JoJo Magoo doubles down on cluster booops + Lib reporter’s hilarious Admission

JoJo Magoo doubles down on cluster booops + Lib reporter's hilarious Admission

Greetings brothers and sisters so I did An introduction yesterday but now I want To do a pre-introduction because of Things that happened And just talk talk about how technology Really doesn't save time Um like I think about the time that I've Wasted on technology And one of the big reasons Is they're constantly trying to improve And update things And so two things happened to me Yesterday Two experiences that were basically back To back that Um That show what I'm talking about Illustrate my point here so I made a Mistake yesterday or the day before When I put up my video Um the one you know the latest video That was featuring Kennedy in this Guy meta whatever his name is meta Hassan from MSNBC and all of it and I Did a voiceover you know I've been doing These voiceovers here Um you know just what somebody called The monologue where um you know I I tape It here where I can edit it in real time And then I have to listen to it again As opposed to my screen flow where I'll Talk During the screen flow using the Screenflow app and they have to go

Through it and edit it And so um I put the voiceover in twice And people pointed out to me which is a Real bummer but YouTube has an Application That they have an editing application For videos and they have a trimming Feature which I've used you know I use Occasionally there once in a while like I have a clip at the end of the video That I forget to delete before making The video so the video will end but then The people will be like oh the videos There's like a dead there's dead there's Dead air for a little bit and then the Clip that I put at the end of the video Will be there so I can edit that out Right and get rid of it And so I you know left a comment telling People what happened When I read you know a couple comments Saying that I repeated a voiceover and I Gave them the timing of it and I went And did the editing process and I look Back you know it takes a while for the Editing thing to work the editor and I Came back and the video was supposed to Be You know was an hour and 50 minutes and Now it's supposed to be like An hour and four it was like 11 minute Clip that was edited out so I look for The video and I want to see if it was Successful

So I could take down the comment because Now the comment was irrelevant And They had Um Gotten rid of everything but the 11 Minute clip I wanted to add out edit out They had changed it a little bit and I You know I was a little unsure how to Use it I was you know it was changed in Some way but now they've changed it to Do the opposite of what it used to do That you had a bracket and you put the Bracket around the part you want to edit Out and now the bracket was what you Wanted to save And I'm like why would they do that like Why would you upgrade something to make It you know and permanently do something That you know was I mean it was a nightmare right And so you know I Then I had to go and take the old video The original video and edit on my end And re-upload it and I got slow internet You know I had slow internet yesterday And it took forever to get it back up And so that was a big hassle and so While that was going on so I'm already Frustrated right because it's just a Waste of time you know the amount of Time I wasted what I had a Microsoft Computer As opposed to having an Apple computer

Is I can't even explain the differences And those of you who have switched or Have you know these kind of issues Especially to do with the video stuff Uh the video applications they work so Much better on Apple like just computer Need to be restarted losing stuff you Know not rendering you know just all These things Like yesterday my microphone wasn't Working with the screenflow app a little Bit and I was really that was kind of a Bummer because I had to redo the Voiceover but I can't tell you the Amount of times when I had a microphone Microsoft Computer how many times I had to redo Things and things were lost or they Corrupted or whatever it was And so um you know I'm grateful because That always was you know a big uh Motivational killer was When you know you have Glitch outs in Your computer And so then um my wife was doing some Work she was organizing some stuff And I was making dinner and I was Waiting for her to to get done and I was Looking at the TV and I had tried to Open HBO Max And you know I and they have changed it To Max right And you know they changed their app from HBO Max to Max

And so when I open the the um the app The TV had said uh it no longer exists I'm like oh man I'm gonna have to Reinstall this app right instead of just Switching HBO Max to Max and you know They've been sending me emails about it And you know things like that right now It's Max instead of HBO Max It's the same crappy you know content Like you don't see me you know HBO makes Good quality content I shouldn't say That but you know I've been we've been Watching it on you know I've directed TV And you get when you have HBO you get The app for free and so I went to Download The app Um in my on my TV and it said I had to Log in And I briefly remember doing this before Somehow I'd been logged out and I knew That and I remembered that I was Frustrated with it because when I went To look up The password the information There were some swear words and Hostility expressed In the password right so So I know I was pissed at the TV company For making me the login so they could Get more of my information I think they Sent me a couple of emails before I Unsubscribe from them you know all that Stuff they do right so then it took me a

While to log in download the app and put The app where I could use it right and That took me a you know a certain amount Of time and then I went back on and I Found out the you know my video was Delayed getting uploaded because there Was some kind of glitch out with the Internet and it just been sitting there Like not uploading and so I wasn't going To get done till the night you know so I'm wasting all this time right I'm like How is this better like how is this you Know Evolution like in part of the Problem here was They upgraded things HBO upgraded their App to Max An HBO HBO Max made more sense to me Because I can't remember what Max is and Now I'm getting like emails from Max and I'm thinking it's maximum person right It's just stupid and like it's the same Thing it's not any different it's not Any better And they could have just upgraded their App maybe people using it weren't using It or whatever But they you know they they screwed me Right like it's a free service that you Know I mean it's It's a you know time waster now you know Frustrated with them and then you know This thing with the the Um the editor video editor now I have to Figure out how to use this new video

Editor and all of you who are in the Middle watching that video and then just Disappeared like I don't even know what Happened on your end and so it's just You know I mean it shows you what technology is Right because you still waste time it's Not like your life is more convenient or Whatever else right isn't like it's so Much better Because you they're constantly you have Constantly having to relearn to do Something with all the you know So-called improvements and updates and You think about like Uh when you couldn't watch Videos on the internet like when they First put out YouTube Like I had a dial-up mode people are Getting high-speed internet But I had a dial-up modem and you had to Buffer the video And it would buffer for a little bit you Get to watch the video but the buffering Speed was slower than watching the video So it would stop and buffer and it took Like 20 minutes to watch a 10 minute Video I was like oh my God I can watch Videos on the internet now right and now They have all these streaming apps where You can actually stream content but now They have all these free apps that run Commercials and and everyone's got A Plus right Disney plus and ESPN plus and

HBO Max like they all got their apps and Of course Netflix and Hulu and then all These smaller ones and you know and it Takes forever to switch between apps and I can't remember where that show was Available and this one is you have to Look up and find out where you can watch This and what app and this app and that You know And um you know kind of wishing it would Go back to the way it was when we had Three channels when I was a kid right You had limited content you know cable Came in and now you know and ultimately You're just wasting time doing all these Things right like it's just a way to Kill time like you're not you know There's very little value in the content You're watching out there Um and it keeps you disconnected from Your life and so you think oh wow Everything's faster and better and it's More improved and now it's clear the the Quality of the the you know the content You're watching is clearer and high Definition and whatever it might be but It's not like you've wasted your whole Life away right like you're not doing Things out in the real world and it's Oftentimes frustrating things break down They glitch out they have to restart Them you know whatever even on your TVs Or computer now and it has to be Restarted and things glitch out or the

Internet doesn't work or you record Something there's a you know there's Thunderstorm and you miss chunks of it You know like Um and so you know like it's it's not Better like it seems like it's better But it's not right growing up you know When I grew up and the kind of lives That we used to live and then we're much More you know enjoyable and and they Were like you know these kids have They don't get um excited about things Right They're so uh desensitized by being over Stimulated they go to the Grand Canyon Are like oh that's what's this you know It's not as clear as you'd see it in High def and you know it's better to Experience it at home and it's not you Know a video game or whatever Um but it's just you know it's quality Of life has gone down is what I'm saying In pretty much every possible way it Seems like it's gotten better but it's Not like it's you know it it wastes your Life it wastes your time away And you spent a lot of time dealing with Things that are not working the way they Should or figuring out how they worked Or adjusting to the changes in the you Know this new thing that they've put out And for nothing right like it's just you Know I used to like the way the Um the YouTube app used to work the

