Getting what we Deserve

Getting what we Deserve

Okay greetings brothers and sisters um I Want to get into a couple things I get To Trump here in a bit I have a few Things to clear up about Shoto dotani I'm not pronouncing his name right and Don Lemons breaks his silence on list of Diva demands to join Elon mus s people Negotiate all the Time um I want to get into some stuff uh Religious related in terms of the coming Of Jesus I forgot what I wanted to say But hopefully it'll come back to me if It doesn't then I won't talk about it But anyways here it says um Don Lemons He was interviewed on some podcast Because now all of a sudden people want To talk to him because he's made it a Big deal to be talked to and he said um The guy said the New York Post has Reported some stuff that you made a Bunch of requests from X that you asked For a cyber truck an $8 million salary And5 million do in stock options to a Company that he was criticizing right so He must have some faith in the company If he wants a car from his from Tesla And he wants stock options from X and he said and other demands and Lemon replied oh come on that is Nonsense PE people negotiate all the Time but that's come on it's obviously a Deflection and so you mean that's what You asked for for and that was a Negotiating tactic and you were willing

To back down on it but it's a deflection You just admitted to it this is the part Where he admitted to it people negotiate All the Time um and so Don Lemons who is just I Mean I didn't I think he's gotten Stupider since he's left CNN but he did This atrocious interview and it was Hilariously bad and Elon Musk must have Realized that this guy can't carry an Audience he's not going to bring an Audience see you have to have something More when you bring an audience to Social media because people have to find You and seek you out in a way that they Don't have to do when they just turn CNN On it's on in every airport right I mean Don Lemons has got guaranteed views Guaranteed to an audience just being on CNN I mean Chris Cuomo had a huge um uh Decline in audience when he left CNN and So Don Lemon who pretty much wore out His welcome with um liberals and woke Consciousness people and even CNN fans Isn't going to be able to bring in an Audience he has this one you know thing That he's done with Elon Musk it's going To get whatever amount of views it gets And then after that it's going to be a Slow trip to yeah I remember when that Guy used to be on TV Land um so that's Hilarious and so I reported on this on My other channel today a video that's

Just up today um Thursday March 21st I'm Not going to get this out till tomorrow This video won't be completed till Tomorrow but um I reported it like the Official story was accurate and so sh Shaho Otani's um interpreter rang up $4 Million in gambling debts and then um They did a press conference where he Explained that his best friend his Interpreter is his best friend that his Interpreter um gave a press conference And said that he went to his best friend And said I need you to pay off my debts And Otani who doesn't have that big a Grasp of English uh got up and said you know he Realized this guy was lying and that was The official story and he got up and Said he didn't even know about any of This and that the guy took the money Against his will and so the problem with This story is and I guess this guy might Be a lawyer as well I'm not sure but the Story has already changed and there were Four wire transfers of a million dollars With Otani signature on those transfers Right and so um the issue here is this Type of gambling there are Restrictions and you have to put money Up front like you can't gamble money That you don't have right isn't like the Old days where they come and and break Your legs and things like this right

They have to get this money legally so I Don't know what kind of bookie would Allow an interpreter to ring up $4 Million worth of bets right Ian he Definitely made the bets this guy but it Sounds like he was making the bets on Behalf of this guy sh Otani because why Else would a you know a legal Gambling uh you know business allow Someone who doesn't have that kind of Money bring up $4 million and why would Heay pay it off and so the second thing Is why is OT why would Otani allow this Guy access to wiring and embezzling Money from him right um so it sounds Like BS Otani just signed a a $750 Million contract with the Dodgers he's The highest paid athlete in America of All time it's almost a billion dollars Right he's three4 of a billion dollars In salary that he has and you know he Can hit and Pitch I don't watch baseball But he's kind of kind of a Phenom but The story just doesn't add up based on I Mean the you know the amount of money That was that we're talking about Here okay so let's start here Donald Trump says that any Jewish American who Votes for Democrats hates their religion And hates Israel okay Israel is that how You pronounce it m 2024 Republican Nominee made those comments yesterday During a podcast interview take a listen Why do the Democrats hate BBY

