Fetterman Hilariously disaggres with JoJo & Kamala + Stop Folllowing Pandereres

Fetterman Hilariously disaggres with JoJo & Kamala + Stop Folllowing Pandereres

Okay greetings brothers and Sisters I had to you know someone posted A tweet or something I saw something Briefly like three four days ago about How Israel's next big strike would be on Iranian nuclear enrichment program and You know they don't have the ability to U make you know bombs and missiles but They do have um enough uranium now to do That And so Israel's always been about Limiting Iranian capability in terms of Nuclear weapons and I searched for that On Google and they didn't produce the Results that I had earlier heard you Know and I've seen that their search Engine is just I mean it's my favorite Search engine just by the way it looks But I had to go to a different search Engine because duck Aogo what's it called ducka something Um because of you know they were hiding This this is from The Times of Israel uh From April 9th isra Israel prepared to Strike isra Iranian nuclear facilities If Tran launches attack if Iran attacks Israel directly in response to last Week's strike in Damascus see this is Before Iran launched this attack isra Isra Israel will retaliate by striking Targets in Iran and they said here that um include The preparing to Target Iranian nuclear Facilities and other key

Infrastructure um so this is what They've always wanted to do anyway is Israeli threatens to bomb nukes I as Iran backs down from direct attack Report says and so these were the early Threats that Israel produced and that Would definitely be um you know pushing Towards nuclear war And then this um we broke roie way Trump Brags about eliminating abortion rights Um we don't need it any longer because We broke BR roie Wade the states are Working very brilliantly to working the Way to it's uh supposed To the way it's supposed To um you know it's not a winning issue For Trump a sheriff of felon and a Conspiracy theorist walk into a hotel They're there for the same reason you Know this term conspiracy theorists the Way they've used it to demonize anybody Who questions the liars and the cheaters And the scumbags right anybody who Questions the official story put out by People who are known Liars criminals Deceivers all these Things a conference of far-right Sheriff's group this weekend drew a Parade of felons disgraced Politicians election deniers Conspiracy theorists and in the end a Few Sheriffs um you know the way they've Demonized anybody who questions you know

That says there's conspiracies I mean Think about that because people conspire It's the word for it because people do It have been doing it forever and people With power Do It um you know rumor swirl Of Chris Chromo CNN comeback after Network's later experiment is asked this Was he was one of their big stars in the Wake of the failure of Charles Barkley And Gail King's Prime Time talk show Sources at CNN have been gossiping about The Network's next move King has Insisted it's always a limited run um You know Charles Barkley is one of their Big assets like people like Charles and Uh you know NBA you know the NBA show um On T TNT but that doesn't translate like People think that they can Translate popularity in one area to Something else and it doesn't work right Um you know it's just whatever it is but This is their alternative like Chris Cuos so let me just add to this I'm Editing but Chris Cuomo you know the CNN Golden Age um recently like they've had Their ups and downs but they really Never were able to compete with Fox you Know and fox is a singular entity but Fox had always had more passion and fox Sucks I'm not you know I'm not saying Fox is as good or as better or worse Than CNN they both they all suck but CNN And MSNBC can never compete with Fox and during their

Heyday when so many people in liberals Hated Trump they had you know a surge of Viewers it was it's still less than Fox But you know splitting onethird of the Market They were doing fairly well but people Got Trump fatigue after Trump you know The whole election thing the Liberals They just you know they just don't feel That strongly about Trump anymore and Biden end up sucking and then there was The co debacle and then all the things With the economy and all these things That people are more concerned with and So the cuos who were once you know They're talking about Andrew Cuomo Replacing Biden on the ticket because Was you know doing fairly poorly when he Was running against Trump and you know He was a hero but then they got rid of Him cuz he you know killed 9,000 people Or whatever it was the the people he Sent um he sent sick people to nursing Homes and then covered up the the death Toll like he erased like 9,000 people From the he left the data out so they Look like their numbers were better New York was the worst state out of any State in terms of you know the whole Respirator thing that they were doing There and so they got rid of him they They trumped up these you know bogus Charges you know Andrew nips Cuomo he Has nipple rings or nipple dumbells or

Whatever but um you know they they Trumped up these charges against cuos Because they didn't want to deal with The massive lawsuit that was inevitably Going to come for wrongful deaths of all These people in New York state and Chris Cuomo who you know tried to protect his Brother and manipulate things at CNN was Fired for that but he was their big Ratings getter I mean he carried Don Lemon's Show when he when Chris cuos was Fired then Don lemon's real numbers Showed up and he had like no audience Like the segue between Chris Cuomo and Don Lemons was hilarious I used to have This thing called the DOA and so then They went they detroyed CNN plus they Brought in a guy who Was um you know the producers uh stepen Kar's Late Show which sucks I don't know Why they did that he was a disaster you Know they've um gone through all these People they fired their their head guy For an affair that he had with a Cooworker And they have been lost ever since They're losing money the the uh CNN plus Was a disaster you know they were paying That guy uh Chris Wallace like Millions Upon millions of dollars and he was Getting like5 ,000 Views on CNN plus so it was bad right it Was really bad and then they you know Fired all these people and they tried to

Bring in Charles Barkley and you know All these things that they tried to do And it's failed it's continu it's going To continue a fail plus they're always Trying to demonize Truthers and get YouTube and these other Platforms to censor us and alternative Media people not just truthers but Anybody who's you know not CNN that's Verbalizing their own opinions they're Trying to scrub that from the internet And it's not working because no one Wants to go back to see in it they could Destroy all of the social media Platforms and people are not going to go Back to CNN and N MSNBC and fox and Young people are never going to go there They don't even know what it is and they Don't like it when they see it right and So bringing back Chris cuos is not the Solution there is no solution like just You know roll on your back and expose Your belly like a beat dog and just you Know admit your defeat because you've Lost there's nothing there there's no Path forward to you your audience is Literally dying you know Their audience Is just older people and when their Audience is slowly dying out they're not Going to bring in young people because Young people aren't you know about that Kind of news media they they didn't grow Up on it and they don't like it when They see it Israeli military Intel Chief

