Hillarious way the Government is Collapsing

Hillarious way the Government is Collapsing

Greetings brothers and sisters so this Guy had a had a moment um he has done Horrible interviews with Federman right You know pretending feeder's normal but He patrols the the um you know Capitol Hill and he does interviews with these Um senators and congressmen and women And he usually sucks but today or three Or four days Ago yeah a moment because this is great This is great Content Tim berett who is one of the Eight Republicans who voted out Kevin McCarthy from the speakership and Apparently had a bit of a dust up in the Hallways himself with Kevin McCarthy and I have Congressman BR with us here right Now so Congressman explain to us what Happened with you and Kevin McCarthy Well I was doing an interview um with um Claudia from NPR uh a lovely lady and When she was asking me a question and And at that time I uh got elbowed in the Back and it kind of caught me off guard Cuz it was a clean shot to the kidneys And I turned back and there was there Was Kevin and um and I for a minute I Was kind of what the heck just happened And then I what happened was Kevin McCarthy elbowed him in the kidneys and Then ran away like a little Boop and I'm 100 I'm 100% convinced this Guy's telling the truth because the Reporter also backed his

Story um you know I chased after of Course he's a as I've stated many times He's a He's a Bully with $17 million in A security detail you know he's the type Of guy that when you're a kid would Throw a rock over the fence and run home And hide behind his mama's skirt and Then he just yeah this is Going this is what I do this is going to Be Great you know he he uh from behind that Kind of stuff it you that's not the way We handle things in East Tennessee we if We have a problem with somebody I'm Going to look them in the eye and talk To okay so he walked down the hallway Hit you in his with his elbow yeah you Can you can go on Claudia's Twitter Account it it it pretty much um let's go On Claudia's Twitter account because This is verification of what he's saying Here and we'll get back to this because It gets better Claudia um Grisel's uh she works for NPR while Talking to representative Tim bur burett After the GOP conference meeting former Senator uh speaker McCarthy walked by With his detail and McCarthy shoved Burette burette lunged towards me I Thought it was a joke it was not and a Chas in Suit bir's back was to McCarthy and his Detail walking by the hallway berad Responded jokingly as McCarthy kept

Walking sorry Kevin didn't mean to Elbow You then seriously yelled why' you elbow Me in the back Kevin Hey Kevin you got You got any guts berett then looked back At me and said jerk referring to karthy I asked if he had done that before and Bir shed said no that's when the chase Ensued bir shed took off after McCarthy In his detail I chased behind with my Mic yelled after catching up to McCarthy Hey Kevin why'd you walk why'd you walk Behind me and elbow me in the back Kevin I didn't elbow you in the back birchett You got no gush you did so the reporter Said said it said it's right there what Kind of chicken move is that bad starts To walk away from McCarthy tells me what A jerk and then yells back you need Security Kevin Berard tells me the first point of Communication with a Cary since Burch Had voted for McCarthy's aler as Speaker Of the House last month that's just it For communication since our aler vote He's just a jerk he's just a childish Little Boop so you you know why would she say That happen if it didn't like you Know um and so and then Kevin McCarthy's Going to talk and he's like uh he just Looks guilty as all F or X account it it It's very accurate okay so then just Explain so you chased him what do you Mean you chased I just ran after him I

Was like what the heck you know why'd You do that you know cuz it was a like I Said if you ever been hitting the Kidneys it's a little little different You don't have to hit very hard to cause A little bit of pain a lot of pain and And so I and he just of course um as he Always did does he just uh denies it or Uh blames somebody else or something you Know and it was just a little heated but I just backed off cuz there wasn't any I Saw no reason I wasn't gaining anything From it everybody saw it so it didn't Really matter but he responded to him Yeah yeah he just acted like you know What are you talking about you know who Are you to you know that kind of thing And it's just you know you know I think That's that's symptomatic of the Problems that he he's had in his short Tenure as speaker and were you face to Face when you had this interaction yeah But there's security detail and I get it They had they were doing their job so it Wasn't exactly like he didn't he Wouldn't turn around and face me he he Kept scurrying trying to keep people Between me and him and scurrying you Know like the words he's Using so where did he were I just let it Go at that point it wasn't were you Yelling he was yeah I raised my voice to Him I thought it was appropriate you Know you just don't expect a guy who was

At one time three steps away from the White House to sucker hit you with a Sucker punch in the in the in the Hallway and did he raise his voice back To you yeah just that high-pitched kind Of thing I I believe And cuz he's a little Boop about it and did he walk into his Office how did this hand no he just kept On walking down the hall I don't know Where his office is now and um and you Know he had the his detail DET and his Posy so to speak was with him so did his Detail try to stop you do what did his Detail try to stop detail kind of got They the one guy got got between us There towards the end but I wasn't I Wasn't looking to knock him out or Anything I just wanted to let him know I I I I I know it was him were you injured I I don't know injured man does it that Mean did it Hurt yeah yeah as a matter of fact it Still hurts cuz it was a shot to the Kidneys and it it still hurts oddly Enough it's not not anything I'm going To I'm not going to probably not going To do an Ethics complaint on him he's Not worth it you know he's he's going to Be gone here either after Christmas or Next year and like I said you know he's Got the $17 million and he's going to Keep somebody else got on the action Here someone else brings a microphone

You know he'll be he's already messing In everybody's races and we all know That are you accusing him of assault am I accusing of assault I don't know I ask A lawyer it it's over as far as I'm Concerned he said to our colleague m Zona that this was a tight hallway he Denies this interaction okay so it goes On from there right um but uh then they Caught up with this guy was involved With with McCarthy and he asked him a Great question because of what this guy Said so he knows it's Coming God Guys looking around see if the guy's There he looked down the hall and see if The other guy's there Can you explain oh yes let me explain Can you explain somebody dropped a Quarter that's worth you exp okay that's Great Kevin somebody dropped a quarter What exactly happened with Congress memb Yday did you elbow him it's interesting It's interesting guys it's interesting It's kind of funny with happen it's Interesting okay no I did not elb him no I would not elb him I would not hit him In a kidney would not hit him in a Kidney come on you guys I don't do stuff Like that come on you guys you guys come On what's going on here come on hc5 You're all down there right not a very Big hallway so I'm walking out you could Talk to Bruce Westman cuz I actually

