Hey Dems Your party’s take on censorship is only the Official GOV story 1st Amendment Protected

Hey Dems Your party's take on censorship is only the Official GOV story 1st Amendment Protected

Greetings brothers and sisters I got a Bunch of stuff to get to here But I want to start with this an update On The YouTube Google ads debacle It just gets I mean my faith in Google And YouTube to just run I'm not going to Talk about the censorship Anti-truth or thing anything like that Just running a competent business right And you know I've discovered they've Lost control to their AI not just in Theory But in my experience I was told by a Google employee about The ads that they couldn't do anything To change it they had to wait for Machine learning to figure it out Even though we have the answer we can't Give it to the machine And tell the machine what to do the Machine has to figure it out for itself That's what the guy said And so That was all messed up and you guys have Watched my videos about this know how Bad the Google ads thing was and how Inefficient how I was hemorrhaging Subscribers while advertising On Google And so Um I paused that whole campaign And somebody sent me this Um

You know uh that they now have a Promotion button here This is my um studio right this is the Promotion button and somebody said that They thought I ran a an ad on Paul Paul Joseph Watson's Channel but it was Really him running an ad on my channel And not him doing it uh YouTube doing it And I think this is what that is They have a new promotion option where You can pay for them to advertise one of Your videos And you know I was like all right I'll Give it a whirl so I found a video of a Guy explaining it and this is a normie Guy and he's like YouTube expects you Now to pay Them to promote your videos you know They used to do that for free And you know I'm so far beyond that Because I'm just Fighting to survive here on YouTube Given all the tapping right And so I promoted this video epic Video called lamb Dems get embarrassed Implode at JFK censorship hearing And I um said I would spend a hundred Dollars on this they they recommend two Hundred dollars but uh they give you a Hundred dollars for free the first time You use it So they match whatever you give them so I figured I figured out you know go all In and spend a hundred dollars still

Less than I spent on the the Google ads To get nothing in return And it sent out the ad or the promotion 13 465 times And the promotion views I got 86 views On this video Out of that many so it's a very you know Low efficiency rate and out of the 86 Views I got um four new subscribers and you Know I figured if I could pay about a Dollar per subscriber And eventually get all my money back Right I mean just in terms of like the ratio Of subscribers to the amount of money You know that I've made this far I mean It could be I don't know what it is Right Depending on um if that's an accurate uh Analytics to measure by subscribers but Either way you know would this bring Back enough money and with me promoting My own videos with YouTube start to Favor my channel more that's the other Thing right because you know they're Getting lots of money from me in Different ways right not only from the Ads that are run but also from the Membership and you know I got other Things going on with them in terms of YouTube TV and these other things so It'd be nice if they actually realize

That I'm I should be a preferred Customer right if this was a credit card I'd have the Platinum Card And you know right now I got the the Diarrhea card right like And so this thing was going along fairly Smoothly and then yesterday it said it Disapproved And it said edit your ad it complies With Google ad policies or requests an Exemption above And then says after you save your ad It'll be reviewed by Google as if it Violates ad policies it will be Disapproved And there's the read the policy here and Then there's a learn more Um And this tells you nothing right so like I was like well that's just nothing Specifically about mine And this didn't tell me anything Specifically about mine as well it has All these things here So I'm in the editing process and There's you know let me make this clear Like I'm the customer I'm paying them To run ads on their you know product and They wrongfully called my video a Political ad now maybe by their Definition I don't know but clearly Isn't a political ad it's me mocking you Know like the political process and all Of it right it's a two-hour video and

You know maybe some of it's Pro RFK Junior or whatever but you know it's Certainly not a political ad but Whatever it might meet their definition They had ways of correcting that either I could dispute what they were saying or I could edit it or fix it or label Something different and they say this is What you have to do and there's nowhere For me to do that like there's no links And there's no just you know in the Description they don't tell you where to Go and if you read through the various Descriptions you just keep on going back To the pages you've already looked at It's like cyclical but you never get to Where you can fix it you know it's like They have 84 dollars of my money sitting there Waiting to be spent On their product right on their site and It would behoove them to make it as user Friendly as possible for me to be able To Fix the the issue or at least make it Understandable there's no one to talk to And the automated system sucks and it's Happened a lot with YouTube this is you Know in Google ads it's not user Friendly at all it's hard to work their Site and understand what's going on and You know I had to ask a guy all these Questions I had three or four phone Calls with the Google ad guy and I just

Barely understand how to use the Google Ad apps the you know the the Democrat The analytics pages And you know it took me a while to Understand I could even submit my own uh Channels I wanted to run the ads on but Even when I did that they wouldn't take Those into consideration which I've said Over and over again right so it's an Absolute mess it's frustrating And it's you know inefficient and I mean The whole operation should close down Like if this is an indication how they Do business then they won't be in Business long right I mean if that even Matters like you know Like if service and you know customer Service and making income are no longer A part of business because that's where The way it seems to be going that having Customer service and human interaction And being able to fix problems and Having efficient might really run Business and actually make money And you know make more money than you Spend and if those things aren't Requirements for a successful business Anymore which it seems like they're not Like you know then I mean it's you know Everything's going to collapse even Quicker than we thought right because You have to have those things to run a Successful business anyway let's get Back to what I'm saying here

Eventually I got this email Google's ad policy manager it says um That my ad was disapproved Election advertising in the United States so they're saying that I was a That was advertising for RFK because I Was making fun of The hearing and it says here By going by the policy managed for each Issue you can do one of the following Edit your ad to fix the issues saving Your ad after editing them will Automatically resubmit your ads for Approval as such you do not need to Submit your ads for review again Manually As for Destination issues fix your ads Destination page Then hover over the ad status column and Click the add appeal button to submit Your ads for review and so I think they Want me to say that this is a political Ad which is not and they're probably Going to charge me more money per uh you Know they'll have a higher rate And everything with YouTube and Google Is so complex right so I had something That was finally kind of working and I Can do this with other videos but it Means that any video that I mentioned Something to do with politics they're Going to call it a political ad and There wasn't even an option when I did That like I didn't categorize it as

