Fetterman & Don Lemons Great Minds + Britney Dance returns + JoJo + Kimmels Snuggle bear

Fetterman & Don Lemons Great Minds + Britney Dance returns + JoJo +  Kimmels Snuggle bear

Greetings brothers and sisters bunch of Stuff to get to Britney Spears is back in Instagram so There'll be a Britney dance A featherman's fashion a Britney danced And there's World war three stuff uh JoJo there's a Bunch of things today Um you know more Stuff is piled up because I've been Doing other things you know Um you know in terms of the journey Series and other things But this happened these two great Men Don lemon's now on the morning show Wearing a blazer with a t-shirt he's Just radical like that And fetterman wearing his customary Sweatshirt Looking old like he's sick or something This looks like he's lost lost weight Fetterman not doing so well as a senator But this happened these two great minds You know reminds me of the sort of Douche off I used to do with With uh Don Lemons and Chris cuomos Better days for CNN back then But here it is well let's talk about Inflation because that's a big concern For voters what do you think the biggest Cause of inflation is and should the Biden Administration be doing more No I I just do I I think that that

Simply is also we have this talk about The trillions in in massive tax uh tax Uh cuts to the corporate uh tax Structure as well true you know Trillions is well true is well true Dollars that have added to the deficit And and now they still want to support Those as well true I think in terms of Being very serious about addressing Inflation is is making sure that those Rates are brought back into a line with What they they should have been uh where They're able to uh fight Foreign Okay so he's just as articulate as ever But like other times exclusively here at Pakistan future They often dub fetterman in and there is It's even worse when you hear the Original audio And so um let's get the original audio Hey fed everybody it's me Don Lemon here On Don lemon's I used to have my own Show at the Don lemon's tonight now I'm On the morning show because you know Nobody likes me and I was wondering what You think about inflation Vitamin smash Phentermine like money Vitamin get money Phentermine one for Said it fettering get money fetterman Buys cheeseburger fetterman smashed Cheeseburger fetterman get booster Fetterman gets stroke fetterman lose Weight fetterman have trouble smashing

Phenomy no light booster fetterman Wished I'd forget booster fetterman Forget what he was talking about Fetterman go to Harvard That's actually true fetterman did go to Harvard Apparently at Harvard they just give Everybody A's now because of all the the Woke stuff there's like no you can't get Anything but a day that's not my kind of Schooling you know you don't have to go To class you just Getting rolled and get A's you know I could have gotten to Harvard under Those standards um anyways fetterman So Britney Spears is back on Instagram And um Is this the post here yeah Since everyone thinks they know my story Think again A mere side of my Sunday doesn't show Worship placing someone's story out There What A mere sight of Any Given Sunday Doesn't show worship placing someone's Story out there that is not a sentence It's a day of welcoming not a righteous Reply is what it is nope I'm not having A breakdown So apparently what she Disconnected her Instagram That's when fans called for a well check I am who I am and moving forward in my

Life I never felt better nope I'm not This girl or that girl I'm Red River I Am a Red River and being able to Volumize my voice in a world where I Lost my rights for 15 years are you Still talking about it Gives me an opportunity to succeed Opportunity to know that I matter and Made it and maybe if you walk in my Shoes then maybe just maybe you could Understand still learning there is no Rules I don't think so limited I feel Younger and in awe fortunately I'm Boring as hell and drink hot chocolate At night That makes it probably pretty difficult For you to go to sleep Brittany I've Waited nearly 15 years to drink alcohol Only to realize I hate it boy that's What a bummer what an absolute letdown Right It makes me sad and I feel bloated Although food does although food tastes Better stay blessed and driven sit down And stay humble nah I'd rather show my Ass exactly Brittany do you Brittany And yes I took my Instagram down and now It's back up because I can exactly no Comments Britney's not allowing comments So that's the other thing so Britney Fans don't know what to do Um Here she is there we go doing some Modeling touch your waist back forth

