Hollywood Celebs & MSN bail on JoJo Magoo who made 2 gaffs while I was Making this video

Hollywood Celebs & MSN bail on JoJo Magoo who made 2 gaffs while I was Making this video

Greetings brothers and sisters got a lot Of stuff to get to I got a couple of Stories on uh articles here on my one uh Toolbar then go to another one later and Get into how celebrities are bailing on Joe Biden and not just celebrities but a Lot of people but they don't have an Answer it's Great the other thing is one of my Viewers pointed out that my Microphone it was Crackling which I know happens I just Replaced my microphone phone cuz I saw This I have experienced this happening Usually it happens when I'm doing what I'm doing now which is using my screen Flow app and if that happens I can redo The audio but I'm not listening to the Longer audios like I used to like my Journey series stuff I mean it just Takes too much time because if I do a 45 Minute audio and then I have to listen To it you know and it just gets Redundant for me I mean I I'm not a Fan I'm not a fan of you know I don't Choose to watch my own videos in my Spare time it's you Know and so um I uh go ahead and point That out I know I have a a no complaint Type of uh you know um uh situation here But like something like that is Correctable and I need to know if There's issues with my mic I don't know What to do about it I don't know if it's

A computer related issue it doesn't Happen all the time and um I don't know Maybe there's some interference I use a Cordless mic so uh but if I could figure Out why that's happening I'll try to Stop it I like I said I just replace the Mic and I don't think I should replace a Computer I can replace the the um you Know there's a a USB port that goes to a USBC Port I could replace that or Something if that thing's worn out but Anyways uh let's get into the thing here And so Biden tells two different stories About the Israeli Hamas war and letters To Americans The White House is sending different Messages to Pro Palestinian and Pro-israeli Americans according to Letters shared with NBC News well that's A real um you know not surprise President Joe Biden is delivering Different messages on the war in the Middle East it says here um well one letter Emphasizes Biden's support for Israel Against pure evil of terrorism the other Focus on the ad administration's work to Protect civilians in Gaza so they Figured out they have a group of uh Voters that are very divided on this Issue the Democrats worse the Republicans the Republicans are just Wrong Republicans suck worse on this Issue than Democrats and you know this

Is a big issue to suck bad on you know Trump who has been pretty good with war Like Trump didn't start wars and you Know he didn't he didn't do this kind of Stuff the evil stuff that was done Before him he's totally on the wrong Side of this thing and then there's this One here here Disney Apple among Advertisers advertisers to pull business On X Tweeter after Elon Musk Anti-semitic posts and so um Tech Billionaire Elon Musk face the third day Of backlash Friday from Jewish leaders The White House and media advertisers Including Disney and Apple after he Embraced an anti-semitic conspiracy Theory early in the week the latest in The pattern of his echoing anti-jewish Bigotry going back Years must sparked the criticism with Six words he posted Wednesday afternoon On X the social media app he purchased a Year ago responding to another user Accused Jews of hati and white people And who had expressed indifference to Anti-Semitism musk wrote you have said The actual Truth um so this guy Jonathan Green Green blad who's one of the most Unlikable people and the president of The CEO of uh the um Anti-Defamation League uh went in after him um so that Happened so I tape the next three items There about the Palestinian Israeli

Thing I've done it twice and I forgot to Hit record and I just almost did it Again without turning my mic on so Hopefully this time it'll come out um This is one Benjamin J Shapiro who is uh An absolute disaster and this is his in Account and this is his take on the Conflict here I think we have to start Saying very clearly if you don't like it Here Go and if you don't like it here and you Intend to make it worse we will make you Go we stripped citizenship from Isis Members members of Isis who even if they Had British citizenship we stri their Passports we need to start doing the Same thing with hamaz we have Hamas Leaders in the UK Hamas members in the UK I'm calling on the foreign secretary The Home Secretary the director of Public prosecutions the Attorney General Prime minister and others to start doing This to start taking the passports away And deporting people who support himz Well if the West doesn't do that then They're in a leap load of trouble so is That a is that a threat Benjamin J Shapiro sounds like a threat you know we All know or we should know at least I Know that Isis is a controlled you know an asset Intelligence Community Asset right so When you compare that that group to Another

Group it um you know gets you thinking Benjamin here the last time I covered Him there was a cardi B and Megan the Stallion video I said Megan Kelly the First Type for some reason but they did a Video called WAP wet ass Boop e right There was just another video ironically By cardi B and Megan the salion that Somebody sent me today and it was God Awful it was horrible I mean it was Animalistic it was just really bad the Um the dancing and just degraded Probably even worse than the other one But he comment on on the video WAP and He didn't understand it so he asked his Wife who was a doctor and he said that WAP wet poopy Was a medical condition and his wife Said don't worry honey you don't have to Worry about That you don't have to worry about Causing you don't have to worry about Causing any Whap you're you're immune you're immune From WAP benid so then there was this Another viewer sent me this hi Um yeah during your speech you made a Lot of references to Jewish people as Well as certain people in your audience Not Jewish people in general but certain People especially in your audience to Nazis now that is extremely offensive When certain people are German and

They're also extremely offensive to People who've actually suffered are you German are you German under Nazi rule I Don't respect that anymore I really Don't I don't like and I don't respect The crocodile tears to to the crocodile Tears No I'm Kaboom there's some crocodile Tears there it's okay pumpkin it's okay Pumpkins um the majority of audience is On his side and he is against the Palestinians treatment of Israel I mean The Israeli treatment of Palestinians And he is of Jewish desent as he talks About here so folks allow me to finish And allow me to allow me to spin listen Sir allow me to SP allow me to finish uh Sir sir I don't like to play I don't Like to play the foreign audience the Holocause card but since now I feel now That I feel compelled to my late father Was an Out my late mother please shut up [Applause] My father was an aitz my late mother was In my D concentration Camp it's too much for her right here It's too much for her it's okay it's Okay pumpkin don't let your head explode Take a deep breath member of my family On my father's Side on my father's side the Jews did Not take arms against the my late father Was in aitz concentration camp my late

Mother was in midana concentration camp Every single member of my family on both Sides was Exterminated both of my parents were on The wara ghetto Uprising and it's precisely and exactly Because of the lessons my parents taught Me and my two siblings that I will not Be silent when is Israel commits its Crimes against the Palestinians and I Consider nothing more Despicable than to use their suffering And their Martyrdom to try to justify the torture The Brutalization the de demolition of homes That Israel daily commits against the Palestinians so I refuse any longer to Be intimidated or brow be By the tears if you had any heart in you You would be crying for the Palestinians Not for what these Done Kaboom so I've seen this um a Number of people have sent me these People they are pro-israeli people That're going out into the um you know Into the protests and this is a very Common thing on the internet it's been Done on the news but it's even worse on The internet where people go out looking For stupid people to interview and some Of the things are funny you know some of It's you know pretty accurate in terms Of at least gauging the stupidest Among

