Jada Finally admits she & Will have been lying about their Beard Marriage

Jada Finally admits she & Will have been lying about their Beard Marriage

Okay greetings brothers and sisters Um quite a mly crew here um like uh Al's Trying to look like he's a Nowh this Dude you can't believe they're talking About this Saban s Savannah Gusty looks Like a ghoul she looks like she's on Medication and Carson daily is looking Like Humpty Dumpty there um so this is Uh Jada Smith reveal you know I've been Covering this stuff with Palestine and Israel it's um good to take a break to Find something just completely funny and Light and so this happened and Everyone's going to be talking about That yeah she is one half everyone's Going to be talking about it of Hollywood's most powerful couple she's At the center of constant gossip wait a Minute they're Hollywood's most powerful Couple come on been controversy Including that slap of the Oscar she was Sitting right next to Will Smith and When we met up with the slap the slap's Going to come up here Jada in her Hometown of Baltimore to talk about her Candid new Memoir worthy she opened up About an issue Worthy is she Worthy is She worthy or does this mean that she is Worthy is it a question mark or is it an Exclamation point isue that has been Kept secret until Now there are so many surprising things In the book but the thing that surprised

Me the most that I actually had to Reread it because I said is this true is This true she if it wrote it in a book Called worthy it's got to be true was That in 2016 you and will decided that you were Going to live completely separate lives No way no way that happened it was yes Yes yes we did that yes watch this watch This yes this is convincing whisper yes Because I said is this true right was That in 16 you and will decided that you Were going to live completely separate Lives it was not a divorce yes yes yes Yes yes yes on paper but it was right Exactly right you're getting it you get The whole idea a divorce so from the Year 2016 which is 7 years ago now yes yall Yes yes yes have Been apart yeah yep actually did it here Seven years ago now yes y all have Been apart Yeah okay so they go into Will's and her Relationship some of these other things Here it comes back around and neither Let the public know they had already Split so I guess my question Is I feel like you're a straight talker I am she's a straight talker you've been Lying to us about your relationship She's basically admitting this is a Beard relationship because even before 2016 it was a joke there were rumors it

Never was really a good marriage who Knows like you know how contrived this Whole thing is but you've been lying to Us for since the for the past seven Years right you're a very public couple You had that show the whatever show she Had and now she's selling a book and you Have been faking that you're marriage For seven years right like so that's not Being a straight talker a straight Shooter except you're not sometimes yeah So why do that like what I'm a straight Shooter whenever except when I'm not the Reason I think just not being ready yet Still trying to figure she's not ready To be a straight shooter out between the Two of us yeah how to be in Partnership right like she's making it So pretentious and you you got a crappy Marriage he's a weird dude you're both Weird dude who is you know most likely At least bisexual and I'll I'll show you All the stuff about that in a moment and In regards to how do we present that to People you know you know how do you do That when you when you're in a Beed Marriage and it's a fake marriage and It's just keeping uh appearances up for The public and you date your son's Friend and becomes public and your Husband says a bunch of things that Would indicate that he is a person who's Uh attracted to men And and all these things and so that

Slap of Chris Rock meant nothing right We'll get more into that in a bit and we Hadn't figured that out during our had Figured it out walk in Baltimore Jada Reflected on their breakup why did the Relationship Fracture oh why it fractured that that's A lot of things cuz Will likes the big D And I think by the time we got to 2016 We were just exhausted with trying I Think we were both kind of still stuck In our fantasy of what we thought the Other person should be Jada says she Considered a legal divorce but could Never go through with it how why not I Made a promise that you made a promise There will never be a reason for us to Get a divorce we will work through Whatever and I just haven't been able to Break that promise you mean when you Were banging your son's friend in that Entangle bit right that that was keeping The promise like it's just so Ridiculous but you still live separately We live Separately yeah so it's divorc watch This guy this guy says something great So questions do I so Many I have so many questions but you Still live separately we live Separately I have so many questions do I I have so many questions I have so many Questions it was the strangest um it was A strangest kind of Revelation to

Realize that these two people have had Separate Lives I mean they had not Called each other husband it's not a Revelation we all saw it like it's not Something new this isn't new there's Been rumors about Will Smith being gay Started by a number of people in Hollywood and his behavior and I have a Whole compilation which I'll show at the End this video because you know kind of Confirms all these things but um uh Alexis arette you know part of that Arette family hammered them for having a Be beard marriage seeing his first Marriage was a beard marriage that um When he was servicing his sugar daddy Benny Medina is what the guy said Benny Medina is the real um fresh prince of Belair like the the show was based on His life and he's a gay man who got Mude for harassing or propositioning or Pressuring a an underage guy or Something like that right so there's a Whole thing there uh but we all know This I've been covering this for years And not because I made some Discovery Because this was an open secret in Hollywood for Years okay so to add to this Jada pinkin Smith Chris Rock asked me out during our Will Smith marriage troubles and so this Is what happened now she relays this Conver ation in this particular summer Chris he thought that we were getting a

Divorce so he called me and basically he Was like I'd love to take you out well Is this 2016 or later because you said You already divorced and you're living Separately and I was like what do you Mean he was like well aren't you get When will getting a divorce I was like No Chris those are just rumors he was Appalled and he profusely apologized and That was that of course here's the slap Here right the infamous slap and we now Know that they were not married it was Just an act or a show and so why would Will Smith you know this is back in 2017 he slapped him what in 2022 so that was six years and it was a Bad marriage before that and so why Would he slap Chris Rock if you know There was nothing there between him and His ex-wife basically he's sitting next To his ex-wife and he calls her his his Wife when it's been a sham since the Beginning you know I thought this thing Was all fake in the beginning the slap But certainly it makes no sense now like All these narratives start to fall apart See they perpetuated a fraud against Their fans like I mock them so you know They don't owe me anything right like I'm I'm crapping all over them and Calling them out on stuff but I covered Will Smith's YouTube channel and I Pointed out how she like hates him There's so many times you can see it in

The compilation a little bit in some of My other videos but they went on like a Family vacation they're hiking up to the Top of a mountain and she shows up late Like she really isn't a part of it like He does a lot of things with his kids And she isn't there so it seemed like They were already separated like of Course they were but you could kind of Tell already and he had this bogus YouTube channel he spent a lot of money On the videos going to exotic places you Know on his birthday he um HE bungee Jumped out of the through the Grand Canyon which nobody gets to do right Things like that like you can't get a Helicopter into the Grand Canyon cuz There's 20,000 people a day going to see The place right you know it's um you Just can't have people bungee jumping But they let him do it and he did all These things to break his fears like he Was talking about how he had all these Fears and he wanted to confront them but She wasn't really a part of it and like When she was she was making faces she Was giving the camera the finger and Like when Will Smith talks she grimaces All the time like she cring like she Hates him like she despises him and you Like it was bad and their marriage has Long been rumored to be a sham but they Carried out this fraud on all of their Fans people who were thinking they were

Together you know they did all these Things where they were pretending to Still be a couple and even did that on The red table talk like they were still Pretending like well we were separated But we were not you know getting along We had sort of an open marriage which Was long rumored everyone in Hollywood Knew and they and there are all these Suspicions that they were both bisexual And you know will actually had a Long-term relationship with his best Friend and they were in a you know a Male relationship a a gay relationship So all these things like it was well Known right Kevin Klein you know you'll See this at the end Kevin Klein Documents Will Smith making out with his Pal whatever his name is get think of it Off hand but it just was you know it was Well known even in the book because of The thing that drama that happened with Chris Rock and Chris Rock destroying Them in that uh you know the end of his Netflix comedy routines it was brutal Right and she says that Chris Rock hit On her and she says well no we're still Married and he apologized but Chris Rock Probably knew about Rel Will's Relationship with his pal and and this August aena thing and you know people Knew like people in Hollywood knew they Knew they were living separately this Was something you know there's all these

Secrets in Hollywood that that people Don't talk about publicly but they all Know something's up right and he knew And you know for her to try to you know Make it well he was like you know that's Why well slapped him cuz he hit you no Come on right like you the whole thing Is a fraud you you defrauded the public You carried on this sham marriage Forever you're liars and you're not like Likable people they're so pretentious And you everything about them is like a Fraud and a failure and deceptive and They're not really even good at what They do Will Will Smith's like a Mediocre actor who's fastest Prime the Music that the family produces their Daughter sings like a freaking Banshee Jada Smith is stiff when she acts she Was horrible in The Matrix movies and Whatever else she's done I mean there's No there's nothing there there very Little talent and they they're just this Parasitic type family their son it's Fake rap Career so much of it you know I've Talked about all the things they've had To do you know Will Smith had to put a Long dress on had to dress up and uh and Do a belly dance and I think I covered This you know I made a long compilation So I'll stick the compilation at the end Of this video of all the times that Will Smith has you know done things I mean

