False Heros

False Heros

Greetings brothers and sisters um I um You know wanted to give this Introduction I got a bunch of things to Get to here I'm starting this video on Wednesday April 24th but it won't be up Until tomorrow Thursday April 25th um and I want to talk about victim Consciousness because it's so important And at the end of this thing I have a a Voice over I've already read this Whispers of the brighter World message That sort of predicted the down fall of Dodgy and heartfulness those of you who Are interested in that I'm covering that On all three of my channels hopefully I'll remember to put that in tomorrow When I make this video but the thing I Realized about victim Consciousness you Know I've talked about this before and It's really the biggest problem victim Consciousness is the biggest problem That Humanity faces because all the Negative Behaviors come from that right and There's these two things I want to show You here the first one Is um you know I've had this meme up or This meme for a long time I got pull it Up here read it myself uh the victim Stance is a powerful one the victim is Always morally right neither responsible Nor accountable and forever entitled to Sympathy and it's just a great statement You know a great understanding you know

I live with this I've been covering this In my journey series I'm redoing my the Origin you know my ex was somebody who Embodied victim Consciousness like she Was if victim Consciousness was a person But it's like so much more than that and The other thing is the assault cycle let Me put that up here so you know I worked In two treatment centers um one with Teenage sex offenders and before that With younger kids and both treatment Centers and they were not owned by the Same people used this thing called the Pathways something or something I can't Forget the the name of it but it Described in a very you know was a a Good model you know I'm not big fan of Psychology but in the psychological Process but in terms of these courses You know these programs that these kids Would go through it worked like it you Know had the potential for working like It's hard for people to change Especially for something like this that Has it's ties to you know abuse and Things that happen to kids at a young Age and they get trained to to be like This right but uh you know the first Like sort of course that they would go Through was called The Assault cycle and That's what you see here this is a a Modified version that I made for a book I wrote that was um you know it's like It's not just for sex offenders this is

What people go through when they go Through a negative cycle and I believe In this model as one way to interpret Your behavior and so there's you see up At the right hand corner at 1:00 it says Uh victim stance in the poor me Statement and all negative behaviors all You know bad decisions where people give Themselves permission to do something Wrong to you know to do something they Know to be wrong comes from when they Have a victim statement right they have This you know this that they have some Kind of a poor me statement oh this Happened to me so I get to do this to You right this is what I live with for Years um and then you know saw it in my Professional life as well and every body Has this like when you're feeling sorry For yourself and you do things because You feel like you deserve it right going Back to the to the other Meme here the Victim stance is a powerful one the Victim is always morally right neither Responsible nor accountable and forever Entitled to sympathy because you just I've been hurt I've been wronged so Anything that I do is permissible and You guys just have to you know give me Pamper me and tell me how you know great I am because I'm s offing and you know I You know sympathy and not just sympathy But support and all these things right And this is you know a huge problem that

Perpetrates all of these um institutions You know whether they be financial Institutions or prisons criminal Institutions where victim Consciousness Is used for people to do wrong things You know in the assault cycle there's All these stages a person goes through When they're engaged in negative Behaviors and usually centers around Some sort of trauma that happened to Them and then you know at each stage There's a poor me statement of victim Consciousness that that's sort of the Power the energy the battery that keeps It going right and at each stage you can Exit your cycle if you confront your Victim Consciousness but people don't Want to do that people indulge in it Right you know I've talked about this so Much I've talked about some scarus Things that happen in past lives and all These things and I might you know bring That back up here but the sort of Epiphany that I had yesterday it just Came to me I was talking about this in The journey Series is that there's no victim Consciousness or no real victims because There's a binary system and you know I Don't like to get into binary things on Off left right but in this circumstance It's a binary system because there's two Choices choice number one that there's a God and if there's a God then there is a

Plan which I say over and over again Right and choice number two is there is No God and there's chaos and there's no Order at all right and those of us who Believe in God truly believe in God we See it we see the plan we see things Happen over and over again that are not Coincidental and we see order to the Universe that it's just not random and Chaotic right but either way whether There's a plan a God and a plan and if There is God there has to be a plan There has to be order there has to be You know a uh some sort of Accountability on every level and nobody Gets away with anything like nothing Happens randomly and there's Consequences for everything that you do And some of those consequences you would Experience in you know there' be a Sequence of lives and past lives is you Know a part of that because anyone with Half a brain realizes that you know most People don't graduate from planet Earth In one life right if you look at the Video game model you know in if all Video games you had one life and you had To go through the whole video game in One life and if you didn't make it Through you couldn't play that video G Uh video game again you would get one Shot at being the video game like all The video games in the world you get one Shot like that's what I mean those are