Us right you know it's a common thing to Wet out the responses that don't agree With you right and to just present the Stuff that you know you um that supports Your cause and there's a number of these Pro-israeli people this guy's very smug He's got a sort of a smug look on his Face pro- isra people that go out and Ask about October 7th and this dude just Unloads and destroys that argument here I ask a question well let me answer the Question right you keep saying what About October 7th what about October 7th What about October 8th what about October 9th what about October 10th what About October 11th what about October 12th what about October 13th what about October 14th what about October 15th What about October 16th what about October 17th what about October 18th What about October 19th what about October 20th what about October 21st What about October 22nd let me f the Question let Me so that's kind of Epic so um Kyrie Irving wears a Palestinian CIF Cifi at NBA press Conference um you know he has been uh he Was anti bloop and you know now of Course the stuff that happened with him In the the video that he shared a link On Twitter to that video Hebrews uh Hebrew to Hebrews and he got you know

Fine 20 two M $2.5 million and ADL came After him all this stuff he got Suspended remember that so I got some Epic Joe Biden stuff you know with stuff That um every once in a while like I Cover something I say stuff and then Things evolve and things end up going The way that I said it went and then There's kind of a celebration day you Know like and calling out the the people That were obviously Liars all along and I'll get into that with Joe Biden got More stuff on uh Christianity and Jesus And things like this one more comment to Cover and one more clarification but First let's let's talk about what this Just happened with this thing with October 7th 8th 9th 10th right this guy And so if you watch the mainstream news There's two arguments that the Pro-israeli people are putting out there And it's you know CNN and MSNBC are Putting these out they have some Sympathy for the Palestinian people and Of course the Democrat rats have more Pro Palestinian people than the Republicans Republicans just absolutely Suck on this issue right and their whole Point of view the people who are Pro-israeli on this thing is that what Happened on October 7th and the hostage situation that's Currently existing are the only things That matter they're more important and

They're far worse than any suffering That the Palestinian people have Suffered you know Palestinian like I Said the Palestinians have lost maybe Upwards of 20,000 people maybe I don't Know how many children 8,000 children Whatever it is right 6,000 children but It doesn't matter it's you know it's all Human life right even if it's an old Person someone who's going to die of Natural causes the next day you're still Um doing that to them but it isn't just The loss of life they kids and people Being traumatized by having bombs be Dropped near their houses I mean all the Things that happen in a war torn country They don't have access I mean it's Things that most people in America would Complain about imagine imagine if you Didn't have power water and Electricity every day since they started Bombing you know whenever Israel turned Off the electricity and water and Internet and these things it's been you Know like close to a month probably over A month now they've been out without Basic Services they don't have food They're worried about death I mean it's Torture for all every person in Palestine every person in Palestine is Suffering fear and Trauma and you know P PTSD and so we have 2 million people Suffering there and Israel isn't Suffering any of that right but somehow

Israel has gotten it that they're the Only people that get to claim being Victim their victimhood is unique for Them and it is somehow always worse for Them than everybody else even when They're perpetrating crimes at other People that are very similar to the Things that they complain about being Done to to them right you know there's a Time I covered the Native American Holocaust there's a book called the Native American Holocaust that talked About how there was 120 million Native Americans here when white people got Here and 100 million to 100 I it's Between 90 And uh 20 million people were killed Right you think about America now has You know of course we have these big Cities we have like 340 million people But in uh America beforehand there was Native American people in every state in Every place in America there was no Place without different tribes of Native American people so there was hundreds There was you know Millions upon Millions of people so 12 million isn't You know that far of a you know isn't That is is believable but anyways when That was said right when that was the American Holocaust thing was um put out There um there was this uh you know the ADL and other groups were all over them For using the word holocaust no one else

Could you it use it but Israeli people And Jewish people that they had somehow Trademarked and copyrighted Holocaust That anybody using even though the Native American numbers were far worse And many of the Native American tribes No longer exist there are Native American tribes that have been Completely wiped out even the a walks in In the Bahamas where Columbus first Landed they're completely gone there's No ancestors of those tribes and even Though these people were you know Genocide and were you know taken off the The planet cultures whole cultures of People whole you know demographics of People somehow that isn't as bad as what Happened to the Jewish people in the Holocaust right I mean this is how it is Phrased this is how they put this thing Together you know they have exclusive Right to victim C and victim Consciousness which I've talked about to Such a you know large degree and you Know how there's no victims when there's God when there's God there's no victims Because if there's an overseeing plan if There's Consciousness and events aren't Random and chaotic which they would be Without a God then there's no victims Like your soul has everything in your Life your soul has agreed to you know There's experiences that some people Have and other people don't because of

What your Soul's plan is right and you Can take or whatever it is but the other Thing is the way that they're going About this the way that they're going About the way Israel is going about this Is only generating more bad feelings More hatred and these other things right You know um they have this these on the Back of football players helmets they Have stop haate or in the end zone they Have end racism you know bump they're Trying to Bumper stick or something you Know it's sort of like a compensation or You know an agreement to get the players To stand during the natural national Anthem that thing that happened with Colin cerick and during the game they Have these commercials about stop hatred Stop hatred towards Jews stop Anti-Semitism and it's doomed to fail Because that's not the way you get rid Of hatred and I've talked about this Before right because hatred is something Inside you and it's your hatred and Whatever the object of your hatred is is Outside of you but somebody who has Hatred in their system will find Something to hate they'll find somebody Or something to hate and the way that Our civilization is managed is divide And conquer it's to you know the Democrats and the Republicans the way That they frame the narratives they want You to hate each other they want you to

Hate different groups they're they're Making it so racial groups will hate Each other like everything that's being Done is so that people will hate these Different groups you know that people Will pick size and you know there's Always this binary system and you have To pick one team or the other even if if You're not involved like most people Have a team you know some people say I Just want peace but the majority of People have picked either the Palestinians or the Jewish people Israel To root for like they you know people Root for one side or another that's how Our our Consciousness works we are very Competitive you know contest-based Sports-based uh people not just in America but globally and people pick Sides everyone's on on one team or Another they pick teams they say stop Hate but the people that run the system Want you to hate somebody and blame Somebody other than the people who Control the system or you know look at It as being something coming from God But there's different kinds of hate Right there's American hate there's Entitled hate where you just hate Somebody in your family or you just hate Somebody at work but they haven't done Anything to you to generate like a Hateful response like it's hate because Something's annoying right or it's some

