If this is the State of the Union then we are $crewed

If this is the State of the Union then we are $crewed

Greetings brothers and sisters um okay Before I get going here I might have Some issues I'm having some issues with Premiere Pro this you know uh what I Render my videos on and computer issues That I got to deal with so I might be Gone for a couple days there's nothing Wrong it's just if the if I don't make Videos for a couple days is because of That um but anyways let's get into the Video here I'm going to show the State Of the Union bits of it I didn't watch It but um they're celebrating I show you A clip here in a moment um M what an Incredible moment moment is Biden slam Scotus decision on roie Wade and here by Biden's fiery State of the Union Address Contrast with Trump Defiant Biden Comes Out Swinging Biden slams Trump so this is um you know he just Went in and like he went in hard and They were celebrating on the news I Turned it on when I watch watching Breakfast I was like uh you know it's Everything I said about lowering Expectations so I'll you know we'll get Into it and just show how he's still Unfit right um he had this you know Moment here where he came up with some Energy you know they gave him one of the His talkie pills right from Kyle dunigan Second I've asked Congress to increase My dosage of talki pills the guy is

Shown that he's scile right like he's Has dementia last night the 9:00 hour And then the 10:00 hour set fundraising Records for a campaign that has already Set fundraising records for the most Money ever raised and I think mik people Just uh at at home Happy mik is almost a Smile from m not just Democrats but I'm Sure Republicans almost m just a little Bit more look at those like just evil uh Moderate Republicans Swing Swing voters Independence had to really really like What they heard when Donald Trump uh Once again had had the contrast time and Again somebody that was against Freedom Abroad somebody that was against Freedom At home and that's when Joe Biden really Brought it home he talked he really did Did he really do it how did he really do It it was against Freedom at home and That's when Joe bid really brought it Home really really really did it he Talked about Freedom abroad but then he Talked about Freedom at home and women's Freedom and said back to the Supreme Court oh okay so let me show you the Clip that I have um Here that I got from this morning's news And then we'll get into State of the Union You' be like well Barack Obama Went off scrip there for 12 seconds Biden went off script like 30 times and They were planned it was like he had set Up in his own draft after the speech the

Moments where he was going to bait the Republicans into some reaction on the as On the on the lake on the what's her Name the woman in Georgia who was okay So he means Marjorie Taylor green There's a moment where he sees her when He comes in she's all dressed up in Trump Stuff which I didn't know when I watched This but it's kind of funny now um so He's saying that he went off script but It was planned Right he had moments where he went off Script and he was baiting the Republicans which you know clearly well We'll show you that it was no master He's no Mastermind okay so they have a highlight Here um this was a tour to force by Joe Biden when you get to be my age certain Things become clearer than Ever I know the American story again and Again I've seen the contest between comp So that wasn't this isn't incompetent Speaker right he's yelling so it's a a Little bit more energy than you see from Him clearer than ever like he's not this Is you know but they're going to get Into it here they show some highlights And I'll show you the highlights it a Bit um let's get into this these guys Hereby the Forbes know your value 3050 Summit here in Abu Dhabi on this International women's day last night

President Biden spoke a lot about Women's issues impact mik's done Something to her face maed by the Overturning of Row versus Wade and we're Going to get to all of that in just a Moment but I'm telling you Joe Biden Proved I think he still has a pulse That's number one and speaker Mike Johnson might have rolled his eyes more Than both my daughters in their entire Lives what's your take well that was Funny ma good joke I mean had a pulse he Had Frasier's left hook I mean oh yeah That guy I have never seen and and part Of this is Delivery part of it is speech writing Part of it is setting up the argument For the fall just look at the guy like He's just clueless the guy's a deer in Headlights look at his face I mean the Guy's old as F he's like you know he's Going keeper here right cre he's Got the creep keeper mullet there I've Sat through a lot of these uh and right So let's get into it here so here he Comes here comes this dude Here turn it down look at them coming in Look at these people look at these Wonderful people look at this Turtle Like human being look at this well she Took her knee pads off no knee pads for KLA tonight and this guy's Turtle human Being and Schumer I mean just horrible People like these are the these are your