Fake smile walk towards the camera fake Smile turn your head flip your head go Backwards and swim around or touch my Belly around again okay it's getting Uncomfortable am I creeping you out yet Is this a horror movie are you some sort Of uh rubber doll that's come to life This video is showing me for first time In a ring light damn all this time this Video is not as good as the last one in This outfit because I was figuring out How to do it it's actually cool and I Feel proud at my first attempt at this Ring light exactly fuel problem ready so Shamelessly fishing for comments Compliments yes I got it Or would it be better to just trust the Person beside me to shoot it just saying I guess ring light's supposed to make You look better Um but how are you fishing for Compliments when you've taken down your Uh you've taken down your your ability People's ability to comment and then This the one here she's coming out she's Dancing here Boom coming in strong Swimming down moving your head to the Ground with your arms crazy arms there You go I smile touch my hair it took a Little water I'm thirsty here if it's From my heart oh my nose nope my heart Again yeah wiggle my hips wiggle my hips Look at me wig of my hips hula hoop Spread my arms Out Swinging it

Backstroke spin yeah where'd it go here I am that's my bottom again touch it Twice keep on smacking myself in the Bottom humping the pole humping the pole Humping the pole there you go look at The hand here in the air relax back flip The Dingle there we go that's my hair Again yeah there's the one all right Back to the beginning I love being me and it pisses off all The right people I don't think you're Pissing anybody off you're freaking People out there's a difference There's this one here left right no ring Light where's the freaking ring light Brittany Brittany you didn't even Where's the ring light Apples who's got them Uh you have one pretty like I'm gonna Say you This is a quiz All right um That's Brittany Okay so I had this up for a while I mean Someone sent me on Instagram but I want To get a better version I finally Spent the time to find it Instagram Video was very small This is this is Boston Dynamics they Make robots We've seen our videos before this guy's Hammering this for some reason I forgot My tools again where are your tools Where they go why are you up there with

A hammer What are your tools oh he doesn't have Tools what is he going to do oh there's A robot He's looking around for the tools There he goes he gets a board okay boom Solving problems takes the board there You go spins around is a quick 180 Degree jump You can walk backwards He's Got Claws For hands he's got a couple claws There's a bag there's a bag of tool but We figured it out we solved the problem All right it's gonna go up here the Stairs boom boom look at that Solve the problems jumps up here Throws him right up What else you got okay push that down Good good job just gonna hop there Well it seems like this is all planned I don't think it's this fun look at that It doesn't flip off the thing Thank you Thank you Mr Robot so um you know They're getting closer and closer to Replacing us right I mean I don't think a robot could do What I do I don't think a robot could Mock as well but I guess AI technology But for you know lots of people robots Are coming for your job My word is abiding I've never been more Optimistic about America's future than I Am today

And then Yahoo Took Fox News Biden slam for giving his word is abided That America's looks great we're screwed Right You know yeah we are it's funny how he Says my word is Biden because bidens are Known Liars at least the ones that we Know about so in this world the world's 2005 movie With one Thomas J Cruz One of my viewers sent me this clip A million people is what is this you Requesting you to speak of almost total Blackness tonight in the wake of a Series of freakish lightning storms of Catastrophic proportion which struck the Country at approximately 4 a.m local Time Okay so the Ukraine Is the first to go in the world the Worlds Okay so this is Biden's White House Press effort secretary Who has a heated clash with a reporter Over Biden classified documents I Haven't seen it yet Seeking information and I appreciate and Understand why the Press office can only Say so much so I know you guys I Appreciate you guys understand this but I'm gonna ask my question anyway because You know are the president's personal Counsel that the Attorney General

Referred to today uh I have to get I was Asked that question earlier let me get Back to you I actually I don't have that Answer I think I know who it is but I Want to make a 100 career yeah she Thinks she knows but she doesn't know For sure Bauer is one potentially Dana Remus James Garland Robert Lynn uh Just told you she listened nobody and You asked specific names again I I don't Want to I want to say the right thing From here so I we would uh have that's New for me so I I would have talked to the White House Counsel or you would have to reach out To the White House Council to talk about Who who is his personal lawyers exactly We don't know I I don't know I have no Idea who Biden's personal lawyers are I Mean why would I'm just a press Secretary foreign The first set of documents were found in November at the Penn binding Center here In Washington Why did it take until yesterday Until this morning apparently for Whoever it was to inform Robert lausch That that final document was found was That because there were pressed reports Earlier this week again their Hope was That nobody would find out again was it Because there is a process an ongoing Process that is occurring we did the Process