YouTube app on my computer And they changed it so many different Times a new format a new you know way of Interacting in interface format and I Was like I was happy with the first one It could have went on forever like it Just they didn't even change it now this Thing with the the editor right like why Are you changing it and now I have to Watch you know you watch a video from Two years ago and tells you how to use It but then it's like well no it's been Updated and then you can't you have to Find a more recent video you know it's All these things right Um so it's just an indication of the You know we've gotten weaker and you Know our vocabulary and our inability to To live life and you know each Generation is getting softer and weaker And less healthy and the negative Effects of the internet I mean all of it It's just a mess all right let's go to My other introduction that I that I did Yesterday Greetings brothers and sisters so I did A couple of comments to the Kennedy Thing I was talking to my wife about it as Well yesterday you know I made a bonus Video And I want to talk a little bit more About that I don't want to make this Another Kennedy video I've made a few in

A row now I want to get to a bunch of these other Subjects and headlines I have up here So um Knowing your fate knowing the future Being able to see the future or hearing Of Prophecy Or hearing a prediction Doesn't preclude you from doing the work That you need to do You understand what I'm saying here That if you were someone who could see Into the future or In the case of people who do the seismic System they're all these Prophecies about what's going to happen But until it happens you still have to Live your life and you might as well Live your life every day up until the Day you die right like there's one Guarantee for all of us and that's we're Gonna die so that doesn't mean we Shouldn't live right we shouldn't try We shouldn't you know put effort into Whatever we're doing And so if you do know prophecies it's Like the Noah's Ark type of thing Let's say you know and you can see That the system's failing and it's going To fail sometime in the near future Most of us will see it in at least one Phase of it and the collapse of the System and that they're going to be Changes changes early upon us we can see

The collapse the apocalypse right but The system's still going on now and we Have to participate in it to whatever That means we have to do our duties we Have to fulfill our responsibilities we Have to Uh you know do whatever we think we're Supposed to do we got to figure out what God wants us to do and do it and Sometimes You just have to put your intention in Something even if it doesn't work out Now It might work out in a future life or in The future of your Soul's Evolution or Whatever doing the right thing even if You're doomed to fail even if you're Going Up against unsurmountable odds if you Feel that you should do something you Should do it right now the thing with Kennedy you know not only do I believe The system is going to collapse the System won't allow for a change the System is too far gone and too corrupt You know and a so selfish level I don't Want the system to collapse but on a Spiritual level I know it's what's best For us and everybody you know on the Soul level it's better for every Everybody and everything The sooner the system collapses you know People seem to be worried about getting Duped by Kennedy what's the worst thing

He's going to do is come out as a really A pro Booper he's gonna come out as a Pro-booper and he's gonna actually say I Kind you guys and now I'm gonna make it Mandatory I mean that's where it's Headed anyway right But if somebody is willing to verbalize Our positions and again We're not going to agree with everything He says especially the big ones the Biggest one Which he has a history of fighting the Biggest one right now Is mandatory boopers right that's like The biggest thing up right now Because that you know will be coming With the other one they're saying There's going to be another one Bill Gates and the rest of them and so If that's um what's heading for us all And you have one person who's clearly Against that you have two presidents uh Former presidents maybe Ryan against Each other Trump who keeps on bragging About operation warp speed And he's clearly for it and he got Worked on before and Joe Biden who said It's a a pandemic of the young Boopinated right so you know we know how They stand on these things right Everyone knows these that they're you Know gonna do what they're gonna do in Terms of like sticking with the big

Pharma and he's one candidate out of Everybody who's against it And that's you know worth his worth Supporting him just for that right Like that's how I view these things I May or may not vote but Kennedy is just Different right and even though I think He's doomed to fail And maybe in a tragic way and it might Be you know upsetting or a bummer if you Know I mean you're going to root for Them like you're rooting for a team And it's going to suck when it when it Goes tits up right I mean it's just it's just you know it's Going to be bad you know I said this to My wife you know you're getting vested In it you're going to be you're going to Be bummed out But you know you getting hurt by things Is life right getting disappointed is Life like you have to sometimes back a Failing effort or you know whatever just Because it's the right thing to do You know the system is you know it's not Just doomed It's it's expiration date is up right It's you know it's run its course And you know it's for the best and it's Planned obsolescence it's Already written in the you know the Stars so to speak And so that's going to happen but we Still have to live our life

Consciousness of what's going on the Ability to see in the future like let's Say you know the date of your own death That could be a great thing or a Horrible thing Depending on you know your Um what you do with that information And so it's what you do with it like Noah's Ark and these things you have to Make reasonable decisions and they have To come from a place of Sanity you just Can't run off into the forest neglect Your Children your responsibilities and Things because You think the world is going to end you Have to you know still play out your Role play out your part whatever that is Right and you have to support what needs To be supported and Kennedy verbalizes The truth or positions like I saw a Number of comments for people saying Well he got exposed here he got exposed There you know the worst case scenario Is he becomes a trump or a Biden Ready like he's not going to be any Worse than those guys you have nothing To lose not taking your rigidity right Like You know it's just I mean we all know What's going to happen but for me like You know I see that a difference in him And so I'm you know going to support him As much as I can

Whatever that means and if he lets us Down you know whatever Like they all do I just expect people to Let us down or or fail like I don't Think you know I think more that he's More likely to fail Than anything else To come up short or whatever see people Say ignorance is blessed in one way That's true true ignorance where If you are so unprejudiced And so innocent like a baby but so Connected to God this was Babaji the Second master of the sashmark system of Meditation where God tells you in every Instance what to do or what to think And then you would be a blank slate and See the world through God's eyes and Relying on God to Inform you and show you what you needed That's like Divine ignorance it's a high Level of Spiritual Development Where you don't have any you know your Own thoughts your own judgments your own Prejudices Your own point of view you just Go into every like Experience open To you know God to show you what you Need to know You're not going from memory you're Going from God's you know inspiration From God's uh Deep connection with you you know it's An evolved state so there's a way that

There is a Divine ignorance and there's Ways that sometimes you're better off Knowing you'll be happier if you don't Know things If it's all going to end up the same and You can't control or change anything And sometimes knowing what's going to Happen is just You know takes a lot it takes a fun out Of it it's like somebody ruins a movie For you and tells you the ending But even if you know the ending you Could be watching a movie I've done this And I've talked about this recently Where something historical is happening And we know what happens in history And yet it's still stressful watching it Because they do a good job of developing The plot lines and getting you invested In the storylines And so like that's kind of what's Happening Here You still have to you know play the game Even though the outcome is predetermined To whatever extent and you have to Figure out what your role is and I don't Care if people vote for Kennedy or not Or support them or whatever and if he Loses you know the primary if he loses The general election or he loses and They they off them you know whatever Might happen You know that's just going to be what it Is like I'm not expecting anything less