Leaders these are the best of the we can Produce as leadership coming in here Right I mean looking all important like This is real or it's serious you know so Somebody left a comment um saying that It's not rigged it's uh scripted and Like you everyone has an opinion of what You want to call it or not right but None of that matters like none of this Matters like the truth Community doesn't Matter and this doesn't matter nothing's Going to change this we're just Witnessing something right you know it's Like somebody's falling from a cliff and Everybody's watching it as a person Falls and like well is their head going To explode or not you know like are they Going to die in the way down or when They hit the it's like none of it Matters right we're watching something Bad happen the end we're watching the End of something I don't know Necessarily bad I mean it's bad for us But it's the end like all these people These are just worthless Washington People who are just you know the Everything that's wrong with the Humanity and like I mean just all these What is K even doing and and I'm not Saying Trump there's no solution out There there's nothing out there to fix This thing these generals coming in These freaking people these all these People all you know there's some the

Power that these people are supposed to Possess in this Great Hall that they've Built here and it's just you know a joke Like it's just embarrassing like Humanity humanity is just embarrassing Itself here she comes come up there KLA You say hi to Mike Johnson hey Mike What's up Mike come let sit together Here let's do together here let's watch This guy he so Joe Biden's goingon to Come in here in a moment let's see where That happens what I mean here is um you Know I'm in the editing process and you Know you have phases of things like when Somebody discovers something or there's A new trend you know before it's trendy And somebody finds something cool it's Innovative it's new it's kind of a you It might be a place it might be whatever It is and then word gets out and Everyone starts to engage in this Behavior and then like all the kind of Uncool people end up doing it and wreck It and do it too much and then it jumps The shark and it's over and it's no Longer you know something that it's just Like a you know like a a past thing and Then you get people who just find out About it like 20 years after you know Like when everyone else was doing it and They pick it up and they they're saying It or doing it or or going to that place Right but it's no longer cool or Anything like that it's just something

That at one point was something that was Innovative you know when Visionary type Personalities and people who are you Know like do things that everyone's Going to do later on and wreck it right You know it's like people who are just Discovering like Facebook now like you Know and that's what our country is like You know everything that was great Everything that was I mean what is it Like the the 100 and fifth Super Bowl And the 200th World Series you know it's Just like how many more do you need Right and you know with the internet and You know modernization they put on new Twist to things but politics these People are not great people like Jojo m Is going to talk about history here and How this is a historic time and we got To be on the right side of history and History's watching and these are not I Mean you know the the actual founding Fathers weren't as great as we portray Them to be but you can't make these guy These turds look like that right like The founding fathers sucked they were Slave owners and they were Freemasons And they were you know they they weren't What we thought what we grew up thinking They were or what we were indoctrinated At what great men they were but they a Lot better than these guys right they Had skills many of them could do things You know they could they had survival

Skills and they had a superior education And intellect and they were better Writers and you know these politicians These people are like just the the Bottom of the barrel and now they have Consumed the government the media and All these power positions and the the Countryes going down the tubes because It's just time right this country jumped A shark years ago and you're just Watching you're like you're watching you Know what Facebook will look like in 20 Years like you know there'll be a few Like losers and perves in those meta Rooms or whatever but it's you know Something like it's its best days are Long behind it so here it takes 38 Minutes this is going on 38 minutes and Biden finally shows up they've been Standing : you know whatever time They've been up there people just Looking there and here comes Biden now Coming through the crowd here come on Where's Coming there he is woo woo this woman Touched his face she touched his Freaking Face the president of the United States this one's going to touch his Face Here he wiped his like a tear of his eye Or some kind of stuff oh don't kiss him That's gross you're gross are you so Freaking

