Joe Biden is a Horrible Dog Owner + more gaffs + Journey Series update

Joe Biden is a Horrible Dog Owner + more gaffs + Journey Series update

Okay greetings brothers and sisters well We've known about Biden's dog biting Secret Service agents but it's just come Out here Washington Post this is February 22nd Biden's dog bit Secret Service Agents about 24 times two dozen times Before they removed it these are all the Articles here about it the dog's name is Commander President Joe Biden's dog Commander had at least two dozen biting Incidents with us Secret Service agents Before being moved out of the White House prompting the Secret Service to Adjust operating protocols at not only The White House but also Camp David this Dude's wearing it looks like he's Wearing something like a a dog proof um And Biden's Delaware homes according to Internal documents the documents Themselves were first obtained by John Greenwald of the government transparency Group The Black Vault there are Freedom Of Information act request the documents Detail secret service agent efforts to Work around the German Shepherd and Catalog each individual biting incident The documents mentioned okay so um first Of all German Shepherds are great dogs They're great security dogs they're Really smart and they are trained really Easily and they're used in the Military and you know other places right Uh so there's that

The American government police the American government military are well Aware of how to train German Shepherds Right um and they're easily trainable Dogs and so the fact this dog is biting People around the President right is a Huge problem because it's not the dog It's the owner in this case it's the Owner and so when you get a dog you need To learn how to train it I mean it's a Responsib ability and you have to train It to the needs of your particular Situation like my dog's papion naturally Heal like we'd walk down the beach we'd Go for any kind of a walk and um our Dogs just will follow and heal one of Them will run out in front cuz she's a Little bit you Rambunctious but uh buddy and the Original dog Farley my wife had and her Previous papion all naturally healed cuz They trained in such a way I mean They're just a really good breed but if You have a dog like of this nature we've Talked about getting a German Shepherd As a you know I mean we love dogs to Have dogs but also you know be a working Dog like I had a a border collie and the Border colag just wanted to a border Colag named Lucy I'll put that picture In here um she um wonderful dog she was Part border colag we got her as a rescue Dog but you know she wouldn't go to the Bathroom in the pasture and so we had a

Small pasture we had a farm and before We had a pasture was just a yard and we Turned it into a pasture and it was 3 Acre property and we had a little bit of Woods and I'd have to walk with her to The woods and if I didn't walk with her She wouldn't go to the woods and go to The bathroom I mean she's so well Trained and so I had to do that on a Regular basis and she was always looking At me like put me in coach because the Border College are such a tune to their Owners and I eventually kind of trained Her a little bit to her the the cows it Was kind of not great like I didn't know I was doing I also played Frisbee with Her trained her to catch a frisbee Because they're great dogs at doing that But she was a working dog like there's People who get dogs that are bred to be A certain kind of uh they have a role to Play and if you don't have the ability If you're just living in some apartment Somewhere and you bring them out on a Leash you know the dogs are suffering Right like you you have to get a dog for The you know appropriate Um uh you know you have to be able to Meet the dog's needs you know my wife's Friends with this woman and the woman Has a dog that's um not like it's like a Springer spaniel it's not that something Like that it's one of those hyper dogs And the dog needs to be run and the

Woman's older she just can't do it right And it's stuck in a you know condo Apartment all day and so you know you Have to pick the appropriate dog for Your situation and you're responsible to Provide that dog with what it needs like Anything that you have any kind of Livestock any kind of chicken they have Things that that they need naturally to Keep them healthy and psych like you see Animals that sues right and you Shouldn't have animals that are Suffering like if you have a cow you Should have a good pasture you should Have a place in the shade where they can Avoid the heat you know these types of Things right place where they can rob Against like trees or something they can Rub against or they have like devices You can put out there you just should You know give the animal what it needs I Mean if you're going to eat the animal Or drink its milk or collect its eggs You should put them in a situation where At least they have a a good life a good Natural life you protect them from Predators the best way you can you know These types of things and you know dogs Even more so dogs are like a part of Your family and so if you have a dog of This nature it should be trained but it Just shows you the kind of family the Kind of person Joe Biden is and so then You have Secret Service agents who are

