Fetterman eats canned cheese + JoJo Lawyers up + Ice Cube goes after gatekeepers

Fetterman eats canned cheese + JoJo Lawyers up + Ice Cube goes after gatekeepers

Greetings brothers and sisters I want to Do a little introduction here Um I gotta get to a lot of funny things Today and just a lot of open tabs that I Want to get through But Don lemon's is going in on CNN and You know Blames everything but his suckiness I Haven't seen the video just Read the headline but that's always he's Always funny like you can't not sucker Not play himself Um but I want to start off with a story For my youth my child that I was telling My wife this the other day we were out For a walk I might have shared this In my journey series but when I was a Little kid My mom went to work she worked in like High schools my dad was a guidance Counselor my mom was like a Paraprofessional And she worked I don't know doing Something She's more of a stay-at-home mom but There's a period of time when she went To work And Like I was often would come home To an empty house right I was like seven Eight nine years old You know those years uh they hired like

A high school girl they'd be there and Uh I guess you'd make me food sometimes And I go out and play with my friends Uh she um I think I was You know pretty brutal Um you know I I don't know uh I don't Remember being cooperative with all that But there were times I would just come Home and I'd be by myself Like I was always doing something right Like I tried to build the raft with Leftover like an old shutter and piece Of plywood things and I built this thing That probably never would have floated You know I just nailed everything I had Every piece of wood that we had together I didn't know how we're going to get Down to the pond or the there's a river Near us But I was like you know plan on going on An adventure I dug up a hole where I Just started digging And it was like five foot Deep five foot wide five foot you know Whatever it was Um And you know uh I hit Solid Rock and I had to soak the Hole in water because I was a little kid Yeah I didn't have enough weight to Um you know these things I think I was Talking about this I don't know Somewhere maybe a journey series But the other thing that happened was I

Had a sister who was A hippie and my brother was a Vietnam Vet and he's I don't say he's more of a Right-leaning person because he has his You know some liberal views but he was Definitely more you know a republican Than my Other members of my family I don't know If you don't think he ever voted you Know he was sort of a truther and he Went to Vietnam but my sister was more Of a hippie she marched in hippie things She did hippie stuff and she came home She would come home every other weekend Or whatever And one time she brought a candle making Kit we made candles And I thought it was like a cool thing We melted wax And she had like a like a mold I think It was an owl and some Wicks and we made This candle and I was like well I could Do that So I started making candles on my own And what I would do was I would take my Crayons That apparently I wasn't using and I'd Melt them and I would pour them into Like an old prescription bottle And I would take some string and put it In as a wick Which was you know I I guess a pretty good thing I mean not A pretty good thing but you know I I

Kind of figured it out but I think I Used a pot to melt the wax in the you Know the pot was hard to clean my mom Was pissed at me So I decided to use A hungry man They had these tinfoil or aluminum foil Like pot pie it was like a you know that You would you know either you would bake It inside this very thin you know Sometimes you'll get lasagna from a Restaurant or something and it'll be in One of these metal You know these very thin metal aluminum Uh disposable pans and you can reheat Them or frozen pot pie or something from You know or frozen pie or something You know what I'm talking about it was Very thin And I think my parents my mom cleaned Them and saved them for you know But anyways I got this thing and we had A gas stove And I put the crayons in it and the gas Stove melted a hole in the you know in This very thin you know pan or whatever Not pan but you know whatever baking Thing and started a fire the wax got on The stove and melted there was this big Fire right and I threw water on it and It made it worse like it just blew up Like right through the water It just spattered and went everywhere And you know I was like seven or eight

Years old And I stopped for a second I said oh Turn off the gas so I turned off the gas And then I threw water on it and you Know put the wax out And I looked at I was like holy Boop Right Uh Boop you know And there was wax all over And we had this old-fashioned wallpaper So this house was an old house this is 1970 so this is wallpaper from the 50s Or 60s you know probably came with the House definitely came with the house And it wasn't nice you know it's Old-fashioned for my time And there was wax everywhere like it Just it blew up and it was all over the Walls and it was like multi-colored wax Because I put different colored crayons In there And it was all over the stove And you know and I I was like making a Business decision Like you know I did things like this And my parents never knew like you know I there were times that I did things and I just would clean up after myself and Like as far as they knew nothing ever Happened right but I'm looking at this And I'm gauging my abilities this is me Getting on top of the stove and Scrubbing the walls and not doing damage To the wallpaper and you know all the

Glow the the wax that's now hardening All over the stove and you know Everywhere and I was like there's no way I can clean this up There's absolutely no way I can make This look like nothing happened You know there's there's no way they're Not going to know and so I could spend Two hours you know trying to clean this Thing up And get in trouble or I could just go do What I wanted and get in trouble you Know and it's not going to be as bad as Trying to clean this thing up right There's just you know I don't have the The capabilities right Um you know and and probably that might Be been the reason That they hired that girl now they think About it uh but you know there's there's Some like you know ties to what's going On in the world right like some things That are just impossible to fix Sometimes you make a mistake and it's Beyond your ability To fix it right it's beyond your ability To clean up after yourselves the best That you've made And you know that's happened in the World right like that's a metaphor for What's going on now like there's It's just such a you know an intricate Mess of problems Financial social moral You know on all levels

There's no way to make this right There's no way to to bring this back to Some you know higher level or you know Just even moderate level of of existence Where there's you know fairness and Equitability and responsibility and good Moral character and you know all the Things that we've lost You know and it's been lost for years It's not like it just happened There's been a slow decline of Human morality and human you know Confidence Over centuries And you know we're just seeing it like It's been throughout my whole life and Your whole life and everybody's whole Life it isn't you know it's been a slow Decline and now we're past the point of No return like this is what I talk about All the time like you can't clean up This mess The only thing you can do is you know Reboot a new system when this one Collapses right You have to take your punishment your Consequences like you know whatever Consequences I got for doing what I did You know whatever it was you have to Just accept them and you know move on Because it's not something that you can You know hide anymore you know you can Fudge anymore or whatever and that's Where we've reached that point we've

Passed that point a long time ago And so there's another thing I want to Address here I'm not getting very many Comments from trumpers I don't know if Trumpers are just you know I have are They're not viewing him as a hero and a Savior anymore I guess some people are but you're not Here Either they just don't want to comment Or like same thing happened with the Cubies Or they're just they've left my chain or Whatever it might be I don't know But I got an interesting comment because I said there is Trump's derangement Syndrome from The trumpers because People who are Believing after all the evidence and Experience that Trump is gonna You know save the world and I got this Great comment from somebody That says Paul reverse TDs is a real Thing I lost a friend I knew for 20 years just Voicing my opinions on warp boobs Etc You know operation warp speed I voted for him too but after CV Happened and and there are good people Flipping I really saw things differently and That's when everything went snarky and Sideways as Supreme Tony Soprano would Say hey we're gonna we're gonna do we

What are you gonna do Hey what do you got it what do you got To do I guess this is the same I did see The Sopranos LOL Um You know and I wanted to talk a little Bit about that because you know I'm Talking about Trump and he's just It just should go away like he's just He's failed and I don't think anybody Really wants to see a trump in Biden I Mean maybe it'll be entertaining I don't Know a little bit we'll see how it plays Out Uh but right now I you know I just a Trump I'd run off just seems Not only redundant but just like hard to Bear Trump has become a complete joke and He's going in hard and you know he's Embracing the QBs and that some of the Truther narratives and saying he's going After the Deep State well he's only Saying that to save his own skin and you Know it's always about him he say he's Doing it for you And there's a I got a Chris Christie Thing of him going in on Trump You know Trump's always saying you know I'm doing this for you but everything Trump does is For himself And to the trumpers if you are still