Called him after you guys reported Something said did I hit somebody I hit Somebody Bruce come on Bruce what back Me up Bruce I didn't do that Bruce did I Bruce Westman and I were walking out and I guess a reporter was interviewing Berard or something I guess our Shoulders hit because Berard runs up to Me what's her shoulders you got no Kidneys I don't even know what kidney is The shoulders you know down there by his Uh bo are on the back it was his you Know his shoulder know what he was Talking about some po me I did not run Did not didn't do it didn't do it you Guys didn't do it come on you guys come On hit the guy I did not kidney punch Him I did kidney punch him I the Shoulders the shoulders is way I hit him Shootting like that you didn't shove him No I no I didn't shove him no walking Through you you were at hc5 right you Guys line up along the way there it was Bruce Wester and I walking out he must Been interviewing someone I didn't know It was him or something I guess our Elbow H as I walked by I I didn't even Know it was him I didn't even know it Was there you I know you know I didn't Know you there was kidneys involved Didn't punch Anybody yeah well he I guess it happened Because when I was walking back further I say somebody was interview I guess it

Happened I yeah I guess it happened they Are talking to me and he comes running Up like what why why did you hit me or Something like that I said I don't know What you're talking about I didn't even Know something transpired but reporters Who witness that said it looked like you There was plenty of room for you to walk And that you intentionally hit him there Is okay not a place show me a reporter Who saw that ask Call ask Bruce West no come on Chey all Right you got to report it so what Just's forget I even said that not go up If I hit if I would hit somebody they Would know I hit him they know I hit him I'm a I'm a brute I'm like the Hulk I Sent him across the brute I might kill The guy I mean come on look at me look At how look The Brute I am if I hit him They're going to know about it he Said he said he was in pain that you hit So hard oh come on yeah come on now we Said okay That's you pushed him twice while he was In Congress in the chamber when have I Pushed him ker said he said I don't push Nobody I push what the all what are all These allegations about here he was in The back railing once and you elbowed Him and pushed him said Gates k no I Don't know I don't know about Kin Congressman Gates though is filing Or uh committing submitting a complaint

To the Ethics Committee This issue do you have any response to Congressman Gates no I I think ethics is A good place for gates to be Gates I Just got you Gates look at me B said that you're the Kind of guy this his words as a kid Would throw a rock and then go hide Under his mom's skirt that was his exact Words what's your response who I Am that was his Moment he finally asked a real question He doesn't ask Federman a question about His brain damage or the fact that he Can't complete a sentence but he got M He got McCarthy there um with the behind Behind his skirt so that was Wonderful love between you and B none at all after he voted to ask you What would you just say no I was I was I Was glad about that I was glad he I'm Glad he voted to ask me um so um you Know great this is I've been waiting to Do this for a couple of days now I don't Know this happened three or four days Ago and I haven't been able to get Around to it I have this backlog of Content but this is just spectacular but It isn't the only thing right so this is The Senate this is Senator Mullen like he's Self-made sir I wish you was in the Truck with me when I was building my Plumbing company myself and my wife was

Running the office because I sure Remember working pretty hard in long Hours pretends like he s selfmade what a Clown this going to get real to fraud Always has been always will be quit the Tough guy act in these Senate hearings You know where to find me any place Anytime Cowboy sir this is a time this is a Place you want to run your mouth we can Be to consenting adults we can finish it Here okay that's fine perfect they're Going to be two consenting adults I Don't think that's the word you want to Say you guys gonna bang you know Like are are you gonna are you gonna you Gonna get Will Smith by the Guy do it now I'd love to do it right Now well stand your butt up then you Stand your butt up oh hold stop it is That your solution every p no no sit Down sit down you no you're a United States Senator sit down okay sit down Please all right can I respond hold it Hold It if we can no I have the Bernie Sanders Is Bernie Sanders is the voice of reason Here I'm sorry this is said you'll have Your time okay can I respond oh no you [Laughter] Can't okay so that happened um I don't Know maybe I'll find the full exchange There but that's there there's that and

So this I haven't seen this but I think There's other things here so your United States Congress is on a path to Diverting a shutdown as of Tuesday but That does who's this dude does not mean That they have their acts together They are still spoiling for a Smackdown It was one of the more bizarre days we Have seen on Capitol Hill in recent Memory it's started uh with the first Two you just saw Republican Congressman Tim burett among the eight House Republicans yep there he is uh who voted To remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker Accused McCarthy of elbowing him in the Kidneys here is the moment it was caught On tape on the on an audio tape by National public Radio I think all Right sorry Kevin didn't mean to elb Why'd you elbow me in the back Kevin Hey Kevin you got any Guts jerk what kind of chicken move is That you're you're pathetic man you are So Pathetic so there's the audio McCarthy Denies the allegation and he told Reporters that if he had hit birchett qu Qu he'd be on the ground end Quote no I did not help him no I would Not help him I would not hit him in a Kidney I guess a reporter was Interviewing Berard or something I guess Our Shoulders hit because Berard runs up

To me after I didn't know what he was Talking about some reporters asked me I Did not you know what's stupid about This the reporter is right there Watching this right you go by and you do A sucker punch or you you know you do Something like this and there's a Reporter there in the hallway of course This is going to be news you know this Is going to embarrass you and the party And all these things I mean it's just Like really stupid run and hit the guy In not kidney punch him I I forgive him I I've said several prayers for him Today ma' something's really um several Prayers he he went into that at the end Of it let me go back to that original Thing we'll find that because that's Pretty you know what what are you Talking about praying for the guy right What are you talking about I prayed for Him no He's you know I mean what like prayer is not for that Like after you called him a little Boop And you said he runs behind his mama's Skirt then you say you're praying for Him like be one way or another let's Find that part here and the other uh Well let's watch the end of this here Inside his his heart right now and it's And he's going to he's going to continue Doing these type of activities and it's Going to continue causing him

Embarrassment upon his family and his District and and frankly the Republican Caucus the former speaker of the house Having to deliver lines such as it did Not kidney punch him now you'd think That that might have been the this dude Is U rocking it worst thing that would Had happened along these lines but at a Senate hearing yesterday this happened This is a Republican senator now we Should note he is a former mixed martial Arts fighter Mark Wayne Mullen and the Teamsters leader Sean O'Brien you want to run your mouth we Can be too consent adults we can finish It here okay that's fine perfect you Want to do it now I'd love to do it Right now well stand your butt up then You stand your butt up oh hold stop it Stand your butt up in so this guy said Let's be two consenting adults and then He asked another grown man to stand his Butt Up sounds like he wants to Will Smith Them okay if that wasn't enough the House oversight chairman James comr uh Also Unleashed on freshman Congressman Jared moscowitz for pressing him about His own Financial dealings after Comer Has accused President Biden of Corruption that is [ __ ] you look Like a Smurf here just going around and All this stuff look in his defense that Is a Smurf that is a Smurf

