Hey JoJo Apologists it’s the same thing + Velma + More Markles

Hey JoJo Apologists it's the same thing + Velma + More Markles

Greetings brothers and sisters so a Bunch of stuff to get to today but let’s Start here by nades find second batch of Classified documents at new location on Monday the White House acknowledged a Small number of classified documents Have been found in an office Biden used So this is going to be about hypocrisy And mostly about democratic hypocrisy But the Republican hypocrisy is there as Well it’s just that the Democrats and The liberal media have more power Because of owning social media and all Of it right and they’re being backed now By the powers that be but there’s lots Of right-wing uh Trump supporters and I’m just going to cover this part Briefly because it’s mostly going to be About the Democrats That didn’t think Trump you know they Brought up Hillary Clinton or they they Didn’t think it was a big deal with Trump and Mar-A-Lago documents right And you know but now that Biden’s done It’s a big deal and it’s just you know How bad everything sucks how subjective People are and I’ve talked about this so Much if you’re against a behavior Against the behavior in all forms And so I haven’t watched it yet I looked Through MSNBC and CNN to see what videos They put up on YouTube about this right Um and I haven’t watched them so let’s See what they say there was only one out

Of a sea of videos on MSNBC And CNN there was one that was put up Four hours ago they’re covering a little Bit more in CNN But let’s see how they’re dealing with This obvious hypocrisy of how you know They demanded Trump go to jail for doing Something Biden had been doing before Trump was president Biden had classified documents before Trump was president Right So like his thing is much worse in terms Of that and the fact that he withheld This information Before an election So the hypocrisy is you know Off the charts The hypocrisy is off the charts and it Is sickening There’s an update late today to a story NBC has been covering all week after Fewer than one dozen documents with Classified markings were found at an Office used by now President Joe Biden In the days following his vice Presidency and exhaustive search was Undertaken and it has turned up more NBC News is reporting this quote AIDS Discovered at least one additional batch Of classified documents in a location Separate from the Washington office President Okay so This is really bad and as bad as Trump

Right Biden used after leaving the Obama Administration that’s according to a Person familiar with the matter the Classification level the number and Precise location of the additional Documents is at the moment not Immediately clear let’s bring in they Don’t know where they are the News Correspondent Carol Lee on this Exclusive reporting of hers Charlie Sikes and Eddie glad are back with us Carol tell us what you are reporting Well Nicole look one of the questions Many questions that we’ve had since These Revelations of this initial batch Of documents at the president’s Washington DC office came to light is Were there other documents and what we Now we know there are no from our own Reporting is that there are that the President’s aides have discovered Additional documents and a location That’s different from that office that He set up after he left that’s not good So he’s got him spread out all over the Place The vice presidency here in Washington And now there’s a number of locations Where the president you know has lived And worked and conducted business he has Two houses in Delaware there’s there was A time when two houses he has Where do you get the money for those Houses

You know they don’t make all that much Money in the in the Senate Where do you get the money to have two Houses Documents were in storage after he left The vice presidency and so what we also Know is that aids to the president have Been going through documents boxes of Materials things from his time as vice President to get a sense of what the Else might be out there who’s got Documents all over the place he doesn’t Even know where all his documents are And what the scope it’s like is it’s Like Hunter Biden in his and his you Know bastard children they could be There could be sprinkles all over Several States and locations Problem could be with presumably the Goal of being of what they did with the Initial documents that they found would Just turn them over to the National Archives and then but they have to find Them first obviously the justice Department would add those to the Documents that they’ve been reviewing so We know now that there is more than one Batch of classified documents that’s out There in multiple locations and that There has been this effort to try to get Their arms around what the scope of this Problem might be and Carol your report Scope everybody makes clear that the Reason we know this is from Biden’s team

Doing this search for them because They’re so forthright so this is where She’s contrasting so they’ve done this Story In this school right here is now saying This former Republican the difference is That Biden’s teams disclose this Honestly they’re so honest and Transparent What does that search look like what Stage of that search are they in and at This point it’s also clear from your Your excellent reporting that they are The ones delivering the documents to the National Archives and doj that they’re Exactly Trump had to be you know they Had to storm Mar-A-Lago with machine Guns and troops and you know To get the classified from Trump but but Biden just is turning him over he can’t Find them but when he finds him he’s Going to turn him over see how much Better he is I’m glad that Marshall Wallace is on the case she’s so Objective there’s no obstruction there’s No concern at the National Archives Exactly no no Trump stuff well to the Trump and criminal investigation no Criminal stuff and with the existence no Crackhead son that’s been selling Anything he can to support his crack Habit like he doesn’t have any of them They’re not at Hunter Biden’s laptop or Anything like that at least as far as we