Listening You know the way that you see Biden like People who think Biden's a savior or Biden's a good leader and you're like oh My God how do you possibly rearrange Reality Like what's wrong with you Psychologically That you can't see what Joe Biden Actually is And to you trumpers that's how we see You now Like you we want to still think Trump is A savior like he clearly isn't that like His you know when a president gets Elected I mean this even happened with Obama like Obama Didn't vote for the Iraqi Wars and he Wasn't a part of the big event 2001. And so there's a chance Like he was different Because he hadn't voted on it yet there Was no record he was a new Congressman You know whatever You never knew what someone's going to Do like whatever they say to get elected That's what they say like that's you Know they all lie and they all you know No one could tell you the truth no one Could be a truther And get elected like they'd have to play The game I got something with Ice Cube Too someone sent me uh he talks about You know basically being a truther

And so um and I just you know just Throwing that out there but you don't Know what people are you know even if They say their truth or what they are or Not like if they're you know really into It or they're just like Trump was trying To win an audience But when a person's president and they Take actions You could or whatever like your Presidency doesn't have the power that We think it does or most people think it You know the president has but still They could affect the world in a Different way You know they could be you know playing Wolf a wolf and she's clothing a truther And and sheeple clothing right Um and so you know JFK Junior sure we Don't know what he would do like maybe You know is it worth giving him a shot Well I'm not gonna vote but you know if You are you know yeah maybe At least he's on he says he's on the Right side of things But once the person has a presidency Which Trump did we know what he is we Know we now know what Trump is And it's it's a scumbag and you know the One thing I I liked about Trump was he Lied but he didn't hide his scumbaggery He didn't hide that it was all about him He didn't hide his selfishness and for Me you know he he was a liar and he lied

About it but you know you could see Through the lies that he wasn't trying To to hide it like even tweeting in the Middle of the night he wasn't trying to Act presidential he wasn't trying to Play a role But now you know he's embracing a role That we know he won't you know embracing Uh positions uh like a a savior That he clearly isn't like that's what Sucks about him now like he's pretending To be something he never was he was Never in it for you his selfishness has Always been there He's a self-centered narcissistic person And you know like I said before he Wasn't trying to hide it but now he's Pretending to be you know your savior Right he's going to save you in the System and he's doing it all for you He's fighting the battle for you and if You believe that at this point like you It's just embarrassing like it's just You know we could all see it and yeah Everyone can see it but trumpers Everybody but Chompers can see it There's you know there's no doubt about It we know he's a known entity now as a President and as a leader and as a Person There's no you know redefining him or Reinventing him Only for people who are oblivious to Reality

I mean that's how bad it's gotten what I Had said before we're in a time of Truth Where if you just tell the truth even if It's unflattering to yourself or you Know you're not trying to spin things It's such a breath of fresh air and it's Necessary Like right now it's just time to be Honest with yourself And then to other people but mostly with Yourself Because it's you know it's a moment of Truth right We've reached a collective Moment of Truth before the the system collapses And we got to be honest about ourselves And the system and all these things Honest with ourselves and that's just You know What's necessary for this time The other thing is I just want to talk Briefly about my health um You know I was thinking about this I'm Taking this stuff now called berberine Dr Berg posted a video on it and there Are several other videos and my wife had Bought some a long time ago for from Arcola Which was good But it's something that helps with Glucose and you know I've had issues Post covet issues I've been doing a lot Of work and I feel great but there's Some times

My body glitches out and you know I was Taking this um I was drinking a like a Smoothie every morning with blueberries And Um I started off with lemon and limes And then I started using oranges but Taking a lot of vitamin C and also kale And it was a good way to start my day But somebody sent me this you know I uh Like a thing for fatty livers which was A um A half a teaspoon of olive oil and a Half a teaspoon of lemon juice and a Little bit of cayenne my wife and I have Been taking that and it just you know I Feel like my liver and my gallbladder And I've been doing other things there's Some things that videos that came up you Know the thing that's good about Dr Berg And you know I don't compare them to an Alex Jones You know in the way that Alex Jones is a Shill but he's you know kind of the Alex Jones of this alternative Supplement based keto diet which I'm not On Um you know it's like he might he's a Scientologist and his son is you know Ratted him out on YouTube and like There's things about him but he is you Know legitimate healer but if you watch His videos there are other videos of People like him And I've been getting those videos in my

YouTube feed and I've been benefiting From them and this stuff with berberine You know I I don't have heart disease in My family That we don't have like a heart you know A no one dies of a heart attack in my Family And there's longevity in there my Grandparents lived you know I've talked About this before My parents and grandparents lived into Their 90s and won grandparent who died In his 80s was a fireman and fought in Two world wars entitled lung cancer and He smoked but that was you know that was Based in his Choices his life choices and not his Longevity and his you know his His strength that he would have probably Lived into his 90s or whatever he was You know aware of his health you know Whatever took took some Uh care of his physical body and his Choices you know in terms of The way he treated his lungs right he Was exposed to all the chemicals in World War one and then as a fireman back When they didn't wear masks and then you Know he works with toxic glues and Things he made fishing poles and things Like this but there is diabetes in my Family my grandmother was diabetic and My dad you know had probably flirted With diabetes and things like this and

So there's issues with glucose with just Berberine does is help balance that and You know there's a long list of benefits And you know I was um I I've reached a part of my life where I Have to take interest in my health ever Since I've had covet like I barely took Supplements and once in a while I would Take an herbal tincture if I was getting Sick and but I you know I really wasn't Focused on my my health and giving my Body what it didn't have and you know Getting healthy again or whatever and You know as you get older you just have To at some point you have to take an Interest in it you know and I I know That I have to lose some weight like I Have a little bit of a pot belly which Is Just after a week of taking berberine I Haven't I usually would have to eat Before going to sleep like I won't go to Sleep if I don't eat something right for Bed which is sucky because you know That's where I was I put on the weight But ever since I've been taking this and It's sort of balanced my glucose or Whatever it does it's made a big Difference I haven't eaten at night for A number of days and now I'm doing this This olive oil thing with the lemon it Was just like you know what I'm I'm Doing other things to help reduce um you Know a fatty liver and work on my

Gallbladder and liver which are more an Issue for me than my heart but those Things lead to heart issues and things Like this right so You know it's a Um you know it's a comprehensive thing And I've you know gotten better and Better over the you know past years and I'm working more outside getting more Sun and you know Um my physical stamina and things like This and uh you know I just it's been Increasingly better A lot of things have Come from viewers like I did some um Various acupressure that helped and that Led me to find other things and you know I have various things I do now if There's an issue To get the like the energy moving the Meridian energy But you know I just thought I would Share that because it's um You know there are things out there for People On the internet And if you have an issue you know I Would tell somebody like I was telling My brother I was taking pie and pollen Which has been very helpful it has a lot Of Bebo vitamins in it since I've been Taking for a while and it's something You can gather yourself like I'm Interested my wife and I are interested In growing

Herbs my wife has gotten into making Tinctures now We have a like Golden Rod tincture which Helps with the spike protein and but Anyways things that can be grown and you Know things that are local and then um I Like the idea of tinctures we've been Talking about that my wife and I which Is a way that you can just take it in Liquid form you know and I'm not Recommending anything here I'm not a Medical person this is not what I'm Doing here What I'm saying is There are things available That can help you like they could help People not not you specifically but if People have a health issue there's other Ways than allopathic medicine And there are methodologies out there a Lot of healers on YouTube there's lots Of people with knowledge and abilities I've learned a couple of different Stretches one for Dr Berg Another that a viewer sent me That are great for the lower back for The psoas muscle and things and these Things just get sent to me every once in A while YouTube recommends one of these Things And some of them I watch some of them I Don't But the ones I watch oftentimes have Like it's meant for me to see

