Haven’t made a video like this before & Trump video finally released

Haven't made a video like this before & Trump video finally released

Okay so this video is going to be Different from my other videos for a Couple reasons Um got a few announcements of things That are coming up Going to release a video that got Demonetized I'm gonna that's gonna be the one clip I Show you where I go through it and read Why it's really goofy and explain all That Um so there's some interesting Just meta information about the channel And then some other things I have a few comments to get to but Let's start here So when you watch a TV show or movie You can identify the villain and the Hero Within a short period of time almost you Know in terms of The average TV show or movie Occasionally Somebody tries to do some Something of a you know more complex Plot line and character formation but For the most part you can identify who The villains are and who the heroes are It's usually fairly Black and white and for most people When they start watching a TV show in a Movie Or a movie or whatever it is they Identify with the hero

Some people are you know they just have That kind of personality where they'll Identify with the villain or whatever it Might be right But 90 whatever percent of people Regardless of whether you're a a truth Or not you start rooting for the hero And if you continue watching because you Might like not like the show it might be You don't buy in but once you buy in You are identifying with the protagonist And you're rooting for the protagonist Even if it's a historical show like on Some historical figure Like I just watched something on Watergate and you know what's going to Happen right Like I was saying this to my wife that We were stressed out about something I don't know what it was and we knew What the outcome was going to be because It's history like we knew we knew that It was good and you almost always know That the hero is going to put it Together in the end You know they have some problem in Conflict they're up against Impossible odds but they're going to do It in the end because that's how they Structure the plot line almost all Movies and TV shows are structured that Way but still you get stressed out and You wonder if it's going to happen or Not even though you know what is right

Even if logically you know it is just Based in Your knowledge of the way these stories Play out Your knowledge of history or things that Are you know already they're covering Something that's based in at least in Part in what's considered factual History You still get stressed out right And so that's the power of TV and movies And even more so they can structure These narratives now Where you will root for people that you You should no way be rooting for Like there was a show called Lucifer Which featured the devil who was the Protagonist and there was another show Called Dexter at least one show maybe Multiple shows that were about serial Killers right Two people you would never root for most People wouldn't root for the devil or a Serial killer and yet they did Because that's the power of these Narratives and the power of TV you know Edward bernays's Propaganda and to buy into this reality That's being created for you you're Going to choose size root for one side Or the other all these things are going To happen And you know it's what makes the show

Interesting Is that you have a stake in the outcome Of the show And they've made it so it would be have Happily ever after so you leave in most Cases happily ever after Where the person you're rooting for the You know situation Rudy for ends up Being something satisfactory right even Like a show like succession where There isn't really any redeemable Characters That you should be rooting for right and It's the you know very people that the Idea of the people I call the Controllers that run the system and Are you know just in many ways in human But still You know people hadn't invested stake in The outcome Game of Thrones things like This And we're disappointed by the you know The endings of those shows Because the person that they were hoping Would win the throne Or the you know the the CEO in Succession didn't didn't do it right And so it was unsatisfactory to people So my wife and I started watching Waco The aftermath they did a good job with The original Waco miniseries it was Based in a book by the FBI negotiator Who was sympathetic to the plight of the So-called Branch Davidians and recognize

The flaws of the ATF and the FBI and Innocent children died there right Innocent people Who weren't David korash who weren't a Part of the leadership there And so You know everybody involved has to take A look at themselves because People were burned alive right young Kids and you know moms and things like This And the way it played out and they you Know it was a more of a neutral series That you know wasn't following the the Normal store story lines and you know This is what I believed when I first saw It that this was some wacky religious Cult and they You know ended up torching themselves And whatever some sort of Um like the Jim Jones suicide And you know the government did the best They could right that's the you know the Narrative that was out there and I Wasn't watching the news and that's what You know the general idea of the story Was but the story was much more complex And this guy wrote a couple of books the FBI interpreter Or um FBI negotiator wrote a couple of Books and you work with these extreme Groups and he got to understand their Ideology and things like this And it's not like completely sympathetic

