French Workers Support Dr.SHIVA 2024 In Massachusetts – Spearheading A Global Movement

French Workers Support Dr.SHIVA 2024 In Massachusetts - Spearheading A Global Movement

I'm very happy to having the opportunity To talk to you from France And I'm very happy that you run for Senate election And my question is Um how can we be sure that they are not Gonna steal your vote at the end can you Can you collect the image ballots to be Sure that it's going to be properly Settled because I want you to be elected Because from France it will be a very Nice uh income I would say That will help me to promote the uh the The creation of an independent movement From any parties which are all of them Controlled oppositions Thank you yeah so thank you so Mark just Asked a question I'll repeat it so People can hear it the question is he's Saying the people in France would like To see us elected you know us being Successful in our senate election and How do we ensure that can happen I also Want to let people know that we invite Everyone to come to an orientation every Thursdays at 11AM and 8pm I host an open House lots of great people show up you Have a lot of chance to meet people from All over the world every Thursdays we do A open house anyone's invited you can Just RSVP at VA orientation we Have people all over the world come in And we discuss how we actually build a Movement to end the nonsense that's

Going on if you think oh my God the World's going to help I'm so confused You'll get very inspired at seeing There's a lot of people are coming to Our movement for truth freedom and Health please join us there okay let's Talk about this From the perspective of in 2018 did Anyone even know that there was election Fraud no in 2020 we made that aware Aware we put the world on notice that it Occurred in the United States So you have to assume they're going to Cheat Okay Assume they are going to cheat okay One of the things we're going to do is We're going to create some technology And support when people go to vote They can take a picture of their Photo of their image and they can send It to us And they can load it up we're going to Create our own ballot images Mark Okay we're also going to file a writ of Mandamus which is basically going to say That you better follow the law and Preserve valid image according to 52 USC 20701 okay And by the way any Republicans probably The masterpie will try to go do that to Say oh was our idea okay and if you're Listening it's our idea okay and if you Do it

You better put it was brought to you by The truth from the health movement okay Not your idea So those are the two things we're going To do but our goal is to go door to door And overwhelm these people also And we're going to document our work Because even if they cheat US they're Going to pay a heavy price for cheating Us next time There is a price to pay you know what The price is public opinion because more People are going to know about it and More people will know about it and more People know about it and people start What will happen when the next Republican Democrat shows up in their Neighborhoods it's not going to be very Friendly when people realize we're Talking about It is a movement we're building We will keep doing our thing with Honesty and integrity and if we're going To do all these things when they try to Do it to expose them and document it That's what we're going to do that's the Best we can do we're playing on their Battlefield but the battlefield that They're not playing on is a battlefield Of getting their hands dirty and going Door to door They don't have an army like we do they Don't have an army of people are Understanding these principles

They have a their the people that they Appease to are a group of people who Just want to do their citizenship Everyone to two years okay I voted am I Not great I filled I got a form and I Filled it in ah I voted I'm great [Music] Right you didn't vote bad person I voted No people in our movement are going to Be real citizens And whatever happens we're gonna win Because we will have a bigger movement And a bigger movement but the only way To win among them is to keep them on Notice and watch them like a hawk we Will be in every poll poll poll booth And that's going to give people the Opportunity to be citizens again Okay so mark We're gonna do Very pleased to know that you're going To do it again and uh we look forward to Being behind you and helping you as Marcus said we had friends you know this Is what we need and uh I disappoint to This letter the evidence that all of This uh covet could have been prevented It was not necessary because you made it All out of the letter what to do how to Do it it was all there and we did not Have to go through this the world has Suffered Because they were not listening but some Of us was listening and even today when

I'm eating it now I have the evidence of How this could have been affected how Could have been prevented and it was not Necessary because you stood there in Front of the world and you said this is A hoax Thank you Dr Shiva yeah what Jake what James is what James is referring to by The way James is saying I don't know if You know in March 23rd of 2020 I wrote to Trump a letter And it laid out in two pages exactly it Was called immune health Immune and economic health for America Some of you may remember it and for the Record everyone in the world should know About it okay And I'll show it to you right now but James thanks for bringing that up it's a Letter I wrote to now let me tell you What happened in uh 2020 I had just won a major award to present The science of the immune system at the National Science Foundation in 2019 November And then when Quote unquote covet hit the shores of The United States we were running a Major protest on January 6 January 13th In New Jersey January 20th we were Already protesting on the streets We didn't see a republican right Wingers In that we were doing that on the ground We didn't see anyone else doing that