Jacket okay let's bring in John Bresnahan co-founder of Punchbowl news Um John bresnahan he'll bring this look At this guy right here speaking of Smurfs here's the last part of this one You are only concerned about press and Policy that's why you voted him out You're just concerned about the Press Yeah and that's why he held a exclusive Press conference with CNN what do you Mean I mean he he doesn't think that you Did it for any real reason other than to Bolster your own profile I've gone Through all the reasons um he just Doesn't he doesn't keep his word and I Think that's this is pretty much um Shows what he did it just shows what he Did and it just it's just the way it is With him he's not you know he could have Gone out on top and he's chosen to go This route and I and actually I feel Sorry for him I pray for him every day You might not I pity the fool I pray for Him every day I pity him and I pray for Him believe that but I do I pray for him And I um I hope he finds some some Happiness in his life okay so um you Know I understand praying for your Enemies and there's some you know I'm Against hatred as you guys know when I Talk about It um but you know that's not what this Is about like you already called him a Little Boop you talked about his high

Voice and talked about all these things And you know I mean the guy is just a a Worthless piece of crap like all these Politicians are but Kevin McCarthy is is Standing out right and you know there's No prayers that are going to change all That speak about praying this dude here This is a long one although I'm I'm G to Get the Rogers treatment whatever that Is um so I'm going to be calling him or Whoever did his surgery because we need Do speed this up but yeah I thought About a little bit I mean you know I'm Not a religious person or anything and You're not if it wasn't God like this is Proof that there isn't this is up um so Yeah it just it's Just six minutes in eat my ches I mean What okay um just showing how unlikable Megan rapo is I cover this um my other Channel and no it's Bud Light it's a Bud Light is sponsoring this thing so to add To this morning Joe um got to be giddy Because this dude right here who has Been a cancer on the truth Community This you know this former QB um just you know can't help herself Kone as I said I haven't seen the photos That you're holding up U before maybe Well I posted them on my Twitter account It's it's public you know maybe wait you Posted them on your Twitter Account CU everybody go to your Twitter spend a lot of time on Twitter

Well you know you you oh I'm sure you do Because the Department of Homeland Security and organized with other Offices has censored many Americans Including myself I'm not part of the Department of Homeland Security right Mr Ray you should you should be you should Be interested in investigating Terrorism what Wow FBI come on come on you could stopping Her man look at this dude right here Stopping her man from going off come on You look at that clip right you hear Donald Trump saying he's going to Terminate the Constitution and then you Have chip Roy I think delivering the Most eloquent Democratic speech of the Year okay just like when you thought Joe Biden rocked it When he did the the speech on Israel um Like it's just a debacle like it's just You go from one set of clowns to another Set of clowns this set of clowns talking About another set of Clown welcome back gun battles are Raging This as we watch this horrific story Unfolding in Israel this Morning this should be a wakeup call to Every single American Maria if they have Not see this is this clown right she's Supposed to be a truther she's on the Wrong side of everything even when she's

On the right side of something she's Doing damage to the right side of stuff Right these are just a complete dope not Been woken up already uh what happened To Israel could happen to America Because our country has been invaded by Millions of people from over 160 Countries and we've been invaded uh by People we don't even know where there Are there are so many Goda ways okay so Um you know she's supposed to be on our Side right Now since Israel began its bombardment Of Gaza nine countries have withdrawn Their ambassadors or severed ties now They call for an immediate ceasefire and For humanitarian Aid to enter the strip Unhindered NATO member turkey is amongst Those that's pulled its Ambassador out So did Israel's neighbor Jordan and it's So they're all pulling their ambassadors Out of Israel you know this is just Going to escalate Israel's not stopping You know I turned on the news um the Last four or five days and on one of the Two networks CNN or MSNBC there's somebody there talking About the hostages whether it's a Reporter whether it's a person who it's Their family member but all they talk About the hostages the hostages are Somehow an excuse for bombing the Hospital or doing anything that they're Doing there now it's up to like 13,000

Palestinians dead um 2third of them are Women and children I mean it's you know Really bad and you know and what about Men like men don't don't count you know People always say it's and yeah they're Killing children and they're killing Women yeah but you know you're killing Men even if it was all men right doesn't You know you're killing people it's Still murder right it's still you know All the things that um are you know as Bad we just want peace a piece of Jordan A piece of Syria a piece of Lebanon there's some great memes here You take my water burn my olive trees Destroy my house take my job steal my Land imprison my father kill my mother Bomb my country starve us all humiliate Humiliate us all but I am to blame for My Resistance so Kyrie Irving um put this Out there one of my viewers sent me this This is on his sneakers he wrote no more Genocide um you know he's not over what Happened with Him the ADL and all that so this is a Video called Israeli actress poses as Palestinian nurse in propaganda video um So it sounds like there's bombs going on Behind her this is a some kind of Truther Channel if you hear me please leave run Away but the world has to know has to Know what Hamas is making here they're

Taking over the entire Hospital they're Taking over the fuel the medicine no way Those some [ __ ] I have nothing to treat With this is the explosions I had to fix A Fracture for a five a 5-year-old boy I Have to fix a fracture on a 5-year-old Boy on a 5-year-old boy in the homas Holes won't let me they won't let me Call Kevin McCarthy Kevin mcarthy help You I'll help you come on what about the Kidneys and so this is another Fabricated you know propaganda thing She's actually an Israeli actress who is Posing as a Palestinian nurse so this is Veterans Day and it's a big day because America is a warlike country we into war Where you know they celebrate the Veterans and then they ignore them and Cut off funding and don't do what they Promis for the veterans right no one Wants to hire them because they've been Traumatized by War but everyone talks About like they love them you know they Talk about the veterans oh thank you for Your service but you know it's a BS Thing right and there's a big guy with a Big drum here or mediumsized guy average Sized guy with a big drum Joe Biden's Here with the Reef so they're celebrating the or They're honoring the Fallen Soldiers Here's um