Just video games and life is much more Complex and so there's no way to get Through this thing in one life I mean People could do it really higher Developed Souls but they would come down From a higher position anyway with some Other you know experiences or whatever It was right but for the majority of People they need multiple lives to Master themselves here on planet Earth And find the Divinity within them and Embrace their spiritual path and you Know it just takes time or whatever you Know but in either case if there's God There's a plan and if there's a plan Then if there's order and there's Accountability then there isn't random Things that happen to you because being A victim is saying that something's Happening to you you don't deserve Something's happening that's not fair And that you're helpless and something's Happening to you and it shouldn't be Happening to you like God got it wrong Like if you're a victim you're saying There's victimization you're saying God Got it wrong and you know of course There's freedom of choice and and people Are doing wrong things but why are those Wrong things happening to you why are They happen to one kid in a family and Not another kid right why are they why Are they specific to you like why is This the certain things that happen

Happening to you specifically and not Everybody else you know everyone claims To be a victim at one time in their life But why are you involved like okay the Other person's making bad choices or the System's making bad choices and there's Evil sure there's evil right but why are You on the other side of that evil well Not not everybody experiences that right And if there's a plan and there's God Then it's not a mistake like you're Saying God this is happening to me why Are you letting this happen to me like You shouldn't be mad at your abuser you Shouldn't be mad at all this you know Horrible people that are out there in The world you should be mad at God and You should say God why why is this Happening to me why am I being subjected To this right and then you would get Your answer if you ask if you ask God a Question and wait and receive the answer You would get it right and the answer Would be that there's something in your Past or there's something that your soul Has signed off on that you were supposed To experience that everything you Experience is done for reason and Miseries are blessings because they help You eventually come to a state of Gratitude and clean off any negativity That you have in your own system and Every saint has every spiritual person Can if you study their lives you can

Find that that's the case they Approached their miseries as Divine Blessings right but either way you know If there's God there's a plan and if There's a plan it's not random and Therefore you're not a victim right There's a reason for you're experiencing Something and it might appear to be Completely unfair and that's the hard Part it does you know it is unfair you Know life on plan Earth is unfair and People who have have power here you know Don't deserve it and they're not good People and you know all of all of it up And down the whole thing right the other Piece to this is okay let's say there's No God in no plan then there's Definitely no victims because if there's No God and no plan then there's no Order And Chaos is happening all the time and So eventually something bad's going to Happen to you because it's just just you Know people are it's like animalistic And it's you know might makes right and You know it's Battle of the fittest and You know everything's just take whatever You can and there's no consequences There's no spiritual Realms of existence There's no afterlife there's no you know Previous life there's nothing and it's Just take as much as you can and then You die and there's nothing and so in That situation then it's just crazy and And random and violent and evil and

Whatever and the strong survive and the Weak suffer and so there's no Victimization in that situation because There's no you know there's no Overseen um righteousness and Divinity There's no order there's no justice There's nothing it's just you know a Violent uh egotistical selfish existence Where you get as much for yourself as Possible try to enjoy as much as Possible and then you die and Everything's over it's that you know you Have one life and there's nothing else There's no purpose to your life there's No reason for your life it's just random And it's you know there's no governing Forces so how can there be victims so Either way there's no true victims as Much as victim Consciousness rules the World and affects everything on every Level there's no real victim in either Model the Divine model or the chaos Model there's no victims right so it's a Faulty approach that you know there's Either order if there's order then Figure out why the thing's happening to You or what your be you know what's the How is it bringing you closer to God or You know what's the purpose of going Through something that seems completely Unfair and miserable you know there's All these animals out there some of them Predators some of them are you know are Are

Herbivores and they're all living in a State of fear right fear of um you know CU they're fighting each other for Territory and and and uh rights to mate Right they're in battle and conflict and There's a competition to who gets to to Reproduce or not and when mates over and Who gets to claim what territory and Then there's other animals bigger Animals trying to eat you or doing Whatever right every one of these Animals lives in a state of fear and you Have all these you know grass eating Animals going out to the you know the Grassy areas and eating you know Whatever it is just a vegetarian diet They're not predatory they're not Hurting any other animals and yet They're constantly being hunted and Whatever by some other species or Whatever it might be and we within those Animals there's violence there's Competition I mean you know I saw these Two Deer um it was ruting season and two Deer were battling you know with their Antlers and one of them's neck got Broken and their antlers got stuck and They both died you know it's a brutal It's brutal out there right and they're Not claiming to be victims because it's Just life right it's whether you think It's random or part of a plan there's Some spiritual Evolution doesn't matter

