Feb 19, 2020 – Dr.SHIVA, MIT PhD gives compelling scientific testimony at CT Statehouse

Feb 19, 2020 - Dr.SHIVA, MIT PhD gives compelling scientific testimony at CT Statehouse

Zero four And I'm saving my spot to Dr Shiva Thank you very much excuse me I just Want to make sure are you okay with Being filmed because I we want to make Very sure that someone isn't there doing That without your no it's fine okay Thank you can you start the timer now Great Good afternoon my name is Dr Shiva Yaduray I'm a scientist and MIT PhD in Biological engineering chairman and CEO Of cytosol and I'm considered a World-renowned expert in personalized And precision medicine you can find my Resume online In 1962 Nash the national vaccine Act Was signed by John F Kennedy to give Rise to the CDC to create the vaccine Guidelines there are two observations That I'd like to share to put that event In context in April of 1961 Kennedy gave A speech to the National Academy of Sciences he shared that the conundrum of Modern democracy is that given that the Problems we Face have become so complex We now rely on small groups of Scientists to enable politicians to make Decisions and Kennedy emphasized that Such decision making was based on the Assumption the scientists were objective Disinterested third parties look we all Now know that's not true science has Become fundamentally pay to play and in

Fact probably the oldest profession now You can think about what that is second At that time the science and the model Of the immune system was very nascent Going back to 1915 and was based on a Two Box model of the immune system the Innate immune system box one Communicating to the Adaptive immune System box two and the immune Health was Defined as the upregulation of Antibodies now based on the Recommendations from scientists of that Time and by this simplistic toolbox Model the vaccination Act was instituted Today the entire basis of vaccination is Still based on that 50 to 100 year old Model of the immune system less than 90 Days ago I was honored to be the invited Speaker at the distinguished Prestige Lecture at the National Science Foundation my lecture was on the modern Immune system the realities in modern Immune system consist of at least five Systems the innate immune system the Adaptive immune system the interferon or The ifm system which is a missing link Between the Adaptive Indian Aid the Microbiome which interacts with the gut Brain axis to the neural system the Modern immune system informs us one Interventions such as vaccines can Affect other subsistence effectively Most of which are largely unknown two One size doesn't fit all and three the

Science ain't settled on the risk and Safety assessment standards for vaccines In closing the lack of understanding was Reflected in the many observed injuries From 62 to 86 till today the 1986 National vaccine childhood injury act Sponsored by Ted Kennedy and Waxman set Up the vaccine course to remove Liability away from manufacturers that Was a Band-Aid solution to the to Preserve the 1962 act instead of Simply Repealing it since then recognizing Injuries that were occurring another Band-Aid on top of the 1968 Band-Aid was Allowed exemptions to allow at least Some justice today's families in this Room are scrambling begging to fight to Retain exemption to a mandate that was Created based on outdated signs in 1962. The entire 1962 program the state Imposing it to along the individual to Something as Sovereign as a bloodstream Should never have occurred today all of You have an opportunity to show The Way Forward by killing this bill it's time To take a deep breath and rip off these Band-Aids you have an opportunity to Send a signal that not only your vaccine Mandates wrong but it's also time to Enter the future of real immune Health Personalized and precision medicine Where Science Matters and one size does Not fit all thank you Thank you very much

Um are there any questions or comments Senator Summers For that you spoke so quickly I didn't Get your name because you it's Dr Shiva Ayaduray just call me Dr Shiva And her name sure You've also you said you went to MIT can You give me your credential again yes I Have a PhD in biological engineering not Biomedical engineering biological Engineering which is essentially where The modern science of all sorts of Pharma genes you know everything came From in 2003 it's a new Department MIT Setup I also hold three other degrees in Engineering in electrical engineering at MIT and mechanical engineering at MIT Plus a degree in design and I'm also a Fulbright scholar in the integrate and Integrative Medicine Well that's extremely impressive thank You for coming here today and testifying And um their words are very And I hope they Hope they will yeah so I bottom line is A modern science is old I mean the the Science used for vaccines is old and we Need to upgrade to science Thank you It's representative Laura just a quick question Um I just what pops into my head generally When we talk about

