Hunter & JoJo gotz problems bro

Hunter & JoJo gotz problems bro

Greetings brothers and sisters for the Past month or so I've been moving Towards making content ahead of time And so I often miss out on Smaller stories or topical stories So I'm just going to put this up today I've already put up a video here today But hunter Biden indicted on gun charges GOP Republicans argue indictment should Have gone further Legal experts say charges against Hunter Biden are real are rarely bought brought Our turbine faces up to 25 years in Prison Here are the details of the charges Here's the article here The Covenant here on You know NBC News and then um The New York Post Hunter Biden indicted On three new counts of illegally Possessing a firearm while addicted to Drugs After plea deal collapses here they're Covering it on Fox And so this is The start of something with Hunter bite Right This is the start of What could be a long list of criminal Charges against him And things are closing in on him and JoJo Magoo There was one other thing that I want to Show you with this

One of my viewers sent me this um today On a Facebook message And Kristen uh Glenn casler from The Washington Post had a fact check about Joe Biden from earlier this month Noting that Hunter bite admitted in Court in July that he was in fact paid Substantial sums from Chinese companies Kessler wrote Hunter Biden reported Nearly 2.4 million in income in 2017 and 2.2 million in income in 2018 most of Which came from Chinese or Ukrainian Interests but and this directly goes Against what Joe Biden said in the Debate in 2020 with Donald Trump take a Listen My son has not made money in terms of This thing about what are you talking About China would you none of that President he made a fortune in Ukraine In China So it's from two different debates but I Mean Trump was right so this is from Morning Joe I have my concerns David Ignada ignatus who cares how to Pronounce it says Biden shouldn't run Again Um this is the most pro-biden show On the internet as far as the you know Mainstream media as far as I know She has just slathered all over Joe Biden in his accomplishments I mean They're really bad they're the worst as Far as I know as far as I've seen

But they are you know true uh Biden fans And this is what they're saying let's Bring in columnists the associate editor For the Washington Post David Ignatius Well David there it is Ignatius Jeff Official Washington This looked like he just took a nap He's talking uh certainly the White House talking your latest opinion piece In the Washington Post also as my wife Talking David and I don't know that You'd like to hear what she has to say But you you may go ahead the piece is Entitled President Biden should not run Again in 2024 and in it you write quote Biden wrote his political Testament in His inaugural address when our days are Through our children and our children's Children will say of us they gave their Best they did their Duty they healed a Broken land Mr President maybe this is That moment when Duty has been served What like come on you're saying Biden Did he's saying he did his best this is His best Biden would carry two big liabilities Into a 2024 campaign he would be 82 when He began a second term and according to A recent Associated Press norc poll 77 Percent of the public think he is too Old to be effective for four more years Because of their concerns about Biden's Age voters would sensibly focus on his Presumptive running mate Kamala Harris

She is less popular than Biden with a 39.5 percent approval rating according To polling website 538 Harris has many Laudable qualities but the simple fact Is that she has failed to gain Traction In the country or even within her own Party I hope Biden has this conversation you Know I mean they're in a disaster Situation which makes me kind of giddy Not that it makes a difference not that I want Trump But I you know this is great Conversation with himself about whether To run and that he levels with the Country about it It would focus the 2024 campaign who is The best person to stop Trump that was The question when Biden decided to run In 2019 and it's still the essential Test of a democratic nominee today Um so David what are you really saying Here because if you look at Biden's Track record And the fact that he has beaten Trump I Don't know why you would question his Ability to beat him again Um there are other presidents who are Later in years including uh the Republican presumptive nominee is this Really about Kamala Harris Hahaha She's really upset she's trying not to Show it

So Mika you've summarized my argument What led me to write this piece Um just right I admire many things that President Biden has done in domestic Policy I do think that that Legacy and At the center of his legacy is the fact That he's that he stopped Trump he Stopped him in 2020 he stopped Trump Supporters in the midterm elections uh He's mobile he didn't do that he didn't Do any of that right he did none of that Right Whatever they did was about let's say Joe Biden legitimately had those votes Not saying he did it or didn't doesn't Matter It wasn't votes for him we know there Was no support he there's no enthusiasm Behind him you know the people Would have voted for him because they Hated Trump there's lots of people hate Trump And so I believe it's possible that Joe Biden could have actually beat him just Because of how many peoples hated Trump And how for four years they made it they Made it their mission you know after the Post covert thing and all these things As well you know everything that was Happening then to get rid of trump or Whatever that was you know who knows With how you know whatever But had nothing to do with Biden Biden Has not been a competent leader nobody

Really can believe this guy's running Things in fact part of his um His appeal was that he wouldn't try to Do it all himself like Trump was seen as Somebody Who had gone Rogue and wasn't being Handled wasn't being controlled wasn't Being presidential and that Biden would You know he says all the time I'll get In trouble with my handlers I mean he Doesn't say handlers but you know that's You know so the best you could say about Biden was he was a game manager Uh like a quarterback that doesn't turn The ball over You know but it's in a star like Somebody who goes out there and plays Solid football but that isn't a star Right but that isn't you know that is Inaccurate right because he did turn the Ball over he's a walking calf he's shot Himself in the foot and he's had four Years of a bad presidency And it's going to be hard to sell this Guy again like everybody sees it but Kamala is way worse nobody's ever like Kamala Kamala would have never been as Successful as Biden he shows her because He committed to Choosing a woman and then choosing a Woman of color Those were things he promised as his Running mate and she was the best choice Because of all the different