Like it's a degraded time and you know I Just expect to be disappointed And usually yeah right I mean that's you Know the time we live it but like I said Yesterday I feel like Kennedy is the First truther candidate who through his Actions of environmental being an Environmental Lawyer and getting some of The toxins and poisons out of our system Our environmental system like he did Quality work there and he did quality Work with the you know the the boom Boops all right the stuff to do with Autism and you know he went after these Things on a he litigated these things And was successful to some extent So that means to me that he actually Sincere it's beyond just words but you Know people aren't cultivating the truth Or vote you know Trump did it a little Bit like he flirted with the truth There's on the side like on the down low Like he went on Alex Jones and he you Know Steve Bannon had him say a few Things here Like he said I don't know who the QBs Are but you know he he said some Positive things about their beliefs and The cubies took that like just as a you Know there's a A movie I just saw like I saw when I was In like college or something I forget The name it doesn't matter but I just Watched a little bit I was like looking

Through the channels I was like oh I'd See that movie in years And this guy made a bet with his friend That he could get three women who are You know whatever almost married the Other two were Um you know whatever they were hard to Get To um marry him so he got it on video Each one of them Being engaged to them or something And the part that I saw which I Remembered was like he was a like a Weatherman on the news and he said to Each of the women that he'd give a Signal like he took he took on his ear Or you do something To indicate he was thinking of them Right And you know when they were watching him On the news he'd do something and they You know they would you know whatever Um But like that's what Trump did to the Cubies Trumper has said a few truth or Friendly things where Kennedy is a Truther in his own way and you know that Is whatever it is he's the first truth Or candidate and you know there's good Things about it Because let's say he gets 40 50 of the Support that means half of America Believes what he's saying even if he Gets 45

That's almost you know 50 Americans are Against some of these policies right Any Kennedy support is a validation for The truth community As a voting block as a you know as uh I Mean it might be their 60 percent of People out there that are somewhat Truthers truth or friend friendly truth Or adjacent And so if he was to win and even if they Whacked them or whatever It would indicate the power and the the Movement that's happened in America it Would be a significant movement you know That's why they're trying to suppress And Uh you know and de-platform everybody Who's talking about these things and Hide them and Shadow ban them and all These things Because their movement's growing and Kennedy could be the face of that Movement whatever And you know just representing like the Good part the intellectual part the Parking you know verbalize things in a Reasonable rational way And if he gets more and more support Even forty percent thirty percent is a Lot In terms of you know the the size of This country like 30 percent is over 100 Million people And so I mean that's you know that's a

Win for the truth Community anything That he accomplishes Is a win for all of us you know as Opposed to Alex Jones who Acted like a crazy person and and became The profile that the left and Trump to Whatever extent too and the trumpers and The cubies who became the profile That they wanted to use like of crazy You know right-wing Nut Job people who Are you know who are semi-racist and all These things like they they became that They acted that out right unstable You know people who were uh you know Some level of psychological issues and Things like this right And then you know they acted in a way That that they fed into that profile They were doing The work of the enemy right They were on they were on the enemy's Team But you really can't say that about Kennedy's very reasonable he's very well Spoken he doesn't get emotional he Doesn't get triggered He's a you know excellent debater and You know even though with his you know The disease that took his voice or Whatever You know he can still uh get the words Out and is able to you know do whatever He's got to do to you know make that Possible but again if you have some

Imaginary standards you're waiting for a Truther candidate like that you know I Mean I didn't think we'd ever get one That represented the truth community in A good way And he's good at it right that's why They don't use his Clips everything that Comes out of Trump's mouth you know they Put on CNN and MSNBC and they they mock Them right and you know he feeds into Their narrative but they don't do that With Kennedy and and they won't do that And they have you know a problem with Kennedy because he comes from an iconic Family that suffered tragedy and his dad And his uncle were Assassinated and they've had so much Tragedy in their family and you know There's just um they're they're you know They're pillars of the Democratic Party And you know they can't smear them like They did Trump They can't use some of the arguments Against them he already has support of The Democrats and they're Republicans You know the Republicans that voted in Some of these Southern States voted for JFK so it wasn't like this You know he could cross lines here he Has a you know huge demographic of Truthers and right-wing people and People who on the left and Bernie Sanders people and you know he's putting Together a coalition of Voters and it's

A lot harder for them to Smear him as some crazy right-wing Whatever it is right You know conspiracy theorists or any of These other things Because of all this different support And they they risk alienating people in Their own party People who will turn on the Democratic Party either want a third party or you Know leave all together I mean he's he Could destroy the Democratic party like It's set up for that right especially if They have to cheat him and they have to Rig it and they're already starting to Rig it with that that North Carolina With that uh New Hampshire primary he Presents a lot more problems for the Democrats than um You know Trump does or these other people Because he's one of their own he's not Like some new democrat he's a part of Their You know their history right one of Their best presidents while they're you Know they're big stars And then you know I mean Bobby and JFK Were were huge for the hippie movement All these people It'll be hard for them to you know many Of them are into our Alternative Health And you know they lost their minds a Little bit with their anti-trump focus

And they you know they endorse Biden on Some of these things like war and some Of these things that they are against But you know he's got two positions one He wants to immediately end the war and The support of the Ukrainian people the Ukrainian military and bring peace to That region and reconnect with Russia And avoid World War III like that's one Of his positions and another one is he Wants to make sure that the the booths Never become mandatory so if they try to Do another one if they tried to do Another pandemic he would be against That so just for those two Those two issues even if he doesn't come Close to winning he should get our Support as whatever that means because You know we have one candidate that's Willing to to stand up and say this is Part of my platform That there's no mandatory you know What's And you know the bloops and there's no Um no war with with Ukraine and Russia World war three those are the two Biggest things on the table right now It'd be hard for them to run out another One of these pandemics on him and run Some of these other games that they're Able to do on Trump and Biden anyways I Just wanted to start off this video with That let's get into these other subjects Here okay let's get into it this is Ari

Mibla mibla it's amiba he's got the The you know the Obelisk behind him here And This isn't how it works out right the White House here's the Obelisk and Here's where the White House would be so This is um But he looks a little bit you know Stunned here I got a bunch of videos Just want to get through some of them Like some part of them and I got a bunch Of like headlines I want to get to with Just a different type of video with a Little bit of jrfk thing one video to do With that but the rest is um Things have been sitting up here for a While Let's start here and even though he has Gone on a long long road trying to win Over Trump and we'll get into some of That just watch as this crowd unleashes Before Graham even speaks Welcome to Pickens Thank y'all for coming Thank you very much just going on thumbs Down look at this woman She's going on the thumbs down Thank you welcome to Pickens County A little bit about this County just calm Down for a second So um Lindsey Graham Is getting booed by Trump supporters So Lindsey Graham ran against Trump in 2000. and let's get that woman uh thumbs

In them down here Uh ran against Trump in 2000 2016 right There's the The thumbs down Uh and you know the primary And Lindsey Graham criticized Trump mildly And Trump was a front-runner and no one Took him seriously And so Trump had gotten Lindsey Graham's Personal number Lindsey Graham had given Him his personal number To You know whatever because he wanted Trump money I mean this is whatever it Was and Trump gave out his personal Number which is a huge dick move right Like just like a horrible thing to do he He gave out Lindsey Graham's personal Number And Lindsey Graham had this commercial I've showed it before I don't have time To do it here but you can find it it's An ad where he's putting his phone in a Blender Where he's hitting his phone with a golf Club That was his reaction to Trump giving out his personal number Right like was to destroy all these Phones it was the stupidest thing and Then he just when Trump won he bowed Before Trump Even though he had been sort of critical

