I know about the Island Boys making out + Mika blasts Joe’s Handlers + Kamala AI & more

I know about the Island Boys making out + Mika blasts Joe's Handlers + Kamala AI & more

Greetings brothers and sisters so this Is the second pre-introduction I made another introduction because I Forgot to talk about talk about my dogs Basically better and I wanted to tell Everyone that but Um you'll hear that in a second But I got all these comments And then somebody sent me the actual Video Which I didn't watch Of the two island boys making out Apparently Tong was involved I guess they're doing anything desperate To stay relevant or whatever But I got at least eight or nine Comments I'm not going to watch it and I'm not suggesting you do either You know there's there's a line there's Lines I won't cross And one of those lines is the island Boys tongue kissing each other and again I'm not suggesting it or letting you Know I'm just telling everyone because You can stop sending me links and things Because I already know about it But here let's get into the the first Pre-introduction Greetings brothers and sisters so this Is just an update video my dog Tulsi Seems to They've gotten 100 better She came home with a cone of shame and A bandage and we took them off and put

Some Uh healing Salve on the the wound that You know wasn't even that big a deal And It seemed like it was the tick bite if You guys have uh I talked about this on My other channel and then here a little Bit and the vet turned out to be just Scamming us you know that I mean Allopathic medicine you just have to it Just sucks so bad like sometimes you Need it and Um but what it was is you know we find Ticks on our dogs all the time and we Have this tools to take them off But you know my dog Lucy who was healthy She was a you know mostly a border Collie And she had a lots of energy it was a Great dog And you know ticks would fall off of her If we didn't get to them and you know They uh I mean it's just like a little Balloon right and once it ticks on if it Had limes or other diseases and I Questioned that because you know ticks Are out there On the grass And unless they go to another animal and Bite the animal and then get shaken off Somehow and get something from the Animal I don't know how they would get Different illnesses right and I don't Know how they were considered like

Mosquitoes are a little bit different And they come out of the the Slime and Mosquitoes might bite several people Might buy it you know bite you know Whatever but to take a lot latches onto Something and doesn't let go until it's Filled And then it you know if it's only Partially filled it's done it can't you Know it can't latch on to somebody else And deer ticks are really tiny and I've Only seen it you know Maybe about 20 of them I've seen Hundreds of the the mid-sized sticks Hundreds maybe even I don't know how Many but for the vet to find the tick on Tulsi's leg because she took an x-ray And we didn't even know it was there it Was a huge tick that it buried itself And every time we touched tulsi's legs She moved because it was hurting Um we try to figure out what it was but We didn't want to you know injure the Leg more And so she'd pull it away as you get you Know she'd fight or whatever Uh you know she's kind of feisty And so we couldn't find the tick and Neither could the vet until she took it In the X-ray so that's how buried it was Instead of letting it fall off naturally Which it would have done because there's A big tick you know one fell off buddy We found a big tick on the floor the

Other day you know once in a while you Just don't see the ticks and then they You know they get the amount of blood They need and they just drop off We used to find them with Lucy all the Time right they just fall off And you know with cows as well when we Milked our cows they'd have all these Ticks on it and you know you pick them Off if you can but if they're embedded You don't rip flesh off Like the vet did And then bandaged her up and then make a Way of cone of shame when it would have Been another day the thing would have Dropped off naturally right Um and then you know it's it just sits There can't walk because it's Tiny little legs won't support his big Body it's kind of it's a weird animal But anyways um you know and I was saying Like once you saw the ticker in the same Area you would say all right it's Probably the tick and then the woman Said it's well maybe it's just a slight Tear You know she went back on original Diagnosis but she wasn't sure because The knee may be moved a little bit As she sedated the dog all these things That you know when it was just a tick Right And you know we paid some hundreds of Dollars for all this you know it's just

A rip-off And I'm like you know It's just like a scam and they didn't Get it right you know I'm like it's you Know how can it not be the tick right And so you know we took the bandage off And she limped a little bit you know it Was paying attention but it seemed like It was more when something would hit the Cut and the cut healed up And then she ran around yesterday was Fine And there seems to be no sign of a leg Injury at all And today she's even better so it's like You know I mean I just it's draining like our Medical system is just draining Because you have to double check Everything and do your own research and You know all of it right but she's fine All right so um I started this other Voice over yesterday let me get into That I got a bunch of things to get to Today funny things Um but let's uh you know start here Greetings brothers and sisters so a lot Of stuff to get to An epic Kamala gaffe and something from Mika a lot of big stuff a follow-up to My video that I made on my other channel Yesterday to do with uh The sound of freedom And so I want to start this off though

With an epic comment that I've been Waiting to do since I Read it partially uh So It's a great comment because if you've Watched enough of my videos You know the person's full of poop full Of Boop Which is great like when somebody Lays it on the line and accuses you of Something That isn't close to reality They just completely imagine it and you Got so much proof like I have a body of Work include many including many other Stories which I'll start off with Right off the bat because I you know I Wanna usually I read some of it and then I'll say stuff that disproves what the Person is saying right but the person is So wrong and epically wrong and what They're accusing me of some sort of Racism or racial bias based on the Person this guy meti you know the guy in The picture here I'll put a you know a Mashup of these two people Medi and this other woman I forget her Name Who is a blogger and she's like an anti A Pooper right she's an anti-anti she's Against the anti-boopers both of whom Did hit pieces against Kennedy and I Mocked both of them I had mocked her

Before but the person's point of view is I didn't mock her as hard Which is wonderful like that's great That part's coming up that I I mocked Her less hard than the other guy and I Must be racist or racial biased and what The person was saying was I was Anti-muslim but also anti-indian Implying all these things really butt Hurt about this I assume the person's Indian or Muslim or both And you know whatever I don't know how They ended up on my channel right and so I'll tell a variety of stories most of You will know the person's full of Boop Right off the bat but I want to do it Anyway because it's fun Um you know it's great when somebody Like just comes in hard and they're Completely in a completely with But as most of you know a lot of you Know maybe those see those of you who've Listened to my journey series videos is That the thing that I am banking on In terms of like some people are banking On the Christian tradition to go to Heaven some people are banking on Trump Some people are banking on Biden some People are you know they're putting Their you know all their eggs in a Basket of one sort or another Or they're just very passionate about Something And it means a lot to them it's like

