Fetterman is back + Trump’s hilarious regret + about human’s 2nd fused Chromosome

Fetterman is back + Trump's hilarious regret + about human's 2nd fused Chromosome

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so This came up my wife had sent me Something about this or told me about This and she just sent it to me uh a Couple days ago and I want have been Covering this again because this is a Really important thing I get into a Whole bunch of stuff and uh maybe a Trump uh Town Hall kind of thing that He's got going on and some other stuff Some hilarious stuff from the great John J Federman but I want to start with this First because it's kind of the most Important thing it has to deal with the Origin of our species a a big missing Piece of the puzzle that I've talked About before but it's come up again and I want to cover it in more detail Because you know if we think about the Stories that we have the scientific Stories about the origin of our of life On Earth and human beings we kind of Know that that's BS and then you have These kind of ridiculous tales that you Get from the Bible and other religious Texts but this is you know something Where there is an anomaly in the human Genome that sheds light on you know the True nature of our our being and how we Got here as people on this planet and so Many things that um blow up not only the Biblical teachings of human Creation but even more importantly the The stuff to do with Darwin and human

Evolution so this is a chimpanzee this Is a chimpanzee this is a gorilla Gorilla as my older son used to call it And this is a an oranga tank so these Are our three closest relatives Genetically in terms of primates right These are primates that were are Supposed to have evolved from a Important part of our evolution is what Happened in the second chromosome right So this is an abstract study here Genetic structure and evolution of Ancest ancestral chromosome Fusion site And the um the paral the paralogous Regions on other human Chromosomes human chromosome 2 was Formed by head-to-head Fusion of two Ancestral chromosomes that remain Separate in other Primates this is something here the Origin of a species a chromosome Fusion some 60 years ago researchers John hin to Joe and Albert L Lev Discovered that unle bread discovered That number of chromosomes in human was 46 and that it has 23 Pairs and not 48 As was thought previously the key Discovery was introduced in a series of Improvements in cultural techniques Applied to human fil blasts fil blasts FIB Blasts especially as regards to Treatment with these other things here At the start of

1960s cogenic techniques were still not Prefered for comparative studies of Chromosomes in general and in primat Specifically the text niques were honed At a later date to obtain colored bands And inner band patterns and chromosones Revealed that our second largest Chromosone is a Revol is is the result Of a fusion of two chromosomes belonging To our closest evolutionary ancestors so This is something my wife sent me from Twitter and I found no evidence of it Anywhere else in terms of scientific Research but of course they wouldn't put This out there and what it says is Geneticist at Harvard University Discovered that about 200,000 years ago Our chromosome 2 was taken out fused Together and Tel air caps were added to Both ends thus genetically modifying us To shorten our lives to 120 years Samarian tablets say that this change Occurred about 200,000 years ago Combining in ancient writing With modern genetics this put human Civilization hundreds of thousands of Years behind mainstream and religious Accepted time frames and so um which I Agree with all this stuff is what is Said here and again this isn't uh it's Just somebody posting this on Twitter And I couldn't find the the evidence of The studies or any of these things but I Believe this all to be true let me

Switch over to a voiceover now so I came Across this information Um from Lord Lloyd pie and other people Who were posting about these things Lloyd Pi was a scientist and a Geneticist you can still probably find These videos on YouTube where he talks Extensively about that nature there is No way that nature would naturally fuse Two chromosomes together and you know I Was always interested in this kind of Stuff and the third Master the SJ Mark System charge he talked about alien life And he was really into um Science fiction writings and there was Some references and then these Whispers Of the brighter World messages came out And there was a section called Prophecies which was towards the back of The first book and this was a sort of Semisimple French woman who when she Started to get things that she herself Had trouble believing in like these Prophecies and she was already Questioning her sanity in terms of Talking to disembodied spirits she had You know lack of confidence in her Channeling abilities which is odd Because she was a Channeler in past Lives she had a few lives where she was A a Channeler and a Medium and she was great at it like she Has more successfully channeled messages

Than any other religious tradition of Course Babaji was maybe the you know in The sjar system was maybe the the Biggest Channeler of of um you know this Kind of of communication with a divine Right and she didn't like taking these Messages down and there are two messages In particular there's a few more I'm Sure in other places that I don't you Know can't Remember uh but I wanted to read these Messages because these messages I was Looking For material validation like I believed In the messages but I wanted to see if There was anything out there that Supported what was being said and these Are not connect Ed ly P isn't connected To this at all at least on a you know in A way that he was aware of and these Other people and of course the discovery Of the scientific discovery of the Second genome being fused together and It's the second and third genome in Chimpanzees and gorillas and orangutangs Who are considered our closest relatives And the importance of this is that you Know that um not only you know the Biblical account of this and the other Things that are are out there in terms Of religious Traditions but more Importantly the idea of Darwinism that We evolved naturally from apes is blown Out of the water by this and so it isn't

Discussed very much because there's no Way that our chromosome which is one of Our defining characteristics that Separates us from apes and gives us a Different set of pairs you know Lloyd Pi Talked about how if you're going to Emerge a like a higher developed Creature an alien creature with the Apes That existed on planet Earth you would Need their chromosome pairs to match up They would have to have like even number Pairs you know there couldn't be uh like A one one uh one species could have an Odd number of pairs of chromosomes and Another having an even number of pair They had to have to take a combined Species they had to do this work right They had to fuse a a chromosome together So they could have the pairs match up And that was interesting to me as well But um let me read this first one here Because both of these things are Important in terms of what's being said In this message again this person Writing on Twitter writes political Stuff right uh it's uh nicolea something You know after um um nicoa Tesla Nicola Tesla and so this my wife sends me stuff It's a political person I think a Right-leaning Person but wrote this up and I don't Know where he got his information from But it lines up with stuff that I know At least I believe to be true Sunday

