Hilarious Ghoulish Madonna dance + JoJo thinks Mexico & Israeli share a border + Alien human DNA

Hilarious Ghoulish Madonna dance + JoJo thinks Mexico & Israeli share a border + Alien human DNA

Okay greetings brothers and sisters got A bunch of things to get to hilarious Madam expiration date uh ghoul like Dance that's that me um a new Fresh take On jojo Mago something that's fairly Obvious I'm surprised I didn't think About it before maybe I did I'm just Forgetting um some other things to get To but let's start here from my youth I Remember this and I mentioned it to my Wife and there was a after shave I Thought it was a cologne but it was an After shave called High Karate this is hi karate yeah it is and This unsuspecting girl is about to catch Its irresistible scent oh she smells it This guy he's putting on his High karate In these hospital Beds um The High karate sent the con Usually docile Woman into a ravenous creature look at Me oh oh she's he's doing karate he's He's chopping a sent so irresistible That every pack of High karate carries Essential Instructions on Self-defense hi karate you get the Aftershave and you learn karate so you Can Kate off all the women who are Trying to who are trying to mount you I Saw these commercials when I was a kid Right so did my Wife how about a movie tonight huh why What's that after shave you're wearing

You High karate After Shave is so oh my God drives women so wild you got a you Got a karate and beat the crap out of Them powerful it drives women right out Of their minds that's why we have to put Instructions on self-defense in every Package High karate the brisk Splash on After shave that Smooths and soothes and Cools hi hi karate you shave and you put It on it's after shave Kate After Shave Col and gift sets boom is cologne hi Karate karate be careful how you use it Be careful you use it we got to know Karate cuz the women are going to try to Mount you like a Dog this is High karate Aftershave put it not the same guy if a Man uses too much he's asking for Trouble he's asking for trouble this Woman she was just looking at flowers And she smells hi karate and it puts her Into this state of complete overwhelm of Her Her Passionate usually look at her look at Her go look at her face looks kind of Like a dude It because just one whiff drives women Wild makes men irres you just you just You just karate that that mannequin Resis fortunately every pack of High Karate contains indispensable Instructions boom like you tried to hide Under the blanket on self-defense hi

Karate After Shave High karate After Shave Uh be careful how you use it be careful How you use It High karate second fragrance second Fragrance they you know the the one was Powerful but this is twice as powerful New Eastern spice gaboom just one whiff Drives women wild it's sultry Oriental Aroma makes men Irresistible boom he's got karate here There's a special he just he just look At this guy's karate skills look at this He just chopped a turkey in Half boom look at it right just just I Mean it's it's like it's got knives for Hands special leaflet on self-defense in Every Pack hi K they always lose Though they're not very good at karate And High karate Eastern spice the Careful how you be careful how you use It one of my viewers sent me this please Wake up stand on ethical not immoral Side um and this uh D woman is you know In the first stage of being a Truther 1% of the population control the World 4% of the population are their Puppets 90% of this population is a Zombie is a sleeping zombie and 5% are Trying to wake up with zombies the 1% Make sure that the 4% stop the 5% from Waking up the 90% this is not a war Between two religions this is not an

Ethnic War this is not a racist War it's None of these this is the oldest trick In the book divide and conquer this is What war does they create the division They make sure you are racist you're in Uh controlled by fear you're breathing Hate in order to divide so they can Conquer do you know how a magician does His trick so basically he has a plan and In order for him to do the trick Without You noticing he does this loud and thing Here so it distracts you constantly While this is happening he slowly creeps Up from behind to implement his magic Trick and then magic that's exactly what The politicians do they are distracting Us with you know we are not human and This is a human this is not this color This race this religion in order for Them to just start implementing their Agenda so that's truth or truthism 101 um what immature early on truthers Think is the deal Le is something you Get early on some people never get past This stage maybe the majority of people But this idea of problem reaction Solution that there is a difference Between the 1% that control the system And they're the bad guys and everyone Else is you know being controlled by Them right and the 90% sheep and the you Know the various demographics that she Broke down right the 5% keeping the the 4% keeping the 5% from waking everybody

Up and the Sheep are never going to wake Up because it's the definition of sheep There's no waking up for them but the Issue is with the 5% because there's Lots of people think they're awake and If you're one of these people in this Remedial end of being the truth Community you're not awake you have just Moved to the next level of the deception Right because the truth of the matter And I say this all the time and most People don't understand it or want to Hear it is that the whole system is Based An Illusion and your lifestyle is causing Pain and suffering to poor people around The world if you're you know someone in America if you're in the wealthy Whatever it is our lifestyle all of us Who are enjoyed the Privileges of American life and you know these we rich People there's rich people in every Country the people who are on the upper Echelon of the economy and if you're Making above $10,000 a year actually 12,00 ,000 here is the breakdown the Average global household income is 12, uh 235 per year the medium per Capita household income is only uh $33,000 per year $2,900 a year this is globally if you're Making over 100,000 that puts you in the Top 10% of the global earners while

Making over a million puts you in the Top 1% the average American household Income is 75 ,000 a year but if you're Making over $115,000 a year you're Making more than the average person and The system you live in in terms of the Roads in terms of the infrastructure in Terms of the you know the the ability to Live life is you know in America is Better like in you know these countries Of course America is breaking down and It's becoming a third world country but The point is half the people in the World they live on $2 a day or less and So that you understand the amount of Wealth it takes to balance that up and Pull that up to $112,000 of household income right and So if you're someone above the average If you're making like $20,000 a year in Your family and it's you're poor for Being in America you still have a much Better lifestyle than all these other People I mean there's people in abject Poverty and I've seen it you know you Can see it in America to some extent but I saw it very flagrantly in India and You'll see it in China where there's so Many people and then around the globe But the thing that you have to know at Some point is that the system can't be Made good it can't be made honest it Can't be made Divine it can't align with The Divine laws and spiritual principles

It can't align with nature because it is A demonic system it is an ego based System and people look how unnatural Everybody is like just go to I mean Walmart's the you know the easy answer But go anywhere just go on the internet And you see how messed up people are Like people are completely you know Unnatural and you know the breakdown of The family and how um you know the Pervasive the the economic uh Juggernaut That's our system and materialistic Pursuits and entitlements and all the Things that go with it it affects people On every level like it's not just like You know people in the the sheeple and The people in the 1% but truthers as Well like all of us have you know Unnatural um you know things that were Attached to in the system right whether It be going on the internet right which Has an effect on the environment the you Know all the Wi-Fi the electricity that We need electricity is you know it's a Natural uh El you know it's a natural You know electricity exists in nature But not the way that we've learned to Use it it has vibratory effect on Everybody and then all the things that Go along with the the clothes you wear The phones you use the technology you Use the way it's you know harvested the Way these things are um you know there's Toxins in every phone there's poisons in