Of them And try to win Trump I mean just like Disgustingly groveling like a Golem Before Trump right And even after that in his home state Where he's been a senator forever He is being booed By Trump supporters like this is you Know he hasn't groveled enough right He's at a trump rally trying to you know Get trumped you know Trump's a piece of You know just uh I mean fish boy you Know whatever like Trump's over and the Trumpers are still not in his home state Are still not You know Allowing this guy you know some sense of Dignity I mean there's he's supposed to Be there you know getting people to vote For Trump and he's being uh booed off Stage so this is him with Fareed Zakaria Um and he's was asked about the cluster Bombs and it was a very difficult Decision on my part and by the way I Discussed this with our allies discussed This with our friends up on the hill And uh we're in a situation where Ukraine continues to be brutally Attacked across the board by Munitions By these cluster Munitions that are have Dud rates that are very very low I mean Very high that are danger to civilians Number one number two uh the ukrainians Are running out of ammunition

The ammunition that is you know we've Given them a hundred and eleven billion Dollars there's a Kennedy speech where You talked about The CDC has a budget like 16 Billion right so you have you know needs That American people have There's poverty there's you know all Kinds of issues we have right and They're giving away money to this war To do regime change which we know Doesn't work We know regime change doesn't work we've Seen it in at Libya we've seen it in Iraq we see it in Iran years ago I Talked about this a little bit on my Other channel yesterday regime change Has failed policy and it's none of our Business we shouldn't be dictating this Is where we're an evil empire We dictate and this is not a Democrat Problem this is you traditionally Republicans were the War Hawks so this Is a bipartisan issue That you know an intelligence Community Issue we're going in and taking out a Leader we don't like Hurts the people of the country first of All and it's their country It's their sovereign country we have no Business going in there and doing that Right And that's what they're trying to do With Russia

And you know by supplying These Arms They're making they're affecting this Outcome you know this is what happened In Afghanistan years ago America Supplied the afghanis with arms and made The Russians you know this would brought Down the Soviet Union The war in Afghanistan Because they you know they propped up The Afghanistan army and Russia went Bankrupt trying to win that war Afghanistan's a place where Empires go To die Alexander the Great I mean all These empires have Have been um for whatever reason Afghan Is just a place that after an Empire Enters into it and we're the most recent Empire Opposing force that you know that Opposing Force collapses it's happened Over and over again America is in the Process now herself and so trying to get Rid of Putin Who's to say you're not going to get Somebody worse somebody who's more Willing to push the button or whatever It might be it's going to starve and Kill children in the country economic Sanctions and so we shouldn't be doing This right it's a failed policy we know What happens it isn't like we don't know What's happened because we've done it Before in numerous countries in every Country it's backfired

If they call them 155 millimeter weapons This is a this is a war relating to Munitions and uh the running out of Those that ammunition and we're low on It and so what I finally so what happens If we have to fight China Right you know we're low on it you've Given all this these weapons and Munitions that American taxpayers that Paid to for this you know country that I Mean Americans don't even know about Because we don't know things about Foreign countries and because you want To fight a war with Uh the Soviets or you want to depose Putin through some you know proxy war we Did or took the recommendation of the Defense department To not permanently but to allow for this Transition period where we get more 155 Weapons these shells for ukrainians to Provide them with a something that has a Very low dud rate it's about one I think It's one five oh which is the least Likely to be blowing and it's not used In civilian areas they're trying to get Through those trenches and those then Stop those tanks from rolling and so uh But it was not an easy decision and it's Not we're not signatories of that it's Not an easy decision because It's a war crime right You know if it was the right thing to do Would be an easy decision

To say it's not an easy decision it Means it's the wrong decision You just feel like you're forced to do It because if it's an easy decision if It was what God wanted It was what your heart wanted you would Make that decision right Is if something that was backed by your Divinity and your soul You know it's a it's a bad decision Because you're going to hurt people You're giving away weapons that Shouldn't even exist that's going to Hurt civilians and that you know your Press secretary says a war crime and Because you're in a more immoral piece Of crap that just already drawn children In Afghanistan that agreement but I um It took me a while to be convinced to do It but the main thing is they either Have the weapon to you see he had to be Convinced to do this because it's the Wrong thing You don't have to be convinced to do the Right thing right Unless it's something where you're Sacrificing yourself and that's not the Case here This is hurting other people this Deliverance boy I'm an effort he looks More and more like that kid from Deliverance what's going on here it's Just a like this guy is he's just so Jumped a shark stop the Russians now

From their keeping up from stopping the Ukrainian offensive through these areas Or they don't and I think they needed Them So this is the the other piece here this Sad Sack evidence for Jake tappers I don't know who she is but she probably Sucks and we can just assume she sucks Because she's sitting on CNN Ukraine's Potential membership in NATO will also Be top of Mind as President Biden Prepares to head overseas for a NATO Summit next week CNN's Fareed Zakaria Just sat down with President Biden for An exclusive interview and asked him About Ukraine wanting to join NATO very Much take a listen When you go to the NATO Summit the big Strategic he's got a ball here her bison Issue is that Ukraine wants membership In NATO Um should it get membership in NATO I Don't think it's ready for membership in NATO but here's the deal so this is the Thing The whole reason the Russians are Invading is because they don't want A you know foreign occupying Force if You listen to Kennedy's speech on this Or Kennedy's take on this And something that I said early on that You know this was something that I knew But he was talking about historically Russia lost one in seven people in World

War II And then all the you know issues they've Had since then With America putting missiles on their Borders right which you know we didn't Want when Russia tried to do it with Cuba there's a whole Cuban mission Crisis you remember that right and so Nobody wants missiles on their border And if Ukraine becomes part of NATO They'll be able to put these Munitions These missiles on you know Russia will Be at at risk so much so that they They're willing to go nuclear on this Thing I mean they've you know basically said That that Ukraine isn't going to be part Of NATO plus if they ever invade Ukraine Like they're doing now if the Ukraine Does things to Russia and Russia has to Retaliate then that's World War III Because NATO including America would be At war with Russia because you go Against one of these countries America Has to fight you right this is the you Know the price we had to pay for the World Reserve currency being The the American dollar And so this whole thing has been about The Ukraine joining NATO and what a hero Zielinski is and now he's saying they're Not ready to join Like Like this is just incompetent diplomacy

Here they're trying to you know have it Both ways right Like the whole reason for this war is The Ukraine going and being part of NATO Deal I spent As you know a great deal of time trying To hold NATO together because I believe Putin has had an overwhelming objector From the time he launched 185 000 troops In Ukraine and that was to break NATO he Was confident in my view and many of the Intelligence Community he was confident He could break NATO okay this is just Not good here Like you know this is not That's just not good here um So anyways that's JoJo magu we have Another little clip of him And a kid it's kind of been I think Doctored but it's creepy anyway I'll Show you that at the end here okay so I Just want to add a little voice over Here Um I'm in the editing process I've Completed the rest of this video my wife And I Went out to get some stuff for our farm Projects and I had an internet issue and My wife were talking and I were talking About how much time we spend dealing With the modern conveniences that are Supposed to save us time right and it's

You know what I said um In uh the beginning of this video And we were listening to The Lex Friedman Interview with JFK RFK and Lex Freeman Did a good job like I saw him briefly The only other time I saw him was Interviewing Kanye and I took it Immediate Dislike to the guy but he did a good job With the RFK interview And there's a section around 35 minutes 40 minutes into the video Where he's talking about the Cuban Missile Crisis And it is a bunch of reveal stuff And it's you know better coming from him You know I'm just gonna Give you a you know a synopsis of it but He's you know telling the story he's Growing up as a I think he was like 14 Or 15 when uh JFK was assassinated so I Don't know he's like you know 13 or Whatever he was right he has a vivid Memory of the Cuban Missile Crisis and He said that His dad was you know his dad was a Attorney general his dad Bobby Kennedy Was the Attorney General And you know he was going to school at Some Catholic school and um Washington DC area they lived in Virginia you know his brother were Pulled out of school and they were going