March 4th 2001 10 a.m. my dear daughter Concerning these prophecies you must Write what we dictate without having any Qualms she was bumming about writing These things down because she was Freaking out because she didn't believe In these things and she thought people Would you know mocker or whatever it was Right you cannot check the soundness of What we are telling you some of our Comments confirm assertions you read From other sources which themselves Include some of ours the best inspired Ones being written by medians mediums Having access to well-informed sources So he's saying that these people who are Understanding this are getting the same Information from the Divine through you Know some sort of Channel process Whether they're aware of it or not you Know he talks about this how all great Inventions and movements and things are Inspired by channeling you know Christians who are against channeling Your Bible is written by channeling by Channeled messages most of the Information in the Old Testament is Channeled right where the Disciples of Jesus received messages after Jesus died And of course even in the old Testament There's the burning bush of Moses and You know this existed it exists in all These cultures the idea of a genius There's a great um Ted Talk that people

Can watch from this woman Elizabeth's Whatever her name is she wrote e pray Love and she talked about this type of You know inspired writing where you Would connect to a higher level source Of course you can connect to a lower Level disembodied Spirits demonic Spirits as well so that's you know part Of the challenge but people who connect To higher level inspiration you know the Great writings the Great Inventions all These come from a person who's able to Access this information in the ethernet And connect with higher developed souls And be able to be guided by God and this Has existed throughout history and this Elizabeth whatever her name is I could Look it up but I don't you know doesn't Matter you can find the Ted Talk if it Still exists out there she talked about How a genius the idea of a genius genius A genius was a disembodied soul that a a Scientist or a person of you know a Creative abilities would have connection To very interesting talk you can check The soundness of this of the of what we Are telling you some of the comments Confirm assertions you read from other Sources which themselves include some of Ours the best inspired ones being Written by mediums that have access to Well-informed sources great evils must Occur great upheavals must occur on this Planet

Time and time again they made life Evolve in various forms terrifying Species inhabited the planet that Screenwriters as sence fiction movies Cannot even imagine the humanoid Kingdom In is rather recent it was not about Spontaneous generation but it was Experimentally generated by Superior Beings and has evolved with time present Researchers whose eyes are riveted on Test tubes would be astounded if they Discovered the true nature of mankind There is no question of an upper race as They believed as they believe this Subrace tries to work its way up to the Level of up to the upper level with God's help and so I'll I'll comment on That in a second there is every hope of Success there's a lot to do all kinds of Committed persons have devoted Themselves to it Eden will not happen in A hurry but a high level embryotic Consciousness is germinating and growing In this world so as to reach a possible Full blossoming in a very distant future And so this um you know this is about a Lot of things but in terms of um what This you know this Twitter quote said it Aligns with that right this idea that There has been genetic manipulation and It aligns with the you know fusing of The second and third chromosomes genetic Manipulation to create you know what Lloyd Pi believed you know theorized was

A slave that it was sloppy genetic work He used the uh you know some of the Diseases like spinabifida where a person With spinabifida can't reproduce so how Is that in a a genetic uh you know There's a genetic flaw there right where You have things in our genome that won't Be transferred onto future people the Genetic flaw the genetic abnormality or Whatever you want to call it is Something where if you have it you don't Reproduce so it will die off within you Know why is it still in the genome right Like there's carriers of it why is that Part of it and there's a lot of flaws in The human genome you know humans have Allergies to things on planet Earth how Is that possible human beings have a lot Of uh flawed characteristics and he said Well if you were just making a slave you Wouldn't be maybe doing the best work You wouldn't really care much about the Slave right but there's writings about Ancient beings you know we talk about This in the maata and some of these Other you know cultures and things Around the world that there was human Beings that leave lived hundreds of Thousands of years even thousands of Years it's a big jump right but this was Talked about in all these writings and Religious texts and things of course Space people being here and all these Things and Aboriginal cultures but there

Are human beings that lived all these Lives and what this person's saying is That they reduce the human lifespan and I talked about this very recently how You know if you look at the major work Of a person you know you have your Life's work as a career you have your Spiritual work as connecting to God you You're you're a young person growing and And learning to explore the world and Have your own life right then you have Your romantic life marriage and then Children which are two separate things But they go together and in our lives That all happens between the ages of 20 And 50 right like all that stuff that People are doing their career their Marriage their you know their spiritual Life you know when you have all this Energy and then your body starts to Break down and then you go into old age You know when you're 50 some people die At age 50 like that's I mean there's Their lifespan and you know the tail end Of your your life you don't have as much Ability you do a lot of work and so You're trying to pack in all these Things you know career your your working Your you know your you know way of Making money your contribution to Society your family and and you know Your romantic relationship and then also Connecting to God and doing a spiritual Practice and there's just not enough

