I Like How You Cuss, Dr.SHIVA

I Like How You Cuss, Dr.SHIVA

I like how you curse I ain't gonna lie I Like how you cuss and call them like Pull me Kennedy and all of that that's What catches my attention that's keeping It real if you want to catch somebody's Attention this one this is their name Y'all catch their ear real quick I Signed up to the course I'm trying to be A leader out here for the West Coast you Know that's awesome man we keep a Gangsta out here when I believe him with My heart's in it that's when I make a Move I watch the GOP debate last night Just because I'm doing all of this I can Really see the Swarm I've seen it like a Cartoon and I was really just laughing Because once you see a truth you can't Unsee it I just want to educate myself There she got learning and you can teach It then I want to get out there on the Field 2024 I'm all for it get my bumper Sticker soon bring up some flyers I kind Of already know what to do but just need That little push from the team so I'm Definitely trying to get on the west Coast team out here California put you On the ballot man we have a lot of Incredible dedicated people in our Movement go Toshiba for president.com Volunteer volunteer volunteer it is US Versus them and we must shatter the Swamp

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