Like You Know Rich Kardashian you know Insle who's like oh I hate that I hate That color on you you know you know Something like that right oh I hate my Shoes you know this kind of thing or They hate some you know they use the Word hate like that and so that's you Know a very superficial use of the word Hate and it's hate without provocation Like you know someone being annoying to You or somebody yelling at you one time Or somebody sharing uh beliefs that Don't agree with your beliefs and you Hate them you know people who come on my Channel and and spew hatred at me Because I said something that they don't Agree with that's just wimpy hate that's You know that's snowflake hate right That's you know it's just it's not real Like then there's hate where somebody's Been abused somebody's been ared Somebody's been you know whatever it is A country's been invaded that somebody's Killed your family right that's real Hate like I don't believe hate is ever Justifiable but it's it's justifiable in The sense of you know it hurts you so It's not it's not good for you but you Know it's something where um it's uh you Know it makes sense that these people Hate other people they hate this other Group of people right you know I just Watched a trailer yesterday it's an Australian film and it's a husband and a

Brother of a woman who's been ared by Some guy and he got 10 years in prison And they gets released on good behavior And so they take the guy out in the Woods and they start torturing them Right Um you know and that's understandable Right some guy AR and killed a woman and Her brother and her husband don't you Know they want to take some they they're Not satisfied with the justice system Right and the kind of hate that those People feel towards this person you Understand it on a different level than Some superficial Internet Hate That some You know snowflake is saying because Somebody said something they didn't like And the Palestinian people have suffered Greatly at the hands of the Israeli People right like you could say the Israelis have rights to hate the the Jewish people and these other places Where they are persecuted you know Whatever I mean you know you have to see It from one side or the other you know That's how things work it's subjective But when one group is being bullied by Another group and it's clear that in This situation despite the media Coverage and despite what they're saying That there's a clear victim here and It's the Palestinian people not just uh Since October but since you know 1947 or 9 or whatever when the when the country

Was partitioned and the Palestinians Have suffered ever since right and they Suffered much worse than the Israeli People and the Israeli Israel as a Country and so the Palestinian people You can't say their hate isn't justified In some way or another again hate is a Bad thing in all cases but you Understand it right and if they put up Some resistance whatever that might be You you can't call that resistance Somehow worse and call them terrorists Because they go against the Establishment and that's how they frame These arguments with America and you all These other countries it's just it's Wrong on every level and if you don't See that you're not willing to Acknowledge that then you're Perpetrating a fraud and you're creating More hate you're creating more bad Feelings because you're not Acknowledging the difficulty of the Situation for you know who's worse who's Getting the worst treatment who's Suffering worse Who the bully is and who's the who's the Aggressor and who's the who's the victim And again I don't believe in victimhood But everyone else does so that's you Know I don't use it in the language that That they do but who's the you know Person people that are are they're Getting the worst end of the deal and

It's obvious who that is right there's No there's no question about it okay so Let's move on to the Joe Biden stuff Here so they've um put out the economist Cover a little bit earlier this year Usually it's some apocalyptic aptic Stuff here how the young should invest Will fentol spread to Europe better ways To find Science the best films of 2023 and the world ahead of 2024 are 90 page guy to the coming year And you know they get Donald Trump here Um you know it's not the most flattering Picture of him and he's um encompassing The world here And the only reason they can do this you Know Trump is pretty much unelectable But he's running against Joe Biden and Possibly kamla Harris and God knows who Else they have out there and the Democrats have realized it and I think They kind of know they're screwed and so I got a bunch of Clips to show you about This here let's start here so Joe Biden Is going to call XI Jim ping a dictator And he clearly wasn't supposed to do That cuz one of his handlers an Anthony Blinkin the neocon and Mr President After today would you still refer to President she as a dictator this is a Term that you used earlier this year Well look he is I mean he's a dictator S Kaboom and this is going around Everywhere I've seen it few people sent

Sent it to me I mean look at Him oh man And so it's bad it's that bad like they They know it's that bad and they knew That it was going to be this bad when he Was running which I'll get into we're Going to go back in time I'm going to Show you my uh one of my compilations And then all the rest of these um recent Things that have been said so here's the Rock with Joe Rogan and The Rock who Very fervently Supported uh Joe Biden we'll go back to That first we'll watch this and we'll See that Is now not supporting I have friends who Support Trump I have friends who support Biden I have friends do you really have Friends to support B come on well no no No no no here's here's what I do I have I have friends thank you that's a good Check cuz that's important this is Important context they support the Democratic party I have friends who are Loyal to the party yes Kaboom right but This is what the Rock Said um you know four years ago so this Is um from Joe Biden's official Channel EJ hey hi EJ it's EJ guys I I gotta tell you well it DJ I Think did you say EJ or DJ do you say DJ Or EJ EJ hey hi hi hello hey guys I gotta tell You well it it is so good seeing you

Guys Senator Harris it's a pleasure to Finally see you and finally meet you Thank you it is a pleasure to see you I'm a huge fan of everything from Fast And Furious all of them to jamanji so Thank you for your Work thank you for your work I'm gonna Give you a medal you just you you Deserve a medal for Jumanji thank you so Much well well thank you thank you for Your work um let me start you know when You were on your Knees comma knee pads SS by saying guys I've been a lucky guy over the years in My life in my career to to have been Part of and participated in some real he Played for the dragons at one point Defining moments and I have never Publicly endorsed a presidential Candidate or a vice presidential Candidate um in my life over my career Don't don't break the streak bro you're Gonna regret it so I figured let's kick This conversation it's not going to age Well off this way by me officially uh Publicly endorsing you both uh to become President and vice president of our Great country than a thank you woohoo That's fantastic thank you that's are Great for real for real does I mean you Know I'm not I'm not stop here like a Like a meat puppet with some guy's hand Up myop you know I I'm up here you know That means a lot Arnold I mean uh

