For Truth Seekers Only

For Truth Seekers Only

Readings brothers and sisters so Being a truther Doesn't automatically make you better Than a sheeple or make you a good person If you're a truther that doesn't mean You're a good person Or that you're better than people who Are you know still in the Grips of the illusion that's cast By the people running the system like It's You know it's not uh it doesn't Define You as a person like as somehow You've made it to the next level like You're somehow You know the Sheep line one level and Truthers on are another level And I'm saying this because it needs to Be said within the truth community That people who are truthers for the Most part now Have become arrogant and I'm talking About a lot of just dumbass Marjorie Taylor green People Uh you know but across the board But people who are you know uh QB type People trumpers or You know people still in the grips of The right wing delusion You know and again I wouldn't categorize Them as truthers Because they're not willing to confront Their own

You know they're only willing to Confront half the truth right that the Democrats are evil you know like they're Not willing to look at the Republicans Or at least You know some branch of the you know the Complete right wing they're willing to Maybe say all right someone like Mitch McConnell he's a part of it but Trump Isn't right this kind of thing but I'm Saying this because There are a lot of Truth there is just Based in my You know Observation of the comment section And you know more Dynamics have gone on Over the years in the truth Community Most of it I'm not really you know I'm not a community person but I know There's all these Debates and Wars between truthers and You know within the Q movement there was Lots of uh you know people battling it Out and Flat Earth movement even in like Smaller subgroups People you know who Um you know there's this Idea that people have that they have to Police the truth Community right That they somehow have to um You know keep the truth Community pure And in itself it's you know if you Wake up in the morning and you think That you're here to evaluate other

People's commitment to being a truther Like you've got everything Asked backwards like it's not my job or Your job to do that right to determine Who's like a shill or not or who's you Know a real truth or you know all these Things right it's usually the people That disagree with you are the shells You know the people that don't uh say The things that you want to hear or Don't believe what you want to believe Are the ones that are the bad truthers And they're contaminating the truth Community right You know and there's just a lot of Truthers out there That you know suck as people they're Just you know horrible people And they're losers and they suck and And then they realize oh the system's Rigged and then they blame everything on The people that rig the system for them Being a piece of Boop Like die deep down they you know they Know that they're a piece of Boop but They Don't want to confront that so now it's Just that much easier to say well the System's been rigged against me all the Time so that's why I'm a piece of Boop Um You know and like I said it's not There's no Purity thing there's no

There's no Purity in the truth Community There's no you know but there's people And when I criticize truthers and I Don't usually do it individually But when I criticize people in the truth Community It's based in whether you're making the World of worst place or a better place And that's not really for me to decide Or to look into or I'm not the judging Jury and I don't want to be but I know When people are making it a drag for me Like you know in terms of like the Hue Movement like the Hue movements made it A drag for everybody They've just um you know waited us down You know they suck and you know that's Because they're following something That's like the opposite of Truth the Intelligence community of an operative That they've called Q And whatever that is you know I don't Know the details but I know enough of it Too See what it is a psychological operation Which they've fallen for And they're over emotional and you know They think they're there to save the Children and you know just all that Stuff And you know they've been warped into Thinking that that they have some Mission when they don't right like They're you know this um getting their

Detective rings out of the cracker bag To Cracker Jack Spock and box we were Kids there was these horrible popcorn Candies called Cracker Jacks I'm sure Some of you loved them I didn't and they Had a prize in the bottom of it and it Sucked you know like you know it just um You know like all these you know Happy Meal toys or whatever it is like things That just are cheap toys that don't have Any real purpose other than to lure you Into eating the poison A little kids into eating the poison That's in the Happy Meal or the other Cracker Jacks box but there was these You know these uh junior detective Dakota rings and the ring would help you Decode things to help you you know get To the bottom of the I guess it was you Know early conspiracy theorist stuff Gets you to the bottom of the mystery Right but you know like I said I don't Watch other truthers for this reason and I'm not here to To call BS on people you know like I Don't do that in the community itself Because people in the community are for The most part powerless You probably make the people in your Life miserable I mean a lot of you you Know live maybe you know I'm not here I Don't know a lot of the people that you Know get pissed off at me and say They're unsubscribing and leaving or

Whatever Uh you know they make people in their Lives miserable there are a lot of truth There's who are just Miserable people to be around just like There's people who Who are anti-abortion and you know on Both sides but particularly Anti-abortion Because They have a good idea which is to save The Unborn children Like they have this um you know It's a valid Mission you know to save The lives of unborn children that's a Valid Mission but the way they go about It and the self-righteousness a lot of Religious people are like this Constantly telling everyone else they're A sinner and you know being miserable Horrible people to get along you can't Get along with anybody And they don't exude God's love they're Not you know loving people they're not You know they're firing Brimstone people Constantly telling other people they Suck and you know just being You know horrible and never confronting The issues within themselves right the Darkness within them they're attracted To Darkness because there's so much Darkness inside of them a lot of that Exists in the truth community A holier than thou type attitude and so

I have a couple examples I want to show You that's why I'm doing the Introduction I have some Kennedy stuff and some uh You know Trump stuff and other things That just came across my you know YouTube having to recommend these things And I'd want to talk about this anyway but My idea of being a truther the way that I think of myself as a truther Are people that are seeking the truth Seeking the purpose of your existence Here on Earth You know it's also being a spiritual Seeker you have to be both And you know truther most truth there's It's being political And being in the material world and the People control the material world and Getting to the bottom of that and it's So limited because If you're not seeking God and not you Know not the god of religion and that's The other part because you know there's People who think they're spiritual Seekers but they're spiritual Seekers Within the kind fines Of their dysfunctional religion right You know we're all in a dysfunctional Family here We're all in a you know warped family Because our system you know we're a Family people are in families I've said

This so much fish are in schools Uh cows are in herds right birds are in Flocks And people are in families People every species groups together in Some way And you know we have a smaller family And a bigger family a tribe is a big Family a village-based system is a big Family And we have a like a nationalized Internet family now we have a different Sort of a family That people identify With people that don't live near them When people who You know are like them right and you Know people wanted to find other people By their race By their religion by their sex by their You know all these things superficial Externalized groups and people can group Together in those groups And some of those groups have belief Systems But it's the quality of the Soul that's Important Because people's souls are quite Different and and I don't want to say Soul it's more the The subtle bodies but You have a spiritual Essence and you Have Had you know either experience on Earth