You know the study of genes and Um I know in the realm of like Chemotherapy They're looking at how each individual Person reacts to different types of Medication Um And I guess on this subject as we hear So much about this that Vaccines could be safe for 99 of society But there is a percentage of people that React differently Your autoimmune system reacts Differently Uh Give me the comment on that well yeah I Mean you Just us as a legislative Just like address that issue from An inspector because one of the things I'm Is trying to Um dictate what discretion That we should be giving doctors because I don't I don't think it's our business To do that and I feel like Um In in part of this process we're sort of Interfering with that doctor in a Patient relationship yeah you've sort of Nailed the issue here look it says Kennedy said you know uh the immune System is a very complex system in 1962 We knew about it and I'm giving John

Kennedy the benefit of the doubt he used That understanding at that time in terms Of too simple Box model this adaptive And immune system to say okay let's put Vaccines on people but today you know Starting in 2003 when the human Juno Project ended what it revealed was we Have about 20 000 genes the same number Of genes as a worm so complexity of the Human being is not the number of genes It's the interconnections of the genes The proteins the very complex system so What resulted in 2003 is a field called Systems biology and it also resulted in This concept of personalized medicine One size does not fit all so given that Understanding even the NIH director Francis Collins has said we need to move Towards personalized medicine which Means giving what what's what you need May be different than what I need and This means that we need to decentralize Medicine back to the patient doctor Relationship that's where Health emerges So the top-down model of 1962 is frankly So old it's based on Old science so Today what we need to do is go back to What you said which is health is going To emerge by me having a relationship With my doctor them understanding my Personal not only genetics my Epigenetics My Lifestyle the the Considerations and figuring out what's Right for me that's how we lower the

Cost of health care and that's where we Deliver real Health the entire 1962 Program needs to just go away the whole Thing is wrong so 1986 because all these Injuries were taking place because of The fact that we're trying to impose a Standard guideline schedule that we Started uh you know saying we're going To solve that with this ban Mandate of Eliminating the liability of vaccine Manufacturers and we're still going Through that so in many ways people here Begging to take away exemptions is so Wrong the whole mandate should go away We should decentralize health and hold The Sovereign relationship between the Patient and the doctor as a way where Health emerges if we care about health Period As science I think we're in the wrong spot in this Whole debate and you know today we hear About there are people testifying saying Vaccines are great and then we're Hearing people testify I've had injuries I think both sides there is Merit to That discussion but certainly you know My son just went for a surgery for the Second time he said two in his life and He has reacted very badly Between certain pain medication Medication and has severe reaction my Eldest son didn't have any rash so I'm Just watching that occur

Um you know that is part of medicine and So that went into a smile now and Certain types of medication for him So my daughter's allergic to Amoxicillin She had a breakout same thing and I just I worry that the relief Backwards when we put so much emphasis Even on the state level you know of that Personalized medicine you know how how Did we get there and so if you have any Suggestions going well the way we get There is to go to the future we have to Go into the future Connecticut I know I Was here before has a real interest in Going to the Future in biological Sciences that future means we have to Let go of the past we have to begin There and the future means recognizing That we have modern Technologies look The one of the companies that I run that Came out of my work at MIT was to do Personalized medicine where we use the Computer to understand your genetics Versus Richards or someone else's the Complexity of that that's how we build Airplanes today so those Technologies Are here today and that's why I'm here Today to let you guys know look the old Model was designed with a very nascent Understanding of the immune system we Have DNA the Adaptive the interferon our Gut microbiome the neural systems all of These systems interact sticking Something into the bloodstream and not