To be taken to a secret underground City in Virginia like uh you know this Is confirmation all these secret Military bases that they had right Underground military base because The Cuban Missile Crisis was you know Basically on the cusp Of nuclear war And his father you know he's talked About how and this happened you know it Was kind of being phased out when I was A kid I got a little of this but it was Already on its way out but you know when He was going to school They would teach you to put your head Under the desk And You know when there was a nuclear uh you Know nuclear missile And You know the the glass would be Shattered and so you were supposed to Protect yourself from the glass being The windows in the classroom being Shattered and then you're supposed to Calmly March into the basement where They had a supply of dehydrated foods And you would spend six to eight months In the basement waiting for the Radiation to Um you know the radiation levels to go Down and you could go out siding it Right And he said that this was a

Psychological operation To make you believe you could survive a Nuclear blast right like it wasn't going To happen in fact you know they went to These underground bunkers but even then And his father Bobby Kennedy said he was Regretted taking part in this because he Later realized it was a psychological Operation to make you think that you Could survive to make you think it was Okay And you know it wasn't and so if you Guys remember the Cuban Missile Crisis The Russians put missiles Into Cuba And you know America wasn't going to Have any of that right And so the War Hawks wanted Kennedy to Bomb the crap out of Cuba And Castro And Kennedy had a dialogue with Khrushchev and apparently they had Private conversations because Khrushchev Had his own War Hawks So the first letter he wrote Khrushchev Wrote was a conciliatory letter And then he wrote a very um you know Sort of inflammatory letter second Because his warhawks didn't like how Weak and soft his first letter sounded And so you know they all have handlers And they have their military personnel And so JFK and RFK you know they decided To respond

Just to his first letter And the deal was you know America had Just put missiles into like turkey and I Don't know Poland or something like this And JFK made a deal with Khrushchev Saying you take the missiles out of Cuba And in six months we'll take the Missiles out of you know these other Places Poland and or turkey and these Other places but as you tell anybody or If it comes out as public put the deal's Off right And so Khrushchev took his missiles out And Kennedy took his missiles out and They prevented world war three But he said that we were this close to Nuclear war because the War Hawks and You know if Nixa had been president he Didn't say this but you can imagine if Nixon had been president and he had Bombed Cuba then it would have been World War III And the reason was they had the 30 30th Anniversary in Cuba of the Cuban Missile Crisis and some of the soldiers of Russia returned there And it came out That each one of them Had every Soldier had the right to Launch the WarHeads that were already Were already pre-loaded so they were Ready to go so when they got the WarHeads down in Cuba and the missiles Down

They were ready to be launched and if They were attacked they were told to Launch the missiles and so if Kennedy Had ordered a boxing of Cuba at least One missile had been lodged and they Knew what would happen it was going to Be 30 million dead Americans And 120 Dead uh Russians that would be the result And JFK you know RFK said the JFK called These guys the military baras he had Nicknamed for him and he said they Didn't care how many Americans and Russians would die Because after the Missile Crisis they Would be in companion it would be a you Know military-based Run America Same thing in Russia the military would Cease control And there would no longer be any sort of Politicians or democracy so for them They didn't care they didn't care how Many Americans had to die And they are pushing for nuclear war And so if you understand that what's Going on now with the Ukraine you talked Quite a bit about the Ukraine as well And he said that the ukrainians are Running out of soldiers you know the the Chance of them winning is like Mexico Defeating the United States in war like You said the ukrainians are so Overmatched you know Putin only put a

Small amount of his forces on the ground Despite what the news is telling you in The beginning he thought he was going to The negotiating table so he didn't you Know even put much effort into the Military going over there you said that Putin um you know then went over there And they have just such an advantage It's uh seven ukrainians dying for every One Russian and the Russians are you Know they're all behind Putin there's Like 70 approval of the war and you know They see where this thing is going and So there's no chance for the ukrainians To win there never was And zielinski ran as a peace president That's why he won the presidency because The ukrainians wanted peace but then he Was put in this position by the west and You know I said this is a giant money Laundering scheme that's to me the only Legitimate explanation because He's got more support Putin does and They're going to win this thing like It's already over And the ukrainians have nothing left Right they've run out of you know Ammunitions which Biden just admitted to And you know all of this and Kennedy Said they just keep on lying to you Right that's they just you know lie to You over and over again the Wagner the Guy projosian or whatever his name is Um didn't have like only

A few thousand of his troops of his 20 000 troops decided to effect with him And he didn't have you know that Mushroom wasn't thread and Putin wasn't Threatened but the media keeps on saying Putin is weakened in all these things But the war in Ukraine is over it's only The West that's propping this thing up And they're suffering because of it Right they're being used as a a pawn for What I can only consider a money Laundering scheme and the last thing is My wife was talking to one of her Democratic friends About Kennedy and the person said well He's being backed by Marjorie Taylor Dream Who to me is I mean she's so stupid I Can't believe she's not a shill Like I think ALC and her are actresses Because I can't believe they're both That stupid right AOC is the liberal Version of of uh Marjory Taylor green And MTG and MTG is the conservative Version of of AOC right and they're just A disaster Like her backing Kennedy everything you Know these people who are And Trump is in this category who are Provoking other people on purpose You know that's Good if everything's you know gone to a Complete war between the two sides which Is the left and the right but you know

Until that happens and when that happens Your lifestyle is going to change your Master drastically dramatically I got caught between dramatically and Dramatic and drastically Um and so you know that's just a Disaster right Like you have to understand whether You're going to help or not and she's Clearly not helping Because you know Kennedy needs some Democratic and liberal support and Margie Taylor green will you know kill That right And so you know whatever you know I've Heard this a couple times going back to This nuclear war thing we have been on The Fringe or cusp of nuclear war A number of times and there's people who Are in power on both sides who want it And you know it's predicted in The Whispers of the brighter World Prophecies you know the massage Mark Prophecies I've talked about and so For me I mean it's just right there and Maybe it's what needs to happen like Maybe it's got to happen maybe there's No avoiding it which I kind of think Maybe that's probably I don't know I'd like to think that there's you know Some Chance of it not happening but you know Whatever but I do know if you can Participate in anything that would stop

It right like Kennedy says if he doesn't Stop these wars and these health Problems The issues with health care That you shouldn't vote for him for a Second term like that's something he's You know campaigning on delivering on Uh and you know we'll get to it so they Talk about it here So one of the MSNBC Uh you know guess one of their experts Uh completely owns herself they keep out Owning themselves here And it's a great meme I'll let me show You that so this is about what RFK Jr is Anti-boob an Administration could look Like And then here's the warning here for the CDC Here we go Okay wait let's go back there where it Was Titanic Titanic Hunter Trump you know She's got This is a person named Haley Jackson They do this thing now in CNN too where They're standing in front of the the Camera they've rolled out a new policy Where they don't sit behind a desk They're doing a lot more standing in Front of you I want to show you at CNN I Just haven't had the time it's hilarious And some of the people are you know Obese and you know when they're sitting

Behind the desk is a little bit Different but now it's Much more obvious right so Um anyways time now to get the back Story our behind the scenes look at how A story comes together and how it fits Into our bigger picture tonight we're Talking Robert F Kennedy Jr Democratic Candidate for president out in New Hampshire tonight he's set to talk about What his foreign policy platform would Look like and if you recognize his name It might be because you know him as a Member of the Kennedy family one of the Country's most famous political families His uncle President John F Kennedy his Father a U.S attorney general and New York senator RFK Jr is also an environmental lawyer Who helped lead the push to clean up the Hudson and New York City Watershed but Today Um He's also known as a vaccine skeptic a Leader in the anti-vaxx movement and you Can see where he is in the polls Joe Biden obviously with that very healthy 70 percent Lead RFK right there at 17 with some Interest from voters on both there's a Lot of time here right like I said this Time last year he's really over 20 Percent and that's just with Democrats This is Democratic primary polling

