Jagged little Shill Staring Alex P Jones

Jagged little Shill Staring Alex P Jones

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so There's some great footage of Alex Jones Crying I did a little bit of this on my Last video but there's so much more There I want to dissect and then the Whole thing with Infowars but before I get going on that I want to talk about you know one of the The problems with Humanity which is People want the lower they have a choice Between the higher and the lower and They want the Lower and you know how that plays out Here on my Channel is you know one thing that I do Hear that some of you guys appreciate But the majority don't and people leave Butur people leave when this is actually A positive thing that I do as opposed to Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones and maybe I don't know some of these other people I I I don't I don't know who they are um You know you can assess it for yourself Is that they Pander to stupid people Right Alex Jones his show used to be Better he used to have quality guests on And he was all about the Left Right Paradigm but because of the you know his His nut like his he had staff to pay and You know he had a whole he was making $160 million a year or something there For a while which is you know I mean Astounding right but he you know had This big studio and all these people he

Had a big staff you know 20 plus people To pay you know all a salary you know These things and he had to make as much Money so he had to Shell all these Products and shill all these things that He did and also he had to take a hard Turn to the right cuz that's where the Money was you know the right is all of a Sudden embracing Natural Health and is Anti Boop right but all the people that I knew that were anti- Boop and all the People that used to take herbal Medicines and things that was a left Thing that was something you found at Whole Foods or something these you know Co-op kind of natural food places right And it was mostly liberals who were who Created the you know the herbal medicine Supplements and things like this and now Because the left has gone crazy and They're Embracing this you know the whole thing That happened with covid and they're all Getting the Boop and all these things It's a weird thing that happened but it Was something that the Liberals did for Everybody the Liberals brought in the Organic food the Liberals you know I mean all these the green people all The people that contributed to building Something that was um alternative to the Chemical-based poisons that everyone Else is eating right but this is a weird Thing that's happened and also in the

Truth Community like in the Liberals Have gone completely insane and the Right-wing people feel Vindicated even Though a lot of stuff that they they Believe in now is co-opted from the left Right things that that was developed by The left and the Boomer hippies and Things like this you know things that They did that actually were positive you Know I was saying in my last video that You know was Marjorie Taylor green a fan Of trump when he had The Apprentice show No like the people who watched The Apprentice weren't rightwing southern People they weren't you know they Weren't people from evangelicals right They were they were business people New York people you know I mean Trump was uh Was like he had a more liberal audience And Trump had more liberal views he was Conservative on money but everything Else like he donated to the clintons and All these things right and so it's you Know the way these demographics have Sort of separated themselves and you Know they have their contrived enemies And all these things it's a low thing Right and so Alex Jones who used to have A better show and have better guests Took a hard right turn financially and He started to Pander there's a time Where his Pander into the QB and then he Realized he was going to lose his you Know I he had to go against the Cubes

But he had a couple Pro cubes he started Using the term T State he had margerie Taylor green you know he's begging People and he's you know he's crying About losing his Infowars and this whole Thing on some you know bogus deal that He got and I looked at his channel you Know they they said he was going to lock The doors but he's still putting up Content and you know I had seen the Channel in a long time and it was you Know years and you know I mean before he Got deplatformed I mean we just became a Shield it was was that interview with Piers Morgan where he just you know like You could tell he was a shill like it Was it was obvious uh you know there had Always been thoughts and people you know Didn't like him but his show at least Was better he was a performance artist And you everyone kind of kind of sense That and with half a brain but when he Did the interview with Piers Morgan he Just hurt the truth community and he Just it was a embarrassed challenge of Piers Morgan to a box boxing match and It was just silly it was like the whole Thing was silly right he had a you know Basically a meltdown if you ever want to Watch that interview you know he's just Screaming at him and like you know there Was just no sense of him being a Reasonable intelligent person who would Have facts and things on his side and

You were like oh he's just an absolute You know uh plant in the truth Community It was clear it should have been clear To everybody then like his career should Have died then by based on his Performance but he went hard to the Right and he pandered to stupid people And he started to embrace n arves that You know he knews were wrong and he was Putting out false information and Tucker Carlson does the same thing and all These people Joe Rogan whatever they all Have their stuff that they know better Like they know it's not stuff they Should be saying and they're pandering To an audience that they don't respect But they want the money they want the Support and that's where the money is Right and so if they told those people The truth about Trump if they you know He there was a time when Alex Jones was Swearing at Trump and going after Trump TR and you know they came back to Trump Or whatever but if they told you the Truth about these things and they you Know were honest with their audience About the their Dopey things that they Believe the people would turn on them Because that's how Dopey people are There's just a lot of dumb Dums in the Truth Community now it's probably 95% Dumb Dums and so you have all these People who Pander to the right and Pander to the trumpers and you know I'm

Not going to do that like if you're Going to be a truthful person then be a Truthful person and it's not appreciated Here like I'm going to say things that You believe in that aren't true like in My experience of doing this I you know Things that I used to believe in that I Now see that are false narratives that Have been put out there disinformation Or just things that have been put out That were lies things that were never Vetted things that were never checked And there are things out there that People believe in including their Religion including you know the Conservative Trump stuff and whatever it Might be and they just can't you know Reach up and go to a higher level and You know ascend from their limitations And that's why people you know turn on Me somebody wrote if you made worse Content because my content has evolved I Would get more views and more Subscribers and that would be the case And that's just sad right if I dumb down My content and I lie to you and things That I know to be true and I you know I Betray myself in my own like uh you know Belief system and I didn't talk about The meditation I didn't talk about you Know what I know to be the future of Humanity I didn't talk about like the The stuff that you know is the the General beliefs of the majority of

People that are now in the truth Community I would have a much bigger Audience but then why why stop there why Do I just not be a truther at all Because I can talk to Dum Dums like I Can you know and I can't do it because I Can't do it but I know what to say I Just can't do it I can't bring myself to Do it right like I can go to dumb Dums Regular dumb Dums who don't you know Sheeple and you know people don't care And talk about celebrities and things in A a way that you know I I could just um Betray what you know my truth and what I Believe and just put out a message to These people and tell them what they Want to hear and I could have millions Of subscribers and money and things like This you know I could go hard to the Right I could you know say things I Could talk about Christianity or become A flat Earth or do whatever become a you Know whatever the QBs are now and just You know there's a a bigger audience There to pull from and I'm smart enough To say things that would be you know Just enough to you know Peak their Curiosity but I just can't do it like I You know it's bad enough I have to cover Celebrities and you know I mean all like A lot of it to me is like things that I Don't care about and I you know have to Do it just to keep this the channel Relevant but with YouTube going to

