How AI & Social Media is ruining the Internet + Goulish Kennedy’s endorse JoJo & more

How AI & Social Media is ruining the Internet + Goulish Kennedy's endorse JoJo & more

Okay greetings brothers and sisters um I've had frustrating Experiences with Amazon with Verizon and now with YouTube mindboggling Incompetence that is seems to be related To Ai and the Bots and their you know Whatever it is their algorithms and Things like this and um UPS as well And so um I'm going to tell you some of Those Stories and you know things that are Supposed to expedite your life make your Life Move Along Faster Technology is taking longer right the One thing that you can say it does is It's faster and it's not and then all The other negative aspects of it so I've Been uploading these videos especially On my Apocalypse Now Channel where where It's Taking Um Days for them to check the video for Copyright Infringement um and I'll explain this Process in a moment but here's a Mike Tyson video I uploaded this about 2:00 Yesterday today is um almost 9:00 on Saturday April 20th and so Yesterday I uploaded this video and this Has happened to me now four or five

Times on both channels this channel more Than the Other uh but they're taking forever to To copyright something that usually Takes 10 minutes to comb through a video And see if there's any copyrighted Material it's now Taking a day or more which is a Nightmare um I'm going to get into all The things that suck about YouTube in a Moment okay I got a bunch of other stuff To get to but this is to me some of the Most important the most important issue Here in terms of what I do and what you Guys listen to or look for in terms of Information they have slowly Squeezed and Blocked and obstructed the flow of Information which I'll expand on I got To get through the stuff with Amazon and Uh Verizon and some of these other Things right uh but the AI and the you Know all of these things dehumanizing And disempowering human beings which I See more and more um and I'll tell you These stories right and these all Happened very recently it's slowing Things down which is ridiculous I'm Wasting more time on technology like you Have these high-tech TVs now with Computers on them and you know I have to Sign into these very you have to sign Into these various accounts occasionally They sign you out and there is is you

Know all this time that's wasted moving From one app to another you know like I Mean instead of having all your TV on One like cable you know cable network or Whatever moving from one app to another And then you know there just seems to be A lot of wasted time and they're taking Information and so they've just made it More complex it's actually more Cumbersome it's not it's not been Simplified It's not you know they they're always Trying to say they're giving you faster Internet like the difference between 5G And 4G is imperceivable for most of us But the amount of time it takes to do Everything now and to go around the Warped algorithms and the Machine Learning and the Agenda is quite cumbersome and YouTube Which you know is and I'll show you an Example of this in in a bit after I get Through the rest this has decided that You know Google has decided that their Search engines no longer are going to Give you what you want they're going to Tell you what you want you're going to They know they know what you want but They're going to give you something else You know I've talked about this I don't Know four or five years ago and it just Keeps on getting worse that you're You're searching for something but they Say no you don't want this you want this

Especially if you're a truther if you're Looking for alternative media they're Pushing forward forward these um what They call authoritative news they've Said it you know outright in various Places and they're you this is their way Of combating Disinformation and they're not giving You what you're looking for and that's Going to kill the internet you know That's killed the internet because you Know they have um a strangle hold on Information for one they have the number One search engine and two they have the Number one video platform and by by Doing that they have Obstructed the direction that humanity Is choosing to go and they're not going In you know we don't want to go in the Direction that they're all pushing us We're going in the opposite direction Towards critical thinking towards no Longer believing the official story Towards you know I mean all this stuff Right the spiritual movement and a Sovereignty where we're no longer just Being uh indoctrinated by some Heavy-handed religious Uh social psychological historic you Know Educational uh system run by the you Know intelligence Community to push us All in a certain you know into a certain Mold and so like there's where the

Internet's being destroyed I'll get into To the um the thing by uh Neil Degrassi Tyson where he thought AI was going to Destroy the internet because of deep Fake but it's just the opposite I mean Not that deep fake is deep fake is To those of you watch The Journey series And that takes me you know sometimes 12 Hours to upload and so upload speeds are A real problem and you know I looked Into Elon musk's internet and that Sucked it just didn't work it was really Inconsistent and um you know whatever And more satellites isn't going to make The world a better place you know if you Don't believe in satellites you don't Need to say Anything you know that's fine we Understand your point of view but this You know his internet works on Satellites and not on uh cell towers but Whatever because I have cell tower Internet now and so I tried Verizon and It was there were some issues with it You I first tried AT&T that didn't work Tried Verizon and it seemed to work Great at the beginning but now it just Cuts off all the time it just there's a Break in service and also the speeds are Very Inconsistent and so I um um call Verizon and they were going to send me a Different box like a different like Receiving box a mo a modem or wherever

These things are that receives the Signal from the cell towers and my Family you know was going on a trip and My son was going to fly and you know my Wife and I were Driving um which I don't want to get Into specifics here but the um he was Going to be at the house to be able to Hook up the internet so we'd have it When we got back because the person was In a foreign country and I didn't think She understood that I wanted to keep Both Services Open um for like a month to be able to Make sure the transition worked because Well the first box they sent me a box And I called this person up and they Checked the the uh the new modem and it Was one they discontinued and wasn't Supposed to be out there at all because It was inferior it was an older version And so when I attached it it worked Worse than the original one so I called Them up like WTF so I was on the phone With them for like already hours you Know there's language issues and people Not understanding things and you know it Was complex and I didn't ever have that With this local you know I had a local Internet that um uh you know our Neighbor has a tower it goes to their Tower and they've let us run the cable Off of it and that worked great for you

Know times but wasn't you know wasn't Very fast and there was like I said Issues with that but you know was always Breaking down but they at least get out There and fix it like we would lose Internet for a whole day sometimes right So there's all you know all of us and my Family use the internet a lot and my Wife and I work on the internet to you Know me so me more so but you know we Need it and so um the woman said she was Going to call me back you know I was Going to be on the road and I was going To tell my son you know pick up the Package um and you know to open the Package and and set up the modem which He's you know better at that stuff than Me anyway and she was going to talk to Him she never called you know I was Traveling so I forgot about it we got Back home the modem had the modem had Never been set and so then I talked to Another Person and we were on for hour hours Like another hour and a half kind of Thing and you know they the person said They're going to send the modem out and Offered me the option to expedite it for A $15 charge and to get it here sooner And I just thought it'd be better to do It sooner based on my schedule and to Make sure I got the thing but the Account wasn't in my name had to go Through my wife's whole thing and so it