Resigns over October 7th nety have vows To reject us sanctions on IDF unit um so You know the tension there with him in The B Administration Marjorie Taylor green Says speaker Mike Johnson should resign You know which I covered yesterday on my Other channel here it is here house Speaker Mike Johnson facing a possible Mutiny from fellow Republicans Mike Johnson has betrayed America he's Betrayed Republican voters Congress Woman marjerie Taylor green is part of a Trio of Hardline conservatives promising To kick Johnson out the house will be in Order the latest effort because you know I said this on my other channel Yesterday the Democrats want to support The Ukrainian war and get there whatever They're getting out Kickbacks out of That and the Republicans want to support Israel they both kind of want to support Israel but the Democrats less so and Because of that they made a deal To you know give away your money to These two things that the mo majority of Americans are against right but marjerie Taylor green we're going to get into Federman they got a whole thing on Federman we haven't covered Federman in A while and he's just out there like Wrecking Democrats Like but she and Federman agree on the Same thing here um Israel has a right to

Defends and they're very capable of Doing it Israel has a right to defend Themselves this is from a while back October 16th but she praised Israel uh She's against the funding of the Ukrainian War whatever she's hesitant a Little bit more on Israel but you know She's one of these people that just says Everything pro- Israel right because the Republicans are just very pro-israel We'll get into Federman in a moment but Elon Musk admitted Neurolink is you know part of the Transhumanism he us to cover this quite Significantly there's a lot of people Billionaires People who are funding this idea that Their you know their thought patterns And their minds could be transferred to Some sort of um you know computer type Software hardware and they could um live Forever as transhumanists as some sort Of um you know merging with uh Technology like the singularity thing And he confirms that this is you know a Pathway this neuralink one of the things That you said early on when you founded Neuralink I would put words in your Mouth more along the lines if you can't Beat them join them when it comes to Merging the neocortex in the cloud Adding that additional computational Capacity and sensory capacity to the Neocortex yeah again this is actually

Something that in banks in the culture Books which I really recommend everyone Read in the uh culture books there's uh Something called a neuralace so all the Humans have this neuralace high band With uh brain to computer interface so Good that it actually retains all of Your memories and kind of brain stage so Even if your physical body dies you can Kind of re reincorporated into another Physical body and retain you know pretty Much your original memories and and Brain State um think is a long way from That um we only just had our first um uh The human which is going it's going Quite well um the uh the the first Patient is actually able to control Their computer U just by thinking so Like this first the first uh product we Call telepathy where you can control Your computer and phone and through and Through your computer and phone anything Just by thinking one of the things that You know I've talked about this Before these are people who don't Believe in a soul and they think their Minds are everything but you have a Heart and you have a you know you have An Essence and you can't trans ER that To a computer and it can't be done and So your thoughts your mind maybe your Mental patterns your Tendencies your memories even I don't Know but that's not you right it's like

You know a version of things that you Have that you it's your information it's Not you your information is not you um But they really are obsessed with this Because they want to live forever Because they don't believe in a soul They don't believe in these other things It's one one of the most dangerous Things out there um you know there's This thing with this guy saying himself In fire this Compu this conspiracy Theorist guy of course who writes a Manifesto somebody sent me a video I'm Not going to show you it here but the Like he was on the gurnie and he doesn't Even look like he has real Burns and you Know this thing's just fake anytime There's a Manifesto right and of course The guy's a conspiracy theorist because They want to demonize anybody question The official story it's just getting Goofy out There so we haven't checked in in Federman in a while so he this is his Own post this is dark branded meme that They put on an offen post when they said That you know JoJo Buu had this you know This is when they had the um what was The thing Brandon was it let's go Brandon and it Was really Fu Biden right and so they Made this thing of dark Brandon okay Okay so um let me just break in here I'm Kind of inspired to say this because you

Have to realize how you've been trained To think like I redid this in my own Internal world like I overwrote the Programming I was given and many of you Haven't done this or even thought about It and even understand where you're Coming from because the way that you've Been Programmed is that you look for people Who have what you consider the same Beliefs as you do right the same kind of Basic beliefs and position on things and That's how they've grouped people Together right you know there's two Major categories and there's Democrats And there's Republicans there's right Leaning P people and left leaning people And you're supposed to find your way Into one of those groups and then maybe Some subgroups within those groups right And now there's this kind of alternative Group that's like you know alternative Media truther people which again is more Fragmented but it's the same kind of Thing where you seek people out that Agree with what you your world view and That those people are the good people And the people that don't agree with Your worldview are the bad people and You don't look at anything else so when You are evaluating people like me cont Content producers like me it's whether The person agrees with your belief System or not

And when you you know look towards People as sources and you people you're Willing to listen to and you look at Publications and news media I'm going to Get into this with Federman in a bit Right you know and like he's um going Against the grain of his um many of his Constituents and he's criticizing Biden And Harris right for uh he's breaking on Them over Israel right but what you try To do is match up your beliefs that's Why I get people who comment all the Time and say well you know I don't agree With everything that you say and of Course you don't like I don't agree with Everything that I say you know like I Mean Tuesday Paul isn't going to agree With Wednesday Paul right like it's just We are always changing our positions on Things and things that we really Believed in maybe six months ago maybe We have even the opposite opinion on That thing now so your beliefs aren't a Valid way of establishing trust with a Person oh this person bleeds with me I Trust this person because you know They're always changing and they're Never going to be identical and that Doesn't mean the person's a good person I'm going to get into this there's a Meme I saw comparing Jesus to Muhammad I'm going to get into this with Christianity but I just received a Stupid comment from a you know flat

Earther right and again you know this um There are plenty of flat earthers that Come to my channel that you know are are Not a problem at all right and they know No I don't believe in their whatever it Is but it's f because they see see that I there's value here aside from this Issue but this person writes this person Has a Canadian flag as their um whatever It is you serious believe that you live On a spinning ball and call yourself a Truther it literally takes two minutes Of research to know the facts you might Have lost your followers Organically um because I was talking About how you know I'll say things and Then people will leave or whatever it is And then all the other stuff I was Talking about in terms of Shadow Banning And and the rest of it now I could talk About Flat Earth and how bad sucks and You know they don't have a model that Works but my belief is I don't believe Anything on planet Earth because this Life is illusionary it's called Maya in Ancient Ancient Sanskrit Maya is illusion Third-dimensional life is illusion it Seems real because it's physical but It's all illusionary and our souls are What we really are and so our egos and Our physical bodies are Manifestation of something that has to Exist in an illusionary world and we're