Gross look at him there they go I say hi Hey hey look at me it's me Yeah I haven't pooped my pants yet but I Got a diaper on don't worry about Me what's your name yes who you the Little fella oh who's you the team yeah I'm president you know you president I'm The president of the United States yeah I am yeah I am I don't these are not my Real teeth heing smile look out who are You who are these you look like someone I like to smell come on over here oh not You buddy that what about over here you Touch my hand oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah Yeah yeah I get it reach my nose again Yeah I got an itch and things look at Him look at all these people like he's Somebody great you know this is this Guy's been a piece of crap his whole Life and now he's scile career-long Politician the the worst of the worst Corrupt just a horrible human being and Then now they're like celebrating him Here the Democrats coming yeah wait who Are you hey let me smell your hair Sometime kind over give you a good good Uh you can give me a good sniffing Tug come on you guys let's just yeah Let's go over here okay over here give Someone some a snoozle what's your name What's your name Buddy uh okay like this Thing there Chuck Schumer there's Chuck Schumer behind me hey Chuck don't stand Behind me you know we already talked

About that Um it's going through here like it Matters right he's going to you know Milk this for everything he's got it's Going to go on Forever um people are filming Them oh yeah okay you know there's Something so very like high school about This whole thing right it's like you Know some political prep R whatever's Going on here just all this fake postr And posing and hey pointing and you know Hey hey Hey Everybody he's reacted to Marjorie Taylor green there let's look at that Again Um she's saying something to Him before that you know she Is Oh what's that what's that young Lady V all like a goof just a freaking Goof all right so um comes up Here just uh just you Know look he's looking around for Something here let's go Back He's coming in right here comes in got Give that guy that here give his Handshake here I mean he's just old as F There's no who's that for that's for Kam Remember yeah get on your knee pads for Later yeah that's okay um I salute those Guys nice salute there commander and

Chief get in there I'm just so bad like Just Horrible Woo How you cheering this guy this guy was a Plagiarizer a liar a cheat a you know Snoozer sniffler groper just a bad Person and now he's Seile like just embarrassing these People Right these are all horrible people like They're all competitive you know these All people wanted to be she wanted to be President there's blumen all over there Right Wo there you go what's up up there What's up there what's up there who's Just seeing let me I can see better when I do This look at him pointing like this is a Scile crazy dude you can't make this This is why I saying about lowering Expectations like this is acceptable This guy's you know this is your Leader in the court okay let's go let's Let's come on like nobody has he doesn't Have real fans there's his Handler look At K her fake Smile good Evening if I were smart I'd go home Now some freaking Grandpa joke Right Mr Speaker Madame vice president members of Congress my fellow

Americans in January 1941 Franklin Roosevelt came to this Chamber to speak to the nation and he Said I address you at a moment Unprecedented in the history of the Union okay so this sucks like he hasn't Made a gaff yet and he hasn't babbled or Done any of those things and I don't Know if you know I don't think he has Maybe people will send me stuff later We're not going to see the whole thing Here I'm just going to go through bits And part pieces of it but this is not a Good guy this is not a guy who's Mentally there I mean you can just see By the way he presents himself and the Way he talks the way he looks at the Audience he's somebody who should have Retired years ago they should never have Run him in 2019 but they did and Whatever happened that he's now President you know Trump had a rol in This the whole whatever's going going on With the whole thing he's not there and Like for them to just push him out there Like this guy is competent and he's not Like it doesn't matter because he's not Running the country doesn't matter Because he's not really the president He's just you know a Figurehead I mean you know people Running the country aren't good but he's Not doing it so they could just throw

Anybody out there could be some you know Could be some uh some uh cyber creation You know some uh you know some uh bot or Something it doesn't matter it could be Max hedr whe know years and years ago Like it doesn't matter what this person Is because it's not it's all a lie like It's is just Pretend Hitler was on the March war was Raging in Europe President Roosevelt's Purpose was to wake up Congress and Alert the American people that this was No ordinary time no ordinary time Freedom and democracy we're under Assault in the world tonight I come to This same chamber to address the nation Now it's we who face unprecedented Moment in the history of the union and Yes my purpose tonight is to wake up the Congress and alert the American people That this is no ordinary moment either Yeah you just already said that like Like he's not doing a good job here he's Not being fiery like just come on you Guys writing about this like this is What I said low expectations yeah he Hasn't drooled on himself he hasn't Wanted off the stage and you know he's Not um having any at least overt uh Gaffs as far as we can tell you know up To this point but he's not doing a good Job like he's somebody who's not acting Like he normally does he's doing good For him that doesn't mean it's good

