How the Bankers Daughter Taylor Swift Abuses her Fans

How the Bankers Daughter Taylor Swift Abuses her Fans

Okay greetings brothers and sisters I Want to keep this video Short um I've been reminding everybody To subscribe or hit the like button Because YouTube algorithms are already Rigged against me and other people so Much now that I need you know whatever Every little bit helps um before I get Into this thing with Taylor Swift you Know I had this realization I covered it In a long video here don't panic people And something to do with Taylor Swift Here U Taylor Swift the Banker's Daughter and I'm going to talk a little Bit about that here that I didn't you Know I kind of um buried that at the end Of the video it's a long video an hour Long it's an hour and 20 minutes long uh But I um you know I want to get into That in just a bit but I have all this Back loga content you know this video Took off a little bit it got 11,000 Views so far I just released this video Here and you know I have I'm going to Have four videos here I'm already in the Process of making a a video for my other Channel so you know I wanted to reduce The amount of content but it just hasn't Worked out that way um it's a way to you Know sort of uh bring back some of the The View count and things like this you Know the more content you produce the More that it YouTube penalizes you in Some you know bizarre way which I've

Talked about in the past but anyways Let's um move over to the Taylor Swift Thing here okay before we get started With the Taylor Swift thing just briefly Here you know I've been talking to YouTube Bots their Ai and you know many Of you guys have watched my recent Videos about this and you know it's just Not me it's all these people on YouTube It's just not truthers but they are Shadowbanning us and you know the Bots Were saying well we want you to succeed And we're sorry our policies are hurting Your channel and this kind of BS and we Don't have a a thing called Shadow Banning but they do and since I dialogue With them they're now sending out recom Mendations and they're sending out Notifications to my viewers um and I'm Getting more and more comments oh I Haven't seen you in years or YouTube Just send me a a notification remind me Of your channel I mean things like this Right and so it shows you that they're Shadow Banning because as soon as I said You're Shadow Banning me they started to Put a little bit more effort into you Know minimizing the shadow Banning but This was a great comment it's so fun When I receive a video suggestion from YouTube on the main page thinking it's a New video when it's two years ago it's Two years ago video from you that I Already watched I thought you were

Discussing again Bob Saget in June 2024 I was wondering why I thank YouTube for Their efficiency so this person was Recommended much more Bob saged it's Hilarious that people think I am still Mr Full House um I don't even know what That video is like I don't even remember That title or what it I have I you know I assume it has something to do with Bob Saget in Full House so anyways but let's Get into the Taylor Swift thing here so My wife and I watched this documentary On HBO Max which was about the conflict Between Taylor Swift and scooter Brum scooter Bram I've Covered here before he's a POS it isn't Like he's a good guy but you know and I I would assume that they're working Together it's two billionaires that work Together and collude into milk Taylor Swift's fans out of more money I don't Know if they had a real conflict or real Beef I doubt that they they did because All these things seem to be contrived And planned although scooter Bram and Taylor Swift to some extent scooter Bram More than Taylor Swift he took a beating In terms of His Image so you know who Knows what happened there but either way Taylor Swift used and abused her Followers the so-called swifties right When I was younger calling somebody Swift swift meant you're fat you're Smart like you're quick that you're you

Know clever um but when you call Somebody Swift or usually making fun of Them there's a way to call him stupid or Slow right oh you're Swift you know Something like this or you're a Swifty and so that's Taylor Swift's fans Right and she completely used them put Them In Harm's Way and also she you know Double dipped and and made them you know I mean all the way that she's abused Them financially And so they showed both Examples of you know they showed both Sides of the story Taylor Swift's side Of the story and scooter Bram and Scooter brom's side of the story looked A lot more legitimate as Taylor Swift Was caught lying over and over again so What this was about there was this big Machine records that was basically Started in Nashville and grew to be Successful as a multi-million dollar Company was sold to Brom for $300 Million because of Taylor Swift right And the company had Taylor Swift's Master recordings right and that you Know that's what these companies get and She got the music she got the publishing The the music the lyrics All the Things She Wrote you know all of it right so She retained rights to the musical Aspect they retained the master Recordings they were both receiving Royalties and she claimed that she