Never going to get to the truth because The world itself this place that we're In is like a video game a simulation and It's not our true you know Essence right We don't even know ourselves because our Egos and our physical life is a mere Reflection or a manifestation of our Soul which is not our soul itself and so Life on planet Earth is illusionary like This whole idea of a truth movement is Ridiculous in that sense because you're Not going to find the truth in the third Dimensional aspect of planet Earth your Physical body and the surroundings you Might find things about the illusion and Some of the stuff about the illusion is Truth and it's a you know like a lower Level of truth but to penetrate to True Truth to real truth you have to find it On the spiritual realm of existence but Setting that aside let's say I decided That the pathway like my underlying goal Here was to get as many followers and Make as much money as possible and I Hired some you know people like poy Number people who understood you know Who could gather data about my target Audience here which is the truth Community and they found out that if I Told everyone I was flat Earther that I would have a very strong Support group and I could milk them for Money and this has been done you know Fairly recently um where you know

There's strategy to get as many Followers as Possible and I didn't actually believe In Flat Earth but I told you I did or I Told you I was a Christian you know this Like this dope would say oh wow this Guy's good and would you know be my Passionate follower even though I was Lying to you just to extract you from Your extract money from you and Resources and support right and you know Would seem like we have the same beliefs Or if I was just a disreputable person Who kind of believed in Flat Earth or Maybe not or whatever but was just Saying these things but wasn't someone Who was you know honest or actually Seeking the truth right and I would gain Lots of Dopey followers who are belief Centered who just just want somebody to Tell them that they're right especially Somebody who's like a celebrity or Pseudo celebrity or somebody who's Important tells them that their beliefs Are right you want somebody to agree With you and that's not seeking truth Right what you should seek in a person Is that a person is you know Fundamentally honest and seeking truth Themselves and they're giving you their Honest opinions on things and that Whether they agree with you or not or You agree with them you can at least Trust that this person is being sincere

Right but calling somebody a shill Because they disagree with your beliefs Makes you weak and pathetic right you're Mentally weak you're emotionally Unstable and you're not you know basing Anything on truth you're looking for People who agree with your beliefs and You're never going to find that because It doesn't exist because like I said Beliefs are always changing you know There has to be some some agreement like You just can't have you know Dopey um Sheep who may be honest about what they Believe but they're so you know they Have such poor judgment they're not Worth listening to so there has to be Some you know sense of well this person Is you know at least um they make sense And they are you know they're on a Deeper level of Consciousness but it Centers around the sincerity of the Person right and how honest they are About what they're going to tell you and An honest person doesn't look at the Ramifications of what they're saying in Terms of popularity I mean you have to You know be safe right you can't say Things that are you know you going to Risk your life or whatever I can't say Certain things on YouTube because of the You know the community guidelines and Things but in terms of adjusting what I Believe or what I say I believe to Pander to you like if you have people

That Pander to you and that's what Politicians do and you're used to Panderers right and you're addicted to Panderers people who are telling you What you want to hear in your life and In your you know this whatever this Internet thing is and whatever else it Is you want people to just agree with You and tell you what you want to hear You don't want any kind of information Coming on and coming to you that's going To make you rethink your position on Life and you know any number of things That you have to change you don't want To be told you have to change you want To be told that you're right and that The people who suck that you don't know Agree with the opposite people the People who are your enemies the people That you hate the people who are your You know in a binary system are your Adversaries they're the ones who have to Change we have to get rid of the deep State we have to get rid of Joe Biden we Get Trump in there you know these things And you want to believe in that but it Doesn't exist because you have to change Right and an honest person a truthful Person a person worth listening to is Going to compel you to change is going To compel you to confront your faulty Beliefs and you know anything that's Inside of you that has to change for you To grow spiritually and every other

Possible way as a person and very few People in the truth Community are able To do that they're able to separate Their their beliefs from you know their Their butt hurtness and the things that They're you know they can't change on And they don't give value to somebody Actually telling them the truth you know Even if that person's wrong about things They're at least that's what they Believe right they they want panderers You're addicted to pandering and this Person this flat earther is addicted to Pandering you know like that's you know You want a panderer you want somebody Pandering to you and so you're worthless Because you just are looking for Somebody to tell you what you want to Hear Trump does that and Biden does that Hillary Clinton does that that's what Politicians do they do the research and They they find the best possible Position for their you know popularity Or whatever it is and they tell you that Position they don't believe in that Position Often times they may not even understand That position and they certainly aren't Going to back that position when it Comes to policy or you know anything They do as an elected official but They're going to tell you what you want To hear to get your vote and support at Least make it look like it's you know

It's a a close enough election that they Can you know rig it or whatever else it Is right and that's you know so if if You like that system which you don't Then you know stick with it but if you You see that system as being something That's fraudulent then stop looking for People to Pander to you look for people That tell you the truth or tell you Their truth and are sincere about it and If you can't you know understand that Then what the are you doing here right Anyways let's get back to it and Federman has it right um so guy in Trump Rally in p and some kind of American Flag Santa Claus Alfred it's a deep State rigged Federman Election and he put this um meme up as a Result of that and so um he has this is His he has this thing up this Wall he's put up all the Hostages of the is Hostages that's Allegedly Hamas Has And Um I don't know just classic Federman Stuff here trying to hammer Trump and Then over here's his um his other Account and I'm going to get into some Of the things he said here but he's just Very Pro um you know Israel here he has The the pictures there anti-semitic Unconscious conscionable and dangerous