Right it means it's good for him it's Amazing how you lower expectations and People just accept these Things not since President Lincoln and The Civil War have freedom of democracy Been underall at home as they are today What makes our moment rare is that Freedom of democracy are under attack at Both at home and Overseas at the very same time overseas Putin of Russia is on the March potin And Russia invading Ukraine and sowing Chaos throughout Europe and Beyond and Beyond if anybody in this room thinks Putin will stop at Ukraine I assure you He will not Okay so as soon as he goes to any other Country it means World War I and America Has to fight because of the NATO Agreement if he attacks a NATO Nation Like this is you know he just these are Lies that they're not calling him on Right so this is the Ukraine right so Putin could go into Bellus which they're not going to do um What I should say here is all the NATO Countries are in in dark blue navy blue Or wherever that is and so you can see That Ukraine is surrounded by NATO Countries and so what he means Joe Biden Means is he's going to go this way right He's going to go this way towards these Other countries these are all the NATO Nations

Surrounding the Ukraine and so if he Goes into Poland or any of these other Countries all along this border here he Is going to make America and all these Other countries go to war with him he's Not going to do that the whole reason he Went into the Ukraine is he doesn't want The Ukraine to join NATO he said in the Tucker Carlson interview that he wanted To join NATO he wanted Russia to be a Part of NATO but NATO is there to attack Russia right the whole function of NATO Is that any country that attacks these Countries goes to war with the America With America and so if Putin does that It's World War I and so like it's just Silly what he's saying here okay so Let's just go through this um randomly Here it's just you know there's another Hour Left remember your oath of office of Defending against all threats foreign And Domestic Respect respect free and fair elections Restore trust in our institutions and Make clear political violence has Absolutely no place no place in America Zero Place you know this is him Yelling um he has you know his well he Gets all you know he gets all sort of Distant and he sort of mumbles and then He has his yell he has two two settings

He has energized yelling Jojo and they I Don't know what they gave him so we Could yell through the whole thing and Then this you know then the other sort Of mumbling Jojo It's not good neither one is a good Thing Right Again it's not it's not hyperbole to Suggest history is watching we're Watching history's watching where are They watching are they streaming where Is history sitting right now and Watching your children and grandchildren Will read about this day and what we Do come on Joe he's watching another Assault on what like on some Stone you Know they're digging through garbage Cans and trying to kill Rats you know there's um a funny Show I didn't think I would we we didn't Think we'd like it as much as we did It's like a time traveling Show and it's pretty Comedic um I can't remember the name of It Offand but Um the uh the sort of like a nerdy you Know modern kid uh transports two video Game characters who are real life people Living in the future in apocalyptic Post-apocalyptic Future and when they hear about kissing They're like Rat Hole to rat hole

Because they're eating rats Right um you know so they call their Mouths rat holes Right and so they don't want to kiss There's no kissing in the future because Everyone's got a rat hole you I call it The ghoul hole like he's got a ghoul Hole these guys have ghoul Holes join us the light is a toy Beasley Social worker from Birmingham Alabama This is low energy JoJo 14 months ago 14 Months ago she and her husband welcomed A baby girl thanks to the miracle of IVF she scheduled treatments to have That second child the Alabama Supreme Court shut down IVF treatments across The state no no look at her shake her Head no no this shouldn't be you should Be able to murder our fetuses come on Unleashed by Supreme Court decision Overturning roie Wade she was told her Dream would have to wait what her family Had got through should never have Happened unless Congress acts it could Happen again so tonight let's stand up For families like hers to my friends Across the aisle don't keep this waiting Any Longer guar guantee the right to ADM putting his fist down just applaud Turn around applaud this Brave woman There's um Arnold schz Egger's ghoulish Ex-wife there here he is he's yelling Here we got some more