They're asking registered Democrats and So Kennedy has a lot of Independence and a Lot of people on the right that would Vote for him and so he has 17 percent of Democrats right now and many don't even Know he's running And so Um I mean Marianne Williamson who sucks Has got eight percent so I mean how how Would you think she's better than he is Right the other thing that I I didn't Mention in the introduction Is that Kennedy stands with people Or for Past impassioned issues people who have Impassion issues like there's a lot of Democrats that are green Democrats their Number one thing is the environment Right and he's big on that then there's A lot of people on the left and the Right more on the right And in the truth community that their Number one issue is the Boop right and So Um I got it back I lost you I was having trouble doing it yesterday Um but he has you know a lot of people Are one issue voters Or he agrees with you on just a couple Of things but it's a wide demographic He's a wide net of people some very Liberal some very conservative and so as This thing plays out and this is why

They're you know because of his name Because he isn't as easily as to Demonize As Trump was and because JoJo Biden is melting down right in front of Our eyes they got a real issue here like This guy can easily win the primary If you know like he's using the internet Too and and they can't control the Narratives anymore Like This Woman's Trying to control the narrative here But he gets no views right like he's Getting Millions upon millions of views On the internet As he goes to these various shows and Things and it's free publicity he Doesn't have to spend much money as a More organic Grassroots campaign and you Know them try and control it is Hilarious With the right and left which is why We're taking a look at what an RFK Junior Administration could look like Straight from the candidate himself In a new interview with NBC's own Brandy's adrosney here's what he would Do right he would make childhood Vaccines go through basically constant Safety studies even bigger he wants to He wants to have safety studies how dare He constant safety studies well how dare He clinical trials he would gut agencies Like the FDA NIH CDC he would ask the Justice department to invest um well Like that doesn't sound like a bad idea

To lots of people Gabe the editors of Medical journals for quote lying to the Public Brandy is joining us now Brandi Thank you so much for being here this Segment is all about kind of behind the Scenes and how hey Brandi this is how This piece comes together you took a Hike with Robert take a hike Brandy Kennedy Jr out in California we just Showed some of the pictures there you Have written that it was like a decade In the making you've asked for Interviews with him before he has turned You down there are some complaints that Maybe from I think people on the left That he gets too much air time here he Is a presidential candidate can you talk Through your thought process here making The request for the interview why you Felt it was important to tell this story Here Yeah thanks for having me holly I love This segment Um so we uh I first reached out to RFK As I've done many times I think I Covered her before Didn't she do something else Um didn't she interview is this a person That interviewed the the nurse that Passed out And she has a Blog is that the same Person I'm not sure Maybe it's somebody different but There's somebody who had a Blog as you

Covered the nurse that passed out and Yeah here it is right In an NBC News podcast truthers Tiffany Dover is dead Randy's designy Followed a story of a nurse who became An unwilling icon so this is her thing Right so she's the anti-boop the Anti-anti Poopers like she's that's what She does this is her thing this is her Bit this is what she specializes on That she goes after anti poopers She's like a shell for this Lauren he has um said no many times Before but I reached out to him because I was watching his campaign and Listening to his kickoff speech and I Was looking at his website and suddenly I didn't see the word vaccines anywhere And that's like basically the president Of Ford Motor Company coming out and not Saying the word Carr so it was like What's happening here what's going on And it seemed to me that he was trying To make himself more palatable that this Was a strategic move because Democrats Don't um Democrats do really love Vaccines generally pulling among people On the left used to not The most people that were anti-boopers I'm just like she's got all these little Kid books here Um You know the people who are in all into Alternative Health they go to Whole

Foods and take various herbs and things There was more of them that were Anti-boopers than of Republicans right So Um I don't know what's happened because Of trump or whatever would you know Everyone's being polarized But you know there is lots of people on The left Who are into alternative medicine in Fact alternative medicine came from The left and the hippie move in and Organics and things and so it's a weird Thing right That they're you know they're more Likely to use alternative medicines but Then they all came to the you know they Bowed before the the pharmaceutical Companies here Democrats shows that they Think vaccines are safe enough so it's Kind of hard to run for president Um Ticket win Don't align with your party in that way So he's not saying it as much so I Reached out and I was really surprised That he said yes and um even in a sort Of um strange setting I said yes I'll be On the hike so you know I went and I Think I hear that a lot right like we Shouldn't give him attention we Shouldn't platform him that's crazy you Know we've passed it's crazy because you Don't have a platform

You don't have viewership Like you don't have a platform anymore You have a platform for older people Who are the undesired demographic You know they're not from 18 to 55 or Whatever Which is a desired demographic you have Almost none of them People get their news from the internet And so you make it sound like putting it Out here is some big favor that you do Right You guys don't have a platform And just let me add this because You know I'm in the editing process here And it's not their job to decide what The news is you know what news is Allowed what what people should be Censored in deep platform It's supposed to be a free press And not only do they want to de-platform Kennedy and you know whoever it is you Know all of us from the mainstream news But they want to de-platform us on Social media They have advocated for restrictions in Our ability to express ourselves And say what we believe And that's nobody's job right they can Do it because it's private companies But if you're a journalist that's not Your job Your job is to report what's going on And it's up to the people we're supposed

To have a democracy And we're supposed to have a public Education system and if people are so Stupid and don't have the ability so Easily manipulated then you're screwed Anyway right they're saying that people Are just basically in they're incapable Of making up their own minds and you Know this is something Mika said right I'm not going to show you we've showed You that Meme so much that's our job This isn't Trump's job to tell people What to think it's our job and if they Think they have their job is to tell you What to think and they suck right but That means they know that what they're Saying is lies and they can't tell you The truth and they have no confidence in America and an American system and American people which they shouldn't Because there's a lot of dopes out there We all know it right and so they're Basically admitting that the population Is worthless and democracy is a joke Because these people are too stupid to Have one and too low Consciousness and They're right and they just you know They won't say it that way but it's the Truth they can't you can't rely on People because people don't have the Ability to discern people don't have the Ability to see how they're being Manipulated they don't you know know how To control their emotions and they have

Trouble seeing the truth this is across The board and so all of this is Purposeless because once people are that Low and they're functioning and that is Easily to deceive and that stupid and Low Consciousness then your Society is Screwed because you have idiocracy and That's what we have That's the point where it's an option to Ignore this man you know I think we Passed it years ago because whether you Like it or not you know Kennedy is here And people are listening to him he was Just on Joe Rogan's podcast last week Where it reached millions of people he Was trending all weekend long right and So you know our job isn't to gatekeep as As journalists oh my God that's exactly Your job You guys Your your job is totally the gatekeep And you know to explain the stakes this Is the other reason Why I think Kennedy candidacy because he Verbalizes truther Narratives and you know we might not do The best job or you might not agree with You or me or whatever every time But people are hearing them and America Can you know decide one way or another He's a more legitimate person Well-educated part of a prestigious Family when he says that it's more Legitimized right and you know again