Against me you know and just all of it And you know it's like some of you guys See it and appreciate it but the Majority of people don't and that's you Know just a condemnation of humanity Says nothing about you know me or the Channel or you know what I do here it's That people want people to agree with Their lowered beliefs even if they're Wrong-sided or whatever they don't want People to push them they don't want People to you know tell them things that They don't they can't handle and you Know that's always been the downfall of Humanity right that's why every Spiritual person in the west you know Look at what happened to Jesus and his Disciples every person that talks about God is on a spiritual path they're going To get to a point where they're going to Say things that the majority of people Are going to find threatening and They're going to be turned on especially In the west not so much in India like India is a place where they you know They um you know they worship their Saints or they they s respect and value Their Saints but in the western culture In Europe and America Saints you know Spiritual people do really poorly and Not that I'm saying I'm a saint because I'm not but I'm a person who has evolved Spiritually and you know the truths that Come to you as you evolve spiritually

Are a threat to you know pretty much Everybody's belief system and you know Things that people have to adjust to or Give up or you know things that they Don't want to hear you know part of your Job is to tell people what they don't Want to hear and that's what I do hear And it's you know it's an issue and so You know this version of Alex Jones he Just keeps on getting more remedial and He becomes more more of a you know just A dope Factory like in terms of putting Out um Dopey content like his content is Just you know devolved over time and He's just a you know embarrassment like He's the you know he's a shill sure you Know Co inel Pro sure but he's really I Mean like let's just get into it let me Show you the video clips here after that The next big thing then they'll probably Padlock that's kind of how I feel the The the shift is going to happen yeah It's it's wild man I just I love the Crew and I don't just say that like I I Think the crew is like me like that's my Arm it's like well this I love this guy I love this girl like decommissioning The Millennium Falcon yeah it's Like that's mine that's mine but they Get the Millennium Falcon back Eventually Alex I'm so pissed Off I'm trying to cry as a fake thing Man I'm so sick of these people all

We're trying to do save America they get The Millennium Falcon back Alex these Stooges like it's so bad um But you're not all you're trying to do Is save America that's not what's Happening there's no saving America you Guys should all know that by now look a Freaking round you what what is there to Save look at the Next Generation look at The the following Generations I mean We've done a horrible job with the what We've left them and what do you think They're going to leave their kids these You know these kids with their gender Stuff and all of it and their depression Like 60% of them are depressed I mean They were bad before and then Co took Over and spending all their time in the Internet having you know just them Saying that they have a a saying for in The real world right we never had a Saying for in the real world cuz that Was our whole world was in the real World but they have another world IRL Right so they talk about is that is that In cyber land or is that in the real World right cyers space And so there's No fixing or changing or saving America And it shouldn't be saved like it's a Lie like this is pandering to people who Are desperate to you know not lose their Way of life right this what I'm talking About you you're lying to people there's No Sav in America and what he's doing

Here wouldn't save [ __ ] Right it is fake crying even said he was Fake crying there and they're fuing us Over over and over again and it's just So sick it's sick it's sick and I don't Want to leave I don't want to leave Because it's going to be over folks and I can I'll come back bigger than ever But it's like my baby and I'm watching Them R it cuz they're [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] man so I'm going to Release a video I'm going to releaseing Audio on you I'll get you motherucker You bettering be sorry about That go ahead go Ahead I'm going to come back bigger than Ever but it's like they're they're Raping my baby and you [ __ ] you Better watch Outes bu I'm going to release an audio I'm going to release a video yeah you're Going to get you Emin ever I'm going to Get you with my audio and video I'm Going to release the audio and video That I've had and as a truther I've held On to even though it's damning audio and Video that I've held on secretly and now I have it I'm going to release it to you I'm going to release it on you and You're going to be sad ever yeah I'm Going to get you m andf I got the video And the Audio I Have why wouldn't you release it Already if you had audio and video

That's daming to the New World Order why Wouldn't you release it already Why wouldn't you do it why isn't already Out there like you withholding video and Audio that's daming that could have Saved your channel saved your network Right that's going to come back bigger And better than ever even though you're Handing it over to them um the whole Thing is just silly Right let's um let's run my memes Because he you know admits to being a Shill let's go through my memes he Admits to being part of illuminati Admits to having meetings with Kissinger And these new world order people he Admits to working for people that Eventually going to kill him I mean all These things right this is all Alex Jones you know admissions of his you Know being a shill and the co-intel pro Like he you know his family's part of The Illuminati you know he said all these Things right he used to slam the Illuminati and make fun of them and talk About how evil they were and then he Goes yeah my family's been a part of the Illuminati for years you know what it's Like to go to sleep every night knowing You work for a bunch of Psy of killers And you bastards are probably going to End up killing me one day you know what It's like knowing you've ruined my life

You know what it's like you sons of [ __ ] I'm tired of your crap you know What it's like to go to sleep every day Knowing you work for a bunch of Psychotic Killers that's probably going To kill you one day you bastards you Ruin my life I want to quit I want my 401k let me get out of this contract a Thousand people that run the world According to the Kissinger group's own Book super class put out 15 years ago And I believe it's accurate and the one Guy that wrote it Roth cop the head of The Kissinger group tried to recruit me To go meet with them in New York and Henry Kissinger okay so I'm explaining How real this is okay they tried to Recruit me they did it in front of my Producer so it's the only time I can Talk about it because the other meetings Were off reccord with other globalist I Have off-record meetings with these People okay you have off-record meetings With globalist Right you meet with globalists off the Record right And the globalists that you always are Condemning and talking about how evil They are but you meet with them off the Record and you'll tell us kind of what Happened in the meetings and that there Were meetings but they're off the Record Because you're so important they want to Meet with you and they you know they're

Giving you meetings but you can't talk About them secret meetings with people That you also claim to work for Right and so like he's admitted all of It but his Dopey followers and some of You guys I'm sure will show up here you Guys will never see it the guy's a shill He's a disaster for the truth Community He is you know he's the controlled Opposition and he sucks like he just Sucks you know I have to probably say That I have major Masonic Roots uh a lot Of my family uh because Texas was pretty Much Masonic through and through was Masonic high level Masonic and they were Very very good people George Washington Was a Mason and all it is is a University study of religions of Philosophy and of building and of Mathematics and of agrarian systems and So what you see as Masons today is just Those schools going on and there have Been hundreds of different variants and Groups and rosac crucian orders within The Masons and the Illuminati uh founded in Germany was a Counter Illuminati to the real Illuminati and and yes undoubtedly my Family on both sides on the Mayflower Hardcore Protestants you could say rosac Crucians this country was founded by Real rosac crucians not the rosac Crucian you see out there today and so Undoubtedly um if you want to say it I