Anything you know I mean I didn't do any Of this stuff right and it's just that They're so high maintenance over there They're just ridiculous you can't speak To a human and there's no Humanity there And their algorithms and their AI Bots Suck and they get things wrong all the Time and it's just a real pain So um I went through a bunch of uh like There's these various buttons that say This is what you click on to fix it it Just brought me like a like a a circular Fashion with so much Of this itemized kind of support does It brought me to my Google's ads page Where I'm running those two other Google Ads but it said nothing about this video Promotion And there's no evidence of the video Promotion nowhere to fix it nowhere to Find out who to talk to And you just keep on going around and You end up with the same old I mean I've seen some of those pages six Or seven eight nine ten times already You know you click on one button you Click on another and it just brings you Around to something you've already seen None of it tells you anything you need To know I watched a video that said These are political ads really didn't Say anything about them said they had to Meet political standards like you know

If someone's running a political ad There are times you can't run it all These other things and you have to Change the category but there's no place To put the category in there and mine Isn't even a political ad it's a Two-hour video covering the court Hearings and again does that mean every Time I talk about RFK or anything Political JoJo Biden my my video becomes A political ad and they won't run one of These promotions on it I mean they just Suck so bad Like I can't even tell you how drained I Am by how bad YouTube sucks right now Like it's you know I everything that I Do with them sucks and I'm fighting a Losing battle and they're just you know Suffocating us all You know I get recommended things by YouTube all the time and if I watch one Video from a certain genre they'll Recommend videos for months on that Genre right and there was a time where I Asked people for my Google ads campaign To recommend channels that they watch Would be helpful to run my ads and I Went to all those channels and I watched A little bit of content on all of them At least some of them And you know I opened up all those Channels And so I opened in a two-day period Really one day one half period I opened

Up like 60 or 70 or 80 different truther Channels And so you'd think I would get Recommended at least one truth or video Like one truth or Channel and I didn't I Didn't get recommended anything on those Channels Because they are suffocating all those Channels and now you have to pay them To do what they should do for free and Promote your videos to people who would Want to see them and when you pay them You know it seems like a you know a high Rate for the amount of subscribers that I was able to to gain from the promotion You know that sucks in itself it's like Paying like Mafia protection money you Know for something where I'm promoting Videos where I run ads that Google's is Going to get a cut of and membership That Google's going to get a cut of uh YouTube is and all these things right And so they're getting money off of me Like four different ways and then they Just suck on top of it Like they just make things up and you There's no one there's nowhere to talk To there's no customer service they just Suck so bad I don't know how they're in Business I mean it's a great site for You know is a good place to watch videos That the app works well whatever I mean there's positive things still About YouTube in terms of its uh

Application but you know most of the Like stuff to do with search sucks They're promoting what they call uh Authoritative news like CNM MSNBC and Fox and nobody wants to watch that Right like it's It's just so bad I mean it you know I Can't believe that they are still going Like they're getting money from me I'm Not writing a political ad and somehow Their algorithms figure out I did And again I could run another ad but It's going to be like this every time Until I just give up because it's just a Hassle I mean just they suck so bad I mean it's monumentally sucking here And I can't even you know begin to think About it I'm kind of wiped out so I'm Going to stop here okay so some of what I was talking about just before this About the Google ads and YouTube ads some of that Definitely has to do with censorship And you know just uh disrespectful and Targeting groups of people based on Their beliefs and all these things that YouTube and Google Are you know they have all these Community guidelines against those Things But it's okay to do it to people in the So-called truth community And I want to focus on censorship Through the rest of this video

And this was interesting uh YouTube Actually recommended this to me because The RFK stuff This is a video from the hill Matt taibi Reacts to damage attempted censorship of RFK On Capitol Hill this had to do with the Censorship hearing and everybody who saw This saw what Matt saw but he says it in A good way here so I want to show you That and I want to comment on it Sure first of all I I thought the Optics Of that hearing Um were unbelievable I was expecting Something weird obviously I had been in Front of that same committee and even in The middle of it I was sort of amazed at How crazy it got but the decision this Is the guy that um He did the you know the Twitter files But he wrote a bunch of things on the Economic collapse the derivatives Market The big Tech big Tech collapse um you Know the big Tech bubble For Rolling Stone he wrote funny Articles there good articles I read These years and years ago so he's you Know kind of like a real journalist Maybe not so much a truther as a As a like a person who does real Investigative journalism Vision by the Democrats to try to move The entire hearing into executive Session when the hearing was about

Censorship I mean a comedy writer couldn't script That that would be a difficult thing to Come up with I think without a little Bit of inspiration and I don't think They see the Optics of that I think they They think that this looks good on on Video Um yeah I mean that's the one thing I Was You know why would they do that they Look so bad like Apologizing admitted you were wrong Maybe wasn't an option but what they did Do you know it just was really bad but Here's the part Um that I wanted to talk about here Whereas in fact I think it looks crazy And and it makes RFK look like the you Know the the calm uh normal person that That you would you know uh that can Relate to Ordinary People but what you Mentioned with uh representative Placette she said essentially that this Is not the kind of the protected speech That I know I forget the exact phrasing Of her quote but it it read like I don't Think she really knows what the first Amendment is and why it exists and why We protect uh speech that we don't find That we don't we ourselves don't agree With or find offensive this is the core Part of the American tradition and it Seems alien to this new cast of

Democrats and I don't really understand It because there was always that person In the Democratic caucus who was a real Believer in these issues and it's Strange to see it just disappear that Way strange Okay so that's the part I you know I I Felt and covered here in my video I like The way he said it but another way of Saying it and the title of this video is That Plaskett and the Democrats who are Behind her Their position is that anything that Doesn't align with the official story Is disinformation and disinformation or More importantly you When you are using this information the First Amendment doesn't apply so Anything that doesn't agree with the Official story Is not covered under the First Amendment Right And that's the way they came off the Democrats and I want to make this clear I'm going to make this a title of the Video because this is a really huge Point you know and I made a long video About this and I'm sure it got lost in That and you know I myself making a Two-hour video so I want to cover this Up front because it's everything I'm Dealing with YouTube and Google because That's been the policy anything that's Doesn't agree with the official story is