Kamala okay so he brings a reef over Here he puts it up right okay they got It all set up for him it's basically Foolproof right so you've done what You've done here but he doesn't know What to do and he gets confused so much Now Stars at the reef for a little bit You know pretending to pray pretending That he's you know he has a Soul he looks at the guy go is that Enough time yet are we Done the guy's just stand there like a Soldier Would and he gives a he does the cross Of the Father Son and the Holy Ghost he puts his hands down looks at The guy all right what do I do now what F do I do now like he's just lost Doesn't Know um okay I'll stand here for a Little longer somebody tell me what to Do I forgot what I supposed to do now All right what do I do I turn around Here I'll walk back here wait go back to The reef okay I shouldn't have done that Shouldn't have done that and then the Guy guy's like all right you know you Got to go back and stand there you dope This this guy he's the commanderin-chief This guy's ordering him what to do he Goes all right okay where do I go oh Thanks I'm done good I'll go stand next To who's this woman here I'll go stand Next to her she might nurse what is she

What's up what if what her hair smells Like you know so Joe Biden just losing Again gets confused now all the time Like this happens I mean this is a big Day you know for America it's a big day To be to perform and again he fails in His performance okay so I did a long Voice over before I made this video here And I was going to put it as an Introduction it's about um you know more To do with the Bible and the stuff with Jesus which I covered in a few videos But I didn't feel comfortable putting in The beginning of the video because not Everybody wants to hear that and you Know it's good when people self- select Because if people this is all they can Do do there's no reason for them to Listen to something that's going to Create doubt in their faith right so I Decided to put this at the end of this Video with this you know little Introduction here you know I get into John 3:16 because I think this is the Biggest problem with the Christian Religion and of course the Old Testament Is probably equal to that because it's Just misrepresents God but in terms of Christianity it's John 3:16 and the idea That the only way to connect to God with Connect to God is through Jesus God's Only son and I don't agree with that and I don't believe that to be true but it Doesn't matter what I believe it doesn't

Matter what you believe because the Truth and God don't ask us for our vote What the truth is or what what to Believe or what we want to believe or What we think reality should be I mean That's what happened with the Devil the Devil disagreed with the truth as God You know manifested the world disagreed With it and that's you know where an ego Doesn't agree with what happens or the Divine will and all of us struggle with That and you know it's not a good thing Because it's a step towards being a a Demon the more you disagree with God and If it gets to be something where it Becomes a central focus of your life not Accepting the truth as it is and that's What we're doing here because the truth Isn't there the truth isn't present in Our system our system warps the truth And people individually create their own Inner universes and warp the truth we Lie to ourselves we lie to other people And now it's just like one big massive Illusion here on planet Earth with Everybody trying to control the truth Right using victim Consciousness to to Get away with things that they know to Be wrong and using you know internal Dialogue to excuse their behavior I want To say one one more thing you know the The anger that's palpable now in the Senate these things that are happening Mostly with Republicans but I think this

Is across the board and I think it's Happened in people's lives people are Angrier and they're you know they're Starting to act out like that's a part Of all this that I'm talking about right But the truth you know we don't get to Vote on the truth and so it's either True or it's not either Jesus is the Only way to get to heaven and not Because your Bible says so because it's Actually true and that would mean that All these other religious and spiritual Organizations and things that exist from Now to you know a million years ago to a Million years from now and other places In the universe all these things um have No way to connect to God so you know It's just not true right and I get into It here and the Damage that this belief Has done it's quite substantial right And so um it's for each person to kind Of you know assess whether whether they Are strong enough to confront their Indoctrination in all its forms and There's no more there's no stronger form Of indoctrination than religious Indoctrination we all grew up with this Indoctrination it affects all of us you Know some people are reaction to the Indoctrination and don't believe it God At all and that's a consequence of this Right and so um here I you know I talk About it extensively so let's just get Into it here greetings brothers and

Sisters I got a lot of great things to Get to the the um Kevin McCarthy thing I've been waiting to cover for days uh I Just put up my video that was Greened uh that was waiting for them to Review and I'm going to put up an Alec Baldwin video today which you may or may Not have already seen it's today is uh Thursday November 16th so I've had a Glut of content and I have two videos That I made on my other channel about JIS Smith uh and uh you know the Will Smith smith thing and him his former Assistant say him and uh Will Smith and Dwayne Martin were having sex so I've Had like a lot more content than I Usually have I want to release some of My journey series stuff it's that's Becoming I have like two or three that Haven't been released yet so you know it Hurts the channel making more content Unfortunately and that's just the way it Is but I have a bunch of things I'm Eager to get to today starting with the Kevin McCarthy debacle and some other Stuff that's kind of hilarious I mean Things are just falling apart you know I've been talking about the Christian Religion and the same way I talk about Everything else here and you know people Looking for the truth people who are Willing to just question their Indoctrination because we've all been Indoctrinated by you know the whole the

Whole thing everything in our lives Every system every control system things That control and influence Ence our Lives right and all of us who have been Born into some form of Christianity or Even in a country that is dominated by This religion there is one singular idea More than anything else that controls Our existence it's the big one it's it's The biggest thing in all of our lives And that is this idea that you can only Get to the father through the son that You can only get to heaven through Jesus You know I had people posting uh that Jesus doesn't exist didn't exist at all They wasn't a real person there was no Person named uh I guess yosua there's no Jesus wasn't a real person like that's Some people believe that right and There's other things to debate about in Any kind of religion or you know in Terms of the Bible or any of it right But there's only one real thing there's Only one real power in the Christian Indoctrination being indoctrinated to The religion there's only one thing That's been hurtful and I didn't really Know that much about it coming into this Truth Community I grew up you know I Read the Bible and I grew up you know Catholic my mom was very religious I Talked about that extensively in my Videos Jesus Christ and the comment Video about Jesus and religion those are

The two videos I put out and you know They've gotten not nearly as many views Because people are very um you know They're very glued into this what idea Right all the Christians who do Christianity uh the majority of them if You ask them why they do it they would Say Because that Jesus is the only way to Get to God to get to heaven and that is The Fundamental glue to the religion right You know this why people write John 3:16 And hold up signs like this at football Games for example it's the number one Comment that I'll get something to do With that right when people comment About whatever I believe or what I'm Doing in terms of s Mar the meditation I Do people's perspective what they tell Me I'm going to go to hell or what I'm Doing is demonic or cult or whatever you Know angle they have their perspective Is always based in the idea of John 3:16 Now if you're a Christian person I'm you Know I'm not here to De uh you know Evangelize or de Christian people and I'm certainly not somebody who would Disparage Christ in the way that people Do or whatever it is right you know I've Talked about Christ you know some of the You know some of the things that you Could question about his decision making And some of his teachings but we don't