The Elite amongst the elite and police Or you know the intelligence Community Or the military I mean there's people Who are well trained in what they do They have to be disciplined and they Have a very important job not only in Terms of protecting the president but Also they have other roles to play in The government in terms of you know Policing you know whatever it might be And they also travel to foreign Countries and they have to you know Respect etiquette and they have to not Do things that bring shame on the agency Right they have to be disciplined and of Higher character and like I said the Military knows how to work with dogs and Train dogs so they had to do a work Around because this dog was Will behaved And was biting Secret Service agents he Was a biter right and you know you can't Have a dog like that a biter like you Know once or twice it's a you I mean Dogs get put down There was a farm near my my second Farm You know the one that my family and I Put together where all the videos Originally original to this channel came From and it was a liberal couple that Was you know they kind of I was call Them on the liberal side of things and They quit their regular jobs or they Were working the wife worked from home But they were devoted to having a farm

And making really good food they made All these things they were good at you Know they were more like Foodies and They had all kinds of different animals They bought one of our cows a dairy cow That's how we knew them they had all These different chickens and gooses and Eggs and they had pigs and and goats and They did all these different things and They really into food and Foody stuff And they got um a great Pines and a Great panes is a wonderful big white Fluffy dog but they chase anything with Pointy ears like wolves and coyotes you Know they'll kill a wolf for a coyote The bit right and what you do is you put The animals in there was a place where We got our goats and the woman also had Alpacas and alpacas could be worth like 20 grand and they have a long gestation Period like 14 months over a year and They're kind of fragile animals and so She had goats like Nigerian dwarf goats That she would give the let's say the Mother alala couldn't nurse its uh its Baby she would have goats to do that and We bought some of her goats and she had A border col that she put in with the Alpacas and the sheep and the Border col Grows up in the herd and it thinks the Herd is its family and then it just Protects the crap out of whatever is There we had a we had a great Pyrenees For a little bit named Angel but it had

Been on a line it had been hooked up to A line a chain her whole life and so she Kept on escaping our pasture and causing Havoc with our neighbors so we had to uh Give her away on Craigslist right which Was sad but you know just had to happen There's this time that she went and she Was chasing our neighbor's horse which a Nightmare and so I went to get her in The pickup truck and she was covered in Poop and so I I mean like she had rolled Around in horse poop and I put her in The truck and I hooked her collar very Tightly to one of the hooks but she Jumps out of the truck she's just Freaking wild and so I had to get out She's choking right I have to pick her Up huge dog and I have to pick her up And like I force crap smeared all over Me you know like a whole thing um I Don't know if I have any pictures of her But I'll put them here if I do but They're beautiful dogs nice dogs but you Know they'll Chase stuff and this farm This Farm they got a couple of these Great Pyrenees and one of them ran off And got two miles away from the house And killed a goose of a neighbor and They took the dog and she went before Her judge The the you know the woman of the the Farm and you know they went before a Judge and the judge ordered the dog to Be put down cuz they killed the goose

Some neighbor's goose and she was Weeping the woman saying we'll give her Away we'll do anything we can just Please don't kill her but they killed The dog right dogs get put down for Smaller level offenses biting a person You know I mean dogs in general uh Acting out dogs don't do very well and People have to to put their own dogs Down when they bite people and things Like this Joe Biden no he's above the Rules this shows the kind of person he Is these Secret Service agents who are Doing you know service to him and the Government are getting bit and they Don't care about it like it happens 24 Times and you're not going to do Anything about it right you expect the Government and the these people to Figure out a way you know they should be Able to even train the dog now and some Of these people must be able to do that Bring in a a military dog trainer Somebody right um like a groomer and you Know but if dog bites people five times It's just you know it's it's a wrecked Dog you've wrecked that dog right like That dog can't be around people and what About when the dog's at home now is it Biting people who work there or you know With a male a male just the Mailman or Whatever it is right like you just you Can't do this it just shows you the the Low level of Consciousness and the