It America has to make a choice and I Think they're going to choose wrong Because Americans are weak and stupid And pathetic and idiocracy and all those Things have said it You know I don't think Americans have The capability To choose the right thing and even if They did I'm breaking in here because I Um I'm saying the same thing I just said But I added that little voiceover just a Second ago and here I go You know that's how it even works I mean I I'm not even aware what you said the Thing before right the powers that be Will rig it and fix it anyway right but You know you have to let things run its Course and support things that are you Know I mean despite the the outcome you Know you you do what you have to do In terms of checking the boxes even if We're all doomed you know in terms of The systemic collapse and ask tough Questions that make those Stakes really Clear and we've seen with the Anti-vaccine movement can do millions of Lives lost to covid eradicated diseases Like polio and measles coming back so I I feel like we I feel like we ignore him At our own peril you know I was struck By so many details from your stories Brandy but one of them that a university Researcher uh texted you hashtag gamma Give America measles again when you

Asked about what an RFK presidency or Candidacy would look like here because Of sort of where he is and the vaccine Skeptic movement you talk about you know Holding truth to power in some ways Trying to combat misinformation you did That a little bit in this hike and when You talk about this in this hike slash Interview going back and forth with him About what's true what's not about covet And vaccines and everything else and at One point you write that the Conversation felt unsettling to you Explain that Um yeah you know I I think that I talked To a lot of conspiracy theorists right And you know internet adult people and I Consider she talks a lot of conspiracy Theorists she does and it's so Disturbing Um Kennedy Junior to be both of those Things but you know what's unsettling About it is again I've covered this man For a decade and when you go to these Anti-vaccine marches you see hundreds of Thousands of people who are just Enamored with him right they believe Whatever he says especially women who For decades in the anti-vaccine movement Have just like hung on his every word And taken everything that he said is Like gospel you know he's done a lot of Real harm so just being I've never met Him before so you know being side by

Side with him and asking him these Questions you know what I what sort of Struck me is that he really believes all Of these things there's a delusion there And um he really believes him so that's Um For those of you who um You know She was upset because she really Believes him right remember what let's Go back to that here About misinformation you did that a Little bit in this hike and when you Talk about this in this hike slash Interview going back and forth with him About what's true what's not about covet And vaccines and everything else and at One point you write that the Conversation felt unsettling to you Explain that so she said it's fun Selling to you and the reason for that She says it right here and at one point You write that the conversation felt Unsettling to you explain that Is that he really believes all of these Things so it's unsettling to her is Somebody believes in what they're saying Right What's unsettling to this you know Blogger internet person that goes out And tries to debunk conspiracy theories And slam anti-boopers is that the person The politician actually believes in what They're saying to you know the people

They're supposed to vote he's not faking It he's not lying about it's unsettling He actually believes in what he's saying I couldn't believe it he's not he's not BS in his constituents he's not lying to The sheeple he's actually believing in What he's saying here I can't believe he believes in what he's Saying I mean oh my God this guy Believes he's he's believes in his is This rhetoric I can't believe it it's Unsettling you know I had a panic attack I'm like this guy really believes it he Believes what he talks about Delusion there and um you know I think That that that's a little dangerous you Know I let myself for a second imagine What he would do as president you know And just like he said he's got those Agencies he would not prioritize Vaccines for the next pandemic which Will happen he'll investigate scientists And medical journals you know oh my God That there'll be some sort of oversight And There'd be some sort of uh you know um Uh what is it they refer to it in the Constitution checks and balances he'd Apply checks and balances to a system Run a monk he'd reign in the the whole Uh you know the this this the religion Of science that's you do all those Things you'd actually do these things Look at it

Odds are low that he's going to win but The stakes are really high and I could Really feel that on the mountain I'd rather have this guy you know the Senile guy that you know poofs and Depends diapers and gropes and snoozles Women and he doesn't believe a word of What he says and he puts cluster bombs Out there and he's run the country into The ground and he's trying to provoke World War III with Russia I'd rather Have that guy because that guy doesn't Believe in anything that he says but Kennedy does so I you know I don't know What to do I mean this guy you know we Got this great president now we're just There's a complete uh puppet and he just Rolls out and he does whatever he's told And he's running the country into the Ground and all right or you know even Trump would be better than the guy who You know Trump will lie to his Constituents and set them up and then Bail on them and you know be all about Himself but this guy actually believes And he might actually do some changes And it's real unsettling Randy's address Me thank you so much for sort of pulling Back the curtain and giving us a sense Of your thought process as pulling back The curtain that's a truther term you Went about this profile folks this is Another truther thing where this woman Is an internet blogger who they've

Brought in she's anti-truither but They're using the same kind of um you Know terminology and the same Perspective as what's what in the truth Community but you guys still suck you Know you guys are just you just want to Be you hate us because you anus You can read it on Brandy Thank you as always appreciate it go Take a hike Brandi okay so that took a Lot more time than I had anticipated There's a bunch of other videos I want To get to but I'm going to get to the Headlines in a moment and then um Uh I'll get to those videos next time And I have two more Clips to show you Though so this is the I want to revisit This part with um Christy and I got to think about Christy Somewhere talking about how he um they Don't like these fake politicians I Forget the terminology you said right But he's a fake politician saying But this is him talking about Trump Being the cheapest man Uh I covered this last you know a couple Videos ago yeah I've seen all those Relationships when he left the office so What Donald Trump's doing now is just a Continuation of what he's permitted his Family to do over the entire course of His time as president why do you think He's not using his own money to pay for His legal fees because he's the cheapest

Person I've ever met in my life That's why and and what he's very good At Caitlyn is spending other people's Money and if you look at his history in New Jersey do you think he's misleading His voters his supporters by uh I think Those supporters you know write a check To Trump for president they think They're paying for campaign expenses not For personal legal expenses this what Happens so you know um This is a guy who knew nude from and you Know I believe trump it to be cheap That's everything I know about him and I've heard about people's stories about Him and these things And if he's cheap He's selfish right if he's a billionaire And he expects you to pick up the tab For lunch He's selfish right and he thinks that You know he's better than you in some Way and that all you hard work in Americans who are giving him money he Deserves he's entitled to that right for His greatness and because of his work as President even though he's a complete You know failure and a you know piece of Crap right Um so that's fish boy So I believe this to be doctored here Um Don't tell Mommy what I told you Know my wife had said this as well she

Thought that the sniffing is edited in And if he said that don't tell Mommy I Told you again the world of deep fake Whatever it is but he said that before Don't tell your your mom or your parents He said that you know he's whispered he Whispers things into kids ears all the Time and he says don't tell your parents And when an adult does that You know that's that's what pedos do Right like you know if adult says to Your kids and you should teach your kids This don't tell your parents then you Should definitely tell your parents like A an adult should never and so someone Like the President should never say Something to a kid and say hey don't Tell your parents right like it's just Um again this is a little bit fake I Don't know you know whatever But I you know it's believable the Sniffing is believable but it's it seems Fake I don't know overseas payments to Buy your family could exceed 40 million Colmar says that this is organized crime And to all you trumpers and Republicans Trump and Jared Kushner walked away with A billion dollars from the Saudi Arabians and so yeah Biden and his son Are corrupt But so is your guy Um Amy Schumer wrote sociopath Hilaria Baldwin Fake heritage

Von Trapp amount of kids And so um she made a joke about her on The internet and they had met And she said she felt bad about it sad Dumpling This is the sad dumpling here but she is Um Now going in on it right Um you know and so they're just never Escaping this thing So apparently she doesn't feel bad Anymore for Hilaria Man attempts to our woman on New York City subway in lower Manhattan Um so you know That speaks for itself After initially crying inaccurate Biden Administration confirms China's has had A base in Cuba since at least 2019. So that you know and you can listen to This guy here Accurate uh what is the extent is there A new listening Post in Cuba that Affects the United States yeah so so I've seen that that reporting I can tell You based on the information that we Have that that is not accurate that we Are not aware of China and Cuba Developing any type of spy stations Separately I would say that the Relationship see what's happened what's Happened here is China has gone about giving money to Countries and helping countries build