Wanted to buy the Master recordings but They made her an offer and she didn't Take the offer and so she said that she Was blindsided she found out the day That um everyone else did and Taylor Bram had you know sort of bullied her by Um posting a picture online and you know Representing Kanye West for a little bit And you know she said he bullied her and Was abusing her and she used the me tooo Movement to act like a victim again Hijacking that movement and talking About how women were abused and were Taken advantage by the record industry But we know that every music artist is Taken advantage by the record industry That's why these all these independent People now post videos on YouTube and Post their own you know they they don't They don't go through record industry Anymore there's all these Independent Artists and we saw what happened with Tom Petty and he sued his record company This happened over and over again all The way back to the the movie Cadillac Records it's well known that record Company Exploit and take advantage of their Artist right but she made it about Feminism she tried to invoke all of her Fans she told her fans to let Scooter Bram know and uh big machine records Know how she'd been mishandled and then She decided to re-record her master

Copies so that she would um then release Her own versions what she called Taylor's version and said that anybody Who's not listening to those is being Disloyal to Taylor and and so she Doubled down and made her followers by Extra music right um which is you know Let me get and break all these things Down so let's start off with her lies About saying that she was surprised well One of the things that was interesting In it was Taylor Swift's dad was a rich Wealthy banker and she came from Pennsylvania and lived in some upper Class neighborhood right from Rich you Know she's a banker's daughter and Nobody had has sympathy for bankers and Bankers daughter daughters and he used His you know leverage at work to get Reassigned from Pennsylvania to Nashville where he was able to help her Start her career and she signed with big Machine records he bought a 3% stake in The company so he was able to come up With a big chunk of money and when they Sold the company his 3% stake in the Company ended up being $15 million so D Got paid off $15 million from the sale Of this company and he sat on the board And would have known that they were Selling it to scooter Bram and presented No objections and Taylor was on board Like all these things and they released All these record these um contracts and

Emails and things and exchanges which Show that Taylor Swift was involved in The process didn't complain didn't say Anything and gave no objection and then Spazzed out afterwards and acted like a Victim like she's prone to do right and So the first thing was putting her fans In harm way now her fans started to Threaten the lives of scooter braah and His kids and to some extent the people That the the executives at this big Machine records and this is a problem Right so years and years ago people used To copy my full videos and often take Off my introduction so people would know Who who originated with and they would Put them up and monetize them and Sometimes YouTube would promote the copy Video I had a Beyonce video that got 250,000 views some Illuminati crap that I did years ago and then um some guy Copied it and it got 350,000 views you Know had to do with the Grammys and so You know it was I mean the money was Better at YouTube then and all these Things as well and so people were Stealing money from me and taking my Content right my creative process I mean Taking whole videos and so some guy took My video and I you know I put in you Know someone let me know I don't know How it worked out I mean somebody must One of my viewers must have tell told me And I you know followed a copyright

Complaint the guy got a copyright strike And apparently this guy was some Flat Earth truther that we had shared Audience that some of my viewers were Also his viewers and you know I was out And I had a little bit of a headache I Came home and I had like 3 50 500 Hostile comments from his viewers cuz he Made a video saying I was trying to take Down his channel and like you know all These things I didn't even know who he Was I had no idea like I didn't you know I I like he thought I knew who he was And his viewers thought I knew who he Was he posted some of his own content But a lot of his content was content That he so-called de mirrored or stole From other people right and he monetized My video as well as you know my wife Found another video on his channel that Was my video that he monetized right and So you know when you when you're dealing With all that hostility and all these People some of the people were my Regular viewers and it was a complete Punk [ __ ] move you know which I saw Because you don't put your viewers you You don't let your viewers fight your Battles for you you know all these People that send their viewers to attack Other people it's just a [ __ ] move and You know I made a several videos about This guy exposing his lies and saying You know what my side is story was and

You know it was whatever it was like I Lost some viewers and some subscribers But I was completely 100% the right I Wasn't trying to take down anybody's Channel he stole my video without my Permission and posted it and monetized And was making money off of it and he Had a couple of other copyright strike So this was the third one and so he was Trying to force me through using his Viewers to attack me in just a [ __ ] Way and putting them In Harm's Way and You know these types of things I mean Taylor Swift's viewers are so fanatical They were threatening what if someone Showed up and and shot scooter brah and His kids or something right like you Just don't do that and you know it's Something where she was lying Misrepresenting the truth and getting Her viewers to fight her battles for and So like that's just a cult leader that's What cult leaders do right the Banker's Daughter she'll always be known now to Me as Taylor Swift the Banker's daughter Right Tay Tay the Banker's daughter Because she comes from privilege she's Not a struggling artist she got you know Her break early in her life when she was A teenager she came from a privileged Family and she does nothing about whing About how the record industry in the World's rigged against her and other Women even though there's real women out