Whatever your name is thank you guys are Are are both obviously experienced to Lead you've done great things Joe you've Had such an incredible career you you've Flying and plagiarizing and sniffing and Snoozing and now you're scile yeah what Could go wrong my opinion with great Compassion and and heart and drive uh But also Soul oh come on bro come on bro And you and I talked about that in the Past and how important soul is and soul Is real important like you know you have One like you have one I have one it Means like everyone has one you know and You and you got one uh K I'm going to Embarrass you just for a little bit Because I'm going to talk a little bit About your uh your you know I got some Photos Here I embarrass you with some some Photos of how you worked your way up to The top you know neaz amazing experience And you have been an attorney a district Attorney a state attorney it's right I Was those things I was look at me shake My head yes you're right the rock uh a US senator smart tough I've seen you in Those hearings and um you know s sent This gu to 20 years in prison for Smoking pot you know I remember that in My opinion you are a certified badass I Am honored and thank you a certified Badass and who who's more can certify a Badass than the rock that's a huge

Compliment from you you're welcome Joe You and I have talked about the Relationship that you had with your with Your father you know this idea your Daughter when you know you used to Shower with her when she was a teenager I mean you got so many things Joe that Are interesting and and kind of weird And you know should disqualify you from Public office but I'm going to endorse You anyway and and earning respect that Our parents have taught us my dad always Said respect is given when it's earned Uh question I had is why is he so Defensive what's up with him how will The both of you earn The Respect by Doing what we say we're going to do by Keeping our word okay like something You've never done in your life by fing a Crackhead son and selling and where he Can sell access to me and I can I can uh PR itute the office of the of the Senator and vice president and then President so my family can get financial Benefits so I can keep my son into crack That's that's how I'm going to win over The American people by leveling with the American people by taking Responsibility when we fail acknowledge It we're not going to be perfect to be But yeah you're not take responsibility Say this is what I'm going to do this is What I believe and tell the truth that Sounds so B basic but the American

People are strong they're tough they can Take it okay so let me um show you one More thing here before we move to the Next celebrity disend sement it's a big One for someone who was so so so much Hates Trump someone who's a a Certifiable trump hater you you're going To say oh wow that guy's now questioning Biden and might vote for Trump like it's A big one but let's go back to one Another Gaff from his debates the one I Don't show you as much I show you the One where kamla where kamla is laughing At him well I can show you that one Let's let's show you that one first and These are two gaffs from the debates When kamalo was laughing at him I I Wanted to return back to this issue of Of black voters I I have a lifetime of Experience with black voters I've been One since I was [Applause] 18 he's very light-skinned um you Wouldn't call his complexion black Certainly but um Corey Booker and KLA Harris couldn't believe that they were Losing in the black vote to Joe Biden Like think about that like they were you Know two people of color and Joe Biden Was beating them among African-Americans and this came up in The debate because they're they're Dumbfounded by this because they're Watching this guy just poop his pants

And drool all over himself and wander Around stage I me he was doing this Stuff already nobody on the stage should Need a focus group to hear from African-American voters uh black voters Are pissed off and they're worried They're pissed off because the only time Our issues seem to be really paid Attention to by politicians is when People are looking for their vote and They're worried because the Democratic Party we don't want to see people miss This opportunity and lose because we are Nominating someone that doesn't isn't Trusted doesn't have authentic Connection and so that's what's on the Ballot and issues do matter so Joe Biden Was beating everybody and none of them Could understand it like they're all Flabber Ed I I I have a lot of respect uh for For the vice president he is swore me Into my office as a hero this week I Hear yeah then then he groped my sister And you know literally say that I don't Think we should legalize marijuana I I I I thought you might have been high when You said it and and let me tell you no At least your son is right because Because Marijuana marijuana marijuana in our Country is all already legal for Privileged people and it's one the War On Drugs has been a war on black look I

Got something hello teacher teacher I Got a I got I got an answer people and So let me just let me just say this with More African-Americans under criminal Supervision in America than all the Slaves since 18 this is what he did you He touches his face a lot then I started Noticing him when he was wearing a mask 50 do not roll up into community And not talk directly to issues that are Going to relate to the liberation of Children because there are people in Congress right now that admit to smoking Marijuana while there are people our Kids are in jail right now for those Drug crimes and so these are the kind of Issues that mean a lot to our community And if we don't have somebody Authentically we lost the last election Let me just give you this data example Okay it's getting rolled look at Yourbody it's painful we lost in Wisconsin because of a massive demun a Lot of reasons but there was a massive Dimin in the African-American vote we Need to have someone that can Inspire as Comma said to inspire African-Americans To the polls at record num thank you Senator Booker Vice President Biden you Can respond to that I'll be very brief Number one I think we should Decriminalized marijuana period And I Period think everyone anyone who has a Record should be let out of jail their

Records expunged it be completely zeroed Out but I do think it makes sense Based On data that we we should study what the Long-term effects are on for the use of Marijuana that's all it is number one There's been no studies we have no idea What it does right I mean does it turn You into an alien we don't even know I Mean does it what it's got all kinds of Side effects we not even aware of Everybody gets out record expunge Secondly I uh you know I'm I'm part of That that Obama Coalition I come out of The black community in terms of my Support if you notice I have more people Supporting me in the black community That announced for me because they know Me they know who I am three former Chairs of the black caucus the only African-American woman that ever been Elected to the United States Senate a Whole range of people my point is the Other one is Here I said the first I said the firstan American first They're laughing at him They're laughing at him and then he lies And said he I didn't say what I just Said this is a guy who told the rocky Was going to take responsibility right And so everybody knew the she was Laughing at him Cory Booker and her Couldn't believe it the other candidates Knew the reporters knew everybody knew I'm going to come back to this because

It's important because now they're all Bailing on him but we always knew he was This guy this was the guy that he was Vice President Biden the me too movement Has forced a cultural Reckoning around The issue of sexual violence and Harassment against women in America are There specific actions that you would Take early in your Administration to Address this problem and so we have to Just change the culture period and keep Punching at it and punching at it and Punching at it it will be a big no I Really mean it it it make it's a Gigantic issue and we have look at KLA Trying not to laugh she's trying not to Laugh here she wants to laugh because he Was talking about domestic abuse and he Said you got to keep on punching that And punching that and he raised his fist And he talked with an authoritative Voice voice so that's JoJo Magu so somebody posted this on Tweeter I don't know who sent it to me one of You guys and it's something that they're Calling him out for but he does it all The time where all of a sudden he starts Yelling he talks in a way you can't hear Him he talks very meekly very like very Serious like going to sleep and he just Yells like he has these two volume Settings well I watched it before I Watched it as a kid I watched it as a Senator I watched what happened and my