It's long it's like an hour long thing I Don't know everything that's in it but It's comprehensive because I've covered In multiple videos and maybe they he can Finally come out they admit the truth But it's a little bit late right because All these other things are now a joke Like all these things the slap the you Know the you know all the stuff they Perpetrated Is a joke right Jaden Smith brought um August asena over to his house and his Mom started a two-year relationship with Him I mean his son her her son's friend Like it's weird stuff right like it's Not you know this isn't this is Elite Level sort of morality right this isn't Stuff that average people would think is Okay and would participate in and on top Of it they suck they produced a lot of Bad content right anyways here's the Long compilation of all the things that Will's done in the past to indicate that He is lying about his sexuality Thoroughly Probed got in there and got to the real Stuff Alex probed me sex like once You've had sex you know you you you walk Different it's in your Back only a man knows what a man needs [Music] You ever made love to a man no you want To no sir definitely don't look nerdy You got you got some sexy Vibes going

It's not nerdy and from that point I Never put profanity in my rap music oh What a lovely story that is Sweet greetings brothers and sisters so There are things that I have an expert At that I really um you know I don't Want say embarrassed to be an expert About it but I'm certainly not digging It right because um it has really no Value and that's certainly to do with Anything to do with the celebrity Culture so I've covered celebrities in a Variety of different ways like I've made Different types of videos and about the Hollywood culture and there is value to It in that you know people are train Their whole life to believe that being Rich and famous is the ultimate goal Right being rich and then being famous On top of it that's the dream that's the Epitome of the American dream and I Guess one great thing about the American System is somebody who grows up or is Born poor can become a billionaire and Certainly a millionaire and famous and Successful in other countries that Doesn't exist right and so there's a Reward for merit and work in America and Again there's still nepotism I'm not Saying it's you know 100% good but it's Better than other places and so you know There's this idea that everyone can Become rich and famous and there's these Stupid ideas out there that you know

Never give up on your dreams or you know You can do anything or be anything you Want and that isn't true right you can You know if you have the right kind of Talent be successful and you can be Successful materially in America if you Work hard and you have whatever Abilities you use your abilities that You have but not everyone's going to be Rich and famous and those that do are Almost 100% of the time miserable and Horrible people right they're entitled And they suck on every level and so That's one of the things I document here And then I contrast that with you know Connecting to God inside and having a Spiritual life where you make your focus About your soul and your Soul's path Which is much more rewarding and you're A much more happier person even though You don't have you know the bells and Whistles and the toys maybe you do maybe You you also can be successful a Financial way maybe even famous but if You are your that isn't your main goal And you're not like one of these Madam Expiration date Madonna or Will Smith Right and so I started covering Will Smith in 2015 I believe I was just Starting to make celebrity videos and so Will Smith popped up on my radar what Happened was I made made a a video about Tom Hanks and he was um you know he had This nice guy brand a nice guy moniker

Right he was considered one of the good Guys well-liked one of the most popular Celebrities and I could see that was Just you know BS right like you know it Wasn't true and he made this really Disturbing video with Jimmy Kimmel where He um you know had these Toddlers and Tiaras and this stuff right and so he Was just not a good person I don't know When you know I mean I don't know the Sequential order of this but then I Realized there were a couple of other People Will Smith and Ellen who also got The good guy you know the nice person The be kind lady in Ellen's case right They got this brand and not everyone in Hollywood got this brand right most Hollywood people were considered Screw-ups or they had some I mean some Were like worse like Kanye who were Always screwing up right there's some You know you know athletes like this They're always in trouble they're always Getting bad press right they get the Sort of villain or the the screw up you Know the clown brand I mean there's Various Brands and you know monikers That these celebrities are saddled with But only a few of them get this good guy Everybody trusts you and they were the Best to sell something to you and shill For the Beast because people trusted Them and so when I started to look into Will Smith I realized everything about

The guy was alive He was a complete sham that people in Hollywood and the gay community were Saying that he was gay and his marriage Was a sham beard beard marriage right And so I covered him you know for a few Videos in 2014 when I first started Making celebrity videos and like I said You know I don't care about this I never Really liked making celebrity videos you Know I mean I don't you know I like Making them but I don't care about the Celebrity culture and so if I'm not Making videos about about Will Smith I Have all this information useless Information that's taking up space in my Memory and you know whatever and so Every once in a while it comes back Around again so I've covered Will Smith And Will Smith is also like Madonna in That he's desperate to stay relevant Right Madam expiration Date and so with that he has the good Guy moniker but he also has the he so Desperately wants to stay you know Retain his his once iconic role Where he was the top of the celebrity Pyramid and you know just like Madonna He can't and so there's a desperation With him and his fakeness right and so Let's start off with this idea that Will Smith is either gay or bisexual and Their marriage is a sham now when I First started covering this there wasn't

As much information out there right it Wasn't out that she had an affair with One of her son's friends right you know Like I mean that happened and then there Wasn't as much Revelation certainly the Slap hadn't happened and so this goes Way back to 2014 and then I've made many Videos since and I end up repeating the Same things and you know reading the Same articles and talking about you know Like um Alexis Arquette I mean just all The same stuff and Benny Medina I say it Over and over again because you know it Just is one of those things so I've put Together a compilation here of other Videos that I've spent some time on and This is just the idea that Will Smith is Not you know being honest about his Sexual orientation and there's um you Know the beginning of understanding Their fraudulent marriage which is the Centerpiece to this whole tale so let's Get into that here thoroughly Probed got in there and got to the real Stuff Alex probed me sex like once You've had sex you know you you you walk Different it's in your Back only a man knows what a man [Music] Needs you ever made love to a man no you Want to no sir you definitely don't look Nerdy you got you got some sexy Vibes Going it's not nerdy and from that point I never put profanity in my rap music oh

What a lovely story that is Sweet so this is what they Found this guy's saying this is what They found in his Colon thank you Sir he's like the Martin scorey of my Ass then this happens you can get Dressed I'm going to step on the other Side of the curtain just let me know When you're done okay Ben can you get me Dress basically like a regular Wednesday Can you help me with These I'm going ask Jazz but he has to Use the camera yeah my hands are so Full what's up girl know where's Ben He's supposed to be my Protector watch Step it worries me cuz you just got out Of the Toilet I didn't hear the faucet On subconsciously of course I mean I'm Like I want to look good for the doctor To put a camera up my ass don't say anus So you let you let some man put Something up my anus while I was sleep So basically all right so one of my Viewers um let's go back a little bit Here so one of my viewers on Facebook Sent me This man okay good and then we've got Can you some words up there okay you all Set oh Oh so we'll just grab this um Graham Norton is that his name Graham something

And he has a I think he's Irish or Scottish or something he's got a a you Know a celebrity talk show in the UK in Fact I think in this very same episode There is um something else I'm going to Play the compilation later and that Comes from this show you'll see that in The Compilation but um you know will Smith Let's go back here so um he is behind You oh man so he start this guy reaches Down to bend over and will is eyeing his Buttocks and he decides Well and then we' got can you some words Up there okay you all say I'm going to Do that he decides to do that back there Big giant cursor NOS colossal Cursor and then they have a good laugh And so when I first posted this I didn't Watch the end of it but then Helen mirin Gets in on the [Applause] ACT and she stands in front of him and Will Smith puts his hands up in the air Right puts up his [Applause] Hand because he wants no part of that Graham whatever his name is Norton is That it you know but Helen Mir and he's Not into it all and so I'm back to Narrating here and and um then there's The weird Aladdin stuff right and this Was referenced in various people Critique of

His you know his performance as Aladdin feel like a [Music] Hug all right sounds like some someone Already Did and that fake Laugh All Righty now that will be edited on Show no it Won't oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you Know I love him Ellen I [Laughter] Love trying to make out with his teenage Son I know Ellen aing him on no you know It's it's Um I think we I mean you know when you Have kids and you you love them and You're proud of them you just want to Kiss them in their mouth Sometimes this one's going to be Easy ooh look at her Handmade and she's going to get some Punch feeling a little thirsty myself no No no no no you can't leave me they'll See right through me no they won't all You have to do is walk over there speak I also have to speak okay listen to me I Live in a lamp this is a party do not Mess this up for me Mr man what's your Name whatever what y Pleasure that's fantastic so do you Think your parents are cool or do they Sometimes embarrass you