Time but if you had a thousand years to Live I mean think about if you had a Couple hundred if you doubled your Lifetime if you had 200 years to live Then you could do all those things and Do them separately and do them well Right focus on one aspect like you could Live to 50 60 years old and just be Discovering who you are as a person and Then You' be ready to you know have a Romantic relationship you'd already have Some sort of a career and life's work That you're doing but it wasn't Something that would be rushed and then You could have kids and do these things And then devote you know 50 100 years to Spiritual Pursuit right okay so I just Took a break for lunch and you know did Some other things I'm running a a little Bit late today but continuing from where I left off so if human life was longer You would have a lot less stress because You wouldn't be packing these things in Like there's a rush right because you Know being older myself I'm pushing 60 Now and I kind of feel like my life just Blew past me I mean just there's lots of Times where I was just so um you know When you're in a state of being like Stressed out all the time and you're Just putting out fires And you're in a you know a difficult Situation you know whether it be a job Or marriage or or a lot of those things

All together and you're um you know it's The rat race and you're just your life Just is you're not really living right You're just reacting and trying to keep Your head above water like you're Treading water and you know you're Toiling and you know I had that for a Number years of course the last so many Years have been better and I've had more Time to reflect on things and make these Videos and do things that where I have Times to think like I didn't have time To think like even with the meditation I Was doing and all those things just not Getting able to uh like every day you Have all these things you have to Accomplish and by the time you're done With the day you're too tired to do Anything to you know move your life Forward or have some kind of purpose or Whatever and so human life was designed Especially you know in terms of all the Things that we have to accomplish for a Much longer period of time so this this Thing this random tweet encompasses that With this idea that this capping of the Second genome reduced our life uh Significantly and that there are these Possible higher developed race again What Boba G was talking about that There's a higher race and a lower race And the lower race is trying to get up To that higher level and that there's All this junk DNA I mean these things

That I found out through other sources And there's a lot of information about That the junky DNA is really human Potential and that you know we have an Animalistic Tendencies our lower nature And if we were built to be slaves or Built to be you know whatever human Beings are here now and it's kind of a Mistake in a way or something that's not Um you know uh it didn't come naturally There's not a Natural Evolution and we Were placed between these two worlds of Like possibly a world of Apes right Chimpanzees bonobos right and higher Develop of evolved humanoids right and You know if we were raised as a slave Race if this is a you know if it was Left behind the evidence that that's There is that there was these higher Developed beings that were Technologically evolved and they took Off and they were more present you know They they were present on this planet And they left behind you know some Artifacts let me read this other Whispers of the brighter world and they Left behind you know some of these Things but they were and even some of The Technology but you know we weren't Equipped for that right we weren't on Their level but we weren't we were no Longer like apes or whatever we were no Longer animals with a lower levels of

Consciousness so we had these you know a Forced Evolution so to speak and Explains the the slave mentality that we All have and the all the abuse that's There and these things right especially If if we were mistreated as a you know Not really um regarded with any sense of Care or you know any of these things When they genetically mod IFI the Current human beings that live on this Planet you know this is all stuff that Again there's evidence for it and you Have to you know be able to make the Mental leap to connect all the problems Of humanity to a kind of flawed creation Right you know as Lloyd Pi put it it was Very sloppy you know this is a sloppy Work that was done and if they were Rushing this product out to create a lot Of slaves to do you know the work that Needed to be done to harvest resources Or what was going on with this planet Right and this idea of this planet was Terraformed as well and so it had you Know a a speedy Evolution that was done Not through a Divine process but through Higher developed beings you know Experimenting on something and there's Always going to be issues when you you Know try to replicate nature but let me Read this other Whispers of the brighter World because this speaks to this as Well these are both amongst the Prophecies there's other um there's

Other Whispers that are talk about this And I don't have all of them right here I'm just going to read these two Sunday March 4th 20018 a.m. the Earth's history Is both ancient and Rich it has some Advanced civilization extraterrestrials As you call them came to establish Exporation sites and to build interplan Planetary realiz station some of them Survived even though not having their Primary usefulness anymore the pyramids Belong to them many things are said and Written about them they still an Important role energy-wise Revelations On this point will bring a new Enlightenment to Men of the future ages The time has not the time has not yet Come could they really understand all These subtleties of the system they Should at least start admitting that Life exists on other planets of the Solar system and beyond it will really Be necessary to hit hard so that they Can accept this principle a massive Invasion will occur we already mentioned That possib ability which alone will put An end to the wandering of all forms of Science the whole picture will need Revising those beings will be will bring An extraordinary knowledge that will Leave the poor Earthling stupified with Their pompous ideas of everything most Of which are wrong or worthless those Beings will come in order to protect the

Universal balance from Men's misconduct As well as from the huge risk the Running with so-called progress which is Alarming many respects Boby so there's a Lot in this message you know there's all This evidence that the pyramids and I've Talked about this in past videos were Built by some higher developed race Certainly more technologically advanced We couldn't rebuild those pyramids today We couldn't cut the stones we couldn't Build them with the Precision they were Built I mean they're and they're all Over the globe these pyramids are not Just in Egypt they're all over these Various Continents and you know they there Similar artifacts at all these places Long before the world was connected Through air travel or even ships and Things like this these are ancient um These are ancient structures and our History has that there was no way these Civilizations could be connected because People didn't have the ability primitive People didn't have the ability to travel Across the ocean across the globe and And there wasn't no there was no sort of Sharing of technology and architecture And things and so the pyramids anybody With Common Sense we understand were Built by a higher developed race that Had technical superiority to even what We have today in one of these messages