Know about I mean there’s nothing like That specify materials themselves based On what we know now Yeah based on what we know Nicole based On what we know it’s so much better than What Trump did not a situation where the President and his lawyers are having a Back and forth and arguments and there’s Resistance and to in terms of turning Things over the White House has said the President himself has said that he’s him And his team are fully cooperating with This review and that they want exactly He’s held on he’s held on to these Things for so long with his big excuses He did know he had him He didn’t know he had classified Documents until now So that was the whole Trump Administration And two years of his it’s been six years Right Since um now seven You know six or seven years he’s had These documents And so what right Like he’s didn’t even know he had him And that’s a huge you know I don’t know I had him see I’m innocent well you’re Stupid then you’re incompetent you took Things you didn’t know you had them and You kept them and now you’re turning Them over seven years that late when They’re trying to prosecute the last guy

And you’re the sitting president it’s Always worse when you’re a sitting President And you withheld the information you Found out before the midterms and you Didn’t say anything Which is you know a follow-up to what Happened when this the hunter Biden Story was suppressed and so you know This is in many ways worse Than what Trump did you know Trump yeah They had to go get him out of Trump’s You know whatever happened with that but There’s a negotiation with Trump And they treated Trump differently and I’m not a trump person you know Trump You know I’ve talked about the warp Speed thing uh but you know the way that They’re handling this thing it’s just Ridiculous right to essentially try to Move past this the president said that He hopes that this is something that Would be over sooner rather than later And and so what our understanding of the Dynamic is now is that they found these Documents there’s still this open Question though of of why the President’s lawyers were on closing out This office in Washington DC that just Seems like something that you would have A lower level staffer do but nonetheless Boom well I As lawyers you know there it is she Dropped a little truth in there White

House says the president’s lawyers found These documents while clearing out his Office in Washington turned them so um So the lawyers were in there moving s Out of his his office right moving poop Out of his office they didn’t hire lower Level staffers and interns to take Things as lawyers were moving it out They need lawyers to do you know We’re moving everything out of his Office we had the top his top legal team In there to do the moving because that’s What lawyers do I’m over what we know Now is that that’s not the only group of Documents that the president’s team has Discovered and so they’re also trying to Figure out what else is out there we Don’t know whether that search is Ongoing and continues when it began but Presumably once they figured this out That this that made this initial Discovery on November 2nd there would Have been discussions about whether There were things elsewhere where the President might have kept some documents And then in the effort to try to figure Out if there’s anything else out there Exactly you could have documents Everywhere So Charlie does Hunter have any of them There’s one Carol’s reporting is Meticulous and careful Um the Biden lawyers are trying to get Their arms around this return these

Documents to their rightful owner the White House even acknowledges that it Understands I spoke to senior official Yesterday he said of course this is a Story Um but the the parallels do end after The existence of classified documents There’s no obstruction of justice Underway no they’re not it’s nothing Like what Trump did like just four hours Into this right Um whatever this is breaking news And so he had some classified documents And immediately they’re like oh there’s No obstruction of justice well again he Kept him for a longer period of time And why did he have him right and you Know why didn’t they know when they were I mean trying to you know bring Trump to Jail why did the you know they treated Trump differently like the you know no Former president has who has had Classified documents had their place Stormed and who knows why that was all You know whatever that was right You know Trump’s you know does his own Stuff you know maybe he was being a dick You know Trump is like that Um but you know he was treated Differently And so the length of time but now you Have a second problem Where there’s new documents discovered Now they’re saying who knows how many

Documents are out there And before they’ve even processed this Story They’re trying to you know destroy the Parallels between what Trump did and Biden did and the one thing that you can Say that Trump didn’t do Was withhold the information before an Election And he would have done that but he Didn’t And change the outcome of the election That’s what Biden did right Hey there’s no refusal to turn things Over but on Earth two none of that Matters right Well that’s that is right um and and People need to try to hold these two Ideas in your head at the same time Number one that these are very very Different cases there are a lot of Distinctions between Um the Biden he had them for a longer Period of time there’s some things that Are worse admit that there are some Things that are worse because him not Knowing he had him That’s bad and he had him for a longer Period of time and his crackhead son Is a player in all this like he could Have sold things like this and he would Right So Um you know this is this is worse in