Suckiness of these Clowns okay so we know this guy right um Look at these guys behind him president Bay delivers remarks on border security During visit to Brownsville Texas crisis and we're going to keep Help folks rebuild themselves in the Wake of these disasters and we rebuild To the standards that are up the Upto-date standards and building codes And the rest because a lot of if you fly Over these areas that are burned to the Ground you'll see in the midst of 20 Homes that are just totally destroyed One home sitting there because had the Right roof on it and anyway since I took Office femous provided the the right Roof Texas alone over $13 billion Dollar$ 13 billion do in three years in Disaster relief after fires and winter Storms across this state and when Disaster strike there's no red state or Blue state where I come from they just Communities and families looking for Help okay so um not where he comes from There's no blue states that they don't Believe in blue States or red States you Live in the the world of politics you're A lifelong politician that's all you Ever know right is red and blue um That's what that's politicians speak but They had the right roofs on what does That even mean like these all these Other homes were were built in a

Substandard way and they're more Susceptible to wildfires because the Roofs caught on fire because of the you Know um whatever that's JoJo Magu this video is blowing up people are Talking about boycotting Kell log Starting April 1st this is the kind of Thing we need is this an April Fool day Thing or what this is a Tic Tac video That's now on Reddit so yesterday the Kellogg CEO came Out and said like oh you know what you Guys are broke e Frosted Flakes for Dinner that'll solve it all after having The audacity to you know explain that They've raised the price of all their Products by 28% over the past few years Because they could they just want more Profit so my crazy ass idea was for 2 Months we protest these corporate is There's really only 10 companies that Fing own it all and we start with Kellog Why because you were the most recent Dick so congratulations you get choose First choose yeah you know I said this Years ago to boycott the companies that Were canceling advertising on YouTube as A way to censor people it didn't catch On um I don't know if this will catch on Kelloggs is I mean I don't need anything From Kelloggs but you know it is what it is Boycott is the last Refuge if people Actually do boycott you know it would

Send messages to these companies and We'll see if that works like I have Doubts it's going to work but protests Don't work talking about things and Exposing the truth on the internet Doesn't work to stop them from doing What they're doing boycotting might like It seemed to work with Bud Light um and You could easily take down like a Walmart or any of these companies if you Got just you know if they lost just a Couple of percentage points of their They they don't have a very big margin And so um and then there's the brand Damage as well that goes with it so you Know I'm all supporting boycotts as a as A method to try to see if you can take Companies down and if companies cave to Boycots like Disney and all these Companies and then they have to stop Doing this woke agenda and the you know But I don't think they can so I don't Think boycotts will work but we'll see At least you give it a shot of course I Don't care about Kelloggs it's not a I Don't need anything from Kellogg so Already I'm already boycotting Kellogg So you makes no difference to me Breaking news Biden 81 did not take a to Cognitive test during physical because He doesn't need it the White House Says he doesn't need it like we can all See it like they're just so ridiculous And the media that covers up for this

Biden doesn't need a cognitive Test scientists are building tunnels Under South Dakota for $3 Billion experiment $3 billion experiment That could solve some of the universe's Grandest Mysteries oh we're all Doomed um neutrinos are particles that Could hold secrets to some of the Universe's biggest experience the Dune Project hopes to learn more about these Ghost particles which are difficult to Study and so the project will be Neutrinos about 800 miles between Illinois and South Dakota yeah we're Screwed um you know it's it's totally Worth $3 billion to to create some sort Of alternative universe or whatever They're going to do here this is like CERN level stuff Biden allies are Stepping forward to vouch for him Aid Age questions I don't know if I have it Up here but there were um articles that He has to bring notes into note cars Into these meetings and things you know He's gone mentally right we know it like It's just obvious it's been going on Since um you know 2019 they they knew When he was running for president he had Dementia and they covered it up and now They're dealing with this he's not going To make it to the election people say It's going to be Michelle Obama and to Me that's just some rightwing paranoia And if it happens it happens but I don't