Mean I would say I come out of a Classical Enlightenment family Of what you would call real Illuminati uh real Enlightenment and I'll just say it here on anybody ask me Who I am I'll tell you there's no secret Society there's no secret messages There's no secret handshakes there's Freedom there's Jesus Christ This is a Human this is what we look like this is What we act like this is what everybody Was like before us this is what I am I'm A throw back I'm here I've got the fire Of human Liberty I'm setting fires Everywhere this is a shield this is what We look like this is what we act like This is how you make $165 million I'm Coel Pro I work for the CIA I'm cting You out of your money I'm C your out of Your money everywhere we're at war I've Declared bankruptcy I'm broke I need Your help right Now my body's full of cholesterol and There's a strange growth on my scotum There's only one way to fight this Madness to win this war you need to buy My products and you need to do it now Before my head explodes my blood Pressure is too high I'm on the verge of Being thrown out Illuminati and they've Canceled my gym membership and I need Your money and your support now I just Made a stinky Roger I don't know how you Follow that I'm just telling you man I

Am not taking it lying down I don't know How to do it I'm not built to suck your Di I'm not built to B I'm not I'm Built For War [ __ ] and I will not f b you I Will damn you Man I'm so sad I'm so sad I don't know What happened to me I'm so sad I'm not Built to suck your boop I'm not built For it I've had to learn how to do it I'm Built For War even though I'm folded In my tent and going home I've given up I've quit but I Built For War you effing [ __ ] you Eff who's up next F [ __ ] every Who's up next so this is from Saturday June 1st right and he's still putting up Content they said they were going to Come padlock the doors but they not Padlocking the doors because of Censorship they're padlocking the doors Because he made a fin Financial Arrangment arrangement with the families From sh to give them all of his assets And then they can come back later and Take whatever else he makes after that So what usually happens in this like he Was protecting his assets by declaring Bankruptcy and different things you know It was a ridiculous ruling of 1.4 Billion so 1 b400 million do and he Didn't have that money which of course Nobody does like people don't have those

Those kind of assets right and so they Fight you on it like you think about the Sackers you know the sackers killed People with their opioids that they put Out false advertisement I mean was just A scam and horrible and they made $10 Billion and they got sued and fined for5 Billion but they didn't even pay that Like I don't know if they've paid Anything up to this point the ruling was Years ago like they have ways of Withholding the money getting the money From lawsuits is really hard and so Alex Jones made a deal with these people to Sell off all of his assets and that Should be it like all right I'll give You everything I have now and then he Could come back and rebuild his his Network and you know he'd be smaller and He wouldn't have a staff you know Whatever but he still have some Following and he could make a you know Relatively good living he's in a better Situation than I am for example and he Has you know whatever he has but he's Going to lose whatever he has from now On anything that he makes is going to go To this ruling of settlement and he says He's a fighter like you know dude you Completely caved you put up no like Legitimate defense and the whole thing's A joke I mean he hasn't done anything to You know I mean he's just allowing this To happen and the way he's conducted

Himself he's made it worse over and over Again and it's a ridiculous amount like It just doesn't make sense in terms of You know wrongful death suits are only 500,000 to a million like I said in my Last video and so you know this is uh Punitive like it's Unconstitutional he's just allowing this To to go on right and he's you know Acting like a victim when he you know is He's a shill because if he did any kind Of defense to this if he did anything You know to I mean the Supreme Court Should rule on something so extravagant Uh a settlement I mean it's all these Things appealing at any of these number Of things but the only way they can do This is if they have a shill because Everyone else would fight it in some way And it would be reduced right and the Families would settle for some you know $100,000 you know like something Something meager I mean they could they Could rule what if it was a trillion Dollars a quadrillion I mean you know Your next life you'll be a slave in your Next life like I mean you know what Where does it stop with these punitive Damages right it's ridiculous the whole Thing's ridiculous all right folks let's Go to Dan ball Dan ball go ahead and Unmute yourself and say what you got to Say so he had all these guests on it was Like a Jerry Lewis ton with you know Ted

Nen and all these people who are like You know no it's okay Alex you know all This stuff like it's so silly Ridiculous Okay so before we get into The next clip let me show you the Interview a little bit of it with Piers Morgan and for those of you guys aren't Aware of this you know this took place During a time where there was a Transition in how the beastly system and The mainstream media was dealing with The so-called truth Community conspiracy Theorist so it was 2013 and and up until that point the Mainstream media and the beastly system Just sort of ignored so-called Conspiracy theorist and there was no Talk of them they didn't even Acknowledge the existence of the So-called truth Community even though They could see that there was Millions Upon millions of views going to these Videos and Theories that eclipsed what they were Getting in terms of mainstream news and So their First strategy was to Ignore the you know all these so-called Conspiracy theories and Alex Jones of Course was the the big one out there he Had the you know he was the shill with The backing of the Beast and he had the Big Channel and all these things right And up until that point Alex had been

Somewhat reasonable like lots of people Thought he was controlled opposition There was some debate within the truth Community but it wasn't um you he just Wasn't nearly as bad as he is now and so This was a turning point for him in the Truth Community you you have these Defining moments in your life you know Puffed at he's going through one right Now you know you have these moments you Know positive and negative that Define You and so the mainstream media and the Beast was looking to label and profile People who were conspiracy theorists and What they want was crazy what they Wanted to profile all of us as was crazy Emotionally um unhinged violent unstable Right right-wing that was the other Thing and so that's the label that Continues on today and Alex Jones just Handled handed them them handed them That profile by his behavior in the CNN Interview and so it had you know a Really damaging effect to the truth Community that's long lasting and it was A way to you know introduce so-called Crazy right-wing conspiracy theorists to The American people using Alex Jones as The you know as the defining person and Persona so that people who were starting To watch these videos and you know wake Up a little bit and you know were on the Fence or they didn't you didn't know how To you maybe they were talking about a

Little bit so this is back when YouTube Allowed you to post anything like it was Pretty much um in terms of any of these Theories that we now have you could say Anything about you know all of these Different things that have now become Restriction right have become Restrictive and so all those people Watching these videos now felt like they Were embarrassed to admit they were Watching them right and you know they Started to um it started to divide People into these you know a group of Right-wing crazy conspiracy theorists And everybody else who you know was uh Above this kind of you know thinking Right and so it really hurt the truth Community and of course Alex Jones Showed himself as a shill so let's get Into the interview Here here's how this is going to work And it's entirely down so Pierce Morgan Was in America at the time he went on The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump I don't know what year that was And he was um you know hiding out Because there's a trial going on in England to do with rert Murdoch and he Was involved and he thought maybe he'd End up going to jail or there'd be some You know whatever it was he's back in England now right down to you I'm going To ask you some questions in the spirit Of a proper debate and you've had a lot