Some case in some ways of looking at it Documents and the the obstruction of Justice that Donald Trump engaged in but Also okay so you know we know how they Handled it let’s go to CNN Well today we’re learning that President Biden’s legal team found another batch Of classified documents again his Lawyers are the one defining them it’s a Source saying these documents came in Searches that began after the November Discovery of the classified docs from Presidents are now President Biden’s Time as vice president in an old office In Washington D.C so the question really Is what does this mean for the president How are we just now learning about this And also the doj going forward joining Me now CNN Special correspondent Jamie Gangel CNN senior law enforcement Analyst Andrew McCabe and CNN legal Analyst Elliot Williams I’m glad Draw here and I bet we have similar Questions as to who what when where the Question of who knew what when why but I Want to begin with you Jamie because the Answer is we don’t know well there we go That ends the segment today thank you For watching CNN no but seriously I mean I’m trying to wrap my mind around some Of the reporting that’s come in over the Last 24 hours even in a statement in Mexico City and there were what 40 boxes That were handed over and the abundance

Of caution from the first batch we Learned about bunch of caution It does necessarily add up about the 10 Classified docs or not whether whatever Whatever level they were but are these New batch is this from a different Location or is that part of those 40 Boxes that was handed over a different Location She’s got such a lawyer face like she Could she was a TV show she’d play it Like a uh you know definitely a lawyer And a not nice one And let’s just call it an undisclosed Location at the moment the first Location was it’s undisclosed is it Area 51 His office part of the Biden Penn Center That had been sitting there for several Years these boxes were locked up my Understanding is 99 of what was in that Office was personal it included things Like the burial Arrangement documents For Beau Biden’s funeral oh my God so Sad Remember Beau body and his son died it’s So sad Remember how a good band this was from This Biden guy is It’s so sad that his son lost his son Why are you guys harassing him about These documents when you know most of This stuff well 99 of it was was you Know just personal stuff

Boxes of condolence letters that had Been sent to him no way just oh my God So so so touching as vice president and That’s why his personal lawyer was going Through it because exactly his personal Lawyer was going through it because it Was personal everyone has a personal Lawyer that you let go go through your Things like you know like uh the guy ConEd for Trump he you know Trump let Him go through his personal stuff and Pay off hookers and prostitutes because That’s what a personal lawyer does they Thought it was all personal and Confidential and then that lawyer gets To a box he opens it up there’s a folder Marked VP personal not unimportant he Opens that up it says classified he Closes it again and he calls the White House counsel he says exactly that’s Exactly what happened he closed he Didn’t he didn’t read it he’s a lawyer He knows not to read things like that Like he didn’t want to know what was in It someone sees classified in it and Their first reaction is oh I don’t want To know what that says Houston we have a problem they say Called the National Archives In that first batch there were about Four yeah that’s not exactly what Happened though Is her name Jamie like they discovered This on November 2nd

And they didn’t release this story Until I don’t know 2023 January Now it’s a new story so they went Through all of November and all of December now is coming out plus they you Know it was right for the election so You you didn’t they weren’t transparent Like you’re saying right You know So and now they’re looking for more Documents or did they delay the second Part of the story So they gave you the first part but There’s a few documents less than a Dozen in his office and they just Happened to find them they didn’t know They were there and now they’re saying But then we waited two months and we Started search and we’re now finding Documents all over the place The story doesn’t hold weight but you Guys aren’t reporters and journalists so Boxes that they found that seem to be Different from all the other 36 personal Boxes and those had both those 10 Classified documents and then other Documents that were unclassified but Fall under the presidential records act Sorry for the long explanation no it’s Exactly what we need to hear because it Sounds like you’ve took the story they Gave you you’re not asking them