Thinking the body is going to make its Own changes and which will vary in each Individual some people maybe find other People may have an autoimmune disorder Other people may have extreme type of Neural inflammation because they've got Microbiome communicates up through the Neuroinflammation processes and results In extreme what we call autism okay Everyone is different this has to be Decentralized back to the individual we Should support the future in technology You guys have a huge opportunity here I Know uh uh Congressman Steinberg your Your support the future biological Sciences that's the signal that you guys Can send here today we got to get you Know Kennedy try to do a nice thing in 62. Ted Kennedy tried to put a Band-Aid On his uh Brother's work but we got to Let it all go it's old science period Thank you Thank you representative Pettit Thank you madam chair thank you doctor For your testimony I did watch your uh Entire lecture of the NSF on the immune System but And I I don't disagree the abroad Philosophical strokes but we we have to Deal with the here and now so we have Some personalized medicine in terms of Looking at this yeah You're going to respond to this Monoclonal and you're not you're not

Going to respond at all you're going to Spot right but what do we do about Vaccines in 2020 we're now at a point Where we can individualize vaccine Therapy for 300 plus a million I realize it's a broad question but Where do you think we head in terms of Vaccination policy for a nation but Since we're not at a point where we can Actually individualize right now It's a good question uh so I think Everyone on the pro or anti-vac side you Know it's an unfortunate dialectic That's been created can agree the real Issue here is we all probably this room Whether your program Taiwan immune Health for ourselves and our children Right and what is immune Health immune Health means that your body is resilient Resilient means it faces some predators And pathogen it it faces it with Strength and it can bounce back stronger Right that's called resilience well how Do you achieve immune that's the central Question well if you look at the Understanding of the modern immune System versus what we had in 1962 or 1915 it shows that resilience is a Combination of multiple components we Strengthen the gut we strengthen the gut Microbiome the ratios of gut microbiome Are extremely important the thyroid is Extremely important vitamin A is Extremely important when the thyroid is

Working properly keratinoids proper food Gets converted to vitamin A if you don't Have proper iodine the thyroid doesn't Get converted what this is just one Example I'm sharing with you it is a Very complex system you can't impose one Size this has to be given to the Doctor-patient relationship look I trust Most doctors who went to medical school Aren't just in it for the money okay Let's give the benefit of the doubt most Doctors actually went into it for Noble Duty they want to help people and they Want to serve science they want to Increase people's immune health I Believe by decentralizing this repealing All of these mandates we honor that Relationship and I think people are Quite smart by the time most of you came Into this room today you made 100 Decisions for yourselves the state Didn't tell you what to do why don't we Start honoring the fact that we have Very smart people in the world people Know how to make decisions particularly Medical trained people in that Relationship it's a like you said it's a Multi-factorial problem it cannot be Imposed top down we have to give Decentralizing back to that patient Doctor relationship and as tools come It'll get better and better and better But I can tell you the top-down model is A recipe for disaster we're going to

Keep this provax anti-vaxx dialectic You're going to get a lot more people Angry and you're going to have a Revolution on your hands But essentially for right now you would Go to an elective vaccine system where People can elect to who have have the Vaccines or or knock out them what I'm Saying is this is about immune Health Let me give you an example when I grew Up in Bombay India we had slums okay if You're going up at slumps and your Body's under constant onslaught of Pathogens your body never has a chance To recover it's no different than me Working out every day and I'm my body Doesn't have a chance to recover right On the other hand if you don't work out At all you get flabby well that's like The kid living in a little bubble and His parents don't let him out have him Wash his hands every day that kid may Need a little tighter of vaccines Because he's never seen anything these Are two different extremes I'm giving You because he's living in such an Artificial environment he may need Quote-unquote artificial vaccination but The reality is this is a broad range so We have to honor the doctor-patient Relationship and I think I have great Faith in people I I have great faith in Mothers I have great faith in doctors if They want to do the right thing and I

Think that's a signal we're sending and In great honor to what John Kennedy Attempted to do in 1962 we're in a very Different system today after the passage Of the Mansfield act in 1970 you know Science dollars have become highly Competitive academics today do practice The oldest profession you know not the Best scientists get tenure it's a guy Who can bring in the money so it has Become pay to play we have to also Consider that Any other questions or comments The committee thank you very much for Your time and make sure that you give Your name to the clerk please thank you Thank you again I'm very honored to Present thank you again for all the Great work you guys are doing thank you Thank you

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