Their most important thing And for me that's always been sahaja Mark at least since I've been 29 and Started it it's transformational it's Helped me in so many ways and I've been A part of the organization and you guys All know this I talked about it and then When when they the latest Master the Fourth Master of the system Came in and you know started this thing Called heartfulness it was pretty good At the beginning and then he just went Completely uh Rogue on the system And you guys know about this right and I Started covering it and I was really Bummed it was a real bummer for me and One of the things I love about the Seismic system Is it's open to pretty much anybody who Isn't insane like really insane or is Using drugs and alcohol and things like This but even then you're not like Kicked out you just you know you have to Stop using drugs and alcohol till you Come back right or you know if you're if You regain enough sanity that you can do The practice so crazy people just can't Do it and so it's you're not good for Them or anybody you know any everybody Else Uh but you know other than that it Doesn't matter what race you are Religion in fact it's very clear that it Shouldn't be considered a religion and

There should be no Prejudice and in India it's about casts and things like That but you know anybody who's able to Do it can do it and I was welcome to do It right Uh and dodgy the current Master of the System one of the things that he did was Shocking Was he joined this organization in India Called the RSS which is a pro Hindi Anti-muslim group And there are Muslim people that do the Seismic meditation quite a few of them Even if there weren't this is a pro you Know so it's a far right wing Nationalistic racist paramilitary group That's you know marches through the Streets is very intimidating And is the exact opposite of what the Other Masters wanted size Mark to do and So eventually I you know I didn't quit The system the system quit me dodgy Perverted this thing called heartfulness But that's one of the reason I I left The organization which I've been a part Of for 30 years right you know I made a Personal stand of you know right and Wrong and whatever And so for someone to accuse me of being Anti-muslim when I left the thing that's You know most I don't know important to Me Because in part because of the you know The anti-muslim hate that was coming

From the master of the system you know Like that's just a joke right that's the Level of Swing of the mess of this Comment so let's start here with the First part it's a long comment I didn't Read it all but what I read was great The vast differences between how you Covered Brandy that's the girl's name Brandy the Blogger and Maddie Hassan You never mentioned her demographic or Called her out for betraying her people Nor did you mock her last employer Perhaps you use Al Jazeera as a means of Discrediting a son but do not actually Have a problem with Al jazeer news Coverage or just that it is me media Outlet question mark if you want a Moccasin for his religion why use Al Jazeera to imply it why not just say What you mean openly Um because I wasn't mocking him for his Religion right I was mocking him for being a sellout And in part that he's British and he was born in India he's British and he's coming to America and He's accusing Kennedy of being an American right Kennedy whose family has You know lost people have died for this Country And what you know and that doesn't mean Anything to me that's more of a Right-wing thing but you know certainly The Kennedys are more invested in

America than this reporter who's Originally an Al Jazeera reporter you Know they often send over these British Which this guy doesn't mention because I Talked about Piers Morgan and how they They bring you know in a Simon Cowell And they bring in these Brits who come Off Superior and you know condescending To Americans and like they know more and He's coming in and you know mocking the Truth Community all of us And you know so this guy's a foreign guy And you know I guess he's American Citizen now but he wasn't you know born Here and he's got a smug attitude and All these things and I talked about him Being British I talked about the Al Jazeera thing and I talked about more Importantly what he mentioned earlier That Joe Biden Bombed or droned seven or eight uh Muslim kids eight Muslim kids in Afghanistan and this guy in his Network Didn't say boo is a war crime and as a Muslim which I I think the guy is you Know I didn't research it but that's my Sense of it and that he's from Al Jazeera at least he's Arab and he's part Of you know he's at least more connected To those people in some way and he Doesn't have a problem with Joe Biden Droning seven kids but was claiming that Anti-vaxxers killed 200 000 People based In

Um the you know this ass clown dude that Won't debate whatever his name is won't Debate RFK Jr so none of these things Were Insulting to the Muslim people Or Indians or any or the rest of it Anybody could see that only if they Wanted to see what this person wanted to See right And this person saying let's go back to The I gotta find the comment again The person saying this The LA the vast difference between how You covered Brandy the Blogger or many Hassan Like he gave media-san a full name and Brandi was just a blogger right and so He's the one who's Showing unfair bias right It says here Um if you want to mock Hassan for his Religion why use Al Jazeera to imply it Why not just say what you mean openly Also you didn't mock Brandy for her Bulging eyes or any other uh Phenotypical traits like you did with The Indian guy and you did not mock her Nationality as a mean negating like you Did when you repeatedly called to sign British whilst giggling Um I don't know how he called him British But and so him saying that I didn't mock

You know I'm not mocking enough right uh [Laughter] That I didn't point out her bug eyes I Was pointing out his dead eyes and how Um whatever it is you you guys watched The video but it wasn't due to his Racial makeup it was due to his Character and the guy's attacking Truthers and you know all of us and Somebody really not from this country Who's you know some hired hack from you Know Britain and whatever you know he Fits a demographic and I mock all these People equally you know I mocked him for What I mocked him for but not if it was Racial or religiously motivated in fact I was saying that you know I've talked About this war where they murdered a Million Muslims in Iraq and what they Did in Libya and these other places Right America having these illegal Wars I've I've stood up for these things and None of these other reporters have none Of them called out Obama for the legal War in Libya where all the presidents Including Trump for their handling of Afghanistan or what they did in Iraq and Fallujah and all the war crimes they Committed but all of a sudden they care About people and that's what I was Mocking him for right that he says he Cares about these kids but only if Because you know it ties into RFK and His anti-booper mentality right okay I'm