Questions about oh why’d you have us so Long how come you didn’t know about them Why didn’t you release them before the Election And why didn’t you immediately start Searching for other classified documents After November or did you withhold that Story and these are all questions that Those journalists would ask right One there’s different locations Andrew And where things are but also an Abundance of caution to then just say Here you go here’s the whole kitten Caboodle of course the issue and there Are many issues here Um Is are people giving President Biden a Pass on the idea of look this happens This is not the response people had for The former president Donald Trump of Course the big distinction here is how One behaved once they were aware of it Exactly Donald Trump puts scoundrel Is that a distinction that you think Should be highlighted more It’s a very significant distinction and You’ve got to talk about that Distinction let’s just talk about the Distinction of why JoJo magu is so much Better than than Trump particularly in The context of the investigation that Will follow so is he getting a pass no I Don’t believe he’s going to get a pass He’s going to be investigated and I

Would uh opine likely buy a special Counsel he’s already bet he has to That’s right and at this point I think The Attorney General would be well Advised to appoint a special counsel Over this investigation of how President Biden and his team handle these Documents that’s a separate issue but uh I think his the distinctions between how His he and his team have handled this And how president Trump and his lawyers Handle the situation and Marlo could not Be more distinct right it’s and so who Did it better who did better It’s it’s night and day it’s an Overabundance of caution contacting uh The archives immediately having them Come out the next day to recover all of The documents there’s no parsing of well You can look in this room okay but then Why is it not a story if they came over November 3rd And the election was like November 7th Or something I mean why did they wait till that day Like how when did they actually discover Them they were clearing out his office That the week of the bid terms is that What you’re saying again this is not Transparent look at the difference here At least 10 documents at least 325 total Documents some top secret 60 top secret Cooperating under investigation for Obstruction lawyers farmed lawyers found

And alerted National Archives first Reached out to Trump lawyers this isn’t Your job Your job isn’t to immediately compare Him to Trump like as a journalist your Job is to tell the story of Jojo magu And not to make excuses until some Sentimental story involving the death of His son I mean you know trying to spin It your job as a journalist is to cover This story And why he’s you know he’s he’s a Complete f up JoJo mcgo is a complete Boop up right he Got caught plagiarizing like this other Story that’s out there you know this Other guy the Republican guy whatever His name is Right JoJo magu got caught Lying and plagiarizing like that guy did I mean he’s you know everything that They’re saying other people did JoJo Magu has done in his career he’s a clown He’s a screw-up he’s constantly doing Stupid stuff right or that’s a cover for The fact that these documents were given To his son who sold them to foreign Governments like who knows because you Guys didn’t cover that story either Right again this shows you just how Biased and ridiculous the news is all Right let’s move on to the next thing Here This is Velma and this is HBO backs and They’re coming together to make

A new uh cartoon series About the Scooby-Doo gang But now it’s called Velma They don’t need a crazy dog to Make cartoons that would attract young People to watch them You know Scooby-Doo being the The sort of um The central figure like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny Now they just need Velma Because she can carry a show all by Herself Um what do you got HBO Max this is my is My story told my way This is her story told her way it’s About time that we hear a hear her story That we hear a story coming from the Female feminist perspective I’ve been Waiting for this forever it’s about time We have this right a female strong Female protagonist feminist character Telling the story your way her story Her way I mean you know this is a Breakthrough The bone killing event that drove me to Assemble Ever Boom she’s got the greatest team I Didn’t see Scooby doing Shaggy there How can you have the greatest Crime-solving Team without Scooby-Doo And Shaggy

Story told my way it’s her story told by Way I have a disease where I can’t Recognize people who aren’t hot is it Called rudeness I have an illness boom Fred is narcissistic only likes girls That are hot or people that are hot and He’s just you know he’s an essential Member of the Velma team Daphne’s stupid What was that going on there That’s why A couple of A couple of teenage dudes kissing in the Middle of the In the middle of the hallway This Guy’s In the missionary position wrapped Around him he’s one of those doors where You push in a brick and it opens wait Don’t do it Fred you didn’t ask velma’s Permission Fred’s stupid Fred and his white privilege he’s just So stupid look at Velma dwarf velma’s Getting it done she knows how to she’s Just a modern girl doing all the modern Girl wait hey she broke her mirror That’s seven bad years that seven years Of bad luck Velma okay Daphne I’m the Brains of this operation you’re just the Look style and effortless charm Make a good team don’t they do make a Good team velma’s the brains and Daphne’s just the just the face of the Thing was definitely giving it says Fu Here