And once I started watching health Videos and I never watched them like This is the last this has just been Since covid when my my health took such A horrible toll and I started to do Research and look up things and then the Algorithms kicked in and the spying and Stuff and they started to recommend These things and I watched a few so they Recommended more of these types of Things And so many different things have helped Me Uh you know there's I was having these Back spasms and it seems to be the Rhomboid muscle and I I found a video About that you know these things just Come up right Um and you know they've Turned around my health right where I Was certainly in Decline and I would Have had probably significant health Issues if I didn't do something Like I just you know I took I had these Blood tests done after I had kovitz for The first time and I was heading towards Diabetes my thyroid was low my you know My testosterone was low I had all these My immune system was barely functioning And you know if I didn't do something I Would be you know I I would just Physically have collapsed right I've Been sick all the time I would have been Incapable of doing farm work I would

Have been you know probably had Difficulty cranking out these videos I Mean it was I was entering into a you Know you have to do something now or It's you know it's a point and no return Right you have to again you know you get As you get older these things have to be Uh looked at you know things that I Weren't willing to You know do like I wasn't willing to to Put much time and effort into my health But I had to there's no choice right Uh it was that or just you know be sick All the time till I died right he's like Just having poor health for the rest of My life And you know what I'm saying is there Are things out there and you have to Switch up your diet you have to you know You have to change things like you can Do things when you're young your body Will Will help you but then eventually things Start to break down Eternal organs to Break down physically And you have to you know adjust what You're doing you just have to like it's Just everybody does and you think about All those people in Walmart and obese People and you know people who are I Mean there's people you see every day That are carrying around another person Like they're you know they weigh twice As much as what they should and they're

Carrying around all that extra weight And you know there's people who are Suffering all kinds of physical issues And they're just going to the allopathic Medicine and getting meds that have side Effects or you know they're not changing Their diet they're not changing anything It's willfully wanting to suffer right You know you're not I mean there's People out there who are you know the Information is available there's videos That are probably being recommended to Them That would help them or articles or Things or people are talking to them you Know I said to my brother I'm really Benefiting from this pine pollen and he Goes well you know I sneeze all the time It's not it's on my car and you know Because he was in the ashram in Georgia And he didn't want to hear it but I was Like you know we have the same physical Kind of makeup and things that would Benefit me would benefit him right Um you know especially as he got older And like you know I could see there was Decline in his thinking abilities and You know he would tell the same stories Over and over again or whatever But he was unwilling to even think about It right But I you know I have all these things That are helping me now and I know they Probably would help him because

You know we have the same you know the Same genetic makeup but you know he's Unwilling he was unwilling to like even Think about it because he's just doing His own thing which is fine you know That's his choice but that's how people Are there's information out there people Just don't want it they push it away They reject it you know it could be made Easy for them right and I've been taking A number of supplements which I've Talked about and you know eventually I Got to make this audiobook and talk About all the different things And You know I I don't like doing it but Again you know once it's in a routine It's a habit and some of them have a More profound My body responds to them in a way that I'm like wow like that's I feel a boost from that right like some Of them I take I don't know if there's Anything's you know uh and it's a whole It's a hard thing because you know You're deficient in something and then Once you get enough of it you don't want You know too much of it you don't want Excess And there's muscle testing and there's Things that you can do but you know I Haven't embraced that so it's like one Of these things trying to you know be in And be intuitive I mean it sucks not

Having a you know quality healer to talk To you know they have these different Machines now that can see what you need And you know the doses you need and Things so that's a little bit rough like You know I'm out there in a you know on My oh I mean my wife knows things and You know whatever And I could do research about it but Like there's you know there's a balance To it but you know I was definitely Depleted of all these things because of The you know toxic nature of our foods And our system and all these you know Issues that are out there And needed stuff and it's there it was Available And readily available like the Supplement age and the herbal age and The you know the various Alternative Health modalities out there It's a rare opportunity and all the Videos and things out there very Informative the information is there and You know again I'm not recommending Anybody do anything But you know if people are suffering and They're not looking into it and you know Even finding a quality healer finding Somebody alternative healer when the System Isn't working for them right and there's People who are suffering and they won't Change their diet they won't change

Anything Well they complain about it right they Won't stop drinking or smoking or eating Processed foods you know high sugar diet High you know these various uh Unsaturated these fats that are horrible Right All these horrible you know oils and Fats that are out there That are you know there's Um a natural craving in the animal Kingdom there's a great video I don't Think it's available anymore called uh The the great porn experiment by this Guy Gary Wilson is a TED Talk And he talks about the binge mechanism You know and you're programmed to binge We have a binge component and it's Mostly to do with you know certainly A sexual you know sexual urges but It's also to do with your you know sugar And fat Sugar and fat are very rare sugar is Pure energy You know and fat is you know whatever it Is Um and it's You know it doesn't come around in Nature the way that we have it now The level of fat and sugar that we have And we're able to produce Is not naturally available like fruits Natural fruits are very sour And they're not you know they're not

They've been cultivated to be sweet and You know juicy and things like this You know a lot of our foods have had That but in nature things you know Animals are very gamey If you go hunting you you know you have An animal that's a natural animal it's You know going to be lower in fat it's Going to have tough meat you know it's Going to be hard to I mean it's not like the kind of Livestock that are produced and all the Fats that are now so readily available Nut oils and things like that you know It takes a lot of energy and you know Machinery to produce the level of fat That we have and most of it's crap it's Not good for us You know it's concentrated you know when You get small doses of it if you ate Certain nuts or things like this And now they're able to press it and get Lots of it And get cheap fat And you know sugar is sugar right so but In nature they're not available so when You would find them an animal finds them They gobble it up you have a binge Mechanism oh you know this is a rare Thing to get You should have it you should get as Much as you can because fat and sugar Aren't You know they're things that you need

For energy but we have an abundance of It and it's poor quality and it's you Know destroyed the physical system and Also created mental breakdown and cloudy Thinking and you know all kinds of Problems And so um you know That's all there And so we all have to realize that and And you know be aware of The the poor diet and the food that the Quality of food that we're getting The environment the electromagnetic Poisoning and you know it's a time for When our bodies are being poisoned and Attacked on all levels And you have to do things and if there's Reactions to it You have to change you have to invest in It and you have to change your routine You know people have to I mean that's You know or you the other alternative is Just Be sickly until you die have chronic Illness You know I mean many of you have Experienced this even young people Either you know change or you're just Gonna like accept a mediocre life of Just struggling physically and you know Low energy and just you know it's kind Of like giving up right and the majority Of people just give up and they have They don't want to to better themselves

Or you know I mean this is just the idea Of of supplements and things Is you know physical health but this is Also to do with spiritual health and you Know there's like I talk about the Gratefulness meditation that we're doing There are things out there that can Benefit you That people can benefit from and most People just don't do them like the Seismic meditation that I've done for Years is a miraculous system And the majority of people just reject It right off the bat They want no part of it they're not Willing to try it or anything it's not You know it's not for everybody like Lots of people try it and it doesn't Take and then there are people who try It and do it and they receive phenomenal Benefit and they know it works And they do it for a couple years and They're like they just kind of give up And they know it works but they know It's a good thing but they just quit They just get you know Bored with it or they just you know Whatever happens I mean and you know I've seen this over and over again People will go do the low things they'll Go do drugs they'll smoke crack they'll Take fentanyl they'll watch crappy Videos that make them feel bad they'll Watch you know hours that become