Or your first time soul That's you know this might be your first Time as a human being There are a lot of first-timers Here that you know now incarnated on Planet Earth And those first timers are so limited Because this is their first time I've Ever been a human being just like the First time you played a video game You don't know what's going on like You're lost And you're gonna wander into something And get killed quite easily you know the First the first uh Avatar you use in a Video game once in a while there's a Really highly developed soul that comes Down That has a lot more you know going for It and spiritual Um Spiritual like built-in spiritual Evolution And so yeah their first time soul is Going to be different than A soul that used to be a dog and a past Life or a a cow you know the Transmigration of a soul And you know for those of you can Understand this or like grasp it You know I mean that might be an Indication you know there's a lot of People who are They're locked into some binary system

On off right wrong You know good bad right You know and that's why if you dumb down Your message You know which I won't do here not like My message is brilliant but Is you know enough of a leap for most People who are binary And they're you know in the binary in The way that I'm talking about it On off left right you know black white These things and don't have the ability For abstract thought which is like I Think 60 of humanity And you say well how can that be well You know go to Walmart right you know Like or go to some country like when I Was in India and see all the people who Clearly don't have the ability for Abstract thought just a lack of protein In their diet A lack of education and you know these Things there's lots of people out there Who are You know very simple humans they don't Have to be you know bad or good more Often they're going to be good because They're you know they're very simple They need to To stay alive so they have to be good Workers or something you know physical Workers they have so you know menial Labor type job but they don't have the Ability for

You know philosophy and abstract thought Into question the nature of their Reality and these things right do they Don't have epiphanies and you know they Just don't have those things And because it's their first timer and There's no shame in that because you Know we're all at one point we're a First timer here on planet Earth right But it's just a different quality of a Soul and I mean somebody's spiritual Essence And you know it doesn't matter what race You're in I mean there's people who are In every demographic and every group That have Some soul elevation you know whatever That means and it's a struggle like it's A struggle to be a spiritual person but If you're a truther you know to be what A real truther is is somebody who's Seeking the truth wants to find out why They're here like what's your purpose What's your real purpose not what the System says your purpose is Not what the system is trying to make You into An obedient citizen a contributor a Materialistic person You know who's seeking wealth and Fortune and fame and you know buying Into the uh illusion right or whatever But uh somebody who is finding out what Their Soul's purpose is here

And you know within that understanding That there's a you know you're being Warped and Away from your spiritual purpose That everything in our system is taking You away from your Soul's path And your spiritual essence And to me that's what a truth there is And like so again it's More of a spiritual seeker and somebody Looking to Improve themselves right to You know benefit from this experience in Some way And to uh you know become better than They were when they started and also you Know in that make the world a better Place in some way or another That you're conscious of making the World a better place it pleases you to Do things that leave the place better Than when you found it right and there Are very few people like that in the Truth Community or anywhere else it's a Small Uh group of people that you know You don't necessarily have to be nice or Kind or like a I mean that that should Be like kind of part of it like yeah you Should be You know I mean in terms of how you Conduct yourself but it isn't like those Things you know someone being fake nice Like some popular girl in school trying

To be fake nice but she's really Miserable and Cutthroat and competitive Right You know or something like you know Beauty contestant that puts on a fake Smile You know of course men are also guilty Of these things but you see it more uh Obviously in women who you know pretend To be nice but deep down there they're Killers right they have a Killer Instinct and they want to crush their Opponents and they're competitive and You know whatever Um of course man like I say I like that But they don't have the the pressure That women do to you know pretend to be Nice and things like this But I'm saying this that there has to be Some personal accountability And realizing that you have to change Right Like some part of you has to Be better like that's just you know Uh a prerequisite for me to consider Someone a truth That you have to be you know not in some Obvious way oh look you know I'm just Denouncing it It's something personal to you right And that you have some Desire to evolve and change like I don't Talk about it a lot like you know most Of the things I do a lot of mocking

Other people and I do a lot of you know Whatever I hear talk about here on a Spiritual level But on a day-to-day basis personally I'm Working on self-improvement right and I Guess the only way that you would really See it in uh you know not just words Because people can you know say that and Not really mean it is that I've evolved As a Creator here You know I've you've seen my Evolution Through my people have watched my videos For a while I've seen my Evolution as a person Through my You know Creations here on YouTube Whatever you know you want to call the Videos Not Creations you know videos That there's an evolution of how I Perceive I mean even this talking about The truth Community this way As opposed to focused on the Illuminati Like I did in say earlier videos right You know that there's an evolution of The truth or process and you always have To evolve In your work whatever it is in your life You have to do things better and better Like everything that you do You have to you know look to improve What you're doing right Whether it be cooking food or even stuff Like brushing your teeth and things you

Know things have to there has to be some Little things that you do to improve Otherwise it becomes mundane and boring Right like some things you know it Becomes so mindless that you don't even Concentrate on it and you know that's Good to some extent but then you know It's always better to be moving forward Than moving backwards like in any Activity you're going to peek you're Gonna be like all right that's as good As I'll ever do this thing And then you'll just it'll fade away Right like it'll you know then you're Just doing it worse and worse right you Know you can tell you're you know not Doing it at all because it's like it has An arc so you always want to be Improving especially in your work And doing things better and better and You know making the process more Streamlined and being more efficient in These things So that's the preface because there is This kind of Purity in the so-called Purity in the truth community And I wanted to like just put that out There you know because I see You know not just in the comment section But my understanding of the whole thing And the different groups of people You know are in and there has to be some Level of you know commitment to Becoming better in some way and finding

Your true path like why am I here You know this is a fundamental question That people have to ask themselves What am I doing here on planet Earth Like why Am I here like what's the purpose of my Life And what do you think the percentage of People who ask that question You know maybe you're in eighth grade or You're a young person But then people stop asking it like what You know the average adult how many People are thinking about that as Opposed to just trying to get by and Deal with a dysfunctional system that's Stripped them of their Prana their you Know their life force and they're Basically bankrupt and have no you know Love energy and they're just trying to Get through it you know every day and You know it's a mundane Grind you know that just sucks but You have to extricate yourself from that You know in some way All right so um let's get to the first Kennedy thing because I think it'll make More sense what I'm talking about when I Put it in uh perspective I did a Voiceover I was in the traveling thing And this idea came to me about Trump You know I played a compilation of trump Um Uh talking about violence right and so I