To say so far on the show and a lot of It aimed at me which is fine but I want You to try and answer the questions it's A proper debate okay I'm not trying to Trip you up no it's not a debate you're Running the show you bring in your Victims up front look you got your Little note cards I just gave you FBI Statistics that violent crime and gun Crime is down over 20% let me just ask And you want so this is how Alex brought This in like he just decided to yell at Him um I don't know if we go find the First part I don't know which part was Worse this might be the one where he Challenge him to a fight let's see if This is it but you have to understand That Alex was supposed us to be fighting For an infowar which meant waking Everybody up and now he's being exposed To a CNN audience and you know talking Reasonably right this was a debate about Gun control and talking reasonably about This so that a CNN audience might see Him as a reasonable person and not some Crazy lunatic and violent and you know And uh you know unhinged I this is the worst way to approach it To go to little factoid no they're not Little anybody can pull those up listen Do you know what do you have a bodyguard Why do you have bodyguards I don't have A bodyguard yeah I've seen you on the News with them don't you want to protect

Your wife from hoodlums or you want to Call the police let me ask you this why Does Diane finstein tell 60 Minutes that She plans to try to take Mr and Mrs America's guns have you seen that you Guys want to disarm all of America Diane Feinstein build does gun confiscation no Let me clarify you don't seem to Understand first you register then you Confiscate it's always done the same Here's what the campaign on here give me Your little Q cards and I'll answer your Questions for you what was the weapon Used at Sandy Hook I've already gone Over that and already answered it for we Haven't talked about Sandy Hook no again It's a 223 M4 right again but Statistically they're using very low Percentage of of shootings Period you know just a disaster right Because this is not the kind of person You want to own a gun someone who's not Rational someone who can't have a Conversation and why go on the shows First of all it was a mistake mistake to Go on the show like everyone should know By now if you go on any of these Mainstream media Channels they are going to do this to You right like the way they edit it you Know then he did an uh an interview with I think Megan Kelly on MSNBC and she did A complete headpiece on him and he whed About it of course they were going to do

Do that cuz they you know this was Something that was taking over their Viewership the young people were going To the internet to get their news and They wanted to you know bring back their Viewership and they couldn't you know Acknowledge any these things as being True and so this is what they were going To do to you there was no reason to ever Go on mainstream media it was only going To hurt you and your so-called you know Your mission your Infowars Mission all You see you all you seeing wouldn't go Swimming cuz the movie Jaws even though Great white sharks kill five people a Year you're trying to scare people let Me say something there's no metal shark In the water the same type of weapon was Used when Pierce Morgan appears to be The reasonable person right used in the Last three that's right and Hitler used Semi-autos to kill people why would you Not SED M why would why is the Government arming to the teeth against Us what about Fast and Furious why our Government ship goes into Mexico to Blame the Second Amendment let's have a Debate a false flag Blame I get accused why they blow Building down the street here in New York I get accused when I get you guys On of talking over you of being rude I'm Trying to be civil right you've got to Try and answer some of the questions

Right here's my issue for you why do People need civilians need an AR-15 type Assault rifle why they already said Statistically they're using a very low Amount of the crimes that's an FBI fact Been used in the last three Mass Shooters I'll tell you why because they Advertise it in the media anybody knows That if somebody jumps off the Empire States Building they put cops up there The next day cuz copycats come to do it Again the media Hypes and Hypes and Hypes don't just commit suicide why do People commit suicide by killing a bunch Of kids and here's the gun to use cuz It's the one the US Army uses why do People need them they need them to Protect us from the number one killer in History government the 20th century University uh study out of Hawaii killed 292 million people it's called demo side Google it folks do you believe everyone Of Dem so again like you know this is an Act at least his lawyers claimed it as An act in his divorce hearing right um And none of these things work and I said The same thing about Marjorie Taylor Green now to people who were Alex Jones Fans they thought he was killing it you Know people who are too stupid to see The bigger picture but he's not right Because you know he's yeah he's talking To his base but it's supposed to be an Infowar is supposed to be a war of

Information everybody else who sees this Is now like oh my God this guy's crazy This is the crazy looking guy Piers Morgan is doing a great job of helping Alex look crazy and you know they're Working together because Alex is a shill And so is Piers Morgan and you know the The big loser here is the truth Community should everyone in America Therefore have have an AR-15 if they W One statistically where there's more Guns there's lower crime the highest Crime is in bloom ber uh you know but You have the most of any of the 23 Richest countries in the world and you Have TW America was born guns and Whiskey it's true we're a violent Society but statistically knives kill Three times more have you seen the FBI Numbers knives bats rocks kill kill kill Min knives bats Rocks knives bats rocks knives bat Rocks Come on peers it's knives bats Rock Rocks time more Alex let's talk about It's not the rock it's not the knife Rocks don't kill people people kill People when a mother chops her kids up With a Cleaver cuz she's on serona tell Me why I'm wrong why don't you want to Get rid of the drugs because they're Half your sponsors stick to the subject America's number one cause of unnatural Death now is suicide not not automobile Accident not cancer not you accuse me of

Attacking the Second Amendment of the Constittution I want to get people off Pills that the insert says will make you Comm suicide and kill people Al let's Get the second I want to blame the real Culprit suicide pills mass murder pills Let me ask you one so he looks like a Mental patient here right like Pierce Morgan looks like you know the intern or Orderly at a mental institution trying To calm down a mental patient or a Psychiatrist and Point Pierce Morgan is A piece of Boop I mean the fact that he Looks better than Alex Jones is a you Know just ridiculous like this was his Strategy just you you don't win debates By yelling it's not who's loudest you're Trying to you know you're working Towards looking you're appealing to the Audience right you're performing to an Audience and you know the audience is Looking at him as crazy anybody who's I Mean even people who are in the truth Community saw this go oh my God what are You doing here you know I saw this I was Like what is he doing here like this is You know this is the worst possible Strategy for the truth community you Know if it was really an infow War I Mean the theory of the infow war Theory Which has been completely de disproven By sheel right because how many people Have talked to someone a loved one and Or multiple loved ones or co-workers or