Netanyahu I actually think they hate Israel yes I don't think they hate I Think they hate Israel when you see Those Palestinian uh Marches even I I'm amazed at how many People are in those marches and guys Like Schumer see that and to him it's Votes I think it's votes more than Anything else because he was always Pro-israel he's very anti-israel now any Jewish person that vot for Democrats uh Hates their religion they hate Everything about Israel and they should Be ashamed of themselves right you know Um Donald Trump is so much of a shill For Israel and now this is kind of Important again you know I'm not voting And I whatever happens happens because You know there's no way to stop the Collapse of our civilization I've talked About this before in so many Videos but If Donald Trump gets elected he's going To Greenlight anything Israel wants to Do um in all of those not just those Countries you know this is what's at Stake here so this is the promised land Right so zionists believe that God Promised them this land you know God Doesn't promise Anything there's no promises I mean God Promises himself right you can always Feel God's love God is always there for

You no matter what what in terms of God's love if you want it but everything Else is Temporary land ownership life you know Anything right wealth Health nothing's Promised by God there's no you know Forever with God and uh but anyways the Zionist people and many of the Christians are zionists and Donald Trump Seems to be a Zionist as well believe That Israel was promised to the Jewish People and this was Israel that was Talked about in the Bible so it means All this area I show you this all the Time almost half of Iraq a big chunk of Saudi Arabia Egypt Lebanon and it's all um I think this is Jordan here and it's all um you know a Lot of this land is either rich with oil Or Rich with resources Gaza has all These rich natural resources and oil That they haven't tapped and its Beautiful Beast front property I they Have a little bit of the Persian Gulf Here Red Sea so this would give them Access to so much of this these these Oceans and vacation spots and I mean it Be a beautiful piece of land for them Right this is the primary the Primo land The best land in in all of the Middle East you know and I said this before and This Jared Krishner actually this is Donald Trump's Nephew and gaza's waterfront property it

Could be very valuable the thing that um That I would try to do if I was Israel Right now is I would just uh bulldoze Something in the negative I would try to Move people in there our people in Israel seriously talking about that Possibility about hosting Gaz and Refugees in what is considered quote Unquote Israel proper I don't know yeah I mean but that would be something you Would try to work on I'm sitting in my Speach right Now yeah you are and so um you know this Is this would be the Trump Legacy that they would Greenlight Israel And maybe back them mil arily to go in And take back the so-called Promised Land I mean as far as we know this is Donald Trump's Position it gosh speaking of being Ashamed of themselves my God here's a Guy that runs around and trashes the United States of America every day Because he's not president he trashes The this guy Donald Trump I mean this Guy's just you don't really have to you You don't have to go through your your Rhetoric here you know like Donald Trump Is chilling for Israel and that's all You have to say United States of America Before he is President despite the fact That before and after uh the United States as I say all the time strongest Economy in the world easily strongest

Military yeah we're not doing great but It bro come on come on Gumby Joe and Your and your dude Terry in the world Easily the most soft power in the world Easily the greatest uh uh institutions Of Higher Learning easily the greatest Uh uh look at her smile look at look Medical doctors and Health Care Professionals in the world easily you Can it's not that it's not even ranked That way like you're just absolutely Lying here America is slipping in pretty Much every Category and I mean we're becoming a Third world country you go to some of These airports and you go to some of These cities and it's run down right Because infrastructure breaks down it's Hard to repair infrastructure and Maintain it than it is to build a brand New city especially with all the Technology and things you know when Cities were built they had different Types of labor different types of um Technology and you know machinery and Then after 100 years or so when cities Start to collapse there's nobody knows How to you know repair the things that The way they were built before right Because they have a everything is now Modernized and so you know that's why Empires collapse It's easier to build an Empire than Maintain it you could go down the list

And yet Jee Robinson everything is Personalized to Donald Trump that's what Happens in a cult if if a cult he's not President of the United States and he Says America is horrible America is Awful America is a joke he says it you Didn't talk about the fact that you know This is about Israel uh let me just um Stop here for a second okay so I want to Make a distinction here um there's a Significant difference between Right-wing leaning Truthers and just plain truthers and It's not the same thing at all because What I would Define as a truth or I you Know I don't like the term or any of These terms but there is an Awakening That's going on in America and there's The woke the leftwing Leaning truthers You could call them truthers the right Wing leaning truthers in various Categories of people who agree with the Same problem and that problem is we've Been lied to excessively that everything We've been taught in schools Indoctrinated and you know media Everything that we've been told is a Lie To One extent or another now there'd be Some disagreement about everything being A lie because there's some some of these Groups believe that this part is still Pure that you religion is still good and Or the Democratic party is still good or The liberal movement is still good or