To The Waco people and the whatever it is But they're you know much more open to a More neutral position leaning slightly More towards government overreach Because there's a villain there's a Court like in you know spoiler alert in The second season There is a court case of they're trying Five of the Branch Davidians right Um you know these followers of David Koresh and the prosecutor is just a real Dick like he's just a villainous person Like you distrust him and dislike him The the smug look on his face you know The way that they the music whatever They they put in there to make him the Villain right and so you're going to be More sympathetic To the Branch Davidians and it's a more Complex story because you've watched the Other miniseries Than the one that they're presenting the Prosecution's presenting and there's Obvious lies and cover-ups right And to go along with it the FBI Um you know uh interpreter a negotiator Is investigating the backlash of a Growing movement to get revenge because Of Waco and the rise of what's now Called The Patriot movement and Um Timmy Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing so that's a Separate plot and storyline and the

Third plot storyline is David koresh is A young person Coming into this compound where an older Woman Who is the played by the actress who Played in succession The um person that played Jerry who she Had um kind of a weird sexual Relationship with one of the kids one of The succession kids And David crash comes in and shows a lot Of um potential and she takes them like She's getting flirtatious with them she Takes them to Israel and they have an Affair And you know she's promoting him as like Her Protege who like the person that's Probably going to succeed her But David koresh has more ambitious Ideas And he comes back from Israel say Claiming that he Is receiving visions and instructions From God and one of the instructions From God is that God has told him that He's to marry a 14 year old girl And anybody who doesn't believe it is Going against God's will and the woman Goes off like she goes berserk because She's having an affair with him and this Girl's a child and she feels betrayed And manipulated and used and all this Stuff and Um her son ends up shooting at David

Koresh and he takes a whole bunch of People In a bus and goes and forms his own Thing and eventually she dies and he Takes over The leadership of the compound it's a Whole thing right She gets into a gun battle with the son He's all these other dramatic things That happen At the outset you know it's we know just A couple of episodes into the thing or Whatever it is four or four or five Episodes into the thing but it's an Interesting narrative because they show That David koresh was you know clearly a Creep I mean people who are sympathetic To what happened in Waco and David Karachi and Christians He's worse than Jeffrey Epstein like He's much worse because he's bringing God into it he's you know he ends up one Of the the lawyers uh it was a major Character the defense lawyers There's a Revolt around these four Clients because one of them turned States evidence and so there's four Clients who All wanted to testify right And the lawyers are saying no you can't Do that and so this guy you know he acts He says are you want to know what it's Like and he starts questioning them He says well he says to one guy

Uh so you David crash said that you Turned your ten-year-old daughter over To David koresh to be married to him Right And you know there's no getting around That David quresh Was having sexual relations with every Woman married women who had other Husbands Weren't having sexual relations with Their husbands they were being Impregnated by David koresh and all the Kids there were his kids And he said it was all because God Instructed him right very manipulative And twisted and you know it's a bizarre There's nothing you can say about it Right It's it's you know being a pedo it's Using God to I mean it's all the things That are wrong with power hungry people Even though they're very sympathetic to The you know the whole idea of what Happened and critical of the government There is clearly you know a more neutral Understanding of the the creepiness of The whole thing and you know there's no Excusing it but people watching it the Brilliance of the show The reason I Bring this up is if you're a mainstream Person You could easily watch the show and see The Branch Davidians and David koresh is The villain

But if you are a you know uh truther Right-wingly a right-wing sort of person A patriot you could see it the other way They they've woven The Narrative so That no matter which side you lean on You'll ignore the information about your Side and see the other side as the Villain And that's what they've been able to do With the news right Because now they have Very specialized the onset of social Media and the explosion of you know Media that's available to people on Um you know on the internet has left a Very specialized set of narratives That you'll end up plugging into And so I get sent things all the time by Right-wing people not So Much by I don't Have many left-wing people That come to my channel But right-wing people always send me Things That I know are they're being you know Completely manipulated by The right wing of the truth community And as much as people think there's Censorship and all these things there Are clear channels of information out There That are targeted to get you into one Category or another There's multiple categories but you know One of these categories whether it be

QBs whether it be flat earthers whether It be you know trumpers or not you know All these different things you know and People cross over You know whatever it is and there's an Echo chamber and when you're in that Group you think that everyone else who Doesn't understand What you're being what you're being Shown Is like a sheeple or shill or just Whatever it is because it's a slam dunk You just know that it's right But they've tailored the information the Narratives to rope you in to think that The other side's the villain And that you're the heroes I mean this Was the whole thing with cubies they Were out there to try to save the Children everyone who's not with them is You know accomplishing this you know These you know pedo rings that Jeffrey Epstein stuff and all this other stuff Right and they're desperate and you know They're the only ones who can save it And you know they have their QB Dakota Rings and they've been able to do this In such a way that They warp your lens so then you watch The news and you see villains of one Type or another you see Biden as a Villain you see Trump as a hero but They're doing the same thing to Left-leaning people which I see all the