Want to find that I don't even know Where it is I think I I hope I titled it Something where I can easily find it Because I just remembered it this Morning I forgot all about it but it Fits right into what I'm talking about Here so I'm going to show you that as Well And so Um but let's get into it here Okay let's start here one of my viewers Sent me this and I put this on the side In which I'm making Apocalypse Now Videos for Um Hollywood celebrities dropping like Flies but it fits in with this as well I'll probably show you this in both of Those videos I'm going to make a covid video today on Masks Joe Biden had an issue for my other Channel And then I'll start working on my next Apocalypse Now video uh that other the Video the cover video is going to go on That channel So that's a little bit convoluted That'll be there on today the ace video I'm making right now is for the ninth It's kind of weird that I'm doing this But I woke up uh thinking about this so That's where I'm going You know I'm making a video that's for Tomorrow you know first

But anyways um one of my viewers sent me This and I didn't really like it at First like why are you sending me this Um but you know by the end of it and Sometimes I'll stop watching and I Almost did But it was to me a very profound Statement that the guy made here And so let's watch this here I've worked With the Navy Seals and I asked them how Do you pick like the guys that go on SEAL Team Six right because they're the Best of the best the best the best they Drew it graph for me and on one side They wrote the word performance and on The other side they were they wrote the Word trust the way they Define the terms Is performance on the battlefield and Performance off the battlefield so this Is your skills this is how are you off The battlefield what kind of person are You the way they put it is I may trust You with my life but do I trust you with My money and my wife This is what they told me nobody wants This person the low performer of low Trust of course Of course everybody wants this person The high performer of high Trust of Course what they learned is that this Person the high performer of low trust Is a toxic leader and a toxic team Member and they would rather have a Medium performer of high trust sometimes

Even a low performer of high trust it's A relative scale over this person This is the highest performing Organization on the planet and this Person is more important than this Person I've worked with So that's really a profound thing right Um like you know I think it's something That makes sense to is simple when you See it right I mean regardless of Whether it's the seals or not But You know the I the ability to trust People you know trust is now a commodity Trust is now almost monetizable in its Sense Um and you know you and it shouldn't be Because trust is more important than You know money or whatever and money is Something you don't even trust right Because it's it's not real But trust is a commodity in the sense That almost everybody has trust issues Right and you know who you trust and how You're able to trust people And like are you able to trust people at All because people are untrustworthy and People aren't being given Morals and ethics now By their families and by their churches And you know not the people before were Great Or you know certainly not uh the people Before led to where we are now

But you used to get these things Fundamental character building blocks And focusing on your personal character Now that doesn't exist young people Don't get it at all which we already Know so let's go back here I want to Start here with Kennedy Hi I'm Robert F Kennedy Jr here after Four months of crisscrossing the country And speaking to thousands of Americans From all walks of life I've come to Understand that what our campaign really Is is the spearhead of a massive Populist Awakening you see our nation's Most serious problems come from a single Source the entrenched corporate Political Elite government agency okay So this is something that would appeal To Trucers right Um I consider Kennedy a truther I still Do after what he said about Palestine You know he's in a situation where Politics is an untruether thing right Politics is running for political office Especially you know maybe at a local Level it's different it's certainly Different on a local level But a national politician running for National Politics as a national Politician Is a non-truther activity right because You're running in a in an into a cyst You're you know you're trying to get a

Job in a system That's predicated on illusion deception In lies That it exists to lie to you it exists To manipulate people To keep the system from Uh from keep people from Confronting the truth or knowing the Truth or accepting the truth that would Take down the system Because real truthers People who find their spiritual path Realize that the system itself is a Hindrance to you being a spiritual Person That everything in this system whether It be the economic system the political System All the entertainment all the stuff with The internet everything that our system Is and the hyper materialism on being a Consumer and being successful being You Know Rich and Famous in these things the You know the basis of our system Is to lure you away from your spiritual Path Or even demand and force you away from Your spiritual path And so the system is your you know your Soul's enemy It's all of our souls it's God's enemy It's preventing us from being everything That we are supposed to be It makes us weaker and entitled and

Selfish and all the things that are bad And it hurts us and it's taking us Backwards on our spiritual journey It's causing problems that we're gonna Have to solve in future lives Because of our you know being lured away Or forced away from our spiritual path And so the system itself And the power in the system Is the enemy of this truther right and So by trying to become president Running for president You are like doing an anti-truther thing And you know because you can go in and Try to be a truther candidate But if you win you're gonna have to deal With The fact that if you expose the system For what it is It'll collapse And so if Kennedy was president And he told you the truth as president The system would collapse of course they Would destroy him first because that's What they have to do right they are Gatekeepers that are here to keep the System going And since we're a whole all 100 percent Materially 100 dependent on the system You know some of us grow a little food Some of us have a little you You know whatever it is and so even if You're 80 dependent on the system but The majority of people it's a hundred

Percent And so that's the that's the rub there That's the conflict that's the issue Right And so the reason I would say Kennedy's A truther because you know when Listening to his interviews And some of his process Again you know it all could be made up But it's not like you can tell it's not There is some part of him That is asking the question why am I Here There's some part of him who's seeking That right and that in itself doesn't Make him A worthy person to vote for or anything Like that like he's certainly broken and Twisted and he has his addictions but he Realizes he has these addictions like he Knows that on some level he's a piece of Poop right That he's you know a drug addict and a You know he has a sexual addiction And he's Commented on these things and he's aware That he has these problems You know he's aware that he has these Issues and whatever he's doing about it Is whatever he's doing about it but he's Conscious of that and there's some Battle there And to what degree that does that make Him trustworthy I don't know

Because you know he hasn't been Necessarily trustworthy with his like I Said you know he cheated on his spouses And you know 37 times in one year and That's like someone that would struggle To be trustworthy right there's a lot of Lying and deception and manipulation That goes into something like that And so But he is different right he's different Than these other candidates because the Other candidates Are just doing what politicians do And they pull they'd use polls and they Understand where people are at And they say things To connect with people that they may or May not believe in right And maybe Kennedy does that a little bit He's good at working the audience But there's some part of him who's a Legitimate truth or can verbalize the You know the truther theories and things Like that right and so that's why I find Him compelling In terms of his possible Victory because I like to see how it played out But certainly if he was able to debate And be what are the the two candidates If he wasn't the Democratic nomination Or Iran as a third party candidate Then that would be interesting as well Because he can verbalize these things And articulate them in a way that people

