial conflict so I Have every right to and again I don't Call them out by name I just read the Comment right But in general I'm just talk talking Generalities about a group right and I Don't mean every flat earther but I mean How flat earthers are experienced by Other people and all of us who are not Flat earthers and are on the internet on The truth Community have had bad Experiences with you guys because people Eat the comments people are like yeah You know that yeah that's exactly how it Was and cubies are even worse And cubies were you know a lot of the Same types of people bible-beating you Know um oftentimes you know not educated Or not you know whatever they are very Conservative Republican right-wing People Who are you know they just they're the

They're the sort of um The uh aocs of the of the right right They're the The Way You Hate extreme Left people and their behaviors and Their attitudes and it's a bummer for us To deal with right the Bible and the in The Christian religion aren't you know To the rest of us aren't an authority The Bible isn't an authority to me I Like some things in the Bible But it's not the word of God to me and Other people and so when you're engaging With other people with different belief Systems and you're coming across like It's the word of God and that's always Going to be a problem And so that's a lot of where the Flat Earth stuff comes from and you know Again if you want to have your own Little separate little group and that's How you want to talk amongst yourselves That's great but when you're in Interacting with other people with Different beliefs than yours and you're Coming to their channels and you know Being all confrontational coming out Holier than now is the same way that Liberals who think that all right-wing People are unages and uneducated you Know Hillbillies and that southern People are somehow dumber than Northern People or city people are smarter than Country people and the condescending way That the right the left wing talks down

To you it's the same way you guys talk Down and you know the condescending way That you do with the Bible being your Authority and it sucks we don't dig it Right we don't like it and so that's What I refer to you know you guys think You might be rocking it but you're not And you know you're wrong about it like You know again that's there's going to Be some debate about that Within yourself you're not going to Agree with it but that's how we see it Right that this you don't have a working Model and I mean all of it and so you Know I just again it's a total drag you Know if I don't say it if it isn't like I don't like make something up it's Totally dragged to to deal with flat Earthers and cubies and vegans right and Not all of them but the ones that are Loud the ones that are out there talking Are a drag to deal with there's plenty Of them that are great there's plenty of Great vegans there's plenty you know People who are good people and that's Just their belief but they're not Lording it over and forcing it on Everybody else right it's trying to Force it on other people and being Argumentative you know just accept other People don't believe it and we don't Like it and you know we don't like the Group as a whole and the belief because Of behaviors by the way you behaved if

You had behave differently it wouldn't Be I wouldn't be speaking this video I Wouldn't be saying this here I wouldn't Be talking about that way is your Behavior that has caused the reaction on The behaviors of your group lots of flat Earthers have said yeah I understand why You don't like them like they don't like Dealing with their their fellow flat Earthers for the same reason it's your Behavior it's who you as a person And the belief is just a like sort of a Tool to expose your your flawed Aggressive personality that is unlikable And you know difficult to deal with Right and just you know it's just a real Energy drain and a bummer and it's hurt All of us in the truth Community Collectively and so it's like you know You lost you know whatever you were Trying to win or gain you're lost just Accept it and you know it's just move on To something else right you can always Believe what you believe But stop trying to you know make it into Something that's never going to be Only spirituality will save this world It's Paul revano definitely important For the apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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