Know if those are authentic teachings Which they'll get into in a moment as Well like we don't know because we don't Know them we weren't there it's 2,000 Years ago which is uh important let me Just cover the first part there you know So I've been doing Saar now for a number Of years and there have been four Masters in the system and three Presidents the first master was not There was no organization ly and he Lived in Northern India and he had about 200 F 200 followers of what he you know They call Associates right there's no Followers in the Sark tradition he had 200 or so people that came to his house And then there was a second master Babaji who lived uh close to LY at in This Village nearby and this is Important to understand you know my Perspective on things and babaj G Benefited tremendously from Ly's transmission this energy that's Given that people you know that's a Reason that people do s Mark right the Reason that people do Christianity is Because they believe God uh you you can Only get to God through the son that There's a a father a son and a Holy Ghost and you know all these things I Mean that's the Catholicism M but Jesus Is God's only son right that's why People do Christianity people do what I Do because you can experience

Transmission and cleaning this energy That's given in the Meditation and it has a profound effect On people like it's transformed my Existence right and so this transmission And cleaning were you know were like Rediscovered by this Personology and Babaji Represented you know re represented the Masters of the system all acted as a Conduit and they would talk about the Previous Master and you didn't get to meet him Right I didn't get to meet Babaji or lji But I get did get to meet the third Master charie and his energy and his Work and his dedication and the kind of Person he was and the character he had And the way that he talked about babag The way he represented the the previous Masters of the system you felt like you Kind of knew Boby in ly to whatever Extent you knew them or you experienced Them because they you know they were all Able to represent the previous Masters By being you know an example of what They could do you know but they didn't Talk about this is I and me and I'm the Master and you know you you know this is That's not how it was done and not how It should be done but what I'm saying Here is that none of us got to meet Jesus Jesus died 2,000 years ago so the Last people who knew Jesus died you know

1900 whatever amount of years ago right And so we don't know Jesus we never Experienced him and that's the important Thing is to experience a Divine person When they're alive Because everything after that is stories Right everything after that is you know The the Bible is stories and you know All the things that are out there the Nagadi you know texts or whatever They're called the uh you know the you Know whatever that the um lost uh Whatever the Mary Magdalene stuff all The things that we know about Jesus Historically and then Through the Bible And the religion are other people's Accounts other people's warped Perception of Jesus right like people Who were there they might not agree with These accounts and they certainly Wouldn't agree with these accounts right To the Pharisees the you know the Pharisees that ran the Jewish religion That you know didn't like Jesus and the Roman Empire Pontius Pilate and you know All these characters again who we don't You know we don't know very much about Them either right they were just they're Characters in a story we've been told That is a one-sided perspective based in The religions themselves right the the Central religion and these other you Know religious shoots you know these uh These offshoots of the

Religion and the story is very positive About Jesus or whatever is I mean is Embellished and whatever to make Eng Grandis Jesus to scrub anything that Made him look human or you know normal Or any flaws he has any mistakes and to Represent him to us in a way that was Good for them personally the people who Ran this religion as a powerful Organization and the most powerful part Of these teachings of this story because It's just history right it's his story History is not a fact history is Somebody's account of the story right And different people that are there all The people that knew Jesus had their own Story of Jesus had their own Interactions with him their own you know Some of them didn't dig them some of Them you know didn't get it some of them You know turned on them some of you know Met them didn't weren't impressed some Of them were you know whatever and they Told their story the different disciples And the story was edited and and changed And embellished by people who are power Are hungry the same people that run your System the same kind of people you know The controllers what I call the Controllers what people call the elite Whatever it is the same types of people That want to control you and there is Nothing more controlling than saying That their organization has the one son

Of God you have access to the one son of God through their organization and like I said it's the big one that's the big You know you take that away from Christianity or you question that and it Changed everything right because people Who do Christianity not only believe That they're going to go to hell if they Quit that the only way to get to heaven Is through Jesus but everyone else is Going to hell right that every other Group of people and there's been all These crimes and all this bad stuff That's happened because Christian Countries and governments and armies are Out there trying to save people from Their their inevitable uh trip to hell Right and that's why Christians are Always saying to you you you're going to Hell all these things not only are you Desperate for yourself to believe in This thing you know this is the ultimate Hopium that you've bought into as a Christian and you've never questioned it As a truther you've never questioned Something that has so much control over People and has done so much damage right And so I just received a a comment this Morning um the person wrote this let me See if I can find here it is I have it I Just got to make it no it's it's good Enough size to read all right um to my Video Jesus Christ natives aboriginals Indigenous peoples Etc lived live as

Adam of EES uncorrupted and pure needing Only the natural resources of God's Creation the serpent here then are the Missionaries who arrive and offer the Knowledge of Good and Evil the Bible From this point on the natives know the Shame and wickedness and are taught that The very existence is Tainted by an Original sin the missionaries happy to Have shared this wonderful thing Slither Off to save another tribe you can see The damage that Christianity has done The missionaries and you know giving Yourself the permission right what's Happening in Israel right now is that There's an event that happened that the Israelis are claiming gives them Permission to go in and destroy the Palestinian people their infrastructure To get this group Hamas you know the Hamas holes in air quotes right um you Know like what happened in the big event In 2001 that gave America permission to Go over and you know take down all these Governments and do all these things Right and it's a big lie you know it's h They're lies right and so this one big Lie that Jesus is the only son of God Has created so much damage and havoc in The world and you know like think about All the other teachings in the Bible Ible and like I said most people just Know that one well you take away that The one teaching that Jesus is the only

Son of God you know someone put up a a Meme one of my Facebook people you know For one of my Facebook friends put up a Meme and it says there are 420 religions In the world but only one one empty tomb And they have this big Stone there and You know Jesus was born it was uh died In this tomb and the stone moved and Jesus rose from the dead and that's Another you know Jesus didn't need to The physical body isn't important the Physical body isn't you know your soul Is eternal and the physical body isn't Important right and so like it's it's Another bogus story and it's another Story to impress people of some s kind Of you know like this is how we know Jesus is better that he moved the St the Stone and came out he didn't need to do That cuz he could just interc commune Etherically with his disciples and That's what happened like he was not you Know physically around they killed him His body died you know your body dies And his body died from the crucifixion Or whatever it was right some people Said he went to a deep yogic State and You know because he had learned some Yoga tricks or whatever when he was in India or whatever but you know there's These VAR V variations of the story but None of that's really important see What's important is the Responsibility of the people the Council