Ended up sending me a link that neither My wife and I could open and it was a Whole nightmare situation so I called Back to talk to somebody else they said The order didn't exist so I spent an Hour and a half with that guy and then All this time trying to get the thing Expedited and this woman was you know There um for a long time at the company And these were American people and she Said you know some places weren't you Have poor service there and I'm like Well why didn't they tell me that before I even did it right because this was Inevitably going Happen and you know I mean just a Nightmare situation right I mean there Was going to be an issue where not the Internet was you know I'm going to have To go back to the old internet and Switch him back over I just wasted all My time for something that um technology Is supposed to save you time but it Doesn't and so she either hung hangs up And or gets discontin disconnected she Doesn't call me back so I call a third Guy and this guy I think is an indie I'm Not sure um but I'm like I don't want to Talk I want to talk to American because The first people that I had that were You know that were out of country didn't Really understand like there's you know Language issues but there's also just Understanding American Concepts so you

Know there's different ways of of being In different countries I'm aware of that For my travels and not only the language Issue but there's other issues and he's Like no I can help you or whatever and He um you know he says he's going to Order the tower but the thing is that Their service you know they can only do So much because of like I talked about This with the Google ads if you guys saw My videos with that right but I went to Run ads on YouTube and I called Google You know talk to an Advertiser there for Google ads and they wanted me to run ads In Search and I said no I want to run Ads on YouTube because I have a YouTube Channel and I want to run ads for Specifically people who would come to my Channel and so they ran these ads my ads And they weren't being watched and they Weren't connecting and I looked at the Channels um and so this woman was a Nightmare and she was from a foreign Country and like she told me you know Um they they didn't run the ad like I Wanted it what they did is they ran the Ad in search Engines on on when somebody would search Something on YouTube it would show up as A a video that was recommended it was a 15-second video that I wanted to run in Front of a video like you get video ads And your when you're watching YouTube Videos right I wanted to run in front of

Uh you know truther video ads right and So and she just didn't do that and Wasted my money and time and then some Other guy called back so I was pretty Much like done with them and he you know Was somebody who got it like he was was Good but you know I taped him saying to Me because what happened was um they had A like I said to him because my wife had This idea and I said to him is there any Way I could give you YouTube channels That are like mine where you could run The ads and he said well you can Recommend channels so they understand Where your channel fits because they had All these categories and none of them Were truther none of them were God none Of them were spirituality none of them Were homesteading none of them were Anything to do with what we do here Because they don't want those channels And people you know supposedly don't Want to run ads on those channels but I Did right so the ads should have been Cheaper because it's channels that are You know not in high demand and he said Well you can do that you can list all These channels and so I search for Truther channels and I'll show you this In a moment I'll do the search again at The end of this voiceover and you know There was none that came up and like I Knew some of them I don't watch truther Stuff anymore because I do this is a job

Right like it's not entertainment I Don't watch other truthers cuz I want Original thought and you know it just Kind of annoys me because I have usually Different opinions than the you know Majority of truthers right um so I asked You guys about similar channels and you Guys listed about 48 of them you know That were channels that that you could Run ads on like it was more channels but I I got I put in about 48 channels that You guys recommended which was helpful And then I Saidi only want to run ads on These channels not like channels like These and I so I talked to the guy about It and I taped it and I played it you Know I made a video somewhere you know Here about YouTube ads and he said to me That he wasn't in control of that nobody Was they had to wait for machine Learning to come around so I couldn't Choose the channel so here I am as a Customer saying I want to run my ads on These channels and these channels are Channels that you aren't going to have a Lot of ads running on them because They're truther channels you know They're not in high demand so it' be Cheaper to run the ads there for one and Two would be the audience that I want to Run the ads too that would be the Biggest thing the number two thing the Only reason to run ads is the people who Would come to my channel right and the

Channels they listed the channels they Had run ads on and the only one I knew Of was this guy Shane Dawson who's a Nightmare is a woke you know liberal um You know popular you know one of these Old you these these clicky YouTubers That were part of this YouTube crowd of Channels and he's a nightmare he has he Sells makeup right he's you know got a Husband who has a YouTube channel like These things and you know he's not his Audience is not my audience but he did Do a S series of videos about conspiracy Theories so he was the closest Channel And the only one I recognized they had Bollywood channels and I'm like these People aren't going to watch my videos Right right and so they didn't you know There's putting this these ads out to People who have no chance of Understanding my content right and the You know channels I'm picking as a Customer I have to go through this Machine learning that's going to tell me You know they're going to know better Where my CH where my ads are going to do Well and of course it failed and so you Know it was the return on my investment Was I mean I was paying more than a Dollar per Subscriber and you know now the ads are So expensive because of the it's an Election year I'm not even you know I Gave up on it and it's a complete

Failure and the only reason I did do it I'm going to come back to this is Because YouTube isn't doing what they Should do and they're Shadow Banning and It's not just truther channels it's it's Pretty much all YouTube is being Hijacked by you know the opposite of What it was intended but I'm going to Come back to that so the point is with Verizon it's the same thing that I'm Talking to somebody and they're supposed To send me a tower but then you know They're not going to do it because they They machines they they don't they can't Make us humans can't make decisions and Are constantly getting overruled by Ai And their algorithms and their bots so I'm talking to a human person who can't You know uh solve the problem and so This other guy says they're going to Send me a tower this is their top of a Line modem but this other woman had Already just told me there isn't great Service here and I'm already kind of you Know I'm I'm like all right I'll I'll Wait for the modem and I'll see how it Goes but I now have to switch back to my Old internet and I have to figure out How to do that and all that stuff right This is costing time and money and I Decide to call Verizon again because I Want to make sure the modem is actually Coming because I don't want to waste Time waiting for something that some

Machine says no some you know software Says or AI bot says no so then I talk to This guy and this guy like you know I Was kind of you know agitated and you Know aggressive and just saying look and I've been on the phone for like three or Four hours you know just waiting and on Hold and you know them not figuring Things out and he's this guy's been There a long time and he said you know I'm going to level with you like he's Like a real person and he says Well the reason that they have to wait For the machine to analyze a specific Area is because the cell tow the cell Towers that produce the internet have Different ranges of signals which is Kind of disturbing itself and their Modems that they have the different Modems are there to get you know as the Kind of signal that you're more likely To get and it's always changing at your Location and so there's a range of Signals in these modems it's like you Know am or FM kind of thing you know They're they're going to pick up the Modems are going to pick up a certain um You know bandwidth of these things right Certain um you know specific type of you Know radio waves or whatever it is Signal waves you know Wi-Fi stuff so the AI Bots are are there to try to figure Out the best signal that you're going to Get but of course they get things wrong