Think it's going to be a Shell former governor andreww addresses Power women's gathering at H addresses Power women's gathering at hedge fund There New York City pad um that's a Sentence this guy ni Andrew NIS Cuomo Who was fired for um sexually harassing Women but the real reason is because he Put um sick people in with people in Nursing homes and there was like 9,000 Deaths that occurred and then they gave The numbers and covered it up but they Didn't want all the lawsuits because it Would bankrupt the state so um yeah so That happened and now he's addressing Women Again Russian Russia's 2024 election Interference is already begun you know Um let's just watch this here report Russia has already begun interfering in The 2024 election according to former US Officials and cyber experts m has been Using fake online accounts and Bots to Damage President Biden's campaign Joining us now as NB you know cuz like They need to do that um we'll get into This again here but you know the thing That they claim 2012 was Russia today Which is a you know a mediocre truther Channel which has very little I mean It's a lot of things that Russia Today Says is stuff that's already available In the truth community and Russia Today Has no real influence because the people

Watching Russia Today were no way going To vote for Hillary Clinton and so you Know I I read that report that came out It was a joint report from the FBI the NSA and the CIA and it talks about Russia's interference in the election And they didn't really have any real Proof they said things like we you know We have um with confidence or deep Confidence or whatever it is right Different levels of confidence in this Report like these different sections of It but they never said that they had Factual evidence or they couldn't show The evidence and most of it was to do With the hacker that hacked the DNC this Guy gfer or um whatever it was right guu This group over there guu and gfer and It eventually was sent to WikiLeaks or Whatever and this stuff from the DNC That got hacked it was the dnc's fault For getting hacked right you know that Showed you their incompetence they got Hacked multiple times podesta got hacked And they were blaming all that stuff on The on the Russians but the stuff that Was leaked it really didn't affect the People who are already going to vote for Hillary Clinton like these were people Who are already going to vote for Trump For the most part or not vote at all and So you know America when they interfere With elections I mean Hillary Clinton Had twice as much money as Donald Trump

And she had all but Fox News in terms of The mainstream media she had an Overwhelming advantage and she had a Ground game she had you know Trump was a New candidate right and so the Russians Did next to nothing why Americans have Changed reg regimes and rigged elections In other countries for years right like That's what we've done and that's why I Always talk about behaviors when you're Whining about a behavior that you Do America Rigs and fixes elections and and Does regime change and kills leaders and Puts in puppet leaders all the time it's Been documented admitted to for with um You know finally after so many years Operation Ajax in Iran with this uh this Moderate leader named mosad in America Went in and wrecked that country I've Talked about that so much right and so Don't wh about when somebody else does It right BC News National Security Reporter Dan Delo Dan welcome so tell us More about the tactics that Russia's Using to interfere with our election oh My God it's interference with election They're just so particularly those Targeting President Biden that's right Alex so really it is a continuation of What we saw beginning eight years ago Which is Russia really trying to Influence okay just be honest say the Things that I said you know I'm not Saying Russia isn't doing that but admit

That we do the same thing if what Russia's what Russia is doing is very Nominal right right if you running for President and you could have the Mainstream media which sucks you know it Still sucks but it's the mainstream Media or you could have Russia on the S On your side if you could have MSNBC and CNN and Fox News and the rest of the Media you know local you know the um the Network news and things like this if you Could have all those media and Newspapers on your side and they were Telling everyone how great you were and Covering up that you were scile and Disparaging the other guy and saying He's a criminal or you could have Russia On your side which would you pick right Like both of the things are wrong both Of things are dishonest but one's better Than the other I'm not saying better in Terms of behavior one has a better Advantage One is a better asset Russia Is a less of an asset than the Mainstream media being for Biden right The mainstream media being for Clinton And Biden is a bigger Advantage than Having Russia on your side us Airmen Dies after self self emulating outside Of Washington Israeli Embassy so a guy Set himself on fire outside the embassy There um you know that's you Know US Air Force member dies same Article here um setting himself on fire