Gonna I'm doing this um the night before On the 13th I'm going to finish this up Tomorrow morning the 14th I'm it's Getting late but I'll pick up from where I left off here Okay so I'm going to try to continue From where I left off yesterday I don't Know exactly where that is and I don't want to re-listen to my voice Over Um It says here also you didn't mock Randy For her bulging eyes I definitely read that yesterday Um we'll just continue on here so you Did Mark Ramsay for her uh Bulging eyes or any other you know Typical traits like you did with the Indian guy and you did not mock her Nationality as means of negating it like You did when you repeatedly called to Sign British whilst giggling I read that yesterday but I'm glad I Read that again I think the person is Saying that I wasn't saying he was British Because he was Indian or Muslim but I Was saying he was British because of What I said yesterday And I'm actually going to cover Piers Morgan a little bit today with his Conversation with RFK just briefly And I really dislike Piers Morgan

Um you know for a lot of reasons but you Know he had that epic Alex Jones Interview where Alex Jones melted down But you know all these people that come Over And they're you know not even really I Mean donio Sullivan They've talked about him yeah I called Him a leprechaun you know I'm Italian Irish Albanian in German and when people Say things about any of those groups of People And I know very little about the Albanians I know you know not so much About German people I had a a friend who Was German and a couple of them and and There was a An ABIA you know like a girl in her 20s Who hung out with my family she was just A great person she was from Austria you Know and I've studied sepulse or the The guy who's an Austrian uh He's one of the first permaculture People he has this epic Farm if you see Videos of him for those of you are Interested in permaculture he's on like One of the Little sort of Legends in the Permaculture field we were just making That bone sauce people were thinking I Was saying bone saw Um that we made that you know you put on Trees and it a deer don't like it you You know you you like juice the bones

Basically It has this foul smelling uh you know Sort of a thick sauce that let you apply On fruit trees but anyways um my mom Identifies as Irish and you know like That's what she was so her mom was Irish She was an orphan her dad was German but She went to Ireland Uh visited there a couple times And I have a lot of Irish friends Who do sash Mark they're a number of Irish people who watch my videos so I Have a connection there And people think I you know because of My last name they all think I'm Italian But really Sicilian which is basically The same thing but yeah a little Different A little worse And you know I used to show up at my We'd go to uh like a family guy I went To a funeral It was just me and my dad and I was like Like not high school age but close to it And I saw my Italian relatives right and There's some stereotypes that are kind Of true with it but none of them were You know my grandfather was Sicilian but He was a barber and he wasn't you know In the mafia and you know sometimes we Would my brother would and I would joke Or tell people you know whatever Pretend that we were like yeah You know part of some crimes you know

Whatever it was right my family but my Dad was a guidance counselor my Grandfather was a barber you know none Of that stuff but you know some Stereotypes are kind of true or whatever But I don't pay attention really to them And I don't have any negative Experiences With Muslim people I don't have anything you know and of Course I believe I don't believe they're responsible for The big event in 2001 like I think it's An inside job right and so because of That You know I don't have the hatred that People have for them and you know and I Have mostly good experiences with Indian People In India I mean some great experiences And I know all these Saints you know I Do this meditation I've been in India I Was there for You know on and off for three years And have a lot of you know Wonderful Experiences with very saintly people There right And so you know there's the stuff going On with heartfulness now of course and Some of the issues or whatever it is but I don't have you know some prejudice Against one group of people or another Like you know we all have some some Level of you know I mean we judge people

Whatever ways we judge them And I mock people I'm not like a an up With people person but it's not you know You guys have watched me it's you know It's equal opportunity mocker right and This person's just making up this stuff Let me just laying it on thick here Like I was you know whatever like I'm Anti-muslim or anti-indian and so the Person says um You don't seem to have the same hatred For Brandy as you do for Assad even Though they are pushing the same agenda And working for the same powers Do you even know why Um I don't have hatred for either one of Them They are going against truthers the Difference between the Hassan thing and Brandy thing is I covered Brandy before And you know what is whatever it is Right I covered her on my other channel Uh When She interviewed the nurse that Passed out which I said in the video But you know they're both NFS NBC shills And I don't care about it like I don't You know And so this person I mean I don't have Hatred I've talked about this before So this person who you know look at the Warped lens in which this person see in The world Because none of that stuff is true like None of it there's no you know there was

No bias on my part like you know I don't Like the the Brandy girl someone better And you know I didn't I didn't mock her Bulgy And look at where this people you know Do you even know why I couldn't care Less about either of them but your Prejudice are showing brazenly they're Not like you know Just to you you know you've imagined This whole thing You recently mocked curing Gene Pierre As French the same way you mocked assana Is British well I because her name is French and then people said well she's From from Haiti and I had patient people That I knew when I lived in Florida There was Haitian people I went to a College and there's people that worked There used to play basketball with Haitians you know and and the thing About it is There is my mom started sashmarg you Know she did the meditation that I did And she used to go to Sunday uh Meditation and there was a Haitian women Who did The um It was a preceptor And they were the most lovely people and They would see me at a gathering they'd Come up and talk about how great my mom Was you know they were these black Haitian women

And one of the lady's name was Marie I forget the other two names Um her last name begins with b or Something just the sweetest saintliest Kind of nice people And they did my mom lived in Boca Raton Florida and you know this is where my Grandparents had lived so I have a Association there And they were just the nicest ladies and When my mom died there was a Spanish-speaking Gathering In India all the Spanish-speaking Countries because they're not the size Mark doesn't hasn't done really well in Those countries And these Haitian women were just Happened to be there And they came up to me and they were Like oh we heard about your mom and you Know she was such a lovely lady And very few people who do seismard met My mom if you met Master charging these Things so it was like this kind of Interesting thing I'm in India my mom Dies and you know the few American People or people live in America I don't know if these were American Citizens but you know I don't have any Problem with Haitian people this is what I'm saying I have a positive experience With them and these ladies particularly Like they're very saintly women who I'd See you know occasionally at Gatherings