Yelling if any of you don't want that Money in your District in fact my policies have Attracted $650 billion in private sector Investment in clean energy Advanced Manufacturing creating tens of thousands Of jobs here in America in America they Not overseas Way to go Kama stand up K stand up proud Clap I mean just this is so Bad it's another plotting moment Here that's you know there he go look at This schol look at this dude right Here look at big smile from Kamla over 100 million of you can no Longer be denied health is Insurance Because of pre-existing condition list He's not doing a good job right for them To come out and say he did a good job is You know again it's the lower Expectations but it's embarrassing like It's the media just going to new levels Of just you embarrassing themselves Right it's like the kid in the family Who you know the dad leaves and the Dad's an alcoholic piece of crap and he Beat the you know fether kids and the The mom and stuff like this right and Maybe there's a younger kid doesn't Remember and he grows up idolizing his Dad and thinking his mom chased his dad Away or whatever you know the other kids Did his dad shows up he's a total piece Of crap and he hits the kid up for money

And you know and the kid just um it's Like waiting for the Great Pumpkin and Pretending the dad is great because you Just desperately have some hole in your Life and you wish it was filled by a Good leader I mean I'm dealing this with The people who Do heartful this meditation and the Current leader and master of the system Is corrupt and has formed you taking a Spiritual organization made it into a Cult and they're like no no he's great He's great what are you talking about Buddy what are you talking about it's Like that kind of level of denial this Guy is always sucked and now he's scile Right so Like just stop with this Adoration the pandemic cut taxes for Millions of working families and cut Child poverty in half oh yeah what are You so angry About restore that child tax credit wait What was that that was a gaff bro what What kind of tax credit was you want to Restore Um here we Go of the biggest companies in America Made $40 billion and paid zero in Federal income tax zero zero no it's a Trity not anymore not more thanks to the Law I wrote we signed big companies have To pay a minimum 50 big companies the Big companies have to pay but that's

Still less than working people paying Federal taxes no way that's not fair It's time to raise corporate minimum tax To at least 21% exactly let's do That look at him he's shaking his look At Him so every big Corporation finally Begins to pay their fair share I also on end tax breaks for big farmer Big Oil private checks massive executive Pay when it's only supposed to a million A million dollars that could be deducted They can pay 20 million if they want but Deduct a million end it now you know There are 1,000 billionaires in America No way you know what the average federal Tax is for those billionaires what is It No they're making great sacrifices 88.2% No far less than the vast majority of Americans pay no billionaire should pay A lower federal tax rat than a teacher a Sanitation worker or a nurse woo pay Your F Woo I Propose minimum tax for billionaires of 25% just 25% you know what that would raise that Would raise $500 billion over the next 10 years who You screaming to the rafters Joe and Imagine what that could do for America Imagine a future with affordable child

Care millions of families can get they Need to go to work to help grow the Economy imagine the future with paid Le Because no one should have to choose Between working and taking care of their Sick family member Imag imagine the future of Home Care and Elder care let's imagine it all together And people living with disabilities like You like you Joe you could have help Stay in their homes and family Caregivers can finally get the pay they Deserve tonight let's all agree once Again to stand up for seniors yeah this Guy stand up for this guy you've been Standing up for a senior all night all Right I went let's go back I I think I Missed the Gaff do you really think the wealthy and Big corporations need another $2 Trillion tax break No I sure don't I don't I'm going to Keep fighting like hell to make it fair Under my plan nobody earning less than $400,000 a year will pay additional Penny in federal taxes nobody not one Penny and they haven't Yet in Fact the child tax credit I passed During the pandemic cut taxes for Millions of Working Families and cut Child poverty in Half Wo restore that child pack credit