Jaden my parents embarrass me all the Time classic Will Smith laugh Right they do I didn't not expect that Answer when I'm at school sometimes my Dad will just pull his pants down Hey can oh my God problem bu so um you know will SLA That dude too that dude Kiss Will on his Mouth there something the guy does he's Some reporter in Europe some you know Gossip reporter and will slapped him cuz He didn't like being being kissed on the Mouth the same way he kisses his sons on The mouth which was interesting and then I have a long compilation here of you Know things that I've read before stuff From Alexis arcad and stuff about Benny Medina so let's watch that even now he's Trying to get real and he's still fake Like he doesn't know how not to be fake But mentally I was somewhere else I'm Done and I ended up discovering a whole Lot of hidden things about myself okay So are you finally coming out as gay Because the biggest thing about Will Smith and it's been you know rumored by Hollywood this is something that I Didn't figure out like Hollywood had Been talking about this for Years Arquette was from the famous Arquette family there's like five of Them and they're all like Celebrities um and it says Alexis arette Drops Will Smith gay

Bombshell this is from Pink news transa Brands Will and Jada pinket Smith gay Hypocrites following Oscar boycott and So um Jada pink and Smith boycott the Oscars because will wasn't nominated or Something remember that and Alexis Arquette said this when Jada comes out As gay and her beard husband admits his First marriage ended when she walked in On him servicing his sugar daddy Benny Medina then I will listen to them and Then said she's been his first wife paid Off in Silent will threw a fit on the set of Six Degrees of Separation when he was Required by the scene to kiss Anthony WRA Anthony WAP later would Accuse um Kevin spacy of abusing him in Some way so that's all tied together he Persuaded the director to shoot the back Of his head in the frame blocking the Non-existent lip lock entirely him gays Have enemies they lurk inside gilded Closet closets outing is healthy you are Either with or against us you decide Today so then um Alexis arat was clearly Upset by The Smiths playing this role of The perfect couple and you know will Pretending to be cisgender whatever they They call it right and wasn't having any Of it and then Alexis Arquette ends up dying right shortly Thereafter which seems suspicious given What happened here for like almost like

A punishment for outing Will Smith so Will Smith this is Benny Medina right And Betty Medina was the the real fresh Parents of Belir and Salvage Will Smith's career Here's Benny Medina with his hand inside Will Smith shirt and so Benny Medina had This idea for a TV show and it was about His life because he had some sort of Fresh Prince of belir type of situation And he got Will Smith a star in it right Will Smith was an actor he didn't want To do it or whatever and so Alexis Arette said that um Will Smith was Servicing Benny Medina because of you Know whatever was going on there so that Was the first accusation so like I was Saying before I've covered this subject Will Smith not just this so many Different celebrities so many different I mean just you know things that stories Disappear and they have no use but I've Covered this before and then it comes Back around again there's been three Times I think I've made a chunk of Videos like three four five videos in uh You know within like a six month period Or a week you know a couple weeks period Because something happens with that Celebrity and then I already know all These things and so now I'll have it all Together all this will stuff Will Smith Stuff will be in one video and it'll I Can slap it on the end of a video if

Something again you know when they Cancel them or Whatever it'll just be there and people Haven't seen it we'll get to see it then And otherwise it'll be you know Something I can reference from or clip You know take Clips out of or whatever Um but anyways there's another segment On Benny Medina here Will Smith talks About Benny Medina himself and so let's Watch this here so the problem with this Is this is Benny Medina and covered this Before I've covered the quote that um Came From came from Alexis arette I've read The quote where Alexis sarette talked About how Will Smith's first wife walked In on him he was servicing Benny Medina Here they are together here they are Here Benny Medina has his hand and Will Sh's Will Smith's coat and there they Are right doing a little bit of Piggyback ride you know all gangster Stuff I mean look at the gangster this Is some gangster hand touching here hand Touching here hand touching you know Will Smith wants to portray himself as Some tough guy from Philly right that's His you know what he's built his brand On but Benny Medina the guy who was the Real life fresh prince of ba air so he's The guy who pitched his life Story me and Jeff had come out with our Smash Hit parents just don't understand

We made a so this is from Will Smith's YouTube channel parents just don't Understand we made a bunch of money we Want a Grammy album was triple platinum I had motorcycles and cars I called the Gucci store in Atlanta and I was like Hey will y'all close it down if I bring My friends and I'm he had a lot of money From that wonderful song Smiling but That's stupid we released our next album And it was like a Flop it flopped What the eyes of of something being Worse that parents just don't Understand how bad was the second Album it was a tragedy it went like Double Plastic I had spent most of my money Like all of I spent all my money so he Was broke and I didn't Forget but I didn't pay the IRS in my Mind I'm I wasn't like trying to avoid Paying taxes I was just like oh damn They need their Money that's the real gangster part Right this is how he became the fresh Prince of Belair the IRS took all took All of that stuff so I was like broke Broke broke being famous and broke is a Shitty combination he just swore he's Just potty potty Mouth you still Fame And people recognize you but they Recognize you while you sitting next to

Them on the bus and the stuff they ask You to sign on a bus you know like oh Can you sign my baby that's a Sharpie Don't sign anybody's baby will I Probably shouldn't just right on the Baby with that oh you too big to sign my Baby well no I mean you know so I signed It he signed a Baby you know he likes to keep his fans Happy so I was like laying around and my Girlfriend was like dude we're not doing This like you're not just going to be Laying around this house all day wow He's he's really good doing voices you Going to go do something I was like what What I'm supposed to do go where people Is is doing it where people doing it go To the Areno Hall Show just go stand Around at the Arenal Hall Show yes That's Stupid boom this girlfriend in quotes Air quotes so I went to the Arenal Hall Show and I met a dude named Benny Medina So this is Benny Medina Benny Medina is The real life Fresh Prince of Bel Air Except he actually went from watts to Beverly Hills all right so like this is Where they switch the story up right Same basic concept way shorter distance I meet Benny and he pitches me the idea For this show and I'm like you know I'm Not an actor I'm like cool and he says Hey you know I want you to meet Quincy Jones Quincy Jones is producing with me

Quincy Jones so Benny walks me in and Introduced me to Quincy Hey Q what's up Man he's said hey man wait is that Q he Met Q hey QB Will Smith know wear Q so it Goes out tells everybody come on come on Come on and I was like Hey Q hold up man Hold up hold up Q yes give me 10 minutes I said yes and I let it rip I let it rip Is probably the best description of will For will SMI Acting Performance on the French Fresh Prince Of Bel a and I got to the end and Everybody's clapping all right so we've Established that Benny Medina this guy Who's getting handsy with Will Smith is The original Fresh Prince of Bel Air Right he's the real life this is who the Story is based on there was no fresh Prins he had he had this life-changing Event where he went from Watt In California not a great um you know Neighborhood and then went to the you Know the rich neighborhood of belir and Then he came up with an idea for a show Brought it to Quincy Jones and they cast Will Smith in the part and so Benny Medina was also someone in 2004 who was um he uh he I guess he was Music Manager of jenther Lopez and he Was um accused of a sexual assault on a I believe a young man like a 15-year-old Kid or something like this right in

November actor Jason doley alleged that Medina tried to R him in 2008 so I don't Know if he was an adult or not um but There was this you know this sexual Assault Allegations and Benny Medina is a gay Man and so the Character the concept of the fresh Prince of Bair is about a gay man who Went to live with his uncle and belir Will Smith of course he has had many Rumors from people in Hollywood that He's at least Bisexual so there's been a development It's now like two or three days since I Completed this um Compilation and I um made it public Yesterday on YouTube and that very same Day two of my viewers uh sent something To me one was a comment about how Will Smith had mocked gay people on the Areno Hall Show and then did a fake apology I'll show you that clip coming up and Then another one of my viewers sent me a Um uh like a interview with Benny bina's Sister and she talks about Will Smith That she believes in her gut that he's Gay this is years and years ago And then this clip resurfaced from Jada And um Will Smith this sort of a segue Because I'm going to get into the jadaa Stuff in just a bit it's an exchange Where Will Smith says he wants to own His social media presence and he's being

Kind of a a douche to her and just it Kind of It kind of um you know captures Their relationship and then there's Going to be a third clip or for a fourth Clip that I'm gonna put in here it's Something I forgot so you know I got This thing done I put it up on the Internets on my YouTube channel and then Already there's more stuff right but I Forgot to include something where Will Smith um says over and over in a rap Song that you know he stole his kids um You know he he um you know Jaden had This hit rap song called icon and Will Smith you know because he has to be the Center of everything muscled in on it And then he has a line where he talks About how he needed tequila to uh Procreate to have a baby with Jada right And I you know joke that the Tequila's Viagra but also um well you'll see that Coming up and he say he tells a story at Jaden's uh birthday party and it's just So he's just so weird right so um Inauthentic so let me show the three Clips from my video I made yesterday and Then I'll add the tequila thing after That is coming to the table she's going To be at the red table would you say she Has been instrumental in you and I Redefining our Relationship I would say Don't just Start filming me without asking me oh my Goodness if you could film me a stare