And they were there in India which I Didn't think was a a coincidence when my Mom died like it was a you know the few People that knew my mom who did the Meditation just happened to be in India When I found out she died right and so You know these people make things up Like they're making up Prejudice I don't Have right and so this person's saying That I was laughing at the guy because He wasn't really British But I was saying he was British because Of all the stuff I said about The Brits coming in and being Superior This person misread what I was saying Because they have this warped lens and Victim Consciousness that they want to See the world right and if they watch The body like he's watched at least Three of my videos And then you know is mounting this Narrative that somehow um You know I have this you know whatever It is uh prejudiced against them right You recently my Karine Jean Pierre was French the same way you might design is British we can all see what you are so I Fail to grasp why why mocking we can all See what they are I fail to grasp why Mocking is necessary Um well maybe mocking isn't necessary But it's not like you're against mocking And so um the person said here Um

They have to go to a different Screenshot It said here uh we can also hear my Message is necessary yet if she had a Unique black name people might mocker For that too Should I mock a European such as Yourself from surgically calling Yourself American Um well you know I am American like I'm Certainly not Sicilian German Irish or Albanian right Uh I don't like this is where I was born Which you know as its own you know Nightmare situation Yet if she had a unique ability to sit Here Would you would you see what would that Seem reasonable to you I get that sort Of I get that I I get that the sort of People who make this sort of fun of Others generally absurdly believe that They are Beyond reproach themselves Um then there was a great follow-up Comment where the person wrote this Um Bro you obviously don't know Paul or You're just trying to get an epic comic Video made and then the person had these Um you know these laugh emojis I read The first part of the comment then I Read this person's comment and I was Like all right I gotta uh and I'll just Do screenshots and I'll you know I'll do

This as a comment video but this goes on To my category with when you just get Things blatantly wrong Because you want to see the world in a Certain way And you want to see yourself as a victim Or you ask you you know groups of Peoples and victims or whatever it might Be you know no one's Beyond Being mocked like I'm not saying mocked As a higher quality like the person Could have came out and say why do you Mock people And you know and that's a legitimate Question because I am a person who you Know does spiritual stuff right and has You know a lot of effort in the Spiritual world and character Development And I'm pretty brutal like I say some Harsh things that I'm like wow that was Pretty harsh Uh you know and I'm also connected to Divinity and you know divine Energy and divide uh knowledge comes Through me and I you know I say some pretty harsh things you know That would be hurtful if the person Themselves listened to it but you know This is how I have to cope with the the World the way it is that I cover here Uh you know and I've learned to enjoy it Yeah I've always mocked people isn't Like I you know I just developed this

For Spiritual reasons you know something I'm good at but I can see where you can Make a legitimate claim that you know Whatever that it isn't nice or it isn't Cool I mean that's you know whatever it Is but that's not what this person's Doing they're wrongly saying that I have Racial and you know whatever these Biases are and we all have some of that Like just you know unconsciously or Whatever We all have our you know our Um Whatever it is we have our own like There's some stereotypes are true about Every group of people but some of them Aren't right and you know or they're not Universal within a group like they're You know they're kind of true but They're not you know totally true Whatever it is but I don't cover that Stuff here and I don't care about it and What I care about well you know anybody That goes against the truth community Is fair game especially if they're doing The stuff themselves you know both these People mocked us they mocked RFK Junior Their marketing truthers they're talking About us like we're slime And so you know there's there's like There's I don't have to hold back at all Or when you write a comment like this I Don't have to hold back Uh you know which I do like I you know I

Would there's there's Rules of Engagement what they have but it's great For me when I could just go Full out right and you know it's not Like I I don't even care about this Stuff like I'm not you know it's not Like I'm perfect or I or I'm a Beyond Reproach like the person said You know I don't I mean we used to make Fun of each other all the time even my Family me and my friends we come from a Place in America the Northeast where People are brutal And my family was particularly brutal And so you know that's where I get it From right and so for me a lot of this Stuff isn't that bad you know the Comments I get It's very seldom I you know it's been Years since you I got upset by a comment Like that somebody was saying you know This person is it's okay for them to Call me a racist right like it's my Mocking worse than this person falsely Saying that I'm racist and and biased And I'm you know doing these things that I'm not doing falsely accusing me of That right and so you know like own Yours own your Boop like if you want to Get in the game to get in the game if You want to be a saintly nice person Sweet person and just say positive Things You know you still might you still might

Catch sub anyway because it's the Internet right But you know everyone's out there Criticizing trolling doing things and so You know you got to take your lumps or Whatever and these people who are you Know Shilling for like this guy doesn't Believe in what he's doing Maddie I mean I believe he believes in what he's doing At least not totally you know they have A point of view and an argument and They're going to deliver that argument And so let me move to the other stuff Here Okay so this is Kamala J Harris And she just says stupid stuff all the Time Um and you know Like Joe jimagua in a different way And I think the first part of this issue That should be articulated is AI is kind Of a fancy thing it's first of all is Two letters Kind of a fancy thing two letters a and An i it means artificial intelligence See she talks very condescendingly to People Who everyone knows what AI stands for I mean there's a movie about it years And years ago a crappy movie by Steven Spielberg but we've all seen it and know About even you know dumb people like who Is she talking to in this room That doesn't understand AI in its fancy

Terminology I'm so condescending she does this all The time like these aren't kids if they Were you you know the kids I mean she's Like not motherly or she's not good with Kids either right But ultimately what it is is it's about Machine learning And so the machine is taught And part of the issue here is what Information is going into the machine That will then determine and we can Predict them if we think about what Machine what information is going in What then will be produced in terms of Decisions and opinions that may be made Through that process You know so there's this guy forget his Name he was a he might have been a Republican but I don't know old guy And he was in charge of the internet uh The committee that was in charge of the Internet and he described the internet As a series of tubes And so he was in charge of the internet He had no idea what was about now this Is so remedial and She does this quite often she's in Charge of AI like she's the AI czar So if AI is going to do something like We're screw right Um It's you know I mean it's just classic Kamala but you would want her to be