For Animals you know they're like hey Look this isn't fair you know they just They live with this this is their Reality right they're being hunted They're being you know it's violent and You know the nature itself and like they Don't have houses and climate control And you know like they might be buried In snow or you know just can't find food Or whatever it might be right they're All you know it's just uh it's a hard Life at times beautiful at times Whatever it is right whatever animals Experience but there's no animals crying In the corner oh you know poor me right That animal's done like as soon as the Animal start with if an animal start Thinking of itself as a victim and Started feeling sorry for itself its Life is over right it's you know it Can't survive but because we have these Governments and we have this construct And you know people have free time and You know there's no sense of survival And you know there just I mean people Whine all the time about how How bad they got it and you know how Much they're screwed and how victimized They are and all these things and it's You know I mean it's the worst thing Because all the other bad behaviors Whether it be addictions whether it be You know criminal behaviors whether it's Mistreating other people or animals or

In the environment comes from this place Of victimization like it's the the root Of the cause and it comes from a a Standpoint where people are like hey God You've screwed up I shouldn't be Experiencing this and or you don't exist Because these bad things are happening But you know either way it doesn't work Like it if you think it your way through It either there's a plan or no plan or It's random and chaotic and either way You know you're not a victim like you're Just you know you're subject to the to Either the Divine laws or the no laws Right there's there's no victim in a Plan and there's no victim when there's No laws or there's no order when there's Chaos and so either way you know it's a Faulty approach anyways let's get into The other stuff Here okay I got a few news items to get To First Here Um this thing here Uh and I want to get into some Don Lemons some more Kennedy stuff kind of Funny stuff with that Family um you know there's Insight with Those monsters Andor Joe Biden few more Things to get to with that Stuff major 911 outages in four states Leaves Millions without an easy way to Contact Authorities Lumen technology said some

Customers experien outages when a third Party company physically cut out fiber While installing the light pole um you Know that's pretty cool and they did That over four states it affected four States this afternoon Honolulu police Reporting a brief 911 outage in the city Coming after more outages Wednesday Night on the Mainland you may have Difficulty reaching us internally we're Having difficulty receiving 911 calls as Well 6 p.m. central Time multiple 911 Centers suddenly cut off in parts of Four states South Dakota Nebraska Nevada And Texas several call centers that Wouldn't be somebody cut some line out The states are separated and there's in Hawaii I mean there're you know these These two states maybe but the rest of Them right four states South Dakota Nebraska Nevada and Texas several call Centers pushed out emergency alerts Telling locals to use their cell phones Or text for help to our knowledge we Have never experienced an outage of this Magnitude or duration today phone Service provider Lum and Technologies Blamed three state outages on a cut Fiber line due to a third-party company Install Okay so that makes no sense um You know a light pole a light pole Writing we restored all Serv in Approximately 2 and a half hours we are Dealing with 911 in last century

Technology we're in the okay so um you Know things are breaking down bro I Don't know what this means I don't know What they're trying to pull here I don't Know if it's unintentional or Intentional or whatever it is but things Are breaking down speaking of which Biden signs a bill that could ban Tik Tok after 2024 legislation the Legislation gives Tik Tok Chinese based Parent company 9 to 12 months to sell or Be banned in the US ensuring the Apple Remained active through the fall Campaign of course it will um you know They're not going to get rid of Tik Tock And they'll have to do something you Know kids are addicted to it it's got 170 million American users that's almost Half the Population and so you know and I use it I I don't have an account but I I post Videos from there here it's just widely Used uh you know what they want to do is Pressure the Chinese to sell it so an American company or American government Can get access to the data the Chinese Now are receiving so we'll see how that Plays out let's go to Don lemon's new Show this is always great because Don Lemon's Such a to [Music] All what an Intro Don Lemons Dan welcome to the program thank

You appreciate you join this it's good To see you in this instead of like Bumping into you in the field as a Former correspondent right how many Times have you bumped into him Tod crazy So listen now you are a bestselling Author a podcaster a mindfulness Advocate you call yourself a Self-proclaimed Buddhist and a happiness Evangelical I want to know why the Switch Kaboom he's a happiness Evangelical happy is he's bringing Happiness everywhere with his Mindfulness meditation but I listen I Remember you um write I remember you Talking about you know this panic attack That you had on on television no way he Had a panic attack on Television but it took you a while to go From television to becoming look at this Happiness guy look at how happy he is a Self-proclaimed Buddhist and a happiness Evangelical why the switch well there Was kind of an overlap of um I wrote a Book called 10% half year and it came Out 10 years ago and I mean you could Have made the case that I might have Switched then uh because the book was Reasonably successful and I started a Podcast and a meditation app and Whatever whatever he just we hit for the Cycle um but I I loved being a Journalist so I didn't really want to Leave that and if I'm honest I was very