Friends or whatever and just been Stonewalled by their inability to see Your point of view right and how we go About that ends up I mean look at the Division that's come about that where People don't talk to their relatives Anymore more the way that this has Divided America and so if you're Thinking that an infow war is possible That you get all this information out to As many people as possible and the Majority of people agree with your Position and they do that's the sad part The majority of the people don't like Congress don't trust the government Don't trust big corporations worry that America is going to uh you know enter Into some sort of apocalypse And that's what most Americans believe Most Americans have a fear of this right But both sides believe that the opposite Side is the one that's going to bring The bring about the apocalypse both the Candidates are are um campaigning as end Of world strategy right save the soul of America Joe Biden and save America from A dictator Trump with dictatorship with Trump and you know Trump save America From the leftist bringing America America down and economies crashing and You know all this stuff to do with Replacement population all these things Both sides are campaigning with the idea That we're at a desperate stage and

Apocalypse is believable apocalypse is Possible and so that's what's up like People actually all believe it but the Message got co-opt because Alex Jones Was a so-called face of the truth Community and you could have been a Person that's a uniter and bringing People together by talking reasonably And not in absolutes not in you know Good versus evil and all you people out There are talking good versus evil and Of course you're on the good side and They're on the evil side you know it's What both sides do it's what Margery Taylor green does it's what AOC does you Can't talk about in absolutes because The only way to save the country and you Can't save it like I you know I I mean I'm a firm believer in that but the only Way you could save it or if you believ In the infowar was to bring in as many People as possible and talk in a way That all different demographics and Points of view of people could agree on Some basic facts and some basic problems But Alex Jones dismisses are that by Coming in hot and heavy and you know a Right-wing uh Ang angry Whitewing Nut Job type of persona all those things Which destroys any chance of an infowar And so he's self-sabotaged in right but At some point you realize that the Sheep Are never going to wake up anyway and That you know people aren't going to

Change you know they're unwilling to Change that's the big thing even people In the truth community no one wants to Give anything up no one wants to Sacrifice anything to save the system And so the system can't be saved because People want the systems good things the Privileges and the benefits they get They just want to take away the stuff That other people have to fix the system Right and you can't do that everyone has To you know there has to be austerities There has to be sacrifice to save the System you have to change things about The system that are evil that benefit You because we all benefit from Evil Things that are being done and no one Wants to change that [ __ ] right no one's Willing to look at themselves and change And so then it becomes a different Message right like if you're going to You know think that the system is going To collapse it's going to be us that Versus them then you don't want to you Know provoke a response of the people That you know you're eventually going to Go war against right and that's what Alex Jones is doing here but then There's the spiritual message this is What I believe to be the most important Thing is that people have to find the Divinity within them and you can't tell What kind of person can do that based on Their beliefs you know what kind of

Person is mature enough along their Spiritual Evolution to have a spiritual Life and connect with the Divinity Within them you know not not not all People have the ability for abstract Thought and this kind of spiritual you Know uh maturity like it's just you know It's a small percentage like 40% and That's you know all different people With all different belief systems and You know demographics so you have to be Able to appeal to all those people and That becomes another thing where you Have to be a reasonable person that Talks intelligently and doesn't you know Go for cheap um you know uh like Clickbait views and you know looking for People who are extreme and extreme uh Point of Sur View and appealing to People's anger and fear and emotions you Have to be someone who's more reasonable That's not like you know a chicken Little approach that Alex Jones has made Popular and Tucker Carlson and people Like that have embraced that right Someone just left a comment about how They talked about uh Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson talked about Alex Jones Knowing about the big event in uh 2001 And that he was a prophet like this Guy's not a prophet he's a shill right He's a you know Jagged Little shill Right the fall of the Jagged Little Shill Alex P Jones The Fall of the

Jagged Little shill it's happening I Wasn't ready for it but it's happening One question your belief unless I'm Wrong first time anybody's ever heard This by the way your belief and I I'm Wrong is that under the Second Amendment Your real concern is that you will be Overrun by a tyrannical regime either From somewhere else yeah Highway Checkpoints look at Mexico total gun ban For the citizens highest crime rate in The world 57,000 people dead The Last 5 Years total gun ban for the citizens but You you Switzerland has the lowest crime Rate in Europe your country has the Highest Alex we have 35 gun muds you Have 11,000 you have you people get Their brains it's the higher crime rate Violent crime is higher on this specific Brains it's people I'm trying to get Inside your brains youch me right now It'd be not your fist but your brain That let me get inside your brain okay If you punch me right now I'd be your Your brain and not your fist that hit me Let me get inside here bra okay I'm Serious you have a very very big Platform you air I think on 63 networks No no that Wikipedia is like 10 years Old I'm on over 140 stations XM millions Of Americans he you over a million and a Half visitors to infowars.com where we Have the statistics posted right now Infowars.com who do you believe was

Behind 911 oh I absolutely know I have The police on CNN saying get back They're going to blow up seven I have BBC reporting I have the proof I heard On CBS Radio they announced they blew up The towers on CBS Radio New Yorkers all Saw it and heard it they blew up Building who do you believe was behind It the American government criminal Elements of the military-industrial Complex the same ones that stage Gul of Tonan the same ones that staged Operation the mass shootings of Operation gladio oo the CIA don't like This right now do you mean that they Love it because you work for them this Is exactly what they want you see and You thought that by saying those things This is him getting on the bullhorn and You know going out and shouting at People it doesn't work right trying to Shout over people it just you know this Is not how you win people over and it's It has the opposite effect you push People away President Bush and his Administration were behind 911 I mean that even mainstream news Reported that the hijackers were ordered To be allowed into the United States Michael springman the head of the Department blew the whistle on that so The Bush Administration was part of a Conspiracy he said never let us tolerate Mur Americans to murder I can speak in

This accent as well The this is what it gets great is that Govern Hitler firebombed his own rag Pierce to bring in martial law in Germany April 27th 1933 governments have staged Terror Attacks throughout history or allowed Terror to attack as a pretext to in This is where you just start clowning Yourself Right I I probably own more than 50 Firearms many of them have increased in Value Two Three or even four times I Sleep very comfortably outside Austin Texas knowing that I can defend my Family okay Alex Jones this is Infowar.com this is the man who wants to Okay so let's see the first part the First part you challeng him to a fight He's he goes on even bigger rant okay so Let's join at 2 minutes in this is where He starts ranton the whole thing was bad Took the guns Hugo Chavez took the guns And I'm here to tell you 1776 will Commence again if you try to take our Firearms doesn't matter how many limings You get out there on the street begging For them to have their guns taken we Will not relinquish them do you Understand that's why you're going to Fail and the establishment knows no Matter how much propaganda the Republic Will rise again when you attempt to take