White House response to chaos at Colombia um the protesters he's just all This is pretty much everything post now Is about Israel And is the Israeli Hostages and um he's gone up against the Liberals that you know he wouldn't be Elected today here he is with this but This is where Hitman margorie Taylor Green you know have some Cross-sectional interest I'm here in my Office and all of these hostages they've Been up on our walls for over six months And that's exactly where they're going To Stay they're going to stay there until Everyone is brought back home and I'll Never understand why we're not talking About that more and why there's not more Stories about that because there's a Genocide going on where K children are Getting killed you piece of crap I mean You know I mean that's the other if That's true I don't know you know like You know anything that comes from the The mainstream the show is something That is questionable right that in the Media we don't even know exactly where They are and if they are even okay it's Very clear that we always make sure that We always talk about this and demand That and make sure until every last one Is accounted for and brought back home Because anyone wants peace we have to do

This and remember that if Hamas would Just send everybody home and surrender All of the death destruction and misery And Gaza would end exactly it's hamas's Fault if they would just surrender admit They were wrong and apologize and say Israel is the greatest country on the Earth on Earth this would probably Almost St as soon as Israel claims the Rest of the land they want there right Now our office will never stop his Office will never stop talking about This till everyone is brought back home He's just such a Humanitarian um so this is his you know Uh this you know he's got Ross here get A load of this simp and Margie Taylor Green Um so this is about him not agreeing With her on Ukraine but they agree on Israel and So that's feder's Tweeter but this is on Tik Tock Senator thought you were an Anti-racist but it seems like you valid You Israeli lives more than you value Palestinian Lives is that true still with Israel so you think an Israeli life is More valuable than a Palestinian life Okay okay Senator still with Israel is What he said there right still with Israel so he's criticized Biden and KLA Harris over Israel yeah I do want to ask You about foreign policy if I can

Following the Iranian attack on Israel Over the weekend you told CNN that you Disagreed with President Biden urging Israel not to retaliate what do you say To National Security officials who say That they are concerned that an Israeli Response against Iran could provoke a Larger War well no I what what I do what I do Believe is is that we need to to follow Israel on that we don't have follow him To agree with it but we need to stand With Israel uh in that situation he you Don't have to agree with it just follow Them blindly let Israel lead America is Our special Ally and they're our special Ally they're our special friend it's Your you know it's your dad's special Lady friend it's the Democracy there in The Middle East as well and we can never Forget that all of this all the tragedy The death and the destruction is all Because of Hamas and what Hamas they've Done on October 7th as well again as Well again and when they did that as Well again to anybody watching it's like In in doubt lean on and and decide with And standing with Ry and our key Ally Israel but to be clear though you Support standing with our key Ally Israel doesn't the US have some some Stakes here given the fact that if this Were if Israel were to to respond in Some sort of rash way perhaps even

Attacking within Iran that really could Spark a wider war that would draw the us Into it more further well I I I I think Israel is going to respond in an Inappropriate way uh I think they are You I don't know I think they will and If they don't who who knows who cares World War III so that's such a bad thing I I don't expect it's going to be Anything drastic or anything like that But let's really talk about that that Iran launched what two to 300 drones and Other kind it was two or 300 missiles as Well too and as well too they did as Well too they did the 200 300 I don't Know a thousand a million I don't know How many it was but it so it was a lot This that if anything that just only Underscores why we need to lean in and Stand with Israel on that it's it's just Been very clear for me and it's okay if Somebody disagrees with that that's That's that's reasonable it's okay if You disagree with it but like I you know This is this is I'm you know like I Don't have any more power than the Average Joe I just don't think it's Really controversial to anybody to to Lean in on with with Israel let me ask You if I can very quickly about some Politics back in your home state I want To ask you specifically about so you Know this guy is a disaster right now For the Democrats because it's the youth

That they need Right and the youth is clearly and you Know this moving forward into the future Like this is you know in the truth Movement there's people who came in in The big event 2001 and then there was People that came in with the economic Collapse and there's people that came in You know who woke up with um the pizza Thing or the thing with the schools that Was happening and and all these other You know these so-called tragic things Were happening and then there were People that came in um because of you Know the QB move all those kind of Things right and whatever issue you came In with that sort of you know you were Impassioned with got emotional About is always going to sting for you Like it's just it's the original one When you realize that you know there's No such thing as Justice or fairness and You all these things and for young People who are waking up to the fact That Israel is you know having a Genocide all these college kids that's Always going to be a little bit of a you Know sore subject for them and it's Always going to be a big deal so they're You know going to be anti-israel Probably for the rest of their lives Most of these college kids the ones who Are passionate about it it's just the Way people are hardwired and the

Democrats are you know on the verge of Losing these people of course there's Nobody out there who's who's a Politician or really any kind of Mainstream person that's out there you Know pushing for the Palestinians which Is you know it also could drive those People more to Alternative media so this Is CNN's original post this happened Right after this so-called Counter Strike by Iran and it's very telling Right this is totally Federman I mean He's just you know his mind doesn't work Right like whatever's happened to him Because of the stroke and these other Things and this depression the guy is Mentally Incompetent and he can't handle like he Says when he hears people talking it Sounds like Charlie Brown you know the Way adult sounded to Charlie Brown in The Peanuts Gang like he can't process Things he's got to have um like a tablet Around with him he can't process reality Around him he's not a good public Speaker he's impaired like he's Handicapped mentally handicapped right And yet he's a Senator Senator what is your reaction to Iran's attack on Israel and how worried Are you that this is the beginning of an Open war between the two Countries well a couple things actually I think it really demonstrates how it's

Astonishing that we are not uh standing Firmly with Israel and there should Never be any kinds of conditions on all That when a nation can la hundreds of Drones uh towards Israel and I'm not Going to be talking about conditions Ever and second I I think that also was Iran had to have some fireworks after Israel uh smoked that Iranian uh General And and I I'm here for that what has one Thumb and brain damage this Guy Um you know I um had to Edit out they they're showing the drone Strikes as they talk so as they're Talking here the drone strikes are going On and it's just you know they're They're just like little like he said Fireworks right so he says Iran had to Have their fireworks nobody in Israel Was killed almost nothing happened it Was a success in defending off these Drone strikes it was you know Iran can Claim whatever they're claiming to their Citizens but in terms of the official Story this was a failure for Iran and Triumph for Israel and feder's Acknowledging that but then he wants to Give Israel a blank check he said this In and he's going to say this again here He said it in the other interview as Well as well Too and he's like Israel smoked their General and I'm I'm all here for that