Buy the book or buy the book which my Word is a Biden there is where it is a Bite I don't know somebody's word is a Biden what I mean by that is the moment That the lawyers discovered that the Papers were there or the documents were There they reached out to the r They reach out to Department of Justice And they immediately right this is a Good thing Biden is always reaching out He's reaching out to Glam on women and Children he's reaching out to sniffle And snoozle and smell people's hair you Know he's a reaching out kind of guy He's a reach-around liso Reached out to them to let them know What what they had discovered and that Is the process that is what we that that Is what his lawyers did and again it's An ongoing process as you stated in your Question I am Limited in what I can say It is now in that exactly they won't let Me say [ __ ] they won't let me say Boop I Can't say anything you know guys you Know let me behind the building I'll Give you the real dope to the Department Of Justice they are reviewing this as You know the special counsel was Announced by the attorney general and so I will uh leave it there what was the President trying to say when he Referenced his Corvette earlier today Because it sounded like he was implying That because his garage is a safe place

For his car the documents were saved And therefore it was if it was safe for The car it was safe for the documents is That what he meant look it was all the Way back to January 12th I mean they Were taking it on the chin then I'm Going to just leave his statement as is Uh you know because he's like CNL come On we all know like stop stop playing Thank you your colleagues was having a Back and forth with the president you Can read the transcript of what was Asked of him and why he responded that Way I'm just not going to get into Specifics well you talked about we are Being transparent Who's we and what is the definition of Transparent in this case is it the Lawyers being transparent legally for The archives and the justice department Or is it the White House with large Being transparent with the general Public so number one And I've said this multiple times Already we take this very seriously the President yeah exactly that means we Can't be transparent it takes this very Seriously he was not aware that the Records were there uh he's not aware a Lot of stuff I mean come on the guy Poops his pants I mean what do you what Do you expect from expect him to be able To you know handle classified documents One of you guys crazy the guys the guy

Can't even you know he's wearing diapers We all know it like of course you can't Does not know what what is in the Documents again classified information Classified documents he takes very Seriously he takes them seriously you Know I mean when he's when he's Cognizant they were discovered and this Is the right thing to do right his Lawyers reached out immediately exactly They were discovered the first thing he Did was run to lawyers Italy to the Archivists they reached out to Department of Justice to let them know That the the papers or the documents Assistant or the justice department Because the Attorney General this Morning said that the attorneys reached Out to the archives it was only later in December when the second batch was Apparently I will leave it I will leave it to what The Department of Justice is laying out What we are saying that we reached out To the archivist we reached out to Department of Justice you know we didn't Get our story straight so I'm just going To leave it for that let's just you know Believe what they have to say because I'm a known liar what is the right thing To do in this case and not and and and So I can finish here Um what has been transparent in this as Well is that the White House Council has

Let has laid out uh in detail on Monday To all of you everything Karina and you Know that first of all I can't talk About this right because exactly because They won't tell me anything and you know It's kind of embarrassing my word is a Biden is the Department of Justice is Reviewing it there is a review happening Ed right you know this we just heard From the attorney general there is a Review I am Limited in what I can say to This Richard sour perhaps come here I Think you should I think you should Reach out uh to the one let's go back Here look at Peter Ducey laughs Look at Ducey what's up with Ducey I Think you should I think you should reach out uh to the White House counselor Okay I am saying to you that we have put Out lengthy statements and you can reach Out to them as you all have been doing And I will leave it there go ahead okay Good good good I think Peter Ducey wears loafers come And answer this question I They have been they have been talking to You all pretty regularly the last couple Of days uh we have put out they have put Out uh lengthy's statements on this I Just read out uh what Richard Sauber had To say and I would refer you to the White House Council I am Limited in what I can I can't say I can't say anything