Come help us again please I'm still Dealing with foolishness don't n no she Yeah see Um you know I can understand not wanting To be filmed if you're not ready for it Like that's a you know natural response But he has his so whole social media Uh his YouTube channel more than Anything else that he's done and he Films his family all the time and then Controls the edits controls the Narratives right he's a control freak Right and he is controlling you know his Social media and then when his wife Turns the tables because she's a part of Um some of his videos on YouTube the Family's a big part of it and it's you Know he wants certain narratives about His family that are fake he's already Come out later And talked about how he's a you know Carefully created brand right you talked About that you know kind of admitting it But then not really owning it right and So you know this is him this controlling And uh unfair person right because he Expects something different you know Different treatment for himself than he Gives to his family right she don't just Would you say that she helped us heal The hurts that we cause between one my Social media presence is my bread and Butter okay so you can't just use me for Social media and not you know don't just

Start rooll I'm standing in my House and so um that's what he's done With his whole family and then all the Other people in his life right using Them all so he can create the narrative That he wants about himself right and You Know and how controlling he is and this Is their relationship of course she Wants to do the same thing she has the Whole red table talk thing which she you Know didn't appear on forever but then It became really successful and got a Lot of views so he shows up and it's a Whole thing right and you know they're Both controlling and narcissistic and All of it you know they're fake brands And pretending to be something that They're not don't just start Rolling please watch us stare at the red Table because she's helped us a lot Can't you tell what are the Alternatives Of and so Um this is The person right but their marriage Sucks Wars everybody thinks that as soon As you find out there's an affair you Got to get a divorce I am not of that Persuasion because I think that there Are many relational betrayals yeah Contempt and neglect and violence and Indifference and nobody tells people Get the hell out get the hell out and Especi and so um she's talking about

That because of what later happened you Know on women it's the real new pressure God forbid you still would love the Person who actually you know cheated on You maybe that person is a lot of things And cheated on you see that's real talk Because like the shame of that's real Talk stay you know now that you can go You got to get out right I so relate to That because you know I'm asked a lot About cuz you were banging one of your Sons friends and Will was banging his Budd yeah you do you do relate to that Jada is there infidelity in your Relationship with Will and it's like no But there have been other betrayals of The heart that have been far bigger than I could even think in regards to an Infidelity situation of course she's Lying here because you know I mean it Wasn't infidelity because they were open In their marriage right and so it would Be infidelity if if they had a real Marriage it just shows you how fake they Are I have this whole thing like I said I've made a compilation and um I'll get To that later but you know this is a Good example of how fake they are They're just like this creation and when You see what they really are like and Most people I you know I guess can't at Least they're fans it's like oh why are These people famous why are people Watching them they're just miserable

Horrible narcissistic people that name Their kids after themselves right so one Of my viewers left a comment about some Things that um Will Smith said on Areno Hall about stuff that needs to Now find Its way into my compilation I'm going to Have to add this to the compilation I Put up today um this first of all he Does this thing where he imitates Michael Jackson you can say anything you want Man because you large I could Oh like Michael Jackson right can I [Applause] Say that [Music] Sucked so then there was this there There's no real body frame you know I Like I like my women you know a little a Little thick thick yeah that's good oh You must have be my women Man no but but Jade ain't Thick so what the person left to comment Though was that Will Smith and our in Ouro Hall used to mock gay people and Act gay right given how everything has Changed and just you know what recently Will Smith the whole slap the bacle and Everything we know about their Fraudulent Marriage and you know they doing in a Way that would cancel them now right What what they're doing back then would Cancel them now and you know I mean Will

Smith and some of these guys have Avoided all this stuff Will Smith is Already the the process of being Cancelled and he referenced it and he Apologized for it I'll show you that Clip in a moment um but he had done it On some previous episodes he seems to be Doing it here this is Jazzy Jeff his Partner passing of the torch bringing The sound of Philadelphia from the 70s Into the '90s oh my man I like you like You said passing of the torch passing it Made it sound good like like not like he Was burning you but it was just you Grabbed it I'm I'm going go back to my Brother Something funny if I'm be taking all That time on TV [Laughter] Right yeah that was strange the other Thing is arcenio Hall tries to get Jazzy Jeff involved and asks him some Questions like he's not the big star but He's trying to include him and Will Smith constantly is answering for him And cutting him off right like you know Like Will Smith's got to give her every Minute of attention here and so it's Just I mean we know that that from Everything else we've seen it from Will Smith he's always got to be the center Of attention that some people don't Understand like like you and I were like Playing characters we always do that

Sometimes you know play play B boys and Then one time we was playing these two Gay guys just foing around here messing Around you know doing and we were Apologizing to each other for things That we had done to each other just Playing we we were just playing right And they were just playing Right you know I watched a number of These videos someone left a comment and Said that this happened now I couldn't Find the original video where they were Doing this um but here he's going to do It again a second Will Smith is um but This was stuff that would get you Cancelled but the show was so bad Will Smith's a horrible guest and I forgot About how bad the arcenio Hall Show Sucked and then I start getting all These mail from the gay activists and Stuff like that they they was telling me You know you always talking about gay People and you know all and I was like It's just a joke you know and I I just Want to apologize to any of those any of The gays that were offended you Know and so here it comes um but you Know we now know that the gay community And the Hollywood Community have long Since believed that Will Smith is Closeted right and there's been all the You know I've covered this in my Compilation video I'll add this to it as Well um but if you think about that

Right and you know how he's being Here cuz I I was just joking really from The bottom of my heart I want to say I'm [Applause] Sorry see that would get you cancelled Today now he's already because of the Chris Rock thing you know which I Believe to be fake but he's on the verge Of being cancelled already and he's you Know kind of being cancelled and this Thing if you're going back into people's Paths and digging up old tweets and Interviews and right here Will Smith is Um clearly doing something that should Be he should be canceled For and there's all this evidence Supporting that he's covering up his own Sexual orientation so it's just you know Bizarre [Applause] Right but you know so literally as soon As I found that so I read a comment I Found that thing I just showed you of Will Smith mocking gay people and all That implies right there's so much to Impact there and right after I was done With that I checked my instag someone Sent me a message with a link to this Video so um the woman's Benny bina's Sister and she's dying from cancer and This is her son and Benny Medina who was The real Fresh Prince of bell there Right this the show was based in you Know the show was based in his life and

Alexis arat of course accused Will Smith Of being uh servicing his sugar daddy Benny Medina I showed you all the Pictures right that's all you know been Documented and I guess that Benny Medina Was in instrumental in helping Puff Daddy as well and so um This Woman's Going the interviewer is going to ask Her about the rumors about Will Smith Being gay what do you guys say to the Rumors that Will Smith may have a Questionable Sexuality I agree you don't know but you Agree I'm not sure but I will tell you This I have a good feeling in my gut Don't Lie that he is Gay that J ping is Bisexual that all that situation was Just for the people that his heart was Never in into being with a female okay So I got a bunch more stuff to get to Here I'm going to add this um first and Then a few more articles and things to Get to another video Will Smith is an Absolute mess and you could see how Insecure he was on the in ouro Hall Show He's fake he's acting he's you know Postering he's posing he always does This you know him snapping at his wife And saying he wants to control his image Because in a world of Internet branding like this is something Everybody does now on instagr and

Facebook people want to present Themselves in a certain way right and You know you have a work self and you Have a you know a social self and you Know you're one way with some friends And other way with other friends and you Know people are showing so many Different faces to so many different People it's like when it all comes Together and then somehow you're defined By some small you know incident or thing That you did you know like in this case A slap or you know you screw up on the Internet and somebody tapes it and puts It up there or you have some moment Where everybody you know thinks about You in some you know like crying at a a Rainbow type of a way right where all of A sudden you you're defined to the world In this um you know way that's totally Unacceptable right everyone's trying to Control their Narrative of course Corporations do this politicians I mean It's just everybody It's just a world of lies and spin and Hype and all these things and when You're inside and you're outside don't Match up this is one of the great things Teachings of the heartfulness system is To be what you are on the outside what You are in the inside because when you Start faking things and pretending to be Something on the outside that you're not In the inside and you keep on you know