At Israel Embassy and DC yelling free Palestin n says a ceasefire deal would Only delay Israeli offensive in Rafa Yeah you know there's no um ceasefire is Just up to Israel because Palestine Doesn't have an army right it's up to 30,000 people now 30,000 Palestinians That are dead most of them are a good Portion of them are children people Under the age of 18 Biden butcher line At the Lincoln's inaugural address after Saying I I want to make sure I get this Quote right and you know uh stand here In front of this portrait The Man Behind Me here he uh he said and I want to make Sure I get the quote exactly right he Said the better Angel he said we must Address the council and address the Better angels of our nature and we do And we do well to remember what else he Said he said we're not enemies but we're Friends it's the middle the wow he was Such he was so Articulate boy that Lincoln he could Twist a sent he could really put Together a sentence in the part of the Civil War he said we're not enemies but We're friend we must not be enemies Folks and I've been around I know I Don't look it I've been around a long While Though yeah you have um that was brutal Scammers selling fake copies of Savannah Guth's fabas faith-based book about

After it topped the charts and sold out Savannah Guth is a nightmare I can't Believe that she has the ability to sell Books mostly what God does is the name Of the book and she doesn't strike me as A spiritual person certainly even a Religious person but she sold this book Out which means that people are looking For I mean I can't imagine people would Buy Savannah Guthrie's book they're Buying it because it's about God and People are thirsting for God you know There's a craving there um you know I Don't know I mean it's just like she's To me very un unlikable I guess she's Been on the show for a while maybe she Has some sort of a fan base but the Faith part I showed you on I think on my Other channel past now channel I did Something about her and Hoda uh Hoda getting the book and it was You know weird but I don't consider her A real spiritual person and she wrote This book and people are buying it Because people just want god like people Are missing God in their lives right God's of death to top 30,000 is Israel On a path to Victory or Quagmire no they Want to place they're just they're not Going to stop until they get it right if God promised you something and it goes Far beyond or I should say if God pro You think God promised you Something it goes far beyond Palestine

Here's you know Israel this is a greater Israel area Syria a little bit of turkey Iraq Saudi Arabia Whatever country this is here the I Guess it's part of the Persian Gulf you Know bordering with Iran and Egypt this Is this is what they believe God Promised them this is the Israel of the Bible this is their Promised Land all of It it's not just a little piece the UN Gave to them and so if they actually Believe that and you know you look at All this area here you have um little Bit of turkey you have a the Mediterranean Sea up here a little bit Of turkey you have you know big portion Of Iraq you have Saudi Arabia down to The Persian Gulf and Egypt now you have Both sides of the Red Sea you have um You know the Mediterranean Sea a good Portion of that all this ocean front Property here right I mean it's um you Got a little bit now of the Persian Gulf Even so that's all you get you know That's access to areas in the Persian Gulf where they do a lot of shipping That direction so you have you know now You have a country that's bordering Through three oceans three seas and you Have the ability you know it's just I Mean it's all those resources all the Oil all these things and so of course They would want that land and those who Are zionists believe that God promised

Them that land that's their belief System and so that's all that they're Never going to accept anything less this Is their last chance and if they make Palestinian Palestine into a state if It's a two states solu solution they Won't even get the the rest of pal Palestine right they'll only get you Know what they have and and that'll be It and any incursion into Palestinian Land will be seen as you know maybe an Act of War for that whole region and When United States go down they don't Have a they don't have a like the big Brother there to help them United States Going to hit you know hard times in the Near future this is their last chance I Said this before that's why they're not Caving they want to they're going for it Right they want to get the Gaza Strip And then work on the rest of it you know It be nice if somebody asked him that Question what do you consider the land That God promised you what's the Promised land draw a map of what you Think the promised land is and if they Think God promised them something then That's what they're inevitably going to Try to get they've been trying to get That for years and so they look at all This land around them in these countries As land that God promised to them right And so there's no there's no chance of Peace there okay so um I just wanted to