Every phone there's things that are you I watched this um it might have been a 60 Minutes report years and years ago And these really poor people in China Were melting down cell phones because There's a little bit of gold in them a Little bit of some precious metals Whatever the lithium battery and they Were getting all the precious metals out Of it and these people were dying of Cancer like years later they were in These junkyards melting down these you Know over like a like a sheep pot and Melting down the phone and taking out All the things that were you know I mean They're breathing in these toxins and Things right and then just you know how They're made in these sweat shops and All these things right the cheap labor So you can get a steel wrench for five Bucks at Walmart you know the way people Are exploited and the way that you know People are like we were talking about Global warming last night my wife and I Were watching something there some TV Show still pitching this you know global Warming scam you know we're polluting The world that's a fact but the global Warming thing is a scam right it's a Climate change scam but we're polluting The world it's you know that's true but They're not really trying to stop that The power set be but the countries like India and China they make cheap goods

And they keep the prices down so they Can export their goods and to do that They have to cut corners and they have To there's no way they'll ever agree to The climate change Accords and so and They're so polluted these countries if You go to them and these people live in That pollution because they you know Have to do make the cheapest possible Goods as possible so they can export Them to the the the dollar rich Countries with the higher you know Valued currencies and so you ask most Truthers what you're willing to give up You know all these people that claim They're trying to wake up the Sheep Right like you know all these fools and If you're one of them I'm trying to wake Up the Sheep I'm trying to tell them What's up right you're not going to wake Them up and you're not awake yourself Because you're you're still addicted to The Beast right you're still addicted to You know I am too we're all we all are So it's stupid like the whole thing the Whole truth Community is a joke the People who are the most passionate are The people who have the most things they Need to change right they want to change Other people they want to wake everybody Up but if you did that and the system Collapsed and you had no you know food In the supermarkets and there's no gas In your car and you have to defend what

You have and people are running around Crazy because the system breaks down and You're like oh my God this isn't what I Want well of course it isn't you didn't Know you're just stupidly angry about Something you're blaming rich people the People who run the system for all the Problems in the world when you're not Trying to fix yourself and you'll see What you're doing wrong and the fact of The matter is the system sucks and it's Bad for us but all of us are 100% Dependent on it it's predicated on lies Deception and there's no taking it down Without destroying all the things that We recognizes our you know habitual life Right you know we could take the system Down and eventually it'll collapse on Its own but then what are you going to Do there's no you have no skills you Have no Community you have no backup Plan and so most people would just you Know curl up in the fetal position and Wait for the angels to take them away Right so enjoy your life way you K enjoy This whatever it is you know it's it's Demonic and it you know hurts people in Nature and it should go away the sooner The better But why it still exists you know Appreciate what you have and be grateful For it because the thing that's coming Next isn't going to be as Good and there's no you know this

Ridiculous truth or 101 videos are just A joke right it's people who you know Don't understand the the nature of our Situation right and our placement in It all right so I got a lot of good Things to cover here but this is Probably my favorite one of my viewers Sent me that this here's a atam Expiration date look at that dude go Thrust that pelvis look at that do that Oh my God look at that Ghoulish right that it looks like some Kind of like you know like a like a Plastic toy where you know like one of Those you know Billy Bass or something You know something that like a but a Doll that would it's not like human Right it's this this zombie like Ghoulish looking you know mam expiration Date look at that thing look at her Doing the thing then she does a thing With the mic do your thing [Laughter] There those those uh those dance lessons Your parents paid for [Laughter] Really that's just great Eric Adams Blames political problems on Race Compares himself to Jesus that's why People are hating on me um so you know That's always the way to go when you're In trouble politically compare yourself To Jesus Right all these years the Reverend Al

Sharpton admits he was an FBI informant Yes he says that he was the cat that got The rats but others say that Sharpton's Secret life was not by choice CVS 2 Political reporter Marsha Kramer has the Story Michelle Obama probably never knew That one of the guests at her recent White House 50th birthday party was an FBI Mafia informant who helped bring Down members of the geneves crime family Al Sharpton now a confidant of both the First lady in the president and of Mayor Bill DeBlasio has his own unique take on His days as the government's Confidential informant number seven in My own mind I was not an informant I was Cooperating with investigations the Revelations threatened to embarrass Sharpton as he kicks off his National Action Network convention this week with DeBlasio and President Obama the Headliners but the Blasio who calls but First after kaboom um so Al Sharpton was A Rat Al Sharpton was talking to the fuzz Right going back to the 70s why you Talking to the fuzz Al the fuzz was uh 70s for Cop okay so this is interesting you know There's I have no way of of validating This or verifying it but it's Interesting what this guy's saying here And I'll I'm going to stop do a voice Over and then get into my JoJo muo stuff

Here in a moment be a result of a a Particular Gene from the people that Ruled over a region of us on the planet And here's what I found out scientists Geneticist discovered that there's a 2% Variance in genes between races in other Words what makes me a person that's dark Skinned with more melanin in my skin Than you who's more fair skin with Slightly less melanin in your skin it's Not because my ancestors were in the Sahara Desert working in the desert Underneath the hot sun all day and That's what they teach you in school the Reason why my skin is this way is Because I'm genetically branded and so Are you you're genetically branded and So are the indigenous peoples of all the Other continents on the planet we're Genetically branded by why the person Who ruled over us gave us a brand just Like they brand a cow say oh that's Farmer Jim's cow don't touch them we got You see the brand right there well when These people spread out around the Planet to rule over different regions of The planet they genetically branded the People they ruled over to resemble them They said that a 2% variance would take Multi-millions of years to happen in Natural Evolution and yet it only Happened in 200,000 years it tells us Something interesting that this is an Artificial mutation that was done on

Purpose to create a specific group or Specific races or groups of people that Resembled let us make man in our image If you know what I mean okay so I don't Know if I can use that whole clip cuz There's music behind it I don't know Where it's from um but you can find the Guy I can't find the the clip here here On YouTube but the guy's name is Billy Carson and so if I get copyrighted and I Have to edit edit out this clip and I Don't know if it's going to happen or Not I'm just going to review what he Said and um I don't know if this guy's a Geneticist I don't know what he is um But he talks about aliens and things and Things that I agree With I forgot to um I already did the Voiceover you're about to hear but I Forgot to refr reframe what he said or Just cap what he said so this guy said That aliens left um genetic markers There's 2% differences between the races Genetically and there's these inner Genetic markers and of course skin color And you know whatever it is and that the Different region of the world were Different groups of alien life that Created these slaves and mark them Genetically and that's you know why we Have different skin colors and things Like this which um you know there's a I Searched for this video I tried to find It without the music and if I if you