Community it changed Everything so this is him right and he's Always done this since um he's been Running for president since 2019 he's done this I don't know he did This earlier in his career but now it's Even worse he sounds like some old Manand saying get off my Lawn and so so in the time I've been Editing this video two gaffs have come In there's kind of significant one's Creepy and the other is just clueless One why my wife sent me one and a viewer Sent me the other let me show you these Two new gaffs Breaking News since starting this video JoJo magu Has done a couple more Gaffs okay so here's Joe Biden at some Kind of school event I don't know if This is he pardoned the turkeys today I Don't know what's up my wife just sent Me this I'm editing this video and I Realized I got to include this so he Notices a girl's ears yes a girl's ears In the crowd thank you thank you and I Love your ears I love them they're Really cool what's your name you love Her ears they're really cool so nobody Ever right like what what's up there Joe Catherine cine oh she's wearing um she's Wearing some kind of like ears here like Uh um cat ears or Mouse ears which is Equally as creepy right a beautiful name That's my mommy's name that's his

Mommy's name his mommy his mommy's name Is Catherine well nice to see how old Are you 17 six you thank you six six she's six Look at him um he asked her if she's 17 Because he wonders if she's barely legal I mean just everything about that thing Was creepy and they ran this guy and he Was like this before they ran him they Installed him as president and now They're stuck with this I mean it's Worse now but it was always bad and now You know they can't they can't hide it Anymore and So it's just so you know he's just such A Creep you could say even this harder Than getting a a ticket to the Renaissance tour or or Or rip Britney's tour she's down in it's Kind of warm in Brazil right now just to Get here Liberty and Bell had to beat Some tough odds in competition they had To work hard to show patience and be Willing to travel over a thousand miles So Taylor Swift's tour is called the Eras tour and Britney's tour is called The um I don't know Britney doesn't have A tour Right you know him saying it's hot in Brazil and then saying these turkeys had A a hard time getting pardoned and they Had to be patient and you know they're I Mean turkeys turkeys aren't smart like

Turkeys will Bunch up in the corner if There's a a thunderstorm and some of Them will suffocate Because they you know they're not that Smart especially these you know Factory Raised turkeys that they're paring Pardoning you know they're barely an Animal I mean so that's two gaffs those Are two gaffs that came in while whilst I was I was editing this video but then Michael Rapaport bails on him one of you Guys sent me this Today if it comes down to Pig dick Donald Trump and smoking Joe Biden I'm Sorry I am Sorry voting for pig dick Donald Trump Is on the table I'm sorry I'm fuing I'll Still call him slob dick Donald Trump Pig dick Donald Trump and all That but we need to get this whole [ __ ] Situation under Control okay so he's even thinking about Bailing and Biden he's basically Admitting that things were better under Trump and I don't think they were it was You know it was never we've always been In a state of economic collapse and We've been in a desperate State now for A number of years you know they're just Fudging the books and playing you know Musical chairs with the economy to keep It going and so but it was better under

Trump before Co it's was better under Him before Co and this guy who really Hates Trump like he's even bailing on Trump right but the thing is all of them Knew right remember this exchange here So I got a couple things to show you Everybody knew it wasn't like he just Became scile we knew in 2019 I covered It I'll show you the compilation let me Show you the compilation here greetings Brothers and sisters this is a Compilation of some of the Gaffs things that JoJo has said just a Few of them I don't think I have all of Them But just some of the gaffs that I've Covered and I know there's things I Don't know about and there's future Gaffs but as of December 2019 these are JoJo's gaffs Right and Um yeah enjoy them we got to recognize That kid wearing a hoodie may very well Be the next poet lauran and not a gang Banger ladies and gentlemen there are Too many black men and I might add women In prison once they in fact they anyway My time's up I'm sorry I was ready to Prostitute myself and if you're poor you Cannot do it poor kids are just as Bright and just as tal as white kids we Choose truth over facts portion of it Called Crimea right he's saying that it Was

President my boss it was his fault this Is President my boss is his fault do not PR it on me sir please sir do not why Should voters give you another chance Because God's done before oh it's your Professionalism that I respect because I God done before I'm the only one up Here's ever beat the NRA they have every Problem coming to them we have make sure That every single child does in fact Have three four and five year olds go to School school not daycare school we Bring social workers into homes of Parents to help them deal with how to Raise their children play the radio make Sure the television the excuse me make Sure you have the record player on at Night the the phone make sure the kids Hear words a kid coming from a very poor School very poor background hear four Million words fewer spoken by the time They get there there's so much we no I'm Going to go like the rest of them do Twice over [Music] Okay look at this creepy guy touching Her hair Snoozing Her okay just how creepy is this goes on Forever this guys look up and send a Photographer Up This creepy MF get the Pam get the get the gro cam up There can I have one with Jess Alone so what he said there is um can I

Have one with Jess alone and he later Goes on to say the father has to come in And chaperone cuz he's being creepy he Did this a number of times I'll show you Another one but we all know this I Covered this extensively this is when he Was swearing in these senators in 2015 And 16 it's up on C-Span and then he Says to her if he was younger meaning Her age he would change parties for her Which means he's flirting with her and Saying that he would ditch his wife if He was younger he would go back and Marry this girl instead of his wife I Mean the whole thing you know just Creepy and just you know totally Jo Jojo Magu I don't want the damn thing do not Put it on me sir please sir do not do That all right so I put a different Audio in with a bunch of clips of him Groping and stuff which you already know There's some other things I'm leaving Out here and then there was a number of Things that happened after this and some Of them I missed before and he's a Walking gap of course there's the pool One where he talked about um Corn Pop All these things right so there's you Know there was hundreds of these clips Already in the no Mal Ary tour and then You know there's a number of clips that Happened before he was elected and then All the clips that have happened since Then so there's all this evidence out

There that this guy was you know Incapable of doing the job he was creepy He was a liar and his mental capacity Was breaking down but everybody knew it Right everyone knew there was so many Things that he did during the the uh Campaign that showed that he was Cen And everyone chose to ignore it or Pretend or lie about it in the media Celebrities all these people and how Could you do that and not know it was Going to go south I me the guy couldn't I Mean the guy was this bad so this was This one bad exchange And that's your son over there get a job And work for a gas company but he had no Experience with last or Nothing in order to Get access to the for the Pres you're You're selling access to the president Just Like a damn liar man that's not calls Him a damn liar true and you know um Someone just sent me a video about You're a liar you are letting this go on And the numbers prove it Margery Taylor Green so YouTube just recommended this To me right where margerie Taylor green Gets silenced by her own um somebody in Her own party at a hearing by a member Of her own party green blamed the Department of Homeland Security Secretary for us fentanyl deaths how