Right but assas nation is just cool and When it's Iran who we've wrecked their Country America wrecked Iran You know there's Operation Ajax I've Talked about that so much has been Acknowledged by even Hollywood and the CIA has admitted to it they had this Democratic moderate leader you know the Guy who was elected from a not Democratic but from a democracy he was Fairly elected this guy mosad he was Bringing in business he was Modernizing modernizing uh Iran and he Was a moderate he wasn't R radical right Certainly he wasn't You know left and he was moving the Country Forward and he wanted to you know British Petroleum created the oil Industry in Iran and they were taking 80% of the profits and only giving 20% To the country that they were taking Their oil from he said no we'll split it 50/50 which was more than fair but British Petroleum and the British you Know whatever the people there the I Mean the whole the whole thing was so Greedy they said they got the CIA Which is an American organization which You know raises a lot of red flags to Take this guy out and they put out all This propaganda and they created all These false scandals and they backed all These Thugs and they got rid of the guy

They put in this guy Sha of Iran who was You know a um horrible bloodthirsty Person and the people of Iran rebelled To such an extent they have this you Know horrific government now and the People of Iran have suffered so much Because of Americans taking out their Leader it's evil it's the act of an evil Empire and you know we own that we Should own that and it's admitted to It's like openly admitted to and that's You know something that we owe to the Iranian people for that mistake right we Got involved in their you know Government whatever it was and Israel Has done horrific things just like you Know all countries do Israel has their Own specific thing in that region and And so there's no good guys here but Federman thinks it's okay for Israel to Assassinate generals and retaliate Whatever way they choose because they're A democracy and they're our special Friend our special Ally and this is the Epitome of hypocrisy the problem is for Him that the Democrats and the real Passionate ones are against this and he Doesn't get it because he can't process What's going on around him because he's Brain damage or he's a really good actor Which I don't think is the case and he's Such a shill for Israel that he's you Know on the wrong side of Biden and Harris in a swing state where people are

Pissed at him because they got a a brain Dead mentally incompetent Dude as their Senator and you know he's I guess he was considered better better Than Dr Oz because Dr Oz sucked but now They're going into this election and you Know rigging is going to be a lot harder For them you know in terms of the mail And ballots and all the stuff that Happened And so like this is you know a disaster He's already getting hammered Biden's Getting hammered in Michigan and there's The Kennedy factor and so everything's Lining up against Biden you know people Are pissed about the economy is he's Mental he's mentally breaking down you Got a couple guys with brain damage They're running in Pennsylvania with Biden and and Federman and like you know He's on the wrong side of this Thing uh and I think it's just a matter Of theater part of it as well too and it Finally it demonstrates how unstable Things are and why we need to lean in And stand with Israel how do you think Israel should respond should Israel Strike within Iranian territory or are You concerned that that might only Escalate matters Further well I'm I'm not going to Suggest what Israel should or shouldn't Do on that but I also do think that Iran Is pleased with they have enough of

Money on the table with all of proxies All around in the region as well too and Iran certainly can't take on Israel and Certainly not us so I think they would Just like to keep things as they go and Then after they made a point back I I Think they could go pretty quiet and go Back to just using their proxy SE I love It when they use their Proxes it's great when they use their Proxes um you know he's saying it's just Theater but then he has all these Positions on it right the whole thing is Theater like it's you know Israel wants All of Palestine and then all the rest Of that region that was I mean they want The world you know they was stopping Them right like in terms of their desire For whatever it is like they want world Domination just like all these other Countries that are players in this you Know these Powers the world powers they All want what America has they all want To be America right like you know when You're in a competitive sport you're Like oh no I'm I'm happy to be a second Fiddle or I'm happy to be third you know You want to win and these countries just Want more and more power and they want The American economy they want the American Military and America's folding Like a card house so it's completely you Know the potential is there um but this Guy like this is you know an indication

I mean this is this guy's you know a Significant political figure National Political figure in America and like He's um his president is brain dead and The other guy's Trump right like you This is the best American can produce in Terms of political leadership a senior Administration official tells CNN that That President Biden told prime minister Netanyahu that the US will not Participate in any offensive operations Against Iran do you think that's the Right call uh or should direct US Military action as some of your Colleagues in the Senate are suggesting Uh should that be on the table so I'm Glad I blew this up this m andf is Chewing gum he's being asked a question Right now by Jake Tapper that's what I Just showed you and he's chewing gum He's chewing or he's chewing something I Believe it's Gum he's in an interview wearing a Sweatshirt and chewing Gum I I I don't agree with that you know And I'm just I'm just think we should Follow and have Israel's back in the Situation I don't agree with the President uh that doesn't change Anything that he's a fantastic president And I'm proud to stand with him and Campaign for him and vote for him so I Don't know what is mental impairment or What is being a shill for Israel or what

You know it's hard to calculate here but What he's saying here is because any us Involvement anything that escalates a Thing with Iran is World War III like It's you know that's where this is Heading and You know I don't think his endorsement Of Biden is a good thing at this point Because the Pennsylvania people are like Oh my God we elected this dope right you Know like the people who are trumpers Are more Energized and people who are moderates Are Independence are you know bummed out By the way things have gone and I don't Think anybody you know the majority of People don't want you know they don't do Real polling data but the majority of People are done paying for these Foreign Wars they want to get this Ukrainian Thing done and they don't want to Support Israel and his party and the People that you know many young people In Pennsylvania they they're the you know They would be the the swing votes here And they they're trying to get the young People out and they're going to you know His position is killing them right and You know I mean I just think it's mental Impairment I who knows with this guy uh Marco Rubio was just on the show and he Said the White House leaking the fact That Biden told Netanyahu not to

