“Information is not equal to knowledge. Here’s Why.” – Dr.SHIVA #truthfreedomhealth

"Information is not equal to knowledge. Here's Why." - Dr.SHIVA #truthfreedomhealth

We have more information at people's Fingertips than ever before you would Think with all this information we're Going to get more Health more truth and More fruit and the reality is it's not True close to 650 million people are now Depressed 40 percent want to overthrow Their governments two and a half billion Are obese the forces of power profit Control want people checking out Desperate or they want people divided Into this left or right this is done by Design they have people like Trump tuck Across from Joe Rogan Bernie Sanders AOC Alex Jones Robert F and Kennedy Jr these People knowingly give you pieces of the Problem they don't give you the whole And therefore people are divided that is Their job The Establishment the Swarm Has created these people you know They've created them because they're the Ones who get massive visibility Visibility is the valve that the Establishment uses to determine which Narratives go out there the solution is Knowledge knowledge is very different Than information you don't look to them You look to yourself and others you get Active you get Innovative and you get Organized once people understand this Phenomenon from a systems perspective It's much harder to screw with people go To truthfredhealth.com become part of This education

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