Disinformation and disinformation isn't Covered under the First Amendment and You are not covered under the First Amendment if you're a person who's Spreading disinformation and that's not What the first amendment is for And so if you think about some of the Official stories in America over the Years I mean just like some of the Original ones with the idea that the Native peoples were Savages and eighth And human rights didn't apply to them The women Were Somehow less than and Didn't have the right to vote right Things like that that black people are Somehow less than white people and can Be enslaved or prejudiced against I mean That's so these things even are still There in some of the the elements of the System right I mean other you know types Of views like this present prejudicial Views that's the official story that's What the media said that's what the People who ran the country said that's What the government said that was the Official position and the first Amendment was so that you could Challenge that position you could Challenge the official story and for Them to come out in that hearing and That's the way they came across they Were saying it was okay To well first of all it was clear that The bite Administration violated the

First Amendment if I violated it by Asking social media private companies That were protected from governmental Interference threatening those companies With the removal of their title whatever It is right that prevents them from Being sued for everything that's posted On their site and so you know Mark Zuckerberg said if we lost whatever Title IX or whatever it's called I don't Know it's not Title IX something like That And if you said if we lost that we would Have to close shop right so it was that Big a deal the threat that Biden was Putting on them and you know a Louisiana Court ruled that Biden did everything That he was accused of demonstration did And they didn't even fight it they just Got to stay on that and then there was Other evidence presented of course we Know about the hunter Biden thing so They presented the evidence right up Front in the abiding administration had Violated the first amendment by asking These groups to censor people And some of it was facts it wasn't even Disinformation And they didn't apologize they didn't Own it they didn't admit to it instead They said well if you're not if you Don't agree with the official story and They're the party that controls the Official story

You know the liberal agenda is what's Official now right and the so-called Pseudoscience where you know scientists Are more easily bought and corrupted Than politicians and in Um and you know with uh religious people And so science is impure if scientists Can be bought and are corruptable and so Anything that doesn't agree with this Official story is disinformation and you Don't have the right to free speech if You're spreading that right and that's What they said that's the way they came Across like in every possible way that's What they were saying you know in the Court hearing and we've become so Accustomed to it like I didn't give as Much attention as I would have liked Because someone like mataibi and these People out in the hill are much more Mainstream they're less you know in the Truth community and for them like they Think they're still rule of law and Government and things like this which we Know there isn't it's all just Disinformation and they're saying only Their disinformation only their lies are Subject to freedom of speech everything On the other side everything that Disagrees with their story Is um did misinformation and should be Censored and it's a threat to the Country that was the other thing the Misinformation is a threat to the

Country all misinformations like yelling Fire in the crowded theater and that Clearly isn't the case and so that's Where the Democrats sit if you're a Democratic person and you've stumbled on This video This is clearly the case this is what They said this is what they've been Saying for a while now and if you agree With this like you're saying that all These things in the past history of our Country that were wrong that the Government said positions that were Taken by the mainstream media the powers That be people believe things that were Hurtful hurtful to other people and just Flat out untrue and if they had the Ability to restrict people's uh freedom Of speech and confronting you know this Checks and balances this is the the Cornerstone of the governmental system As RFK said it was you know freedom of Speech is essential to running this Democracy if you get rid of that the Whole thing crumbles and this the Democrats have this horrible position That's just you know mind-boggling to be Inaccurate you and I had a conversation And it might be useful to these guys to Listen to it where I ask you when after Your arrest did you get the sense that That Donald Trump was not going to to Stick with you he wasn't going to be Loyal back to you let's listen to what

You told me So I saw this over the weekend I think Saturday morning And you know I um Got a bunch of stuff to get to with Kennedy Jr and the way he's being Treated and just a bunch of other stuff Here I already started this video uh two days Ago and I'm uh you know on uh Sunday so Uh the first part you just watched was Stuff I started on Sunday and then I Didn't Work it I did another video for my other Channel yesterday But anyways I thought this was really Important as a definition of Trump's Character and I've talked about this Before with Trump It was the moment that I was watching Donald on television he was sitting in a Long table with a group of other Individuals Could you sound more anything more like A thug I sound like you know some mafiosa He was talking with the module they're Individuals The first part is why would Donald Trump Had a relationship with this guy This guy who's a convicted felon now you Know somebody who was Donald Trump's Fixer his closest Uh attorney right he solved all of

Donald Trump's issues and then was Thrown under the bus by Trump why would Trump add this guy working for him if Trump is in a scumbag himself why would Like you could say this guy's a scumbag Why listen to him well we listen to him Because Donald Trump he worked for Donald Trump for like 25 years or Something right you know Donald Trump is Defined by this guy you know fish boy Who's a scumbag himself I mean we know it and he has this Scumbag working for him and the Relationship ended just like raised Relationships between scumbags and Relationships between criminals and Right badly Looking very angry He made a statement gross it was that The FBI raided one of my attorney's Homes and office And that it's disgusting I started to Think to myself whoa now all of a sudden I'm just one of his attorneys now he Doesn't mention me by name the same way That he mentioned me by name when they Asked him the question about the Stormy Daniels payment on um Air Force One now All of a sudden I didn't have a name and That's when I realized that something is Really awry here and that Donald's not In my corner Foreign This with Chris Christie and Steve