Trump is still good or the right-wing You know all these things right but There is a shared belief that at least In in part we've been lied to Excessively right and that's something We all agree on and there's lots of People maybe that's 70 60 70% of the Population agrees with that but then There are people who realize that we've Been lie to about everything you know we Have fundamental building blocks of our Culture culture and our society and a Worldview and all these things right and This includes religion includes your Education includes how you feel about You know social types of things it Includes the economy it includes science It includes all these things these major Building blocks I mean probably Everything but math and maybe even with Math I don't know you know it's hard to Lie about math but I'm sure they'll find A way or at least they misuse statistics And data and so the math isn't you know The math is being you know um Misinterpreted right but it also is About the origin of our species where we Came from and the nature of human beings The idea that we have a soul things like This they you know reincarnation all These types of things they are lying to You about all these things where we came From and you know are there Extraterrestrials and have there been

Extraterrestrials that have been Involved in you know human creation are Extraterrestrials that have been Involved with planet Earth you know what Else is there out there right you know There will be people on the left who'll Say well science you can trust science But of course that's bogus because Scientists let's say science was pure Scientists are not and so science will Scientists will lie and they people say We trust our religion and that's bogus Because your religion has been gamed has Been Rewritten and you've been lied to And you've been manipulated and now the Religion acts as a middleman between you And God so there's virt virally nothing That you have heard that hasn't been Contaminated partially or Completely by the deceptive system right The whole nature of our system is Demonic and what I mean by demonic I Mean that it is something that goes Against the will of God you know when People say demonic they you know there's This horror movie version of it some you Know demon or something and I have a Much more um liberal view about it of How much how many things are demonic Because God has given us all freedom of Choice but there is a soul we have a Soul we have Divinity within us and There is the right choice in every Circumstance we have the ability to find

The right choice and do what God wants Us to do and often times we find that Right choice we at least contemplate That right choice and we choose not to Do that right choice we would prefer to Do something differently and every time We do that we're doing something demonic Every time we back something that our Ego wants to do but our soul doesn't or Our soul doesn't you know our soul is Very clear about we shouldn't do that Thing but we do it anyway we are doing Something demonic Every Lie is usually Backed by some sort of demonic I mean Unless you were instructed to lie for God in some way I mean not some bogus Way that you make up but I you know I Don't even know that how that would how You would give an I can't give an Example of that that but pretty much Every lie every deception is a demonic Act and so we all engage in that but our Overall system is demonic it's goes Against the will of God it's deceptive And it doesn't align with the Divine Principles and laws across the board so We all participate in that right in many Ways we have very little choice and so When you're involved in a system that is Demonic and goes against the will of God Then just like anything else when There's a mistake God creates the Divine System creates automatically creates a Resistance a force you know a counter

Force to your wrong action we've all Experienced this in our lives so Immediately there are warnings there are You know there's issues and obstacles That appear that encourage you to Correct your wrong decision but we don't Do that collectively as a system and Then individually so that's where we are As a species right now where we are Willfully going in the wrong direction And heading over the cliff ignoring all The warnings and suffering all the or Postponing all the consequences for our Wrongful activity and the system in Order to move forward has to become more And more demonic and more and more Depraved in order to keep on going more And more deceptive and so that's where We are as a system and the only thing That we can do is let it collapse and Then build something new right Acknowledge that it is it's a failed System system that is system that you Know was a mistake an Abomination and it Is demonic and we have to let it go even Though we're 100% dependent on it of Course now it's the idea of it's too big To fail so that's where we are that's Where everybody is in it right and the People running the system are having to Engage in negative behaviors to keep it Going but getting back to my major Point Here so people who are seeking the truth They realize we realize we're being lied

To and we want to know the truth we want To know All of it like you know down to the Origin of our species asking the Questions why am I here what's my Purpose because it certainly isn't what The the uh the overall system says to be Rich and famous and Powerful materialism Right getting material goods and Services that somehow are going to make Our lives better none of those things Right none of those things are part of Uh you know the true nature of our Species and why we're here on a soul Level so a real truth Seeker this person Seeking the truth realizes they're being Lied to and then seeks the truth no Matter how painful it is and what they Find right and they're you know willing To accept the truth even if if it's Going to uh be uncomfortable and scary And you know the implications of the Truth means widespread changes that You're not ready to accommodate and you Know all these things that you're going To get overwhelmed and I mean even Understanding the nature of divinity in These things like you're going to have To expand your Consciousness and Horizons to really find out the truth And so those are those are all the People that are true truth Seekers and It makes up a very small portion of the Overall truth movement maybe 5% I don't

