Honey Yeah Honey Alec P Balwin’s been Charged

Honey Yeah Honey Alec P Balwin's been Charged

Greetings brothers and sisters This is Alec Baldwin what's up Alec Anything new going on with you Alec Any new developments anything you want To talk about Anything why I sharing in school Alec What's up buddy Buddy what's up All right so um I covered this briefly on my Hollywood Celebrities dropping like live video on My other channel that's you know got a Pass through it's got to be uploaded It's a longer video So I'm just putting this up so I don't Get bombarded with messages I'll cover this more tomorrow When um you know there's more news about It it's an ongoing story I'm sure But Alec P Baldwin has been charged with Manslaughter You know In terms of manslaughter Honey yeah honey yeah Alec P Baldwin's Been charged with manslaughter no it's Real I know I thought he was a victim so he Told me he was a victim I thought he was A victim he kept on saying he was a Victim I thought that you know he would Get compensated in some way but that's Not true Um you know Alex Baldwin yeah he's going He might be going to jail for a bit

Turns out he isn't the victim after all The guy who shot the other person isn't The victim in this case I mean I know he He said that but it's it's not what Happened Anyways like I said I'm just going to Make this video quickly I got a dental Appointment you know like it's a bad I'm going to get the other video up Tonight and then I'll do more of this Tomorrow only spiritual value will save This world it's Paul Romano definitely Appointed from the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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