Bannon and all these other people now DeSantis all these people that were once In Donald Trump's Inner Circle DeSantis Not so much but he was a trump Ally And then with that um It's former press secretary whatever her Name she works on Fox news now mcaninny Or something like that right Like you know they just talk Um Kaylee mcinini is that her name and So you know he just threw her under the Bus recently and that's how Donald Trump Rolls he uses people Until he doesn't need them anymore and He has these people around who are seedy Themselves you know you can see people Like you might have a couple of friends And they're like both selfish people And they have a romantic connection And you know they end up getting married Or something and their life is good Because they're both Feeding each other and they're both Maybe narcissistic and things are on the Upside but then things start stressing Out and they turn on each other Which you knew inevitably would happen Because they're just those types of Personalities and when things get rough They you know this is how they act out When things go awry when things went Awry we went awry right in this game When things go awry People who have these kind of Tendencies

Well lose it and they attack the people They're with you know they get psychotic I mean you know we've all been through This right and you know they can't Handle the You know the whatever and they blame Everybody around them for their own Failure you know they just can't accept That things go wrong and you know to Hold their tongue and not lash out and You know point the finger and blame I Mean you know I have something I used to Do And I had to learn not to do that right When I was younger whatever it is and so You have to you know retrain yourself if You have those Tendencies and Donald Trump isn't about that right You know so it speaks a lot it speaks Volumes of who Donald Trump had him Surrounded around him and you could say Oh these were bad guys well his judge of Character is a part of you know his job As president as a leader and if he's Constantly hiring scumbags and then Turning on each other then turning on Them well that's something but down he Turned on his own followers that he led Up to the Capitol on that you know January day years ago he turned on all Them he turned on the cubies and now He's embraced him again but the main Thing here is you know I like that guy Blagovic who was on Trump's Celebrity

Apprentice and he was funny and he was Like you know this thing's gonna when he Was if you hear his tapes he was a Former uh uh mayor of Chicago or Governor of Illinois or something like That One of those two things and he was like Audio taped just like oh man we're Golden now we're gonna you know like Just talking about corruption and what He was going to do and the other guy was Actually kind of funny when he heard him Speak in these things And he was somebody Trump loved because He was another version of trump and Trump knew he was a grifter Trump knew he was a scumbag Trump knew You know he of course lied about it but He was kind of honest about he wasn't Like really hiding it You know he was a flim-flam man and he Was you know that's what made him Compelling as a president because He was kind of honest about who he was You know he'd lie about it but not in a Way where he at least you know you could Tell he knew who he was But at some point Trump started to think Of himself like the cubists think of him As a savior As a Chosen One And I don't know when that was but you Can see the difference now and he goes Out there he's embracing the cubies even

Though there's no you know a basis for This belief in reality like he on some Levels no he doesn't have a plan You know he has to have a storm where he Said the storm is coming Like he got he got walked he got walked Out of the White House right they You know frogmeished him out of the White House and now he's got the Felonies against him and you know he's Got everything going against him And what he couldn't achieve in the First term he certainly won't achieve in The second term And so like at some level he's got to Know that but he's deluding himself Like he's thinking himself more than he Is just some you know scumbag grifter Who you know found his way into the White House somehow and You know which was funny but now it's Not funny because like he's you know He's deluding himself and you know sees Himself as some sort of Messiah and he Clearly isn't so getting a lot of things Sent to me for YouTube recommended to me From YouTube from the hill Kennedy Junior's appeal is plummeting Among Democratic voters and Rising with Republicans this is according to a Recent morning consult poll RFK June It's very interesting That the country's so divided now here's Kennedy coming from

A liberal background and the Liberals Biggest issue many of them Is the environment Like there's lots of liberals out there That are just Tree Huggers right here Pro-environment you know that's One of the things I agree with the Liberal community on Is protecting the environment and Something Republicans have been bad at And you know And Kennedy has done more than anybody As a as a lawyer litigating some of These things clean water being a big Part of them right And so he's a very pro-environmental Candidate And yet the liberals who are like it's For them it's like abortion is to some Uh pro-life Christian voters it's a it's A one issue it's the most the thing they Most care about there's people who have One issue and that's what they most care About And that's what they vote for And there's lots of liberals like that But even with that you know with all This disparaging of him By the Democratic establishment and Again I don't even know how a lot of These people are even seeing it He's losing support among Democrats also Because I'll get to the Marjorie Taylor Green thing finally that you know her

Dumb Her stupid ass you know commenting about Things Um you know getting support from the Right instead of looking at that as Being a good thing as someone who could Possibly be a uniter it's of the Republicans like him then we gotta hate Them like that's how people have been Programmed that's why America is Completely effed right Junior enjoyed a 46 and 42 approval Rating among Democratic and Republican Voters respectively when he jumped into The race back in April but currently He's taking a nosedive among Democrats 41 percent of whom reported disapproving Of him but his favorability climbed to a Whopping 50 percent among GOP Respondents not all Republican voters Are convinced though former White House Deputy Chief and the Bush Administration Karl Rove toured down RFK Jr during an Appearance on Fox News yesterday let's Watch he's got lots of conspiracies 2004 Election was stolen as computers Switched nearly a quarter of a million Votes in Ohio from John Kerry to George Bush and thereby gave him the election 5G is a mass surveillance tool and the Telecoms the telephone companies are in On it CIA killed his uncle Sirhan Sirhan Didn't kill his father and he defends Russia in Ukraine it's all Ukraine's

Fault that Russia invaded him so this is The neocon and you know I've been Thinking about the new stuff Karl Rove Was famously nicknamed by George W Bush President George W Bush's turd blossom Because I guess he came from a A place in Texas where Nationally figured Political strategists don't come from And so he called them turd blossom but He's a part of this whole neocon Perspective He's more of uh you know he's a Campaigner more than a Person who's uh based in issues But he's an absolute scumbag right and He went along with all that you know Evil that the Bush Administration Inflicted on those Four countries in the Middle East and All the other things that were done war Crimes and all of it the evil Cheney Years and Karl Rove is a part of that and these Neocons have taken over the Biden Administration and they were actually a Part of the Trump and Obama administration a little bit And pushing for war with Russia and all These things like all those Ukrainian People dying Is and they're failing they made a Mistake