Even know right who are willing to Accept the truth or look for the truth No matter what it is and how painful it Is to experience the majority of Truthers the so-called truthers are People who believe that maybe the whole System is bad but their side their point Of view is still better and so that Isn't a truther that isn't someone who's Seeking the truth what they're seeking Is they're looking for information that Says that they've been right all along That their side and their people and Their group whether it be the Republicans or the Democrats whether it Be the QBs or the woke people they're All looking for people to validate their Point of view and you can tell that They're insincere about truthers because They hear something that challenges Their point of view and they immediately Attack you and call you a shill and they Have all these defense mechanisms which Makes them a sheeple it makes them a Worse than a sheeple because sheeple are Just sitting there passively but these People are activated they're angry They're radicalized and they're pushing For change in an agenda and they are Easily manipulated as long as you agree With their point of view and that's Trumpers and people on the right wing Certainly people on the left wing and The you know the the uh you know the the

Extreme end of the left wing we see that All the time but the extreme end of the Rightwing aren't willing to face up to The lies that they've been told from Their own people from the people in Their demographics and lies about their Demographics and their belief system so They're not really truthers and those People are the people who still are Backing Trump because you see that all Of these people are a part of the Problem everybody with a you know who S Standing in front of a Microphone is a part of the problem They're being used or they're Voluntarily um lying to you or whatever It is that they're doing is playing a Part a role in this you know this drama And there's lots of reasons to say that Joe Biden is a nightmare being scile and All and then all the liberal agenda he's Pushing and things that are ultimately Destructive to us but Trump has done his Fair share with operation warp speed and Some of these other things but now he's Pushing for greenlighting Israel to do What Israel wants to do which would Ultimately lead to World War III and you Know which I think is inevitable anyway So I'm like whatever I if Trump gets Elected and that's what happens that's What happens but recognize that's what You're voting for you're not voting for A guy who is on your side you know Trump

Is so Selfish that there are places where a Republican Candidate is hurt by being a Trumper Many places across the country and Trump Expects them to be a Trumper anyway and Lose rather than you know not be uh you Know be a rhino Republican Republican Name only as he would call him because He's that selfish he's that immature and He can't even see what's better for Himself and you know any real politician And politicians suck but Trump sucks as Well even worse in this instance because Of his selfishness realizes that like Joe Biden showing up to an area where It's going to hurt that politician hurt That you know Senate candidate or House Of Representative candidate or one of These you know whatever it is it's you Know in his best interest not to show up There and not to seek that person's Endorsement because it's better for the Democrats to get as many seats as Possible but Donald Trump won't do that Because he's so narcissistic and he's Got such th thin skin I mean is is uh Just in terms of his Persona I received A tweet and I thought it came from Trump And I'd received it Twitter recommended This tweet and it must have been a Somebody tweeting something he posted on True Social and he was posting reposting

Something from Mel Gibson that was Supposedly having images and pictures From Ellen degenerous and the clintons And maybe some other people uh Performing abusive Acts or whatever in Haiti and you know I didn't follow along The thing cuz you know I didn't I mean I Didn't go to Mel Gibson's website or Whatever he has you know Mel Gibson is Not somebody to be trusted either and It's just something you know it's these Story lines that Republicans want to Hear they might be true they might be You know somewhat embellished or they Might be out andout false but it's just A way to to keep you divided thinking That one side is so so much more evil Than the other side that you have to be Engaged in the system and you don't you Just have to figure out what you're Going to do next Once the system Collapses you know surviving whatever is Going to happen in the next you know Whatever 10 15 years or so and then Figuring out a way to rebuild something Not making the same mistakes as the past And that would be what I consider true Truth Seekers anyways let's get back to Trump Here uh if if you are a Jew and you Don't support him Then you hate your religion and you're a Bad Jew uh again this is something at L Yeah remember when Joe Biden said um if