Addicted to porn they'll you know They'll eat horrible Foods they'll do All these things But when something good comes along you Know they might try it for a little bit They feel better and then they give it Up I mean or they don't try it at all Like it's just human nature right now or Human beings are predisposed to go and Do the unhealthy things the evil things Embrace the dark side you know follow Trump follow Biden you know delude Themselves and you know just become a Big you know a bigger part of the Problem And leave the world a you know a much Worse place anyways let's go for some Stories Okay so um I got recommended uh fetterman tweet of John fetterman but this is his wife Let's check on with her she's got a a Fenermine bobble head [Music] You know what that is not inaccurate I Mean this is a case where the bobble Head looks better than the actual Person Um it's not drooling on himself There it is um that's not her Uh same event I'll never forget years Ago riving event dressed in similar Fashion a security guard asked me is That gentleman bothering you

I said yes but that he is also my Husband Um so here she is dressed up He's got this weird barcode tattoo And she's talking about how they'll go To events and people think that you know He's not quality enough for her And she's just she doesn't have a Problem of crapping all over him right In on her Twitter feed He is bothering me but he's also my Husband kaboom So that's you know big part of his Problem is right there I don't know who that is but she looks Like some sort of Demented um she looks like those those Hobbits before they that she looks like Gollum before it became Gollum Um Some more stuff going on here I don't Know A couple dog pictures and whatever And then there's this one this is the One I want to show you Um it says when I became Center Senator I never thought I'd be eating I'd be Sitting outside eating canned cheese Thank you Patty Murray he's eating some Cougar gold with some Wheat Thins And he's got his phone there he's got His thumbs up this guy he's got his um Is that some kind of Light beer Is that Miller Lite or Bud Light I don't

Know Miller Lane I think Um You know that's that's what your your Experience surprised that you're eating Cheese not that you're a senator and you Can't speak right So I thought that was great There's more stuff going on there but Let's go to our other things here Okay YouTube recommended this to me this Girl Riley Gaines I've had a number of Videos recommended to me I've had a number of videos recommended To me about her didn't know what this Was about Uh but I finally watched one this Morning and I thought I'd share with you All you thank you for your courage and Being here today thank you for your Courage and advocacy for women you have Been subjected to an unbelievable amount Of abuse boom You talk about intimidation threats of Violence you have suffered it I want to Put up here a picture so everybody can See it this was the welcome you were Treated to at San Francisco State University just a couple of months ago I Don't like this guy right off the bat But you know whatever Um this is interesting when a a mob Assembled where you were supposed to Speak I believe for over three hours Screamed threatened you barricaded you

In a room do I have that basically Correct yes I was held for ransom for Three and a half hours By hundreds of these protesters as you See on the board they demanded that I Had to pay them money if I wanted to Make it home to see my family safe again The law enforcement in San Francisco My respect and I think law enforcement Is what's Brave not me and I respect all Law enforcement but what the law Enforcement I was met with in San Francisco in my opinion failed miserably And that's a shocker Now before that San Francisco's just run Amok And it's supposedly one of these great Cities But it's just even like liberals and People are liberals are leaving Like there's just um a complete Breakdown there Effectively doing their job they had Mentioned that It was not ideal for them to be seen as Anything other than an ally to this Community and that was made very obvious In the treatment and Effectiveness of removing me safely from That situation yeah and you know and Don't go there like I'm never going to San Francisco I mean there's an ash from there you Know of course I'm not doing

Heartless anymore we're doing our own Thing here Gratefulness but you know I I just won't Go there like there's cities I will not Go there's under any circumstances I wouldn't go to those cities It's getting to be like Escape from New York in these places right I wouldn't go to these cities in Oregon I wouldn't go to New York City wouldn't Go to DC I mean you know there's places I just Wouldn't go and if you did have to go For some you know reason beyond your Control you'd have to set things up in a Way I mean this you know she's saying Controversial things to uh you know Obviously San Francisco she's A young woman athlete who is talking About competing against biological men And San Francisco's not having that and Like you said the police department's Backing the criminals right the people Who are acting out and they know it so They're you know they can do whatever They want right Um so you got to find you know this is Why I mean I I live in red States right You know and I'll live in a red state And if I have to drive through a blue Straight it's you know Um avoid the city areas as much as Possible And you know as this election goes

Through if Trump wins again and whatever Happens You know things are going to break down More and more Um and so this is you know just a a Small indication of what's happening in The future why were you threatened and Barricaded into a room and held for Ransom for hours on end I mean what was It you were saying that was so so Terrible I was invited to speak on my Experience of my senior year and Competing against a male Nothing opinionated about what I shared It was surely the exact lived experience Of what me and my teammates and fellow Competitors dealt with and so I spoke I After my speech there's of course a lot Of protesters in the room which I'm Totally fine with people protesting it's Their right to protest but what I'm not Fine with is when it does turn violent In the way that it did because Protesters afterwards they rush into the Room They turned off the lights they rushed To the front Myself and others were assaulted and That's ultimately when I was held for Hostage for three and a half hours it is Unbelievable unbelievable it's not Unbelievable You shouldn't say that you should know That this is completely believable

You didn't see all the things that have Happened during the election year and The whole defund the police thing all These things you didn't see any of that You didn't you weren't aware of any of That stuff going on people being pulled Out of cars and we saw the videos right And there are places like remember Chaz You know Chad or whatever was called Um it was a place in Seattle and a place In Portland I think was important Where they got rid of the police and They created their own Sovereign area And the Mayors let them do that right And they have this area where the Protesters were the rule of law You know people got murdered and you Know multiple I mean it's just chaos There And the the Mayors and the government allowed that To happen In these liberal places right and you Know there was no rule of law there was No and again I'm not a big fan of the Police or the military or these things I you know I've been very clear of my Position on these things But I know what happens when they're not There I know what's available out there I know What kind of people there are out there I worked in the you know the sort of the

Criminal justice system as a a counselor I know what kind of abuse is out there I Know kind of deviant behaviors are out There And I know that there are people out There that if there is no police force Even if it's just 10 percent of the People that's more than enough to create Chaos you know we've seen The Purge Right Like you know what happens in The Purge Movies that's not unrealistic I mean They you know make it more Sensationalistic with the masks and the Weirdness but you know they make it more Creepy than it actually is they Hollywood it up but if you took away the Police I know what would happen Especially in these cities right and You'll see it like people we know what Happens historically When there is like if you take down a Government we know what happens when you Do regime change in countries we know What happened in Iraq and Afghanistan And what happened in Libya and these Countries where America went in and did Regime change and took down the Government we saw what happens When the system you know as corrupt as a Government might be and as bad as Leaders are Better than chaos And you know when you create chaos and

There's no you know there's no Discipline there's no you know there's No authority and authority can be as you Know horrible and corrupt it can be the Worst government chaos is worse it just Is If there's no order at all right Um you know this is I mean if you ever Read that book The Lord of the Flies Right uh thank you for your courage in The midst of that let's talk a little Bit about the message that you were Sharing and you started to talk about it In your opening statement just tell us About your experience because nobody can Question your experience I don't think Anybody's sitting at the at the table And certainly nobody at this Podium has Had uh the experience that you have had You were talking about Just the incredible surprise shall I say To put it gently of finding a biological Yeah I don't know why this is freezing Um it's just this YouTube video now you Know It's not really important man a six foot Four biological man in your locker room And having to accept that without being Asked about it without being told about It even what was that like for you tell Us about that I Again we only became aware we would be Undressing next to a man was when we had To see a man undressing while we were