I'm not going to read it here he talks About giants like what happened you know When the Giants disappeared so he's Acknowledging that there were giants on This planet at one point maybe I'll just Look at that real quick here okay so I Found this message here let me just find It Again um here we go got to make it Bigger Um I was reading it but I got Interrupted here um here we go Sunday February 10th 2001 10 A.m. this is from the fourth Revelation So this wasn't a part of the prophecies This came out in the fourth book secrets Of ancient Egypt will be Unearthed when The moment has come and the majority and The major significance of all existing Symbols can finally be understood by Most people which is not the case for Today civilization this is about how There's like Freemasons and these Various groups that maybe were left Behind and they have this secret Knowledge that they're not sharing with Everybody else higher Spirits in terms Of level Evolution are not far from that Comprehension the they work out key Elements of those Mysteries which will Help explain one day the true history of The world the Earth as far as its Function is concerned can be compared to A living being with strong points or

Chakras which maintain balance essential To its life and evolution Men by their Ignorance endanger the world of the Future by disorganizing what a higher Race worked out a long time ago the Human being on the pretext of progress Destabilizes not only the life of the Planet but also its attributes in the Universal order the race of giants is a Reality it influenced very deeply the History of the earth which is recorded In certain sacred places of the sphere Many of which are in the country of Egypt the majority of those places are Not yet explored by human beings for the Greatest good of all men must protect Against them must protect against Themselves as they are not able in the Current state of knowledge to decipher What must be deciphered for the survival Of a future world bagy and so this idea Of an invasion that he talked about in The previous Whispers that I read well You can see like this stuff is you know You can believe it or not right I'm just Putting it out there I don't care and You know it's important if this is true But there's some truth here because There's evidence of giants there's Evidence of all these things that up Saying but the evidence that we can Ignore is that human beings are hellbent At Self-destruction and that we are doing

Things whether it be Wii and five Wi-Fi And 5G or the weapons that we've created Nuclear weapons and all the rest of it And just the self-destructive nature of People drug addiction and creating new And newer and and better drugs to screw People up and you know all the Psychological aberration and all this Hollywood morality that's being pushed Out there all the degrading nature of Humans the Hedonism the the way that Kids are addicted to the internet and You know everybody is addicted to some Extent and created these fantasy worlds And cyber life and detach from reality And the family's breaking down and we're On a you know we're hellbent for World War III and self-destructive tendencies And we have technology that we clearly Are not mature enough to handle whether It be you know your F your phone that People get addicted to whether it' be Any number of you know medical things That are being tampered with and you Know geneticists creating spider spider Goats and things I mean all these things Exist that they're you know doing Genetic manipulation trying to merge Species and have um goats that make milk That has the same components as a spider Web and stuff so they can I mean all These things that they're trying to do This messing around with things the the CERN pyal collider I mean who really

Would feel safe with Trump and Biden I Mean this is the official story having Control of a black box that could Destroy the world that we have the the Technical abilities destroy the world Elon Musk releasing these satellites and This web I mean Babaji talks about in These Whispers messages this web that's Wrapped around the earth now with these Satellites emitting all these energies And things stabilizing humans subtle Bodies and their ability to connect Spiritually and and get a moment of Silence in these things and we clearly Have technology that we're not ready to Use and we haven't evolved the maturity And the Consciousness to do these things And so there would have to be an Intervention right if we are created by These higher developed beings I'm having Some possible issues with my microphone I don't know what to do about it but I See that sometimes it's flashing the Signal is so if there's some problems With this audio um it's just you know I Haven't been able to figure out what to Do about that it's just something that I've noticed today I did another voice Over for my um my journey series and Hopefully I've caught the problems and I Just I re I did I redid the audio when I See the um there's lights and the lights Flash but I'm not always looking at the Thing so if there's problems with the

Audio it's because of that but anyways We all see the problems with the human Race and this puts it into perspective That we are you know we've got an Evolution that didn't come naturally and We haven't matured into our abilities And powers and things and there's a Disconnect between our spiritual sense And you know our level of emotional Maturity and all the rest of it we have Lives that are shorter than we should Have you know I can say in my 50s and Even in my 40s I was a lot wiser and Made better decisions so if people who Are making decisions the leaders of the World were 100 or 200 or even a thousand Years old it would be quite different You would have seen and experienced so Many things and you would have all this Collective knowledge right I was just Thinking about this the other day like All the things that I know now that Would have helped me so much when I was Younger going through the things I went Through of course going through those Things helped me be the person I am Today but you know going through tough Things when you're you know when you're Older you just have a sense of I mean This is just being you know in my 50s What if I was a 100 what if I was 200 And so then you'd have this real wisdom Thousand years old or whatever and so The shortened lifespan all these things

That are here that we have and the Decisions we're making it would make Sense at some point we're going to be a Threat to the universal order or balance Like that just makes sense we we are Right now and we're on the cusp of Nuclear war and all the stuff I cover Regularly here on this YouTube channel So all these things go go with the story That we see living out and playing out In front of us people are getting worse The human beings are de evolving you Know the biggest um the biggest reason Why there would be some Global collapse Is because the system that we have now Is making us worse and as we get worse The system gets worse right we're both Working together to create uh like a Sort of De Evolution where people are Becoming you know it's the movie Idiocracy right where everything becomes Uh worse and our system gets worse but The people that are in the system are Getting worse at the same time and so That's a real problem especially since We have all this technological power and People aren't don't have the maturity Level or even the sanity to handle that Power and it is something that will not Not only not only is threatening the Destruction of this planet but hurting The universal order so that there be Some sort of invasion that human beings Being immature and and you know

