How to sign up for Youtube Channel Membership on an Iphone?

How to sign up for Youtube Channel Membership on an Iphone?

Okay greetings brothers and sisters a Number of viewers said they were they Didn't find a join button on their um IPhone And the YouTube app and they asked me How they could join with an iPhone And I have no idea because I do Everything on desktop So I searched for it and somehow I put a J instead of an H And membership and this is what I came Up with This is the video I like the best Um there is if you if you spelled it Correctly Well here I guess they put that video up But I'll leave a link in the description Box to this video some of the other Videos they have a music and it's Annoying it's a little bit off-putting But the explanation is the same and what You have to do is You have to not use the YouTube app Because that won't work you have to go To a browser and open the browser uh you Know open YouTube on the browser then You have to click on this drop down menu Here this um this double hit the double A here in the address bar and you have To request desktop website uh version on Your phone of YouTube and then you have To go to my channel and the join button Should appear And so that's the explanation that I was

Given Um you can look at this video it starts About one minute in or you can search it For yourself and these videos come up The explanation is the same on Um all the videos and so you know that's How you do it uh so I was trying this on My iPhone and I'm not a good phone Person I tried it on Safari I tried on Google Chrome and it didn't work it kept On taking me back to either to the app Or there was no address bar so I guess You're supposed to type which I tried YouTube into the address bar And then I never found the the address Bar on my you know on the phone on the Browser so you know if people have Comments or explanations on how to do This because I couldn't do it you know I Couldn't even get to I couldn't get to the you know this dot This stage maybe people will be better At this than I am so Um but please leave comments and or Links or whatever YouTube videos that Explain how to do this Um so I eventually um went back I did Find a way to open up the address bar And I got to YouTube and I got to the Um the browser the desktop version on my Phone And I still couldn't find the perk Button so I don't know like I said Hopefully people can leave comments here

And explain what to do Because I couldn't get it done Um you know it's just not very user Friendly but anyways people can leave Comments or maybe you know within a Community type situation People can figure out how to get this Done only spiritual value will save this World it's bar Romano definitely Important for the Apocalypse and the Ascension I will have a blessed day And be grateful

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