Directly respond to take the win uh Quote unquote uh was offensive to him Because it seemed to suggest that he It's Biden trying to appease um the Farle in his party uh what's your Response well I I I don't know I mean The president is entitled to his own Views and whatever he decides to do uh But but I I would never capitulate uh to Uh the The Fringe I'll never Pander to That as as well in fact that helps that Empowers Hamas and Hamas is Con they're Actually convinced that they are winning The pr war and they're never going to Negotiate uh at this point they think That they're going to hold on to the Very end and I and I know why they're Not willing to provide any kind of proof Of life so this is how bad CNN sucks Right um there's you know I I cut this Out cuz YouTube will have a problem with It and they might even have a problem With there were sirens in the background On the side I blew this up right so this Was small these two guys it was small Their um you know their faces were small And then on the side they showed the Rockets and they showed all the stuff Happening in Israel and they have the Sirens and you know you can hear the Sirens in the background they're talking And now you hear people yelling in Either uh Hebrew or Arabic to create you Know it's disturbing it's it's it causes

Anxiety John Federman it's unclear what His religion is but he has he says he Was raised as an orthodox here it says This here let me find the I got to Switch back over to my browser it says Here Um it says where is it John F was raised In a Christian home and yet has ties to The Jewish Community Jake Tapper is a Jewish person and so you know I don't Know where Jake Tapper actually stands Publicly on this thing but it's a clear Case of one side killing another side Right there's well over 30,000 Palestinians dead it's something like 12 To 14,000 children and you know it's Something that's been a one-sided Affair The whole time Palestine doesn't have an Army I documented this in my early Coverage of this right and so it should Be a one-sided type situation but Israel Has strong influence in the media here And with politicians but young people Have abandoned this you know the whole Thing's a mess for them right you know Because it's so obvious what they should Do which is condemn Israel but America Can't do that and they're losing their You know like their big support is the Liberals and the youth that's their People they want to win over and they're Going to lose those the young people Over this thing right and I don't know Why there's not more of that

Conversation in the media Med like what About the the hostages what's happened To them where are they now and let's Just bring them home and then all of the The harsh words should be directed at Hamas which started this and now Continues to hold all of over a hundred Uh Israel hostages so the Muslim people The Arabs versus the Jews started all The way back with Abraham and um I mean if you you know The origin of this kind lict I mean Maybe even Trac it back farther than That but biblically it's Abraham Isaac And is it ishma whatever it is his two Sons of Abraham And um there's been beef there ever Since right and you could say all right This land originally belonged to Israel But you know they weren't kicked out They were they left there was an exodus You know this um whatever Right but the most recent stuff Israel's Been bullying the Palestinian people who Don't have an army they've been taking Their land and there's been encroachment So for him to claim that it all started On October 6 is ridiculous and you know It comes down to body count like in Terms of again this is you know as much As this is Maya or Illusion or whatever This thing I call the show if you're Going to comment on something like this

And there's you know you're going to use The the mainstream narrative then there Would be a body count and the body count It's not just about dead bodies but it's About suffering the trauma that the Palestinian people live under with no You know I mean imagine if you didn't Have food water and internet and Electricity right now for extended Periods of time and there was you know People you didn't know when the next Bomb was going to go off and these Things these are the terror these kids Are growing up with in Palestine and pretty much everybody Who's honest about this knows that this Is a genocide right this is you know This is Oppression and Federman like you know For whatever his brain damage is or Whatever his shill stuff whatever he's He's getting out of this whatever reason He's saying these things I mean it's Just a ridiculous take right well why do You think there isn't more criticism of Kamas uh and and uh and acknowledgement Of the fact that they are holding However many are still alive dozens Perhaps uh hostages from Israel in Tunnels in Gaza and Elsewhere well of course Hamas they're Just they're cowards they're rapists and They attack civilians and they are now Hiding in those T tunnels and it's

Really true uh the president couldn't End this war today uh metan yahu Couldn't read this end this today but Hamas could end this today right now and All the devastation and the death and And all of that if they just release all The hostages and surrendered uh and of Course they won't do that like his takes Are the worst right because Biden could Totally end the war he could turn on Israel he could say you guys we're going To cut off all Aid to you and we're done With you or you know threaten them I Mean whatever like he could and Israel Certainly could end the war anytime they Want they could stop bombing the crap Out of the Palestinian people because It's not getting the hostages back and I Don't even know you know whatever the Reality of that thing is right but he They could stop right now they could Stop killing Palestinian people they Could stop encroaching on their land They could stop all these things right Just stupid you Know it's just Hamas it's Hamas it's the Hamas holes and and that's why we're in This situation former president Trump uh Was in Pennsylvania last night Schnecksville Pennsyvania he said that President Biden's quote weakness was to Blame for the attack on Israel and said It would never have attacked had Happened if he was still president uh

What's your response to that and are are You worried about Trump's uh strength According to polls in Pennsylvania yeah well I got 99 things And and I what Trump saying isn't one of Them are 99 of those things problems Perhaps the word things could you switch That word for problems and that actually Could make sense but are they problems Or are they bottles of beer on the wall Like you have 99 9 bottles of beer on The wall or do you have 99 Problems yeah Well I got 99 things and and I what Trump saying isn't one of them that and And I really my my uh advice for him is He should really be focusing on his time In court uh tomorrow um he will be in Court tomorrow in the first criminal Trial are you worried about Trump Winning Pennsylvania well no no I mean it's Going to be close and and Trump isn't of Course he's very popular here I've been Saying that same thing eight years ago In 2016 and I was concerned and now uh I'd like to point out that Joe Biden is The only American that ever beat Trump Politically and he's gonna do it again And he's going to carry Pennsylvania and It's going to be close but that you know That also requires that he's going to Put in the work and he's doing that in Fact this upcoming week he's going to do Just that um they did this before you

Know they did the same thing with Joe Biden the Democrats and this is the Arrogance behind them and the Incompetence Because they in 2019 they looked at the guy who would Most likely beat Trump or who would have Some legitimate chance against him and The thing about Biden is Republicans Liked him because he was very Centrist And he you know his whole thing I'm a Pennsylvania guy and you know Republicans fall for that [ __ ] right the Joe Biden stuff they you know Republicans liked him more than other Democrats and so he was somebody they Thought would appeal to the middle plus He was you know completely handled you Know he was so mentally incompetent and So you know he's such a sellout they own Him so much that they he would do Whatever they wanted him to do so they Pushed this guy and they didn't have any Legitimate candidates like nobody else They had Bernie who had you know the Support of the far-left Socialist liberals you know Bernie has Passion behind him but he hasn't ever Gonna he wouldn't ever win against Trump Or probably any halfway decent Republican Like Bernie had no no chance Of winning the general election they Didn't want him anyway because you know Bernie's weird and he doesn't believe