Many more people do we have to watch die Every single day in America how long are You going to let this go on Congresswoman let me assure you that We're not letting it go on we are Fighting this no I reclaimed my time You're a liar we can disagree you don't Have to call uh a witness a liar the Rules State you can't impune someone's Uh character uh identifying or calling Someone a liar is unacceptable in this Committee and I make the ruling that we Strike those words when we strike uh it Does terminate the time of the Individual who is speaking so uh the Gentle lady is no longer recognized Green left the hearing shortly after That Moment she taking her picture you're a Liar all right so she got rang up Everyone talks about the you know media Talks about she sucks she's just a Nightmare she's not a truther she's a Problem she's a problem for all of us But they all talk about her how she She's this Terrible you're a damn liar man that's Not true and no one has ever said that No one has heard that I see on the TV You see it on the TV no I know you do And by the way that's why I'm not Sedentary I don't I get up and and and Trying to take the microphone from him This guy this is one of JoJo's muo

Handler he's got a Biden pin trying take The microphone the guy won't give It let him go let him go look the reason I'm running is because I've been around A long time and I know more than most People know and I can get things done That's why I'm running that's why he's Running no Malarkey this was his no Malarkey tour right that's how bad it Was I want to check my shape on let's do Push-ups together here man Let's do Let's run let's do whatever you want to Do so um then he challenges the guy to a Push-up contest and it wasn't the first Time this happened so he's just he's Unhinged right he's lost his mind he Calls him a liar and then he's going to Call him fat like fat his F his Name number two number two no one has Said my son has done anything wrong and I did not on any occasion well now he's You know he's been charged with crimes And it's pretty well known his laptop Was was cover was a cover up right so we All know these are lies and it's much Worse now because you know he can't say This this time around and his son's Going to be an issue in the campaign When it comes around election time right No one has ever said it not say you were Doing anything wrong you said I set up My son to work in an oil company is that What you said get your word straight Jack that's

I get your words straight Jackn you don't hear that in MSNBC you Did not hear all what you heard look Okay I'm not going to get in an argue With you man I don't well yeah you do But uh but look fat look here's the deal Look fat Look look fat look you fat shame the guy I mean all this stuff is the kind of Behavior republ uh Democrats and Liberals and me too people and and Cupcakes and snowflakes don't like he's Nam calling charging the guy uh calling The guy a liar he's challenging the guy To push-up contest Calls him Fat here's a it looks looks like you Don't have any Back okay so you're the problem right And so um this was you know in 2019 and then he got in an interview With NPR and I hadn't seen the whole Interview at least I don't remember Seeing it but she's asking him a lot of Tough questions that are based in her Being a liberal and him not being Liberal enough And he's getting pissed like the whole Video it's 25 minutes long the first 11 Minutes he's pissed right and then she Asks him about this exchange and this is What he does here other day at your town Hall because you got a lot of you got a Lot of attention for it um a a man stood

Up and started throwing false Allegations your way about they weren't False they weren't false Honey about Your son Hunter Biden and his work in Ukraine and your work as vice president Not they're not false Then in Ukraine and you responded by uh Calling him a damn liar and then you Challenged him to push-ups and then you Asked him for an IQ test no he came Along and he what he saying he he said He's entitled to do this he said you're Too old he said you're too old I can't Vote for somebody as old as you said Okay and he was challenging what kind of Shape is so I kid it I Joe Biden just Turned 81 he's the oldest he's the Oldest president that's ever been right And and he was he was bad then but this Is when it it goes really off the rails Did want to do a push-up contest I was Joking look I'm in pretty good which What Donald Trump says a lot hey you Can't take a joke I was Joking the now now he puts his finger in Her face look at him like he's you know This is scile behavior right he's losing It he's kind like he's not supposed to Be doing this like his campaign handlers You know right after this uh covid made It so he didn't have to do these things Like he stopped doing Town Halls you Know they got rid of the no Malarkey Stuff because it was ridiculous he was

Going on a no Malarkey tour you know how Many people even know what the word Malarkey even means you know my Grandparents and my parents that's from You know the 1920s no Malarkey and you Know when he went to South Carolina and Clyburn made sure he won that state After he got he was he came in fourth And fifth in Iowa and in New Hampshire They got rid of that no Malarkey stuff And then they just hit him away they Realized that the guy couldn't do it That they couldn't run him as a Candidate he challenged another guy to Go outside and fight in a factory I'm Not going to show you that but you've Probably seen it and he was losing it Right his temper was getting to him and Anger is a you know this kind of anger Is very common for someone who has Dementia he can't control himself he Can't be doing this he's sticking his Finger in her face during the time when Me too was a big thing compare me to Donald Trump but people did at the Town Hall just yes they did They said to me the woman you met at the End 94y old Mary said to me I was so Disappointed in him this is a direct Quote that is not the Joe I know he Sounded like Donald Trump in that CLI Well look Donald what Donald Trump says He makes fun of people he belittles People that's what you were doing right

And so he's you know the guy's gone and They all knew it right this isn't Something new the guy didn't go SE scile Overnight he didn't have demension Dementia overnight and and there were so Many things I covered in 2019 he clearly Wasn't up for the job but they didn't Have anything better who knows why they Ran him maybe because he was so you know He's such a complete puppet he's Incapable of making his own decisions He's under complete control by the Whoever's running him the neocons you May to deal with the neocons and maybe They want to push its agenda neocons Were neoconservatives they were Republicans under George W bush they had Been disgraced by their handling of the Iraq War the the Afghanistan war and the Stuff in Libya and all that stuff right They had been proven wrong they were Embarrassed but maybe they made a deal With them because everyone wanted to get Rid of trump you know neocons hated Trump whatever it was right Trump sucks I'm not you know Trump's a nightmare but You know this was um I mean I you can't Say who's worse but Biden was certainly Incompetent mentally and the other Candidates they ran I think were all Unelectable and unlikable and Bernie Sanders was the only one with enthusiasm And they openly rigged it against Bernie Sanders and so now the Democrats are in

A similar situation but even worse Because if they get rid of Joe Biden Kamla Harris thinks it's her turn and The reason Biden nominated kamla Harris I think was for a couple reasons the First one was he first said he was going To nominate a woman for vice president And so he had a limited number of women Who he could nominate that were you know Quality running mates but then he said He was going to nominate a woman of Color and it was Kamala who was you know Her dad is Jamaican and like part Jamaican and part Irish and the Irish Part like owns slaves or something like That right and his and kamla's mother Was Indian East Indian and so she wasn't Really African-American and she wasn't popular She only had 1% less than 1% when she Was running nobody liked her and so that Was probably another reason he nominated Uh Kamala because he wanted to um you Know he if he has someone like her they Wouldn't get rid of him you know because The Democrats did not want Kamala to be President and she's Unelectable and so Gavin Nome is a Disaster in California maybe he's a Better candidate he's at least he isn't Scile but he's he's certainly a disaster And then who else Pig gig I mean they Don't have anybody else they don't have A superar superstar