Um they’re making this for adults They’re saying Fu here Daphne given the Finger over here what’s going on Velma It’s so edgy It’s so edgy we do make a good team Don’t we She’s turned on by Daphne this is where She discovers that she’s attracted to Other girls Because even though Daphne is Superficial and popular and you know Stupid and has no real redeeming Qualities kind of like a Kardashian Velma’s still attracted to her and That’s just you know that’s how Velma Rolls In this day Mindy Keeling is velma’s she’s getting It done Who else constant Wu is Daphne And Sam Richardson is Norville And Glenn Howerton is Fred Howerton you Know what 420 is right Um yeah it’s code for adults who still Watch cartoons Boom choose your plan in HBO max if you Haven’t already Because this is an adult cartoon for Adult people and they’ve taken out Scooby and Shaggy who are you know Previously the whole reason to watch the Show Yeah they’ve taken Scooby and Shaggy Made Velma the lead and she’s a feminist

With Um adult level problems and she’s just Getting it done her way her story And they expect you adults too Sign up for HBO Max to watch this Wonderful cartoon Way to go HBO This was left up there from like I don’t Know four or five days ago I missed it But it’s about CNN and Marjorie Taylor Green And her reaction to well let’s just Watch when Marjorie Taylor green who was Excluded from committees while Democrats Ran the ran the place on citing her Previous remarks about violence uh and Uh conspiracy theories and Anti-islamic and so forth Marjorie Taylor green sucks because he’s stupid And she’s like the the right-wing Version of AOC right she is hurt us all Here in the truth communities former QB And she does stupid stuff and you know She’s still a Trumper all that stuff Right Um You know everything you don’t want and Associated with your thing that you do But their reaction here she’s a Conspiracy theorists and you know this Is the kind of shell they put out there To give them the narrative and the Profile that they want right the Comments um she raced down the aisle to

Take a photo a selfie with Kevin McCarthy which may have been his first Act uh as um as Speaker you know Adam Kinzinger a former and Ron she held up That phone and Ron remember she held up Her phone to I believe it was Matt Rosendale of Montana and on the phone You know the photographers are great Print photographers that we have here in Washington captured that image and it Said DT there it is right there on the Phone Oh what great what groundbreaking Journalism DT it says it right there Donald J Trump DT And she’s got the phone there and he’s Bringing it in he’s listening in all This stuff right I don’t think it’s just turned into such A cloud show right And she’s trying to send the message to These holdouts that you know Trump is on The line But the fact that when it finally broke For McCarthy she was literally the first One with him taking his photo Immediately posting on social media is An indication of what the next two years Are going to be like these uh folks are Going to be increasingly the face of the Republican party people like Marjorie Taylor green Matt Gates they are going To be at the center of the imagery uh in

Many of these investigations that McCarthy agreed to including one on the Weaponization exact word of the FBI the Reporting on a selfie right you know It’s just America’s gotten so stupid It’s just so freaking stupid to me the News media and then everything that They’re covering right she took a selfie She ran up and took a selfie it says Some you know newsworthy event right And she’s the you know AOC hurts the Liberals AOC the reason the Fox News and all the Right-wing people talk about AOC is Because she said stupid stuff And it Riles up their base and they use Marjorie Taylor green the same way right She doesn’t represent you know real People with I mean represents real Stupid truthers but not the you know not The more sophisticated understanding of The system right and you know it’s a There’s no Left Right Paradigm she’s Still a Trumper or all the things QB all Of it she checks all the boxes it’s not Newsworthy but they’re going to put this Out there and they’re going to have her You know do stupid things like she Um she was uh she came into Dr Dre still And then he pulled the plug on that Because she used it without his Permission but she made a video and you Know I I saw that maybe the day after This came out I didn’t watch this till

Today but um you know it’s just a joke And justice department green says she Wants the uh wants to investigate Whether the justice department is being Unfair to the January 6th Insurrectionist and now I mean it is Going to greatly facilitate the ability Of Democrats to basically say this is The face of this majority that’s what McCarthy has put in motion as I said There are conservatives that say fine You know this is going to turn out more Conservatives and we are going to win But the fact is that Republicans lost Independence in this midterm the first Time since at least 1982 that the party Out of power lost independent voters and One of the reasons they lost them in a Midterm was because almost 60 percent of Them said the party was too extreme in That photo of green and McCarthy he is Now uh you can see how he is enabling uh More visibility for the very uh kind of Uh Republicans who have ceded that Impression so it’s just an enormous Gamble for the party that could make it Tougher for them to hold the house you Know I really touched by the concern That these two liberal Democratic chill reporters for the CNN For CNN A liberal Shield Democratic chill Network the concern they have for The Republican party I mean they just