There suffering she piggybacked on the Me too movement to act like a victim and Then put her fans her Rabbid fans In Harm's Way and then she tried to Sabotage a business deal and they said You know there was it would hurt other Artists um you know this was something Where she was setting a precedent where These artists would re-record their Their Old Masters and then they would Get the royalties and the sales from the New versions and the people who owned The original Masters then that's you Know this that's um property that's you Know property that they owned like she You know she made a deal with them and This was you know her deal and her deal Was that big machine records had the Masters she could have bought them Outright but instead remade these Masters and it screwed over her fan you Know these many of them are struggling Poor people right who you know whatever It is right and they're having to Reby All their crappy music and we're talking About six albums and also she releases All these variants it's just way to milk Her fans again I don't know if scooter Bram was in on this but either way she's Just squeezing more money out of her Fans and her you know these kids who Their parents are paying for this you Know this music they already own right For records they already own the

Taylor's version and they feel disloyal And they're you know they're pretty Adamant about it if you're listening to The old Taylor Swift songs you're Somehow disloyal to her even though her Dad got paid handsomely millions of Dollars and she's spaking royalties off Off of the old records as well as the New records and they're being Financially strapped and she's trying to Squeeze them for everything they're Worth and I think her concert tickets Were too too Grand right weren't they I'll look that up real quick the average Um ticket cost was $1,088 um with or the average I guess Was ,200 and then there was the resale Right and so these tickets were I mean Costing their you know people of Fortune Right and she's a billionaire now and She's squeezing all of her followers I Mean it's just ridiculous over some like Minor little incident with you know this This guy right scooter Bram where she Said he was bullying her and you know It's nothing like most of these kids Experience on a daily basis in school or In the internet and the rest of it right So just a horrible person you know a Banker's daughter you know like I said a Billionaire and milking everything she Can out of them using them putting them In hara's way manipulating their Emotions and lying to them right I mean

She's lying to them about the you know What really happened here and there was Information out there contracts and Things and of course the kids aren't Going to read that all the things that Were proposed things that she would read Ahead of time she lied about being Blindsided she lied about having the Opport opportunity to buy these things For herself and then she made another Killing like she doubled down is making Money and she's undermining her contract And her commitment to this record Company that made her career right and Then using feminism and victim victim Consciousness to blame it all and act Like she's a victim like she always does Just a horrible person and then they Have all that demonic and satanic crap At her concerts and all these other Things you know people wrote to me oh She's a man you know that right like There was a comment you know she's a man Right and I go no you don't either right Like she possibly could be I'm not Ruling out that possibility and I'm R Not ruling out that she's a devil Worshiper or she Anton L's granddaughter But those things AR improvable but her Being a complete scumbag and cult leader To her fans and mistreating them and Using them and you know just I mean like A parasitic freaking nightmare sucking All the marrow their bones and you know

Making them buy multiple versions not Just the tailor version but also these Variant she releases of the same song Where they're buying you know songs over And over again from her right and so I Mean just a horrible human being and Then these fake relationships and all These other things all right so I just Want to do a quick update on that but Again this is Taylor Swift Taytay the Banker's Daughter and the way that she you know Abuses and mistreats her fans Okay so um today's Tuesday January 25th I'm going to add a little voice over Here um it's kind of interesting how YouTube's algorithms and their Shadow Banning and all these things play out And so since I engage with YouTube and I Just wanted to get them to admit you Know like whatever not admit because I Know they wouldn't but you know I said What I need to say to them but now I'm Getting all these people who haven't uh Listen to my videos or seen my videos in Years saying YouTube's recommending my Stuff and even some new people I'm Getting some uh normies coming in you Can tell by the comments and you know That's unusual that Happ hasn't happened In years but not to the extent it used To you know when I if I had made this Video four years ago you know and Everything was the same in terms of

Taylor Swift's population Arc but if I Made it four or five years ago there Were maybe eight years ago I don't even Know by now but back when my channel Used to get hundreds of thousands of Millions of views and of course my Videos are more sophisticated and more Intelligent than they used to be and so They used to appeal to more people Because there's a lot of dumb down People down there but when YouTube used To recommend my videos this video would Have got hundreds of thousands of views Maybe even a million views and so on a Much smaller level I saw this video take Off usually my videos are pretty much Done after the first day I get four or 5,000 views from my normal viewers and Then just you know once in a while There'll be some viewers trickling in But in the past I would have maybe two Or three days where the video would grow Sometimes it'd be a whole week where it Would take off even after a couple days It would you know make it into the Beast And it be recommended all over the place And you know some of my videos got up to Like over a million views my my biggest Video got 2 million views and so that Doesn't happen anymore so 12,000 views After a couple days the majority of Views came in after after day one which Is unusual so YouTube recommended this Video more than they've done in the past