Egotistical and all the things that we Think we are and all great we think we Are will not take lightly and then There'll be whatever that is and how That works out right and then coming Back to this essential point when you Think about all this stuff and then you See that um you know that our origin of Our species which is something that is You know if you look at the official Stories the biblical story in the Old Testament sucks and I've talked about That so much you think about the the Other religions that Explain the origin Of our history they're they're not great Right they don't make sense lots of Holes and flaws in them and then the Scientific version with Darwin which is A complete sham and so to think that we Don't know where we came from which you Know we have all these missing pieces to Our existence and our struggles and if We knew those things a lot more of our Lives and the lives of our you know our Collective lives together and our History and our culture Would make sense right that there's you Know inherent problems in victim Consciousness from the origin of our you Know the origin of our species and how We are created and why we all feel Overwhelmed all the time because of the Short lifespan but also because we're Not you know we haven't reached the

Level of what we need to be to deal with The technology and the the you know all The power that we have as human beings To create and manifest things and so There's a level of overwhelm right a Level of insanity that goes with it all The things that are now you know our Question marks like Enigma why is this Like this well because you know where The origin of our species is not a a Natural one you know there's a new Scientific I when I was doing research I Found that there are some people who Dispute whether the the second and third Ver uh chromosome are fused but that's You know that seems ridiculous when you Look at the these people also believe in Darwin and so what do you think happened When the there's two chrom chromosomes In our closest genetic relatives and yet We have one but they don't want to admit That it's fused because that would mean That their whole world view and World Model blows up both for religious people Who believe in you know religious texts That have been proven false and then the Religion of science that is you know Pseudo science and it's built in control And you know scientific Um you know fraud and things to create a A narrative that is far away from the Truth and I'm leading with this because This is more important than anything Else what I'm about to show you is the

Problem and talking about here is the Reason for the problem the reason for Our personal struggles and Collective Struggles because you know we have a Kind of a a screwed up backstory right An unnatural and you know compromised And mistake Rd and you know like all These things you know bad decisions Being made in terms of you know what's Been left behind a race of people that Aren't equipped with what they need to Deal with their problems right to deal With their their current situation Anyways let's move on to the uh other Stuff Here okay let's start off with this one Of my viewers sent me this this is South Park breaking news shocking developments In the country today it appears that Nobody knows how to do anymore our Own Chris Martin's is live on the scene Tom I'm standing in my bathroom where The new tole for my shower is yet to be Installed as you can see the ti is Started to peel off in places now the Handyman was supposed to come days ago To fix it but he claims to have better Offers from other white colar workers Like me whose practical knowhow has Atrophied it appears we've all screwed Ourselves by relying on technology and AI this is South par the person sent This to me in reference to you know this Being the year of the amateur okay so

Let's get to John J fedman there was Going to be International hearings Criticizing Israel for what it's doing To Palestinian people and South Africa Is the country bringing those charges Against Israel and so John J Federman Who doesn't understand that he's you Know he's Ultra liberal he's one of the Most liberal Senators he doesn't Understand that the Liberals he thinks That the rightwing and trumpers are the Ones who are criticizing Israel like This is how confused he is like he can't Understand things that everyone else Basically knows you know Trump is benyah Who's favorite President he said there's No greater friend to Israel than Trump Trump of course was connected through His Son-in-law and the right-wing the Republicans are all in favor of backing Israel on all levels it's the Democrats And Biden who are struggling with a Divided group of Democrats some who are Pro Palestinians some are pro-israel That's where the debate is coming from But he doesn't know that right we've Seen this before because he's just so Incompetent and Confused who are we who are they really Fighting it's a group of cowards they Hide in tunnels they hide behind Civilians they attack kill and mutilate Children

Women Israel Stop talking about proportion on that They shot their best shot on October 7th And they would have taken more lives if They couldn't do that but they couldn't Do it and now let's also talk about that Now we're talking about genocide why Couldn't they do it and now South Africa Now is now bringing that kind of a a Trial maybe South Africa may you ought To sit this one out when they're talking About Criticizing here sit this one Out sit it out you guys just it out And so wearing the same Sweatshirt um I guess this is Go-to I'm standing on the roof of my Home right here in bradic so don't do it John John don't do it bro come on you Got so much to live for brother you got A A beautiful witch of a wife and you Got a job that you clearly don't deserve And you're tall I mean come on you got So many things going for you bro come on Bro don't do it get off the roof John John get off the roof for Christ sakes John I mean it's just come it's unfair John don't do that don't do it John Pennsylvania right across the street From the Edgar Thompson plan and I just Have to say it's absolutely outrageous That they have sold themselves to a Foreign nation and exactly America would Never do that like Hunter Biden Biden