And it looks like the one person Donald Trump can beat is Joe Biden and the Other one if there is two is kamla he Probably has a better chance against Kamla but Donald Trump might beat either One of them just based in mental Competence in how it's turning against Joe Biden this Israel thing isn't Helping Joe Biden amongst the youth and Other people amongst Arab voters he's Losing voters it's not going to be as Easy for them to cheat or do whatever And so Joe Biden is a disaster but the Democrats don't have a plan B and even The celebrities are bailing on them and It's you know it's got it's gotten that Bad I mean the rock who gave this Glowing endorsement is now saying him he Doesn't have one friend nobody that he Knows that they're all Democrats mostly Right he has a few Republican friends But the majority of them are people that Back Joe Biden and so um and he's bailed On him and Michael Rapaport hates Trump And so even the MSM BC is bailing on him Over this Palestinian thing and over his Age and things and so like he's he's Losing amongst the people that were Rigging it for him the people who were You know the media that was blatantly Lying about all this and they all knew It they have no excuse because they Nominated a guy who was going scile and They didn't care because they figured

The people that were running Joe Biden Would be better than Trump they thought Somebody you know political Establishment was better than Trump it Turned out not to be true not that Trump Was good or great Trump's a punk he Sucks but Trump was doing better than The political establishment at least Most people were happier under Trump Before covid than they are under Biden Right now and so this is where they're All at um I want to get to this uh one More thing to do with this Christian Stuff here I want to get into the Jesus God stuff real quick here uh you know With my other videos just a you know Brief 105 minute voice over I think First somebody sent me this clip of Isaac Azof if God is dead everything is Permitted well on the contrary that t Assumes that human beings have no Feeling about what is right and wrong It's the only reason you are virtuous Because that's your ticket to Heaven is The only reason you don't beat your Children to death because you don't want To go to hell it seems to me that it's Insulting to human beings to imply that Only a system of rewards and punishments Can keep you a decent human being isn't It conceivable a person wants to be a Decent human being because that way he Feels better because that way the world

Is better I think that when I die there Will be nothingness that does not mean That I have the impulse to go out and Rob and steal and rape and everything Else because I don't fear punishment I Fear the punishment of my own conscience I have a conscience it doesn't depend on Religion in Societies in which religion Is very powerful there's no shortage of Crime and sin and misery despite Heaven And Hell go down death row bunch of Murderers maybe who are waiting for Execution and ask them if they believe In God they'll tell you yes so I agree With the part about him saying that There's uh you know rewards and Punishment right that's how religions Work and that this idea that people will Only be good if um there is uh you know Some sort of religious Authority saying You're going to be punished if you're Not good you get rewarded if you are and So that's true and there is people with A conscience that are atheists that care About other people and have empathy but There's no reason to have those things If it's chaos and that's the problem With atheism because atheism means There's no plan or there's no order and So why be a nice person right why be a Kind person it's just a free-for-all if There's no order and there's no right or Wrong in that sense right then it Becomes just an animalistic uh you know

Type of survival of the fittest Situation it is the idea that you have a Soul and that you have a higher purpose Here and you have Divinity within you And you you serve something Which is the true motivation to be a Better person and connecting with that Energy inside of you which where your Compassion is and your heart and your Empathy and things like this so you know I partially agree with them but part of That isn't true and there are people out There I had a client of mine who he Idolized Eminem when Eminem was big and He abused his um his father's uh Girlfriend's his father's fiance his Stepmom's uh uh the daughter just to Break up the marriage like he was that Kind of person right and we had a Conversation he was very adamant that The only reason that people uh you know That the only reason people don't murder People all the time and do bad things is Because the Laws right he you know he couldn't Imagine that people would do it just Because they you know had some sort of Empathy and compassion so there are People out there that are like that that Need some sort of external Authority and Threats of punishment to to keep them From doing bad things and maybe even in Terms of the idea of the Divinity Because you know a lot of these

Religions you know Jesus was teaching to Very violent um you know not good people In the Middle East at the time and so There's a lot of violence a lot of um You know debauchery a lot of crazy Behaviors a lot of uh you know uh Immoral behaviors you know most of the Comments I got were supportive of my Position and at least you know people Who value my opinion whether they agree With it all the time or not right um but There was like one comment where a Person just said you know in the middle Of the thing um let me see if I can find It here the person said uh Jesus is Lord and I don't know why I had to find That I had that one memorized I have to Look it up you know these bumper sticker Answers that people give right and That's a big problem with all of these Things because it is something that Takes some convincing in thought right And the one thing that I was um seeing In all the comments and I talked about a Little bit the last time I commented on This there are a lot of people who have Positive association with Christianity And I'm one of them like I had a good Positive experience as a Catholic I Don't regret I didn't have anything bad Happen to me as a Catholic and my mom And my and my grandmother praying the Rosary helped me I'm sure like I can't Quantify that or prove it but I I feel

Like it did and growing up with a Religious mom is one of the teachings in The Sark tradition growing up with a Spiritual mom is really important to Become a spiritual person and I had that You know my mom suffered from Incompetence and a lot of different you Know difficult qualities um but she was Definitely a spiritual person and she You know started the S mark system did The meditation for a while did it got The transmission and I met master charie And you know she she was certainly Spiritual which both my brother and I Benefited from I'm sure my sisters did In their way and I attribute all those Things to helping me find or helping the Sjar system find me the sjar system Helped me in so many ways you know Transformed me helped to transform me You know the work I did was included in That right I you know I participated and I had all this transformation and you Know still there's a lot of things I Could do better and you know this not It's not like I've made it but in terms Of where where I was before and where I Am now you know I was a low functioning Person who um you know was able to Achieve things and do things and suffer Through things that before I did it or If I didn't have sjar I never would have Been able to do those things right I Would have been completely overwhelmed

And so that's one of the things that Saar has done for me that's proven there Are a lot of things that the system has Proven to me to be true but there are Other things other claims that I believe In just because I trust the system but They're not proven right I don't have a Personal experience of them and there Are people who are Christian that were Commenting saying they've had a few Things happen to them one lady said she Had Miracles you know that proved her That Christianity was everything that it Said it was but that doesn't mean Jesus Is the only son of God right just Because you've had some spiritual Experiences means that the system Successfully helped you connect to God Which isn't the goal of the system Anyway the goal of the religion is Control and power over the parishioners Over the flock right but people have had Spiritual experiences because it's Available if you're a true Seeker but That doesn't mean everything that you're Told about the system is true or Everything in the Bible is true you have To make that distinction like you have To make the distinction between what You've actually experienced and then the Other things that are set about the System and some of them may be true some Of them may not and doesn't mean that if One thing's true all of them are true