You're if you're black and you don't Vote for him you're not Black you got more questions but I tell You if you have a problem figuring out Whether you're for me or Trump and you Ain't black I mean remember when Joe Biden said that how do you guys cover That right because that seems like Almost kind of worse because this is Something else right in the one instance He's talking about American citizens who Have the right to vote for anybody they Want and Joe Biden is defining who's Black and who's not like he has some Ability to do that where Trump's thing a War that's going on you know and all the Implications with Israel I mean they're Both bad they're both arrogant and just Old guy stuff and just they stupid Comments but I think Biden might be Biden's might be a little bit worse in Terms of offens how offensive it is to The group of people but Trump's has Implications about green writing green Lighting Israel to do whatever they want In the Middle East and that's probably The scarier of the two things so they're Both pretty bad right was talking about It yesterday uh when we were talking About this column this is something that If any other politician had said before Or if they say after they' be drummed Out of politics but not Donald Trump his People his no we just saw Joe Biden Joe

Biden said that thing about blacks Remember Anyways these these Sad Sack mfers Here so then there are some follow-ups To this that was from two days ago of Themselves pretty notable rhetoric there So let's take a listen to how he Responded to a question about those Comments Yesterday okay Trump what do you Got I think that the Democrats have been Very very opposed to Jewish people That's true and to Israel would doing Very well with the Jewish voter it looks Like and we should do very well if you Look at all of our Pres okay so that's Presidents they're saying Trump was the Best for Israel so Trump's saying that Trump is the best president for Israel You know Israel's interests and America's interests are not always Aligned and often times they're not Aligned at all and that's the situation Now what Israel is doing to Gaza is not In the best interest of America and yet Trump is greenlighting them because you Know he's more for Israel than he is for America right I mean that's you know That's been played out one of his power Groups he Trump has powerful groups Behind him as well and one of them is Israel and they said you know that they Think he's the greatest president in Terms of giving Israel everything that

Israel wants and think about that right If you know any of the narratives about Israel and the truth community and what It represents or what you're seeing Playing out now in the genocide that's Happening in Gaza Strip and all these Other things um so then Morning Joe the Next day they got into it Here I mean Chuck Schumer has spent Donnie deuts is look she's so sad entire Life the victim of anti-Semitic tropes Because he has been such a fierce Defender of of Israel now suddenly Donald Trump decides that he again will Determine Donald Trump will determine Who is a bad Jew and who is an enemy of Israel your thoughts I think out of all the things that Donald Trump has ever said that have Offended my core this is it this is the Number one how dare you Donald Trump Tell me how dare You how dare you breaking out how dare You how dare anything you but the bottom Line is very clear when you Cross illegally you have how dare you be So flippant man what we say how dare They uh what it takes to be a good Jew And not be a good Jew what it takes to Love Israel and not love Israel first of All you stand for nothing what Judaism Is all about about being a decent human Being about being kind to others you are The farthest thing from what anybody

Should say what a good Jew is or isn't And make no mistake about it for anybody Who says I'm voting for Donald Trump Because he's automatically good for Israel he would turn on Jews in a second This is a guy you know who else would Turn on somebody in a second okay um I Couldn't find videos of this because They scrubbed it because you know MSNBC Where Donnie de is a regular and he had His own show on CNBC was not his first show in terms of His Interaction with NBC working for MBC he worked for here he was a regular Here on The Apprentice right he was Um here it is Donald Trump this is the The cast of The Apprentice Donald Trump Self Karen kepshire self and boardroom Adviser and Donnie dou Donny douche and He's um top of the list here right he Was a regular on the show and good Friend to Donald Trump used to LED money for the Donald Trump Donald Trump was involved with his You know banking Empire and so MBC has Tried to scrub this they don't have any Clips available but if you watch The Apprentice you'll see Donnie de Who is now you know really anti-trump He's very angry about it right um so That's that guy okay so let's move on to This Kanga Brown Jackson concerned first

Amendment is hamstringing government From censorship Supreme Court Justice Contener Brown Jackson raised concerns That the First Amendment May stand in The way of government censorship and Unique times in Monday's oral argument For Murthy versus Missouri Jackson Appeared to be skeptical that the Government could not censor social media Point uh posts in the most important Time periods my biggest concern is that Your view has a First Amendment Hamstringing the government in Significant ways in the most important Time periods you seem to be suggesting That the duty cannot manifest itself in The government encouraging or pressuring Platforms to take down harmful Information So can you help me because I'm really Worried about that because you got the First Amendment operating an environment Of threatening circumstances from the Government's perspective and you're Saying the government can't interact With the source of those problems and so What they're doing here and saying here Or she is is that the first amendment is Nil and void because of the internet and Because we're in more threatening Circumstances than ever before and That's not true right and so that's why The First Amendment exists so the Government doesn't interfere with your