Things and winning country over winter Winning countries over that way And America is just pissing everybody Off With the arrogance and the other stuff And so um You know now it's been confirmed that They have a base over there Right at our you know border 50 miles Off our Coast Britney Spears lawyer claims Reckless Report that singer is on myth is false And defamatory this is before she got Slapped by a security guard For acting like a method Fan girl There he is here um King Charles III Includes Prince Harry Father Day tribute despite Feud Um you know he's often said that Prince Harry isn't his son Hunter Biden was at a Joe with that with That Joe Delaware's home Joe's Delaware's home Delaware home I'm having trouble with the plurality The same day he used his data as Leverage in the Chinese Biz tax laptop Photo reveal So he said that his dad was right there You know that whole leaked laptop thing And he was at his home when that Happened Um And so there they are together

With a couple of there he is in his um His dad Corvette Stingray with a couple Of hookers Suddenly liberal media aren't so Keen to Blair whistlebull or charges Um You know this is all to do with um That they're this has to do with the IRS agents who were you know putting out This stuff to do with Hunter Biden Because there was a cover-up and they Weren't their investigation was Compromised and pressured to Do whatever and now the the left-wing Media it's saying and you know the same Thing happened with Obama Obama was one Of the hardest people on whistleblowers Democratic Democrats warn the threat of trump Winning 2024 is very real Um well JoJo Biden isn't going to make It I don't think he'll make it to the Election you know I thought that before So You know But there's going to be They're gonna have to have a candidate Right And so um And it isn't going to be Kamala heroic IRS whistleblower testimony and scenario And scenario's Hunter and Joe Biden and Bribery scheme Miranda Devine is a columnist for the

New York Post she joins us now Miranda you On all things Hunter Biden what Surprised you most about this Whistleblower testimony Look I think just that there's such a Volume of information confirming and Corroborating what we have known at the New York Post for almost three years and Anybody you know Tony bobolinski for Instance all the information that he's Given to the FBI and has said publicly That's also been uh here validated and Tony babalinski was the guy that Tucker Carlson interviewed And so you know now who's fired by Fox Um you know I guess Really just seeing it all in one place It's demolish see this is a huge another Huge blow because they covered this up Before the election before But now it's going to be a scandal and It's you know And who knows when the indictment Charges are going to come or you know There's a republican house and all these Things like Joe Biden isn't going to be Able to be president again I mean you Know It just depends on how weekend did Bernie's tolerant people are like if They're rolling out a corpse who can't Even articulate anything he's getting Older and older he's done a bad job as

President and you have a viable Candidate in Kennedy you still have Trump out there and the Republicans are Activated and they're pissed and they're Ready to go and the Democrats have been Pacified and they're divided and all These other things And so um You know it's just there isn't a real Good Pathway to Victory for Biden Polished the lies that you just played Of all those people who pretended it was Russian disinformation including Joe Biden Joe Biden knew shaking her head Anyways John fetterman Senator John Federman Gets dismal marks from Pennsylvania Voters And so um It says here found that 50 of the key Sting voters disapprove of fetterman's Job performance while 39 approved 39 of People in Pennsylvania prove a Fetterment like that's the bigger story And 10 had that said they had no opinion So about half the people I mean only Half the people are sane in the state Those are probably you know but who Knows if those people voted for Oz Because he sucked too Um it's just a mess Republicans demand doj LED Hunter Biden Prosecutor testify about alleged Cover-up covered that before IRS agents

Who Said that there was you know that they Downplayed or they they sabotaged the Case against him U.S says Iran tried to seize two oil Tankers fired on one So um That's happening right uh you know war With Iran at this particular time Is Um You know would be devastating America Can't do that because you know And with China like America is very Vulnerable now UK and Russia are Worrying about imminent attacks on Support Zia Nuclear Power Plant Should the world be worried of course You should because that radiation Fallout goes all over the world When Chernobyl happened they found Radioactivity in England I mean it's you Know and then it's I mean it's bad for You know of course you should be worried Lab confirms White House substance Fountains confirms white substance found At the White House's cocaine Um there's a great question that was Asked the press secretary I was going to Cover that today but I'll get to that Next time Well I guess maybe I'll squeeze that one In because it's short Battle of timelines meta launches

Threads as an alternative to Twitter The headline here was that Elon should Look out for Meta you know people hate meta They're they're not into the metaverse They don't like Zuckerberg And you know they're not gonna there's Lots of Twitter Like Twitter like platforms out there They make it sound like everyone's going To bail on Twitter For this this thing this um this threads And they're just not right like they're Not going to bail for Zuckerberg there's Other there's other options if they want To leave Twitter there's other options Right There's um these two guys remember them Okay so let's end with this um Kareem Jean Pierre hi Um I'm wondering if you have any comment About recent crime in DC's it's raising Rates we've we've lost an SIV applicant From Afghanistan Um in the most recent killings Um really tragic wondering what the White House has to say about that and Then secondly Um sorry to bring out cocaine again but Um there was a question yesterday during Press Gaggle with um Andrew Bates that Was I guess He said that it had he did he was Avoiding it because of the hatchback I'm

Just asking again can we just saying Once and for all whether or not the Cocaine belonged to the Biden family so Kaboom That was a long way to go to say is it Hunters A couple of things there Um He mentioned the Hatch Act because the Question was posed to him in the Donald In using Donald Trump and so he was Trying to be very mindful Okay I hear you but you're asking me a Question so I'm answering it for you Um and so that's why he said the Hatchback so I would I would you know Have you read the transcript and read The transcript fully so you can see Exactly what he was trying to say so That's number one so we're not avoiding The question that is not true we've Answered this question litigated this Question for the last two days Exhaustively Um you know there has been some Irresponsible reporting about the family And uh and so I gotta call that out here And I have been very clear I was clear Two days ago when talking about this Over and over again as I wasn't being Asked the question as you know in media Outlets reported this the Biden family Was not here they were not here They were at Camp David they were not

Here Friday they were not here Saturday They were not here Sunday they were not Even here Monday they came back on Tuesday so to ask that question is Actually incredibly irresponsible And Seriously Incredibly irresponsible The president's son is a crackhead He's been in and out of rehab eight or Nine times And so he's dropped laptops in the tub Like like a handful of times at least we Know three or four times We know And who knows how many times he's done Before that He drops his laptops in tubs right I Mean think about how important your Computer is in your phone and this guy Just drops them in tubs and then takes a Laptop charge with you know crimes and Inappropriate material and you know drug Addict drops them off at places and Forgets them there right And so if he was at the White House He totally could have left cocaine there Right I'm not saying it's Hunters Because you know I believe that like She's saying hey you know there's plenty Of people using cocaine at the White House that's inappropriate to even Suggest it might be the families and That's just taunter do you think that

There isn't a you know an addiction Problem their their father is creepy and Weird with with kids and girls and women And all these things that there was an Addiction Gene in the Biden family that They're not you know family of Alcoholics and drug addicts like Hunter's the only one And so any number of them could have Left the cocaine there right I mean it's Just such a stupid you know it's Actually incredibly irresponsible And and Um I'll just leave it there I'll just leave It there just like let's like Hunter Left his cocaine in the White House Just like that so let's end here on that Note only spiritual value will save this World it's Paul Romano definitely Important for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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