I Only Ate Meat For 90 Days…Here’s What Happened

I Only Ate Meat For 90 Days…Here’s What Happened

Oh hello don’t mind me just enjoying Some of this delicious beef jerky from Kui not sponsored just delicious but Speaking of delicious I have just got Done doing three months of the carnivore Diet which is basically just meat salt And water zero carbs zero sugar if You’re not familiar with it I know it Sounds absolutely insane but bear with Me although I will admit I did have Coffee in the first month and then Weaned myself to decaf and then got on The hot Waters yeah hot water so you Might be thinking why the hell would you Want to do this which is yeah fair Enough although I’ve been suffering with Some autoimmune and gut issues for for Many years now gut issues like IBS and Sibo autoimmune issues like Vitiligo and Rosacea also joint issues I’ve actually Got a bone disorder called Osteochondritis desiccans also suffering Severe and chronic acid reflux for a lot Of my life and the sibo thing small Intestinal bacteria overgrowth gave me a Truckload of food intolerances like Histamine issues salicylate issues Lectins and oxalates and when you’re Going from GP to GP and Specialists to Specialists spending so much money and And spending thousands on supplements And not really getting anywhere you Become so desperate just to try and heal Yourself and get your life back and

Believe it or not this carnivore diet Has healed people that have been way Worse than I have so I first heard about This carnivore diet back in 2017 on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast with Dr Sean Baker and this bloke had been doing Carnivore for gosh it was years beef Salt water and yeah my reaction was like But doesn’t red meat give you cancer it Putrefies in your gut it’s going to give You high cholesterol and you’ll have a Heart attack and die which these days I Think is just rubbish how the hell do You think we got this far in human Evolution Not beef jerky but you get what I’m Saying another Advocate that I found was Michaela Peterson who suffered from many Issues like rheumatoid arthritis chronic And severe depression she was getting Ankles replaced wild stuff man and on Her own through food elimination she got To what she now coins the lion diet beef Salt water or lamb or venison yeah any Room in an animal so ruminant meat salt And water when you’re really sick and Your back’s against the wall you’ll try Anything to get better even some wacky Ass diet and then Michaela Peterson Actually got her father Jordan Peterson Onto the diet and he’s had great success And since then I’ve found a lot of other Great resources from people practicing The carnivore diet like uh Dr Anthony

Chafee Dr Kilts nutrition with Judy Dr Paul saladino also known as carnivore MD You can find all these people on their Social media channels even though I’ve Known about this diet for the past five Years I’ve never actually had the Discipline and will to carry through With it I’ll try it for a week or two Weeks and then I would slip back into my Old patterns but I finally got there and I did this three month stint so the First couple weeks are definitely hard You’ve got your sugar and carb Cravings You’ve got the notorious carnivore Diarrhea like when I’ve been really sick I’ve had diarrhea for like six months Straight all right so a bit of carnivore Diarrhea for a week that was nothing but Then the Cravings settled down and your Body adjusts like your microbiome and Your bile it gets used to not having Carbohydrates and fiber and when they Say you need fiber to get solid poos not True my body was pumping out the brown Snakes on just meat only but you do have To get your fat ratios down pat which Does take a bit of experimenting to find That sweet spot but because your body is Absorbing like 98 of of the meat that You’re ingesting it’s just simply not That much waste that you know now I was Mostly eating lamb I’d have beef Occasionally and venison occasionally But it’s funny even things like chicken

And Duck and pork didn’t sit well I Actually had some of my symptoms that I’ve experienced over the years come up Which is strange but you do hear it a Lot in the carnival Community which is Why they say stick to ruminant animals So at the start I was eating three meals A day then cut down to about two meals a Day I was roughly having about 500 grams Of meat each sitting which sounds like a Lot you know but I felt it wasn’t that Much because my Hunger signals changed Not having carbs or sugar really changes Things up I ate till I was full and that Was about you know half a kilo and when Eating all meat you don’t realize how Much fat you actually need because That’s your source of fuel so I was Trying to get 60 to 70 percent of my Calories from fat and just add over this Time I put on about four kilos of muscle Which is great because when you’re sick You struggle to put on weight so get That up your mate but the main point Here is that my symptoms started to go Away my gut issues started clearing up Joint pain and muscle pain cleared up I Was feeling like a million bucks and Also I should mention I obviously went Sober during all this but that included Smoking weed as well but I did that Before I started carnivore like for dry July and so when it got to the three Month period for not drinking an

Occasion actually fell on that day where I was out with friends I thought you Know what it’s been 90 days I’ll have a Vodka soda and the next day what and I Had two drinks two vodka sodas like Gray Goose high class stuff for the next week I was [ __ ] joint pain through the roof And I was actually working out every day During a carnivore I didn’t get sore at All but then after drinking oh man the Muscle pain come back I’d have a few Days off that like I was struggling to Walk with my bad knee like it was insane How much alcohol just come and smashed Me I feel our body builds up a tolerance When we’re having it all the time and we Don’t realize as how toxic it can be Until we don’t have it for like 90 days And we’re eating super clean so that was A big shock for me but other than that My carnivore experience was [ __ ] Life-changing I went from the Perspective of oh poor me I have to do This I’m so restricted and oh this sucks To realizing how good you feel on it Like I had a reference of how good I Could feel and I honestly think I’m I’m Gonna keep eating 95 Carnival for from Now on and then the other day I reached My three-month Mark of doing Street Carnival and I thought you know what I’m Gonna have a few things that I used to Enjoy before I did this stint and so I Had some coconut water decaf coffee and

Two pieces of uh Sushi a tuna and then After having that I felt so lethargic And I had so much brain fog and like I Was saying before the joint pain comes Back so strong and the muscle pain I had A bit of gut distress so it’s just Amazing how different foods can react With us and I’m not saying this is for For everyone but for me it is night and Day it is so obvious I find it so Interesting that this isn’t a more Popular method to heal your body red Meat and water was actually used to heal The body and the gut all the time before The 1980s you would have heard of the Salisbury steak that come from Dr Salisbury who put people on meat diets To heal themselves it’s just so crazy How far we’ve gone the other way by Saying it causes cancer and it’s also Crazy to learn about plant defense Chemicals because plants don’t want to Be eaten either so that’s why they’ve Got things like salicylates and oxalates And lectins if you dig into some stuff From Dr Anthony chafee he explains it Amazingly he’s got some great Presentations like plants are trying to Kill you but also why are we a Carnivores really gives you some food For thought and go check out the Thousands upon thousands of success Stories with Dr Sean Baker as well as Michaela Peterson there are many people

Out there healing themselves with an all Meat diet so if you’ve got any Autoimmune or gut issues and it’s not For everyone but if you’re interested Man I think give it a go it’s always Going to be the forever debate on what The most Optimum food is for people and All the ideologies behind certain ways Of eating it’s never going to end but if Your back’s against the wall and you Need to heal yourself why not I’m just Some dude that experimented with this And got great results anyway thanks so Much for watching and listening to my Experience if you’ve been thinking about Doing the carnivore diet like I was for Five years I hope this can be a little Push to get closer to your goals all Right I’m gonna go cook up a T-bone look After yourselves and give your mum a Cuddle for me so yeah

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