Ability to express your Opinion okay so I'm not sure I covered This before I have it up I might have Talked about this on one of my past Videos but National Guard to be deployed For solar eclipse 2024 it seems to be mostly in Oklahoma but the National Guard has been At least in one state alerted because of Concerns about something that's going to Happen during the eclipse So this is what um the Supreme Court Leans against limiting Biden Administration contacts with social Media platforms so that's concerning Right a ma majority of the Supreme Court Justices appeared highly skeptical Monday about claims the bid Administration crossed the line from Persuasion to coercion when it told Social media platforms to remove Problematic content um so this is how Much they're owned a lot of this had to Do with fiser and you know all these Things but the Supreme Court is Basically saying it's okay for Biden to Threaten these uh Big Tuck companies and You know um make them take down these Posts and what he used was you know that They are um there's some title whatever It is that prevents them from being sued For things that people post on their Sites and if they would could be sued For things that there was posted on

Their sites then they couldn't operate And they'd have to close to and so Basically what Biden did in his Administration not Biden was threaten Them to you know take down whatever they Disagreed with and that's just not cool Like that's totally a First Amendment Violation Biden wanders off stage after Spotting baby in crowd at Arizona Campaign event he couldn't resist Wandering off to see a baby because he's A creepy Mfer vote we have accomplished so much We have made so much progress together But we know that there is still work to Be done which is why we are going to Organize like never before and ensure we Are turning out the vote because of your Vote we have accomplished so much so he Just wanders off stage which is rude and Kind of disturbing because you know Nobody wants to screep around their baby Right don't say in Person Schumer rejects neto's request to Talk to Democrats as Israel's leader Addresses the GOP um so Chuck Schumer is standing up a Little bit to Israel you know I just Wanted to say one more thing about Religion um you know watching this Firsthand some of you guys are aware of This most of you probably a little bit Aware of it but the sjar meditation that I've done for years transformed my life

And you know help me connect to God in Deeper levels and just a wonderful thing Has now been corrupted And like this past um by this clown Dodgy who has Fran franchised a scam in Which um they claim to be able to teach Kids to be able to smell colors and Solve Rubik's Cubes by touch and smell Instead of using your eyes and you know Stupid stuff like that right it's a like A a known scam and he's done a lot of Stupid things but he's corrupted Something that was you know once great And the stunning thing for me has been That all these people who claim to love The system and love the former Master Have allowed dodgy to throw uh the Former president Master the system under The BR under the bus and disparage him And Destroy his life's work and all These things and then corrupt this System and they have gone along with it And some of them because of bribe some Of them because of cultural issues you Know the guru culture in India or Whatever it might be but the bottom line Is he's taken something that was once uh You know a pristine spiritual system That helped people connect to God and Turned it into a religious cult and then Last week he had this sort of a a mega Gathering where he brought in all these Other um spiritual Organizations they call it a Maha stop I

Called it a cultist where he's trying to Poach people from other people's systems And there was um the president of India Who's a lesser position than the Prime Minister the Vice President of India and The woman who's in charge of the the British Commonwealth that once you know The Britain did laid a hurting on India Like just really exploit the Indian People and uh you know was I mean Basically slave labor and colonization All these things and yet he's you know U Bringing these politicians in and all These other pseudo spiritual people you Know he got a award from the he got some Like some trophy or award from the British Commonwealth or all these things Right a British Commonwealth award for Peace I believe peace and um a global Ambassador for peace and building faith You know and I made a video disparaging Him and his system and some guy showed Showed up and commented about the award And things said it was you know it was a Joke but Dody himself created a Heartfulness award and you know watching This fall apart the way it has and Seeing that this has happened in Spiritual organization after spiritual Organization where they take something Real you know this happened with um you See pretty much every mom and pop Organic health food company that ends up Doing well gets absorbed by Nestle or by

You know I mean craft or you know all These big food companies right that then Um you know take the the quality Ingredients and the wholesome nature of The food and they you know mass-produce It after it's it's uh got an audience of People it's got a customer base and Maybe people notice the difference maybe They don't but they cut cost and put in Few ingredients and take the life and The the pra out of the food and you know Turned it into something more corporate And all these things right it becomes Poison for the the dumb down masses and The people who you know bought into a Product and then they don't realize that It's no longer the you know the the Quality food that it once was I think Somebody sent me something or maybe I Saw it today that McDonald's has some New food you know I don't know what it Is something that people are are um Really into and I'm like you know you Know at what point do you realize McDonald's food is poison you it's not Food it's poison right but going back to Religion you know they they take Something that was great and there was a Spiritual master or someone of a high Caliber that came down to do some Spiritual work and then that person um You know dies and they slowly corrupt The system and it's the most powerful of Scams because it represents your