Time when I look into the Huffington Posts and some of these other you know Liberal Publications That they're doing the same exact thing Right They're doing the same exact thing to Them And they think it's a no-brainer the Information they've gotten is a slam Dunk that Trump in the right wing are Trying to destroy the country and if we Don't stop Trump he's going to destroy The country And the right-wing people believe the Exact same thing about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and the Democrats right And it's you know so Um I don't know how to say detailed and Nuanced and you know even though it Looks like they're trying to shut this Down they love it right they've got Complete control over you and they got a Couple of comments that are just gonna You know help with you know things to do With the Trump stuff right So this person writes um Uh First person writes I'm in shock that You'd be okay with an innocent man going To jail Some truth or you are Because I said you know it'd be Interesting if Trump went to jail but I

Don't believe he's innocent right and I'm not talking about The you know the the documents thing Because that's a subjective law Trump Has been breaking laws for years And you know there's a sense of Entitlement and he's done immoral and Unethical thing things and he screwed Over lots of people You know working hard-working people That vendors and things like this He's big into the art of the deal as he Calls it now that often was him screwing Over vendors and you know undercut I Mean he's just um a real scumbag And he's pushed through a lot of things Also you know operation warp speed That's not Criminal But certainly he's caused so much damage And hurt by that right So Trump you know whether he's guilty of These crimes he's guilty right and you Know I also believe in terms of past Lives that you know whatever he's done In the past I mean everything that Happens to you There's a reason for it on a spiritual Level you're not a victim and Trump Claims to be a victim and this these People are buying into the victim Consciousness But he's not right And so

Um You know Like it's your warped view that you Think he's an innocent man and he's not No one would say Trump is innocent that Was a realist He's not no one would say Biden is Innocent Only people who have allowed themselves To be warped By their you know by their choice of of Um you know information sources And so then there's this question Paul Why didn't the MSN attacked Bush Obama Or Biden during their presidency I Remember there was protesters Wars and Culture wars Now we have JoJo magu in the country as A disaster no one seems to give a boot Because Trump trump I'm sick of it all Enough We need solutions for We the People Um well they did attack them Fox News Attacked Obama And the liberal media was always talking Trump I mean not Trump or bush Um it but you know there's two things That have happened here The division in the country has gotten Worse The left-leaning media of CNN and MSNBC Stopped trying to pretend to be neutral And embrace the model that Fox News made

So popular And the rise of social media and the Rise of information that comes out that Could possibly lead people away from The pre-existing narratives And the system is collapsing Economically in every other way And so they have to have Fall Guys and The fall guys are for this person it's Bite right he's going to blame Biden or She or she's going to play Biden it's a Woman apparently by the name And you know the left wing is going to Blame Trump and the trumpers And that's what they're doing here Because they want you to blame something Other than the system And so that's why they're allowing these Narratives to exist and prejudicing your Understanding of what's going on right But you know it's it's because you're Not willing to see all there is to see Right Um Here's a good comment your ability to Capture someone's Soul by pausing the Video is unparalleled she's smiling Holding back her tears creepy You know in terms of this Rachel Maddow The truth about The event and no one wants to talk about And I talk about Rachel Maddow always Looks like she's about to burst into Tears whether she's

Smiling or not and I'm you know I'm Really good at that and most of the time I'm not even trying ninety percent of The time I don't even try to to get a Picture of somebody you know a Screenshot that just reveals their inner Condition It's something that's a and I'm Deviating from my original narrative Here But my brother once he was dating this Woman and she was crazy like really Crazy like she had some you know Um well you know I had my ex so that may Be that crazy but pretty crazy you know And he showed me this picture that he Took where she looked like a little girl Like she had this expression like a Scared little girl it just was the you Know the way the it was the exact moment The picture was taken and you work as a Person who reads other people as a Person in the mental health field or as A spiritual like what I did as a Preceptor And what I do here now you read other People's inner conditions you're trying To figure out what makes them tick And you know sometimes they just click On something that you know I pause it And the expression of the person just Says everything You can see it in their expression And like it's just random like I don't