Watched it great if it's still here Great but if they copyright it that's What the guy says and there's different You know videos out there from Ancient Aliens and the History Channel and Things like this that are are saying Similar things about this right which um You know I'll get into what I believe Here but I just wanted to recap what the Guy said so in terms of my belief this System my spiritual belief system There's a line in a you know these um Whispers of the brighter well channeled Messages that talks about how humans Come from test tubes and there's a Little bit more hints and information About it of course I've done a lot of Research in terms of you know I don't Know doing research but listening to Other people like Lloyd p and some of These other geneticists talk about the Fused Chromosome that doesn't happen naturally In some of these other things the second And third chromosome is fused in humans But it's two different chromosomes in The primates that were're most closely Related to and again I'm not going to Offer any proof because I don't have any But this is what I believe I've talked About this I wrote about it in my book The choice and it's um you know to me The evidence is kind of overwhelming but That human beings were actually designed

To live much longer there were time you Know you look into mahab barata and some Of these other ancient books where People lived thousands of years some of Them tens of thousands of years but at Least hundreds of years and that makes Sense because we live very rushed lives If you remember from the the uh the Original um Blade Runner movie where the Clones were only given four years of Lifespan because they um you know they Were physically Superior and they would End up taking over the human race if They were given longer periods of time Right so if you had a shortened life Span or if you had you know ancient Higher developed humanoids that you know Bred with apes or did whatever to make a Slaves then the slaves would have a Shorter lifespan than a natural human Life but we have that potential and DNA In us so I believe that our lives are Much shorter than they should be and I Talked about this in recent videos you Know that our lives are very Rush that We have you know four major works that We're supposed to do after growing up One of them is having you know marital Relationship the and and with that Having kids the other thing is your Life's work and then your Spiritual um you know your spiritual Evolution and that all these things are Packed together in a one time frame in a

You know 40 you know not even a 30-year Period where you have your you're Supposed to accomplish all these things And you can't do all of them well it's Hard for you to do all these things well If you have a great great career your Family suffers you have a great family You have poverty and if you have either Of those two things you can't focus on Your spiritual life and it's hard to you Know navigate all these things with the You know a limited lifespan that should Be much longer at least hundreds of Years if not thousands of years in a Recent video I think it's called Mary Effing Christmas I talk about how like You know the last five or 10 years I Just kind of finally cracked the code And got it in terms of like just my life And what I'm doing here and you know all These things you know just I kind of Understand it and now my body is you Know starting to deteriorate in my mind Like just when you when you're you know You have some like you're not a dummy Anymore not as much of a dummy and you You learn to make better decisions you You understand life you get into your 40s and 50s and 60s and you finally get It and then you're you know preparing For death and so you know your life is In in some ways just beginning you have All these things you have to go through In your life to pull out all this

Knowledge you had from pre previous Existences and Consciousness and and Things you have potential and by the Time all the potential is is sort of you Know at least the the potential the you Know one level of potential you have of Just knowing how to to navigate life and Planet Earth and kind of understand it You're starting to die you're in the Death process right and so and then There's hidden potential poal unrealized Potential in this junk DNA for higher Develops and higher levels of spiritual Attainment right in the Sark system it Takes 45 years just to go from the first Point spiritual point to the second one And then another 45 time 45 to go to the Third point and 45 year 45 times that And so just to get you know halfway There it takes a million years by Self-effort you know like to move along Spiritually and rise up to these higher Levels of Consciousness so I've been Talking about all that and what this guy Says resonates with me you know and Again I don't know who this guy is and Where he's getting this information in Terms of scientific data but there is Some scientific evidence and then There's just life evidence of what we Know about people but human beings are Not mature enough to handle the capacity Of Consciousness and freedom of choice And our ability to manifest things you

Know we can manifest things on a much Higher level than other creatures on the This planet and yet we're immature dopes And you know I mean we're just we're not There yet to to handle the power of of Our ability to create and so we have This mess on our hands on this planet Right but if what he's saying true that There's different um groups of whatever It is extraterrestrial or you know Higher developed Consciousness you know Humanoids or whatever that created Slaves on this planet and and they use Genetic markers to identify their slaves Like branding Cattle and that's the way they treated Beings like ourselves you know of course We come from a prison planet kind of um You know where this uh we're stuck here Spiritually but also the Master Slave um Mentality is very prevalent in the human Species and if what this guy's saying is True and I you know I believe it you Know I don't I don't can't prove it but You know it resonates with me that these Different groups of slaves that were Created were genetically branded right Genetic markers to identify their slaves Is effed up like those are our creators Like you know like I mean if you know That's how our species came into Existence as slaves that were you know Given these genetic markings that's Completely effed right that's you know

That's the I mean if these are higher Developed Souls and beings and that's The kind of things in terms of their Moral and their you know ethical Responsibilities and they created these Slaves many of whom you know our species Has a lot of um issues physically and You know otherwise because if you're Creating a slave and you're going to Abandon those slaves or you're going to Destroy them or whatever you're going to Do or leave them here and take off which Seems to be the case you know you don't Care about how well they're made Genetically you don't mind doing a Sloppy job because just you just need Workers CU you're harvesting resources Off a planet then you're leaving right But if that's our origin story like if That's how we came to be that's group of Human beings our souls are are different You know the nature of our souls is Different why we choose to Incarnate Here what we're doing here whatever it Is you know because we've made a mess Because a mess was left here because People beings who you know that's really Highly Irresponsible you know to make slaves of A higher Consciousness and you know to Do this kind of you know to do us dirty Like they did and this take off and Leave us this mess right and not really Even know where we came from and you

Know the origin of nature of our of our Orientation and we have all this hidden Potential we're not able to access Because of that and just all of it right But it kind of explains a lot any old Who Okay I want to get into JoJo magu Here in a moment squatters take over th 12200 homes in Atlanta open illegal Strip clubs and terrorized neighbors is This even America Anymore I didn't walk in on a family Eating dinner I walked in on weapons a Prostitute bunch of dogs in the back I Just jumped the fence and ran I didn't I Didn't know what else to Do back in May a similar incident Occurred in Atlanta when army officer Delila Dora returned home returned to Her Home to find squatters living her Sprawling $500,000 Residence while she was away on active Duty Sharon Osborne slams Kanye West for Using Azie song He effed with the wrong Jew um is what she quoted as saying and So um used uh the War Pigs in his Upcoming vultures album he sample it and Now there's some kind of litigation There Sharon aborne blasted anti-i kane West for alleged using her husband's Aussie's osbor song without consent at At his album listening party Kaboom so That happened it's funny how they say Allegedly used at the listening