Would never do that you know I'm glad That you this is about something else John I was a little worried there for a Second can't do that steel is always About security exactly steal and Security go hand in hand as well too as Well too as well too exactly the great John Federman he's said this quite often As well too let's let's recap this as Well too is always about security as Well too and I am committed to doing Anything I can do from using my platform Or my POS exactly you're the best at Unusing your platform and position like This guy let's go back here this is some Brilliant stuff as well too he is the Best at unusing his platform and Position too and I am committed to doing Anything I can do from using my platform Or my position in order to block this And I'm going to fight for the steel Workers and their Union way of life here As well too as well too when they this Is not YouTube's um this is not close Caption they put this up themselves Because he you know he butchered what he Was saying from unusing and like right Here right when he said this thing Security as well too and I am committed To doing anything I can do from using my Plat for unusing but they got rid of the UN because you know form of my position In order to block this and I'm going to Fight for the steel workers and their

Union way of life here as well too and We cannot ever allow them to be screwed Over or left behind exactly exactly as Well too as well too John so here he is Well-placed banking Housing and Urban Affairs committee yeah well if you felt That you know we all supported those Kind of changes uh after after the crash Um and then how come we have a you know Uh what happened at the Silicon Valley Bank uh now some 15 years later that and If there wasn't the kind of intervention It would have called another kind of a Crash so so have we got it right Yet should we have to make any more Changes how are you those are the Questions I wish there was somebody Qualified in the Senate to Answer um you know he needs a he doesn't Have it here but he has a tablet he Carries around to process what other People are saying he can't understand What people are saying to him he's Confused all the time and he can't talk So you know he's perfectly qualified to Be a political leader in this country Are you okay with this idea that a Relatively small Bank especially Compared to the size of all of you in Front of us tday could exactly you guys Are really big you guys are giants out There could cause uh a crash systemwide Unless that the president had to quickly Intervene and make sure that we address

Address This any changes anything else any or That it's okay to worry that a small Bank could actually uh uh imperil our Entire Financial system yeah well if you Felt okay so that's fedom in there okay Um so then we had the president of Ukraine and people sent me this back to Back there's two of them I'm missing one Here's the first one let me see if I can Find the other one look at them go look At that M andf or go look at him go look At him jiggle look at that guy he's a Brilliant leader and he Jiggles like Nobody's business okay so here's the Other one look at him go look at zinsky Go he's quite the dancer I mean I heard He was a comedian and an actor but you Didn't know he had those dancing moves I Saw him do some singing too the guy's Just you know he's a he's a triple Threat and he's one hell of a leader too Look at him go look at those him sway Those hips look at him go I mean would You want this guy leading your war Effort Look at him Go and so um that's salinski Democratic Rep Jerry Nadler says we need many Illegal immigrants in the country to Pick vegetables way to go Jerry got to get it done buddy and we Need immigrants in this Country forget the fact that

The farm that our our our vegetables Would rot in the ground if it were Weren't if they weren't being picked by Many immigrants many illegal immigrants The fact is that the birth rate in this Country is way below replacement level Which means our population is going to Start shrinking and the ratio of people On Social Security and Medicare is going To increase relative to the number of People supporting Them so wow Jerry you hit for the cycle There bro you just confirmed the whole Theory of replacement population It's a Democrat uh um uh confirming Replacement population and the whole Migrant uh you know immigrant worker Thing and so um way to go Jerry Jerry's Hitting for the cycle too one of the Common devices is destroying sperm count Doctors warned warn want super sperm Sorry fellas you're going have to freeze Doctors are urging men to turn off their Car's heat seats if they want to stay Fertile for fear that the popular Feature could increase the temperature Of the testes Adversely impacting uh sterm sperm Production sperm Stern he seeds are Becoming increasingly common in vehicles Okay so you don't get into the whole Wi-Fi thing and 4G 5G and all that Stuff um Trump had a rally here let's Just watch some of it's an hour and 40

Minutes long Zero Effect zero woo This is uh tremendous well as they say You're very hearty people I've heard That you're hardy people you're Hardy I've heard that about you Iowans you Know I care about you like today and I've heard your hearty and I'm going to Say nice things about you because you Know it's election time we like hardy People and hello we like hardy people we Don't like those non hardy people well One day from now we're going to win I Was first in the nation caucuses we kept You first in the Nation in a historic victory of victory That will Echo throughout the country And all around the world tomorrow January 15th I need each and every one Of you to get out every Everybody you Get out just get out and vote you got to Bring your friend you know we say plus 10 so plus 10 or plus two or plus 20 but Bring them all out because bring them All out plus somebody you got to bring Them out to caucus you know the caucus They stand together as a group of people And you know the count they stand like Trump side and whoever else there's There to Santos and santis and these Other guys right um and so uh Nikki Hy And they caucus for Trump like they have A captain and these things weird way of Doing it but I was going to go for Trump

Have to set the stage for November we Have the most corrupt most incompetent President in the history of our country He's destroying our country and we have To get it done quickly we have to get Got get guys got to caucus of crap out Of this cuz we got to speed up this Election so I could get in there and Quickly take over for him we should Probably just do the whole election in July I'm thinking you know can we get it Done by then because we can't wait that Long and then I can be sworn in by August done quickly we have to set the Stage and it really begins tomorrow at 7:00 the caucuses start sharp but if you Could be there at 6:30 they tell me it's Better you have to be there by 700 so Get there a little bit early okay so It's freezing there Let's move forward here appropriate Right for this for what's happening to Our country but abuses of power from Russia Russia Russia remember that KOB To Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine to defund the Police to their 2020 election rigging Scam like our country has never seen Before we haven't seen anything like That Before and we have a man that can't put Two sentences together he can't find the Stairs see the stairs yeah I see him he Can't even find them you guys can find Him he can I mean you know forget about