Simultaneously undressing and so I Immediately left the locker room and I Went up to one of the officials on the Pool deck and I said what are the Guidelines to allow a man into our Locker room I know the guidelines for The competition but what are the Guidelines for the locker room and he's So nonchalantly said back oh we actually Got around this by making Locker Room's Unisex and so I'm thinking to myself in These brief moments first and foremost You just admitted this is a male by Acknowledging how you had to change your Rules to make the locker rooms unisex You acknowledge that we do not share the Same sex first and foremost secondly Unisex Any man could have walked into our Locker room and he coached any official Any man who wanted to would have had Full reins too and bare minimum we Weren't forewarned about it And that's that's the traumatizing part Of course the experience in and of the Locker room itself is traumatizing but I Think for me it was so easy for them to Dismiss our rights to privacy Senator Durbin and in your opening statement you Had mentioned this rhetoric it's um You had mentioned that what message does It send to trans individuals and my Combat to that is what message does this Send to women to young girls who are

Denied of these opportunities so easily Their rights to privacy and safety Thrown out of the window to protect a Small population protect one group as Long as they're happy what about us that Is the overall General consensus of how We all felt in that locker room white Kaboom Um you know I talked about this a long Time ago This is the just let it happen thing Starting to emerge and one of the things I said you know there's a lot of in Women's sports there's a lot of Um you know L people right and the LBGTQ There's a lot of lesbians that Participate in sports you'll see it in WNBA and you know soccer and things you Know Megan Rapido and You know her wife um Whatever her name is the WNBA uh Basketball player there's just a lot of That right and a lot of these women you Know may or may not have the most Positive feelings about men some of them Abuse survivors And they're now competing against Biological men And they say they don't have a problem With it now but I mean you know they got To have some kind of problem with it There are a lot of liberal women Feminists who are seeing biological men When women of the year like I said it'd

Be a great thing if you could elect Someone like Caitlyn Jenner as president Just for the feminists the you know the Feminist movement like Hillary Clinton How would she feel about a biological Male being the first uh woman President Right so this was the just let it happen Thing that I said Because you know there's these groups That are tied together here But they're not mutually beneficial Right they have their own specific um You know their own things that they're Looking to achieve for their group And certainly the feminist movement and You know lesbian women Are at odds with the Trans community Just because it's biological men who are Taking a piece of their pie right That are you know that are now Considered women and are when by when a Trans woman Um achieves something it's this idea That women have achieved it and I know The feminists and the lesbian Community Really can't be all that happy about That At least you know in in private Um and so that's why I was saying just Let it happen like with you withdrew Your objections and again This Woman's Obviously Um you know probably a Republican But you know it's going to affect these

Liberal communities more than anyone Else And eventually you know it there'll be a Breakdown it'll be conflict Because they're naturally at odds right There are two groups competing for the Same resources right Why do you think it is that the the NCAA And so many people in power seem intent And just erasing your opinion your views The whole category of women I noticed That recently you just posted this to Social media about a message that Harvard was sending around I think to it Swimmers telling them don't talk about Leah Thomas don't share your opinions if You get contacted by a member of the Media then refer that to the university Don't Say Anything For Heaven's Sake Tell us about this I mean this has been Your experience over and over and over You're told as a woman to shut up don't Say anything what's that like that is Continually happening and if we do speak Up your immediately labeled as some of Some name they will call you everything Under the sun whether it's transphobic Homophobic racist white supremacists Domestic terrorists they will throw them All at you in hopes to deter you and Hopes to silence you Leah Thomas's teammates they were forced Every single week to go to mandatory Lgbtq education meetings to learn about

How just by being cisgender they were Oppressing Leah Thomas they were told That they are not allowed to take a Stance because their school has already Taken their stance for them they were Told they will never get a job you will Never get into grad school you will lose Your friends you will lose your Scholarship in playing time if you speak Out they told these girls that if you do Speak out and any harm whatsoever comes Towards Thomas's way whether that's Through social media whether that's Physical mental emotional harm then you Are solely responsible and you could be Responsible for a potential death and You don't want that do you of course not Who would ever want to be responsible in A potential so um you know this is In contrast to the metoo movement right Which was supposed to be about women Empowerment things like this I mean you Know for women they're feminist women They're just allowing The you know this movement to roll over Them right even Dave Chappelle even you Know made reference to this about the Trans movement jumping over his you know Rights for African-American people Like they were getting uh you know just A lot of love and a lot of support Universally and it's you know more than These other groups have gotten like There must be jealousy in these other

Groups the feminist movement the other Letters and the you know the various Other Leathers in the the Spectrum the LBGTQ Spectrum and the transit is getting just More love than the other groups this is All the stuff I was saying about just Let it happen right Because this is you know the more that This happens the more people are going To be upset about it like the worst Thing you can do for a group Is give them privileges Where the other groups get jealous right You know I told this story where um There was a guy who you know was my Co-worker I had two people in my life When I lived in New Mexico They did the same job I had a roommate And he had a he had a degree in Counseling and this other guy was a big Former um you know uh Uh college football player division two Linebacker who um did the same job Before he worked with me and what they Would do is they would take these kids Out into the Wilderness this is the the Western part of the country you know in The uh you know the Denver and New Mexico and these areas And they would camp out in these auroras Which you know they when it rains it Floods these places Um you know they they're like natural

Creek beds but they're most of the time They're dry you know this is in the Mountains and you know if there's Flooding or rain that you know they'd Move or whatever but they'd camp out for Months and they take trouble kids out to The wilderness And you know they it was very effective Like the kids would get out in nature And they would start opening up and get Rid of some of their defenses you know Like after a couple months they would Just the kids would just get better the You know the programs are a little bit Controversial but they can be effective And this one guy this college football Player He was about to take some kids out and There were um One guy quit like one guy didn't show up And the other guy went out with him for One day and said this is too hard and Quit and just left And walked back to his car And he was left alone with 15 kids And one of the things he had to make Sure is that the kids Didn't end up like becoming friends Because they're very hostile each other They're very defensive you know they're They're sniping at each other I mean I I Worked in treatment centers and I Experienced this these level of kids They just don't get along they're

Competitive they're jealous but if they Became friends they'd start to you know Come up with some collusion and maybe Rebel or whatever right you couldn't Have that so there were these two kids And they're starting to hang out become Friends so he gave one of them a Chocolate bar and not the other one and Of course the kid didn't share it Because they're selfish and if his Friend they turned on each other right And so like when you give resources to One group and not another the one group Is targeted this is you know ultimately What's happened And you're going to see this that I mean Things can turn swiftly I mean this Agenda is being pushed out there the Majority of Americans aren't into it When this first was rolled out in 2015-16 sixty percent of Americans were Against it 23 were undecided and only 18 Percent were for it and it's a you know It's a minority uh group of people and Majority of people don't believe in it It seems crazy to to all of us to grow Up in an older generation most people Are afraid to speak up and you're Censored if you do Uh but you know this is ultimately They'll be backlash right and you know I Mean they're almost pushing this out There to anger people It seems like a setup you know whatever

And the group that's going to get hurt Is the you know the the T group the Trans people like they're being set up As some you know I mean when when things Turned and you know eventually they Always do especially when things are Breaking down They'll be targeted instead of the Powers that be that you know Force this Agenda on everybody But anyways let's go to Don Lemon here You know I just want to add one more Thing I haven't seen this person before I don't know if I have but I don't think So I've seen some of these videos a Couple years ago where some of these Girls were complaining about this but She sounds completely reasonable And five years ago or seven years ago 10 Years ago certainly 20 years ago this Wouldn't even happen right you know the Power structure is so reversed itself Right I mean it's it's gotten so uh uh Not what it was like Everything's Changed so much it's inverted Because this would never even been Considered right it would have been a No-brainer like it would have been Something that you know wouldn't even Have happened So like no one would have allowed these Conditions the Governments the corporations nobody Would have been behind this