Care so much about the Republican Party They just know what’s best for it and They they really are really concerned About the future of the Republican Party They’re just great that way Okay so here’s Here’s some more um Stories Allison weaselberg Former Trump organization CFO sentenced To five months in jail come on Weaselberg you can do better than that Um The Forgotten past with Giants The world’s tallest man Robert Waldo and 1936 And he was tall He was much taller than these little People He was eight foot 11 inches tall almost Nine feet Um You know There were giants at one time in their Giants now Smaller Giants Um But you know They’re less prevalent and not talked About But it happened there’s evidence of Giants all over the world Whispers of The brighter world as a you know Reference to there used to be Giants Here

Look at the books there’s a giant book That a giant used to read It’s got a map of Italy The guys like to vacation in Italy Um But you know It happened Some more There’s the look of the boat here It’s a femur I believe And you know there’s some guys they Speculated we’re like 36 feet tall Which would explain a lot But you know Even the Giants that you see in the NBA And you know People over seven feet eight feet tall Andre the Giant I mean it’s you know They want to say it’s some genetic uh Issue and not a completely different Species of of humans But there have been pictures and Evidence of giants and I’ve talked about This in so many videos skulls And you know all of it that have been Suppressed because for some reason they Don’t want you to know there was once Giants here bigger Giants than the the Ones that still exist But they’ve been here And you know They’re coming back to take over It’s only a matter of time this dude had Some kind of a wig on us

Guys this dude’s wearing a wig anyways That’s the Giants Solar flare hat tricks Sun releases Another powerful X flare in less than a Week one of my viewers sent a bunch of Stuff on Instagram you know I’ve talked About solar solar flares As being a possibility Um you know an EMP this is from NASA Solar cycle 25 is here NASA NOAA Scientists explained what that what that Means Um The person who sent this to me had some Other stuff uh basically saying that This was the reason That all the flights were canceled Because when they’re solar flares there Can be an EMP type of situation And it can wipe out the electrical grid This was speculated by a guy named Matt Stein and a book called a thousand Chernobyls and it’s something I’ve been Aware of as a possibility you know where Solar flares hit you know some places in The world and a huge part of the Electrical guard there is taken down and It just can’t be prepared by you know Any um in any timely fashion so that’s In a possible apocalyptic event waiting For everybody especially if the magnetic Field is compromised by The switching of the magnetic poles The buy now pay later bubble is about to

Burst many generations ears have Rejected the traditional Credit in favor Of a new age layaway program Which are riskier than they seem If so Um I guess that pretty self-explanatory Stupid and homophobic outrage after Golden Globes host Gerard Carmichael Makes extreme off-color joke about Will Smith and Rock Hudson Um where is the joke Um He said we actually presented Will Smith With Rock Hudson award for the best Betrayal of masculinity on television I guess he was basically insinuating That Will Smith is a closeted gay man Because that’s what uh you know it said Here the comment intended to take a jab At Smith’s expense after he infamously Slapped Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards better known as the Oscars In marriage But instead invoked furium instead of Furio among Twitter users Because although discreet about his Sexual orientation Hudson was at the Time of his death in 1985 one of the Most famous people to have died from AIDS his identity as a homosexual man Also revealed after his passing Um So Gerard is maybe insinuating that Will Smith is also

Um well here it is here uh we actually Presented Will Smith With The Rock Hudson Award for best Portrayal of masculinity on television So please give it up to Will Smith you Guys so there have been Rumors in Hollywood which um You know been documented over and over Again I’ve talked about this here That he is gay or bisexual or something So I don’t know if if this what this guy Is saying but Um possibly okay so a few more things to Get to on my other browser here Katie uh ochels State of State Escape From New York I haven’t heard this yet but it’s going To be great I think it’s just and I’m Also proposing the largest investment Ever in the states Got involved violence elimination Initiative known as give GIF see she’s the person that took over For Andrew nips Cuomo so she wasn’t elected You know On her own marriage she got the job Because she was like his his VP of you Know in terms of being a governor It saves lives it saves lives and the Community’s hardest hit by gun violence Save lives To Simply put it we’re working on Investing in what we know works