Right and like I'm I'm aware of that With my own Journey like I I believe and Trust the teachings in the Sark system But there's a difference between the Ones I've experienced and the ones that I just believe in because it's part of The system that's worked so well for me But there's a distinction there right And I wanted to just say one more thing About this idea of people calling me m Master you know I said it was kind of an [ __ ] that's too much of an [ __ ] to Be called that but that's not really you Know I should have expanded on that and What that means is in the Sark tradition The masters of the system take Responsibility for your spiritual Evolution you're responsible for it but They are committed to their side of it And they stress and worry and think About you and every minute you're with Them they're you know not even with them You're a part of their system that You've committed to the system they feel Responsible to help you connect to God And when you fail and do the wrong thing I mean this is how the masters of the System have been in the past you know Not so much dodgy but they stressed out They blamed themselves I mean it was Famous for these things and you know When you came into their presence they Were you know when you with them Physically or you wrote to them they

Would you know transmit to you and set Up your spiritual journey and I mean They're connected to you feeding you Energy the transmission and cleaning and You know doing everything that was Needed to be done from their side to Help you evolve spiritually I mean their Commitment and you know I can't even Describe it right but it's everything I'm saying and more you know there are Times I talked about that story when Babaji um you know my preceptor said he Would go to India and bobaji would be in His Courtyard in his you know he had a Little Courtyard and he had a you know a Seat a chair that kind of leaned back And he had a hook a you know a A water pipe that he smoked uh tobacco And jaggery which is unrefined sugar and Charcoal and he would smoke it and he Would hold court and he would have a new Person sit next to him and he'd smoke The hookah and talk to people then he Look at the person then he smoke the Hookah and look at the person again and You know stare at their you know etheric Body their theoric you know their Spiritual Essence and he would Contemplate and he would smoke again to Play and you know maybe he'd be talking To LY his spiritual Master whatever it Was right and then he look at the person With very loving eyes and say now I'm on Your case and the person felt like you

Know that what that meant on a like a Universal like you know on a you know an Infinite idea of their spiritual journey And now there was this soul that was Going to be with them and helping them And guide them and you know this idea of Being a sherpa is you walked up the Mountain and the sherpa had to walk with You and the all these things you know There's all these stories and you know If I had all these experiences myself And we all felt this idea of the Commitment of the master of the system And I don't have that commitment to you All or people that would come to me even As a preceptor I did in the beginning But I've kind of lost my enthusiasm for That because of people right now my Commitment is I make videos and I talk About this stuff regularly and I share My life story so you know there's Commitment there I'm not I'm not doing Nothing you know I'm doing my best to Help people hear about a system that's Helped me but that's ultimately your Choice whether you you do it and then if You do it whether you stick with it That's all on you right and my you know My commitment is I put the information Out there and if somebody asked me a Question and I have some way of you know Helping them out a little bit I'll I'll Do a little bit you know but it's Nowhere near the commitment of the

Masters of the system and I don't know If I would ever have that commitment you Know the way I feel now kind of you know I mean I had a lot of enthusiasm in the Beginning And that's been kind of beaten out of me And you know I some of that's been good The cleaning and you know some of it's Just reality and some of it's just my Opinion of the human race but you know I I work at it I participate I have some Commitment but it isn't that level Commitment is it a Master Level Commitment there's just so much I'm Willing to do for other people and right Now it's you know it's pretty minimal in Terms of you know interpersonal contact And you know I'm I'm not going to spoon Feed people I'm not going to carry them I'm not going to put myself in a Position to be resentful and and all These things and feel you know stabbed In the back and and the rest of it right I open up you know my life my stories my Energy you know the energy that comes Through these videos I made the Gratefulness videos and things like this But I you know it's nowhere near what The Masters were willing to do for you And you know I mean that's why that Calling me a master is incorrect right Because you know that and the fact that I haven't mastered myself and I'm not on That level right right like um you know

I'm I'm kind of a chucklehead I I work At it and I and I've put a lot of effort Into it and you know there's been some Spiritual Evolution but like I haven't Reached that level and I would say if I Did right I mean I would I'm not you Know being falsely humble here it's not You know it's just not nearly what you Would get if you had a real master in This in the system if you had a chance To meet them and all the rest of it so And it's wrong to think about somebody In those terms right I'm might be better Than a lot of people to you all like you See me and you're like oh you know he's And what I'm doing here and you know Whatever but that's I'm not you know I'm Not at that level doesn't mean I'm at That level same thing I was talking About this Christian woman right doesn't Mean I'm at that level it means that Maybe I'm better than other people to Some extent because of my you know Spiritual blessings and maybe stuff I've Done in the past life I mean not Everybody but some people and at least On a spiritual level you think oh you See some evolution and you think wow That guy's reached it I'm not even Nearly I'm not you know I don't know Where I am in the spiritual path but There's a lot more to go you know you Know if there's rungs of a ladder I Might be on the first rung like I you

Know maybe the first rung I don't know Like I don't know where I am but I know It isn't more than that and so I'm a lot Closer to everybody else than I am to These Masters and the higher developed Souls and the you know the ultimate goal Right and I've said this before and this Is something about Jesus as well that You know Jesus didn't have all that much Spiritual Evolution but to the people of The time and the people that he was with You know he seemed to be a God right you Know it be like if you never played Basketball before and you saw a bunch of Really good high school players play and You're like oh my god there can't be Anybody better than them and then you Saw good college players play and then You're like Well it can't be anybody Better than them and then you saw you Know lower level professionals play and You're like wow they can't be any better Than them and then you saw the best Players play and you're like wow you Know and then there's always somebody That could reach a higher level than That right so it's something like that Right where you're you know um where You're thinking that something that Appears to be higher or is higher is is The highest and it's not it just happens To be higher where you than you are Right and so that's you know the Distinction has to be made people have

To be aware of that whether it be a Religion or a spiritual organization There's always higher levels to go and All the people who are Who are there the Divine beings the Masters they're still evolving like Nobody stops you're always moving Forward on your spiritual journey but Anyways um that's it for now only Spirituality will save this world it's Paran definely Po from the apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day and be grateful

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