Waldo this guy can't even find the Stairs he finishes a speech which I very Short they're not like our two-hour Beauties right they wanted the long Version Jim remember that but Uh woo front row Joe's you didn't get in The front row today like front row Joe's They follow me everywhere we love them We love those front row Joe's that's why We have America that's Okay but they'll figure it out you know They're fighting oil they're fighting Oil they're basically saying let's close Up our country because uh if you notice China is right now building China is Building actually every week a Coal Fired plant and these this is crazy There China just doing it I ended up Doing two rallies and giving her a very Big endorsement and she ended up beating A very rich I don't know who this guy is All they said is he's a rich very Good-look farmer well those are good Credentials for Iowa right rich Goodlooking farmer and he was going to Win and I came in and I saved her you Know Trump has been a Disaster for um Trump's been a disaster For getting people elected people who Are trumpers are doing really poorly in The last couple election Cycles but you Know not to Trump like Trump is you Know I mean he doesn't believe in those Kind of results thank woo three years

Ago we had the most pure Border in US History by far who is president then oh You I get it got up and I did no I did Apologize I apologize I'd like to Apologize to Pocahontas the real Pocahontas for what I let's go back Let's hear that that'll be funny of People poured into New York and there's Living on Madison Avenue they're staying On Fifth Avenue they nobody's ever seen Anything like it and in all due respect To the mayor of New York he's really He's fighting it as much as he's going To fight it he's fighting a a criminal Element a sick element he's fighting an Element of people that have no idea what They're doing to our country or they do Have an idea and that's even worse Because if they did you mean the Immigrants they would know that they're Destroying our country Ron the sanct Demonius and Nikki Haley will never Secure our border and they'll never come Close to it it's only words the sanctis That's the abbreviation I like that cuz You can only say the sanctimonious it's Good but you can't say it too many times Exactly you it's it's like Beetle Juice He he'll end up showing here with his Magic shoes and if you look it's really Rather brilliant I must say the best Might be Pocahontas you know somebody Say what's your best that's where he got To

Pocahontas pocah hontus was good you Know I have Indian blood 1 1 And4th I have Indian blood she got her Jobs by being a minority right she got Into Harvard because she was a minority She got every she got everything And then she met Trump and we came up With the name Pocahontas and she told Her friend he's killing me with that Name then they said you have to Apologize you have to apologize for what You're doing with her and I did I got up And I did no I did apologize I apologize I'd like to apologize to Pocahontas the Real Pocahontas for what I've he pleas Not apologizing to the fake P this the Real one the santis did not introduce a Single major piece of border where he Made that jump from dis sanctimonious to B you know I've come up with some really Derogatory nicknames over the years this Is my Favorite security legislation in his Entire time in Congress he had no idea He couldn't care less about it and you Know what you know but now he cares Democracy for many reasons this is only Happening because we're leading big in The polls you know if I wasn't running Or if I was in fourth place or fifth Place or seventh place you notice a lot Of people have dropped out sloppy Chris Christie just dropped out he's sloppy That's Chris

Christie and if we weren't if we weren't Doing so well with the general public I Mean honestly our polls here are great But our national polls are this is off The charts that's why they're trying to Get Me and that includes local Das and that Includes attorney generals because They're all you saw the fanny Fanny Willis you saw that deal her boyfriend She gave him a million bucks to go get Trump right and then they go on vacation Spending the million bucks are going on Cruise lines exactly they they misusing The money that they were supposed to use To get Trump I told my wife I'd like to take You on a vacation like that but I can't Afford it it's too expensive are they Going on Norwegian Cruise Lines yeah you Can't afford that you're not like a Billionaire or anything well you're Technically not I'm just going through The rest of these here you know with all Of his wrestling you did produce an All-American wrestler of your children At least one but they're good wrestlers We're not going to wrestle any of them But he's an allamerican so Congratulations on that that's Incredible good job buddy woo The Leverage if you know what you're doing Uh we don't have leverage now because They don't understand leverage but we

Have all the leverage with China and I Told our Farmers to go out and buy more Land and larger tractors do you remember And I was right he was right because now They're all in debt and they're selling Their their land and tractors to China And that was the plan all you've never Done so well and anything left over like You see the fumes it's the fumes of the Trump Administration that's the only Thing that's keeping this Biden thing a Little bit alive because their numbers Are no good except for the stock market Exactly just a stock market who cares About that New Hampshire the day before Super Tuesday now these are Rigged indictments this is a rigged Department of Justice where we have Radical left bad people lunatic Lunatics I call them and we can't let it Happen we can't can't let it happen Exactly you guys don't let these people In other states that you have nothing to Do with put me in jail it happened So they can't win on woke education and A woke military we have a great military By the way when we took out Isis they did it so great raisen Kane General raisin Kane raisen Kan he was The best know that's I said this one on This is an hour 30 30 hour and 40 minute Speech Let's get to the end of it Here Davenport to De Mo to right here in Indianola Indianola we stand on the