Presenting this um this mask this Persona this false face and you know Multiple faces and then you start to Fragment on the inside right because you Know you're playing all these parts and You know faking all this stuff and Eventually it just falls apart and Will Smith you can see the guy I mean like He's just got so much deception going on I mean a world of deception like I said In the Hollywood um the town where Deception and being fake is the norm Will Smith is the Right damn so even when he's sort of Having a relevator moment he sucks right Like everything about him sucks and Everything about him is fake like he's So you know he's not a like a real Creation like he just like you know like All these actors and Hollywood people They're always morphing themselves to Pretend to be something else like that Character he played when he was on Arcenio they're just fakers all they do Is ever is fake and try to be something That they're not right externally and Then they don't develop anything Internally so even when he's you know Having this moment this you know this Moment here in this trailer to promote Another crappy you know internet show That he's on he's fake right and on top Of that he's got sort of a dominant Personality like he appears to be funny

And you know like uh easygoing and all These things but there's been weird Stuff for years like he really likes to Make out with his sons multiple times You can see he kissed his sons his sons On the mouth something his teenage son Was running away from we'll show The Ellen clip this is his other son from His first marriage and he's forcing the Kid kid's squirming doesn't want to be With him doesn't want him to kiss him But he he does it anyway right he's Constantly doing that he likes to kiss His kids on the mouth he talks about it And you know various places including Here and I understand that you purposely Try to embarrass Jaden as much as Possible when you're there I I wouldn't See does it I mean maybe look and not That it's a way of controlling and being Dominant it's like he's mounting you Know he's he's very much got to be the Dominant you see this when he had a Birthday party on his YouTube channel Always has to be the center of attention Watch Jada's face when Will's having his Birthday party or maybe it's maybe it's Somebody else's birthday party but Either way I think it was his daughter Willow's birthday party so here he is um It was Jaden's birthday party he also Celebrated um Willows and you know other His like they was just his was bigger Than the rest right um but this is his

YouTube channel and 80% of this thing is Him and him talking right and so um you Know I was covering his YouTube channel Quite a bit when it first came out Because they promoted the crap out of it And you know like you didn't have an you Weren't you weren't pushed out by Popular media but you had to invade um Social media like it goes against Everything that to me what's great about YouTube and social media is that you Know celebrities are you know they have Their place and CNN has its place but Then they realize they had to get you Know into it as well right and he did it In Will Smith typical Will Smith fashion But here he is drunk but he's always Really loud right he's always yelling And you know and sort of it appears to Be a joov jovial mood and so it's Disarming but it's you know crazy right This is somebody who has to always be The center of attention and whenever you See him he's always you know he's the Center like he's always got to make Himself the center of attention This is a really important story no it's Like having Christmas and not telling The story of the Nativity that's what I'm that was Jada Staring at him like you know he he wants To talk about the Conception look at her you know he um he Has a verse on on Jaden's icon Jaden had

A h hit rap song called icon and will Had to sponge in on it like he couldn't Let his son just have his own moment Right so he wrote a and he talked about Conceiving the children and he said Tequila like he needed tequila and I'm Like I think you mean Viagra like you Know that to to conceive children with His wife he needed tequila Like so this is Will Smith's video it Says I could not resist this track is Ridiculous congratulations Jaden so Jaden had his own hit rap song You Know Imagine Any other celebrity you know or any kid And they have some success and their Parent who has success in the same thing Has to show up and you know make Themselves a center of attention right Like this sums up Will Smith in every Possible Way you was born from an icon living That's the you know the sort of the the Hook on his song married icon he messed Around and married him an icon living And then what Happened Children tequila and then we made some Icon children this is his son from a Previous marriage but he still makes out With this guy too you know this happens We all know this dude and Jaden he's got Some kind of weird Jesus thing going on But will is basically saying he couldn't

Have banged his wife without tequila or Viagra whatever you know whatever Tequila is a code word for Right you know artificial insemination You that's what I'm going to do next Year I'mma make the little house with The scene about J this going to be like a little Villa It'll be a villa it's like in Mexico there's Jose qu You know they've told that story a Number of times like he's proud of it Talks about it all the time right you Know and so um hey son you weren't Conceived in love you know I had to be Drunk to bang your mom but over the Place Willow you can't cut are you going To cut Jaden's cake I wasn't going to Cut It to cut it you new fangle kids break All the birthday rules man come on we're Going to have our first drink together What are we going to Drink woo he's got an alcohol Problem about to drink together all Right so I'll tell you something my Father told me on my 21st birthday okay Never break two Laws at one Time what is going on cuz you increase Your chances exponentially of getting Caught for both totally Reach for the Stars that's deep wisdom right it really Is so only break one law at a time yeah

Fact again like you know this is him and Like will has to be the center of the Whole thing right okay like wait come Jada Jada come On and he grass he's got she's pitching Her red table talk gear it's cold nobody Told you to wear Flipflops put some Yes sending the boy out in the world as A she's like just shut up she's cold can We freaking cut his cake do you got to You got to do another you got to suck up More attention right like you haven't Had enough attention as a fake you know Horrible rapper and a a bad actor you Got to suck up more energy right man but Yeah man I I'm just I'm I'm really proud Of you um okay so you know but this Whole thing if you go through the Beginning there there he is there he is Is here talking to Jaden you know here It's all him right it's Jaden's birthday Thing some kind of thing he's doing here He is over here I'm just flipping Through it here he is again there's some Kind of present he's here he is he's Just here all everywhere he's yelling at These guys to come Over there they are chilling the young People are chilling over here and Will's Like hey I'm not the center of Attention [Music] It's cold out

Here Y Jaden yo come be 21 Man yo so you know everything's about Like centers around will and his you Know like he's constantly needs Attention he's always loud you know they Loud and the laughter and the fake Laughter and you know his like Insecurities like like they dominate his Interactions right like he's just louder Than anybody else and whatever is going On he's just you know controlling and Sucky and he's you know Will Smith so This is um from the red table talk and I Saw this I saw this you know um years Ago and I should have remembered I don't Want to say should but I usually Remember stuff like this because um Will Smith was on the red table a couple of Times and the first time it had been Like Years um since she started it and all Her family members had been on the show Right except for Will and um she was now Very successful she was getting lots of Views and so he shows up and they're Talking about this is before the August Deena thing and will talks about 90% of The time which is hard to believe given These three Women on the on the red table but he Dominates like he always does center of Attention and he does all the talking

And so you know there's this moment Where Jada is saying that she knew she Got pregnant immediately after having Relations with will you know the this Goes with the whole tequila thing you Know I'm going to add this to the Compilation so you might be hearing this In the compilation because it goes with The whole tequila thing um but they went Down to some place in Mexico I believe They were on vacation and they had Tequila and Will Smith was able to Perform his boyfriend L like duties and Jada immediately knew she was pregnant And started to Cry I was Like I was like babe I I think Scientifically you're not pregnant so She says she's pregnant and Will Smith Immediately tells her she's wrong and She turned out to be right Um I cried that whole night damn she Cried all night because she was pregn All I was like that she was going to be Tied to me for the next 18 years at Least she like hates him like you know And he has um very like hurtful Expressions like you know um see the Thing about Will Smith is he talks so Much and he's so up all the time It's a way to cover up you know when People don't have the ability to be Silent and be calm and go inward because They're avoiding something that's inside

Of them right this guy's the epitome of That right maybe he was abused maybe There's whatever it is there's things Inside of him he doesn't want to Confront and you know it's like uh People Fill Their Lives their waking Hours with so much stuff because they Don't have to they don't have you know They don't want to they're distracting Themselves from facing something some Demon inside of them Right my life is be the same never going To be the same yeah damn I thought it Was Funny of course you think it funny they All hate him right Willow hates him so Much she rolled out her demon Eyes they just all Hate I was like what am I going to do Now yeah I really didn't want want to Get married but we only got married Because gamy was crying yeah and how did That work out for you right you Shouldn't listen to G's Tears the lesson to be learned here Children is don't listen to G's tears Gamy you know she's not on the right Side of things Because this beard M marriage didn't Work out because of Gabby's tears well It was almost as if Gabby was like you Have to get married so let's talk about The wedding look look at these Expressions G's like don't bid this [ __ ]

On Me don't play Me don't play me for this demon Marriage it was almost like that and Like she completely just was like that's Not a reality where you're not marri I Was under so much pressure you know Being a young actress being young and I Was just like pregnant I just I was just Like I didn't know what to do but I just Knew I was like I never never wanted to Be married you know this whole family I Mean the whole thing is a disaster they Were a disaster long before I started Covering them and they were a disaster Long before this Infamous fake slap Thing happened right Will Smith has been You know somebody who's just a like a You know a not a a functioning person Right somebody who has deep Psychological issues and you know just Somehow became famous right avoid his You know inner demons I mean like so Many like Alec Baldwin he talks about His inner demons right I I think actors And actresses in general are like they Hate themselves so they have to play Other people like they have to you know They create Brands and they're always Faking and manipulating and you know Doing anything to avoid what's inside of Them right this is what I talk about in Terms of the heartfulness meditation I Do you know you have your inner who you