All the time they make mistakes and you Know their analysis is not accurate and That's why the humans are relying on Them and so for me to get a a modem well The the other thing is this woman who Said that I didn't have good internet Said that all the the places around me There's only so many modems that they'll Put out and I don't know if it's just Because of the amount of signal there's There and she said your area doesn't Have any room for another modem uh so You can't get one and I'm like well they Should have told me that six hours ago And then she put me on hold and hung up And didn't call back right and so um I Got multiple times that people had said That they were going to call back and Didn't which is another thing so this Guy says look you know you can get an Extender for your house to boost the Signal and again this is 5G and you know I turn it off uh you know when I can Certainly at night because it's I mean I Don't even want it in my house right and You know extender just makes the signal Stronger which is what we need but you Know it's It makes it more prevalent in the house Right but he's going to extend send me Extender he's going to send me a box to Send back the old modem I have another Modem I have to send back and I'm going To get a box in two weeks for that one

And not to confuse these two boxes and You know put the right modem in the Right box and he's sending me the new Modem and of course we need to test it For a few you know days to see if it's Better than the other one right but he's Basically leveling me to me and saying That the you know the inor signal is Inconsistent and that's not great in Your area which is you know if I learned That in the first place I wouldn't have Even tried this because I'm not going to I don't believe in magic you know it's If I have a if there's a weak signal Here then it's always going to be a Nightmare and I had internet that was Better you know in terms of I mean the Signal was at least consistent and so You're not that consistent right so it's Always you know it just sucks right you Know and I believe Wii and wipi Wi-Fi And you know all these electromagnetic Poisoning you know neurasthenia I've Talked about this so much so I don't Even believe in it being a positive I Believe in it being a negative and don't Really particularly want it you know Here in my life but I need it to do my Job right so it's this whole thing it's Like a you know it's like I'm picking my Poison right like the the level of Poisons that's making it through through The you know and I'm trying to boost the The level of poison to get a more

Consistent signal so it's just you know It's kind of Counterintuitive and so you know a Couple days go by the extender shows up The box to put the old modem shows up The new modem doesn't show up talk to Another guy I think this guy's Hispanic Probably from South America or something And he can't find the modem and it's Seems to be lost by ups that the Shipment went out the extender the box And the modem went out all in the same Day but the modem is no is um can't be Tracked he was supposed to send me the Tracking number but he never did and so He said he' call back on Monday to see If it got here and so now the modem's Been lost and UPS has lost something Else of mine which I'll I'll get into in A moment that has to do with Amazon but Anyways you know so they lost the modem So you know this Is and then I got a call back for the First time and the guy said yeah this Other guy uh And they both were kind of they had very High sort of effeminate voices but this Second guy was the manager to call back To see if the other guy had done a good Job and I'm like well you know it had Nothing to do with him that the motive Is still you guys don't know where it is You know like it's UPS has it somewhere And it may show up it may not and

So um this has to do with Amazon now I I'm not a good shopper like I get Stressed out and I of make bad Decisions because they get overwhelmed By shopping I actually used to like to Go to Goodwill because there would just Be something I would find like to to Meet a specific need but you know most Of the things in stores in terms of Clothes and other things you know they Have um you know limited items and They're all trendy they're based in What's you know what's trending and Often times what's trending is not what I want and so going to a store trying to Find something that doesn't you know They don't have it on the Shelves the exact thing that you want or The clothing or whatever it is and so um You know I don't like to shop so Amazon I'm actually a pretty good shopper I Very seldom send something back whereas When I would buy at retail I would often Have to bring things back because I just Get you know stressed out and Overwhelmed and I you know I I make a Decision of something and it's a wrong Decision but Amazon's been a god sent For me and more often than not I pick Something even without seeing it that's Exactly what I want and I could find it You know whatever it is but an Amazon Can be inconsistent and you know they Can not deliver on time or you know

There can be issues with it but you know I've accepted that and you know there's All the the levels of evil that Amazon Represents but it was my wife's birthday Was coming up and I thought we would Play pickle ball we were on we were Traveling and where we were staying There was a pickle ball court and so I Ordered the pickle ball and it was Supposed to get there on her birthday And she had a good birthday and we Didn't have time to play anyway it Wasn't like some big deal but it didn't Get there on time and so it supposed to Get there the next day and it didn't and Then they said it was going to get there After we're going to leave so I call the Person up you know I get through to a Person on Amazon and we have this Lengthy Conversation and again it's a foreign Person and you know really didn't Understand the the SI situation I kept On repeating it over and over you know My wife and I were actually driving so She was like listening and she was like Shaking her head and we just like my God You know like she's just repeating the Things over and over again and not Understanding um but you know we end up Getting cut off and then I talked to a Third person and the same issues there And I'm like look either it's going to Get here on time or it's you know I want

To cancel it and so she finally cancels The order because she says basically They've lost the Package and I'm like well fine you know I mean I can order it again next time Where you know we're in a position to Play pickle ball or whatever my wife's Fine with the thing you know like she Got other thing it was just you know but Now it's just wasting my time and you Know and it's like something like that Where it's for somebody's birthday and You know I ordered it way ahead of time But it took forever and you know it Arrived later later than it should on Her birthday it should arrived before That you know but I had a limited time To a limited window because we were Traveling so I had to get it right you Know I had we had to be you know at the Place to get it right but anyways um So Eventually I went through the lengthy Process and there was this thing about Gift cards and not and putting out gift Cards and she said use the gift card I Said no I use a credit card you know all This stuff but then eventually she Refunded me the money and you know the The orders cancelled and so um you know We were driving we came back and I'm Making a video and I get an email saying The package is going to arrive Today um but the package the order Canceled and you know what I understood

From the person that UPS misplaced the Package which has now happened twice It's happened with the modem and so I Don't remember that ever happening Before where utps lost the package Package I know the post office loses Packages you know occasionally but UPS Is usually pretty good because you know That's all they do but the UPS lost two Packages within like a a two week period Of mine right and didn't know where they Were and the order has been cancelled And they keep on sending me things like Your ORD delayed I'm getting emails like Three four times a day from Amazon about This package that has been the order has Been cancelled and they haven't done Anything to you know for the amount of Time I wasted and you know potentially You know ruining my wife's birthday These things they haven't offered me Anything like you know which they should Because I mean it's just smart like you Know I I we buy a lot of things on Amazon and I actually wrote them a Complaint about this which I almost Never do you know explaining all this to Them and so you know we're on our way Home and the next day I get a Notification that the order arrived and I'm like Jesus you know you know so now It's got to find its way back into the System but I've already gotten the Refund so it doesn't matter but I'm like