They thought it was going to go in the Direction that it didn't And now they're you know they failed Once again and it's cost you know once Again Hundreds of thousands of lives and Destruction of a country and all these Things And they're pushing for it's like we're On the cusp of world war three And they don't get it they keep on Pushing for this and like you know they Don't they don't they they don't ever They're never dissuaded by their own Failure in judgment Unless they're just out and out evil and They like to you know some of them I Don't know But this guy's just absolutely sucks Right and these things you know I agree With all of them you know or at least There's a case to be made for all of Them Okay I'm in the editing process I just Want to say one more thing about The Democrats bailing on RFK Jr uh you Know I don't think Joe Biden's gonna Make it and if the Democrats fall for Who's that guy from California the guy With the mullet uh Gavin Newsom I mean I think he's their most I don't know like I yeah I don't know Who's I mean they're all horrible Candidates in their position on

Censorship which I just covered in the Beginning of this video Is I mean it's just abysmal and Gavin Newsom just as Ron California In San Francisco particularly into the Ground I was uh on my other channel Somebody sent me a video of all the Closed shops on um whatever the the mark Whatever the main street is there that's Somewhere to Fifth Avenue in New York That Kennedy talked about That there's all these bankrupt stores Because of covid they ran these you know High these high-profile desirable Commercial real estate businesses into The ground Whole Foods even And some of these other like you know I Was covering Chase Bank and these things If you see my video on the other channel From yesterday And you know you could just search for It or whatever the I'll find the video Here I have it up somewhere Still the video is called Every store is closed on Market Street Yeah that was Market Street In San Francisco and he goes through and He just shows you all the boarded up Buildings And you know if the Democrats will fall For that I mean that is whatever it is Right But then I saw an interview where Kennedy local

TV station something like this like some Uh you know local news station and they Asked him about If he'd run as a third party candidate And he said no But it's almost like he's going to have To And he should do it no matter what Because they got to get the Democrats Out of power right and you know his Running for president could actually Hurt Trump I don't know Uh Trump's a disaster like Trump just Can't be president again either Because of what the Democrats did and What the Liberals did under Trump and It'd be much worse and then there's all The litigation things going on with his Criminal cases and that would just be Horrible Trump you know is a disaster And so you know hopefully that Trump Somehow I mean right now Trump is you Know Trump was quoted as saying let These other guys debate so I can see who I want to be my vice president right And so um you know Trump is in the Cat Board seat now much more you than Joe Biden is And so you know we'll see how it all Plays out Um right now if it was held today we'd Have a second Trump presidency I don't Even know like I don't know if Trump can Get over 50 percent of the vote

Because you know fifty percent of over 50 percent of the people Really dislike Trump and even hate him So you know it's almost impossible for Him to win I don't know like you know he's got a Lot of passion you know less than he did Before but he's getting a Rejuvenation Of passion from the the QBs and you know Various groups and demographics in the Republican side But he doesn't have anything you know in Terms of Independence and certainly not Amongst Democrats I mean again like the presidency doesn't Matter but it kind of does In this circumstance for the delaying of What's going to happen because You know if Biden's elected again will Be in World War III with the neocons Pushing for this or whatever you know Running his administration And you know I don't know about what Will happen with Trump in terms of that But his presidency was such a disaster For all the agenda they pushed through Based on all the liberal hatred for him And so you know either those two people Is spent the uh spells the end of our Country right And so you know all this is interesting And the standpoint that The Democrats and Republicans can never Agree on anything

Because of the polarization so our Country's screwed in that way like it's Just there's no um There's no fixing the country that's Divided there's no fixing a a marriage That's divided or a corporation or a Relationship between friends and family When you have these divisions that are You know where people will go to war and Destroy over their beliefs well You know wreck the game over their Beliefs because they just can't you know Tolerate other people believing Something different and that's where we Are like that's just one of the telltale Signs that Americans done because Americans are willing to run this Country into the ground Rather than work with the other side This was I say to the the people who are Supporting um or liking that movie uh uh Sound of freedom like if you really want To get something to accomplished you Better find out a way to work with the Democrats and other people And you can say well I can't work with Them yeah we can't that's exactly why You should stop talking about the sound Of Freedom like it's going to do Something Because unless you can get bipartisan Support for something and you know take Responsibility for the lies and Deception that you're falling for you

Know somebody listed the guy's biography The guy that you know the hero of this In a comment which I didn't copy Uh but he listed his biography I'm like You're not even going to fact check it a Little bit like He just was rattling off what a hero the Guy is Is it powered onto this guy's name is Um you know and I'm like you know that's What you're going to accept this guy's Official story As long as you're going to accept the Official story of one side but not the Official story or the other you know You're doomed in the country's Doom like Everyone's got to realize that Everybody's lying all the time anyways Let's get back to it here But the major point is that Unless people can come together and work Together which is impossible Given how people are like there would Have to be Mass changing there have to Be something to bring people together Like an alien invasion or something But as long as the countries divide like This we're screwed you can't have a Country that's this divided be Successful because all the energy goes Into the division which causes more Problems instead of fixing the problems And so the problems get worse because You're

Putting your energy and your resources Into more problems right developing more Problems that Division and anger and Hatred and all these things The proliferate into something that's Much worse it turns it into a cancerous Environment right And there's all kinds of cancers Uh systemic cancers that are developing That of the the negative feelings and The ill will of these various groups That hate each other Robert F Kennedy Jr Says that the Department of Homeland Security has denied his request for Secret Service protection Friday he said On Twitter since the assassination of my Father candidates are provided Secret Service protection but not me the Typical turnaround time for a pro former Protection request is 14 days after 88 Days of no response and after several Follow-ups the Biden Administration has Denied our request now it didn't take Long for people to read into that tweet According to the anti-definition league 1488 is a known white supremacist symbol So this is a conspiracy theory you know These people are anti-conspiracy Theory They're saying the numbers 14 and 88 Close together evoking a known hate Symbol Um and this is on Huffington Post right So the evidence that you have of your Point of view whatever 14 and 88 reps