Are Inside and that's been been negated in Our modern day civilization that people Don't look inside and see what kind of Person they are and most people when They do they're bummed out like when They you know they realize you know What's inside of them you know the stuff I mean and they're scared of the Divinity too so it's two things right People are scared of their demons but They're even more scared of their Divinity you know and so um Will Smith And his his nightmare of a family and They forced it on everybody for years Right became a part of the Hollywood Culture and the you know American Culture and then they have this stupid Show all these things and now it's like You know it's blown up like a you know a Big mess right it's blown up like some You know just crapfest that exploded on Everybody and you know people are just Coming to terms with the fact that these Were unhappy people who you know it's Just like every other celebrity when you Get to the bottom line success doesn't Make make him happy and Jaden's just Like J uh Jada Smith's just like over Him like she just can't stand them you Can see her expressions like the Expression she gave Chris Rock she gives For Will Smith all the Time take oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

You know I love him Ellen I love Him and so you know it's a weird thing He's doing Here Ellen's encouraging this right [Applause] It's funny well when you have kids and You you love them and you're proud of Them you just want to kiss them in their Mouth Sometimes so then the audience is Sharing this you know this is like this Is way worse than slapping Chris Rock Kissing his son on the mouth and you Know the kid I mean saying no to him and Squirming away a time a lot a lot it Happens quite quite a bit it happens a Lot like you know this is sexual abuse And just weird dominating Stuff feel like Aug he's got him in a Headlock you feel love you do you feel Love or do you feel assaulted he's very Dominant like this he's also he's often You know he's just messed up Psychologically he's a messed up dude Like he's effed up And you know has been for years and he's You know he's been managed and handled And you know he's an actor I mean they Just a faker and they just fake Everything but they're always just this Close to you know flip it out so some of This stuff might get repetitive but um You know I covered this in various

Videos and there's different points in Different videos and I thought you know To be comprehensive I might have to Cover the same thing I think I have the The stuff with his making out with with His sons again here somewhere um in the Compilation now it's you know getting Bigger so um but each one has a Different you know take on that right More information so I'm leaving it in Here because again this is a Comprehensive video of all this stuff I've done over the years and covered but I also want to say that Jaden uh Jada Talked about her sexual addiction on the Red table talk that she was addicted to Sex right and when you're a married Person you know if you need tequila like Will Smith has said this in in even Other places about the tequila in terms Of impregnating his wife right the Tequila and you know if you're going to I this idea of being um conceiving in Love which is an important aspect of the Cardul meditation right when a baby is Conceived and there's love there in the Conception and the relationship between The mom and the dad you know God is Present then it's a complete different Um birth for the kid it sets the kid up In a different way for their life having Love be there at be there at the Beginning of the conception period right But if Jay was addicted to sex and when

You're a married person you should need Alcohol to be intimate with your with Your spouse right you're going to have Times over your life and hopefully you Know the majority of the interactions Are going to be free from alcohol but The fact that he keeps on bringing up The alcohol is being like a significant Factor in the conception of his Children because he not only talked About Jaden he said you know we had Tequila and we conceived some icon Children so he's also referencing Willow Um and you know Jada was somebody who Was a sex addict So you do the math there but anyway so I Need to added these uh four things Um because you know now it's more Complete I there's a few things I'm sure I'm missing from one video or another Like I just watched this and I was like Oh I forgot about all this stuff um but Anyways let's get back to the original Video here then there was this tablin Hits Will Smith's affair with male actor Destroyed marriage to Jada $2 million Coverup Scandal Will Smith Secret Payment to rumored gay lover Exposed and then he was in this movie With Kevin Uh Kevin kleene called um uh Wild West it was a remake of the Wild West TV show will caught kissing Dwayne Martin we're all sitting in Will's Trailer on the Wild Wild West set it was

Crazy will said I'm I'm secure with my Manhood then he walked over to Dwayne Martin and kissed him on the mouth that Was Kevin Klein who was at the time an A-list actor himself and he was Recalling this and so these guys were Rumored to be a couple and so Will Smith Was carrying this sham marriage out I Mean based in Hollywood Insiders and in reality he was um was Really gay or bisexual he was you know Somebody on the Lbgt Q spectrum and um you know there Was just so some fakeness about Will Smith and then in the wild wild west There was things that happened in these Movies Will Smith gave a Long Lap Dance To several of the characters dressed as A woman it's like 3 minutes long right Here he is with Kevin Klein here he is Stroking the face of the president Sitting on the president's lap here he Is wrapping a scarf around the villain There's just it goes on for a while very Sexual very odd like it goes on [Music] Forever careful that dress are be out of Here in just a second Mr President And then here he is kissing Jaden on the Mouth something Jaden complained about On Ellen and Ellen encouraged him to to Kiss to go after Jaden and kiss him on The mouth so these were things I have um A compilation I'll show you but it's you

Know there's all these times that Will Smith himself hints at this reality that He was actually gay so that story has Been there for a while but then it was Confirmed for years they talked about Will Smith and Jada pinket Smith Marriage being a sham an open marriage And because she was with you know Alexis Uh she was with um AUST toino amongst Other people they had multiple Affairs And finally that came to you know be out In the public August Cena gave an Interview and said confirmed that they Were together and then Jada Smith had to Take herself and Will Smith for some Reason to the red table talk and they Confirmed that their marriage was a sham Marriage I'mma get you back first and then you Gonna get me back I think You' got me Back I think you I think we're good on That Okay okay that might that's probably True that's you know but um you know if You expect to be with somebody for a Lifetime 25 years in Counting we ride together we together Bad marriage for Life That's terrible it's the truth it's the Truth and so this also happened I'm Including this so Will Smith um decides To make a video about love so I was Thinking about um and so um this made me

Think that Will Smith never ever Experienced love at his life right it's One of the great things about the Heartfulness meditation is that you get Love From the Source which is you know God is love and the Divine energy that's Transmitted in the system right it's Something people crave on a fundamental Level Um and he said something here he's Really uncomfortable talking about it Right and you know this speaks to his Marriage and his life and all these Other Things love misunderstood now um when Will Smith when this thing came out About a August ainaa Will Smith was Miserable because Jada was miserable and Wouldn't he couldn't make her happy Couldn't control her happiness she hated Him and didn't want to be around him Right like she would just stare at them They talked about this in the red table Talk I mean their relationship and how They just you know she just would look At him and just like hate him Right and this um like he foreshadowed This here so me and Jada was Reflecting about love even the way he Just said it right he was trying to Sound like Barry White but he sound like You know someone who's never experience Love you cannot make a person happy call Love the thing that we're searching for

And we're trying to create that we call Love is actually not love pleasure Paradigm that we think about love in Terms of desire and pleasure me and so Um again like he's never EXP experienced It meaning that if you meet my needs Then I love you if you don't then I Don't so that love becomes transactional If you and so that's the kind of thing He's talking about certainly not worthy Of a slap right like if you think about Somebody who really loves his wife and You know I mean it's a sham they're Marriage of shim like what would get What would make him get up and get that Upset over a lame joke That would you know act in a way that Would get him banned from the academy Right when he's with somebody who I mean She's you know talked about hating them Right what was your hardest time in our Marriage I think there's just too many To mention the turning point in our Relationship for me happened when I Turned 40 MH that's when I had a midlife Crisis yeah your 40th birthday was my Low Point J you know there's that and You can see the the sort of simmering Like you know Mutual hatred Right where he is he's healing you know And he's also kind of breaking down some Of the construct that he's built around Himself of who he is and who he's not And all of those kinds of things so I

Actually yeah would be nice if he Admitted who he is And who he's not right and that the Marriage is a joke right like you know She's she think that this has been kind Of him coming to the table has been kind Of a release for him to not have to live Up to this yeah and this illusionary Marriage and this fake uh narrative that We've Created yeah yeah exactly it takes work It takes work and it's not easy and it's And it can be painful so and I'm proud You know proud of her the couple yeah Sure she is and I'm proud of her the Couple's marriage as they knew it fell Apart after will threw Jada an Over-the-top 40th birthday party that She says was more about him than her Yeah we all know that Right I've covered this here in recent Videos everything that Will Smith does In these Vacations or anything they do With birthday parties or even his Daughter's conert is all about him like The narcissism for this guy right and They're all narcissists I mean they Nam Their kids after each other or you know After themselves right Jaden and Willow And so the narcissism here right and um It's not a real relationship it's not a Slap worthy relationship right she's Told me that the party was the most Ridiculous display of my ego