Of NAA which you know they wanted to Make Jesus the only son of God and and Why is that well think about the power That they've had on people and how many People would have left that religion if It wasn't for that like people stay in That religion for that one belief right And people are resentful of that one Belief like other people but what I've Experienced in my own system so we had These four Masters like in the Sark System and it's important to the context Of what's Happening Here with Christianity and each one of them Represented and represented the Experience of what it was like to know The previous masters of the system right And it's essential to understand this Because that's their job to really Represent what what it was like to meet Some of these people because you you Weren't able to meet them and they only Died you know Babaji died in 1983 so he Was living when I was living I was in High school I graduated high school in 1982 and you know I mean that's the Context of my existence in terms of that But I didn't get a chance to meet him Right and I did get a chance to meet Charie the third Master of the system But the fourth Master of the system had A spiritual fall he was given the same You know Spiritual uh gifts as the previous

Masters and could have become something And this is the sky dodgy which I talk About you know in my journey series Videos and here and I knew Dody Beforehand he was a good guy a good uh Practitioner of the system but something Got to him like something you know he Turned he went and had a spiritual fall Which is something that you know Everybody who go becomes a spiritual Person has momentary lapses of judgment And then could fall off the spiritual Path you know that's what happened to The devil that's happened you know to All these Saints and people who think You know even with Jesus there was some Evidence of a spiritual fault him saying God why hast Thou forsaken me right Because all these people people turned On him and all these things right you Know why are you punishing me and so um You know this it's always there a Potential is there but this guy dodgy Has just like not Only been a like a not not represented His you know his he's a successor of Chargie he's chargie successor he was Around chargie for 30 years but he's Disrespected Char's Legacy in such a way That you know pretty much everyone one Should be like quitting and and being You know basically mad at him because People who didn't get a chance to meet Charie will never know how great he was

Right and dodgy undermined the whole System by dissing the guy and for no Apparent like no reason that we none of Us you know who have been around uh Understand but we knew how great charge He was and we see what a putts and a Loser dodgy is like he just sucks he Sucks not not only as a spiritual person But as a human being he's not even a Good human being and it's really screwed The whole system and it's you know Profound it's a profound failure and It's hard for us to see because you know It's taken something that was spiritual And turning into a religion and Religions suck religions are powerful Organizations that control people and Controls people's uh connection to the Divinity that resides within them and Dodgies wrecked it and I've seen this You know I mean I've had a first front Row seat to this thing right where I was In India when when chargie passed away And I was there for a couple of years And you know I've been around the system For a number of years and you know System is very important to me important To me because of its effects and the Transformation that I've gone through But I can speak firsthand about this Because I saw this happen what happened With Jesus and what happened with these Other you know spiritual organization Spiritual people that when they became

Of religion and the religious people who Are not godly people who are powerful But people who crave power you know bad People who want to control other people They change things and they misrepresent The master of the system the saint of The system right they misrepresent the Person it's their job to Accurately portray the person and their Teachings right and to accentuate the Person's whatever their big teaching was Right and whereas Christians think Jesus's big teaching the big teaching From his life was he's the only son of God which is something he didn't achieve Like he you know if he was the only son Of God he was born into that so there's No achievement there it was just Something that was a fact when he came Down he didn't have to do anything he Just had to be God's son and be here Then die for everybody like that's the Other you know that's the other opium Lie there that this you know this Crucifixion was necessary and it was Good for the rest of us even though he Suffered you know that Jesus suffered From the sucky people around him who Couldn't accept that he was divine being That he was someone who was who evolved Instead of embracing him they tortured Him and killed him it's a weird thing Because um you know Christians are Basically saying that it's God's will

That Jesus was tortured and died that Way and it proves how great he is and it Proves that you know he died for your Sins and all these things that they Believe and yet they're mad at that Right they're mad they you know they Blame Jewish people or the Jewish Religion or whatever it is um you know So it's a either it's divine or it isn't Right either God made it happen and they Were doing God's work the people that Killed Jesus in this you know horrific Manner and killed his disciples or the People around him just sucked and they Did something that was wrong they Committed a wrong act which is what Actually happened because you know if You actually question this right in a Logical you know critical thinking way And you look at the teachings of Christianity you know my my belief that Jesus's best teaching was the Kingdom of Heaven is within that Divinity resides Within everyone and the biggest part of His journey or story was he was born in A religion as a Jewish person and he Evolved out of it and became something Else and that's what you know I and many People have done in their own life who Were born in religions and then Embrace Spirituality in some way where you're Cultivating an inter connection to you And the Divinity your soul and the Essence of God that resides within

Everybody and in Christianity the idea That everyone's brothers and sisters you Know they think Brothers and Sisters in Christ but Jesus referred to people as Brothers and Sisters and he meant that they were all Children of God Jesus was clear on this That he was not the only son of God Despite what he was what he said or the Way that they Twisted what he said that Everyone has a soul and everything on The planet is uh child of God and we all Have Divinity within us we're not just Sinners as they told you you know we're Not just egos we also have a soul which They teach you that you have a soul and It's your job to work to connect to that Soul but this teaching this you know Horrific teaching that Jesus is the only Son of God and you all only have to Accept him to get into heaven has made It that people don't work at their Spirituality they don't work at Connecting to the Divinity within them And they look at themselves as negative Pieces of crap Sinners who can never be Anything else and that they're lucky to Get a pass just because Jesus died for Their sins years and years ago because The religion says so and it's so Indoctrinated in people that like people Who claim to be truthers that they won't Even question that story it's you know It doesn't add up right like I said in

My last video does that mean people in a Million years who don't accept Jesus are Going to hell like it's just it's stupid The religion is going to disappear Probably fairly soon there'll be no There'll be no Christianity within the Next you know 5,000 years say 10,000 Years whatever or 100 years who knows Like it'll disappear the books will Disappear people's belief in it it's Already fading you know people are this Young Generation The Young Generation is So you know been so warped and and Twisted away from everything that grew You grew up with and you know there's a Rebellion against the Religion um and it's you know all Religions go through this and they all Disappear religions don't live don't Last very long right the outcome of this Religious War war in Israel Palestine Right now and it's you know involves Christianity it's a three religion war And when it you know after the after Effects of this is going to be the end Of these religions at some point these Religions will just fade whatever Happens and so when that happens all the People after that can't go to heaven Right you know for millions of years it Doesn't make sense right it's not you Know I mean it's not a the teaching just Doesn't hold up if to critic iCal Thinking it doesn't hold up to any of