Represent a White supremacists or Nazis or whatever Group that they're talking about Is that there he uses the numbers 14 and 88. and you're making a huge leap Because unless you can prove intent Unless you can prove why he chose those Numbers and one of them seems to be Illegitimate according to these people That are we'll show you that's that in a Moment here But the other number seems to be Legitimate that it usually takes two Weeks 14 days For a response to come and so he's Waited a number of days since then and So at least one of the numbers is Legitimate 14 days no one's questioning That And so the 14 using the 14 Days is not uh you know that's something That is what they consider factual They are pushing back against the second Number 88. but unless you have some Evidence and again he said one other Thing That um you know they twisted and to be An anti-semitic one anybody with Critical thinking skills says that's not You know it You don't have any evidence here this is Just a blatant conspiracy theory except It's you know one guy but it's the same Thing and it's what all these you know

Mainstream Democrats and these you know Politicians and media personnel Blast when the other side does it Because it's so flimsy because you can't Prove intent it's something you Shouldn't even buy or say right you Would use this as an example and you Have a lot more evidence of him being Anti-semitic right and you know let's Get back to it here Citing the numbers being used closely Together an rfk's tweet a number of People chimed in on social media JJ in DC tweeted it was 57 days from a date on RFK Junior's last letter not 88 and Sarah Silverman tweeted the number he Cites are incorrect so why such specific Numbers I'm at once struck by there's no Way he would purposely do this and what Are the chances this is a coincidence so I want to be really careful here because You know there's a long history Okay so They're saying the second number 88 Isn't right and I you know I could find We could find that out or whatever I'm Not going to Um you know because that is whatever it Is but the first number nobody's Questioning right and so um You know He's not that right like he's not Anti-Semitic he's not going to talk in Code in some way I mean this is just you Know ridiculous it's a conspiracy theory

And they don't have legitimate evidence This isn't factual Because they'd have to say intent Because you could randomly do this right This is the kind of thing that I talk About here when people say it's fact in The truth community When it could have happened there's Another explanation you can't say it's Fact when there's you know there's Plausible deniability by the people that Do it you know so maybe he could be Doing this right but they don't have it Like they don't have it for sure And they're just making things up like He's you know he said one thing about The the Ashkenazi Jewish people being Less susceptible to covid based in some Study which I didn't see that study but There was people in the Republican side Uh putting that into the record And you know he they were saying that he Was anti-semitic because of that and now There's numbers he's used That they don't know for sure but They're accusing them of this Enough that's up on Huffington Post Right and you know like they're just Pushing this narrative any way they can Find something that justifies this Narrative right Which um you know speaks to the the Victim Consciousness here and you have a Demographic of people here who is

Certainly not all of them it's not a you Know it's not the average person but in Terms of the power structure Is always talking about victim Consciousness we saw this with Kyrie Irving right And so that becomes something where Again you don't like conspiracy theories When It's other people have them but it's Okay to make these kind of leaps of Judgment and you know it's a very Disparaging Uh label to put on J RFK Jr like it's More about killing his candidacy right Is anybody really concerned about him Being Anti-semitic white supremacist right Coming from the Kennedy family and his Body of work like nobody would believe This about this guy right like you could Say you know certain things about them You could say you know whatever he's Being inauthentic I mean there's ways That you could attack any candidate but In terms of the body of work and what He's done and who he represents and you Know his family history They don't think he's anti-semitic and a Big part of this is they want to destroy His candidacy But all these people who say they love The Kennedy family all these people who Are heartbroken when these two uh you

Know important figures in Democratic Party were assassinated And this guy comes out and you know Gives information the cias involved and Over 50 percent of the people I think It's up to like 60 percent Think that there was a conspiracy with The RFK as njfk assassinations of course There was the movie RFK that was famous For this but most people don't believe The official story And there was you know just levels of it Right much more provable like it's it's More easy to prove if you look at the Evidence and you know they're not Concerned that this guy who's speaking Truth to power when you've had a Democratic party that's pushing for Censorship and has been on the side of Like just evil behaviors and then Whatever the Republicans are and the you Know CIA has been at war with the Kennedy family And you're not at all worried that this Guy might get assassinated And he's asking for something that you Know he's Um is based in his father's death I mean It looks bad optically and so instead of Addressing that you come up with some BS Claim that he's anti-semitic and he's Using these you know it's just it's just Ridiculous right Like this is how low they're willing to

Stoop and it's something I was covering Um yesterday on my other channel and I Wanted to talk about here I'll just do It briefly here Uh this video is going to go long so I Got other stuff to talk about the end But You know they've reached a level of Depravity and right in your face kind of Stuff And I said this with Hunter Biden you Know then I'll cover this more I was Going to cover that today here there's More evidence of this guy there's more Reports from this guy who has finally Testified and he's it's pretty Incriminating against the violent Biden Family and the buying family was pushing The doj to arrest this guy so he Couldn't testify against his son And that's exactly the kind of Corruption they were talking about Against Trump you know that the bodies Were talking about the and the Democrats Were so mad about Trump his misuse of The justice department these other Things and they're caught red-handed Doing it and you know we can all see it And you know you can see it now they're Just more in uh everybody's face with What they're just pushing through here I Mean they're claiming hey You know If you're against the official story

You're not protected on the First Amendment right well that's the whole Reason for the first amendment that you Could confront the official story And so like that's pretty bad you know And that's you know that's a new level Of just right in your face corruption And we don't care about your opinion I Was comparing this yesterday to the Seagulls just coming in and snatching People's lunch money right just Snatching their lunch right in front of Them Because they they know that uh Americans Are a bunch of bonus holes and that There's no uh there's no response There's no rule of law there's no checks And balances they can just get away with It and the criminals are just running The system like this and it's not just The Democrats it's you know everybody Who can see it's what Trump was doing And it's been going on for years but now They're just they don't even care They're not even hiding it anymore All right let's move on to the next Thing here Marjorie Taylor green points out how RFK Jr has fooled a lot of Republicans Um I had this up for weeks I never got Around to it Um You know when you look at her bone Structure