Anxious and I no don't be honest you're On Don Lemons I still am anxious Sometimes people will say to me you're You're very anxious for a meditation guy And I'm like you have the causality Wrong I'm a meditation guy because I'm So anxious and exactly he's just anxious So I think that fear had me clinging to Two jobs at once and it took me a long Time to Gin up the courage to leave well That's well my God that's you know you Got get two Jobs I think people think well you know When you start to when you do meditation And and and you become mindful that you You you lose the anxiousness or anxiety Or whatever it doesn't it doesn't Necessarily it it is it's like um I hate To say if you use mindfulness meditation I'm not very aware of how mindfulness Works and I'll get into that a bit a Differential diagnosis between what I do Um you're going to be more Mindful of your anxiety right that's What how that works because you're Mindful of how you feel and everything That's going on say the second addict And you're always recovering you're Always so you're always yeah in process And you can think of anxiety as a kind Of addiction um and I I've actually Heard it argued that way that there's a Great neuroscientist named Dr Judson Brewer argues that anxiety is a habit

That we create in order to keep Ourselves safe we think that this Worrying and fretting and plotting and Planning is protecting us and a certain Amount of it is but at some point you Can cross the line into cross the line Pathology yeah into pathology it keeps You safe and up to a point and then You're Crazy I think people think when you're In the public eye that you don't have These things and you know people ask me Do you get nervous you don't get Necessarily nervous in front of Television tell on you know when the Cameras go on but it maybe you should Done maybe it would help you up your Game happens at weird times right like People like wait what is happening in This moment why am I nervous why am I Flubbing my words what have you even Al Roker has said that uh he has um what is He call it is It he has anxiety what is what does Al Rer call it uh he says he suffers from Stage fright yeah stage fight you cann't Remember that one why do people think That everybody has something Dan don't You think a a th% everybody's got Thousand everyone have something very Few people have nothing Dan got Something and I think Don I mean Dan Don A lot of our pain and suffering on a Daily basis comes from fronting from

Pretending we're Something That We're Not front okay talk to Don about Fronting talk to Don about fronting for A bit yeah that we're just we have a um We have a facade up a Persona we've Built a brand we've created online that Doesn't quite match up with who we know We are and the difference the Delta There is the source of an enormous Amount of suffering being because you Feel like a fraud and a piece of Boop They D about that I think so you do you Believe in fake it people say fake it Till you make it I think a certain Amount of that is true but fake it till You make it D Dan you don't want to take Fake it too much so that you're not a Real person you're yeah Don authentic he Has these people on and like it's Totally about him and Don's Clueless And everybody can smell that if if You're with somebody who feels everybody Can smell that on Don and Dan like They're full of can I yeah of Course boom koom of course we're not Faking things here say the s word if you Please say we're streaming I'll I'll say it too I said it we both said It we both Said we're not we're not we're not on ABC news right Now well look at a couple of manly men Swearing you Couple of mindfulness guys not faking it

And faking it till you make it and Swearing and being real guys like I'm Back um yeah I think you can tell when You're around somebody who's fullish Like that's the only distinction between His old Scrappy show and this one is That they can say the s word sh that it Just animalistically you can sense it And I think it it's a source that not Being true to ourselves and that's a Little bit cliche but it's really cliche D it hurt it feels bad to you and look It's easy for me to say this because I've got um I'm not trying to be too um Self-righteous or virtue signal here but Obviously I have all of the Privileges Imaginable I do so it's easier for me to Say you know be authentic because I Think for other people in no you can't Say that if you're on news and ABC News You're not authentic nobody's on news is Authentic no one on mainstream media is Authentic I mean if you know that's Their authentic self then that's pretty Sad because everything about that is Creating a fake persona and so you're Never going to be that way I mean you Could be on on social media but but Don Can't do that like both of you guys Could be that here but you're not going To do that because you're habituated to Faking like some Persona like you said Like that's all CNN is it's all you guys Are in the society it is much harder and

I'm aware of that but I do think that Forcing people to be different from what They know they are is a source of pain Do did you ever you said you you Admitted that you played around with you Know substances drugs no way did you and This but this is legit drug not that Others aren't legit but something that You can get prescribed do you ever think About beta blockers did you take beta Blockers I take beta blockers all the Time did you take them when you were on The air I took it this morning before Coming on to be interviewed by so you're So your meditation is doing absolutely Nothing for you you got you're so Nervous you got to take beta blockers to To do Don lemon's uh show that no one's Going to Watch so they're saying he got 35,000 Views but he's only got 76 comments 29 Retweets and 129 Hearts so either nobody Liked or was into this show or they it He's really got about 3 4,000 views on This right this is a nobody talking to Somebody that nobody likes and you know All these other things Here by you because I and I I can Explain what beta blockers are but you Said before that you weren't nervous Going on the air I I did it for 30 years I was nervous every time I went on every Time you went on every time every time When the music came up and whatever you

