Feedback for Gratefullness Mediation for Sunday April 2 2023

Feedback for Gratefullness Mediation for Sunday April 2 2023

Greetings brothers and sisters this is The feedback for Meditation on Sunday uh April 2nd 2023 gratefulness meditation For those of you who participated please Like the video so we have a kind of Uh you know a rough count of How many people are participating in the Meditation And I guess that's it for today I'll Working on a journey series video and I Put up a couple things uh last couple of Days on the Gratefulness meditation so um Yeah all those things are there and uh Hopefully I'll remember this week to do The Friday Meditation again uh it's just the same Thing and I put out a video yesterday And what you do in meditation you do the Exact same thing the only difference is That Friday at nine it's Friday at nine And not that time and space matter but That's just the way it was you know Maybe there's Some idea of being a commitment but for About a half hour Uh you know 25 minutes half hour There's an individual sitting given Every Friday oven Tried it myself yet but I felt the Transmission this Friday I forgot about It Um but hopefully I'll remember to

Say something on Thursday and uh you Know but people can do it either way It's just you know it has nothing really To do with Us doing it collectively like on you Know this sort of Sunday thing that We're doing That we're all having this idea we're Doing it collectively it's something That is uh there's you know an Individual City that's done Between the master and I guess I don't Know I mean I wouldn't call it dodgy Obviously so whatever The etheric master And the um you know people who want to Participate but anyways um hopefully I'll remember to do that on Thursday and Uh you know I have a journey series Video coming this week or whatever Only spirituality will save this world It's power model definitely point for The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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