Party but the they call him an Anti-semite you know without um like That's a fact they're saying that's a Fact they're not saying alleged Anti-semite but it's been confirmed Because of I don't know things he said But they're saying allegedly they're not Sure whether he played the song at the Listening party but they don't have to Say alleged alleged anti-semite mutant Wolves roaming Chernobyl exclusion zones have developed Cancer resilient abilities study Says um so they have these dogs there And that's what's up right these mutant Wolves are over there in Chernobyl and They've adapted to The high levels of radiation I'm glad You Asked Um Listen I have been privileged and proud To serve as Vice President of the United States with Joe Biden as president of The United States yeah you're a liar you You want his Job and and what I saw of that report Last Night I believe Is as a former Prosecutor um the comments that were Made by that prosecutor Gratuitous inaccurate and Inappropriate October

7th Israel experienced a horrific attack and I will tell you we got the calls the President and myself in the hours after That Occurred it was an intense moment for The commanderin-chief of exactly you Know and he he had to put on his fresh Diaper and everything the United States Of America and I was in almost every Meeting with the president in the hours And days that Followed countless hours with the Secretary of Defense the Secretary of State the heads of our intelligence Community she knows about Heads This is KLA knads Harris and the President was in front of and on top of It all exactly he was on top of the Interns he was on top of he was smelling Sniffling and Snoozing asking questions and requiring Like where am I who am I who is this Person That America's military and intelligence Community and diplomatic Community would Figure out and know how many people were Dead how many are Americans boom why you Pointing guns at us Bro how many hostages is the situation Stable he was in front of it All Coordinating and Directing leaders who are in charge of

America's national security not to Mention our allies around the globe boom He was getting done this guy I mean he Just looks like a dope when he can't Articulate a complete sentence or when He misremembers something or when he Doles around and trips and and you know Acts like a guy who has dementia but Behind the scenes like in front of the Camera he has dementia behind the scenes He's just spot On for days and up until now Months so the way that the president's Demeanor in that report was Characterized could not be more wrong on The facts yeah because we know it's not Like we've seen this guy out and doing His job in public and we could make up Our own conclusions about his dementia When you were laughing at him right she Was laughing at him twice I'll show you Those things in a moment and clearly Politically Motivated Gratuitous and so so I will say that When it comes to the role and Responsibility of a prosecutor in a Situation like that we should Expect that there would be a higher Level of Integrity than what we saw oh Come on all right so you laughed at you Here's Joejo okay so Cory Booker is calling the Front runner and nobody could believe

This guy was going to win none of these Other fools could believe this guy he Would wander around on stage he gave These ridiculous answers but here he's Confronting Joe Biden on his stance on Marijuana marijuana I I I I thought you Might have been high when you said it And and let me tell you or just brain Dead because because marijuana marijuana Marijuana in our country is already Legal for privileged people and it's one The War on Drugs has been a war on okay Help me teacher I need to use the Restroom okay forget I already did And so let me just let me just say this With more African-Americans under Criminal Supervision in America than all The slaves since 1850 do not roll up Into communities later on he'd have to Wear a mask and he kept on doing that he Likes to touch his mouth and not talk Directly to issues that are going to Relate to The Liberation anybody calling Me I want to say something me me of Children because there are people before I forget what's still going on here can You call on me Congress right now that Admit to smoking marijuana while there Are people our kids are in jail right Now okay so let's move forward to Joe Biden's thing Here said to inspire African-Americans To the polls at record numbers thank you Senator Booker Vice President Biden you

Can respond to that I'll be very brief Number one I think we should Decriminalize marijuana period And I Think everyone anyone who has a record Should be let out of jail their records Expunged it be completely none of those Things happen zeroed out but I do think It makes sense prisons are big business Based on data that we should study what The long-term effects on for the use of Marijuana that's all like there's been No Studies like the generation of hippies And there's no studies we don't know What we don't know what this stuff does Might even turn you into a superhero we Don't even know it might be like Kryptonite I mean who knows what this Stuff does it's so brand new we've only Had it for like thousands of years we Don't have any idea what marijuana does It is number one every everybody gets Out record expunge secondly I uh you Know I'm I'm part of that that Obama Coalition I come out of the black Community in terms of my support if you Notice I have more people supporting me In the black community that announced For me because they know me they know Who I am three former chairs of the Black caucus the only African-American Woman that ever been elected to the United States Senate a whole range of People my point is true the other one is

Here look so got confused is right cuz It the the other one's right here kist Saying hey what about me you forgot About me right and he gets confused and Then he lies about It I said the first no I said the first That's what I really said no you said Only you said only we heard you you liar I said the first afrian Aman first so my point is like he's Laughing cuz he's scile like you you Know he's scile back then you knew he Was scile he picked you for vice President all of a sudden you forgot That my point is one of the reasons She's still laughing she's laughing the Whole time right she's laughing because He's scile vice president and they can't Believe that he's beating them not only In the election but he's beating them Among African-Americans like he has more Support in the African-American Community than either Cory Booker and KLA Harris combin they can't believe They they're supporting this guy who's Scile right okay so this question was Asked of Joe Biden Vice President Biden The me too movement has forced a Cultural Reckoning around the issue of Sexual violence and harassment against Women in America okay so he was asked About that and then he does this epic Gaff Here rarely ever occurs and so we have

To just change the culture period and Keep punching at it and punching at it And punching at it it will be a big no I Really mean it they're all like you Can't believe he just said that like He's Talking I mean it's just an epic Gaff we Know I showed you this before it make It's a gigantic issue and we have to Look at her she's smirking she's smiling Because she knows he just did another he Just did another poop in his depends Right he just failed she's smiling she's Smirking make it clear from the top from The so kamla knew that JoJo magu didn't Have it there's probably many other Instances in the debate Ates that I Could show you these are ones that are You know they're there but uh you know Cuz these are epic gaffs of his but if You watch the debates they all knew he Was scile and they couldn't believe he Was winning like he was the front runner Biden voters hold a boat par Boat Parade floating Coffins okay so um somebody sent me this Clip but here's a better clip this is Biden defenses memory and mental state And listen what he says Here in Gaza in the Gaza Strip has been Um over the Top I think that Uh as you Know initially the president of Mexico