Can understand they're not you know the Way that many truthers want to say them Or hear them but they are legitimate you Know truth or theories and ideas you Know about I don't know free speech and The environment and some of these other Things that are you know they're Different than what other people say But his but the whole idea of him Running for president as a truther You know those two things can't exist Right Being president and being a truther Because being president and being a Person in power if you seek power even Behind the scenes economically A part of keeping the system alive which You know you have to face up to the fact Every truth or has to face up to the Fact that Destroying the system Would kill like You know billions of people you know Globally right like this system Collapsing would mean the death and Suffering of all of you know many people Dying and all of us suffering On a material Level like almost Immediately If the system collapses Things are going to get bad on the Material Level they might be great on The spiritual level might free you up On a soul level which is great

You know which is you know worth it But you know you have to accept that as A political leader part of your job is To keep the system going and that means Your job is to lie to the passes because If you told the masses of truth that the System would collapse and it would you Know on the material Level we all be Effed right and so that's the issue and Then you can you know I mean whether you're going to vote or Not or you care about the outcome or any Of these things It's based in that like you have to be Realistic about The quandary that politicians are in That they can't tell you the truth and So you know stop listening to them as Truthers like people who listen to Trump Is the truth or people listen to Kennedy Is the truth there like their whole Their whole deal here Is to you know be in charge of a system That runs on lies and evil right but Anyways let's get back to it these Congress the defense industry Wall Street the media big Tech big Pharma big Ag and pretty much big everything have a Death grip on our democracy and there's Only one thing that can break that grip And no it's not me it's you the People Um then we're screwed you know if you're Expecting the people to change you know

Like there's the Savior complex which Doesn't work And then there's the getting people to Do it and people can't agree with Anything right You know I I mean I wouldn't want to Like build a barn With a group of truthers you know Like I wouldn't want to you know do Something With a group of I mean just you know Random selected truthers you know not Randomly selected truth or you know You know a group of truthers randomly And try to do something you couldn't Complete it because there'd be too many Arguments too many know-it-alls too many People you know this thing about trust Do I want to say something here You know there are a lot of people like You know Whether you're you know into to Kennedy Or you're into like you know something Like Kennedy comes up and or anybody They're they're constantly oh my God This guy's gonna this guy's gonna trick Me like I've been tricked before like There's a lot of truth there's that Realize they were duped From birth by the system And they're like oh you're not going to Trick me again I see what you're trying To do you shill you you know like this Is this is how they go about life like

Constantly paranoid and constantly you Know worried that they're going to be You know Duped again Um and that's just no way to go through Life you don't have to you just have to Be realistic about practical About it right Kennedy is whoever he is Trump is whoever he is right they're not Your savior you don't have to put your Trust in them or other people you know And some people used to have to put Trust in like your significant others And you know this idea that someone's Trustworthy or not But the majority of people almost Everybody is not as trustworthy as they Would be in a different system this System makes you into an untrustworthy Person Because it divides you in different ways You have your you know job and the your Life as a person where you can't be who You are Your mundane job or whatever for most People We have to you know not keep your mouth Shut and not tell people what you Believe Because it's you know it's like that Right as a truth or anybody else and Then there's just your family and There's all these different you know Aspects of your life where you're

Supposed to be one person when you're With this group and one person when You're with that group and you're Wearing too many masks and you have to Fake it all the time You know just uh you know is expected of You and so like you're a divided person You don't know who the hell you are and And you're not trustworthy and then you Know you you just maybe snap one day and You just leave your family or you know Like you know people just like whatever Happens or just pressure too much and Like people aren't trustworthy because They don't know who they are and they Don't have a A system that is you know That's true and honest And you know and so they're often in Dysfunctional marriages that are that Are based in lies and you know all these Things and all these other aspects of it So sometimes people are just you know Like screw the pooch and just stay Effort like the year of the effort Um but that's you know where people are At and so people are not trustworthy and People don't get along And you have to get along to complete Something so this idea that you know Let's listen to that again right And pretty much big everything have a Death grip on our democracy and there's Only one thing that can break that grip And no it's not me it's you the people

It's a populist movement hey unites left And right black and white rural and Urban young and old we can't just wait Around with the Washington so yeah the Washington establishment to change their Minds so you know this is truther 101 Kind of stuff and it would make sense Right as a candidate you know to uh a Truth or candy that you would say Something like this But I know something that you guys may Or may not know And he doesn't seem to know and or maybe He does and he's just being dishonest About it That people suck really bad Like I just you know I mean people are Very uh low functioning right now And The level of animosity between people And the lack of trust and people will Not willing to open up and you know work Towards something And the fact that the system can't be Saved even if they did Makes this you know a legitimate Statement on his part like it sounds Good But it can't happen and I'm not you know I'd like to see him do well politically Like I'm you know it's hard for me to Listen to him now You know since the whatever happened With him but you know we're all flawed

And like I said I believe him to be a Legitimate truther because what he said Here I'm saying it's not me Is a lot better than Trump saying I'm The only one who can save the country Which I'll show you that clip right well Here it is here's Trump saying that here They want you silent And I am the only one that can save this Nation because You know Why you're the only one What are you Superman no you're not you Suck like Donald Trump has been exposed Like he's exposed himself as what he is And if you can't see it you're willfully Blinding you're willfully You know uh You know like blocking out what you're Supposed to be seeing he showed you he's Displayed himself for what he is And him saying this you know what a Narcissistic thing to say I'm the only One who can save the other country Really you're that guy right you're You know you know we already know what You are right you mean the guy who bangs Stormy Daniels and then signed a Contract with her And paid her 100 130 000 not to talk about it which is a fact You're that guy who's going to save the

Country Right guy who cheated on his wife and Paid off a with a you know disgusting Porn star like Right Um you know Uh you're you're the guy you're that guy Right you know just stupid And at least Kennedy is saying you know That he's not that guy And that's true But we're not that guy we're not that You know we're not the people either Because it can't be saved the system Can't be saved and broken people Can't save the broken or a system that You know not really broken that's Demonic So broken people can't save a demonic System A system that you know I mean To be saved to be fixed it has to be More demonic right when its Essence is Demonic Which is goes against Divine will that's What I mean by demonic Something that goes against the divine Order of things And you can't make that into something Holy you can't purify that system you Have to destroy that system and start From scratch and build another one and We don't have the capability of doing That because you would never get people