Laughs Everything from her hair to her bone Structure too you know the way her she Presents herself Is just like um There's just a level of uh like she's a You know Britney Spears on steroids kind Of dopery if I advice for Why would he take your advice right why Would anybody take it and I really agree With his position on the back it's been My position all along Brian you know That I I have been totally against the Code it's from day one okay so you're uh She is a trump supporter she is like uh You know as big a trump supporter as There is This is Trump's thing this is Trump's uh Operation warp speed thing right and so She um You know she agrees with rfk's position She's been against Trump's you know this Is Trump's signature one of his Signature accomplishments I've showed You the the video I have a whole montage You guys probably seen it already I'll show it again some later date but He talks about being the father Of this you know bloop right and she's Um And just as you have Um totally against the mask as a matter Of fact I got fined every single day I Stepped on the house floor okay let's

Make this about you because I refused to Wear a mask and Nancy Pelosi would find Me Without a mask and I was like fine you Go ahead and find me I could care less You could care less that's like chicken Scratch to her so I agree with Bobby Kennedy on a lot of things but I tell You what I think there's a lot of Republicans that have been fooled by him He's not a republican everyone he's very Much a Democrat and some of his policies Are far far left Okay You don't agree with she doesn't agree With most of the Republicans Including bobert Laura bobert was it Nancy Bo burnetta Lauren bobert They had a the squabble she got kicked Out of a far-right group she doesn't Agree with anybody she doesn't get along With anybody right And you know she's saying this like That he's got to be a hundred percent Online with the Republicans that she Doesn't even agree with right and that's Never going to happen like there's no Candidate that's going to satisfy every Okay so um first of all her saying That he's fooled a lot of Republicans Is just her you know her inarticulate Low Consciousness fail here because he Hasn't fooled anybody

There's nobody that's more clear about Their positions than RFK Jr like he Explains his position he bases them in Stories and in you know family history And work that he's done in the past Things that he's been involved with Projects things he's litigated you know Where he got to where he is And it's difficult for people who are of A low tension span and limited Consciousness to you know there's a There's an intelligence Factor here But he is a Democrat he has a lot of Liberal policies and things that Were some Republicans would disagree With but Republicans are becoming more And more Like the old liberals about various Things Not so much the environment but other Things right And she's not a real Republican either Because she's a QB she's a trump Republican who can't get along with Anybody her and Lauren bobert are very Similar she got kicked out of that Conservative thing already right like She's just hostile and pro-trump and Like just sucks right she's you know the AOC of the Republican party like it's Hard to believe he's that low Consciousness just like we hear AOC Speaking you're like is that an act it's Got to be an act right like she's uh you

Know she's on the fetterman level like Somebody who like how is this possible That this person can be a part of the Senate or the you know the Congress But the problem with it for her like as Much as I enjoy it with fetterman is That she does damage to all of us like She isn't on our side even the things That I agree with her on and there are Probably quite a few of the things that We have a similar opinion on she's not Helping our cause she hurts us every Time she opens her freaking Yap right You know like She just sucks like she just you know There's just a hostility and an Arrogance and a Swagger there that Shouldn't be there and it hurts us in The truth Community it's used as a Weapon against us and just you know in General human beings in general she's She's not a helper you know people who Agree with you but end up you know Destroying your your movement you're Like well the person does agree with us But they suck so bad you know they're Just one of these bad luck Shrek locks That everything they touch you know Please go on the other side go you know Get away from us you're you know go join The other team that's how you can help Some things about him like his positions On the covid-19 back his position on Holding uh the CIA and other agencies

Accountable Um but but I think that's the Democrat Party I could care less about them I Think they should be more concerned About Gavin Newsom because we do not Want She's just a dope like just an absolute Dope Um you know low consciousness So um there's a guy named Math Hoffa who Is A battle rapper back when I watched Battle rap I saw maybe one or two battle Raps with him in it And um He uh had Kennedy Jr on it was quite a You know what I've heard of it it's Quite interesting Like Kennedy's going everywhere like he Doesn't care who he goes and interviews With he's he's out amongst people I just Saw something with Chris Cuomo's Chris Cuomo's was kind of saying that uh rfk's Thing was kind of a political strategy And an act to do with the Anti-boop right and this guy was Interviewing uh Cuomo's I don't think I Could show it here talked about how RFK Jr talked to him and his wife out of Getting his kids uh you know a mandatory Boops for school And the guy said Um the next day they are supposed to Have this card

And go into school and have this card And demonstrate that they they were Fully booped his wife was panicking so He texted RFK Jr at 11 o'clock at night And the RFK Jr texted him back And then was on the phone with him a Half hour later and put together a team Of people to help this guy strategize What to do about his school and the guy Said you know I knew he was he's fully Believes in what he says because he he Made this effort like it's just you know He's a legitimate dude right Um you know so that's that's some of the Thing is that he's doing the old stagol Campaigning but instead of going out Just talking to people on the street now We have the internet And he's all over the Internet and he's You know going to any demographic and Group of people and Um you know sitting down with them and Just you know answering their questions Honestly he talks extensively about his Drug use And what prompted that in his spiritual Awakening that got him off of drugs very Interesting stories right because they Said you know Bill Clinton said he Smoked Papa didn't inhale and Kenny said Yeah I inhaled right Which is you know refreshing So I just want to add this on editing And you know shortly after I finish this

Part of the video I um was on YouTube I pulled up a YouTube page and there was a math author Another segment because they didn't put The whole interview out at once And the segment was um About reparations they asked Kennedy how He felt about Reparations for the African-American Community And his answer was Exquisite because he Talked about his dad's work And uh you know impoverished black Community That his dad just admired and really Liked working in and they built a model Of bringing in you know equity and loans And supporting small businesses and Things and helps to turn around that Community he talked about it like that Way right Uh it's just an excellent answer And it's a good example of what I was Saying with Marjorie Taylor green Because he just didn't say no I don't Believe in cash preparations he said he Did you know lots of work in the Native American communities and he talked about How The um You know Native American communities That had casinos the ones that gave out Cash payments as opposed to the ones That invested the casino money into the