You know it's just I mean unbelievable Suckiness right like they lost the Package and no one knew where it was and You know and they were saying well if You don't get the package by such and Such a date this has happened before With Amazon if you don't get the package At such and such a date then you can ask For a refund and I'm like so you don't Know where the package is right because It's either going to Rive or it's not And you guys have no control or or any Of these things with it right and so These are my recent experiences in the Last three weeks and some of these Things have gone on for three weeks now Or a month practically and you know it's I mean it's much worse right like how is This better how is technology making my Life better how is it you know making it More efficient right it's not like it's Just constant um you know wasting of Time and then dealing with people who Are completely D nutted you know they're Limp because they can't do Anything because the machines are making All the decisions right and so yesterday I tried to place ads on Twitter and it Just wouldn't go through because Elon Musk you know I thought maybe they're Doing a better job over there and I Could get ads on an audience that would Be helpful you know I'm trying to do Anything to keep the channel going going

But I'm fighting a losing battle and it Just didn't work the ads on El on Twitter didn't work and the ads lost now Like they didn't you know save it Somewhere they they did they just said Oh there's an error but there was no Error message of where the error was I Tried to do it a few times and then it Was you know lost and I'm like you know These all these companies they're They've lost control of their technology And everything's worse it's degrading It's falling apart everything's like not Working there's a breakdown in the System okay so this is what I'm talking About I just search this with my phone Because they won't recommend these Channels you know there was a time when I used to watch Truther um stuff and that's all I got Recommended you know I years and years Ago they promoted these channels and People wanted to watch them like people I mean even if you weren't if you were Just searching a certain subject matter You would would get truth or channels Opinions about it they weren't pushing Mainstream they weren't pushing CNN that Nobody wanted to watch you know CNN has Its own platform people coming to YouTube wanted alternative media and Alternative opinions they didn't want to MSNBC or CNN and you know this whole Thing came about about authoritative

Voices um but now when you actually Search for channels right they don't Even recommend the channels you're Searching for like sometimes it's the Fourth option right if you search Truther channels watch Mojo that's not Truther Brian Blaze this dude you know Um Channel Federator cartoon conspiracy one on Channel federator another one from this Brian Blaze right um you know these Things here none them Vice another one From Brian Blaze and then um Pat McAfee like all these things right none Of these things are truther channels I'm Asking for truther channels there's not One truther channel here and they won't Recommend them and you know even if You're watching those channels they Won't recommend even if you're Subscribed to them they won't recommend Them so then this one's Conspiracies um tent toop watch Mojo Again these are just mainstream media More Pat McAfee like why is he even There watch Mojo again and so they don't Have these um camera conspiracies Like they just don't do it they won't Show you what you want right and this is The end of the internet like this is you Know the internet not giving you what You're looking for the search engines And you having to work for it and then These channels like mine and these other

Channels not being able to gain an Audience so people giving up and Quitting because there's no longer you Know a way for them to be Viable um is the conspiracy theory Channels like this is again nothing here They love this guy Brian Blaze you know For somebody who looks really kind of Douchy um and clearly not a truther and So um most outrageous conspiracy Theories about historical figures you Know I can't even put these terms in my Title or they'll delay the video some Way like I can't put the words Conspiracy in my videos and so the Lizard people conspiracy Inside Job Netflix right well they're going to put Netflix on there BBC The Daily Show Right and so if you search any of these Things pizzagate well this guy isn't you Know I mean any of these things CBS The Daily Show that guy's obnoxious this guy The Daily Show um like like these are People who are anti-conspiracy theorists Right CNN um Today's Show uh the hill right so if you're Looking for actually what Pizza gate is You're going to get the opposite of what You're looking For the Trump rigged election again I'm Not saying I believe any of these things You Trump is a douche but these are all Mainstream media telling you that you're

Wrong and you're not looking for that I'm not looking for mainstream media This is all stuff to do with them right Again Q andon um like I you know qanon Is bogus and it's you know all these Things but if you actually looking for Qanon they're going to give you all These things telling you you're wrong Which you Are but it's not um again it has nothing To do with what you're looking for They're recommending the opposite what You're looking for they're looking They're they're telling you that you're Looking for is uh you know you're wrong To look for that and you're stupid to Think these things and um we're telling You what you should believe and it's the Opposite of what YouTube was supposed to Be We'll get in that a moment here see this Is about giving people what they want And trusting that people which you know Of course people suck so I understand This but people will you know I mean the Market will correct itself right you Know people are going in the wrong Direction and mainly because I mean Personally each person is responsible For that but also our Leadership and you know our Collective It isn't just the so-called controllers It's all of us We're going in the wrong direction we're

Going away from what's natural in human Behavior we're going away from God the Divinity within us religion is a big Part of that I mean all these things That are supposed to be there to help People are actually hurting them Technology is hurting people making us Less than the internet is becoming a Substitute for real life you know all Everything that's in there the food Processing system it's supposed to feed People but it's feeding people cancer Carcinogens and you know um heart Disease and all these other ill health Effects right everything that's out There that's supposed to liberate people You know all these liberal movements Feminism and things is making it worse For people you know it's bringing more Bondage rather than freedoms all these Things that people are doing thinking That they're going to improve their Lifestyle is actually hurting them on a Soul level and so I cover this quite Extensively on this channel and other Videos you know but in terms of these Terms like I you know p is whatever it Is like there's some truth in it it got Hijacked by dummies you know and they Went over the top with it so I don't Believe you know that's not my thing and Um qanon is a disaster completely bogus It's a government-run psychological Operation and whatever else I searched

There could be the JF the RFK or JFK Assassination any of these things right But what people are looking for is what They're looking for like I might not Agree with those people and I certainly Don't agree with mainstream people but They know what you're looking for they Collect an exorbitant amount of data They know the type of YouTube channels You're watching they know the kind of Person you are they've identified you as A a certain type of person and their Search engines have gotten better and Better in terms of being able to give You what you want but they're just Saying to you you don't know what you Want like that's probably the most Disturbing part about this or you don't Know what's best for you you know what You want but you don't know what's best For you what you're looking for isn't Good for you you shouldn't have it and We're telling you what you should have And that defeats the whole purpose of YouTube certainly because YouTube exists Because people were tired of watching The same old crap on mainstream media And so they wanted you know individual People who could speak up and give a Different take a different opinion who Had freedom of expression and they could Find people like themselves and it was Just so vast in the different you know Type of genres and different type of