Talking about AI And things that you didn't know and we All know a lot about it and people are Concerned about it and it's all over the Internet And she's coming in with this you know Remedial like she's talking to Kindergartners who probably know more About AI than cheetahs and this is the Democratic problem because she's really Unlikable people don't like her And she's really bad at her job she's a Gaff magnet to screw-up she's out of Touch she's clueless and she doesn't Have dementia as an excuse I'm going to Get into Morning Joe in a bit and you Know she would never be elected and I Said this way back when because she Wasn't popular among Democrats she only Polled one percent and then she had to Drop out of the election You know as opposed to Kennedy who has a Solid you know 15 to 20 percent of Devoted Democratic followers and then Republicans and truthers that are really Into his you know him as a candidate so You have you know he has a strong base Just like Bernie did enthusiastic base And so if something happens to Jojo magu And they bring in that clown from California and You know all those other people that ran Before Buddha gig and all these people Because right now they're not going to

Run again against Joe but they totally Run against kamla you know when Gerald Ford Um was appointed you know he was a vice President that came in when Nixon was Taken out And he lost the primary to Reagan So she would you know she has no chance Of being president or winning the Primary And so that's this is the Democratic Nightmare they're dealing with Jojo magu Obviously being not up to the task and He's still a year away from the primary And he's you know Uh in the presidential election that's Another year of him melting down and all These things and then you know having to Campaign and the rest of it but I want To go this guy this is Tim Ballard and I Covered this in a very long video Yesterday but YouTube recommended this Video And it was something that I kind of Alluded to but I wanted to cover here Briefly before we get into the the other Funny stuff another time okay but the Point I'm making is I had to study their Literature this was a this was a Political platform this is a political Party and what I started recognizing is I I named them the I don't know it's Like I call the pedophile Network Doctorates okay like they include things

Like separate children from parents Because parents are bad influence the State knows best sexualized kids let Them see pornography too three take God Out of Education because that just gets In the way and And kids can set consent consent Children can consent to anything at 12 Years old they should be able to vote They should do anything now what am I Seeing here I'm I'm my stomach is Getting sick because I'm reading this I Read this every day it's still woke left Agenda I'm not saying that they're colluding or Talking it doesn't matter it's the same Dark source All right okay so the one the reason I Want to show you this is because I was Talking about how this movie was made he Um Sounds of Freedom was made to Target Right-wing people And you know if you were gonna combat This because this is a big issue for Lots of people that truth community This the you know the uh human Trafficking especially to do with Children And it's become something that the right Has become obsessed with But the right-leaning people over History The people in America the the more

Militaristic the you know a lot of this Had to do with very conservative Religious people who thought they were Superior to The Indians and the slaves and Native The native peoples of the slaves Came over here to America And committed brutal human trafficking Offenses and liberals have been you know The party or the the people pushing Against human rights pushing for human Rights over the years traditionally And the Republicans are saying no no you Know ignoring these things and the Claims are false and you know back when You were in power when the conservative Party was in power They did a lot of atrocities And they're incremented atrocities all Over the world and this is where the CIA And you know the the Hoover years of the FBI and the you know stuff that the Kennedys were fighting against In terms of the you know intelligence Community and these things And taking down governments and doing All these things that you know all the Right-wing warhawks and the you know the Um very recently the neoconservatives And you right-wing conservatives didn't Care about that you didn't think about These people you didn't think about you Know Bush droning people or the legal Wars and going over and getting these

Guys and all this stuff all the Atrocities that are committed in the Iraq War and Afghanistan and the the Stuff done in Libya the you know all the Conservatives that voted for this Republicans You know pro war Pro military industrial Complex and the right-wing people didn't Care about that but something happened Where pizza the pizza thing happened and All of a sudden right-wing people cared About abuse and as RFK said about the Democratic Party That they decided that anything Trump Was for they would be against and the People that supported Trump and then all Of a sudden conspiracy theorists became Right-wing and not you know there's lots Of liberal truthers But they just became a you know a Stereotype and so there's this idea in This movie and the people watching the Movie That this is the movie that liberals Don't want you to see and you know There's been some Talk about the movie In the left in the media whatever and This idea that this is being you know Suppressed in so many by the liberal Community But the liberal Community is turned off To any of these accusations or Theories or legitimate evidence that's

Put out about child trafficking that Comes from the right because they don't You know they believe everything that You say and think and do is evil and you Believe the Liberals are evil the Liberals have their own human race Beliefs that are verbalized in the woke Movement That are about racism and feminism and Things like this that have some basis in Truth right That when the right was in power The conservatives were in power They were prejudiced against these Various groups right this is going back To the commenter you know this is the Person like accusing me of You know these things because he Believes I'm a right-wing person And you know they're imagining imagining Things that don't exist because it Always goes in that direction right Where they you know some of there's a Basis and truth of it there was of Course slavery There was racism there's legitimate Things that happened but then there's Stuff that just gets made up and Exaggerated and the right dismisses all The woke agenda just like the left Dismisses all this QB you know save the Children agenda and you know if you Wanted to accomplish either one of these Things

You need to pull the other side in But you just believe the other side is Evil and you're so much better and you Can't work with them and so you know the Only option is to impose your will on Them either politically or or more Drastic measures but none of that Stuff's going to work so as a divided Country you can do nothing As a divided people you know when I was Going through the divorce Maybe about a year or two before It fully sort of started to kick in I Knew my ex and I's view of reality The very fabric of reality Was different like we would have events That would happen Interactions that would happen And her side of the story and my side of The story Were like completely different I mean Even the the you know the physical Things that might happen or words that Were said or whatever it would be like a Completely different account You know you you were watching the same Movie I mean we had the same experience But our internal interpretation of that Experience was completely different In our memories of events like she would Describe things and I was like that Didn't happen like that at all right and I knew that we were doomed because our Realities were different

I mean our little experience of reality Our physical life was completely Different I mean in an extreme sense That's what happens in so many divorces And things like this that you become so Soured on the other person You start making things up or Exaggerating things are you embellish Things in your mind and you talk and you You know present yourself as such a hero And justify your own Actions and what you're doing and you Demonize the other person and everything That they're doing is evil everything That you're doing is good you know this Is what's happening here in America with These two groups and if you really cared About these kids You would find a way to connect with the Liberals maybe not the people in power And the you know the evil ones or the Ones you know just like with the Conservatives But average people that you know that You could reach and talk to instead of Trying to you know mansplain your Reality to them as they woman explain Their reality to you And you know you're never going to get Anywhere that way and I'm not saying to Do that I'm saying if you really care That's what you would do Because by Demonizing the left like this guy is Doing