Would just get you would freak out freak Out but but not freak out don't go that Far Don come on Don don't make me sound Crazy or anything but it definitely I Wasn't you know you you I think I can See because I've watched you on the air For a million years you really seem like I could be in your living room with you For me me I I kind of pretended you yeah Cuz you suck there Too it's not giving you a compliment You're you're relaxed so that you just Your full suck comes out like you could Be in in the I could be in your living Room with you I in fact I was in People's living rooms but I was nervous And so for me beta blockers are very Helpful just for people who don't know What they are they're non-narcotic you Do need a prescription but they're not It's not like taking a valum where your Your brain uh gets a little fuzzy foggy Or fuzzy uh beta block just stops your Heart from beating too fast so that you Yeah and more than that you can have the Psychological symptoms of a uh panic Attack like you get nervous but your Body can't Rebel your body can't go into Fear flight or or fight so you so let's Um let's I'm going to talk about Mindfulness let's go to beta blockers Real quick here okay so here are some of Um side effects biocardia hyper Hypotension are two adverse side effects

That make that may commonly occur Fatigue dizziness nausea Constipation erectile Dysfunction Bonos spasm Bonos Spasm but here um adverse cardia effects Major cardia effects caused by better Blockers include precipitation or Worsening of congestive heart Failure and significant negative Chrono Chronotropy Chronometry um let's go with Pronounciation here chronotropy Chronotropy And Um inability to increase heart rate and So there is um it contributes to uh Heart failure some of these other things Here but there's all these other side Effects um okay so those of you who are Familiar with My spiritual practice I do the sjar Meditation for years they started in 1993 you know 31 years this October it Will be and it's been hijacked by this Thing called heartfulness by the fourth President the system that had a Spiritual fall and he's just an absolute Joke he named himself dodgy and he's Just um you know if you've watched my Videos I documented this in the journey Series which I'm you know redo the Origins of that series and you know they Copyrighted me to prevent me from

Exposing them and they're you know all Of it right um but a lot of people would Say I did mindfulness and you know SJ Mar meditation features a transmission Like I'm not really into meditation we All meditate you're medit you go into a Meditative State and meditation can be Used to um facilitate and manifest Things in your your life and that's how It's used in the New Age Community or to Heal you or do something else but in Terms of meditation I do it's to connect It with the Divinity within you and so Meditation can be very mindful you know Mindful as meditation doesn't have Anything to do with God neither does um The uh Transcendental Meditation like it Can have some you know um you if you Believe in God you can you know again I'm not expert on those meditations but They're not about God and they're not About the Divinity within you and they Don't have transmission which is the This Divine energy that people who have Tried the gratefulness meditation Yos Mar Meditation um many people have Experienced this and felt this but the Other thing that's featured in The Meditation that I do is cleaning and so Anything that obstructs your spiritual Growth gets cleaned off by either you You do your own personal cleaning at the End end of the day but also through

These meditative sittings where Preceptors and the master of the system Will clean people's hearts and it's a Free service that's given and it's had a Profound effect on my life right but all This stuff that he's talking about Debilitating Anxiety there's no in the in mindfulness Meditation there's no cleaning and so All they do is become very mindful of Everything going around them but that's Materialism right we're in the Saar Method you forget about your material Body you forget about your material Problems and you go inside you forget About your surroundings your physical Like that's why we don't use incense and Music and chanting or any kind of Mantras or anything you're supposed to Forget about your physical body and Connect with your spiritual self which Is to me you know the purpose of of Meditation the purpose of of you know Anything like this is to connect with The Divinity within you that's where Religions fail that's where all these Things fail right that's where Heartfulness is failing right now Because he's getting away dod's getting Away from the true essence of the system Right and so this guy's still being Anxious after meditating for so many Years and then writing a book about Meditation when you suck at it right

Like if you're taking beta blockers just To go on Don lemon's show you suck at It you're not you know it's not having Good results you might be better than You were before but you're still anxious And the goal of meditation shouldn't be Get rid of the anxiety that should be a Side effect like if you connect to God And you go through the cleaning process In the Sark system the anxiety just Naturally gets removed but it's not the Goal of the system and so it's something For people to kind of understand um and Should be able to understand that there Needs to be you should figure out what The meditation does and how it does does It and mindfulness meditation is like to Me hell being mindful about everything And thinking about everything and Dwelling on it's very egocentric very Materialistic and so I would never do That like if I had a choice between Doing nothing or mindfulness I would Choose nothing because the method itself And the the reasoning for the method you Know the whole I mean the purpose of the The system is to be mindful instead of You know people need to forget more and More about their egos and their lives And their stresses and focus more on the Divinity within them and things start to Self-regulate when you connect with the Divinity with him things start to go in A more natural Direction but if you're