Demographics that she represents but Nobody likes her like she just doesn't Isn't liked even in her own demographics Right he's blatantly unliked and she has Zero chance of winning election on her Own And so it would be a disaster for them If Biden was around for a couple years He died and they had Kamala and then They went to run her again And you know I mean things would go South on her so quickly And she would be more hated than Hillary Clinton she is Hillary Clinton in a Kamala Harris suit why is the justice Department that is now bringing Trump to Accountability I I worry that all those Achievements are at risk and it seemed To me through this summer I haven't gone Anywhere in the country I haven't talked To any group of people Where this issue of whether President Biden should run again hasn't been a Centerpiece conversation it doesn't get Into the the newspapers it doesn't Doesn't get much on TV except Fox News Which is obsessed with it and I thought That it was time to to raise that Question uh and you know why why aren't People asking a legitimate president a Legitimate question Not a legitimate president a legitimate Question that this guy is too old and he Seems senile like he seemed like he

Hasn't mention now I mean he has Something he's deteriorating and even 2018 He was deteriorating that he should have Never Been the nominee and they forced him as The nominee right and now it's coming Back to bite him in the ass and they Don't know what to do about it and now That this is out there and they're Covering it on MSNBC and all this other Stuff You know it's not going away right Um I'll revisit this maybe let's see What If um Mika gets into it here It talks a lot about Trump but when it Comes to Joe Biden people say man he's Too old to run isn't he I mean he's not Gonna he's not really gonna every disco When I say every discussion I don't mean 99 of the discussions every discussion We got it I asked Reverend Al and he was Hearing it all the time on our show this Past week he's hearing it as well so you Know we often will it's a huge liability And they don't need to keep him right Because he was never a star He never was popular He never was somebody that people were Like their first choice You know he's like a backup College like He's a backup school right back up

Quarterback like he's The person that you get stuck with you Know like because your first choice Didn't want you right I've been covering Hunter Biden now for A while and I enjoy his existence like He's made me happy a lot Because he's the most successful Crackhead He's the crackhead of a former vice President and a current president And you know all of it elephant that's Hunter Um you know him being a painter him Impregnating a stripper named Dallas From Arkansas and that whole thing I Mean it's just funny A lot of funny a lot of great things a Lot of you know moments of truth and how Much they've covered all this up and How embarrassing it is for them to be Them right you know like the mainstream Media and all of them and this doesn't Vindicate or validate Trump let's make That clear Trump is his own scumbag Trump has his Own scumbag children and he's got his Own uh scun bag son-in-law and they made Bank under Trump's presidency Trump and His family made out On his presidency and nobody's Challenging that like nobody's going After that And the fortune that he made they're

Going after more Petty things with Trump Just like they're going after more Petty Things With Hunter Biden But the walls are closing in on jojo Magu because you know the only thing They could do Is pretend that this stuff wasn't ever Going to happen that you know if they're Calling Trump a criminal well now Joe Biden's son's going to be a criminal Right I mean this is Criminal behavior That Biden's associated with there would Mean he lied about the criminal Behavior He's got multiple aliases there's now an Impeachment on him and they can say it's All right-wing motivated but Democrats 33 percent of them are in favor of Jojo Magu running and 66 percent of them are Not And that is an overwhelming majority of Just Democrats that say nothing about Independence right If they could pull Trump I mean that Would be the wise things for the Republicans Because anybody else would beat Biden And practically anybody else Because he's just not there and so then They look down the the line and you know Kennedy's now talking about Ryan as an Independent which I'll cover in a couple Days or whatever that is But he's talking about running as an

Independent and you know if they open This up and Biden has to withdraw then They have a real primary and Kennedy Gets to debate and you know this um one Guy who would probably be their best bet Gavin Newsom who's a done a disastrous Job he can't run on his record in California But he's much more uh you know like a Smooth talker He's going to be more likable than Kamala But he said he wasn't going to run the Comma was next in line and so if Kamala Is there is their guy right I mean That's a disaster And you know so the walls are kind of Closing in on them and they're starting To admit that this guy shouldn't run People are all talking about they're Saying right in terms of you know all These MSNBC reporters they're all Whispering about this and you know it's About perception and the perception is He's too old should run and he could Still maybe squeak by about you know and Win against Trump but that's you know Giving what whatever directly whatever They're able to do to rig it you know I Don't even see how that's A possibility as much this time and it's Going to become more and more like this Guy said about Kamala and they all are Acknowledging it finally

You know reality like we all knew about This five years ago And now they're finally saying yeah this Is true which is what always happens Right and so that's great so I just want To do a short video here Um you know especially when the Democratic party is up against it Because how bad they suck it not that I'm a republican not that I want Trump Because I don't but you know I certainly Want to see this stuff happen Only spirituality will save this world It's Paul remodel definitely important For the apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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