To agree to a new system We have a bunch of entitled to Complainers And who don't want to sacrifice anything And realize they have to give something Up To get something better For the future of humanity so they're Just going to stick to the system Because you can't you know convince People to abandon a system That is right now meeting your Addictions The system's satisfying your addictions And so you're not going to give up that Right because you're addicted to these Things And you know change is hard like change On the material Level is hard the older You get the harder it is right And so let's let them finish here so as You know they're not coming after me They're coming after you and I just Happen to be standing in their way and I Will never be moving That's 100 not true right And you know he's just a liar you know That's all he is like he's telling you Something When he's all about himself he doesn't Care about you and he's proved it Because he didn't stand in their way When he rolled out operation war of Speed he didn't stand in the way when

They closed down the economy when he Closed down the economy because they Pushed him into it and he didn't stand In their way when he rallied everyone to Go up and do that thing on January the Big event in January and then he turned On the people that you know that he set Up for failure and I'll get into that With the violent stuff in a bit let's go Back to Kennedy we can't expect Wall Street to stop strip mining the middle Class of its equity and its wealth we Can't expect the military-industrial Complex to promote peace or the Censorship big Tech complex to promote Freedom or freedom of speech we need to Do it ourselves we have to take back Power in this country for the people Let me add one more item to the list of Entrenched institutions the Democratic National Committee in an honest primary The candidate with the most votes would Be the nominee right but the DNC has Imposed elegant rules that make it Nearly impossible For an Insurgent candidate to win it has Totally rigged the system very early on Back in February we passed a resolution Unanimously within the DNC that we are All riding with Biden and Kamala Harris Well you know what Either the dancing or anyone else is Going to stop us President Biden's billion dollar

Warchest is not a match for people power Ultimately That's why we're opening field offices In all 50 states my campaign will be Funded by millions of small donations From people who want to heal this nation Now is a great time to make a donation To my campaign even five dollars or ten Dollars contributes to our momentum Thank you everyone and God bless you if All right so um you know that sounds Good and there's truth in that right the Dnc's rigged the system and these Corporations military dustler complex Are all part of the The keeping the system you know but Without the military-industrial complex Without a strong military and without The money and the power that we have You know the in the military America Would be it would collapse We don't have you know manufacturing we Don't have you know good people we don't Have you know hard workers I mean we all You know we're all entitled selfish Internet addicted you look you know each Generation is weaker and weaker We have is military power And you know money power because we have The world's Reserve currency And if Kennedy was successful those Things wouldn't be the case anymore So America would collapse right And so you know what he's saying here is

Good like it's true but it's good But he's leaving out the part where If you were successful It would take down the system right The system runs on evil and Corruption So I went to eat breakfast and something Interesting happened The TV was set up when I turned TV on to Watch you know whatever I watch in the Morning it was set to MSNBC which I'm Not even sure why that was But they were covering the CNN poll And it has everything to do with what I'm talking about here I want to get to The Trump uh you know calling for Violence in a moment here But this is what the CNN poll says here CNN Paul bidenface's negative job rating and Concerns about his ages he gears up for 2024. And CNN stepped on their own headlight Because this is axios And it says two-thirds of Democrat-leaning Voters don't want Biden As 2024 nominee Two-thirds of democratic leading voters Say the party should not nominate Biden For second term according to a new CNN Poll release Thursday this is two-thirds Right that's 66 percent almost 70 Percent I talked about this In my last video how 70 percent don't Want to see a trump Biden rematch right

And so MSNBC decides to weigh in on this Poll And This is the way they I mean this is what I well you know I turned on TV and they Were saved right well Well two-thirds of the book in the scene In polls say uh they don't you know they Don't want to vote for they want to they Don't want to work for Joe Biden they Want a different candidate when asked Who right they would like 82 people can't anymore specific person So I just really think that folks have To calm down take a step back and say What are we really looking at here so I would say can you believe what she Just said there but this is of course The way they're going to react right Because She just said you need to calm down And realize that this is the choice that We're giving you is Joe Biden would you Rather have Trump Because that's what they're both saying That's the you know that's what both Sides say Oh would you rather have Biden oh would You rather have Trump Instead of listening To what the people are saying that's Democracy democracy is oh two-thirds Want to get rid of Biden get rid of that Evan effort we can put someone else in

There let's get rid of them right I mean Part of that is people don't have an Answer they don't they want somebody Better but they don't see anybody better And couldn't agree on anybody better That's the other issue right and that's Why I was talking about that people can Come together and agree on anything And what they're saying though is that They don't want Trump bite in rematch That they don't want Biden the Democrats Don't want Biden in reality Trump has His delusional cult-like supporters but Everybody else wants the guy to Disappear But that's what they're giving you and So when she says you need to calm down And accept reality the way it is that There's a corrupt system and we tell you Who to vote for instead of saying this Is a democracy And we'll listen to you if two-thirds Don't want Biden get rid of the guy Let's find somebody else let's have a Real primary let's make the Guy debate Let's go out there and run another Primary but we know from what Kennedy Showed you that the dncra decided that They're going with Biden and they're Going to rig the election so that no one Else can win it even though the majority Of people don't want them That's you know that's not democracy Democracy is over and you can say the

Same thing about Trump where a small Group of you know people who are a Majority in the Republican party but a Minority In the in the country are forcing Trump On everybody else right So he got a comment in a in a video I Made my last video on this channel I talked about how there was a poll out There that said 70 of people don't want To Trump and Biden rematch And I had a Trumper which you know Trumpers do Who commented sorry don't believe in That poll #trump 2024 two hearts Um You know Again Polls are not to be believed because Everything's lied and manipulated but That poll is to be believed because the Majority of us are over Trump and Biden They're known entities And people don't want to see them again Democrats don't want Biden and the Majority of people don't want Trump It's an overwhelming majority there's Another poll out there maybe she was Referring to this poll as well Or this poll specifically That says 53 will never vote for Trump And 12 would probably never vote for him Right and so what you have is two

Unlikable candidates for most people To undesirable candidates that can't get A majority of the votes And so Trump has a passionate base of Delusional Cult followers And everyone else dislikes them and is Over them whereas no Biden has really no Fans practically no fans But They are counting on people hating Trump Like that's the selection we already saw The last election it played out exactly The same way so much to listen to what They say then here on on Morning Joe Wins so first of all I should have left That part on Um that we're talking about the future Of our democracy right that's what they Keep on saying that Trump will take away Democracy when the Democrats have Already taken it away They rigged it against Bernie with Hillary in 2016. the DNC did they rigged It against Um Bernie again in 2020 versus Biden and This was out in the open it's been Discussed the former had the DNC Admitted to this the temporary former Had Donna brazile came in as an interim DNC chair because they had to fire Debbie Wasserman Schultz because she got She ran the DNC into the ground they Were 12 million dollars in debt and they

