Gratefullness Meditation Individual Sitting Available on My Other Channel

Gratefullness Meditation Individual Sitting Available on My Other Channel

Greetings brothers and sisters so this Is my gratefulness meditation Apocalypse potf Channel Which I am about to use more exclusively For gratefulness meditation Um Let's switch over to that other browser I have it up on So here are the videos that I'm about to Put up Individual sitting Video individual meditative sitting here I am going to put up today on Monday July 19th And I describe what I have sort of Experienced In a journey series video 108 and then Um I thought I'm going to talk about it More in 109. but in terms of I am now Um Acting as a preceptor Um Which uh you know this is a system the Gratefulness meditation is a system Without titles and preceptors and things Like that but I describe what I went Through I had a dream with charging Making me a preceptor so it's a whole Thing that you can you know Uh hear about there But for those of you who want to receive A sitting it would be great to get

Feedback from it and Um leave it on the gratefulness Channel Leave it on this video here When you watch the video Uh so there's a second sitting that I'll Release in like two weeks That's a different technique And so um That'll be up like next week or the week After But today I'm going to make public the First individual City For people to experience I'll leave a Link in the description box to this Video where you can find it on my Gratefulness meditation Apocalypse potf Channel and it'd be good To get you know honest feedback and I'm Not accusing anybody of lying but Um you don't have to worry about hurting My feelings because I um You know I just want to see if people Are receiving a city I have mixed feelings about it Which I describe quite extensively and The um 108th attorney series video And the 109th that's coming out But on my end I feel like a sitting you Know and I've been feeling like this for A while That transmission's coming through me During these meditations and things

So that's why I have been it's been on My mind But it's really whether people can Experience on their end And then I'll see what happens like in Terms of proceeding and moving forward With it So you know honest feedback is the best Obviously this is a you know sort of I Don't say experiment but it's a you know Information gathering process And so there'll be one sitting available There and if those of you want an Individual sitting and you can leave Um you know whatever feedback Uh you know on the video or whatever Some people don't feel comfortable doing It in public so they can uh send me a You know like information on Instagram Or whatever else right uh you know Private message But in terms of just you know seeing how People are responding and what it's like To be on the receiving end of the Sitting And I'll have a playlist up there and I'll have a description in the playlist And uh you know there'll be these two Individual cities and then I'll proceed From there you know I have some other Ideas what to do on that channel and Then move forward with all the rest of It right so um that's just the first Step

And so those of you guys want individual Sitting and you know we've done this Before whatever you've had some Experience with the transmission You can you know meditate and see what Yeah you experience Um so yeah you know there's more of a Description about it like I said in the The Journey Series where it's uh You know I talk about what happened here What brought this about and so also you Know I haven't done check-ins and Feedback for the Friday night setting And the group meditation on Sundays so You can leave feedback on this video for Your you know what's been going on with You and gratefulness For those and then if you do the Individual sitting leave the feedback on The other channel You know the actual individual sitting Video on the gratefulness meditation Channel So I hope that isn't confusing but Anyways it'll be good to get some Feedback on that only spiritual value Will save this world it's Paul Romano Definitely pointed for the Apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day And be grateful

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