CC did not want to open up the gate to Allow humanitarian material to get in I Talked to him I convinced him to open The gate I talked to BB to open the gate On the Israeli side I've been pushing really hard really Hard to get humanitarian assistance into Gaza there are a lot of innocent people Who are starving a lot of innocent People who are in trouble and dying and It's got to stop number one number two So this guy he's defending his memory And his mental state and he's saying That Mexico and Israel share a [Laughter] Border this guy in a press conference to Dep to defend his you know this is his Mental state is being questioned and he Just claimed that he talked to the um Prime minister of uh or the president of Mexico whoever it is and he um convinced The guy to let humanitarian Aid into Goda Strip because he thinks they share a Border thank you Karine if the special Council says President Biden has got Significant limitations on his memory Then who is helping him run the country The president of the United States runs The country the commanderin-chief runs The country how can he be trusted with The nuclear codes if I I get that you're Saying that uh nobody in the building

Would say that he's got an issue with His memory but just a little part of What we get to see he's made mistake After mistake after mistake after Mistake on camera this week so I want to Be very clear here Um the reality is that report that part Of the report does not live in reality It just doesn't so the special counil is Lying about the president it is it was Gratuitous you heard from my you heard From Ian Sams my colleague uh it is Unacceptable and it does not live in Reality that is just the facts and and Look it is a closed case that is what The special counsel said and What matters is here is that the President in the last three years has Delivered okay so she's saying there's No reality where an 80-year-old JoJo Magu who was obviously going scile in 2009 when he was running for president You saw the signs of dementia then and They just covered it up like four years Later after being a president after Years of being a politician and a failed Parent and uh you know a just a a goofy Like a Goof after years of all that stuff and Bad living that his mind is Deteriorating and he wasn't great Beforehand and she's just lying about it And saying like that's not reality it's Gratuitous that's their talking point

It's Gratuitous you know I had a realization And I it's not really all that profound And maybe I've even said before but you Know I don't remember it but Joe Biden's Mental Incompetence and Trump's you know lack Of any ability to be a like a politician And you know be kind of a dope I mean Trump's not smart like neither one of These guys is smart I mean they might be Above average Intelligence but that's you know not you Know they're not smart they might be you Know smarter than the average person but They're not smart and they're not really Good at what they do you know Trump is Been successful as a businessman Whatever that is right and so he's good At that and Joe Biden has been elected Over and over again and he's good at Playing the political game but that Isn't translate to being a good leader Or an evolved person right they're both Dopes and they're both incompetent and Wouldn't have the ability to run the Country neither one of these guys would And I don't know which presidents would But it goes to show you that Joe Biden Has been clearly You know having dementia since 2019 when we first saw him running for President his initial campaign events And public appearances and you know

Debates and all these things he did it Was clear the guy was not there right Like you could see it like it was Obvious I was making fun of him way back When that the guy wasn't mentally up to It and it wasn't so much I was making Fun of him I was making fun of the media Who for years talked about this guy like He was some sort of a dope I mean before He was you know he started to break down Mentally and now they were talking about Him like he was some great man and they Were ignoring the signs of dementia Right his he'd get angry he'd have these Outbursts he did he looked confused I Mean you know even back then and of Course now even worse and he says these Things all the time that are factually Inaccurate and he's just lost and Everybody can see it that you know isn't Covering it up or you have to to be in Complete denial and to say there's no Reality where Joe Biden is demen he's 80 Years old everyone knows they're even Talking about ad moing Joe there are Signs and things that they don't want to Deal with you know that this guy isn't Up to it and he wasn't up to it the last Four years and yet the country as much As the Republicans want to say it's Disastrous you know the country is Collapsing but not because of Joe Biden And when Trump was President as much as The Liberals wanted to believe that you

Know was he was running the country into The ground you know things that brought The country down were the economy you Know the the debt ratio between um you Know actual money and debt is so Extraordinarily out of bounds it's so You know far gone you know the econom is Collapsing the moral depravity and the The idiocracy that's setting in with the Population I mean that's the worst thing You know all of it I mean just the Entitlement and the weakness of each Succeeding leading Generation and then the fact that this Culture and this economy and this you Know our everything about our system is Ready to collapse and should have Probably collapsed years ago it's on the Verge it's like too big to fail but it Should have failed years ago and so Neither Biden or Trump can save that From happening but they really can't you Know do much other than slightly Expedite it right and so it shows you That Biden isn't running the country Because if that dope if this guy was Actually making decisions this confused Them in effort right and then you would Say well yeah you know I I um I'm not Going to go back and look for it but Joe Biden has said over and over again oh I'm going to get in trouble oh I I'm Going to get in trouble right he says These things all the time I'll see if

There's a compilation if there is I'll Put it in before I do this voice over But if you know you've seen it if if you I I can't show it to you it's there you If he said it at least 10 times but he Says it all the time and it shows you There's no real president because if Trump was actually running the country The country would have Toppled and you know Trump's a dope and You trumpers won't recognize it because You're just like the Biden people who Won't acknowledge his senility but they Both were incapable and I don't know Which politician or president would be Capable of running the country but They're not like you know so there's no Way to judge that right but clearly Biden can't make decisions he's he's Confused us he's you know he wouldn't be Able to understand and cognitively Function in a capacity to make complex Decisions it shows you how much the Country has run outside of the Politicians right it's you know it's Just a it's it's absolute joke and the One of the ways that they tried to sell Joe Biden to the American people was That Trump was some Maverick Lone Wolf You know loose gun out there that was Making his own decisions and Joe Biden Would have a team of advisers and people That would tell him what to do and so That even if he was you know mentally

Gone I mean did the same thing with Reagan you know Reagan went seile his Last two years and his son came out and Admitted it and they couldn't even put Him out in public he was so bad he was Farther along than Joe Biden he couldn't Even read speeches and you know be out There they HIIT him away for two years And we had this you know guy with severe Dementia as president it didn't matter Because they're they're running and Handling the country so like this shows You that voting really means very little You're choosing different teams of People a republican team or a Democratic Team but they're all working for the Same you know people that run the Country and they're going to do what They're going to do anyway right and so There's that and with that I had this Comment hopefully I can find it here Here it is it's actually two Comments um this is the first of the two And the person says this um this Person's from Seattle and says this I'd appreciate it If you would stop subc contextually Slamming lefties I am a lefty and still Find these characteristics fake and Weird and very out of touched plenty of Of that going on with the right as well Boward Haba Etc the point is if you Continue to broadly smear lefties you Will lose audience members like me