Everyone would have been in agreement That biological males couldn't compete With Biological females that biological males You know biological females would be in Danger and hurt that biological males Wouldn't be allowed in the bathrooms in The locker rooms I mean up into 2015 This never would have even been Mentioned as a possibility No one would ever thought this possible No one ever thought this like no one Even say this out loud like we should Let men in with women in bathrooms and We should let men you know biological Men compete with biological women on a You know an athletic level and in Schools and things like this this never Would have been considered right This whole agenda would have never even Been you know floated out there as an Idea and now it's been accepted as the It's the rule of the day right like how Quickly Everything's changed this girl Sounds completely reasonable but she's Being targeted And you know name called and you know Pathologized and all these things I mean Think about how things have turned so Much right I mean you know there's big Changes afoot all right let's go to Don Lemon's here all right so um this guy Just asked Don Lemon this is a local News station so this isn't even a

Mainstream media I don't know if Anybody's interested in what Don Lemonesses say he went to A local TV station in Memphis Um to do this interview this guy asked Him the reason you say that you got Fired is because of Truth and Responsibility right [Laughter] Um it's kind of broken up it's you know It's a local news report not done well But here's what Don lemon's had to say I Have a responsibility not only as a Journalist but as an American to tell The truth and to abide by the promises Of the Constitution because the Constitution says a more perfect union Not a perfect union I'm not a perfect Person no one is but okay so this is About the Constitution I think the Constitution deserves us Um to we we in order to fulfill uh the Promise of the Constitution we have to Stand up for what is right we have to Stand up for the truth news to us here At CNN So um what You got fired because you want to you Want to you want to back the Constitution I thought it was because you were Annoying and you had horrible ratings And you you know were overpaid and your Co-workers didn't like you

And you made multiple gaffs and mistakes And your job your your Job performance was horrible right and You had this weighty contract and you Were just a ratings killer I mean that's What it seemed like it didn't seem like As you wanted to protect the Constitution they fired you Or not I don't believe in platforming Liars and bigots and you know Insurrectionists and election deniers And putting them on the same footing as People who are telling the truth people Who are fighting for what's right people Who are abiding by the Constitution I Think that would be a dereliction of Journalistic Duties to do those sorts of Things that is so he's saying he didn't Want to put the right wing people on That CNN doesn't ever put on it never Covers You'd want to put these people on that Were not with their liberal media agenda And the official story and so they fired Him because of that come on Don I've Watched CNN quite a bit over the years You know not the whole show but just Little bits and pieces of it and CNN has Had a whole segment this guy um I mean You know this guy uh Donnie O'Sullivan Donnie O'Sullivan and whoever his last Name is who was just going after Truthers all the time The a lot of their platform was based in

Them going after so-called conspiracy Theorists and these types of people they Weren't promoting Republicans right they Weren't doing any of these things so him Saying that that's the reason he got Fired him again you're talking about Being honest here right You got fired because I mean address the Fact your ratings suck and people don't Like you and you've you know you've long Passed your your period where you were Embraced and had an audience that's why You got demoted from your nighttime show He was getting killed in the ratings Everywhere he went and he pissed off his Co-workers nobody liked the guy that is What has gotten me to this point and That is what is going to carry me Forward being true to himself is what Lemon says allows him to sleep at night To know that I am doing the right thing That I am standing up and abiding by the Constitution which he's abiding by the Constitution he couldn't even quote it Right You had trouble even quoting it earlier In this interview how are you going to Abide by something you don't even know What it is have you ever actually read It like And if you're going to abide by it it Would be freedom of speech that Everybody has the right to express Themselves and as a journalist you would

Get all opinions and you wouldn't Exclude opinions and he said it was his Job to exclude people's opinions that Differed from what he called Truth Tellers that go on CNN and nobody Watches CNN because those aren't truth Tellers CNN is you know a horrible Network it Has bad content and people don't buy it Anymore they don't buy the official Story I'm not going to allow other People to express themselves other than The people that are on my network who Are the truth tellers and yeah I agree With the Constitution what's the first Amendment you know like He's he's such an ass Cloud it's my Profession demands that I do because we Are listed In the First Amendment of the Constitution which is freedom of speech Freedom of expression And freedom of the press and so those Were all things you just said you didn't Want other people to have For what lies ahead for lemon well he Says he's a man of faith I'm not going To force anything I'm not going to let Other people's timeline Influence me I know people say I miss You on television what is your next move Okay so they miss you so much that You're on a local news station in Memphis and they've done this haphazard

Report like you're dressed up in a suit For this thing no National media is Willing to touch you You're not being interviewed by any Major national media publication not Even some good thing on online something Not even like a Joe Rogan or something Certainly you wouldn't have that because You know whatever Um you went at it with him I think but You're on some local Memphis news Station And it just happened to get picked up by New York Post and Huffington Post that I Know about this Otherwise I wouldn't and this is your Big moment where you get to tell your Side of the story and you've thought About this for months all right what am I going to say the real reason I got Fired for because I can't say nobody Wants to see me anymore I mean he just Said this thing here Line influence me I know people say I Miss you on television oh the your Family I mean how many people are Actually saying that to you I mean the majority of people don't Majority of people are glad that you're Gone I'm not you were great for me I missed the Cuomo Don lemon's exchanges I mean you know I've accepted it right I Mean but not though he was he was you Know he was great to mock but you know

That's about it and so they don't miss Yet CNN MSNBC doesn't want you certainly Don't want you at Fox and so where are You gonna go like where is your possible Landing spot local TV news somewhere Right Maybe somewhere local I think he came From Louisiana or something I don't even Know it's a very right-wing State I Don't even know where this guy could Could go like I don't know if he'll ever Have a job again What is your next move I'm figuring that Out yeah because I haven't had enough to Be in a rush I think sometimes people Rush to make decisions and they end up Making the wrong decisions lemon who Published yeah because you don't have Any offers right Like you went two years from now is it Going to be because you're not into Russia because you don't have any offers You're certainly not going to be a National media figurehead again you're Not going to host your own show like the Best job he had was hosting a Primetime News show that's like you know a premier Spot on CNN MSNBC or Fox right the prime Time slot he had the he believes a 9 pm Slot Cuomo's had the 8 pm and Cuomo's Actually got good ratings compared to Lemons and he was a good lead into Lemon's show but then they put I think Droopy Dog um

Jake tapper's in there and Drake Toppers Was a Radiance disaster and so lemons Didn't get that you know if people be Watching Chris Cuomo's and then they Segue into Don lemon's and so his Ratings tanked even more And he just said stupid stuff all the Time he didn't you know he's not doesn't Research doesn't work hard he's not a Thoughtful intelligent person And so even as a like a CNN shill he's He's one of the worst ones so they Demoted him to the morning show which he Called the promotion And then you know from there Like he just tanked it right and the Rating stock and his co-workers hated Him and he was just a disaster Like and so going out here and Pretending you have options and offers I Mean there's some small Market things You might be able to do you might be Able to do a podcast or something like That right and make you know enough Money that it's reasonable right just From a following and being famous but in Reality he doesn't have much of anything Whatever social media following he has And then you know doing some something Like Tucker Carlson enjoying time with His fiancee real estate agent Tim Malone And their dogs leaning into life he's Got a dog I'm not worried at all people Are like are concerned about me and more