Shoulders of generations of Iowa Patriots who tamed the Wilderness Brave The elements till murder the indigenous People the soil worked the fields built The factories and poured out their sweat Blood tears to make this country The greatest nation in the history of The world that's what happened that's What happened that was what happened That's the the whole some of it but now We are a nation in Decline we are a Failing Nation we are a nation that has Lost its confidence its willpower and Its strength we he's lost his energy I Mean he's you know this is still an hour And 40 speech which is not you know Nothing but he's not the same Trump Right he's kind of broken a bit and and He's you know he's a little bit dim a Nation that has lost its Way but we are not going to allow this Horror to Continue three years ago we were a great Nation and we will soon be a great Nation again it was hardworking Patriots Like you who built this country and it Is hardworking Patriots like you who are Going to save our country we will fight For America like no one has ever fought Before 2024 is our final battle our final Battle with you at my side we will Demolish the Deep State we will expel The

Warmongers get them out of our Government we will drive out the Globalists we will cast out the Communist Marxist and fascist we will Throw off the sick political class that Truly hates our country we will route The fake news media we'll route them out Of here and we will evict crooked Joe Biden from the White House on November 5th 2024 you know um he's just really low Energy and there's a thing he said about Revenge um I was hoping to just randomly Hit it let me see if I can find it here So here's the part I I read about and I Found a short video on Tik Tok but these Caucuses are your Personal chance to score the ultimate Victory over all of the liars cheaters Thugs perverts frauds Crooks freaks Creeps and other quite nice people Kaboo that's a mouthful yeah it is Trump That's A but some of them are wonderful people I'm sure remember that one but some of Them are nice that was good that was the One piece I should have left out of that First speech right but some of them are Okay So this is Trump when he came down the Escalator remember This he was in the Trump Towers came Down he was announcing he was president He's got his dude there this this

Prostitute he comes up to the platform Here gives a kid to kiss to his other Dude his daughter there and then he Comes up give everyone a wave people That know me like me I'm really rich I'll show you that this is his first Speech though so they gave the speech Second he's really rich he doesn't like You to show you show him that he's lying About his wealth which now has come out Right he's been he's lost he's lost a You know a fraud case where he OV Exaggerated his wealth Way I'm not even saying that in a Bragg That's the kind of mindset that's the Kind of thinking you need for this Country people that know me like me does My family like me I think so but all of These politicians that I'm running Against now they're trying to I mean you looked at Bush it took him 5 Days to answer the question on Iraq he Couldn't answer the question he didn't Know I said is he intelligent then I Looked at Rubio he was Ruby's going down The line here was unable to answer the Question is Iraq a good thing or a bad Thing he didn't know he couldn't answer The Question how are these people going to Lead us how are we going to how are we Going to go back and make it great again We can't they don't have a clue they Can't lead us and I can tell you some of

The candidates they went in they didn't Know the air conditioner didn't work They sweated like dogs like Dogs they didn't know the room was too Big because they didn't have he had more Sort of Verve more you know had more Base and you know whatever in his voice Have anybody there I would repeal and Replace the big lie Obamacare I would build a great wall and Nobody builds walls better than me Believe me and the best walls them very Inexpensively I will build a great great Wall on our Southern border and I will Have Mexico pay for that wall mark my Words Obamacare really kicks in in 16 I'm trying to look for the quote here I'll try to find it Again so this is back eight years ago When Aaron Bernett you know this dude Here looked like a Woman and she's interviewing je Bush who Was considered the sort of Aira parent To the presidency or as a candidate of Course he faltered and this thing Happened with Trump said in that speech Here you are when Mexico sends its People they're not sending their best They're not sending you they're not Sending you they're sending people that Have lots of problems and they're Bringing those problems with Us they're bringing drugs they're Bringing crime they're rapists and some

I assume are good people but some of Them are wonderful people I'm sure Remember that one but some of them are Nice that was good that was the one Piece I should have left out of that First speech right but some of them are Okay so he um he regrets adding that Last part eight years later he regrets As adding that last part um you know he Just doesn't have the energy he used to Right and he's beaten down by his own Failure and the way that they've worked Him over we got some early fish Boy Action going there um I just want to Wrap this one up but you know with Trump He seems better than Biden like there's Things that he says that makes him sound Better and more truther than Biden and He's done this all along but he doesn't Believe or act on these things that he Says he's not a real truther and the Real issue is that people think because It seems like the left media and the Left Democratic politicians and the Establishment and the Liberals are Always attacking Trump and trying to Take him down but if they really wanted To they could take him out they could Kill him they could put him in jail they Could do anything to disappear like he Doesn't you know they're only allowing Him to be a part of the show they have To allow you to be part of the show if He was really a threat to them they

Would just erase him from the show and That's a thing that trumpers never Understand that they want Trump the Democrats and liberals they want Trump Trump is their Center of their universe And he is the Catalyst to their agenda You know people control the system and So Trump isn't an outsider Trump isn't Speaking truth to power they're not Trying to prosecute persecute uh or Prosecute Trump until they do and That'll be whatever it is but when Trump Was president they were able to push Through a lot of their agenda and you Can see that right and so if you just Use common sense you realize that you Know they're keeping him around for a Reason and so all this stuff about you Know court cases and charges I mean when He goes to jail I'll believe it when He's in prison I'll believe it and it It'll be interesting to see what happens With the election and you know these Speeches are kind of funny but they're Not as funny as they used to be because Trump punked out and got worked so hard On covid and all that anyways only Spiritual Valley will save this world It's Paro definitely point from the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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