You know I can actually I can actually Try to do it I you know I can work to do It but mostly it just happens Organically And so that's a you know interesting Comment because But it's interesting because it's there Right and you know like Um a lot of the pictures just not Flattering You know and I don't intentionally do it But it's what happens and then this Person writes Paul so you have dissed Trump who would You like to be president again you know These are the the questions when if you Listen to what I say I don't care Because it's all planned and controlled And contrived and it's not going to save Or fix anything right there might be Specific things That one president's going to do for me Personally Small things you know in the collapse of The system One president or another might be better For me personally And you know I really can't say Because they all lie and you you know They have their platforms And so there's that you can take a Selfish view of it And vote for somebody that you know that I don't even know if that's selfish it's

The nature of our country and vote for The person that you think is going to Best Um you know everyone has their you know You have to make your own decision Anyway but if people vote for the person That's going to help them the most and And they have an accurate assessment of What that is But I think we lost more under Trump In terms of you know ability to express Ourselves these things on the internet And then Um you know they moved the agenda so Much under Trump that it's hard for me To say that his presidency was better Than Biden's it's just because you're Clicking into media right wing media That's telling you how bad it is under Biden and you know It is but it's wasn't any better under Trump right so In terms of the reality of what was Taking place because words are words you Know you can Trust my words or somebody else's words But you only can trust actions and Outcomes at this point you know words Are words right words are just anybody Can lie everyone's a liar and even if They're not lying intentionally their View of reality is a lie Their misunderstanding of reality and so When you watch something this is the

Point of what I'm you know the major Point here when you watch something Especially if it's right-wing propaganda White right-wing truth propaganda You should ask yourself why am I seeing This And who wants me to see this right Like you know and even if it's some Organic presenter someone like me some Small time Organic presenter you're still being Recommended these things and you're Still being funneled into a point of View And you know why are you here listening To me right now like what are the powers That be that brought you to this place Is it God does God want you to listen to Me That could be the case Is it you know the controlling system You know is it it was of some kind of You know I mean is it the social media Platforms themselves or CIA or you know The intelligence Community why do you Have this information why are you Absorbing it and for you personally why Are you absorbing it why are you Listening to this video like you know You should be asking yourself these Questions all the time You know why why is this happening And how is this affecting my point of View because if you change your stance

From a right-wing truther to a liberal Sheeple And you just started to watch all Liberal sheeple stuff you would feel the Same way in fact there are people like You exact same personality configuration Exact same type of Personality exactly The same you know you know not exactly The same but you know very similar Uh you know a stereotype you know an Archetype In every movement there are people on You know that you think your enemies and They're just like you They're the same kind of you know They're on the same level in their thing As you are the same ability for Comprehension same level of IQ and you Know mental capacity in these things And so you know everyone should think About that right because you know it's An information Uh you know like a a deluge it's just Everything's about information and you Know it's all words it's all ideas and Concepts right very little of it is Actual facts and actual events And actual outcomes An actual you know everything else right It's more in you know what might happen It's what like you know this is where We're going it's going to be a disaster If you know Trump wins or inviting wins Or

You know it's it's more about predicting Or influencing if you don't do this then These bad things are going to befall you And you know from your religion to your Upbringing your school your parents Point of view your placement in the World you know you are being Um funneled into a demographic or a Group and you should ask yourself why Like you know why am I You know why am I buying into their Narratives and placing myself in a Pre-constructed category of their Choosing When I could look at the big picture And see you know what I'm presenting Here right now to you right Um so that's the first part And let me get into the you know the Other part here okay so I have these Videos this is a short video I'll be Making available either today or Tomorrow For my other video this is the recent Released Journey Series this is an Important Journey series video where You're going to talk about Giving sittings again which I'll discuss In that video when I'm that's a Members Only video but it'll be available in a Couple days I'm going to make an Announcement about that because I'm Changing things I'm doing about Gratefulness

So to clarify what I'm what I was just Saying here I'm in the editing process Now that I have the members only Category I can put up my journey series videos as Soon as they're done and I can turn off The ads so people can watch a mad free Right Um there are people who their favorite Thing is the journey series videos and They watch the entire video And I've made an eight hour video like a Nine hour video A few Seven Hour videos and usually They're over two hours Which is problematic because most people Don't have two hours in a day or I mean in terms of you know The amount of hours I've put out and Content just for the journey series but I put it Over an hour of content now usually Every day At least an hour And then you know on two channels an Hour a day so seven hours a week and Then you add the journey Series in there It's a lot of content for people to keep Up with And most people can't and that hurts me In a variety of ways with YouTube on the Algorithms I'm just cranking out too Much content And you know I've expressed why I do