Worried about me than I am about myself I'm fine I've Someone is looking out for me he made no God Is it God longer helmed the anchor desk At CNN you're killing it I'm just being Me and I'm being honest but lemon is Still a journalist maintaining a strong Commitment to his Liberties and justice For the people he says As he sits in Memphis Tennessee he Reflects on the city's significance and The contributions and sacrifices of Martin Luther so he lives in New York And has a Hampton house right King Jr Ida B Wells and yes Tyree Nichols and The fight for truth and justice If we don't honor them by standing up And doing the right thing and not Allowing people to legislate us out of Rights and out of existence and how are We honoring them in Memphis oh my God so Um Brutal I'm Rudy Williams because they got the Pyramid in the background there's the Memphis pyramid with the Capstone that Used to have a skull in it now it's Owned by like that um Whatever that big fish store is that big Um So now it's the owned by the Bass Pro Shops right and they have if you've ever Been to one of these Bass Pro Shops the

Big ones they have giant aquariums and They sell boats and you know fishing Equipment things like that other stuff Too like outdoor stuff But before it was owned by It was originally a venue for sporting And entertainment events including many Basketball tournaments Mary J Blige Concert Rolling Stone concert Mike Tyson Boxing event And Memphis is I believe a place in Egypt so it's interesting it was named For that and it has the whole Capstone Above that it's like the Illuminati Pyramid And when they went up there originally To go up to the Capstone there was a Crystal skull this was a crystal skull That was there in the Memphis top of the Memphis Pyramid you know the Skull and Bones maybe something could to do with That at all Um But you know So that all happened with Don Lemons Okay so I'm editing and I just want to Add a few more things to the stock Lemons thing So he's saying that he got fired because He wanted to honor the Constitution like Imagine The arrogance of somebody who's such a Lightweight and so superficial He has no depth to his personality his

Takes have no depth he has no Insight Just such a remedial person He worked his way up in CNN and I don't Think they they realized what a Dopey Was until him and Cuomo's were Sort of partner together and you know They were getting good enough readings Under cuomos which is bizarre in itself But they were still third but then they Had their Glory Days when Trump was President and people were hating on Trump and CNN had its Best ratings ever And it was still a third you know They're still behind MSNBC and fox But it was not enough and he had a Long-term deal and so they really Couldn't get out from under his contract But the guy was a disaster right And you know his big I mean what he just Said here was he wants to honor the Constitution by excluding people's Who have different opinions in the Official story From CNN And that he didn't want to let those People on his show in the morning so They fired him because he wants to honor The truth you know and we all know it Has to do with ratings and uh his Personality like Tucker Carlson had the Best ratings and he's got great ratings Now on on Twitter he's got you know 26 Million views per You know take that he has so he has a a

Big audience and it wasn't because of Ratings It was because of pressure from the Powers that be It was because his um you know they just Hired somebody new over there I'll cover That tomorrow That Jesse whatever his name is really Obnoxious person but not a truther in Any stretch of the imagination Fox was Willing to get rid of Tucker Carlson Because of controversy right there People get fired like um you know Someone like Don Imus shock jocks right Uh where that guy is um Howard Stern or Brian Williams for lying right people Get fired for scandals or Public outrage or you know the admitude Or something but they get good ratings Right there's people who get taken down Who are performing well And that wasn't Don lemon's there's Nothing outrageous about let me do Anything really outrageous he said some Stupid stuff Insults some of his co-workers but that Was just an excuse because they knew the Guy sucked and he wouldn't take any sort Of criticism and he's not a hard worker You can tell he's not a hard worker Like he's intellectually weak and his Takes you know he doesn't do a lot of Research and does his takes don't have Any Merit you know the guy just said he

Values the First Amendment and he wants To censor people he said it and he wants To de-platform people which is CNN's Policy as well CNN wants all people who Aren't a part of the official story to Be de-platformed so they don't have to Compete with YouTube and these other Social media Giants because they're Getting destroyed ratings wise and Everything else but in terms of Don Lemon's job they have three networks They're in competition mostly with MSNBC And msnbc's Morning Joe was doubling up and Sometimes tripling up The show with Don lemon's on it right so That shows you how bad he sucks they Have a barometer of success and Don Lemon's show wasn't getting as many Views as the Today Show or Good Morning America and certainly Morning Joe and These other shows they were losing to All these various shows and he was Making Um He was making Nighttime Primetime money he had a prime Time contract as a morning person as a Co-host where the odds aren't as Expensive and the views aren't as you Know they don't give as many views and So he was a financial liability And him even saying that the network Realizes they have to bring in other

People that have different views in the Official story because no one watches Them now and Don Lemon said he's Unwilling to do that it shows you Everything you need to know right Don Lemons is a sensor He sucks and he's not financially viable You know they're losing money on that Show right they're paying him too much And they're not getting the ratings They're probably losing money on the you Know they're losing money in the whole Network they had that disaster of CNN Plus I mean they're they're doing Horribly It as a business right you know what I Do here I have to value my my time at something Like you know how much am I worth an Hour And Based in you know people supporting this Through memberships And based on the ad revenue and then you Know I really haven't been doing much in Terms of the merch But based in the income I provide and The amount of hours I put in you know I'm making a lot less money now at some Point it becomes well this isn't a Financial viable situation right And this is just a small you know Personal thing that I have to evaluate Okay you're you know you're not making

Enough money for your time And the resources and whatever money I Put into this you know I have some Expenses right in the computer and you Know other things and that I um you know That I put into making this show right And so if it became something where I Was losing money you know that would be Horrible and I couldn't do it right but Even then you know I have to make enough To where I can justify this as being you Know financially viable and again he Wasn't fired for outrage he was fired Because He wasn't making the network as much Money and he was losing drastically Dreadfully to the competition And so for him to come out here and say It's like oh they fired me because I I Was taking a stand right No they fired you because you suck right Like Tucker Carlson was you know you Could say he was maybe taking a stand Where he was doing whatever he was doing But they didn't fire him because he Sucks they fired you because you suck And you guys got fired the same week now Tarker Carlson has back bounced back With even better ratings and the Majority of the stories about him and if You want to do an interview With any of the major networks or any of These big platforms they would totally Do it because it would get ratings

You get an interview on a local news Station in Memphis you know And it only got picked up because you Know New York Post and somebody else I Looked at this morning is picking it up Because you know maybe it's a slow news Day because no one cares about Don Lemon's and you're you know you're an Industry joke Representative Daryl Issa Um he's a congressman from California Joe Biden has officially lawyered up This is this is what a real Scandal Looks like Um I couldn't find confirmation about This in the news but this guy's in Government And he is supposed to be a serious Person And so if Joy Joe Biden is lawyered up And it's got a criminal defense attorney Well that's something What's proven and what is not now According to CNN Daily Beast and others You accused your Republican colleague Lauren bobert on the house floor of Stealing or copying your impeached Biden Resolution and then uh called her a Nasty little and I only use that Word because you've confirmed it is you Confirmed that Marjorie Taylor green is A disaster she's like AOC they are there Really for the other side right they Provide fodder for the other side

That's why she's constantly being Covered like this was covered on Huffington Post right Um any kind of drama she brings drama And you know so Lauren Boberg had this Bogus attempt to Um to impeach Joe Biden and they don't They're not going to do that for one you Don't have to set it it's just uh you Know uh you know appeasing act for the Republicans it's a joke and she had the Original proposal no one's going to vote For it because she's a lightning rod so She's claiming bobert copied it From her and then posted her and then uh You know tried to pass through her Initiative for impeachment of Joe Biden And she's called Lauren bobert a little Boob is this the media loving a cat Fight because you haven't exactly shied Away from this Um but once she leaked it out I I had to Confirm that that's in fact what I said Um but and why did you say that right Yeah I mean why did you say that she's a Fellow Republican a right-wing Conservative and why Why would you say that why would you Call her that name like you have no Control over your emotions and things Like this right I understand people say Those things It's effed up that Lauren bobert leaked