And making it more about oh you gotta You know destroy this ideology and this Political movement You're not going to do it right it's the Power is going back and forth the power Is shifting a little bit more to the Right right now But you know the Liberals still have Social media and all these things And it's just going to go back and forth And the agenda is going to go through Because you guys hate each other so much You can't block it And the only way to block the agenda and I don't believe it can be done I don't Believe it can be saved but the only way To block it is to you know do what I'm Saying but you're not going to do that Because you're prejudiced right you're Prejudiced against these people your Hatred for the left Will never you know allow you to to do What's necessary for the kids that you So desperately claim you want to save Right so this is what I was talking About the sound of freedom you know that This is a you know it's a joke right It's not a it's a right wing you know It's it's feeding your belief system That the left is evil and you have to Save the kids and you'll never save them As long as we're a divided country so Let's move on to the morning Joe thing So Mika goes off

And I think it's in this this is the Highlights from They're showing July 12th and when it's Going around the internet but it's only Partial It's only Mika yelling at the White House staffers But this is the beginning of it where They acknowledge this guy um Whatever his name is uh They might tell you but he's um A famous columnist for the I believe Boston Globe some paper in Boston And they're finally acknowledging Don't tell me don't care they'll need to Know and They're finally acknowledging Joe Biden Is old yeah I think the plan is for the President and his campaign is to more More or less own his age own the fact That he's 81 own the fact that he you Know he doesn't run as fast as he used To he doesn't look as as agile as he Used to because of his age uh he has a Troubled foot uh that makes his walk Look a little more lame than he is Actually It look makes it look worse than it is No it is that bad He walks like that he walks like he's an Old conjure because he's old And he's got dementia like you we've Known this for a while they're going to Own his age like that's a good thing

Because the guy is clearly Fallen apart Right they're finally acknowledging his Age so these guys are acknowledging his Age right they've all we've all known He's old and you know there was a guy um I talked about this before when I was in India There was a guy who we went to visit an Ashram in Hydro Hyderabad right Where before they built the big Ox from Kana that they have now And some guy arranged us to meet some Old guy Who took us around he had two kids who Were in America and they built these Incredibly cool houses these guys were You know millionaires in America and There was some Red Rock Some nice like you know Hills with some Red Rock And the house had one of the walls was The Red Rock itself they built the house Right into the mountain you could put Your hands on the rock it was cool you Know it was it was just naturally Cooling the house in a hot place in Hyderabad And they had an indoor pool and Beautiful houses and we went to this Guy's house really nice guy and he took Us for a walk And at one point he slipped you know we Walk into he was you know walking very Agiley through the the mountains and he

Slipped and he fell and he bounced right Back up And I was like man like you know I would Have been hurt by that fall you know This is back 10 years ago or whatever it Is you know God I mean it was uh like 2000 and you know 13 or 14 maybe and so Um 10 years ago and so the guy says um You know how old I am and I go no And he goes 90. his wife was in a Wheelchair and pretty much incapacitated He goes I'm 92. I'm like what And so you know we couldn't believe he Was this young he he moved like somebody In there you know 40s and he looked like Maybe he was 60. Um but he was 90. and he said that he Had met the second master the system Bob As he was in a car with him and the car Um uh you know the guy made some sort of Quick turn and Bobby lost his balance They put his hands on him and he said You know I felt this jolt and I'm like I Was wondering if that would happen but Either way people age differently right People age you know there's some people 70 or 80. they're still pretty uh alert But Joe Biden isn't one of them he's Been deteriorating since he was vice President he hasn't aged well and I Don't know if he's alcohol and drug Abuse or just his genetics you know he's Passed the death age the average Lifespan in America is 79

And he's passed it right and so you know He's not going to make it through his Presidency his second term he wouldn't He's going to be mentally incompetent so So far so bad that they won't be able to To hide it And you know these guys are finally Acknowledging that that they got a turd On their hand Which is this guy's had dementia for Years and they just wanted to get rid of Trump and now they're stuck with this Guy because they don't have anybody else And Kennedy's breathing down their heels It's a complete nightmare for them right But at the end of the day given his age Given his vast experience in government Given his knowledge of the presidency Given the record that he has achieved Which arguably is better than Barack Obama's first term uh I think that's What he has to campaign on own your age Say things like you know hey when Washington crossed the Delaware I was There to help pull those votes in that's How old I am he's got a really Look at me listen to Mika gackle in the Back on his age and he can do it and if He ends up doing it properly Mike Barnicle I think his name is from script From his birth in Scranton Pennsylvania Telling his life story in the shorter Version his life story or other people's Life story you know because he's told

Other life stories that aren't his which One are you talking about in a briefer Version than he's usually used to Telling it he can then say I am you I am The American citizen that you are you Can't say that because not everybody's a Snooze or sneezer groper lifelong Politician you know he only he only held One job Like he has been a politician his whole Life You know I guess he was a lifeguard for A little bit you know that that creepy Story But he his Adult Career he you know got Elected at an early age in Delaware and He's been a senator and then a vice President now president ever since I have I have I have that I couldn't afford I have Maybe almost had cars repossessed I put Yeah none of that stuff happened kids Through school I've carried the weight Of an addicted child I've lost oh my God Yeah You know who brought in lots of money For me with his his foreign deals some Children I've lost two children I know The pain that you feel on a daily basis I'm Joe Biden [Laughter] Exactly I I can't agree more on that Focus group really reflected like what a Conversation we might have had with