Goodbye now I don't slam lefties I mean I don't do it like right-wing people do But the left is gone like the left is is Gone insane and a big part of that is The left was willing to elect a scile Person that is almost identical in his Character and his personality As Trump Trump and Biden are different but They're basically twins they're the most Similar if you were going to compare two Politicians I mean they both uh have we Weird relationships with women you know Trump is with porn stars cheats on his Wives he you know he said that thing Grab him by the poop and Joe Biden's a Sniffler snoozer grabber groper they Both come from the same time period They're both you know old guy racist you Know they grew up in a time where you Know they had different attitudes Towards race and things like this they Have the same you know they call Trump Racist but Joe Biden is the same guy Right and they just have a lot of Similarities and they're you know Roughly the same age and they had Probably fairly similar Upbringings and they the the flaws that Trump has Biden has and the flaws that Biden has Trump has right and so there's Not much difference between them and Trump was never a republican before he Became a politician he was he gave money To the clintons and he would gave money

To the left he gave money to the right But anyways you know both the right and The left are completely insane the left A little bit more so cuz they have the Power and they you know I don't know What's going on with them but the right Was you know the right cause the left to Be the way they are the right the Christian Coalition and the Christians That ran the Country and the you know I'm not talking About good religious people people who Love Jesus and you know are good Spiritual people I'm talking about Religious power in in a political Context you know political power that's Religious power and you know the Evangelicals that elected the two bushes And Reagan and all these people and you Know the the rush Limas they created the Left the way it is now when they had Power they you know they drove the left Crazy and now that these hippies have Grown up to run corporations and you Know they own Silicone Valley and they Own all these you know they own the Media and all these things right the Liberals are now running things they've Reacted to the way the right treated Them and the whole thing the oppression You know all these various oppressed Communities and things people of color LBGTQ people all these people and now They're like insane with their you know

Reaction and their you know hatred for The right of course Trump was the poster Child for this and so both Suck both are just created they're not Real they're just created they're not Real belief systems they're just a Combination of you know things that Aren't really that don't even go Together to form a coalition to make you Know a left right Paradigm you know Coalition on each side of groups of People that don't really get along Anyway right and belief systems that Don't that don't um you know align with Each other I'm talking about the left And the right both of them have groups Of people that come together to form a Political block of power and they had Put you in these boxes of left and right And if you're in that box you shouldn't Be on my channel like this channel is About getting out of that box because There is no liberal or conservative Right like I have liberal and Conservative views but in terms of the You know these groups of people you know This woman's even saying or this Person's even saying that they see some Of the problems with the left but you Know you slam lefties well because You're dopes right you're dope for Buying into a construct that isn't real Like it it's not only not real but it's There to control you it's there to

Divide and conquer right and so I'm Always going to slam both of you and It's not slamming you it's just telling You the truth because I don't care Believe what you want like I don't care Like whatever you know doesn't make a Difference I'm not going to change the World here neither you like it's we're Not going to save the system but you Know I can Mock and make fun of you Because you know I got nothing better to Do um so there's that but then there was A second comment by another dope on the Right and the person says I suppose you Hate yourself because you're white too I Guess at least you sound like that why I I benefit in any way when the so the Sociopaths that run the country invade Another do you really believe that that This person um I don't know what I was Talking about like this is why we call Us Satan and Um and hickey NY I call Nelly hickey in the title and Jojo babyon I have no idea what this Person talking about like I must have Said something that made him think I Hate white people because of you know This white hatred which I simply don't Have right um the other video was um I I I how Alec Baldwin helped Hill areia Perpetrate her fraud that was the video That the person the liberal was reacting To some old ass video

Right and so there's that so I have this Voiceover I'm making for the journey Series and I'm going to include it here Um you know to end this video but you Know Whatever again this isn't a right or Left leaning channel it's neither of Those things it's beyond that if you Can't see it then you know go back to Your remedial channels and you know come Here when you're mature enough to be Able to be here right but I'm not you Know I'm not pandering to you if that's What you want like you you don't Understand me or the channel Like my job here is to tell the truth The way I see it I might be wrong but I'm not going to lie to you just to keep You here right that's counterproductive And there's lots of people have left but That's you know they say they want the Truth but they only want it wrapped in a Package that's palatable to them and That's not being a truther like you have To hear other people's point of view and They're just you know they're my point Of view right like they're not you know Nothing I say here has any any weight to It like I'm not you know it's not that Important my My Views and my beliefs Aren't that important and my analysis Things it's not going to change stuff it Might help you you know the spiritual Stuff sure that's great connecting God

Within the things I talk about here Where I have real knowledge and Experience in those things that's an Absolute solution for those people who Embrace it but you know it's a drop in The pan right if you know 100,000 people Heard me talk about spirituality and They were better than me at doing it Like they heard about it from me but Then they jumped in and did the Gratefulness meditation they became Better than me that doing it like they Were really good at it it's still Wouldn't I mean it would affect the World in a way that you know would raise Up the humanity to a certain extent and There would be a positive effect but you Wouldn't notice it in the system you Wouldn't notice any change in the Material system the vibr the vibratory You know factor in the world would get Better but the rest of it you know you There's no changing the system there's No saving this it's not you know it Doesn't matter like we just we're we We're on a roller coaster and eventually It's going to Crash anyways here's the other voice Over okay so this is going to be an Audio I'm going to put in my um Journey Series as well as the end of a video That I'm making today on February 10th Uh Saturday February 10th um so I Finally got an answer about the

Monetization of my gratefulness Meditation Channel And they said it's not monetizable which They're running ads on it and you know I Think with YouTube now YouTube can run Ads on any channel whether it's Monetized or not and so there's no Reason for them to um well the only Reason for them to monetize channels is People aren't going to make content for Free and so it's but they can delay the Process I they submitted appeal the Reason that they had was Goofy for not Mon izing it and so um that happened and So I had to deal with that my wife and I Had something to do in the morning and Then we went for kind of an outing with Our dogs and so I was going to make a Video in the afternoon but that's why There's no video yesterday on Friday and um I was talking about this Guy I talked to who I knew for a number Of years doing Saar meditation he was Somebody who he um was selling Dehydrated foods and he had a a little Sort of survivalist thing going he's one Of the few people who took the Whispers Of the brighter World messages seriously And some of these other predictions About the civilization as we know it Coming to an End and he was more conservative in Nature and he was ostracized by Preceptors and he reached out to me he