W crushed right and to this day I know I Was crushed cuz it was true yeah it was True it wasn't a party for her yeah and This is that was a disit I mean so this Is their marriage right these looks that She gives right that she's 50 now so This was 10 years ago and this is that Was a display that moment of like me Having the courage to just say no no but Now I had to have the courage to unravel It and just realizing this next 40 I got To do it my way Jada says up until that Got to do it her way so then there was The Fair fear with August cinaa and all These things that came after it right And so Will Smith talking about love Right like he's given her a birthday Party that's about him is you know the Ego and the celebrity you know status And all these things and everything he Did was you know so much about him he Kind of admits it but then doesn't Change right it's not the kind of Marriage where somebody makes a a joke About your wife having a shaved head and You go up and you snap and you slap the Guy and ruin what's left of your crappy Career right it's not you know it's not That kind of a Relationship that point she was trying To live up to an idea of J Will had Created instead of just being Jada to Have to let go of the picture to have to Let go of the dream was devastating we

Essentially had to destroy our marriage Oh Yeah yeah so you didn't have one because It's an illusion she was pretending to Be someone she wasn't she hated you you Know and you guys are like not you know I mean the beard beard aspect of the Marriage all of it it's a shame much It's like a performance all these things He said right superficial artificial and Not slap worthy then I don't so that Love becomes Transactional you know because he's Never felt it because he lives a Superficial life he's not you know I Mean he's just a shell of a person right There's no depth there I I've realized That lots of people haven't felt love Like that's you know I mean I probably People listen to this video you know People talk about love or whatever but Never really truly felt love and so like With the heartfulness meditation there's People who you know if they receive the Transmission and people's hearts are so Blocked right people have these hard Shells around their hearts and their Heart is like so dis they're Disconnected from their heart in such a Way that it's like you know it's it Might as well be uh A Million Miles Away Right there's no um there's no like Interaction or feeling emanating from Their heart and so when they receive the

Transmission they can't feel it or you Know if they feel it it's like what the Hell is that right because people have Learned to extract love out of other Things like there's love in anything Like love is the basis of all creation And people need love and need to feed on Love right need to be nurtured by love And so if they can't get it directly and They can't have a relation with God and Their hearts are more or less shielded From them right their hearts are you Know wrapped in a cocoon of negativity And past Impressions some scaras and They can't feel it and it's you know Something that I took for granted and I Thought everyone's experienced love in Their life I don't know what the Percentages are and then you know people Have experienced love and then they they Just like whatever they're in shitty Relationships their heart closes they're Hurt whatever and then they don't Experience it for years you know so as a Child perhaps you know they experience It but then it goes away and so this is The state of uh the human being they're Desperate for love everyone's looking For love but they're looking for it in All the wrong places right and they you Know don't know how to I mean there's Just the infinite um ocean of love that Is when you connect to God very few People realize they need it or want it

Or what it is and you know that's just Like the sad state of humanity So he talks a lot and I just I'm not Going to show you all that video but you Know you can watch it yourself if you Really want to cringe but clearly he's Talking from a place of not knowing what Love is Right lot of Illuminati stuff They show his singular eye throughout The video but this is the real real Brutal part at the end so he's you know Done a lot of Research he's got some quotes and ideas And transactional aspect of love and What love isn't and then he says all Right I'm going to Define love at the End at its core I think love is help so You know absolutely nothing about love But decide to make a video for your 10 Million Subscribers Dopey subscribers who also Probably haven't experienced love either Because they're you know watching your Your they're a fan of yours right Devotion to their struggle it's when You're committed to helping somebody With it has really nothing to do with That right love is sacrificial because It draws you and compels you but it's a Feeling it's not an action right and He's saying okay because he's so Narcissistic and everything's been about Him you know even his wife's big 40th Birthday party was about him right and

So like he's saying okay let's do the Opposite where I'm helping people and You know whatever people people are Helping each other and service and That's you know there's love in service Right loving service but service can be Done with animosity right it's a feeling It has to be done out of love you can do Anything out of love right like the Feeling has to be there love more than Anything else is a feeling that you feel In your heart if you haven't had that Feeling you don't know what the [ __ ] Love is and he does it right like he has No idea and this goes to show you like The same thing with Madam expiration Date Madonna Like She's another example Of that like they don't you know they're So narcissistic and they're so used to Feeding off of the crowd and their Success that they have no idea what love Is right they need you know lots of Adoration lots of energy from other People because they become vampires These ghoulish vampires speaking of Which I'm going to cover Seline Dion on My other channel Today I think Love Is Love is also pain So like that's the thing like he has no Idea about you know I was in the Heartfulness meditation there's a Teaching that you know the the essence Of a person's um you know the essence of A person's soul on a soul level there is

A pain of being separated from God you Know that every being desires to return To the Creator it returns to its source And love is the you know it's the the Separation of being away from somebody You love right the separation you know That you have with a person especially After they die you know I mean that's One one you know the worst of it but Just being separated the lover being Separated from the Beloved is when the Love you feel the love the most because It's the absence of having that person With you or whatever it might be God or Like an art like somebody's art people Could have a love of art right but the Love of something when you're separated From it when the blov is separated from The love right it is you know you can Feel it's a presence in Your Heart Right And Um and it's the pain of separation and Love in this sense is pain and everybody Feels down deep the pain of love and Like I've said before I've went through This like three Monon period maybe it Was shorter than that I don't even know But where this pain of uh being Separated from God which was a condition The heartfulness system and it was was You know it was great and brutal at the Same time it was real and you know Painful all at the same time and Everything else seemed meaningless to me

Like nothing in my life seemed important Right like I just lost um all sense of You know ambition to do things and Perform just you know whatever daily Tasks and things like I was doing them Completely you know just as um like Detached from them and and you know I Mean I couldn't function like I just you Know I was functioning but it wasn't Like a real you know this is years ago I Don't know about 10 or 15 years ago I Don't know when it was 200 six or seven probably right around The time I you know started this YouTube Channel shortly after that right so it Was 2006 right before the YouTube Channel started and you know it's still There like I can feel it every once in a While like it comes up for short periods Of time but it's something that's buried In everybody inside themselves and this Guy is so far away from that right he Has no Idea their emotions I think love is a Deep desire for our loved ones growth And their blossoming and their allaround Wellbe yeah that's not it right when you Love somebody you want them to feel good Fears their needs and Trauma I think so He keeps on saying I think because he Doesn't feel right yeah of course those Things are there for your loved ones you Want them to be happy but it's you know It's a feeling it's not When Love Is

There failure and misery and things are Not you know nearly as bad right like Those things are a part of it like just The Pains of life life sucks and times And those are the times you can more Feel love right the tra traumas people Go through the loss of loved ones you Know people dying or whatever it might Be right bad news like those are when You feel love more than than any other Time right if you're happy yeah you're Happy but that's not the feeling of love Happiness and love aren't the same thing And so yeah it's nice to see people Happy but love is something else right And love has pain in it love is pain Right but I was like this guy just Doesn't know anything about love and so He has a sham marriage and you know and It's been done to um you know his Marriage and his life and all these Things he talks about that other video I've shown that recently where he talks About you know he's just uh a creation This fake creation that was the only Time in my life that I ever considered Suicide now I'm about to show the World how little I know about myself a Little I know about myself this is just A few years ago right like last Year I don't want to do any of this I'm Finished with the best shape of my Life what you've come to understand as Will Smith the alien annihilating MC

Will Smith the bigger than life movie Star is largely a construction a Carefully crafted and hone character Designed to protect myself to hide Myself from the World to hide the coward and this Construction is created for your benefit All of our benefit right because that's What matters to him and all these like People on social media and these Celebrities that random people that They're never going to meet and lots of Them as many as possible was somehow Like them right I talked about Will Smith getting the good guy narrative Tom Hanks getting the good guy narrative Ellen degenerous getting the good guy Narrative they're all they've all Collapsed right they were all given in This you know n like in when you have a Reality TV show and they have this good Guy narrative there's the hero in the Show right and they have the villain but The villain is the one that drives the Drama the villain is the one that sort Of makes the story what it is right it's All the most entertainment is focused on The villain and the villain can be any Number of things the villain could be a Disease it can be you know apocalyptic It can be something you know nuclear war It could be whatever it is right and That's the conflict and that's what's Focused on in most of our entertainment