Content that was out there and you know Now they're saying no you don't want These individual people you want CNN That you left long time ago right and You don't want that they're saying They're not saying you want it they say That's what's best for you you don't Know what's best for you and these People who are the worst of the worst Who are running the system you know in a Demonic way are telling us what we what Is best for us right people that we Don't have respect for or don't believe In and that certainly are living worse Lives than we're all living right and so That's what's happened here these search Engines are literally saying you know Treating you like you're a a disobedient Child and that somehow you know you Can't do what's best for yourself which Of course there is a case for that CU People suck but not in this case and so They're going to give you something you You know they're trying to bring back The indoctrination part that was being Destroyed by social media's um freedom Of expression and so this is the end of Everything because you know the first Amendment is freedom of speech and they Are just censorship is reached a new High level because of what happened on The internet and so things that used to Be buried on the Underground you know The truth movement was you know there

For like radical you know college and You know conspiracy theorist type of Radio stations or shortwave radio or Pamphlets or things or you know Underground stuff and it only reached a Small percentage these things have Reached the majority of people and they All have their opinion about it and they All have their different way of Approaching it but now they're trying to Reverse that and shut it all down and You know good luck with that because no We're not going back to CNN right and so When your search engines recommend Things that you've already given up on Then you give up on the search engines Right you move to a different search Engine we'll cover that later I'm inan The editing process there's something That Elon mus posted about Google and We'll get into that but you know this is This is the end of it right this is Where they've they' failed you know it's True purpose which was freedom of Expression and freedom of sh of Information sharing and that's all been Lost now okay so I'm searching antiva Here And I'm offline because Verizon [Laughter] Sucks um you know I mean it's just um Everything I'm talking about I have to Wait to get back on the internet Here making fun of dead antivaxers is

Now mainstream Vice yeah um what about All the dead people who took the Debunking antivaxers bill bur on antiva Conspiracy theories on Conan The truth he's billb of sucks truth About antiva of scientific look the Antia movement is worse than you think Jordan Kepler versus antivaxers and SoCal most of this is from years ago why This former antivaxer influences getting Covid vaccine three years ago the Political roots of antiva movement two Years ago three years ago look at all These other ones right two years ago six Years ago two years ago nine years ago Right they don't have anything recent Because they know you Know they're like on the wrong side of History right but they're not Recommending anything and you can't even Post it because of community guidelines So this was my last video which I want To show you this one ending part with Don Lemons and Neil Degrassi Tyson I'm an expert you guys you guys I'm an expert you just put it a Google Search or people will Recover in the look at how arrogant he Is timeline of knowledge they will Recover the true value of an expert Really and there it is the true value of An expert so what he said was that AI Neil Degrassi Tyson is going to end the Alternative media and media in general

Being shared on the internet because no One's going to believe anything more and Anymore from alternative media because Everything could be deep AI deep faked And AI generated um which is a Ridiculous take on every level which I Explained in that video but then he's Like well what are they going to go do Instead and he said they'll go to books Which is stupid because we're talking About current events and then he said What he really wants and what he really Hopes is that people will let's let them Say it again here of knowledge they will Recover the true value of an Expert really even Don Lemon doesn't buy That the true value of an expert because All these pundits who have been exposed For their lies and been you know Debunked over and over again and Neil Degrassi Tyson's on the top of the list They want to be you know there where They're the only ones with any knowledge Right they're the knowers and the Teachers and you're just some dyed you Know students and uh pupils and and Nonth thinkers that are looking for them To tell you the answers right but people Have moved past that you know people no Longer trust the mainstream we know that You know everybody to some extent even She Don't Trust the mainstream media Don't trust all these things right I Mean the worst sheep people sure but the

Majority of people have moved on and Some of those people are using critical Thinking skills I mean a lot of people Who don't have the capacity to do that I Mean they should at least try should try To think for yourself like work at it It's something that you can learn to do But all that's that passed us you know Pass them by right we've evolved past Mainstream media and this you know these News people who are you know paid actors And shills who have a very limited grasp On reality and they're spoonfed by their Handlers and their corporate overlords And their governmental overlords to tell Them what the official story is people Are you know moved away from the Official story and we're not coming back And then they they have their pundits And experts they bring in who are most Most often wrong and even when they get It wrong they don't apologize or take Responsibility they just shift their Position which is why they've been Debunked by the internet because you Know we now have video of them being Wrong over and over again and so you Know that's not going to get rid of the You know his ridiculous take there that Self-rising isn't going to get rid of The internet what's getting rid of the Internet is they're trying to push Something that people don't want and you Know you have to work for and find the

Things that you do want and the more Obscure that were made I mean they're Just basically making it impossible for Most of us to make a living and they've Replaced us with people like Joe Rogan And you know these like kind of truth Truth or adjacent people celebrities who Are you know come in with their own Audience or whatever it is but even then They can't maintain anything that's Realistic And there's so much out there in terms Of different I mean how many truther Channels are there you can't watch all Of them right you can't watch you don't Have so much time and so it's so Saturated and it's been so you know so Much disinformation has been put out There and you know it's just become an Absolute mess and that's what's going to Wreck the internet because you know it's The inability to get the information That inability to find the people and The information that quality is getting Harder and harder you're not going to be Able to find people worth listening to So where was once sort of vibrant and You know dynamic it's going to be dull And you know monotonous right um and you Know the S sensationalistic stuff from The cubies and the stuff that was you Know over the top and wasn't true you Know I mean it's just all of it and That's what's wrecked it right and

There's not really much of a chance of Recovery you know I'm looking for a way To keep my channel going and you know I'm making Less ad revenue and this is a Huge year the the best year I've had Before was 2020 financially because of the amount Of AD you know Revenue the the ads the Political ads that were there which are Now running and I'm not making enough Money now like I'm not generating enough Money My Views are fine I'm getting Enough views but I I need to double My Views triple My Views to make my Channel Financially viable and there's no way to Do that right because there's just no Way to get my um stuff out there to new People and you constantly have to bring In new people and my channel was growing Like I was getting 100 new subscribers a Day you know back when I hit 200,000 Subscribers and now it's just pretty Much stayed Pat where I've slowly lost Subscribers right and so I was gaining I Mean thousands of subscribers even after They started the shadow band channels Like mine but now there's no way to get The information to new people I've tried Ads I've tried everything I could do you Know and it's just it's not you know It's not working right um you know I'm Going to you know I've got a few more Things I'm thinking about but you know It's YouTube when they stop recommending