Started watching my videos years Later and um he had all this valuable Information we talked a couple of times For you know when this was uh when I First realized dodgy was a complete Fraud and he was struggling with all That and I told his story again or I Told some of this in one of these videos And I had a thought to it I should Contact him I haven't talked to him Maybe in two years now and in the middle Of the day sometime around you know 2:00 Maybe I accidentally called him like my Phone you know sometimes it just happens Pocket dial whatever it is called and There's no reason for it cuz my phone's Usually shut off and you know I stopped It before it rang I thought but then he Called me back and we talked for like 3 Hours and he's Struggling with doing the heartfulness Meditation like he's listened to some of The journey series videos and he's you Know and he talked to a senior Person um the wife of um Mr J and there She's prominent as well she's been doing This for like 50 years as well as you Know Mr J Mr Jay's big into the dodgy And the harness thing Mr Jay was going To look into the blindfold scam but Never did and I'm saying this because Like he was told her about you know Watching my videos and and you know Dodgy you know crapping all over charie

His master and how like that just isn't Done and you know all of it and she Didn't have an answer but like at some Point I think he said she said I was a Great guy right and this um you know When the Mr s this guy uh you guys watch My journey series there's a clown who Runs the heartfulness YouTube channel And this guy um contacted me years ago When I first started to uh talk s you Know talk Boop about dodgy in uh videos And they wanted to shut it down and he Reached out to the preceptor that I was Going going to at the time this Preceptor had a few people from my YouTube channel go into meditation with Him and you know he said Paul's a great Guy which I was like you know I'm not a Great guy like I'm an you know I'm an A-hole Right like you I was thinking about it Like you know I mean that's just like Undermining the whole thing you know It's not about what I am or am not in Terms of being a good person or not it's Whether I'm doing honest quality work Here right like I'm not you know Thinking myself as being a great guy or Like you know like some kind of uh Fighting the good fight there's Deception going on in this spiritual Organization that meant so much to us Cuz this guy's upset about it right like CU you know the people who realize it

Realize that you know what was once a Great organization Now sucks and he had A talk with chargie the the third master And he he told them like all the stuff That was going on you know especially to Do with sexuality and you know gender Stuff I mean this guy who one guy sent Me a um a an ad which I'll show you know And this is funny because I'm going to Start this video with high karate for my Regular viewers this um after Shave the commercials I mentioned it to My wife who used to watch these Commercials with were kids and we forgot All about it and U for the journey Series people that'll be in this video I Don't know what the video is going to be Called But they were releasing a cologne Perfume in the heartfulness merch store And they interview the guy and he says It's gender fluid right which is what Chargie was talking about like chargie Predicted all the things are going to Happen in like 2011 or whatever it was he said this is What's going to happen and this guy's Going to send me his notes on the thing I'll eventually get to it but you know All the things we're seeing now and he Was against it and because of those Reasons and all these liberal people They think that chargie needs to be sort Of edited and erased out of the mission

Because he said things that were hard For people to understand and they Believe in this stuff right and you know They're they're reasoning they're They're trying to reason that why dodgy This you know clown is crapped all over His teacher and his Guru and the guy who Gave him everything and you know turned Him what he is turn him into what he is Today was charge he said real stuff like True stuff but they don't think is Truthful cuz they're liberals and they Suck and so you know I got a new sense Of these the mental you know I'm not Only the mental capacity but the Orientation of their minds of all these People who've allowed this stuff to Happen you know they had said before That it was part of a plan to crap all Over the last guy and you know remove Him from the mission and I'm like well Dodgy sucks like if you guys have seen Him those of you guys seen his videos And his inability to articulate things Plus he's joined with these Controversial organizations like the RSS Which liberals hate it's an anti-muslim Pro-hindu Paramilitary fascist you know Controversial political uh you know Organization that liberals I mean they Can't stand it's like you know it's the The far rightwing like it would be like White supremacist groups here in America

And so Dody sucks in that way and you Know he's not making any inroads into You know being politically correct in in Different spheres even though he tries To in other spheres right but the reason I'm covering this on my regular channel Is the human mind's ability to Rationalize things and just make up Reality to not deal with the truth is Remarkable because all these people you Know people who claim you know we were Talking about being this sky that there Are people who used to like lay down on The floor and like almost tear their Heart out tear their hair out You know like grown women and you know Like um I mean you've seen you know even Men crying when charie the third Master Of the system would leave right they Loved him so much but they just be one Woman I came into the meditation room Outside Char's office and he was leaving And she was in there laying against the Wall just sobbing right like like Falling apart and making a big show like You know sometimes they'd be out like in Public making a big show of it right it Was really uncomfortable embarrassing And she's just doing this right and now She's crapped all over the guy like you Know she loved him so much she could Barely you know like you know these Remember the girls used to tear their Hair when The Beetles came these are

Grown ass women and you know like I'm Even you know men to a certain extent And they you know they F they wanted to Spend every minute possible with charie When he was alive and like would you Know I mean do anything just to to be Able to to see him and spend time with Them when they could and these people Have allowed him to be just like trashed And I mean just you know erased all the Great work he's you know created epic Amounts of work ashs and and you know Verbal you know talks and things that he Gave and written material and they Dodgies erased all this from the mission Right and these people have allowed it And their rationalization is the guy got A few things wrong that didn't go with Their belief system or modern people you Know he gave a couple of harsh talks and Not prejudicial talks but harsh talks About you know this kind of Liberal Liberal movement with LBGTQ stuff and it Wasn't you know wasn't any way Homophobic or any of these things but it Was you know the effects it has on Society and spirituality and things and For Liberal people it would be it was Impossible for them to hear but all Those things that he said have come out To be true like right now the effect on Our society because of what's going on With all this movement right and you can See it like you know I mean you guys can

See it but they can't and you know for For that reason like him saying things That ultimately were true and ultimately Have hurt society and you know taking Humanity down a a self-destructive path And these people are willing to throw Them out and you know allow him to be Erased when they claim to love him so Much I mean was like embarrassing like Some of the things they used to do like In terms of their you know public Expression of this um you know their Their love and affection for this guy And a new guy comes in and said oh yeah He sucked and they're like all right Yeah he sucked you Know I mean it's just you know it's it's Hard to even explain to those of you Who've never been around it and the Thing is from this talk this guy had With Mrs Jay you know this woman who um Was really close to chargie and her and Her husband have just embraced Particularly her husband embraced dodgy And his like heartful foolishness which Is you know another name fful and Hurtfulness you know it's got all these Bad it's got all these nicknames now but When he confronted you know when he Asked her about things that I had said And things I had point out and when I Was talking to him he hadn't listened to All of my journey series like he had to Listen to he didn't even know about the