Connection to God and people do pretty Much much anything for God and so this Is the problem we've had with all these You know various I mean you can call Science like all science you know the Religion of Science and it's the most Powerful religion now for Liberal people And people of the Mind who want to deny The reality of the soul and the reality Of divinity it's the same kind of a scam It's based in you know some sort of Clergy and they're the only ones who get To the scientists they get to interpret The data you have talk about this with Fui and these other people and you know You see this with Trump and Trump has Sort of a cult of personality and you Know all these things and you know the Way that people feel about the Anti-trump people and all the way people Buy into the whole you know riger morole And all the stuff that's going on but The issue has always been people right Because if people were better they Wouldn't fall for this kind of stuff They wouldn't buy into it right they Just wouldn't go along with it some People buy into it and believe it it Some people are smart enough to see Through it but they get their little Piece of the pie and they're able to you Know cut themselves off a chunk for Being complicit or going along with it Or whatever it is right being a part of

It and so as long as everybody sucks This is the system you're going to get And you know with the way that people View this there's always this sense of False hope Because people are don't deserve better They don't deserve we don't deserve a Leader that would not just a leader we Don't deserve a utopian society you Remember the the conversation from the Smith character and the Morpheus Character the movie The Matrix where He's saying that you know they built the Matrix in the beginning as this Blissful Place where there was no crime and Everyone was happy and people rejected It right they couldn't stand it and so They had to make the Matrix into a you Know a like an apocalyptic hell or Whatever it was right just a corrupt and You know uh you know what we have now in The world today right because that's What people want that's what people feel Comfortable with that's what people uh You know they just they don't want Bliss People don't want you know want drama People want conflict they want failure The whatever it is right they want Nightmares they want horror movies and They very seldom pick somebody who's you Know people in their life to partner With to marry to to go into business With or to you know any number of things They don't pick people that are of a

High quality or you know who are going To be uh people with good character Qualities they're going to treat them Right more often not people choose Somebody who's going to abuse them or Someone's going to you know whatever it Is and that's just the nature of human Human you human beings now and everyone In the truth Community is waiting for Some kind of outcome of a positive Nature is like diluting themselves Because why would we deserve that right I mean could happen but why would it Happen like you know you have to create Something and manifest it and who's Manifesting something where I mean it's You know complete ignorance of where you Get your food and where you get your Products and the kind of slave labor and The kind of hellish environments that Most of our resources come from these Exploited colonized places where people Are you know living in abject poverty Making our stuff for us you know working 30 you know 16 hour days and for for you Know under a dollar something like that Or whatever it is right and so um you Know it's the world isn't like that Right the world you know not everybody In the world can live in a cold sack Right not everyone in the world can have That kind of lifestyle based in a system It's a Have and Have Not system as long As there's opulence as long as there's

People with extraordinary wealth there Has to be poverty wealth is defined by Poverty and the people who want more and The people who accept less and that's You know that's uh it's a you know it's A it's a joint project right where People all go along with this the way it Is and so I was thinking about this in Terms of people's belief in you know Just accepting Jesus as your lord and Savior and he's going to somehow you Know get you into heaven I've talked About past lives and future lives and The idea if you have a soul you really Really believe in future and past lives Because your soul is eternal Your soul was somewhere before your soul Wasn't created by your body right how Many people believe their soul was Created by their Body how many people believe that your Soul created your body right and so if Your soul created your body if your soul Used is using your body to you know Manifest itself in physical form then Which of course is the way it would have To be that's anybody who believes in Their soul that's what you know is Supposed to have happened right if that Has happened then your soul came from Somewhere else and it's going somewhere Else afterwards and all this talk about Heaven and hell and all these things That you know whatever it is your soul