Your channel and it's not just truthers It's lots of different people are Experiencing this and also they delay Your videos from getting up on the you Know being approved you know they have This check system this is why I started The video off with what they do is they Check the video for copyright Infringement and for things that are Advertiser unfriendly and right now it's In their best interest to pass that Thing through as quickly as possible Because they have more ads right YouTube Doesn't apply disciplinary actions During this year like the year they're Making a lot of money this has happened Over and over again like you'll see During the the big season the Christmas Season they'll be less likely to do They'll be looser about their Community Guidelines policies and all these other Things because they want as many videos As possible because they have so many Ads to run and it's a time where you Know YouTube is making money and Financially you know in a better Situation and this year particularly Election years are great because they Have all these billions of dollars of Election ads and all the rest of it Right so there's seasons and there's Years and this is a good year and you Know it's not a good year because They're paying less money for the ads

Which you know there already wasn't that Much money and so now they're just um Crushing everybody who has a who uses ad Revenue you know even in a good year and You know once this year is over they'll Apply these new you know they'll have Some of new community guidelines things And they'll make it even tougher and so You know this is the pattern of behavior That we've seen them exhibit but they Have these systems that check to see if Your videos are copyright infringement And um if they're ad ad user you know They're ad friendly and the videos are Now passing through easier for the ad Friendly part because they want to run The videos but somehow they've botched Their algorithm for this copyright thing And occasionally videos get hung up for Like 20 2 4 hours and it just shouldn't Be that it usually takes about 10 Minutes and so um you know it's just They've lost it like all these companies UPS is losing packages and you know Amazon I mean all these companies they You talk to a person and the person is Completely you know limp and you Know impotent and they can't do anything Because they have to rely on their AI Generated whatever the customer isn't Always right anymore it's whatever the AI you know the machine learning and the And the algorithms tell you you want Want it's not what you say you want it's

What they say you want they know better And they suck at it the you the AI Actually makes more mistakes and there's More errors now more timec consuming Crap than ever before and so this is What brings down the civilization when The things that are supposed to make Your life easier make it harder and you Know things are confusing and there's Just no accountability like people do a Better job like you're finding now that People do a better job than the AI and When the AI can finally do a good job Well then they'll just realize people Suck and they'll just try to make us Obsolete you know which is what they're Already doing anyways let's get to the Other stuff here okay so um just one More thing I want to move on from this But it's now almost 12:00 in the morning I expected that this would pass through So we're getting up on um it's 22 hours With them running this check right it Usually Takes um 10 minutes it should take 10 Minutes it's a 30 minute video with very Short clips most of those from instag And Twitter and so there's no Copyrighted material here and so why Would it take this long and it hurts Everybody it hurts YouTube it means less Revenue for them you know I have a flow Of videos so I wanted to put this up Yesterday here and the video you're

Listening to right now will be done Today and I was going to put that up on Pocket of the future this is AOC last Now channel and so if I make these Videos both public on the same day you Don't have enough time my audience Doesn't have enough time to watch both Videos right and now I've had a couple Of days with no content and so it's just A disaster for me right like I have to You know believe that these videos are Going to be passed through you know They're not really yellowing any of These Videos um because it's a good year it's A good time of the you know because it's A a political year and there's so much Ad Revenue like I said you know they Should pass this thing through or tell Me it's got copyright so I can remove it The copyright section and put the rest Of the video back up but they're not Doing that they're just I have no idea When this is going to when you don't When you don't have any idea of when the Video is going to be ready to be made Public and some of these things are Timely you know sometimes I'm covering An issue that is news related and two Days from now no one's going to care About it and so it's just you know this Is an indication of like self- sabotage Right this is YouTube sabotaging itself We can refresh this here um but you know

It's still checking this thing and you Know what if it's two days like you know Do I try to redo the video figure out What's causing the problem I've tried to Do that before I've taken things out and It didn't change this at all and so They've lost control of their you know Technology their AI their their Bots and All the rest of it okay so I'm editing Yeah again today Saturday April 20th and I put this video up Friday April uh 19th At around 2: p.m. I don't know exactly When it was fully uploaded but it's Close to 24 hours and they finally you See it says under restrictions they are In the right it says None and so they Finally went through this process and if You understand the process they have Machines you know they have software That can just comb through a video and And you know they the processing power Is so much better than us watching the Video personally watching the video and They can come through it and see if There's anything that's copyright it Works fairly well we I have a Copyrighting tool where I can find Anybody who's taken my videos and even Partial videos or whole videos because The information's available and so if Things have a copyright on them or they You know they have an origin Source Origin they know about it and they come Through it and see if there's any issues

With that and so like I said usually Takes about 10 minutes but for something To take this long this has now happened To me like four times now very recently It's only happened recently they've Taken days or at least you know well Over you know 12 hours or 24 hours to go Through something that usually takes Them 10 minutes right and it's just Happening now and when they have ai Technology the technology supposedly Getting better but it's taking longer to Come up with the same you know I knew There's no copyright issue with this Video it's done it four times and each Time it's come out and said no there's No copyright here well then why it take A day right I mean it's just ridiculous And it's just FS everything up I don't Think they're doing it intentionally to Screw me and you know other truther is Over or other viewer you know other Channels over I think they're just lost Control of their stuff and it's Self-sabotaging but anyways let's get Into the other stuff here so I wanted to Lead with this um man who set himself on Fire outside a trump trial dies injuries Police say um can look at that one man Who say self on fire Trump trial reveals Shocking motive I don't know what the Motive is but whatever it is it's you Know you don't set yourself on fire I Mean protests don't work and that's just