Got hacked twice for their emails right They fired her because she was horrible Donna Brazil came in and found out they Rigged it against Bernie had to call Bernie and apologize and then we all saw What happened in uh the primary nobody Wanted Joe Biden they didn't want Kamala Harris she only got one percent didn't Get on didn't even get one percent of The democratic vote that's all unlikable She was she had to quit and then Biden Lost new Hampshire in Iowa nobody wanted Him then And they rigged it they came out and Said there's no way Bernie Sanders is Going to win Because Biden came in fourth and fifth In New Hampshire and Iowa he was Basically tied for Fifth and in one of Those two states right so I forget which But it was you know so he's really Fifth And fifth but the other candidates ran Out of money so Bernie was a shoe-in to Win and so they came out and said no We're rigging this against Bernie they Like just admitted it the same thing They're doing now against Kennedy and Everyone else With uh by with Biden now so that's the End of democracy you're hand-picking Candidates you're going against the will Of the people you're picking unpopular Candidates and then as Mika says their Only position is I mean their position

Is What would you rather have Trump that's Their whole thing About that his campaign so far has held Back on but my God let it rip at some Point uh Democratic campaign Biden Campaign because it's not I'm not you Don't want to tamper with anything that The doj is doing you can stay away from That and just talk about things that are Obviously in the public Arena reported In major newspapers out of the mouth of Donald Trump if you just use what he has Said and done and said he has done You're good you have an honest criticism Of the direction this man is taking this Country in and it's a frightening one Um speaking of strategy Molly this one's For you it's for the whole table Republican strategist it's a reporter Looking to move away from the term Pro-life After clear okay she goes on to say here The background noise was my dog was when My dogs was like scratching a blanket You know they papillons do that right Um And so you know taping it off the TV Because YouTube TV now has a um video Blocker which sucks and I don't want to Get into all that but what she was about To say there was and I cut it off I hit Stop but I you know And I didn't want to re-record it but

What she goes on to say there is after Getting hammered in the election the Post Roe v Wade I mean this is what Saved Joe Biden in the midterms is when The you know Pro Republicans you know in Air quotes Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wade and Joe Biden would get hammered In the midterms because of that right And now they've come to the realization That pro-life has a negative connotation I think so I mean just think about those Words pro-life is a you know a damaged Term Which is I mean tells you where people Are at it also tells you how bad the Pro-life movement had screw things up Right I mean the whole thing's a mess I mean you know so because people really Want to murder fetuses I guess right That's the you know fetus murdering you Know like that's I mean the reality of Our Twisted world we live in right now But what she said there before that was They're not hammering his opponent now There is no opponent now There are two primaries going on a Republican primary which Trump refuses To debate in in a Democratic primary Which is Biden refused to debate in but Also they're not allowing people to vote In New Hampshire Because New Hampshire wants to be first If you don't vote in New Hampshire you Can't vote get uh on the ballot in

Georgia I mean this is the way DNC is Rigging it this is anti-democratic to Say that there are two candidates when There's not and it's bad journalism I Mean you know even for these guys Who are horrible And so what she's saying is okay you Guys are saying you don't like Biden 66 Percent right two-thirds of the Democrats don't like bite all the Republicans don't like him and most of The Independents and everyone else Doesn't like him either And so the mass majority of people You know if it's 33 percent of Democrats It's really Democrats makes up about 10 Of the overall populace because there's Independence as well So it isn't like that's half the people The Democrats aren't half the people You know the Democrats are 40 Republicans are 40 in there so you know Whatever Is in the that's left right 20 Independent and other And so um You know there is only 10 percent of the People who want Joe Biden 10 it's like Uh you know a landslide against him and She's saying well you guys got to go out And start hammering Trump again Because The Biden political Um ideology the centerpiece of their

Political platform is Biden isn't Trump And Trump is horrible And it's also what MSNBC and CNN do Which is what their whole you know their Whole uh business model is Trump is Horrible that's their whole thing and Everything that they're doing that They're pushing through that nobody Wants all this agenda they've pushed Through the majority of people don't Want it the gender stuff the The Hollywood morality the you know the Bogus war in the Ukraine all these Things the majority of people are Against these things All of it you know the hunter Biden Stuff and you know all of it they're you Know they're over it they're overbite And they're over Trump and they're Running these guys anyway Because there's no democracy this is you Know the Democracy ended years ago but This is a clear indication of it they're Not giving the people what they want Okay so I found the Audio I Received under Trump violence which was Smart on my part Sometimes I just save it with random Letters and numbers a massive majority Of my audios I save like that but Sometimes When I realized I'm gonna have to find Something later Because it was like uh 12 audios ago so

I have a lot of audio files But anyways um I just went out and went For a walk with my dogs and listened to It And I was um Glad to put in this video because it Makes sense but let's review this this Is All the times that Trump called for Violence at rallies with his supporters Insight violence knock the crap out of Them like to punch him in the face so Trump has never been in a fight in his Life right Um unless he was in some sort of a bully Situation Um you know you saw the way when his This his uh stage was stormed right Um and I covered this in the audience Let's just go through this violence and I don't talk about violence that would Have done well but I would have been Boom boom boom I'll beat that I don't Know if I'll do the fighting myself or If other people will maybe he should Have been roughed up because it was Absolutely yeah it's definitely other People will this is Trump's Trump gives Other people to fight his battles for Him that's what he wants from his Supporters and then he claims that he's Fighting for you when he's not right Trump is 100 about himself disgusting What he was doing if you see somebody

Getting ready to throw a tomato knock The crap out of him would you seriously Like to punch him in the face I'll tell You Try not to hurt him If you do I'll defend you in court don't Worry about it no you won't we already Know you won't when you realize it's Going to cost you something you you know You'll you'll bail you didn't pardon any Of those um You know he condemned the guys in the January event right Again so easily we've become exactly why Would we allow people to protest I'm Weak we we become weak and you know what The audience swung back And I thought it was very very Appropriate the audience hit back and That's what we need a little bit more of Now part of the problem and so you know He goes on like this I showed you the Whole clip before but you get the idea And he does this there's let's go skip To the end here Um well it's a little bit more here part Of the reason it takes so long is nobody Wants to hurt each other anymore right I Don't know if I would have done well but I would have been out there fighting Folks That's when he like sort of coward over Here but I would have been boom boom Boom I'll beat that do you plan on