Restore that child PX credit there was Multiple gaffs there so um 12325 here Let's go back here it is child tax Credit I passed during the pandemic cut Taxes for millions of working families And cut child poverty in Half restore that child tax credit No child should go hungry in this Country okay so you know he didn't rock It like this is I mean again there might Be more gaffs I know he mispronounced Some woman's name or something but this Is not quality right this is not a Quality leader a quality speaker this is Somebody who should have been retired Years ago and they just keep on rolling Out his corpse like Weekend at Bernie's Folks we have a simple choice we can Fight about fixing the Border or we can Fix it w Exactly I don't know what we're fighting About let's just fix the thing let's fix The dam let's build the wall I don't Know let's let's I what are the ideas on The table here I'm ready to fix It send me the Border bill now no I'll Send it now I'm ready to fix It Fix it they're yelling fix it like just How Embarrassing these are adults these are You know supposed to be intellectual People they're acting like children when

Just Faking It standing up for this guy Pretending like it's I mean it's just All make believe it's always make Believe but now it's just so much more Obvious because the guy's Scile I mean this thing always has Sucked I've never seen one of these Where I was like oh that was great you Know it's just they always suck Transformational moment in history look Texon happened 58 59 years ago today in Selma Alabama oh go back to Selma Hundreds of foot solders for justice Marched across the Edmund Pettis Bridge Named after the Grand Dragon of the kcus Clan to claim their fundamental right to Vote wait there's a grand Dragon There they were beaten they were bloody And left for dead our late friend and Former colleague John was on that March look at look at the look kamla Gives him he's going to get up this guy Doesn't know what to do right and so um He's going to get up and applaud for This like just watch K his eyes this is Great leis was on that March so he's Like doesn't know what to do Look at kamla doesn't know what to do Said I think maybe I should get up for This one maybe I should I don't know I'm A robot look at her look Really really you don't you don't get to Stand for this Mike Johnson our other marches both in the

Gallery and on the floor including Betty May Fikes known as the voice of Selma The daughter of gospel singers and Preachers May her dress is running up on Her sang songs of prayer and protest on That Bloody Sunday help sh Sunday Bloody Sunday the nation's conscience five Months later the Voting Rights Act Passed him ass signing the Law stand up Betty stand up this woman Has got hair different color hair On look at this it's got pink on this Side and black on that side thank You thank you thank you thank you hey Wave your hands wave them in the air Like you just don't Care Point but 59 years later there forces Taking us back in time who's are those Forces voter suppression no way election Subversion no way who is this guy Unlimited dark money whoa who who's this Guy extreme Jerry mandering whoa John Lewis is a great friend to many of us Here but if you truly want to honor him And all the heroes of March with him Then it's time to do more than talk Exactly that's a Talker pass the freedom to vote Act pass It the John voting right Act you know that you would write an Article and you would come out and claim That he rocked it and he was aggressive And he was come on he's shouldn't be

Doing this right the guy should have Been retired years ago he was never Great and now he's seen like that's That's all you need to know it's just That Simple let's wrap this thing up here the Constant refrain and I was there for Hours meeting with every family they Said do Something do something do something well I did do something by establishing the First ever office of gun violence Prevention in the White House Yeah he did he did something he did Something they told him to do something He did something it's almost over Here we owe it to ourselves to keep Supporting our new health research Agency called ARP and remind Us okay let's go the end Here I see a country for all Americans And I will always be president for all Americans because I believe in America I Believe in you the American people You're the reason we've never been more Optimistic about our future than I am Now so let's build the future together Let's remember who we are we are the United States of America W and there is Nothing nothing beyond our capacity when We act Together God bless you all and may God

Protect our truth thank you thank you Thank you that's how he ends every Speech they're making it sound like Every speech he says the same thing Right we can as long as we do it Together we can do anything you know Some variation of that and you know it's Just goofy words from a liar right like You know and now he's a scile liar okay So um I now have the title of this video If this is the state of the union then We're screwed Right because this is it right this is This is who we are this is what we are Of course Trump is his own nightmare in His own disaster and the people Supporting these politicians and Believing that there's a solution in in Here Somewhere it's just so stupid only Spiritual value will save this world It's Paul Romano definitely reporting From the Apocalypse in the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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