These things and if you look at well What are the advantages for the people Who run the religion and saying Jesus is The only son of God they're Substantial I mean think about what the Religion gets when you know they when You believe that think about all the Things that you know bind you to the Religion it's that it's that one thing Right if you were going to question your Religion you were going to question the The organizations that run it and you Know that I mean you could connect to Jesus without the organizations you Don't need them you don't need the Bible You know what version of the Bible is The good one or the right one they're All different and so you don't need any Of those things to connect to Jesus Right you can connect to Jesus directly And you can connect to your soul Directly you don't need it right you Don't need any of these organizations Right they they can enhance your ability They can create the energy and the and Give you the you know the the framework Through teachings or whatever the Sark System it's transmission and cleaning That's more substantial you get your you Know the things that block you from Connecting to God cleaned out and then Transmission enhances your connection to God right you know but you don't need That to connect to God but it makes it

So much easier you know that's why I do That system right but you know if Christians let the possibility in that This one teaching is not right and they See that it is been hurtful to the world And it's been hurtful to them in their Religion right so somebody else just Wrote a comment here um let me see it And the person says Um I don't like the way the message of The Gospel is shared comes across as Naggy I don't agree with uh Paul's point Of view on certain theological things And I hope Paul's met or meets Christians mature Christians no I have There's plenty of good Christians that Come to my channel there's none of that I don't you know I don't even care about This like people do this is my duty that I'm doing here I mean there's annoying Things but it says nevertheless I Understand how Insisting how insisting can be annoying Christian maturity is shown by the fruit Of the life of the person in the way That they showcase meekness kindness Etc Then there's a Biblical quote if a Follower the word of is butt hurt over Disagreement that's a normal reaction But they should be able to put these Things to understand that these things Are not personal we are instructed to so Season and the Lord Sprout and gross Their those seeds in any case the search

Is the same as Paul's the search for Truth hopefully our insights stays on The goal and not thwarted by Petty Feelings Lord bless you um which is a Good comment but you know the problem With Christianity is that you believe That no other path is valid that that Nobody else can connect to God and That's because of this one teaching and You remove that teaching and the world Gets a lot Better and your relationship with other People gets a lot better and the truth Is there like for people to see like With everything else you just have to be Willing to question it question your Indoctrination and that's the big one And you remove that Indoctrination you know you could have a Good relationship with Jesus and and the Christian religion and you just remove That that one you know idea and it opens Up you know to where you can see Divinity and everybody else and you can See their Divine path and and you can Benefit from the other Divine movements That have happened and you know the ones That are currently happening you're not Glued or locked into this one movement But it's painful for Christians to even Question this ones who don't read the Bible ones that pretty much know nothing But that one teaching and they believe That they're they're locked in because

They they believe they've accepted Christ that that they you know again What does that even mean if you're Accepting a somebody else's lies about Christ you're accepting you know a Religions uh representing Misrepresenting him in his teachings That's not accepting Christ you're not Connected to him directly you're Accepting this religion you're you're Buying into the fact that they're saying They control your connection to Christ And that you do what they say and then You're connecting to Christ through your Obedience to this religion and that the You know the indoctrination they've Given you you know this is bad like it's You know that's not right you know That's not I mean just think about That's the relationship here that you're Bought into this religion and the book That they give you and this one primary Teaching you're either going to heaven Or hell because of it and you know they Have no way to validate it they just Tell you stories of things but those Stories like the the great stories about Jesus the true stories about Jesus the Person that he was the you know how he Inspired other people around him at that Time none of those things validate this One lie right that he was the only son Of God like that you know none of them Validate that just because some of those

Things Jesus did some what he did Miracles or not whatever you know Whatever is in this the book that it Shows Jesus was great and he was Different than other people that time That he was a saint he was a higher Developed Soul none of those things Validate the one teaching right those Things are whatever those are they're True or they're not you know the truth Is there and you could find the truth But like you have to question every all Your indoctrination and one of the Biggest parts of your indoctrination as Growing up as in Christian is the belief That Jesus is God's only son and again It separates God as a father like God Has one son and then you guys are all What you know cousins I mean like do you Understand this you know God has to be All of our fathers God has to be in all Of us or God is in God God separ if you Separate God out say you know he's he's Up in this one place and he's all by Himself with one son and sitting on a Throne somewhere as a king you know it's Stupid like it's immature like it's you Understand why it was given to the People of that time because they thought A king was great you know the king the King of kings they thought a king was You know they had ideas you but Kings Aren't great Kings suck right kings are You know they manipulate people and they

Control people and they you know they Have Collective wealth that they take For themselves you see with the King of England with his stupid little you know Little like you Know little hat right I want to say a GW But he has this you know he's got this Big crown on he's like fool I showed you A video of him talking with his crown on His fancy uniform and he runs a church He's not spiritual you know he's not and He wants to bring things in he wants to Be more eclectic you know that was one Of his things that he said he was going To do as king run the church but Validate some of these other religious Beliefs of the country that he rules Right which is a positive thing but he's A twerp and his you this little crown And you know all these things Kings Aren't good generational you know these People aren't born to rule that's what It means to be a king and he's you know Line of succession and so none of these Things are you know good for Humanity And Kings aren't any of those things Right kings are always bad royalty is a Bad idea and I've covered that and so You know God is an essence of something He's not a he doesn't have an ego he Doesn't have a mind you know it's a more Mature understanding of God that God is An essence of something and flows Through all of us the Divine love that's

There in all of us when we experience Love we experience God and that's you Know it it's there for anybody at any Time right and then saying that there's These two guys a father and a son and That you're not a part of that you're Just a sinner that has warped humanity And warped everybody in a way that's not Good because it's false it's a false Teaching and it's had a profound Negative effect on every aspect of our Lives and once you remove that teaching Life gets a lot better because there's An opportunity for you to evolve for you To do what Jesus did and throw off your Indoctrination and become a spiritual Person and then you could still suck Like dodgy does I mean then you have the Opportunity to suck and fall and you Know or succeed or whatever on your own Right but at least you're doing that at Least you're pursuing the Divinity Within you which is a huge liberating Idea that God exists within you and you Can connect with God that's you know and You've been um you've been thwarted from That realization the church and the Religions want you know do anything in Their power to make sure you don't Figure that out um anyways let's get Into it here okay so I um just ate Breakfast and I had a few more thoughts About this I'm going to put this either Out as its own video or probably at the