And Will Smith became a villain you know After years of being a good guy over Something that we know he had no you Know he had a sham marriage right he Didn't have a real marriage and he isn't A real boy he isn't a real person right He's Pinocchio he's not somebody who has Lived a real life he's done everything To you know impress all the rest of us And we don't give a [ __ ] like you know People don't care right like yeah he's Got some adoring fans but they don't you Know they because they have no lives Right these celebrity worshippers are Like the lowest form of life because They're worship worshiping bad people Who don't know how to live life aren't Living functional lives and you know are Themselves just a shell of false Creation so you have fans worshiping a False creation and you know it's not Heartfelt it's not real it's not love It's not you know soul-based thing it's Just this weird superficial Dysfunctional Dynamic and that's what played out at The Oscars right because everything's Performance for the brand performance For the people that don't know you the People that think you're better than you Are right it's not for your immediate Circle of people who see you in everyday Life right like him saying that love is Service and wanting other people to

Succeed and you know wanting them to Find joy and happiness well you know That's probably the next step for him Because before that he was throwing Birthday parties like a 40th birthday Party instead of making about his wife And what she wanted he made it about Himself and you saw this in all his Other YouTube videos every time there Was a you know birthday party for one of His children or there was you know his Children were like it was Jaden Smith Having a rap song the rap success rap Song called icon and Will Smith you know glaming onto it and doing His own verses and performing at like Coachella with like you Know like somehow um you know finding a Way to force himself and be a part of it Like it's like your kid's having this Big moment but you have to Stomp all Over it and yeah of course for somebody Like that who his wife you know has a a Breakdown because it's another one of His narcissistic gestures that's all About about him he always has to be the Center of attention on her 40th birthday And it was too much for her and she like You know stops their marriage falls Apart and she goes bangs another guy for A couple of years right on top of you Know them both doing that and then he Says well I think I understand love now It's not it's about thinking about other

People and what they might need what They you know well that's the first step For a you know like a narcissist who Names his daughter after himself and and A wife that names a son after herself Right yeah for those kind of people you Know like just understand that other People have needs and wanting them to Success and not being jealous of their Success and sharing the spotlight and The you know like not being all about You and constantly talking about you and You know enough about you let's talk About me you know like so that's where He is it's just um narcissistic fake Performance for an illusionary audience And so that slap ain't real right like There It's not like he's some he's Demonstrating some you know they care so Much about his wife and her needs and Like he's done much more damage to her Than that you know goofy joke about her Being bald right I mean Chris Rock Didn't plan a birthday party for her and Make it about himself I mean some of These you know selfish gestures of his And things like this and Performing for An audience that I mean all these people That sell sell their loved ones out to An illusionary fan base and just the Postering and all the you know fake Things that go along with it then a Couple of days ago I covered um this is

Jada's uh you know she talked about not Knowing what love is herself right and Um so first she talked about like really Loving Tupac and then at the red table she said She didn't know what love is and wanted To figure it out so let's watch that but Here's J talking about Tupac um and we hit it off first you Said Tupac wasn't a person that she Would usually connect with but once they You know were connected from that moment On he would tell me all the time J you GNA be a star you know what I mean like P come on he's like you gonna be a star You got it you just got it you got it Jada you know who's got it more is Will you got a little bit Sorry he was Uh this is after her and will have been Married for a number of Years I mean it was beyond Friendship for us you know as far as Just uh It's really difficult to explain Because the type of relationship we Had you only get that once in a lifetime So get that once in a lifetime so she's Married to Will Smith and this is what She say right Oh he was like a brother father figure To Me very protective and you know he might Slap some guy who didn't

And so the problem with this as well and I don't want to go too far into this Aspect of it Tupac is very effeminate When you see him here this is the time When he knew Jada where they went to the Same school together he took ballet you Know he was in some hard gangster he was You know I guess was this some Baltimore School um and he is um very effeminate So there was a a time that Jesse smette Called himself the gay Tupac and somebody left a comment in my Video with this clip with this link to This video saying Tupac was the gay Tupac right and Tupac was very Effeminate and you know not the tough Gangster rapper that he later became Right this I didn't teach him that we he Learn it look at look At unsaved sex and drugs and you could Tell if you look at the statistics they They're staggering again you know and so I think they're scared cuz they Realizing that they goofed they really Messed up and Um also the they fear teenagers are Angry at least this generation seems a Little angrier to me and a little bit More rebellious and uninvolved so They're scared because they're realizing That you know well 18 will bring lots of Responsibilities that I don't want but It'll bring respect that I feel like That's the only way I can get it you

Know I try to be as mature as I can be And demand it wherever I can get it but 18 is like you're you're an adult you Like today when I had to signed a Release form I felt so bad cuz I Couldn't sign it myself I had to go and Get my mother's and all that but um 18 Is so he's much different here than what Was a gangster Raptor like his presentation and the way He's acting this is his more more Natural state so here he is in one of These um old pictures there's a few of These pictures out there that raises Some questions about his authenticity Similar to Will Smith which I've covered In other videos and Jer Herself doesn't know what love is right So this is from the red table talk we Have a bucket list I really want to Learn how to love I know what it isn't Yeah you know and she knows what love Isn't you know her marriage right I I Showed you a lot of this yesterday and Um you know these will go into the Compil Ation she knows what love is in Right you know their marriage was a sham They had an open marriage and you know I Mean it wasn't a love relationship will Threw her a 40th birthday party was was For him and she got mad at him because He had to be the center of attention all Of these things right I'm just on the

Journey of really understanding what Love is so everything on your bucket List right now is just part of your Spiritual journey and your path you know You're not on a spiritual journey if you Don't know what love is right so the Next piece is um I made this today so I'm just going to throw this in there This is more about Jada and Tupac Dancing right so this J pinkin Smith and You know like she's had some plastic Surgery her face doesn't look like that Now right her nose is different um but This happened you guys sort of dream Together Am I right yes well we Have as a treat the so that dude he used To be famous first performance of of the Duo of Tupac and Jada singing Singing very Ironically parents just don't understand Check this Out what are you Doing you can see the way he's moving Here not he just doesn't move like a Gangster Rapper she's doing her little thing They're doing their dance together and They're rapping to Will Smith Parents Just Don't Understand look at Go gives you a better uh understanding Of the character that Tupac would later Create as a gangster rapper right the

You know the actor that you know the Creation of Tupac from this actor right And then you know Jada back then and Then they're doing their Thing her head's basically shaved then There's been a variety of time she's had Her head shaved her daughter has her Head shaved now it's a look that she's Worn over the years right and so um you Know any sort of controversy from that Is silly right but of course we know That thing's fake by that thing I mean Um the Will Smith slap you know if Someone's watching this years from Now because some point everyone's going To forget about it or mostly um so That's all the fake stuff I'm not going To include the the slap videos here Because you know those are um just a Part of this thing and I've covered that Recently but Will Smith slapped um Chris Rock and there's so much evidence that It's fake and then there's this one more Clip here this is Will Smith talking About math you're in a universe and 2 + 2 equals 4 mhm 2 plus 2 only equals 4 if You accept that 2 plus 2 equals 4 2 plus 2 is going to be what I want it to be Mhm you know no we don't know will you Know because math right that's my Standard joke for that clip I don't know How many times I made that joke but it's More than three more than Four um the other joke would be

This is uh Will Smith the inventor of Common Core Math but anyways you know math is Something that can have a right answer Because a lot of stuff is just Subjective like history and you know Language is language English whatever But in terms of just things being Factual math is like the most right it's The the only thing that's you know Finite and the numbers add up and you Know there's 2+ 2 equals 4 if you have Two things And other two things and you put those Two things and two things together you Get four things if Jada has two apples And will has two apples and they put Their apples together they have four Apples Right and so you know it's a math will But this is probably a lot of his Problem because he thinks it's something That you can make four plus you make two Plus two be be whatever you want it to Be but anyways Will Smith has been a Fraud he's admitted to it very recently In that trailer from uh where he's Losing the weight and he said that he's A he's been a carefully constructed Constructed you know brand and illusion And it's something that all these people Are I mean everybody is to some extent And Will Smith is one of the worst and So this fraudu and everything he does is

Fake his laugh is fake his act is fake He's very domineering and controlling I've talked about that in some of these Other videos right he's very you know Handsy and forceful with his kids and His um you know he just is domineering He tries to be a he's a nice guy when The cameras are rolling but he's very Controlling and um just a sucky person Right all all across the board and he's Like what I said he's got the nice guy Moniker that he's got to live up to of Course now that's been ripped to shreds After the Academy Awards debacle but Also he's got the desperation The Madam Desperation day right Madam expiration Date Madonna's need for relevancy and to Get fed by the crowd and you know to Keep on um you know retain what you had When you were younger in terms of your Popularity and your stardom and so he's A desperate psychologically messed up Dude and you know he's probably going to Come out of this thing kind of uh broken Because I think he already was uh that's It you know I think there's more things From other videos but this is enough Here only spiritual value will save this World it's Paul Romano definitely Reporting from the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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