Somebody who's you know faking your way Through life like these news people are Creating these false personas and being A piece of Boop you know then of course You're going to feel like a fraud and Your soul there's going to be a in Congruity between your soul and your you Know what you are as a spiritual person And the ego that you're you know that's Growing exponentially and taking you Further and further away from your true Self and so these meditations again I Don't know all that much about them but What I do know about them is that they Suck you know like I'm not you know I Don't advocate for Meditation because you know you do the Wrong meditation and it has it makes Things worse and um you know and Accelerates things because of the power That's in the meditative process but Anyways let's get back into it here all Right so let's just wrap this thing up With these two um Brainiacs the thing for me is is that I Think that maybe you feel that way Because most of what I did when I was on Cable news was unscripted so I was just Being me when I'm scripted I can get a Like uh what am I saying I'm not sure if This copy is right so I think just sort Of sitting there being me made a Difference I think that's probably right There's nothing worse than you sitting

There being you d yeah um do you feel Happier yes yes is that 10% happier does That I mean is that just the name of a Book do you actually how do you measure How does one measure that one doesn't Measure it it was kind of a joke Although my editor tried to convince or Actually my publisher tried to convince Me to uh go up to 30% happier which Clearly she did not get the joke um you Can't measure it but it's actually kind Of true enough I don't think that There's some it's true enough that's the The Motto behind all mainstream media It's true Enough um like perfect state that Anybody can get to uh and I don't think There's a silver bullet I do think Marginal and messy improvement over time Is possible and it doesn't it doesn't Mean that you're it's an unbroken upward Trajectory there's a great uh social Media post that I saw um about a year Ago from a woman named roshi Joan Halifax Roshi's her title she's a zen Master and she she's a zen master she's A roshi posted a picture and it had like A squiggly line in it and then the Caption was the path and I love that Because it doesn't it doesn't you know It's not always like this right see this Is the problem with you know modern-day Life and particularly it finds its way Into the New Age movement and also on

Social Media that you have people who have Tried something and it works for them a Little bit and they're already talking About it like they're experts like this Guy shouldn't be talking about Meditation when he's still on beta Blockers he has debilitating anxiety He's kind of douchy and you know all of This but he has a platform and he had You know the ability to sell books and So he's going to be published right but You have this with these Zen Masters he Said this zen master said this is the Journey it's a bunch of squiggly lines And that's not the case at all your Journey is straight it's it shouldn't be Horizontal because if it's horizontal Then you're not on a journey on a Spiritual level it's vertical so you're Either going up or down and really it's Inwards but whatever vertical is a Better metaphor and it's a straight line To God right there's a straight line Between you and the Divinity within you There's going to be obstacles on the way But that doesn't mean you deviate from The path when the line is squiggly it Means you're giving yourself permission To Dev devate From the Path the shortest Distance between any two points is a Straight line and as a novice you can Say something like the squiggly line Thing and you know people can identify

With that but as somebody who's teaching Or somebody who's a guru you have to Know that there's a straight line and You have to you know be pretty accurate To stay on that straight line it's also Considered a you know walking on the Edge of the razor where it's that you Know that um stressful or that um you Have to to be that acute you have to be That accurate to continue on what you Have is all these people who you know They've learned something and they Immediately try to teach it right you Know I first started my YouTube channel My family and I were going from being Suburban people to um living on a Homestead and then I started to do Research into the truth Community which I did for a number of years and before I Even started talking about truth or Things and then of course I've evolved Since then right I've moved forward and You know if you're going to come out and Start talking about things you need to Have some level of real change in your Life and real Accomplishment because you know you Can't be training people when you don't Know what they after you're doing when You're a beginning you're a newbie That's why I call the QB's newbies Because they're not really ready for This thing you know they're not really Able to do this thing you know this is

Even Don being a person now on social Media he sucked on CNN for years and Other than dropping an s bomb he doesn't You know have anything that's separates Him from his old crappy show and like Going through what he went through at CNN you know self-inflicted but whatever And then all the other things that have Followed you know that's um should have Changed him in some way but of course it Didn't he's just putting out this Mainstream crap but again before you Think you're ready to teach other people Or you're ready to be like a pundit or Something You have to have some level of success And I don't mean materialistic success Or you know able to to gather a platform You have to have something to offer Internally you have to be somewhere Along your journey where you've Confronted some of your inner demons and Some of the you know whatever is in the Grossness within you some of your life You have these obstacles and things you Have to overcome some of your life Challenges and you have to successfully Navigate them to have any you know Ability to talk about things to other People but some was taking Bader Blockers and not dealing with the the True Essence and you know was teaching About meditation you know it's only Because he's was on mainstream media and