Shootings in Buffalo were down 32 Percent Mayor Brown you know this Exactly Buffalo’s doing great you’re Working hard in Long Island they’re down 29 in Westchester down 27 these are all Give program jurisdictions we’re putting State money To help our locals on the ground I’ve also directed our state police to Play a more direct role as they started Last year but there’s more they can do We’re going to increase the ranks of our State police In combating violent crime across Communities we’re going to expand the State police Community stabilization Units to 25 targeted communities across The state boom so they’re getting it Done early in the State of the State Addressed Tuesday Governor Kathy hochel Cited widespread fears of crime and high And Sky High Cost of Living as threats In New York’s future she had she said Predictions of recession mean we will Not be raising income taxes this year So far so good and if you follow that With her smartest observation of the day We’re already seeing signs of out Immigration That we can no longer ignore Well we know people are leaving New York In droves Heartbeat still maybe she finally gets It

But not a chance not after she spent the Next 40 minutes announcing seemingly Endless list of big spending big Government programs that would make the State less affordable and less appealing All all while giving Albany bureaucrats Albanese the capital Fast-powered override local zoning and Building laws And so um She’s you know doing more to push people Out of New York because New York sucks Right it like sucks so bad and you know The Liberals are even leaving And they’ll leave in California as well Prince Harry said he was bred to offer Spare organs to air William That’s not cool why is William taking Your organs Harry That’s not cool at all Your mom feel about your relationship With your brother now I think she would Be heartbroken That has ended up where it’s ended up I Think she’d be heartbroken about the Fact that William His office were part of these stories oh Where’s the Oregon thing They don’t they don’t line up the videos Good here in the post Two years older than me Willie was the Hair Whereas I was despair he was the heir Not the hair

Oh That’s the whole basis of the book I was The Shadow the support the plan b I was I was brought into the world in case Something happened to Willie he said he Understood the role was to be a Diversion and distraction from his Brother he was like a vice president or To provide if necessary spear apart Kidneys perhaps blood transfusion Speck Of bone marrow he added in a morose Detail The way it’s just so sad to be you bro Kate Middleton’s a parent appears stoic After Prince Harry’s spare released Um Kate Middleton’s always stoic she’s like A Stepford Wife Palace staff members sticking to claim They were bullied by Meghan markles so I Had a bunch of comments to read a few Comments to read I got a bunch of Comments that came in About the royal family in this whole Thing And I just wanted to start off by saying You know there’s a lot of Weirdly strong feelings about the royal Family and you know my video and all These things people taking sides and you Know all of that but I think what most People should realize the most important Thing is The royal family has to go all kings and

Queens all royalty has to go But these kings and queens particularly Need to go and you know I guess if Somebody has a title of a king and their Queen and they don’t have any you know They don’t receive public funds and you Know maybe they have their own wealth or Whatever you know I don’t know about That I mean still they have to go but It’s not as important But this idea that people were born to Rule which I said before is the most Racist and anti-right and the left and Pretty much every belief system you know You’ve grown up with this idea Of You know Kings and princes and Princesses and princes Mary finding a Girl and her becoming a princess you Know that’s a Meghan Markle story like That’s the you know that’s the fairy Tale the fairy tale is that a girl is Discovered by a prince like you know Cinderella an ordinary girl and made Into a princess and a queen and through Those fairy tales kingdoms have been Glorified the whole Walt Disney World You know is a kingdom there’s a castle There right they based all these fairy Tales and Romanticizing royalty but royalty sucks I mean you know the real true royalty The real true people with generational Power and wealth is a horror story it’s

Not a fairy tale and it represents you Know this one flaw I mean the the Biggest flaw in the modern day world of Looking at things is that you’re given a Privilege that you don’t deserve you’re Born into privilege that you don’t Deserve which is a big liberal agenda Type of thing but also it goes against The hard-working aspect of you know American life you don’t earn it by Merit You don’t earn it because you deserve it Right I remember Master charge your Third Master of the massage system the Meditation I do when he came to America And he said you know it’s a wonderful System because it rewards for merit and I never thought about like that before Because you know where he came from and There’s a caste system in India and you Go all around the world where nepotism Plays a huge part in your you know who You’re going to be and there you’re born In a certain level in most countries Around the world and you have no chance Of rising up past your station in life And that’s you know pretty sucky Compared to what we have here where you Can start off homeless and rise up to be A billionaire I mean that’s actually Happened And so the royal family represents the Opposite of all of that born into wealth And privilege based on your genetics and It should just go right and all the