Friends across a dinner table or you Hear across the country people who Really care about him think he's doing a Great job and he's going to be 82 when He's running and Um it'll be 86 at the end of his Presidency he's just too old and you Know he wasn't too old when he ran in 2019 I couldn't believe they were Running this guy and I thought they were Going to give him covet or get get an Easy out because I didn't think he was Capable of beating Trump but even if he Was then what are they going to do then The guy was wandering around this stage Challenging people but there's a Conversation I've showed this many times Before I'm not going to show it here but It's after he called that guy fat and he Challenged that guy to a push-up contest He was having a conversation with this Nice you know reporter from PBS one of Those ASMR talking oh Mr President you Know one of those you know soft talkers And she asked him about the way he Behaved and he stuck his finger in her Face and he went off even though she Asked in the most gentle terms a Question that should have been asked and He starts screaming at her and she's Like you know what are you doing like in Like he kind of came back but he was Yelling at her and I'm like oh he's Having it that's what happens when your

Brain breaks down You know I could read all the symptoms I'll do that later on all the symptoms That show that a person has dementia and He has all of them they get angry Without explanation and they you know They're just lost he wandered around Stage and so that was you know going to Be four years ago we saw the we saw he Was clearly having signs of dementia It's gotten worse ever since and then They expect him to go another four years It's not just going to happen right they Have nothing that you know they have no Plan here Camel is a nightmare then they bring in Everybody else right and once they do That they open it up to Kennedy and you Know Joe Biden was only pulling 20 when He won you know when they fixed the Primary for him Kennedy would have a lot More support he would have the all the Bernie Sanders support and all these Things right Um so and they don't want that they Clearly don't and so there are really Box themselves in it's like the end of The democratic party going down with This geriatric M and effort right it's Interesting you mentioned he has the Foot problem this is a man who grew up With a stutter all those things if You're I don't know on One show on he's A Serial groper and sniffler and

Snoozeler snooze you're going to focus On that he fell off Whatever it is and and make it a Shoe I've said this before to all liberal People would you would you have this guy Drive your kids in a school bus If your kids were getting on a bus and You saw this guy And you know saw the way that he carried Himself Would you allow him to drive him on the Bus he's not mentally competent he Should be retired he's past the age of Retirement he should retire look at this Guy you talk to Democrats who have voted For him before and look at the Alternative Susan Page look at the Alternative Right well there's multiple Alternatives There's also Kennedy but that's it right The whole case for Joe Biden is Trump And if Trump Goes to Jail then it's time To retire this guy right Um and they they set it up so that Trump Like based on what they have now Trump Should go to jail The alternative is the same age maybe One or two years younger it's not like Donald Trump if he wins the nomination Is some spring chicken yeah but he's Doing a lot better than Joe Biden which Shows you they cut this part off of the Highlights but I have it here

And so this is Mika yelling at the White House staff after that segment you sure Make sure he doesn't fall on a sandbag And I blame the staff for that I mean These are the things that are going to Hurt him these are things that are going To be played on a loop so do a better Job because you can't have these video Images of the president tripping or the President like going the wrong way it's Not going to You can't have these video images of President trippy to go the wrong way Like they're just they're admitting he Has dementia he wanders around he's lost So these are saying she's saying doing a Better job of handling him we're Age is going to Make sure he gets from one place to Another he can handle the presidency you Have to handle his schedule and where he Goes He can't handle the presidency he's got Handlers and she knows it and his Handlers they want to like put him on a Puppet stream with marionettes and roll Out body doubles I mean like it's just That bad you know Reagan had Alzheimer's Last couple years in office his son has Admitted it but everyone knew it and They would put him out and he would like You know Bruce Willis They put him like in a pair of jeans as John Kerry said like there was a leaked

Audio John Kerry talking about how they Rolled Reagan out in a pair of jeans and A cowboy hat and they waved to everybody Like they said you know they prompted Him to wave God knows where he even Thought he was and his mind was gone and For two years we didn't have a president Like they were just running the thing With a guy with Alzheimer's which is you Know pretty close to the actual what Happens there right and so all these Things are lining up to screw the Democrats like they're in bad shape they Don't have an alternative they you know Want to make JoJo's age you know Normalize it but you know you should Have done that when he was running Against Trump because he was showing Signs of dementia then And people can choose to see it or not Like you know but it's if they get rid Of trump then this is a no-brainer oh You know you know because Trump is the only reason that people are Willing to vote for Joe Biden for most Of them because they don't want Trump Right that's you know if he got that Many votes and you know there's uh you Know I don't want to get into a whole Thing about that but if they he got 80 Million votes it was anti-trump votes it Wasn't Pro Joe Biden votes so going into This thing with um Robert Kennedy Jr and Piers Morgan now

Piers Morgan is one of the people I Dislike the most He was on the Celebrity Apprentice he Was unlikable then and he just became More unlikable he did that you know that Interview with Alex Jones which is a Disaster for the tourist Community but That was Alex fault but Paris is Arrogant obnoxious and just everything About the guy And he did a much better job than Bill Maher like me and my wife were Commenting he was this interview is Better than Bill Mars it's still there's Still plenty of peers But Bill Maher like you know wrecks Whole stories that we want to hear the End of and things like that right But this is something that you know I Talked about I was able to see and I Want to talk about that next yeah let's Show you the clip here first right I Mean yeah yeah we were we were trained To argue Um and my my grandfather did that with His nine kids It would make them you know every night At the dinner table take office and sit Opposition I'll do that with my kids I Think it's healthy yeah so I'm going to Explain this in a moment but my wife and I were listening to this and why we are Listening to Kenny in the first place I Said this is the kind of family he grew

Up in you guys who watch my videos will Remember me saying this is like three or Four videos ago I'm not going to find it But somewhere I want to talk about that Because it's important The the cash and prize of the Connections that you have in the acts as And the education and then it's you know I have 11 brothers and sisters and 29 Cousins and we all Love each other and you argue a lot Right I mean yeah we were we were Trained to so you know I said all this I Talked about Kennedy's education I said this to my wife why ever listen To him I said this is the kind of Education he's had this is kind of Family had I brought up the the movie Mr Fantastic you guys might have heard me Say this and I never heard that like I Didn't hear that I didn't know much About the Kennedy's upbringing I don't Know that much about the Kennedy family You know I got a sense of them but Hearing him talk you know there's these Intellectual families and I realized That this is what he grew up in I Described exactly what he said later and This appears Morgan and the information Just comes to me And you know I have some Talent some Ability I have some training and I've Worked at this to some extent I do it as A job so it you know becomes