You know he has some sort of a following And he's recognizable name and they Think they can make some money off of Him so they publish some crappy book but It's you know it's just adding to the State of you know depravity in in this Country where people who and you know Like I don't begrudge people going on Social media and talking about things I Mean that's they're starting the process Of critical thinking and analysing you Know analyzing analysing analyzing Things um but you know they they should Be able to speak but they really Shouldn't be listened to right like it's Good they have a platform to speak but For the most part unless they're you Know some they have something to offer And that's for you know I guess Their Audience to determine but maybe not Because people are you remedial in their Own way lots of people are looking for People just to tell them that the way They're being is okay and it's not like You're not okay like the world isn't Okay you're not okay and you know I'm Okay you're okay that's just no we all Should be working to be better and no Matter what it is whether you're you Know you got physical health because You're an obese person or you have some Psychological issues that are now being Celebrated as being normal you know all These things it's it's the degradation

Of the system that's why the system has To come down because it strives for Dysfunction it's pushing for dysfunction And de Evolution anyways let's move on To the next thing here so um let's get Into Robert F Kenny Jr and his family Here a little bit when I'm in office I'm Not I'm going to do more I'm going to do More than any president American history To protect our sacred Forest our Wildfire our Wildlife our Wildlife our Landscapes our rivers and streams our Shorelines our oceans and our Purple Mountain Majesty happy Earth you know This guy actually did things for the Environment he was an Environmental Lawyer and he has some accomplishments Again to the best of my ability I think Their accomplishments I think they're Legitimate but you know how can I really Know you know because of the uh Everything's just you know but he has The ability to speak about it and it's One of the things early on that Impressed me about the guy because again I don't need somebody to Pander to me or Tell me what my beliefs you know tell me Things that agree with everything I Believe in because you know I talked About that in my last video I don't need People I don't need someone to Pander to Me and if somebody just shows that They're sincere and they can be trusted Then I would vote for them I mean

They're going to have to align with some Of my beliefs because you know just Lying about everything and being a Modern-day politician You're untrustworthy like you have to Speak truth and you know I feel like I Have a grasp on that but you know you Just have to be at least you know Legitimate in your own beliefs and those Beliefs have to be somewhat aligned with Things I know to be true the problem is You can't be a douche right and Kennedy's a douche like you know him Being he really likes to like you know He does like physical things and he Wants to be seen um and then again all These he's all with all these Celebrities there he is outside just Being a poser this is when he was Younger look he's the echo warrior in His he's in his life Fest he's out there In the water you know and POS in like You can't be a poser and douche there The echo Warrior there he is doing a Handstand for some reason you know this Just makes you douchy right and there's A part of him he's so desperate for Approval There he is in somebody's Garden Kneeling and and speaking truth you know He's just too douchy it's not just his Position on Israel it's just that he's OPP poser and he's a douche you can't Trust him like he can say things that

You like to hear just like you know any Candidate can say things that you agree With but if they're this douchy and They're this much of opposer they can't Be trusted so then he came out you know He picked this woman for his vice President and she is a not a good Speaker and I was wondering who she was And she is a Billionaire and she is funding his Campaign right so he made her VP I announced my pit for vice president Nicole Shanahan and our whole team is Still buzzing from The Amazing speech She did in Oakland and the new energy That yeah it was not amazing she's Brought to her campaign you mean money You may have seen all kinds of opinions About her now on online and about me the Democrats held a press conference Calling me a right-wing extremist and President Trump called me a leftwing Lunatic and you can tell that neither of The establishment parties understand What is happening here yeah you're doing A look these guys are not right there's Just something genetically wrong with This family right whatever happened in Their you know lineage whether it was Their sister Boop or cousin Boop Co Cousin boopers or whatever it is um you Know there's something happened here the Kennedy Shanahan ticket is neither right Nor left which is it nor are we even in

The center we where are you change the Political conversation entirely Replacing partisanship and tribalism and And demonization and ranker with common Sense we are putting issues on the map That both parties have neglected we Stand for clean government and Government against corruption they're Against corruption we stand for peace And against War they're stand for peace And they're not into war well and the Chronic disease epidemic well they're Going to heal people free our agencies From corporate control boom I guess why Why isn't why is there more people Voting for him he's going to do all These great things are these priorities Right or left I don't even know the Pundit class might be confused a Millions of our supporters know exactly Wait what's wrong with this lady here Wait she's is she What's wrong what's wrong pumpkin what's Wrong look this like what we stand for We're already above 20% the polls even Though our campaign budget is a tiny Fraction of theirs to take the White House in addition to your votes we need Financial support now that we have a Vice she can't she can't do it all President pick 18 states are open for Our ballot access drive and that takes Money we have an important FEC filing Deadline so please make well that's not