Parties here All the people involved they have a Stake in it not going even Megan and Meghan markles and Harry Harry markles and so you know they’re All into it you know they just want to Be on the right side of it they don’t Want to be the dunk the Dunces or the Scapegoat or any of these things that They’ve had to do the screw up like Harry had to be the screw-up to make William look good right that’s part of His his role in his job but to move Forward into a higher developed state of Being Royal families have to go and this one In particular because Of even the Commonwealth now and how Much of the world the British royal Family Rules And so um Here are the comments you are going to Find it again I had it and I lost it My God You are disgusting Me I’m disgusting my God you are Disgusting you think that the royal Family with the UK We are racist I’m so glad you you do not Live in the UK look at your country Um well your country is racist your Country went into countries all around The globe India Africa uh with people of

Color And you you know you conquered them and You exploited them In you know various forms of slavery and You took their resources And our country did the same thing in Our countries you know our country is uh Well anyway the person says this look at Your country first how many mass Shootings including kids plus you give Guns to people it’s just a run-on Sentence for somebody who’s English you Didn’t take English This is one long run-on sentence First how many mass shootings including Kids you give guns to people then you go Kill people What are the teacher that Was shot you people really don’t care I’ve always wanted to go to America it Was my dream now no way would I step on American soil A long run on sentence there From a person from England But everything America learned is from England and other European countries Right America is a child of European countries And you know the conquered Native American population here that was you Know a genocide 100 million of them were Displaced and you know terminated I mean I don’t know what the population of Native Americans is now but it used to Be around 100 million so is Savage and

That was done by England and of course America followed suit And so yeah you can’t separate America From England in terms of our philosophy And the way that we go about life but You did it first right England did it First and you know the royal family is a Representation of that time right Violent a very violent you know Militaristic Um You know country and now America is Europe’s military as we can see now with What’s going on with the Ukraine right The whole NATO thing there was a meeting That Bretton Woods meeting or whatever Was called Brighton Woods and they Decided that the dollar would be the World’s Reserve currency because there Are so many more people here and America Would be Europe’s military And America agreed to this and there was A lot of violent movies and violent Everything and uh you know competitive I Mean just having a sense of the Killer Instinct in competition and glorifying The military here the same way you Glorified the military in England the Way the royal family glorifies the Military And so America became this country where There would be a you know a strong Military and it would defend these European countries and whatever else

Um so you know yeah you can get off your Eye horse and racism is a part of all Countries and every people but the People who are in power That’s true racism but then another Person Wrote um before that that was the The um first comment and this other Person wrote here let’s make this bigger Here It says I’m from England and I live in the U.S This is a regular viewer who comments Quite a bit I only go back to visit my Family otherwise I never go back London Is very disgusting funny and she posted This comment first I grew up feeling depressed and get Depressed easily when I go to England I Never go to London it’s not even London Anymore the countryside is beautiful But there’s a cloud of ickiness hanging All over the UK and that’s what I was Saying about the spiritual condition There my experience of being in London And what Babaji said before that but the Disgusting part was interesting in both Comments you know one person saying I Was disgusting the other person saying London is And I voted to London My vote counts more Because it’s my channel but anyways

Going back to my original Point there’s Only one story that matters and that is That the British royal family is taken Down they disappear You know they’re no longer Royal This is the end of an era like that Needs to happen it will happen at some Point I don’t know how and why but Anything that contributes to that is a Good thing it just has to disappear it’s Something that was never good and it’s Certainly not good now And calling yourself a king or queen or A prince or any of these things When you’re not one and thinking that’s A good thing you know King James you Know LeBron James and queen Beyonce and People calling Brittany the queen and Brittany calling herself the queen all This stuff It’s not a good thing You know if you’re a hard worker and you Earn what you have that’s better Than being born into it and being an Entitled piece of crap we already know Just people who are born into wealth and Privilege I mean look at the Kardashians And all these other people there you Know they’re worthless and basically Useless right And so you know it’s something that has To go Anyways only spiritual value will save This world it’s far remodel definitely

Important for the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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