it’s the truth

it's the truth

Different time in Congress where they're Understanding that this is just going to Be a new way of doing things Santos may Have just been bsing he may have been Lying to himself or he may have somehow Got in his head that he really believed That there was a new way and this is What he would get away with all of this Okay so look at this guy right he's a Reporter and he's around these lying Cheating Eminem first and he talks about The Republicans being corrupt all the Time certainly Donald J Trump but all of Them and he knows the Democrats are Corrupt as well we all know they're Liars so why wouldn't he say and maybe He is right you know maybe it's looting Season that's your job to least Speculate on it or maybe he's making up With his head maybe he's deluding Himself maybe he's you know believes This is actually the truth or maybe it's The truth right and given everything we Know about politicians and the Corruption It's the truth Foreign

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