One of the stupid ones right so the guy Died here let's find out what his motive Was um he had a political Manifesto and so this whenever there's a Manifesto I believe it's a CIA shill Right this probably didn't happen Manifestos are written by CIA people you Know not by um you know these alleged Perpetrators of these things citing Political motives in his Manifesto now I Was wondering he said um social media Opponents hint at conspiracy theories But officials don't believe he targeted Anyone specific he had pamphlets there's The guy There he said my name is Max a seller A Salaro this Guy I am a investigative researcher who Set himself on fire outside of trump Trial in Manhattan this extreme Act of Protest is to draw attention to the Urgent and important Discovery we all Victims of a totalitarian con and our Government along with many allies is About to hit us with a apocalyptic Fascist Coup I hope you know how powerful you Are I wish you so powerful that the only Thing that you can do is set yourself on Fire to draw attention to your Manifesto I hope you know how powerful you are I Wish you a hell of a lot more than luck He concluded in the lengthy

Manifesto um you know protests don't Work and this happened in Vietnam when a Tibetan monk or a Buddhist monk set Himself on fire to protest the Vietnam War it doesn't work it draws attention Yeah but it doesn't change anything I Mean and so you know I mean setting Yourself on fire is like really stupid No matter what the reason is right this Guy is supposed to be the truther I Doubt that this is legitimate here so I'm in the editing process and I always Laugh when they say the person wrote a Manifesto because manifestos are pre- Internet right because a Manifesto is Some person who's considered a fringe Person and I don't know if there's ever Really been a real met estos well let's Just say this first the CIA comes out or These intelligence Community people come Out with a package you know if they run A false flag or psychological operation Or something happens organically they Create a disinformation package which is Going to go out to all the mainstream Media you know they did this with in the RFK movie where there was people getting Information about rfk's assassination And the guy who did it before the thing Actually happened because they put out These information packets and the guy Describes the process in that you know Movie by um whoever his name is Oliver Stone you know this is kind of well

Known in the truth community and one of Their you know things that they always Say is that the these people will put Out a Manifesto these crazy deranged lonely Sociopathic people put out manifestos Right you know it's how you know Someone's a crazy deranged conspiracy Theorist and it's often times people who Have committed some violent crime or Whatever you know they do this quite Often in these you know these packages They put out and so whenever hear a Manifesto because a Manifesto was for a Time when there wasn't the internet Because now you can be heard on the Internet right like there is no vehicle For your message to get out there so People would do something drastic and Then they put out a Manifesto so people Would read their point of view and that May or may not actually happen I don't Know if you know how many people are Capable of writing such things but they Always call it a rambling deranged Manifesto and nobody's going to read it Like you know the newspapers will but You know they've already demonized you And put you in a category and so only People like you or people who believe What you believe are going to read it It's stupid and now you have the Internet where you have a voice and you Don't have to do something drastic to

Put your opinion out there and whether They're Shadow Banning you or not you Could still find other people who are Like like minded that's one of the Advantages of the internet so manifestos Are are a thing of the past and so this Guy who allegedly did this it looks like It's fake as F and of course he's a Crazy conspiracy theorist because they Want a demonized conspiracy theorist but You know whatever he's writing is stuff We've all heard the stuff that I've read Here there's no new information there Right and even if everybody read it and Believed it we can't do anything to Change it because you can't fix the System anybody with half a brain would Know that anyway and so you know it's Just a bogus thing right like it's just You know it's some fake thing like it's Just F like it just makes something up Right I mean I don't know if you have a Video of the guy burning so who knows What that's all about but it could be a Crazy person that they just you know Gave him the scrip I mean whatever it Might be because manifestos are like Stupid when you have the internet you Know like you understand this when they Didn't have have the internet no one Could hear how brilliant you are so you Had to do something in the mainstream You know no mainstream book company or Magazine or newspaper was going to cover

What you had to say and so you felt Desperate and you might do something Desperate and write a Manifesto and that Would be only reasonable explanation for Why they existed in the first place but Now the internet's there and you don't Have to even leave your home you know You don't have to do anything to you Know Drive traffic because you know You're going to find your Market out There right there's going to be people That are going to believe in your Stuffff and you know you're going to Find other people in forums where you Can place your information even if it's Not mainstream stuff like YouTube or you Know some of these other you know Twitter and Facebook you'll find some You know 4chan like thing out there and You can you know whatever it is Reddit Whatever you you know go to and you post Your stuff there I mean Reddit is not a Good example but whatever and so like You know manifestos are always a joke so One of my viewers sent me this Kennedy Family endorses Biden rejects RFK J Jr's Run Carrie Kennedy sister of Robert Kennedy Jr so this is his sister RFK Jr And listen to her Voice that's right the Kennedy family Endorses Joe Biden for President there's something wrong with Their voice you know Ted Kennedy had the Same thing I don't know what happens to

Their voices um RFK Jr said that he had Some kind of I forget what the condition Is but you know he said he very powerful Voice before but it's just they have Really bad voices right I mean just Ridiculous like there's something wrong With them biologically Genetically look at these weird look at This weird Kennedy they're just like Fire Marshall shill up there look at These weird mfers these are all Kennedies something wrong with that Genetic line when Daddy announced his Bid for the presidency in 1968 he talked About the perilous course our country Would take under the wrong leadership And he said I feel obliged to do all That I can I cannot stand aside we are Here look this &er back here his face Like this just these are this is a Genetic problem here because we feel Obliged to do all that this this is a Family of of of cousin effers right are These all you know are these all cousin Marrier and sister marrier or is this we Can we cannot stand aside in this Election no American can stand aside we Must Vote vote wo vote we must vote we must Vote for President in 202 There only two candidates with any Chance look at this m andf right here Look at this like this is his this is

His relaxed face what happens when he's Stressed out of winning the Presidency know them well four years ago Our country was crippled by coida oh Excuse me chaos and the effects of Unprincipled leadership four years later Thanks to Joe Biden who's this dude what Is wrong with the kennedies man we are In enjoying an Unprecedented economic expansion with More people working than at any time in Our history over 15 million new jobs Have been created almost 800,000 wow Like it's hard to listen to that guy Talk it all it's just her and then Biden We'll get to Biden here in a moment see If she talks about her brother he Rebuilt the refugee program that was Decimated by okay there's nothing there Couldn't make our own health care Decisions President Biden is fighting to Get okay nothing There on day one even saying it says Here Kennedy family endorses Biden Rejects RFK Jr's run um this is for Kennedies and who cares look at these Guys you want this guy on your team Right you want that dude you're picking Those two people dirty and Medicare Ripping away health care and earn Benefits for millions of Americans so She has Jo B she doesn't slam her Brother just not endorsing himen is a Vote for our democracy and our