Our guns my family in the Texas Revolution again you know if this is a Political debate You're trying to win people over to a Political position American voters about Supporting gun control you don't want to Come off as angry and violent and Unhinged I mean just that you know it's Obvious that you don't want to do that And that's what he did like he just he Did the you know the worst thing if They're setting a trap for you and of Course he's a shill so of course he did It right it's exactly what they wanted Him to do but you know when you're they Set a trap for you and then you give Them exactly what they want so they can Profile people in the truth community And then all the restrictions followed Suit Trump did the same thing right by Acting unreasonable by acting like Somebody that needed to be controlled Like you're out of control so that People can say we need to control this Person and that the American people go Yeah this guy's crazy you got to control Him right like you're scaring people and So like this is the wrong approach Should to get Santa an my family was at The core on both sides starting that Because Santa Ana came to take the guns At Gonzalez Texas Pierce don't try what Your ancestors did before why don't you Come to America I'll take you out

Shooting you can become an American and Join the Republic you finished yes I am finished You will not take my right you go Through background checks to get guns How about Prozac you know the number one Oh that's the big sponsor isn't it or That whole class of drugs let me ask you A question oh whoa got to cut that off Don't you don't want to talk about the US number one cause of death is suicide Now because they give people suicide Mass murder pills you're answers give More money to the psychiatrist Psychologist to put more crazy people on Drugs and make them kill people pierce Let's try and have a debate here yeah Answer me this Question I'm sick of the same old script Here bud it's fine Bud um the same old Script this is your first Interview this was Alex Jones first Interview with mainstream media with the CNN and they did the thing on MSNBC Afterwards where they did hitpiece and They whed about that and so like you're Performing poorly how many gun murders Were there in America last year do you Know uh there were about 11,458 and about 74% of those were Gang Related gang banger shooting each other You get three and a half to 4,000 how Many people died from infections in Hospitals 197,000 may just ask you a

Second that's right how many gun murders Were there in how many great white Sharks how many kill people every year But they're scared to swim right how Many gun murders were there in Britain a Very low amount I already went over Those statistics that was only a few Hundred no no how many gun murders I Actually actually did pull up the Statistics here let me pull them out Right here I figured you'd do that gun Murders last wait UK violent crime Capital of Europe London Telegraph here Let me give you simple question well That's the oldest the old that's you Know England is um a very small country I Don't know how many people it has total Right but it's a fraction of the Population of America and you know they don't have Guns there but like he goes on to say Knives and rocks and all but the you Know just it's it's not so much who has The facts because that's what you're Presenting it's who's more believable That's what these debates are especially When you're coming in as an Anti-establishment person you never want To come in as somebody crazy you have to Be you know somebody who's calm Collected and you know not unhinged I Mean again you know it's obvious the Oldest Mason tactic to ask me some

Little factoid it's not a little facto I Already said earlier has a lot lower gun Crime rate because you took all the guns Let me exactly but you've got hordes of People burning down cities and beating Old women's Brains out every day Ridiculous they arrest people in England If they defend themselves that's on Record my God you have got a total Police State everybody's fleeing that Country because the O you've had to flee Here bud and I want to say this right Here you think you're a tough guy have Me back with a boxing ring in here and I'll wear red white and blue and you can Wear your Jolly Roger okay you know what Let's try again how many gun I think the Jolly Roger is the good flag which is The the Jolly Roger is the Pirate Flag Isn't that what it is but anyways Pierce Morgan wasn't being a tough guy like he Wasn't being physically aggressive so He's saying let's have a boxing match to Decide this mfer just said let's have a Boxing match to decide who's right on Gun Control you know when there's a debate Going on here and you're never going to Win a debate on CNN when they're this Guy's controlling the debate right this Isn't a debate this is a guy who is a Host of a TV show and he has all the you Know power in this you know he's doing An interview plus the uh you know a

Debate with Alex Jones and you're Already you know at a Disadvantage do what that oh going to Ban your fist now in Britain last year Uh how many uh chimpanzees can dance on The head of a pin I already went over Those statistics you know the answer uh No I don't I you said hundreds it's very Low you said hundreds yes it's actually 35 well the point is you can against 11,000 do you understand the difference Between 11,000 England wants to B knives Now because tens of thousands are Getting stabbed but do you understand Difference the knife doesn't kill people The gun doesn't kill people yes listen You understand do you understand you're Not going to pull on America's heart Strings they know your script okay You're not going to get our guns by the Way you guys always say we just want to Take the semi-autos okay and all this Other stuff when semi-autos aren't even Rifles aren't even used but in a Fraction of the crimes you can pull Those numbers up Okay on let me ask you one question Which weapon was predominantly used in The Aurora movie theater shooting uh M4 AR-15 variance so it was a Semi-automatic assult R statistically It's very very low that was do you agree It was the single biggest shooting in The history of America in terms of

People hit by a shooter do you know that No I believe that there were others There's been some other about over 30 no No this was the single so all right you Get the idea here right he just you know He Alex jonesed it and anything that's Come since then this was his downfall And this HT like everybody in the truth Community it led to censorship you know This continued the profile of right-wing Conspiracy theorists nuts that were Dangerous and violent the big event that Happened in January with Trump and then The deplatforming of Alex Jones and Trump and now the the subsequent Lawsuits all these things were were part Of this you know this was where it all Started right and Alex Jones now crying Because because they've taken away his Studio is all part of this thing right Like this is what they were this is how We're going to handle conspiracy the We're going to label them as crazy nut Jobs we're going to have this guy come Out and act like a crazy nut job you Have Trump then becomes president and he All the cubes and all those guys who Were just you know flat earthers and We're just going to you know uh create a The barrier between people who are timid About you know they're sort of believing In these things and they are open to These ideas but they're now going to be Like oh I don't want to be associated

With those people and so this is what's Happened right this is you know this was Where the truth Community died so you Know at the end of this thing Alex of Course theplatform sued and now was lost Infow ws and this was the profile they Created to uh make this a part of that Narrative so I looked it up there's 55 Million people in England as of8 18 and Of course many Less um back when Alex you know Interviewed with Pierce Morgan in 2011 And so you know the um the whole debate Is silly because they don't have guns in England that's true so they're not going To have gun murders right but you know The whole way that Alex Jones handled it Was you know again let's get into his um His latest rant here Alex danball from One Amer news brother I hear you I'm Just as pissed off about what's happened To this country and what these [ __ ] are doing too I don't know If you know our and he said family Unit look I'm just trying as good as I Can I'm spiritually exhausted because I Can feel my problem is I can feel the Evil coming it I want to be strong to Face this and God's like you've already Done your job just step aside so that's Why I'm physically ill right now Watching the full satanic takeover we're Just trying as best we can we love you We appreciate you and you're the answer

