Gratefullness Meditation Update Upcoming July Gathering

Gratefullness Meditation Update Upcoming July Gathering

Greetings brothers and sisters Just a quick update about gratefulness Meditation today's Friday July 7th There'll be a Sitting with the Master of the system Whatever that means the Friday night Sitting individual sitting that Has been given for years in the Scishmark system But I wanted to show you that um Gratefulness meditation Channel I now have multiple playlists four of Them I guess I just put this up it's an intensive Three sittings in one day The introductory meditative settings Where people want to start meditating With gratefulness you know size more Gratefulness And then um two individual cities for People who need cities With two different techniques there And then I want to talk about the Upcoming Master charging gathering on July 24th Uh before I get to that I should say That um There was issues with people having ads Run during the channel and that channel Isn't monetized so I thought if I Monetize the channel I can make the ads not happen but I'm Not sure because YouTube runs ads no

Matter what maybe I don't know Uh but I can turn off the ads and just Not turn them on If it's monetized and maybe it won't run Ads during the the minute the meditation Settings I thought I needed 10 000 Subscribers you only need a thousand but Now I need more watch hours I think it's Um You need like uh a thousand hours of Watch time and I think I have 250 so uh You know those of you want to help out With that somehow and you can Just turn on the playlist or something And mute them So I can get enough watch hours so I can Get it monetized so I can turn off the Ads but in terms of the um Everything else uh the Gathering Upcoming gathering with Master charity There is preparation to the area where Um The you know Gatherings used to happen There's things that the master of the System Used to do to make gatherings More um You know successful spiritual work ahead Of time in terms of Bringing people you know putting some Sort of protective Bubble around people as they Came to the Gathering you know there

Would be a cleaning process would be Initiated right And then you know there's other work and I'm not really I was never trained in it And I just Know of it I don't know specifically how To do the work for example in charging And Babaji were traveling to I believe it was America From Europe There Was You Know Babaji was having Charge you prepare the areas that they Were going to be so that there would be More spiritual energy there And like charge you had a mental image Of the the map and he was doing work Cleaning And preparing the you know the venues And Bob as you said oh you did a good Job but you missed this one part here Um so like it's us uh working on the Spiritual Plane and so with that in mind I thought That for those of you who are going to Participate in chargie's birthday Gathering July 23rd it'll start his Birthday's on the 24th and then the 25th So there'll be two sittings each day Which is what we did last time You can start working With the idea like just be in a Meditative State and that you know any Way that you can contribute on a Spiritual level

It's either cleaning you know helping Clean People's home environments where they Are you know making it the start Transforming their home into an ashram Everyone who's meditating That they'll be spiritual energy there That they'll be Conducive conditions that the people who Are going to be meditating At the Gathering including yourself will Be you know naturally the cleaning Process will start And prepare you and you know build the The energy so it's it's something that's Happening You know years in advance It's often been said that people who Start slash mark meditation You know what we now call gratefulness Are prepared years in advance right and That happened to me like a year before I Started I was meditating and I had you Know I took a yoga class and in the yoga Class there was like you'd lie down and Meditate which is you know like on the Floor after doing yoga And you know I didn't love that but I Started to do it and like at home I Started doing the stretches and then I Started doing the same thing that I did In the yoga class And like I had I had done the yoga class Maybe two or three years earlier but I

Maybe was like physically uh stiff or Something And so I started to do the yoga again And I was doing the meditation and I Start to meditate it almost felt like I Was vomiting out of my heart like it was A weird thing that was going on so I did It for a while and I stopped doing it Just because I you know whatever it Wasn't very pleasant and whatever was Going on within a year later I started Size Mark and I felt like there was a Few things that happened I took some Spirituality classes Like this sort of new age class and like A bunch of things happened that opened Up the possibility for you know the Spiritual work was already being done And you know more it might have been Being done my whole life but it got Really intense and a few things happened That led me to doing the search Mark Practice and so a gathering starts long Before the Gathering And you know we can start doing that Work you sit in a meditative state for You know whatever you're meditating or Whatever it might be it just be open or Before bed creating some intentions for Yourself for the Gathering you'll Maximize your benefit you know be aware That the Gathering is coming up and then That you're willing to allow work to go Through you and you know participate on

A group level to make the Gathering Successful for everybody Involves you know raise the level of you Know intensity raise the level of uh you Know um Preparedness that we're all preparing For this on a spiritual level you know And I think it's a kind of a blessing Not kind of it's a blessing to be able To do this because Participating it makes you you know Setting intentions and setting you know Some level of way to participate and if Any ideas come to you about how to Direct your energy towards the Successful Participation of the Gathering I mean The work teaches is what Babaji said And how you might be able to Contribute in some way or another to It's a successful outcome of the Gathering and whereas the master did This work and people just you know Didn't even know about it or you know Didn't have the opportunity to Participate now you do like now people Do because we don't have a you know the Sense of living Master like we did Before So there's that and so uh you know and I'll mention this hopefully I'll I'll do Reminders uh again this is three weeks From now when chargie's birthday is so It's about 20 days from the first

Sitting and any kind of level of um Participation that people have ahead of Time will just make your experience you Know the more you invest the more you Get out Of this experience Anyways uh like I said I'll keep people Updated only spiritual value will save This world it's Paul revado definitely Appointed for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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