And you know it made it into the the Whatever it is the you know sort of not Like it used to but I want to comment on That by saying it took me complaining to Them and interacting with them and Saying they shadowbanned me for them to And not just me but other people and how YouTube's policies you YouTube doesn't Like say all you're Shadow band they Just make their policies And their machine learning and their Algorithms naturally sift through and You you fall through the holes in their System and your channel drops right like It's they use a Civ and they bulk up the The other channels that they want so the Channels won't fit through the Civ and They have a way of you know this is just A metaphor but that's how they Shadow Band and so YouTube Knows who would want to watch my videos Like everybody who does every company Every organization that that collects Data has way to decipher data and they Know who to recommend my channel to There's people out there a very small Amount of people that would get my stuff It's like less than 1% 0.1% you know That's something like 10 million people I mean I don't know how many people not Everybody watches videos on YouTube I You know these things but there's Millions of people out there that could Be my potential audience and YouTube if

They were doing their job would find Those people which would be easy for Them CU they know where those people are They can tell by their all their data Collection the way they recommend things To you on Facebook when you're having Conversations and the way they spy on You like how many of us have had that Where you know for me I'm walking around With my wife and the pastor with only my Cell phone and we have a conversation For something and then I come inside and On Facebook or on YouTube or some social Media platform I'll get get an ad for That right like it's like how is that Possible right and so because they're Spying on you so they know everything And so there's people out there that They could connect me with and connect Them to my channel and they just simply Won't do that right and so you know it's Just fraudulent because it doesn't hurt Them to do that the people who believe In what I believe and it would make more Money for them I produce a lot of Content there's ads running on my Content it would be better for YouTube It doesn't hurt them to do it right just Recommend my videos to the small group Of people out there that would uh Connect with this content but you know That doesn't happen and not just for me Everyone and it's you know shows you That YouTube is tanking because it isn't

Really there's no benefit for them not Doing that right there's no benefit for It it would bring people who probably Don't go to YouTube very much to my Channel on a regular basis the people Who really like my stuff come every day And listen to it or at least whenever They're able to have the time to do it They listen to it there's you know 5,000 People or so who do that every day that Are engag with my channel and you Increase that up to even 100,000 people Or 200,000 people that would be Significant money for YouTube and more Uh you know that's just one small little Channel and there's so many people they Could do that for I mean if there was Any sort of functionality and it isn't Like you know my content or these other Content has any real threat to the System because people aren't rebelling You know I talked about that in another Video that people as long as there's Internet and food and you know Electricity and these things there's Going to be no real Rebellion there Might be some goofy protests here or There but the reality is you have a Pacified group of people and so you Might as well maximize your earning Potential but YouTube and these other Social media platforms refuse to do that And you know the truth Community is no Real threat to anybody I've said it

Before because there's lots of people That refuse to wake up and even if they Did even the people in the truth Community are still supporting the Beast They're still doing all the same things Everyone else is doing they might Complain about it or they might say hey Look at this evil stuff give me more of It Right look at this evil stuff give me More of it right so that's I the Majority of Truth PE truth people who Watch these videos still do all the same Things they're not willing to boycott Anything if they are it would be a small It's just not you know there's no There's no fangs in the in the truth Community right I mean Alex Jones is Like not really a truther but like you Know all the stuff that he did and all These really stupid rabbit fans you know All the people in the QB movement all The stupid cubies flat earthers all These things they didn't do anything Right there was no real Rebellion There's nothing they just make videos And talk about this stuff and it's just A place for people to vent and feel like They're part of a community and agree With each each other but they don't There's no re Rebellion or revolution Here and people are still going to Engage with the Beast they're still Going to use the economic system they're

Still going to participate they're still Going to have a job and all these things I mean if they have those things before Being woken up they're still going to do It and so it's like there's no reason Not to maximize that potential because It's not it's basically harmless but They're willing to make less money allow Their platform to implode YouTube and The rest of these social media platforms Rather than do something that has Nothing but upside and it just shows you How like everything is self- sabotaging All and and heading towards collapse Only spirituality will save this world It's Paul radoo definitely born from the Apocalpse in the Ascension everyone have A blessed day and be grateful

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