And then as I was doing that I did a Video on the science of the immune System I got a call from one of the Senior most officials of the White House Council out of the White House and he Goes I can't tell you my name But this is what I do and he goes Trump Is not listening to us he's listening to Fauci we're going to destroy the economy We're headed into a grand depression Dr Shiva please keep doing your videos And you will remember I used to do two To three videos and I was getting tired As hell people know I used to be up Until 10 a.m We had a woman called Jen Bennett She and I used to do these videos It was hard work guys plus doing a Full-time job And we did that as pure public service But on March 23rd I wrote to the fool Trump That's what he is okay and it was a very Good letter and I'm sharing it right Here And um to the people let me also share It On Zoom To everyone can see it Okay And there's that letter And that letter was immune and economic Health and I begged Trump on March I Said this letter essentially provides

You how we really achieve immune and Economic health I said Don't listen to Fauci I said the science of the immune System says that you don't we want to Give the right medicine for the right Person at the right time I said split the country into people who Are really immunocompromised people who Have coveted people are healthy a couple Other one other group And I said for the people immuno Compromise give them I gave them the Protocol for how much vitamin D vitamin A zinc quercetin everything A zelenco Guy stole my protocol and started Bottling it okay we gave it away for Free I've had I can't tell you how many calls People said I was in the ICU I followed Your protocol I you saved my life We told Trump to do that Marla Maples His ex-wife delivered that letter to him So it did get to him The one of the Deputy secretaries called Me and I said you need to get rid of Fauci this is what you need to do Otherwise you're going to destroy the Country they didn't listen we had the Solution We laid it out and James said And then we did a petition for fire Fouchy we rode that bus for 36 hours Straight you couldn't get a hotel we had To sleep on the bus that night

That's a kind of hard work ethic I come From We delivered those letters to the RNC They didn't do Myself Richard Giorgio and his daughter B Richard is a garbage Former garbage you know sanitation Worker Let's start having respect for the work You've seen me do Honor it it is the hard work of the American people We got that letter he didn't do anything Who do you not listen to at MIT peachy Whose field is immune system Like how much more credibility do you Want And we had one of our own medical Doctors Dr vainu at that time he wanted He was against me he said I'm you know Well I don't think you should enter this Vaccine thing Yes when I went with Andrew Wakefield Against this Because MDS want to protect their ego After that then he fights for himself We don't see him from this movement Anymore he took a lot of our stuff and I Want to call him out on this Yeah he helped us But it was about him But at the time they didn't want us Talking about vaccines he goes ooh now

Vaccines are good I bring that up because MDS cannot be Trusted go look at a hospital the MDS Are on top now the MDS are saying oh Yeah I fought for this I thought well You didn't do it in 2020 That's what you are that should MD Should become MF Robert Malone After this in 2020 they promote Themselves The weren't here in 2020. Do not respect these people for God's Sake they are the Sadducees and the Pharisees of our time Take a whip to them It's not the obvious establishment which Screws us over it's a not so obvious Establishment go look at your own Families in your own relationships Get rid of the not so obvious Establishment and I've gone through my Journey to see the dangers of these People The people who speak with fork tongue Are there true dangerous people The Republicans now who say oh yeah We're against election fraud oil let's Do all this stuff okay Where were they what they committed Election fraud against our campaign they Colluded with the Democrats With them Take a whip to them and tell them you're

Coming from Christ tell them to go read The Bible oh I'm a Christian I have a Whip here Okay you remember Christ you know what He did With him man Be a good Christian Like Russell Peters you know his video Items to beat your kids anyway it's Funny video With them these people the real dangers Are the not so obvious establishment in Our personal lives our professional Lives and our political lives the people Who say one thing and do another You're better off having someone who Says they're going to screw you straight To your face Then people who say one thing to your Face And Destroy You inch by inch step by Step like viruses You follow what I'm saying This is a deeply personal Journey it's Also a deeply political Journey it's Many things but it is it has to be Personal It is an opportunity for everyone to Expand themselves become enlightened Souls touch God That's what our movement is about And it is about honoring most Importantly it's about honoring people Who work

Toil get up in the morning go to work do Something keep their homes clean take Care of their kids right Like all the struggles of Everyday People That's who we value We do not Value Donald J Trump we do not Value Bernie Sanders we do not value Joe Rogan Who goes with the Wind Who knew about GMOs Their horror people told them when we Had done all the research and put us on He doesn't When Spotify sales were going on then he Goes anti-vaxx right these guys just go With the Wind Anyone who gets mainstream media Attention and quote unquote is telling The truth they're the most suspect People When did they tell the truth When when when delayed truth is deadly Our movement is going to raise people's The ante we're going to raise people's Consciousness we're going to be Unforgiving to these people manipulate Working people You don't have to forgive everyone I Don't believe that be unforgiving to These people they don't deserve it Thank you

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