Is eternal and you have a you know 70 80 Year life and we're talking about a Universe that's around for Millions upon Millions of years billions of years but You know believing in the second coming Of Jesus and I'm not you know doubting That Jesus will come again you know Because people you know Souls Reincarnate especially at a time like This where there are a lot of higher Developed souls coming in to you know to Change the the trajectory of the world And from a you know materialistic hell Hole to something better that's more Spiritual right but this idea that you Can somehow get to heaven for doing next To nothing but just accepting a religion That's exploiting you right like why Would you deserve that like there has to Be you know something you have to do Everything has to be earned like there's No free there's no free meals in in Terms of uh accomplishment in your life And physical plane of existence and even More so in a spiritual field spiritual Field it's a lot harder to uh work your Way up the spiritual ladder than it is To be a successful person in in the Material life but if you look at what You do every day like you know how you Behave what you're doing with your life What you're doing for other people what You're doing for God what you're not Doing for God what you're not doing for

Your soul or whatever it is right and Just your your output of thought that You have you know you negative thoughts You have towards people hateful thoughts Right judgmental thoughts and you know Things that you say about other people Hurting people's feelings and you know Whatever we all do right and you look at What you do like how what your product Is as a person you know just Subjectively you can always look at Somebody worse and say you know look I'm Better than Joe Biden or who you know he Bu you know Margery tiller green or Something it's easy to you know the low Lives that live you know know down the Street or whatever it is I mean you can Always find people that you you you know That you're you're you feel like you're Much better person than they are right But in terms of just like your Self-evaluation of the kind of person You are and what you're doing every day With your life and how that's affecting The collective and affecting your soul And some future version of yourself like What do you think you deserve like just Be honest about it like what do you Think you deserve I mean when you die What do you think you deserve like if You're you know Uh I mean you fairly negative person With bad attitude pretty much hateful Towards everyone else and whatever it is

That you are as a person like just be Honest about it right I if everyone was Honest about and thought about they what They actually deserved not just in terms Of some afterlife but what do you Deserve tomorrow like what have you Earned for tomorrow like what do you you Know in terms of your and people look at The mirror and they're go well I'm fat And you're like well cuz you've been Stuffing twinky down your ghoul hole Right like that's the outcome you know The whatever is happening right now is As a result of your past and what's Going to happen in the future is a Result of your present right you're Creating your future now and everything That's going on in your life is you can Find some cause and effect to it for the Most part I mean we start off as a baby Sure you grow up in a abusive household And you're like what did I do to deserve That I was just a baby but what did you What were you before right like if they You you came from somewhere What did you create in your past Existence to be born into a lowlife hell Hole with a couple of deranged you know Pedo parents or alcoholic parents or Something like that right I mean there's You know it's a continuation of Something else and so if you think about That that way you know you can evaluate What you deserve out of life like what

You deserve out of life what you deserve After life because you're you know You're evaluating the the product of you As a person You know what you're the energy and the Everything that you're exuding out to The world and most people just you know Are so wrapped up in The Matrix and the Distraction and you know some outcome of Something that's going to affect them Almost you know not at all whether it be Sports or you know politics or whatever It is some reality TV show or whatever But in reality you know in the real Reality you are creating something and You know tomorrow is going to is what You're doing now is going to affect what You to happen to you tomorrow and the Next day and you all the way up till you Die and very few people think about it That way and backing somebody like Trump I mean you know what are you getting out Of that right I how do you not see it And it's just because you feel like There's some miracle waiting for you and There's no Miracles I mean there's no no Real Miracles because everything that's Happening is you know part of the Divine Process people make mistakes they have Freedom of choice and they engage in Behaviors and and then you know there's Also the Divine reaction the Consequences of the punishment for going Against the will of God you know it's a

Self-punishment that your Soul's Administering to you and drawing to you Because it wants you to get back on the Right track but then you deny it your Ego just you know stinks its heels in And goes even farther down the wrong Path and refuses to admit its you know Its depravity and that's why planet Earth sucks right now and probably the End result is going to be wiped pretty Clean and they'll have to start over With something else right in a Post-apocalyptic type of situation I Mean that's you know isn't that what we You know if you look at everything That's happening if you're being honest With yourself the way people treat each Other the way people behave the selfish Nature of human beings and you know the I don't care what happens to the Environment I don't care what happens to The poor people that are making my Clothes and my food and all these things You know just as long as I get Minds Right all this stuff Everybody thinking they deserve more Than they you know complaining about Behaviors and then doing the same exact Behavior to somebody else and thinking They're Justified and so that's you know Human nature right now that's what People are about and you know people Like that deserve not good things you Know deserve the consequences of their

Actions just like every everything and Everybody else right anyways just some Sheery thoughts for You only spirituality will save this World it's it's Paul R definitely Ving From the Apocalypse in the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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