Decency Kaboom you guys just you just Guys know how to spin a tail and please Welcome President Joe woo Pat him on the Back look at these look at these man and This guy this corpse you're endorsing Over your Brother this walking freaking weekend at Bernie dude you know let's talk about Your uncle who was eating by Cannibals the kennedies know about That woo she did it Woo please have a Seat if you have One this Guy they're they're making it like she Rocked it mom and dad I hope you were Listening she's shaking It's got some kind of nervous disorder Incredible honor look what an incredible Honor I don't want to become emotional But what an incredible honor you just Become emotional to have the support of The Kennedy family look look at this Dude here John White Jr thanks for those Kind words and for carrying on your Family civil rights Legacy and so is your son kayin who Ken Ken who's kin Kay your son Your son CA kin is out was he is he here Somewhere where is he who's doing a hell Of a job on our campaign Woo woo K he's helping us win Pennsylvania [Applause]

Woo Carrie I that was that was most meaningful Introduction I've ever gotten in my life Other than when my sister introduced Look at him look at Look at this crazy look at her crazy Eyes to President Joe Biden thanking the Kennedy Family CNN's cutting them off for their Endorsement and Boris what is important To note in this moment is often in Politics in elections endorsements are Fine but they don't really do much uh There but in this case because of the Broader picture which is the fact that Robert F Kennedy oh my God look at these CNN just unbelievably suck look how Embarrassing like humanity is just Embarrassing itself over and over again We should send not each other but rather To the Stars we should send Rockets not At each other but rather to the Stars Elon Musk yeah it's not B like it's okay To send them at the stars you know Putting all this crap up in the sky I Got a number of people saying that Satellites don't exist and I'm like oh Jesus there's still flat earthers coming To my CH but anyways you know I've gone Through the electromagnetic pollution All these things but yeah Rockets Shouldn't exist like there's no purpose

To them I mean we really can't travel Anywhere meaningful in space and we Shouldn't because like we're already Wrecking this place right it's not time To expand and wreck other places but Whatever that's Elon and then this it's A real problem if you have to do a do Google Search Ed before 2023 At the beginning of your search string You get a completely different and I a Much more usable set of results the web Has died um you know so this goes with What I've been Experiencing so um let's try that here Okay so I searched Palestine Israel and Iran this is the what I've gotten here And now I have it before 20123 with um Is that a colon and then um you know all In quotes And see if there's any difference well There is this thing came up with Reddit Um so quite substantial difference here Right this is what they gave me without That and this is what they gave me with It completely different results and Still you know 2023 isn't when they started to push Authoritarian news and let's try Something else here so now I'm just Searching truthers here's the dictionary Definition Wikipedia you know you know These things MSNBC all mainstream stuff Let's try truther before 2023 you know it's still not um well

There's some stuff on Reddit here which Might be uh whatever it is they got New York Post they have you know some Different results it's still not Truthers you know we're not getting Truther results but significantly Different Results and I guess that gets rid of the AI stuff so that's a positive it's still Not back to what it was and what it used To be but it's something right so this Is a movie from ight Shyamalan called The Trap ladies and gentlemen put your hands Together I might have to edit this out And I might have to edit the majority of The thing out because you never you know Like only dopes copyright trailers it's Because the more people see the trailer The better even if I mock it or make fun Of it some of you guys will want to see This movie right but like you know Here's the devil here Put your so it opens up with the devil So you know if it looks a little choppy I might have to edit out a big chunk of This and just get to the end with the Meaningful Parts here hands together for Lady Raven hry come on lady Raven let's look At what the thing is so this stuff right This The Two Towers of the Boaz and jaim For the Freemasons they got this stuff Going on here

Hry come on come on wait wait wait wait Wait I got timee at youo no dad jokes This is okay so let's move forward so He's um got to use the Restroom I got to go to the bathroom They're based in red right which is Significant for so many reasons I've Talked about this in the Past you know red means I mean Ritualistic behaviors and all these Things sacrific I mean all kinds of you Know obviously associated with the devil And you know all these other things they Often bathe the audience at red light at Concerts so he goes to the other part of The stadium and then he starts to see as He's walking out Here there's a cop There lady Raven you know okay so these Morons did copyright me so I'm just Going to trash the trailer it's better If I can make fun of it when I show you The pieces but you know um they just Suck it's just stupid But this guy comes in and he asks this Guy why this guy's selling merch and Stuff and he asked him what's going on And the guy somehow he knows he said It's supposed to be a secret don't tell Don't don't rra me out but you know why Would they tell this guy what's going on You know because he's saying that There's the police are surrounding the Building it's basically some kind of

Martial law blocking all the exits Because there's a guy there called The Butcher and The Butcher who turns out to Be this guy the guy with his daughter um Hacks people up and he goes and he goes In the bathroom and he's got a little You know thing on his phone to see his Cameras and he's got some guy locked up In his basement but you know if they Know the guy's going to be at the Concert then they might as well just Show up at his house right like how are They going to identify him out of all Those people I mean it's the stupidest Premise you know I'm not shamalan his Videos his movies just get stupider and Worse and so um the premise is that the Only opportunity to catch this butcher Is to try to um get him as he leaves This concert of 40,000 people with all These young people and guns and you know It's is Stupid and so um there's some you know Scenes with his daughter and these Things but you know spoil alert he's the Butcher and they suck for copyrighting Me and you know these things because you Know it's just promoting their crappy Movie that nobody should see anyway and The movie is called trap and he's caught In a trap and he is the villain you know He's there with he's a dad and you know He's being like a normal dad with his Daughter but he's also a guy who hacks

People up for pleasure and he's the Protagonist and so inevitably the people Watching the movie are going to root for Him to somehow get out of the Trap I Mean I'm not sure how they frame The Narrative but you know that's how it Always works right you you start Identifying with the guy who's you know The the protagonist of the movie and the Protagonist here is some sort of s Serial killer all right so that was a Lot so you know I'll put this video up On Sunday because I just uploaded the Other one I just made the other one Public now I have a day where I'll have A videos be a day ahead I had that Before and then if it takes a long time To for them to go through the copyright Thing I'll still be able to put it up on Time I mean it's you know it's better Than some I just freaking you know so Many things I've had to do to adopt to YouTube just um you know destroying Itself right and you know all of it like We we're all experiencing this but as a YouTube person here it's just it's a Nightmare and you know just to eek out Of living it's getting harder and harder And just you know whatever and you know And this is just the way it's going to Go like it you know it's not going to Get better and so you know Cheerio only Spiritual value will save this world It's barano definitely app for the

Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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