What they believe and everybody else Really was I mean they were all their Different levels of horrible and they Couldn't connect with the public and so They started to run Biden it was clear That he wasn't up for the task he has You know was incompetent no Malarkey Campaign like he was just a joke and he Was having mental breakdowns challenging People to fight calling fights Challenging them to push-up contests and IQ tests and you know he was just Falling apart mentally like he couldn't Do it and they decided you know I don't Know if covid was planned I don't know What happened I mean that's a global Thing so i' assume that there was some Plan behind Co but they decided to run Joe Biden anyway knowing that he was Mentally competent in 2015 CNN did a Hitpiece I show this occasionally here You know this hitpiece they did about Him being a snoozer groper and these Things John Stewart did this they talked About him being a gaff magnet they Talked to about him being a liar and They talked about him being like you Know somewhat scile and that was in 2015 Because they wanted Hillary Clinton to Run but when she failed or whatever Happened there they decided to go with Biden and they knew at some point They're going to have to deal with his Senility the same thing happened with

This guy when he had a stroke and he got Up and he gave the worst debate Performance ever but he didn't suffer in The Polls in Pennsylvania even though he you Came out and he said good night Everybody that that's how he introduced Himself good night Everybody you guys remember that right And they stuck with this guy who ended Up not being able to do his job because Of mental illness depression and Recovering from a stroke and and then Now he's doing it badly and he's pissing Off the group they most need in young Liberals but they're stuck with this guy Just like they're stuff stuck with Biden okay there's two more things I Want to get to this one's about Spiritual warfare and I want to cover These together in a voice over um but This one of my viewers um posted this on Instal I got a blind item about Kyle Roth but it's more than just a blind Item this is actually a warning for Social media influencers I'm just going To go ahead and read what I have here a Warning to social media influencers Activists and Truth tellers I never ever Post blind items but this one is Important for protecting social media Influencers especially those who have a Tendency to expose the criminal Activities of the Rich and Famous here

It goes there are tons of reports from Psychics and medium workers celebrities And social media influencers Particularly ining an aess celebrity Gossip influencer who re lost her life Recently people in the entertainment Industry will get rid of people they Perceived to be a threat through Something that those in the industry Officially referred to as a spiritual Assassination what is a spiritual Assassination a spiritual assassination Is just like putting a hit out on Someone except rather than hiring a Hitman to directly commit homicide and Or fake a Suicide sorry unal living they will Systematically go after a person's Finances career love life friendships Reputations and other aspects of the Target's physical mental emotional and Spiritual well-being even spiritually Attacking the target via an etheric Space those in the industry refer to as The room the goal is to orchestrate The Perfect Crime by intentionally causing So much damage to the target's entire I Got a blind eye I don't talk about this Much here but Spiritual warfare you know there's Things that can be done with the use of Thought force and on a theoric level to Attack people and you know destroy Things and the closer someone is to God

The more potent it is like somebody Who's completely surrendered to God and They get an order to God to destroy Something or somebody and they do this Work and they know they create this Thing called the Scalpa and it you know it has to be done Like once it once they do that it There's no reversing it there's no Stopping it there have been spiritual People of a higher level who engaged in Spiritual warfare when they when God Didn't endorse it just because they got Emotional and you know there used to be This cursing of people in a higher Developed Soul a saint if they cursed You you were screwed especially if you Had those some scaras to you know the Curse was buried inside you right like It was something you already had in your Subs scar pattern but this can be done But these Hollywood dopes you know There's unbelievable repercussions for This thing like I kind of knew about it And you know I went through a whole Thing I really want to talk about it Here but um like I realized it was much Better just to rely on God and do Godly Work and you know be right with the Divinity within me and you're going to Be protected that way no matter what People do to you and you know there's All this stuff in the Sark system the Second master the system bajy you know

The first Master had created all these Higher developed yogis who wanted Babaji's powers and they tried to will Him to death and they tried to attack Him spiritually and they were all Destroyed right and on top of that There's just you know anything that you Engage in ultimately comes back around To you but these Hollywood dopes who Think of themselves as spiritual and you Know emotional all these people in Politics these powerful people they Engage in this stuff and they you know Think that they're Justified or it's Righteous in some way and anybody who Does that and not think about you know You only can do something like this if You're sure God wants you to do it not Some you know emotional reason um but It's the most potent thing because There's no you know um if it's done Right and if somebody has the capacity To do it it doesn't show the material World right you can't prove somebody's Doing spiritual warfare for you but the Best defense against this is I mean you Can also do you can have mental you can Put up mental defenses to this kind of Thing and again this like it's training That in terms of you know the sjar Meditation the gracefulness meditation I Do inevitably there's a protective layer Just from doing that and then you can You know learn to protect yourself and

That's the best way to do it not to Engage in aggressive activity Because once you engage in aggressive Activity you ow it's like it's like a War it's a arms race and the same thing Can be done to you and also you form a Relationship with the person that you're Doing with it that you're doing it too On a spiritual level and you're just Going to be tied to them it's usually Somebody you hate and you're now tied to Them you know there's an exchange of Debt and consequences and you know Redeeming yourself and you're doing Something you're not supposed to do I Mean it's much worse than doing a Material act a material act in terms of The consequences spiritually is Minimized but when you engage in Spiritual warfare it's extensive you Know but these dopes just don't know This these new age dopes and they're Playing with stuff they have you know no Idea it may or may not even work for Them because they're so depraved and you Know all of it anyways let's move on to This other thing here and the other Thing here is Judge your religion not by Its followers by its Founder um Well I'm gonna yeah that's so it says Here Jesus said love them Matthew 5 44 Mahammed said kill them Surah 489 bless Them crucify them pray for them slay