You know it's like it's not like my job To talk to you guys and tell you what's Going on like you know I'm limited They're telling hey don't say anything You know my word is abiding say because Because The Department of Justice we see them as Being independent when it comes to these Types of issues and so I'm not going to Go beyond what the president said and I'm not going to go beyond what the Lawyers say I have to go around you've Asked me about you've asked me Come on Ed a gentle lady from you can Add All right Ed so my wife sent me this um Some tick tocker took Photos of clouds using some sort of Special camera maybe plotted some points I haven't seen this yet my wife told me About it And he did some kind of Rigmarole here um I don't know what's up what's happening Is there okay It's taking forever he did some stuff All right so let's move forward he's Doing something here And then he mapped out the clouds and They have this sort of You know matrix-like component like We're in some sort of simulation or Something Like this is what the clouds look like

Using whatever technological Advancements he has Proving that reality is false and we're Also We're all you know in some sort of Artificial Matrix Or simulation President hopeful Roland Roberts The second that's always the best when People are are a number roasted for slow Response to fainting fainting pregnant Woman it's a woman Okay so um here she is she's going down Like this is actually probably could be A dropping like flies Uh boom there you go and he's just Watching he's knocked the flag over Everyone else is going over all right There you go get in there He's going running for president and you Know let's I'll put this off so I'll Show this under my other video today as Well Israel strikes Iran amid International Push to contain Tehran Israel drones Warplane strike Iran in Syria World Socialists it appears to Israel appears To have been behind the Drone strike on Iran Factory a U.S official says and the Factory is a drone Factory And so these drones are being used these Drones are also being used by the Russians apparently is what I'm hearing Iran claimed to have intercepted drones

That struck military industrial con uh Target near Central City of Tehran and Said there was no casualties or serious Damage Um And so Israel's striking Iran and this Is just ramping up World War III right Because Russia and Iran are connected And this whole thing I mean they're just Pushing Russia until Russia has to say Eff it And you know I mean this is the year of Effort but I don't think so that's going To happen And they're gonna you know release Nuclear weapons At maybe Europe or America or whatever I Mean that's you know they're pushing Russia into the corner so they I mean That's going to be the ultimate end to This thing You know good times this is the snuggle Commercial from Jimmy Kimmel's Um I don't know how old this is somebody Sent it to me stepped up it's one of Jimmy Kimmel's not funny you know Traumatic bets here shirts caked with Blood it was an accident they're Laughing you know what else is soft Human flesh You know they're using a laugh track for This Baby flesh you said This is somehow funny

Wow this is you know even for Jimmy Kimmels I'll never hear you scream s Shall be pleased with me wow what do you Say Pleased with me snuggle brand Fabrics What do you say we should be pleased With him I thought you would be pleased with me I Thought he said something else Snuggle brand fabric softener proudly Made So a bunch of people shared this or put It up on Facebook is Jimmy Kimmel alive And it's November 1st 2022 And it starts out here with Jimmy Kimmel Saying this Just to verify where this came from Here too young have seen snuggles or Maybe you just don't remember this is The bear that captured America's hearts And laundry in the year 1986. once upon A time I think it's just the Dark Lord shall be Pleased with me Please Please the brand fabric softener proudly Made They're actually cheering So they put that up as comedy Jimmy Kimmel's the gatekeeper so this Was from November 22nd 2022 so just this Past November three months ago And people posted this on Facebook I

Mean on YouTube There's a lot of videos but there wasn't Any context he just said it was from Jimmy Kimmel's but he's um you know Always sucked just think about all the Stuff I just showed you like it's like Running a marathon this is a short video Shorter it's a 23 minutes And it's just packed with stuff I got a Whole nother thing to do A bunch of stuff of my Hollywood Celebrities dropping like flies Do stuff to do with Nancy and her uh you Know her husband in the video somebody Found some interesting aspects of it They sent it to me Um but you know Life goes on at least for now Only spiritual value will save this World it's paravato definitely reported From the Apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day And be grateful

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