Paying for the legal okay so um you know We know what happened I won't show you This one because YouTube will have a problem with the Video of the the scene going on there But this was where one of his supporters Sucker punched a Uh an old white guy sucker punched a Black guy at a trump rally as a guy was You know protesting Um you know Trump And you know Trump supported this these Violent acts so let's go to the audio That I already did here it's late here On Tuesday night and I've started making A video I would be uh probably posting On Wednesday Given all the things that happened in my Other channel and waiting for the YouTube to approve yeah whatever I've Covered this before And I read through some comments today And somebody pointed out that segment About Trump inciting violence and Trump's saying that you know somebody Should punch these um there's these Hecklers out in the crowd That we're yelling things that Trump and Trump Was you know Uh saying to his audience that someone Should punch him in the face and he Would and you know he wishes he could And not just about that but other things

And he said he'd know whether he could You know he was going to be him punching Or somebody else punching for him you Know saying things like this right And what he's doing is betraying his Crowd More than anything else Trump is such a punk And you know when you have an audience And I'm very conscious of this here People are very wound up people are Ready to go because of the attention the Division in our country People are very angry all the time They're feeling hatred towards groups of People other people And if you see that hate if you Fertilize that hate right you nurture it Or you encourage it then you're putting Your audience In Harm's Way I mean other people as Well obviously but Mostly your audience And so you know I I'm very uh conscious Of being calm and not getting emotional And you know I see stuff all the time That's so effed up and you know I could Get emotional about so many people do on The internet rile other people up and You know attract more viewers to my Channel because they're feeling raging You know expressing that rage but I Wouldn't be doing you a favor I'd be Actually hurting you even though you

Feel like it's the opposite people think That Trump is verbalizing their anger But he's inciting anger he's done this a Number of different times And his rhetoric is whether he's talking In violent language or not but his Rhetoric is To incite his followers to react this Way and when you provoke people into Anger you encourage their anger you Incite their anger you inflame their Anger you exacerbate their anger that Anger needs to be expressed right you've Seen this in your own life right once You get angry it has to be expressed in Some way and you know one of the good Things about my meditation is it's Allowed me to feel angry or feel any Kind of way fearful whatever negative Towards people almost even hateful you Know I'm very conscious to not Um Let the hate incubate because it Makes you feel like crap right you know And when you get emotional and you Encourage people to feel all these Things if you make people feel depressed They're going to want to express that Depression in some way you know the Ultimate expression of depression we Know which is suicide right and when you Get people angry they're going to invent That anger somewhere and oftentimes it's Going to go against their own family Right if you boss yells at you all day

At work and you're Furious and you feel Powerless you know you can't express it To your boss and you're driving home and Somebody Beeps at you get out of the car whatever You're you know fighting somebody or You're driving in road rage and trying To cut other people off and putting Yourself and other people at risk you Know anger is like a poison like a Venom Like all these different conditions you Go home yell your wife or your husband Or your kids or your dog or whatever or Even worse right and Trump did that to His his followers to his you know fans All the time he made things worse Exacerbated put other people at risk put His own but you know mostly his own People at risk and the things he was Getting people to do and encouraging Them the big event in January being the The you know the the most obvious one Was not something that was going to help His cause or the cause of those people Right you guys all realized that we lost All of us on the January thing you know Who won that Biden and the intelligence Community and the people who set that up And baited Trump into it and the liberal News media I mean they talk about all The time you know who doesn't want to Talk about it Trump or Fox News or and Even you know these other candidates who All are even that guy Vivek Ram Swami so

You didn't agree with everything that Trump did on that day right You've Lost That thing you've lost the Public opinion battle that was a loss And Trump encouraged that loss he got Baited into it that's all you need to Know about that piece of Boop leaves a Total piece of Boop he's a punk and a Bad guy Because that was that should have been Enough for him to go away and his Supporters who he sold out and Encouraged and put In Harm's Way Ryle Then up riled them up and sent them down There to go into that trap and then he And then he disavowed them Like a you know tall selfish Narcissistic punk you know guy like Trump who never been in a fight in his Life so I'm sure he bullied people in What he could but he's been he's not a You know fighter he's encouraging these Other people to act out and express Their violence but you know when you Lose the big event in January when you Lose that then it's still costing him Now he's been he's being litigated and All these people associated with it are Being charged from supporters I mean Look at all the people he's dragged down With them By not being able to accept that there Was no path to victory for him Trump has zero path to Victory and we

Knew this you know I knew this weeks Before the big event in January when the Supreme Court and the Republican you Know these guys who are counting the Votes who are Republican uh you know uh State uh politicians you know they held Positions in the state of Georgia and Pennsylvania and these other states Republican people were bailing on Trump They weren't helping them out the Supreme Court wasn't helping him out Their justices weren't helping him out Fox News wasn't helping him out I knew It was over right everyone kind of knew It was and Trump would say no there's a Way and the way wasn't going up and Trying to intimidate the Congress right That wasn't the way that was going to End in disaster and he's very impulsive And he was in care he's a little whiny Spoiled little tantrum having brat right Like he's a punk he's just not a a Person that thinks about the Consequences of his actions and then Takes responsibility for them he riled People up and you know they suffered and We're all suffering right the Democrats Won Trump and the Republicans lost but all Of us in the truth Community have lost Because of the censorship Like they were able to grab onto more it Was a power grab by the the left because Of Trump's selfish actions that had no

Chance of yielding a positive result There was nothing good that was going to Come out of that and so you know this is I mean for trumpers who never get it who Never come around and figure this out Right But this is you know an indication of Somebody who's shouldn't be in power it Shouldn't be trusted because he's not Thinking about you Because he's putting You In Harm's Way He's putting us all In Harm's Way all The time And that's how he treats his you know The people he loves his fans who love Him right I mean you know how he treats People who hate him like you know he's Just a black hole right he's a you know He's a Vortex of negative energy Anyways like I just want to add that boy It was fresh in my mind I want to wrap This up here but um You know uh In a sense in terms of politics and The material life in a way You're playing with house money because Of the impending apocalypse right When a system is wiped out Then you know all the things that are Good are wiped out but all the things That are bad Are wiped out as well including your Choices and things that You thought matter at the time it don't