That I'm not going to talk about that Here But when I release the journey series Video I have to make sure it doesn't Step on Some of my other videos that are going To get less views because people don't Have enough time to watch both or Whatever So I usually you know pick a day that I'm doing a lot of outside work I'm Going to make a a shorter video on one Of my two channels and you know I always Release the journey series video on my Apocalypse Now day My other channel day and so there's a Whole bunch of things I have to consider But these videos are time sensitive and I want to get them out because it's About some changes going on with Gratefulness so that's what I meant by That like so now it's up for members Only and then In a couple days I'll make it public and Then you know I'll be able to talk about These other things because I'm not going To tell the story twice and you know There's a long narrative about The reason I'm making the changes that I'm making in terms of the gratefulness Services okay so let's get back to it Here and then um Down here is a video I want to talk About

Trump is a cancer on the truth community And I made it available to members Because they limited the video right off The bat So I had it reviewed it took him three Days to review it And here's the feedback So I said there was nothing that was not Advertisable right here my selection is None and there's this hater harassment Towards individuals or groups and so the Video is a few clips of uh Trump I think I can't remember it now Some of his quotes And then most of it is me talking And I didn't do any of these things I'm About to read to you Statements intended to disparage a Protected group or imply State is inferior such as all people From this country are disgusting Non-educational content featuring racial Slurs into derogatory terms promoting Glorifying or condoning violence against Others inciting discrimination against Protected groups such as stating you Should hate all disabled people in this In this country Promoting hate groups hate symbols or Hate group paraphernalia Malicious shaming or insulting of an Individual or group Slinging or singling out individual or Group for abuse harassment denying or

Glorifying that tragic events happened Framing victims or survivors as crisis Actors malicious personal attacks Slander and defamation Portraying ideologies or belief Beliefs in malicious way of generalizing Or disparaging negatively characterizing Individual groups ideology or beliefs Such as stating all feminism is sick And so I didn't do any of that at least I don't Think I did Um it wouldn't be as you know I think it's something Trump said It's one of these things I think it Might be this here Um Where he says uh denied or glorifying The tragic events happened framing Victims or survivors as crisis actors I Think that's and these are you know this Isn't a community guideline strike this Is things that they deem unadvertisable But I think Trump said something that The algorithms picked up on because I Changed things and I you know you know I I edited this video several times and Uploaded it trying to get it so it could Be viewed and I'm going to make it Visible today and if you watch the video And you see anything that they might Consider you know especially when Trump's talking or when I'm quoting Trump because I think it comes from

Trump himself Because I don't think they're saying That I'm doing this to Trump Because you know why would they right But again I'm going to make this um Available today and you know think about What's being said here because They are you know censoring me From saying something here or censoring Trump Or whatever it is Because you know they when they make Something not Advertiser friendly you Can't make money off of it it Discourages you for making videos about That thing Unfortunately for them they don't make It clear what that thing is it's an hour And five minute video And so you know I have to guess at what They're talking about And you know their algorithms are broken But this was supposedly reviewed it says Here It was Reviewed by a human reviewer found that Your video is suitable for limited ads Not you know most advertisers would find Something so offensive in my video that They wouldn't want to be associated with It Which is you know Clearly not the case right But all of that is very interesting

And so um again I don't remember what's In the video so if you see something That you know that goes along with Something I read on the list You might want to point that out to be Helpful to me and then I can talk about In future videos But all of it is um You know It's like why YouTube sucks right now Okay so I just briefly went on Facebook And I don't know why I was editing this And uh One of my old original Facebook friends Like friends that I made back in I don't Know when I got Facebook 2011 or Whatever a lot of the friends where I Didn't know anything about Facebook and Um You know there's all these people that Just randomly became my friend some of This had to do with my ex or whatever But there's a a woman I haven't seen a Post from her for for years she's an Older woman who I guess was a truther This is you know back when I was Um still making homesteading videos And maybe she's a republican I don't Know but I haven't seen a post for her For years didn't even know we were still Friends But she found this um she re-posted Something That goes with everything I'm talking