The conversation but they've had some Negative exchanges before here's the Real issue I've introduced articles of Impeachment and each time I do so along With my other bills I communicate with All of my Republican colleagues and ask For support by asking their Co-sponsorship because I co-sponsor many Other Republicans bills in order to pass Things on the house floor we have to get 218 votes and that means that we have to Work together it'll work together I'd Asked her to co-sponsor my articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden on the Border and she never responded and Apparently refused to do so then when She introduced her own and forced them To the floor with a privileged Resolution without even Having the Courage to talk to any other Republican In our conference before doing so except Speaker McCarthy and and apparently a Few others Um yeah we had a tense conversation when She that's what I realized she's a Little boob she confronted me about Things I had said about it but this is Unfortunate that this becomes public on The house floor just okay so um You know like this is just embarrassing Yo what's cracking You know what it is Homeboy Ice Cube Um

And some of you may not have realized That I'm not part of the club And A lot of you listening to me right here Right now You're not part of the club either And what I realized with the club is What makes them so mad Is when you don't want to be a part of a club That pisses them off What club am I talking about I'm talking about the club of Gatekeepers that we all got to deal with You know who they are and they Definitely know who they are Cool I think they should They should know who they are we don't Necessarily know who they are I mean That's whatever Ice Cube um said that he lost like 12 Million dollars or something Because he refused to get the Boop I covered this on my other channel Uh there was an interview he did he said He didn't He wasn't going to get that thing and Because he didn't he lost money and jobs And things and worked because of it Right Um so you know there's that that's a Positive Um a lot of people would be like what Who who come on man stop playing

So Ever since Ever since I put out the contract with Black America You know they've been with me Here and there this and that But it's cool you know I expect that Um You know I've been working with you know On the big three for a long time and you Know how they've been fooling with me With that Automated Plain simple and clear What they've been doing you know The NBA been with us now a lot of People might say like but kid you want To work with the NBA really I don't give A about working with the NBA what I Want them to do when I say work with us Is to stop working against us Okay so if you don't know this The Big Three is Famous retired basketball players Who are you know out of the NBA And they play three on three basketball I think they have four or five players You know they rotate in And they have some sort of a tournament There's a contract they have with Um I think it's on I don't know might be On Turner it might be on ESPN it's on You know something it's during the

Summer And it's I think it's been fairly Popular three on three basketball is a Lot different than Um Then full court basketball and it's a Different game and you have some Celebrity element I watched a little bit Of it you know I don't know But what he's saying here is That the NBA is working against them And this is not competition for the NBA This is like a tournament that happens In the summer For guys who are you know usually past Their Prime These are guys who were once in the NBA Out of the NBA there's not any you know Competition with NBA right Stop doing that bush behind the scenes That we know you're doing Um Mainstream media You know They ain't with us and that's Cool we can do it ourselves you know I'm Saying we're still on the rise without These so But we don't need them you don't need Them You know so What am I gonna do To deal with these Gatekeepers

Well what I'm gonna do is Go on a Food Gatekeepers podcast tour Well I'm glad to hear it Where do we sign up And I'm gonna go talk to everybody Everybody You know And Get a chance to Get my message out to the people Um Be able to let people hear from me you Know And And you know you might agree you might Not But The the important thing is You know for me to go on these platforms Say what I feel about what I think and You know Some people may get pissed off Because I'm going to talk to everybody I'm not playing and Um It's gonna be it's gonna be a Crazy Summer it's gonna be fun Appreciate y'all Always support the big three Hopefully I'm doing stuff that you guys Dig you know I'm not doing this for me I'm doing this for people that's bored As this summer with Summer Sports

And want something cool like the big Three so here we are appreciate you much Love much respect from your homeboy Ice Cube remember that all right so I'm now Following him on Twitter we'll see how That whole thing Um plays out with The Gatekeepers stuff Because that could be interesting Or not I just said one more thing this Video is way longer than I thought it Was going to be and I still didn't get To all the tabs I have up on my other Browser But anyways um when that swimmer girl I Forget her name whatever it was you see Him in the earlier in this video And when she said that they put all Kinds of pressure on her And teammates of that one you know that Are on uh trans swim or whatever And she said that they said well if Something bad happens and the person Commits suicide or whatever it is You'll be responsible so don't say Anything Or whatever it was whatever she phrased That that was her story But there's a lot of this going on Because with that particular population They have very high rates of suicide And the view is that it's from bullying And you know Anti-trans Behavior or whatever but you Know obviously it's just can't be that

Like it's you know life expectancy of Like 32 years or I mean it's just a very Uh you know and a very very high rate of Suicide And you can't live your life You know if people are going to commit Suicide suicide and they have that in There personality configuration you know And I of course live through this with My daughter and my ex who was always Threatening suicide attempted suicide Was hospitalized for suicide You know people who Are suicidal and often they'll use that As a way to manipulate people I mean There's people who are suicidal who will Say you know they're suicidal and Manipulate people to behave in a certain Way right Because if someone's fragile you know You want to be more sensitive to Somebody if you know that they're Falling apart right just in general Somebody is at risk or somebody is going Through a tough time you don't want to Pile on right you don't want to Push him over the edge it's just any Compassionate human being will feel that Way But it's not your responsibility like Again like you know there's I mean being Mean for no reason or being you know Abusive and things I'm not talking about That I'm talking about doing what you

Should do And speaking your truth when it's your Truth you know it's not just your truth I don't like that saying you know when It's the truth or at least you're Getting closer to the truth or you feel Like it's your duty to speak up or Whatever it is right I mean I don't you know I don't agree With trolling I don't agree with Harassing people but sometimes you have To speak up for yourself or You know speak up for what's right or You know you're LED internally it's just The right thing to do And when you do something like that and You know you're prevent you're told not To do that because someone else is Suicidal you know and I'm not talking About somebody who's you know in hot in The hospital or is is legitimately Suicidal and you're just gonna go dump On them I mean I'm not endorsing Something like that of course not I'm Talking about just being able to Verbalize what you need to you know Whatever you have to verbalize and live Your life and what many of us have Learned through the tragedies of losing Somebody to suicide is that you can't Stop it like you know you can do your Best but you can't you know people have To at some point find a reason to to Live right they can't you can't carry

Them through life You can't prevent something that if They're gonna if they're gonna do it and They're you know they're it's whatever Their Destiny or there's some scars Where I talk about some scars on my Other channel quite a bit spiritual Impressions that are there And you know there's nothing you can do About it and you know you might be a Contributing factor to somebody's Suicide but it's never your fault I mean Unless you're at some you know FBI suiciding somebody like Jeffrey Epsteining them or something like that I'm not talking about that But you know people who are suicidal are Suicidal right people who are violent Are violent people who are depressed or Depressed and you can you know maybe Help them out a little bit maybe you can You know hurt them a little bit but You know that's their thing like that's Their thing to work out they're that's Their thing to overcome we all have it We all have things like that and people Can help you and hurt you but ultimately It's your responsibility to to live your Life and make your decisions And you know for them to be putting Pressure on these girls And it's just not appropriate you know Because of somebody's you know being Part of a demographic that has a high

Rate of suicide I mean you know if her Story is true then you know that's Really effed up Anyways uh you know I gotta finish this Up only spirituality will save this World it's paravato Definitely reporting from the apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day And be grateful

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