End instead of the beginning because you Know there's people who don't want to Hear this and that's their choice right The first thing is that um ly the first Master of the system said you have to be Careful not to criticize other people's Religions because that's all they can do Like they can't be a spiritual person They don't have the potential they don't Have the brain development you know in Terms of their Spiritual Development Whatever it is right that the brain Development is there for abstract Thought and you know religion is all They can do and if you take away their Faith then you know Um that's a bad thing but what I've Realized over time well first thing that Happened was there was a lot of Christians who were coming to my channel Like a lot of them and I um you know Knew things and there were things I was Going to say that was going to Contradict their belief system and Especially the John 3:16 became a thing And had a dream with Jesus in it which Was very Interesting and first of all Babaji the Second master of Sark system was um Christians started to come to him so he Interc communed with Jesus and wanted to Get Jesus permission to impart spiritual Training to them this was buried in his Diary it wasn't something that they put

Out there as being um you know like a You know most people don't even know This you have to dive deep into the SAR Literature to know this happened but Babaji asked him said you know is it Okay if I teach these Christians about You know the meditation if I you know This is just like spiritual etiquette That these you know whatever it is and Jesus not not only you know said that Was great and blessed the system but Turned over Christianity to babagi to Oversee it for him right this was you Know Jesus became part of the Divine Hierachy or already was part of it that Is um you know overseeing Sark this Method And uh I had this dream so I walked up And Jesus is there I walked up to him And you know sometimes I have these Dreams that are very Vivid and one of the Masters is there You know I had a recent one with charie When he made me a preceptor again of the System and it was profound like I Remembered the whole dream I woke up and You know like I have lots of dreams and Don't remember them so this was you know A profound dream and I didn't anticipate This happening I didn't you know I Wasn't thinking about Jesus before I Went to bed there was nothing like this And so I went up to Jesus with this idea

What Babaji did and I said you know is It okay that I Tell these Christians that are coming to Me the truth that I know like the stuff That I know that'll confront their you Know belief system and he said why do You think I'm sending them to you which Is an interesting response right he said That's why I'm sending them to you and So you know from from that point on I Felt like I was okay for me to talk About these things and I was very Hesitant because of the teaching Theology and you know whatever but I Meet Christians all the time You know in real life in the real world And I don't say any of this stuff like I Don't talk about what I do or what I Believe and I don't you know talk about Their system or any of these things you Know I wouldn't feel comfortable with That like any if I met any people from Any religion I wouldn't say the things I Say here to them this is my job or my Duty to do that here exclusively and if It came up in some way and you know they Were I mean I don't know how it would Come up or whatever right I don't know a Situation where that would you know even If they started talking to me about you Know I just wouldn't even I don't even Tell them what I do right that's not I'm Not there to challenge their belief System especially if that's all they can

Do you know I mean when I was waking up So to speak I could have told my mom About the big event 2001 my mom was like 90 right what was she going to do with That like it wasn't inherent to me to Tell her that everything that she Believed about the government and these You know she was a an ardan Democrat all These things it wasn't my duty to to Tell a 90-year-old old woman that Everything she believed was a lie right She you know she did sa Mar and she Enjoyed it she met chargie and she you Know she was a devout Catholic but she Still remained a Catholic and I didn't You know it it wasn't my duty to to tell Her any of the things I'm telling you Here because she already had questioned That herself she questioned John 3:16 Herself but here you know I have to do It it's part of my duty and you you know I believe that it's what Jesus wants me To do and you know the part of that Relationship you know it's part of what You know my assignment here because of That dream right and the dream was Significant to me like these things you Know when I have these things that They're you know it's told in the sa Mark system if you dream of the master It's the master coming to you in Soul Form and you should pay attention to What happens in the dream and I you know I extended that to the the idea of

Christ as well here the other piece to This is It's to a head this you know war In Palestine is coming to a head you Know whatever this you know ends up Being there's something that's going to Be you know the truth is going to come To light like kind of thing a better way To put it it's a moment of truth and so The idea that these religions all Believe that they're the only way to get To God which is what this is all about Right this is you know these ideas that They have some exclusive uh control over Divinity and that's what religions do And that sucks right you know and going Back to what DOI has done in the in the You know heartfulness the bacle that's Heartfulness he's created this subgroup Called heartfulness and there's Properties involved right there's you Know multiple properties I mean this Another part of the idea that priests Couldn't marry because they didn't want To give the property to the children of The priest right the is you know the Catholic Church owns so much property Worldwide I mean these are the kind of Things that you know become uh know Institutional lies of a controlled a Controlling system but Dody started to Change the the teachings he's rewrote a Book that baby wrote and he's making it You know impossible for people to get The old books I mean he's not

Republishing them and so those of us who Know and have read the books know that Dodg Teachings are not accurate that he's Misrepresenting the teachings he's Warped the teachings he's changed them For his own benefit for his own purposes But people in the future won't know that Because they won't know what I know they Won't have access to the same material Or books or they won't have spent time With chargie or babaj or any of these Things right and so seeing that Firsthand and how he is erasing the Teachings the fundamental aspect of the Teachings and he's changed everything And warped it and you know in a way that It's only going to get worse because Like he's going to be better than the People that take control after him or You know in so many generations the Council of NAA right and when they take Bab's teachings and they misrepresent Him and the teachings to control people And it becomes the opposite of what it Intended what the system was intended to Do which was connect you to God directly Without any you know religious dogma and Religious organization controlling you You and and squeezing you for money and Power and support and these things right And I'm watching it firsthand and I Believe I've seen it before because it Feels familiar so I think I was around

Uh you know some of these other Spiritual Beings and I watched this Happen before um and it's a shame like It's a you know it's a tragedy and so It's very present for me on a couple of Levels one the you know the the World War III things coming to a head and Palestine and these things it's a Religious War it's all about these three Religions and it's been a you know Battle for thousands of years and you Know the the um the negativity of those Religions is right there in all of our Faces and I'm seeing it happen in my own Thing and so you know this is current For me and I see that you know this is Everything it's more important than Anything else I cover here anyways um I'm just going to wrap this one up here Only spirituality will save this world It's parano definitely reporting from The apocalypse and the Ascension there Would have a blessed day and be Grateful

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