Them help them fight them give to them Slaughter them do good to them besiege Them be merciful to them terrorize them Forgive them Ma them but this is a Faulty premise right here judge a Religion not by its followers but its Founders a religion is totally to be Judged by the people that do it right The Organization is the people and that's What the religion is now the teachings And the man himself you know the saint Or the spiritual Master whatever they're Not to be judged by their followers Although you know partly they are right Because they weren't able to train their Followers properly but for the most part Christians don't follow Christianity and you know Jews don't Follow Judaism whatever the religion is People don't practice the religion most Christians don't follow Christ's Teachings most you know every other Religion I could say that to every other Religion no matter what the followers Are the product and this implies that Muslims are more violent than Christians And Jews and it's simply not the case Right because if if you look at body Count if you look at most of the horrors That have been perpetrated with Religions being uh at the centerpiece Religion having a component in it Religion being you know the people being

Of a certain religion Christians have Killed more people the British Empire And the American Empire and these Christian countries they've just killed More people the body count is there you Could say Well they're justify you know Not just killing more people but forcing The religion the Crusades themselves Right so the Crusades were these you Know Christian zealots were going to Muslim countries and trying to force Christianity on them they forced Christian Christianity and all these Other countries in Europe and then in Africa and India and in America now Christians would say this is their Excuse that because of John 3:16 which Is false it's a you know Christianity Isn't I mean Jesus isn't the only Saint And he isn't the only son of God this is All you know whatever is said there is Not true either J Jesus is lying or John Is lying or the Council of Nan is lying But it's just not true and you can Believe it but it's not true right like It's your prerogative to believe but it Becomes an excuse that Jesus is the only Son of God and the only way to get to Heaven is through Jesus so Christians Will tell you every missionary that you Know tortured children and you know Tried to force their indoctrinate their World view on these people these native Peoples all around the world was

Justified because these people are going To hell cuz they're Savages unless they Accept Christ they're going to hell so You're saving them right we're saving Them we're saving them from their Resources we're saving them from their You know all these things and the Violence that's there and the you know The all of it all the negativity that's There that's on you because it's not True you know it's like the the thing Doesn't make sense on any level God is In every we're all children of God God Everything's created by God God is you Know there it's God's either everything Or there's no God God is either Everything or nothing or both but this Idea that God somewhere sitting on a Throne he has one son is stupid doesn't Make any sense given all the other Teachings about God and the nature of The soul the soul is divine so each one Of us who you know every Everybody Possesses a soul and each one of us has Our origin our Creation in the Divinity That's our soul that creates our body in Our physical existence that debunks that Teaching right but comparing one Religion to another based in these you Know EXs like I don't know very much About the Islamic religion and they have Had beef with each other the sunnis Versus the Shiite they have had beef With the the Jews they've had beef with

The Christians they've had beef with the Hindus you know it seems to be a very Volatile religion and there are Teachings of violence in the is it the Quran or whatever it is and so yeah There's violence in In that religion but also they have Sufi Saints the Sufi saints that you know Influenced the sjar system that I do you Know they they are a they used to be Able to transmit and there's a spiritual Wing of of Islam called Sufism which is A higher developed spiritual component You know these religions have the Religion that's meant for the masses Remedial teaching for people who are you Know binary thinkers who don't have the Ability for abstract thought don't have The maturity to have a spiritual life to Find God within you right the Kingdom of Heaven is within that's Jesus's best Teaching but Christianity has squashed That and has killed Saints and people Who tortured Saints who found God within And we trying to reform the corrupt Church right and so they don't have There's not a higher strain for people Who are spiritual in the Christian Religion this is all apples and origes Right but you have to accept this that Christians have done all kinds of damage Christian countries have just like Muslim countries just like every other Religion every other religion has issues

Because they've lost the essence of the Teaching and the reason and the purpose Of the person that brought the teaching Into existence and there's been all These higher developed Souls that work Together right like when Jesus was Incarnated you know Krishna and these Other higher developed Souls were around Jesus are you know either incarnated With him or around him um spiritually Because they're all working together to Bring Humanity up to a higher level There's higher developed Souls that are Trying to bring Humanity up to a higher Level of existence and they have all These movements this is the sjar Movement as the latest movement that I Talk about here it's already getting Corrupted by this guy dodgy and lying About it you know like I could lie about It the way Christians lied to them Themselves and Muslims lie to themselves Right like religious people lie to Themselves about their religion but you Know what's the point in that you have To face reality that the essence you Know there's good Christians who Connected Jesus's teachings they read The Bible they know their religion or They you know there's good ministers There's good you know there's good Rabbis there's good um you know whatever The various um you know the clergy are In these different religions there's

Always good ones there's always sincere Seekers that find God in their religion Sincere spiritual people but they know Their religion is you know gone in south On them like the religion and the Organization itself you know that can't Be trusted and so you know these memes Are stupid because you can't compare you Know they're all violent right they're All violent they're all corrupt they're All disconnecting people from God They're all having you know horrible Effects on Humanity I mean there's you Know there's still potentially good Things that come out of it and if you Can connect with Jesus directly then you Know good for you right but in terms of You know the spiritual process it's for Each person to do what Jesus did which Was Jesus was born a Jew but he became a Spiritual person he transcended his Religion and the good spiritual people The people who you know have good Spiritual lives they're born in a Religion and they do the religion well And they learn the good things that the Religion has to offer and then they go Beyond the religion and have an internal Heart-based relationship with divinity And that is you know that's the step That everyone has to take and all people Need to take at some point for Humanity To stop sucking right for Humanity to to Evolve into something more where we

Would have a society of saints and then All these problems of degradation would Disappear and it's possible because Everyone has Divinity within them but is Improbable because Humanity just doesn't Do it right and when a higher developed Soul comes down they take the person's Teachings and they warp the teachings And corrupt the teachings so that they Can form a for-profit religion and That's what we're seeing around us all The time you know I saw this meme up on Facebook and I'm like you know why you Know you know what are you doing here Like just I mean it's it's fundamentally Dishonest and if you can't see it then You know you're part of the problem Anyways only spiritual value will save This world it's barano definitely for The apocalypse and the Ascension I would Have a blessed day and be grateful

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