About so let me show you the clip here We um we do have now some of the sound As I told you we're not in the audience We're not carrying his remarks live Because frankly he says a lot of things Uh that are not true and sometimes Potentially dangerous We knew heading into this that he was Planning to make these remarks we are Prepared for his pre-fundraiser remarks Tonight to again be essentially a trump Campaign speech because of that we do Not intend to carry these remarks live Um as we have said before in these Circumstances There is a cost to us as a news Organization to knowingly broadcast Untrue things we are here to bring you The news it hurts our ability to do that If we live broadcast what we fully Expect in advance to be a Litany of lies And false accusations no matter who says Them And I do not say this with any Glee I Hope it is clear that this is not a glib Decision we take our responsibilities Seriously we revisit decisions like this All the time we make the best call that We can in real time every time But tonight our call is this we will Monitor that speech by the newly Indicted former president we will not Carry his remarks live if he says Anything newsworthy we promise we will

Turn that right around and bring it back To you he says a lot of things that are Not true and sometimes potentially Dangerous so there's a lot there like What's potentially dangerous you know Because The people that are trumpers who Would be provoked by Trump Are going to get to see this they're not Watching MSNBC as CNN They're watching Trump live And so the people that would act out any Kind of Call for whatever violence or riots or Whatever Trump might do are going to see A speech right You understand this Um so You know him calling it potentially Dangerous but also them predicting What's going to happen before it happens Like Rachel Maddow saying we know what She's going to say we know it's going to Be this so we have to censor it right And that he says things that aren't true And we can't broadcast lies But they do it all the time now aside From them lying themselves Which they and their viewers or most of Their viewers won't admit to all right There's that but I've seen both these Networks and both these people cover Things that they call Trump's lies every Day every day they do this every day if

You tune into Jake Tapper and Rachel Maddow they cover something Trump is Saying that they deem as untrue Potentially dangerous And you know negative And so what's really going on here well They don't want to show you the whole Speech and again the people watching Them are so warped and so sheeple Sheepled out and so you know move to the Left and they hate Trump I mean you have To be a Trumpeter to be watching CNN and MSNBC And so they're all of those things And yet what You know like what are we talking about Here You know they're not going to be changed Their minds aren't going to be changed People don't change their minds people Aren't affected by that so it isn't like People are gonna Wake up and say oh my God Trump is great When they watch his speech they've Already formulated their opinion of him If they're watching CNM and MSNBC There's none of that right those people Are not going to be won over by Trump And so what is it they're really Censoring here well they want to cherry Pick Trump's statements They don't want to show you the whole Thing you know I do that too When I'm going to mock these evidence

First I'm going to cherry pick their Content because most of their content Sucks if I showed you all their content You turn it off because you don't want To watch CNN and MSNBC The only reason it's interesting to you Is because I make jokes of it and mock Them it's the only reason people say it All the time in the comment section the Only way I can watch these people is When you're making fun of them And so if they show you the whole if They showed the whole Trump speech They probably would lose viewers and People would say you know Trump isn't as Bad as we think you know just he's Boring or whatever it is right so they Have to show you the most Sensationalized Uh content which is a very content that They're claiming they don't want to show You right So they're just out and out Liars right And they want to comment on his content And frame The Narrative and Sherry pick How they present it to you which is what I was saying earlier and Fox News does The same thing I'll you know the Right-leaning news max all these things And people on the truth Community do the Same thing everybody does Everyone's trying to Define other people Through their narratives And we cherry pick I do it we all cherry

Pick the information to support the Vision that we have Um you know and so it's just how correct That vision is or how honest you are About doing that right and they're Completely dishonest like this is I mean there's no honesty on their part At all here so I'm going to end this Here I'm you know I'm releasing this Trump video why he's been a cancer on The truth community And you know all this stuff that I said Earlier if you see something about the Community guy the The Advertiser Friendly guideline stuff you know feel Free to comment and point out The time when that happens because I Might come back and and talk about that More in a future video Um clearly you know they're just um I mean it's just fundamentally dishonest All of it Uh but you know like I said I'm I'm Trying to put up a bunch of content in a Short period of time with the journey Series So I want to get this out there get the Other video out there And you know all the rest of it Only spirituality will save this world It's Paul Romano definitely important For the apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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