Brighter mind scam and things like that So he was you know even more you know I He's trying to figure out what to do With I told him about the gratefulness Meditation we're I'm doing and you People are doing in the um you know the Being able to connect directly to the Source because dodg is just an Impediment now but they she didn't have Any answers CU they all know like they All know it's wrong and that's why like I've gotten very little push back on my Videos like none of these people are you Know I know these people and if they Were really offended by what I'm saying I they could write to me privately I Mean some of these people and they Certainly could you know leave comments Publicly denouncing what I'm saying and Talking about how great dodgy is but not One of them you know I've made a whole Series of videos now some of them are in The journey series but now I've made a Series over in gratefulness meditation You know saying that it's so obvious That Dody sucks and you guys who have Allowed him to throw chargie under the Bus uh you guys suck worse like you just You know and you're worthless like as People like what what value do you have If somebody that you you chargie helped All of us like he you know we all have Stories of ways that his work and his Interest in us and his you know

Commitment to the system and his Devotion to God and His you know his Tireless work transformed our lives Right you know it's helped me here I Mean my YouTube channel and all the Things I've done in my life you know are I can trace back to you know my Association with him and him helping me Evolve spiritually all of us owe him Like all of us you know we we have a Debt of uh gratitude and these people Had more intimate personal relationship With him you know I I had you know I met Him a number of times and we had few Conversations he was kind of Intimidating to me he was always madebe Me a little bit uncomfortable he was Always there was always lots of people Around him so I didn't feel relaxed or Whatever it was was uh but I had you Know some good interactions or bad Interactions but every interaction I had With them I was you know pushed forward On my spiritual journey just like a good Coach or a good Mentor you know whatever The interactions were in fact the Unpleasant interactions I evolved more So I can say that everything that I you Know all my interactions with him either You know writing to him and exchanging Letters or spending time with them or Just reading books and doing the Meditation and going through Gathering And you know going through difficult

Things and going through what they call Spiritual cleaning and things like this Have all ended up benefiting me like I Can you know see the benefit and Hindsight and you know I just feel Grateful for his presence in my life He's one of those people that you know Helped me become a better person like You know on a on levels that are I mean Certainly spiritually in a ways that I Can't even you know I I'm sure I don't Even understand fully what's been done For me right and the same thing with all These other people but some of them had Personal relationships with him and they Knew him longer like I've been Practicing this for 30 years but there Are people who have been practicing this For 50 years and their you know Willingness to just erase his that Reality and pretend that didn't happen Right and pretend that this guy you know The new guy is actually doing the same Thing when he's not just because they Don't want to give up on their delusion Of what's going on right they're you Know the systems like effed like the the Organ the organization has fallen you Know with this clown and these other People right and I've raised points in My videos about it and they can't you Know they can't explain it they can't Say anything about it they don't have Anything they don't have anything that

They can say that would like justify the Suckiness of DOI and his people right The the poor quality of his performance And then just everything that he does That goes against the fundamental Teachings you know this happened in Every religion this happened in Christianity it happened in you know any Of these other religions Hinduism and You know to whatever extent and you know I mean Hinduism is so Broad and so you Know practiced in so many different Forms but people swoop In and there's like a spiritual movement There's some great personality there's Some higher developed saintly Soul You Know M spiritual Master comes down and Then people come in and they just wreck It they turn it into a money-making Power grabbing scheme and you know I'm Watching watching it happened in real Time it's happened over and over again I'm pretty sure I've been around it Before like I think I was you know Involved with Christ and you know Whatever it was is I don't know one of His direct disciples or some people that I was around it during that time when You know after he died and I know that I Was involved in these other religious Movements and spiritual movements before And I've seen this play out like exactly Cuz it just is familiar to me and I find Some humor in it but it's like really

Sad Because they take something that's pure And can help people and they warp it Into something some mundane Materialistic cult-like scam and then They disconnect people from God when the System itself used to help connect People to God and you know it it speaks To the depravity of humanity like There's very few few pure things there's Plenty of scams out there there's plenty Of ways to make money there's plenty of Ways to grab power there's plenty of Ways to you know enslave your brothers And sisters and exploit the planet and And do bad right like there's Plenty of ways to do all that but There's very few few pure spiritual Movements that can help uplift people And as soon as those movements become Popular these you know these vultures Descend in now vultures are a good Animal because they you know I I have a You know I like vultures you know so I Don't even know what to I mean I don't Think there's an animal that I could I mean humans are like the worst right I Don't think there's an animal I could Compare maybe like a mosquito or these Whatever these blood suckers they come In and they they tear the thing down and Then they make it into you know Religions are pretty much maybe the Worst of all these these um you know

These Exploitive uh organizations because Religions just uh block people from God And they use the you know they they Claim to have authority over God and They claim to be the Arbiters of your Ability to have a spiritual life and Connect with God and they're like just The opposite they do the opposite and so They you know they use people's faith And their people's desire to connect to God to not only exploit them financially But to use them as like like props and Almost like weapons of war and the the Battle between the you know the economic Organizations and the the governmental Organizations like the the faith-based Organ G ations have like more they win The hearts of people right like people Kind of believe in their countries and You know they believe in their jobs and The economy but people who believe in Their religion they're like the most Activated people they're the people that Are going to work hardest to defend Their religion and defend their their Belief system and watching it play out In real time and just all these people Who just suck right who you know Worthless I mean they're absolutely Worthless like you know who would want Them on their team anybody who would Turn on somebody like I would never be Able to do for people what charge you

It's done for them right like I just Don't care about people like that I'm Not you know my commitment level isn't There to to burn myself for other people Like I just you know I mean like it's Not just being about selfish you know It's not just me being selfish or you Know unwilling it's me realizing that People suck and why would I want to you Know um put out that effort just to have Them stab me in the back like I see they Stab him in the back and they've done This in the past right chargie had said It's one out of 12 like one out of 12 People will stab you in the back right Whatever it is like it's um like the you Know the Judas like it's the Judas Ratio and he was talking about this the Judas ratio and um but you know of Course Peter who was supposed to be the Best guy the rock that Jesus Built his Church he he deny Jesus you know he Wouldn't he claimed he didn't know him Right that guy only heard of him right And to Thomas doubted him but you know In terms of the SJ Mark system it's like Nine out of 12 of people who are willing To stab charge you in the back and I'm Like after all he did for you like it Just is it's demonstrated me everything That I kind of know about people but Don't really want to even admit it's That bad like it's you know it's that Bad it's the J it's it's the Judas

Ratio but anyways

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