Reservation in the community There was a huge disparity on the Positive effect and negative effect you Know the negative effect of cash Payments and the positive effect and Invest in in the community and giving Out loans and encouraging small Businesses and encouraging Uh you know people to to do something Instead of just giving them money and Handouts and things like that which you Know would lead to people indulging and Doing things instead of using the money In a way that would enhance themselves In the community right but it's just Another example of him being on a Different level than these other Candidates all right let's um move to The last part here So this guy Alan Richards Richardson he Starred in that um There's a Tom Cruise movie Uh a writer reeker writer reach or Whatever Jack Reacher and this guy did a Good job as a good series my wife and I Enjoyed us on Amazon And he said this this has been up on my Toolbar for like three weeks nobody ever Tells you that like when you get to the Top there's nothing there there's Nothing There there's just more of that if you Want it you know I had ground and Scraped and fought to make movies and to

Make the things that I wanted to make And to sell books and sell scripts and I Was doing all those things and then I Get there and I'm like a broken shell of Myself with this relationship that Threatened to sort of like Truly like wrecked my life and I had Done nothing to deserve that and you Know I'm like what what is life like What you know I'm so backwards So um it goes on from there you know Kind of interesting But here's another person you know one Of my key you know points here Is that the idea of wealth and fame That's put out there The Pursuit of Happiness Is A Lie You can achieve it in America it's Achievable you can become a billionaire Start off as a poor person become a Multi-millionaire even a billionaire People become successful you know maybe Not in the future this is limited but People have been able to do it people Have been able to become rich and famous And most of them end up being worse People And psychologically and you know Spiritually broken And it's just you know part of a false Dream because it doesn't involve God or Your Soul's path It might be based in your samscaras Which is you know that is whatever it is

It might be that something that you have To experience so that you learn That you know that this isn't really the Way But I hear this over and over again I Demonstrate it here there's some people Like him who realize it and can Articulate it and there's other people Who You know who um you can just see from Like Madonna Madam expression date Will Smith How they you know they're just they're Not living the right way right they're Not they're not successes They've had a lot of success materially And yet their overall life is a failure Okay so I wanted to wrap this thing up Just one thing that I want to mention Earlier about I um I'll do it here So yesterday I went on Facebook And I don't go on Facebook all that much Like I you know I have extra time and You know I'm editing or whatever I will Answer comments or you know hard Comments and things like this There's a time when I interacted on Facebook in the early years when I was First on there interacted with people Some people I knew more people than And you know in real life people And then um After that there was you know that was Before the YouTube channel took off and

Then as a YouTube channel took off I got More and more truth or friends people That friended me from the YouTube Channel and there was a number of people Who friended me Who had their own sort of You know social media profile they had Thousands of followers on Facebook or Friends on Facebook and they post a lot Of Truth or stuff and then the Censorship kicked in and these people Started to say I just got out of jail And I was like wow you know I've got a Lot of friends that are doing prison Time like I thought it was real jail You know and then I realized I'm in Facebook jail And from that that point on Facebook stopped being truth or friendly And these people I interacted with some Of them and I would you know see their Posts and sometimes they posted articles And things and other you know whatever That I would end up covering so I would Scroll through Facebook and I get ideas Or things topics that I would cover Right from my truther friends but that Disappeared all that stuff disappeared And if the persons weren't banned they Would hide the post right And so you know I got busier anyway and I started getting a lot of messages with People sending me things and you know Content was much easier to come by

Just because of the way everything Happened with Trump and the post you know binary and All these the Trump you know the bioneer And all these things And so I stopped going on Facebook as Much and occasionally I'll scroll Through it and I scrolled through Yesterday And there was four Um posts four or five posts from My so-called friends you know people who Are I'm friends with on Facebook and Everything after that was either Suggested content Or recommended content And the recommended content was all Celebrity mostly celebrity stuff but Also mainstream media and I did it again Today and I got uh you know Recommendation from something from the New York Times and other stuff right And so there is almost none of my Friends Posts on my so-called wall and that's What Facebook was about people that you Were interacting with You know I Um there used to be a button that you Know said that they would recommend I Mean I don't know let me go look at it Now On Facebook but there was a button up Here

That um They don't have it anymore but in terms Of your feed You could get like everybody's posts or They could tell you what the top stories Were And so now they're just editing out all Of my friends stuff and again I'm not Interacting with them so you guys can Comment and see if it's the same way for You Because if you're interacting with People and liking stuff which I don't do Like I just don't have Um you know the time and energy to do That I'm not on there every day But pretty much everything I'm getting I'm scrolling through it right now Is recommended posts advertisements It's like Facebook is done like they're You know again I you know it might be Different for people who are on if You're on if you're somebody who's on Facebook quite a bit And you're seeing more posts from your Friends and people you interact with That might be different but for me right Now Pretty much everything here I'm just Scrolling through it now is And stuff that I I don't want to see I got something from Gal Gadot Godot and I don't know if I hovered over it or I Paused on it and went and did something

Because I had no interest in it in it And then like the next couple days they Were sending me 20 30 things from Gal Gadot anytime I Went on Facebook I opened up and there's A Gail Gadot you know Wonder Woman and I You know ended up exiting out of it this Was like a couple weeks ago you know a Month ago but now I'm seeing like Everything here is Mainstream stuff like nothing is Anything I would want to see and there's A lot of ads and I wonder if it's so Bankrupt that that's you know they're Just going with all sponsored content Because again you know and I don't know Like again I can't I can um You know speak to whether or not you Know this is happening for people who Are interacting on Facebook but you guys Can leave a quote comment and see you Know how it is for you But it is like that that means that They're like they're almost on the verge Of going bankrupt because they need I Mean it's Facebook that hard enough it's Meta doing so poorly that they're that Hard up for cash But anyways Only spiritual value will save this World it's Paul revital definitely Important for the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day

And be grateful

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