Matter now And so Like whether you vote or not or whether You don't know these things really Matter all that much Certainly the rhetoric and the you know It's it's more important the social Impacts Of what they're doing with Trump and Biden running them again You know I got a a comment from somebody Here Um this is a classic YouTube comment Please stop with racial targeting old White man is a hideous anti-white slur Meant to dehumanize and demand demonize All white males Bad boys and teenage boys encouraged to Never make it to become an old white man High suicide rates for over two decades Has been of white males stop Anti-whitism You know I get these kind of things Occasionally I know this exists out There because I said Trump and Biden Were too old white men running and why I Said that right Was not just because they were white men But they were the you know kind of white Men That old white men that end up being President they are very similar to all The other presidents you know Obama Being kind of the exception but they're

All in a club And they all go to these schools right They all go to these you know These elitist schools and there's They're in these elitist clubs one way Or another they make it into the club And then they get to be elected it's Always the same thing like I you know Not that a a woman or a gay person or an Asian person or a person of color is Gonna change the Dynamics here but it's Something we've seen over and over again My whole life I've seen old white guys Running for president And then you had Obama which was you Know slightly different but kind of the Same thing There was something new but not really You know and that was my comment I'm not You know obviously anti-white you know It's just stupid It's just that this um You know this is there's history here Like it's true right that's these are Two really old white guys right And that's what they are and like it's Just another way of being butthurt you Know instead of everyone being hyper Offended right But my point here is you know this just Falls into a larger point that The things that you're upset at now or Things seem uh you know important to you Aren't going to mean anything they're

Not going to mean Boop when things start Really going south And historically we've seen that and You've probably seen this in your own Life You might be quite uh you know whiny and Complaining about things and there's Drama in your family And then someone dies in a car crash or Somebody gets diagnosed with cancer or Something you know really bad happens Something traumatic happens and Everything that you thought were Problems disappear Because then you got real problems like Real you know Traumatic problems And when there's worldwide trauma Which we're about to see and systemic Collapse and you know the fall of the Culture and all these things none of These things really matter and the good Thing about that is You can start fresh right like all the Addictions all the things that you you Know that seemed important to you all Your your little entitlements all the Things that you know just they're not Really important but you're just in the Habit you want to don't want to let them Go When there is something big that happens It's a time to change and you know get Rid of old habits and you know things

That aren't really helping you and Things that seem important but they're Really not And that's where we are right now as a People right and them constantly running You know candidates that nobody wants There hasn't been really a good Candidate in my lifetime You know you could say Kennedy is Slightly different you know at least He's more of a truther but you know Deeply flawed individual And you know all these various I mean not just politicians because the Politics doesn't matter as much as This is you know what America is about Right Promoting you know not good people for The most part as celebrities as As news as journalists as you know Corporate Executives I mean the people Who are doing really well for the most Part are you know been hardened and have Been contaminated and are corrupted by The system And so our leaders are like the worst of Us right and even if they were good People at the start They've been corrupted and you know There's some scarix there's some scars You know I've talked about that in the Past Your spiritual impressions Are there they're flowering you know to

Be a uh whatever it is like to be a You know a despot you know a tyrant or Something And power you know corrupts when people Have character flaws whenever you have Character flaws and you're given power Those character flaws are supported and Nurtured and become you know bigger and Greater and more dominant in your Personality and so this is the idea Behind spirituality and connecting to God and the purification process before That you before you gain power before You become somebody You know if you're not pure Then power is going to negatively affect You not that the power itself is bad But Power magnifies what's already there In your personality this happened with Of course with dodgy and uh the you know The sorrowfulness meditation that he did Where somebody who was you know somebody Who was spiritual and was doing a good Job on a lower level Was given the position of president to Master the system and he folded like a Card house right and his negative Tendencies and Things overwhelmed I've been now the System has been corrupted I've Documented this by Journey series and so You have this in you know various layers Of our society And all these Dynamics and power

Structures and things need to come Crashing down and when they do we're Screwed materially like that's the Grocery stores disappear and our ability To you know make money on jobs money Collapses as the economy collapses and Now we have to retrain ourselves to grow Food and build the community and you Know these things to survive But it's a chance for redemption in a Way it's a chance to get a redo on a you Know what is For most people lives really lived Poorly like people who are living bad Lives negative lives and for some people It'll be a you know a Redemption where They'll get they'll be enlivened by the Opportunity And you know that's one of the good Things about what's happening now and so It really doesn't matter in terms of who Gets elected at this point because the You know the system's already going to Go in a certain way But it does matter the rhetoric and the Stuff that you're hearing and the lies And you know them coming out and saying We're trying to save democracy by Rigging the election you know I mean That's what the Democrats are saying Here And the Republicans are even worse Because we know Trump is toxic he's a Toxic person you know not that Biden

Isn't toxic But Trump is toxic and people are Enthusiastically you know people that He's burned and betrayed are Enthusiastically trying to get them uh To do another horrible job and betray Them again right like he isn't going to You know bite you a second time of Course he is right and so you know it's Just a a weird situation that we have And it's you know depressing in the Sense of you know the powerlessness of The people and to get what they want Especially people who have been told Their whole life that their preferred Customers And now they're being told hey just suck It up and vote for Biden because you Don't want Trump right or or the Opposite where you you know you suck it Up and vote for Trump because he's the Only guy who could be Biden and not that The outcome is really going to change Things either way it thinks it's just Going to make things worse either way But it's the the willingness to just Repeat the same things the same mistakes Of the past right you know they said the Um definition of insanity is to do the Same thing over again and expect Different results and that's where we Are right now And so you know anyways I also want to Put this out there

But in all this seeking the truth and Connecting the Divinity within you is Always the answer I mean that's you know You can figure that out for yourself but Certainly For me that's what it is that there's a Divine path you have a Soul's path and Finding out what that is no matter What's going on in the world is job Number one and it's the reason for People being you you have a Soul's Purpose a soul reason for being here And figuring that out is Your job and your job alone right you Can't expect other people to figure it Out for you Or do it for you and you know if you Don't really have a purpose then You know you should think about that Right like why am I here what am I doing Here What's my true purpose these are Questions everyone should ask I mean why wouldn't you ask those Questions And you know if you're you come up with That you know that's there's no guy that You know That there's no purpose here Everything's random oh that's something But at least think it over and come up With what you believe and you know what You What you think the overall purpose of

Life is And you can pray about it if you know You can't find an answer But finding an answer or at least Heading in that direction Would be better than doing nothing right You know Anyways only spiritual valuable save This world it's paramado definitely Important for the apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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