In the future telling the truth but That's where we are thank you uh who's The next person if it was truly a Satanic takeover then you do a better Job you like you'd have to do a lot Better than this Right I don't want to leave I'm Exhausted I couldn't even sleep last Night I slept on a couch I'm not Complaining I'm completely crossy crazy Exhausted and I can't I'm like literally Here like watching a family member die Like 30 years on air 27 years this Operation 15 years this building and I'm Literally when I know I leave tonight They're going to shut us down maybe it's Tomorrow the next day I just want people To know I love you I believe in you I Believe in humanity I believe in my Grandparents I believe in my parents I Believe in humanity I just want to [ __ ] stop these People they got to be stopped we got to Stop Them So at the end of the day we're going to Beat these people How I trying to be dramatic here but This been a hard Fight and these people hate our children I've said this over and over again You're not going to beat them this is Their system it's a system we need them To do evil stuff to keep the system

Going we need them to increase the Deception we need them to find ways to Fudge the numbers and keep the thing Going even when it should have collapsed Years ago it goes against the will of God and so the system itself like Alex Jones says he loves humanity and he just Loves everybody and just stupid stuff he Believes in humanity but there's just These one you know small group of evil People we all have gone we've all gone a Path of our egos and we've gone away From our souls our Soul's path and Alex Jones is a giant ego and he's you know I Mean all the it's fake and is's a Performance but still it's all that Stuff right he's a slity he's a he's an Actor and so you know he's appealing to People's lower senses and their their Desire not to change and he's not Telling them the truth and you know this Idea that somehow this system can be Fixed and these people can be taken out They can't eventually the Divine system Will take the system down and then we're All going to have to deal with what's Left after that right and that's not Going to be easy but that'll happen Inevitably we don't have to do anything You know you're not there's no winning Or losing here we're all a part of this Demonic Beast we're all 100% dependent On it or at least partially dependent on It and when it goes down we're all going

To suffer on the material Level but it Has to happen it's for what it's it's For the best Right just take more calls go ahead There's the next person yes we can't Give up now we have to keep going we Have to stay here we have to let them Shut us down we have to stand all the Way to the end and we're going to win Jones I think everybody needs a war cry Man can you can you muster a war cry It's a big Joke it is a big joke and they're going To be using it as a big joke you know All across mainstream media it's not Really though I mean it is but it isn't It's also Inspiring my voice will completely go This it's fine it's my resistance to Them it's a God's transmission it's a Human under attack A all right let's go to let's go to one More speaker let's go to myON myON what Is on your Mind Hey guys um myON games from the Fresh podcast here man I just had to Come in and show my support I've been There man demonetized and well long After we're gone just promote it we are With you just all we ask is we're with You just promote what we did long after We're gone like cave drawings people Make drawings they want to be seen by Their future cuz they love people beyond

Their family like I want to be known I Love humans I love humans I want to just I'm just here making cave drawings like I love you man I just want to help you You want to help me just so just Remember me that's all I'm Saying no well here's the thing Alex We're not going to remember you because You're going to keep going man because You started the he's not going to keep Going because you know um he has made it So anything that he does in the future Will still go to those families I don't Know how he he cut himself the worst Possible deal it's all fake all whatever But you know he cut himself the worst Possible deal he's going to give Everything that he has now liquidate all His assets and then he's going to owe Them whatever he makes in the future and So you know he can't exist I mean he Could do some kind of lone man podcast Type of thing or whatever he does I mean I don't know how it's going to go but he Sucks and I think people are kind of Over him and this thing with Trump in Him but they're making it sound like you Know it's I mean it's just it's a time For him to go like it just is he's doing Nothing but harm let's go to the last Part here there's two more things I want To show you let me just say this right Just because you share beliefs with Somebody doesn't mean they're being

Honest with you doesn't mean that they Actually believe what they're saying or They're the good person you know your Beliefs shared beliefs doesn't uh make Another person have a good character or You know help them be better person in Other aspects of their life and that's Something that truths have to understand That just because people share your Beliefs that doesn't make them Trustworthy or good or even helpful like He believes things that you believe you Say well he woke me up well yeah but as A shill he did that right I love you man I just want to help you you want to help Me just so just remember me that's all I'm Saying no well here's the thing Alex We're not going to remember you because You're going to keep going man because You started this and you're going to [ __ ] end this [ __ ] these people can't Stop you you've been fighting this fight For damn near since I was in diapers you Got to keep going man a lot of people Started this because of You I'm not going to quit these going to Take this from destroying Everything they're not going to take This from you you're Legend Alex I I Don't care about me it's that the fact They're coming the assault it's now the Enemy is coming you understand it's here This is it do you understand me it's not

About me the enemy is coming we're the Carrying the coal mine go ahead and Finish up I'm going to finish up the Fight was lost when our ancestors left Their tribes and farm and did Specialized Skills and lost all their ancestral Knowledge so that they were dependent on This system and became addict addicted To it right so much so that our kids now Are living in these vicarious Lives who In the internet and you know on the Cyber world and so that's when the fight Was lost years ago the fight was already Lost because people then didn't have a Backup plan like when they could when People had skills they could say F you To the system and just go live naturally Go back to their tribes go back to their Natural living and they had the ability To do that cuz they had done it before But now we're four generations five Generations removed from that and we Have no idea what it's like to live like That and don't want to like how many People want to give up their running Water and their and their climate Control houses and you know all these Things that you know the uh debt based Economic system and this evil system Demonic system provides for everyone so It was already lost so Alex Jones just You know he probably should know this as A I don't know like you who knows how

Far gone he's down the rabbit hole of His own performance right like people Start believing in their own performance And I don't even know with him right It's hard to say but there everyone Should know this that there's no fight Because it's already Lost no man I mean whatever you guys Need you guys need anything for fresh And fit man you tell me I'll can you Loan me 1.4 billion billion dollars hey Hitman hey Hitman you got $1.4 billion For me I'll tell you I'll tell you I'll Tell you Infowars is overrun supporting Infow Wars store it's done we're Overtaken maybe we fix it I'll tell you Day one it's happened it's gone they We're overrun enemies all over us my dad Said two years ago he's smarter than I Am he said you're going to be shut down I'm starting the thing drjones Naturals.com as our sponsor of the next Level we don't even need much money We've already got emergency stuff backed Up we're going to continue on no matter What happens here but I need anyone that Car about what we're doing I can't even Believe how epic this is like it's a No-brainer we have probably 5 million People watching right now less than 1% Will buy a goddamn tube of toothpaste or A a a a or incredible products we've got Go to drjones naturals.com I'm not Bitching I'm like you want a revolution

