I need your help in recommending YouTube Channels for my ads

I need your help in recommending YouTube Channels for my ads

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I Would like your guys help and I'm going To explain them the issue here what I What I need from you is to recommend Other YouTube channels That are similar to mine That you would think it would be good For me to run ads on This was a suggestion by my wife which I Just had a 45 minute meeting with my ad Supervisor at Google And you know Um Here's the thing So I they've done um a certain amount of Impressions here this is the amount of Times they've run my ad this is the Amount of views which is a very high View rate right so 33 percent for ads I Thought would be like five percent so People are watching my video The problem is it's going to the wrong People and the demographics they have Suck you know and I was talking to the Guy and I was saying look I'm running Ads on YouTube And I want to drive people to my YouTube Channel from YouTube it's the simplest Thing ever And you guys should be able to drive Subscribers to my channel I'm paying you Guys to Drive subscribers to my channel you guys Should be able to figure it out with the

Massive amount of data you collect But the problem is they don't have Categories That you know for truth or categories or Conspiracy theory categories or whatever You call it alternative media and you Know the other things that I present Here they don't have categories Because of their you know wanting to Appeal to The powers that be right they just want To have you know very generic categories And so we talked for a while and I was Explaining the problem and you know a Solution should be very easy if YouTube Was a functional place but it's not So finally I asked the question about Putting in um You know these um Laughs These uh you know channels that were Like mine and there's a place where you Can find where the ads have run so these Are the ads that I've run there was a Typically Tiffany Le Ryan 15 ads have run on her Channel Shane Shane Dawson's Channel Here the channels are here this woman is Um I don't know what she has here Um These are little kid videos This is about her family and her kids We know Shane Dawson his videos

Um you know Not I don't want I don't want to support His channel and I certainly I'm not Going to get subscribers from his Channel FGTV This guy looks like some sort of gamer Channel Or I don't even know what this is right So this is clearly a huge fail here's Jeffrey And this is for like Look at this this is where they're Running my ads right now thankfully I'm Only spending Um Here it is Thankfully I'm only spending I've only spent four dollars a day right Which is below you know the budget which Is good because they've been wasting my Money On these you know these channels here But there's a way for me to Put in URLs of other channels So if you guys could come up with Channels I mean all these channels and I Can click on these channels and ban them And say that I don't want my ads to run On them but I can't see one channel here I recognize none of these things are Truther channels and if you know I'm Going to run ads and pay money I would

Rather support truth or channels so if You guys can think of channels that are Similar to mine I know that not all of Them are monetized but I can put those In and they can start running ads on Those channels and you know whatever Channels that you think you know that Are at least they might not even be Truth or channels but where people might Want to watch something that I have Right because that would be you know the Only way this is going to work Um I'm going to make the end this video Now but it was like a complete disaster Like this This here's a Bollywood channel here Um Bollywood even you know they're Wearing Bollywood classic hits And so again and they don't have to be Channels exactly like mine just you know The kind of channels you would watch the Kind of channels my viewers people here You guys would watch other channels you Would watch and it could be any number Of topics it's much better than what They're doing now like And if I get enough of the right Channels there They have machine learning Which is it's supposed to adapt to What's working And yeah It just occurred to me how weird it must Be for these people watching these

Channels that are nothing like mine for My ad to appear I mean it's getting a 30 watch rate on These channels so hopefully on other Channels you know there are you know People who are watching both my channel And other channels so they'll be Familiar subscribers or whatever but at Any channel that you're watching if you Can just um put a URL to that channel in A comment that would be very helpful Because I'll list all of them and YouTube will run ads on them and Whatever works works and hopefully They'll learn from it and it'll get to The right people I mean thank God my Wife had this idea You know that I could actually just put It in there because I look through their Whole in immense ad platform I didn't Say anything like that but I asked the Guy the question you know he should have Recommended that because I was talking About it like you know in those terms About channels like mine I'm like YouTube recommends to me channels that Of things that I watch or whatever it is Right and they don't do it as much in Terms of truther channels and I don't Watch truth or content But they you know I know that they're Able to recommend uh these things to People right they they know what you Want to watch

And so um the fact that they can't Connect I mean the again I guess I Understand that Shane had that Conspiracy Theory videos at one point uh But you know certainly his audience Isn't my audience and the rest of the Channels are just you know I even look Through it even further and some of them Are just even more bizarre but anyways That'd be helpful if you could do that In hopefully that this can I can write The ship out this disaster Um it's kind of funny though only Spiritual value will say this world it's Paul Revival definitely points for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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