Get Educated, or Be Enslaved™ – Join the Movement for Truth Freedom Health®

Get Educated, or Be Enslaved™ - Join the Movement for Truth Freedom Health®

We have allowed our country to be taken Over from within and the end goal is you Will have a homogenized world where we Will become slaves Because there is a condition among the Elites that really thinks they're better Than you Deep down inside them that you don't Deserve the freedoms you have They don't this reality is what people Need to wake up to and we need to all Unite working people there's only one Movement that can do that and that is The movement that we started creating Here in Massachusetts the movement for Truth freedom and help look I've been a Student of politics since I was a Four-year-old kid studying revolutionary Movements left wing right wing there's a Physics there's a nuclear science to Destroying the establishment to build a Bridge you need to understand Newton's Equation you need to understand the laws Of gravity you need to understand Poisson's ratio there is a way to build A revolution and that's why I put this Together my goal is to train a army of Truth freedom and health leaders we Don't need followers like social media We need leaders but they need training Because educational system does not Teach them history nothing so in three Hours that's what I've started doing That's the solution we got to train

People first with understanding what a System is the Dynamics of all systems That affect nature the second is Understanding the interconnection Between truth freedom and health freedom Is the ability to move freely Communicate freely talk freely without Freedom you cannot convert ideas Hypothesis into truth which is science And without Freedom you can't really get To truth and without truth you make up Fake problems and fake Solutions which Means you destroy our health and without Health which is the infrastructure of us In our body you can fight for Freedom Truth Freedom help third concept is it Has to be Bottoms Up working people People who work uniting and what the Right wing has done is whatever you say Working People Unite that must be Communist meanwhile they've let the Democrats run unions which suppress Workers completely corrupt but when you Look at the Arc of American History it's Been when working people came up we need To go local every solution I'm coming up With is a part of this movement we're Giving the science which is the truth And then we tell people what they can do On the ground like with election fraud You don't need to wait for some lawyer Our goal is to train people to go local To go local to go local fight locally Forget lawyers forget politicians forget

Celebrities you've got to learn politics And there is a science to it they lock Us down we should be ready to shut them Down and the fourth part of this Principle is a not so obvious Establishment so when you look at a System there's always something that Disturbs you from getting to your goal Well the biggest disturbance is a not so Obvious establishment which are those People who claim they're for you on the Left and the right the AL sharptons who Tell black people I'm for you the Tucker Carlsons do you think any true Anti-establishment person will ever be On Fox or CNN I don't think so they both Mislead working people back into the Establishment without this solid Understanding of political physics and Theory you're screwed you're going to Follow on the left wing Bernie Sanders Oh he said something or Robert Kennedy Scumbags or you're going to follow some Right-wing talk show host they're not Going to lead us to Liberation it's us We're building a Bottoms Up movement and That political physics it's a nuclear Science of change Bottoms Up we have to Organize to understand that there is People who talk a good game and then Look at what they actually do left and Right I'm sorry Sean Hannity may say Some good things but I don't see the Urgency in his voice to get something

Done and it can only come when you Weaponize yourself with the right Knowledge you need to be able to Identify a rat you know Christ didn't go After the Romans right it was a Pharisees in the shadow season screwed Him up his own quote-unquote people and That's where we're at so these four Concepts I've built into a curriculum And people can go to and it's an Educational program we need to train People in political Theory you need to Have physics and I've created that Curriculum people need to get educated We need to get educated fast and within A half an hour an hour I can teach People two years of MIT Control Systems I teach people those Concepts that I Apply it anyone can understand it and Then you say oh I gotta build a Bottoms Up movement they have to get politically Astute and then they have to go locally And act not sit there on social media They have to act locally defy locally do Civil obedience locally but with Knowledge on how to build a movement the Senate campaigns expanded to the Movement for truth freedom and health And they can find it on so people can sign In they can get access to a bunch of Videos if they want to take a course and Become a truth Freedom Health leader I

Offer a full scholarship there but we Want people to make a commitment that They'll study that they'll get certified That they'll go do activities on the Ground so go to

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