Man you want Victory you want fing war Against [ __ ] ter you fing got people That are ready to fight man I mean I'm Completely War driven against these People I KN my earpiece out I am Completely only 1% of my viewers are Willing to buy my products you want fing War you want to fight these this tanist You want to fight them these mfers you Want to fight them you got to buy my Products buy my M andf and products buy Those products I need those products Sold knocked out my freaking air piece I Hit my head so hard trying to sell my Products I mean fight tyranny the guy is The guy is hawking his crap and this Went on for a while he was trying to Sell sell his you know crappy Supplements all his BS all the while Um as they're closing the doors and now He's selling he's having his dad sell it For him so he can come and reboot Himself somebody come find my earpiece Put my hair I am completely War driven Okay I I literally love Humanity i f Love people I love everybody black People white people old people everybody I I I I literally just want to beat Tyrants I literally love Humanity thank You so I'm just saying it's so [ __ ] Simple drjones naturals.com go get these Products support us with my embattled Family my dad literally saw this Happening and said I'm doing this at 75

Years old and ran off and set this Company up so yes Dr Jones naturals.com Amazing products right now there I'm not Going to even plug it if you're not Going to support me I don't [ __ ] Care but I am in the trenches I hate Satanist I hate pedophiles I hate demic People I hate anti-h humans I am totally Fing committed to our species I am Totally fing committed against Satanist I have hate the new world order with Every ounce of my body I don't support These people and all I'm saying is will You support us in this fight dr.com and That's why I will release all the video I will release all the on these fuing People that [ __ ] think I'm going to Bow down to them and suck their [ __ ] Dick in fing happening they want a fing War they better believe they got one and I'm sorry for all the cussing folks but I am beyond [ __ ] level I'm beyond Mr [ __ ] nice guy it's that's all over now Total war total war is what they want Total War is what they get so first of All you lost I mean they're closing the Doors on your shop you're having your Dad set up a store for you they're Taking every that you own right like They' you they've dominated you more Like as a you know as a you know thing's A joke and he's a shill it's all you Know stage whatever right but they're Dominating you more they're taking all

Of your stuff they're taking your Precious Infowars you got to fire all Your staff they're taking everything They're going to sell everything in the Place every pencil everything you have Liquidate it and they're going to take It all because of a ridiculous $ 1.4 Billion doll settlement against you and So you've lost epically you're not Fighting a war like and you then he says He's got video and audio hasn't released Yet well why haven't you released them He's got secret video that you've been Withholding from your your St your stead Past followers I the whole thing's like Silly and you know you've lost and You've lost because you're a shill but You've also lost because it's their System it's a rigged system like if you Believe it's a rigged system you can't Do anything about it right it's a Rigg System we're going to beat it we're Going to beat the rig system it's like Gambling you're gambling the system's Rigged against you unless you get you Know you're going to win some of the Time but then they're going to take the Winnings and taxes right I mean the the The gambling tax is like 45% so let's Say you win a lot gambling then the Government takes half of it and so the Whole thing it's a rigged system so if You support what I'm doing drjones Naturals.com to support the tip of the

Spear and the fight for the human Destiny in the future of the world and I'm done talking about it and I Appreciate you all you guys can go on And take more calls I'm going to end This right now and I'm just I'm fing Done I'm Done we're I appreciate everybody you Guys close in comments go ahead well Every moment we have here at Infowars Shall not be taken for granted every Moment that we have is truly in the Final moments it's a good chance this is Our last show now if this is the final If this is the final one then I mean It's about as epic as you can do it's About uh the Last Dance stealing the Ball taking it down the court crossing Over your yeah they're they're closing Down your shop of course they didn't This was last Saturday and so it's been Over eight or nine days since you know They made this and so I think they're Still open they're still putting up Video right but you know the whole um It's just a Joke so there's one more piece to this There were a couple videos I came across He did interviews all these goofy people All the you know usual suspects margorie Taylor green and um uh Ted Nan and some Of these other people uh Michael stone Or whatever Stone and they all showed up To you know is like a a Jerry Lewis ton

To save Infowars but Alex Jones has said Over and over again that he's getting Messages from God and he's been chosen By God to do this Work it's not me it's God I've been Formed as a weapon literally for this Moment all this preparation was to do This it's Inc it's incredible fifth Generation Warfare Infowars that's what That is okay you are you are matching That evil with your ability to bring out The message and that's why you are one Of the number one targets for the enemy Just to wrap this up you know I work for God some of the time I mean I have Opened up this you know that I'm willing To be a conduit I'm willing to do some Of this work you know starting with the Sark system but you work at the pleasure Of the president you know you work at God's discretion you know but I would Never say what I do is the word of God Like God flows through me and I don't Know what's me and what's God right like That's the way it should be I mean you Know it should be ultimately eventually It's all God and that you you know you Surrender to God completely and and and Devote complete service to God and Everybody even people who don't Volunteer for it consciously have Moments where God comes through them and They act as a conduit even the worst People in the world have those moments

Where they have moments of Love moments Of you know compassion where their Higher nature comes through and so Everybody is a part of that like Everybody can do God can do God's work You only have to volunteer for it but Alex Jones egoo is monstrous and this Idea that he's fighting the you know These you've lost and you've lost and You've lost and you lost right like you Just keep on losing because it's going In the wrong direction you know like You're saying it's going in the wrong Direction then you're saying that you're The only guy that can help with this and That you're doing this work and you've Been formed into the tip of the spear But you're a disaster like you're Actually on their team you're helping Them of course he works for the Beast And he's a shill and all these things But it's just you Know you know it's embarrassing he's Kind of funny as a character good Character right I mean at times you know A little bit overwhelming it's funny he Does that demonic rant he's got some Qualities as a character in the show but He's hurt all of us and that's the Biggest thing like Trump has some good Qualities in the show right so does Biden and KLA Harris they have things You can laugh at they're entertaining Right in a laughing at them kind of way

But they all are doing damage to their P Perspective sides and they're Undermining The credibility of their Beliefs and the good people the good Liberals the good conservatives the good Christians the good atheists right Whatever it might be the people who are Reasonable people who are you know who Could be part of the solution are Undermined by these these Dopey Characters that they run out here to you Know create the distraction and try to Keep the system going a little bit Longer but ultimately there's one Solution the system collapses and it Happens on its own we don't have to do Anything it's in you know it's Collapsing now we all see it and then we Build something better by rising up to a Higher level and you know good luck with That Right only spiritual value will save This world it's Paro definitely poing From the apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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