Address a little bit more about the Journey J series now first of all you Know I have them I have them and you Know I would have to upload them again There's 139 of them and without the kind Of speed I need in Internet if I get Access to higher speeds and I would want To devote some time into uploading them But also you know I just can't upload Them somewhere else and not get Compensated you know people leave Suggestions and they just don't know What they're talking about like they Don't think about it through you know my Perspective um like people said well you Can just put it on patreon but patreon Doesn't have web hosting Services Patreon has only um you know I can put YouTube videos or some other videos from Somewhere else and like I another I Don't know what other what other sites I Could link to I know you can put YouTube Videos up on patreon patreon sucks and I'm trying to ease out of that I've Already moved to the membership program On YouTube but patreon isn't you know is Not I'm not a fan of patreon and so I Could put put it up on another uh Website and make it a paid for you know Whatever it is but I have people who are Members and they'd be paying twice and You know that sucks for them considering I've been posting the journey series There early I mean it's all those things

And I'm going to post the rest of the Journey series here the new ones and I'll keep on doing it where I post them And make them available to members for a Week or two before I make them public And so that that'll continue but I mean In terms of me uploading all these Things it's not what I end doing well And it's kind of a tragedy or kind of a I want to say tragedy kind of a bummer That this has happened that way you know Heartfulness sucks and dodgy sucks you Know but it's within their legal right To uh do a copyright and I of course Could have fought that but if I lost Then I would have lost the channel Because I would have lost at the Copyright strikes and so that was why I Had to delete the videos because yeah I Could have fought it and you know I can Fight things in the future with them Over you know if I decide to post some Of their content and you know they're Within their right it's their content That they've created to do that but it's A dick move on their part because There's their content's all over the Internet and I posted it for years in The journey series only when I start Naming Commish by name and naming Carless by name in these other videos do They start to freak out again and so um You know this is um them being weak Because criticism is a part of the sash

Mark system and I go into that in great Detail in a video on my other channel That is all that content is also can be Considered Journey series videos as I Said earlier it's linked in the Description box of any of my videos you Can find the channel the channel Entitled Um exposing uh where is the thing here Exposing the heartfulness cult dodgy Scale and so there's lots of content There already I've already put up a few More videos I'm going to look through Some of the other videos and maybe see If I can edit out the the copyright Material and then it'll just be whatever Right um I have a journey series video That's going to come up tomorrow about 140th Edition on this channel you know I've I've taken out anything that could Be considered copyright infringement and I'll still be making content for the Journey series probably like one a week Like I've been doing so pretty soon There'll be lots of stuff for people to Watch you know people are saying they Have they sleep they go to sleep Listening to the journey series they can Go and my new channel and do that Because there's there's new content That's basically the same as a journey Series you know it's mostly focused on Heartfulness and the the system there But I also talk about the the truth of

The the real positions in the Sark System in any organization any person You have to figure out how you're going To deal with criticism how you're going To deal with Adversity and you know the system there They've tried to protect ay you know They're doing they're giving him the Joe Biden treat it where they surround him With yes men they handpicked his Interviews and things that they ask Questions that they themselves provide And they never address any of the Controversy the brighter mind scam or Anything else and so that's just a weak Way to do things and it's not the sjar Way it's not the Divine Way right Inevitably there's a building uh Animosity amongst former practitioners Of Saar because dod's basically taking This system and running into the ground In this cold called heartfulness and so There's a lot of people that are getting Angry and they're you know they're Pissed off at him and the whole you know Group of people over there and that's Not going to go away and when you Suppress it and you Gaslight people and You intimidate them and you don't let Them speak their peace and you do things Like try to undercut and censor me it Just keeps on building like people get More and more pissed off and you know There's been consequences me deleting

The journey series is you know another Blemish on their you know their weakness In their cult-like behaviors you me it's The things that Cults do which I covered In my video yesterday but anyhow who um That's um you know I just eventually I'll figure out something to do with the Original versions of the journey series One way or another I'm saying this Because a lot of people like some people Said that was their favorite thing on The internet so there'll just be more of It here like it's not going away like I Said I'll have a video upload tomorrow Probably make that one public and I'll Just go from there only spiritual value Will SA this world it's part mod def Point for the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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