Better and you know more fine-tuned as I Get older and do more of it until you Know I get you know older and older and Then it'll be maybe something different Right My brain still is sharp and you know I Have this other ability and it's been You know completely enhanced by doing The massage Mark practice of meditation And information just comes to me and it You know I just let it flow through And I say it I just you know whoever Comes through it's not exactly like Chan Lean or whatever and whatever abilities I have in that it wouldn't be nearly as Good if I didn't have the connection I Get from massage Marg meditation right But it's there and when people write me Comments or you know whatever it might Be This will often happen or I'll have to Make a decision about something and the Information will just flow and I'll know Exactly what to do And this has happened over and over Again people will say something you know I'm not pointing this out to say oh I Was right because you know there's Something More Comprehensive going on here But it's a way of living your life and Connecting to the source which you know The Divinity within you and and God and

You know your soul and all these things The spiritual aspect of your life and Allowing information to flow through and Having you know a different way of Making decisions without necessarily Doing physical research and things but I Just know stuff like I can read people I Can read situations and I just you know I'll look at a picture of somebody or I'll see somebody and I'll just you know I'll know everything about them like I'll know you know everything that God Shows me right like they'll be all right This is what this is right And you know the accuracy of it is you Know I mean it's almost I guess perfect Right you know my my ability to Interpret it might be you know I might Make a mistake here or there not really Care or be sloppy with it or whatever But the information coming through is Pure and when you do this this way it's You know it's so much easier and and so Much better and there's a flow to it Like this Kennedy interview came at the Same time right and you know you're Opening up to all possibilities and Getting rid of your pre-conceived ideas And letting Divinity show you what Actually happens the second master of The massagemark system Babaji had an Operation where they gave him I want to see ether or I don't know if It's some kind of anesthesia and it

Wiped out his memory and you know he was Somebody who didn't really read because He didn't want to take other people's Opinions so when he asked the question He was in this state of innocence and God would show him the answer You know he was in this spiritual state Of Innocence which is like the the sort Of you know ultimate version of this Right where you you don't have any Preconceived ideas or prejudices of your Own you let the information flow right As opposed to this person who wrote the Comment earlier And the people who were you know talking About um You know the uh you know who left Comments about my original video on my Other channel about the sound of Freedom You know I know what you're thinking I Know you know I know like this person Who left a comment about me stereotyping Maddie Hassan and being you know somehow Subliminally racist or consciously Racist or prejudiced Was pinhole pinholing and prejudice Against me Saying I was part of a right-wing you Know former European uh you know Prejudice racist anti-muslim group which People know you guys know I'm not but That person just made that up either Intentionally to troll me Which I don't think was the case

Because I don't get people on the left Like this right this person watched Numerous of my videos And then you know was Coming up with this scenario that they Made up inside themselves with their Preconceived prejudices And either you know intentionally or Unintentionally Drop this you know narrative That has no basis in reality right There's nothing you know even a little Bit true about it something they Completely made up and then accused me Of doing the same thing right like They've put me in a box of you know Right wing whatever it is and instead of Really understanding where I come from And listening to videos and you know It's above his level like the videos That I produce the Consciousness in them Is above his level a level of Comprehension But he wanted to look down on it when he Should be looking up right and not Because um you know whatever I am is Because I do something That has genuine spiritual connections Real life connecting to the soul and the Divinity and it you know it manifests in Ways that you can see like those of you Who saw my video that I'm talking about Where I you know said what exactly Kennedy's family was and I talked about

His education the kind of person I said You know they sit around the dinner Table you know I said those very words You know the image the idea appeared to Me they sit around the dinner table and You know like he said he was in Cape Cod Where it was like a family base Cape Cod Is a beautiful place like you know I Think it's an island uh I don't know I've been there I think we crossed a Bridge I've been there you know I was Younger and it's you know where rich People live like the Hamptons in New York but kind of even nicer It's on the ocean And they all live there and they come Together and you know they would sit Around the dinner table and they would Take different sides and debate the Issues to train their minds and their Skills right And it's gonna so it serves Kennedy well In his ability to You know dust these other candidates That's why they don't want to debate Them because he's trained from his you Know at a very young age and then his Life as a lawyer to argue these things And these people are just putting out Lies they know that they're you know They're just Shilling for positions that You know since the media doesn't call BS On them they get away with it right Um you know but now it's all coming

Around because at some point JoJo Magoo Will be incapacitated and you know he Can't campaign he couldn't campaign in 2019 they hit him away because of covid In 2019 and 20. and you know in 20 not 19 but they hit away in Coven when he's Running against Trump he had a couple of Debates he gave him the you know the JoJo Magoo talky pills like that that Little meme I show you of Kyle Kyle Dunagan's you know Jojo magu is because Talking pills right he takes pills for Clarity you know they have enough Medical Uh abilities to give him Lucid moments You know when he needs to but he can't Be taking that stuff all the time Spirit Has drastic side effects And you know he's falling apart he's got That that weird walk now he's got that Little old man Shuffle and Mika's Blaming him for you know not you know Blaming the people around don't put Sandbags in front of them you know the Guys just he can't do it like he's not Going to make it to the Finish Line Right and when Kamal is their their next Best thing and she sucks and then they Have all these other guys right Newsome In California Some of these other guys that you know They're just unlikable so then they get Stuck with Kennedy and then what do they Do with Trump right okay so I'm gonna

End this thing here I have to go back And do a pre-introduction about the Island boys because I'm getting Messaged all over the place Um I've been reading the things when I Go through and edit this and you know I'm getting some comments most of them Agreeing about this film Uh but some of them you know whatever Um and I'll probably cover some of those Other comments in my video on my other Channel you know the Apocalypse Now Thing But anyways that's enough for now only Spiritual value will save this world It's Paul Romano definitely important From the apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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