Enough States right 18 I isn't there Like 50 or Something that's not even half um it's Enough to you know wreck the election For Jojo magu so I found this whole Speech this guy um this is Joe Kennedy The second and this guy over here look At his face they're just weird looking Right something happened this genetic Line and with my hero President Joe Biden he's your hero He's your effing hero he is your effing Hero this guy who how could he be Anybody's hero I mean there's nothing Like what what are you plagiarized what Makes him your Hero President Biden has said very Movingly that very movingly and all this Stuff so it's me goes on forever as we Saw right to the this this guy right Here this tortured em and effer you know He needs some there there they have a Lot of addiction in their family a lot Of just you know so anyway Biden gets up And speaks and I they cut off his speech So I want to see a little bit more of His speech I've ever gotten in my life Other than when my sister introduced Me okay so they cut it off a little bit After this here Delaware and then we Heard a familiar voice I'd listened to Many times your dad Bobby Kennedy standing at the back of a Truck in Indianapolis asking for peace

And quoting one of his favorite Greek Poets he said and I quote Even in our Sleep our pain which cannot forget Falls Drop by drop upon the heart until our Own despair in our own despair against Our will comes wisdom through that awful Grace of God it doesn't sound Right I had a heart hard time to believe That they there was any Wisdom trying to work out from despair Where where we go it was even harder to Believe just two months later on June The 5th I just Grab you're bringing up these guys like She's that's her dad I don't know this Guy's who he which guy which line he Falls under but these are their you know Their dads their uncles and they're Bringing up the assassination right when You know you're running against a Kennedy I mean who's like lived through It and learn about incredible man later That night had been Assassinated yet another she just smiled When he said it like watch incredible Man later that night had been Assassinated oops Got get rid of that Smile another tragedy your Family and a gigantic tragedy for the Country it was gigant Ginormous only two political Heroes I Had growing Up were gone within a month of each Other months of each other we Face the

Real inflection point as a Nation when I returned home to my city Of Wilmington I said all right how can I Get corrupt and get in with these guys So I don't ever I would never be at risk Of assassination and that's the thing if You're really going to bring about Change they would even be trying to Destroy you and you know don't don't Bring up Trump cuz They love Trump I mean you know I turn On the TV now and I almost always just Watch ESPN or something sports related When I eat I used to turn the news on But all they talk about is Trump and Some new trial and I'm like you know Either put the guy in jail or stop Talking about this because it's either Real or it's fake either you're trying To put him in jail or you're not because You could put them in jail if you want They can put anybody in jail if they Want they can just the system's corrupt And They can you know rig the evidence I Mean they can easily railroad you into Prison there's no rule of law anymore And so if they wanted to they could and So they don't want to right I mean they Want Trump around which we all know they Don't have anything without Trump and These guys I mean one of the Cities only Cities since reconstruction to be Occupied by the military the National

Guard with drawn bayonets on every Street corner for nine straight months Following Dr King's Murder when I graduated that summer I Went home to take a job one of the Oldest law firms in the state there's Nothing better than being a lawyer but After only a matter of months I left That law firm and took a job as a public Defender because I wanted to be more Engaged in the effort I went on to run For the County Council then I started Plagiarizing I wanted to run for President but they caught me for the United States Senate and then as Vice President of the United States I've done so in large part because I Thought that's something your dad would Have done oh my God I'm not I'm not exaggerating yeah You are you liar it's always been on my Mind it's always been my I think about Your dad all the time I thought about Him three times you know was in the Shower and you know with my family Members I mean I used to think about Your dad every time you know all the Time I think about your dad smell my Sniffling hair and snoozing doing all That stuff and you know plagiarizing I Was thinking about your dad I'm like I Wonder if your dad would plag rice I'm Sure he would I'm going to do it too one Of my heroes today I sit behind the

Resolute desk where President johnf Kennedy once at and as I look from the Desk if you're ever taking a tour of the White House I sit in that desk and I Look in front of the fireplace to the Left is a bust of Martin Luther King to The right is a bust of your dad And I remember keep you know I like my Bus all right so um one party is Moderating Democrats got the memo 2020 Yeah we went too far keeping kids out of School for two Years colleges with 200 Dei officers Just C you know shoplifting is just Justice shopping Now so they they're Realizing that he's saying that the Democrats are realizing they went too Far especially about law law and Order I just crazy that yeah I Worry they're a little late to the game Though because like two to one people Think that Republicans are better with Crime migration economy so now you're in The election year and now you're trying To like switch the the script and I mean Putting the National Guard in the subway Yeah no you have to do it so anyways um You know they're they're now walking Back the debacle it was 2020 which they Needed to create a situation where Joe Biden would become president right so You remember in 2020 what they did with Covid and what they did with um like

Just defund the police and all that Stuff and somehow with these messages Like all the other things that they run Against they ran against Trump the one Thing that people liked about Trump was His position on the police because People were freaked out by what they Were seeing but somehow they got over That and and voted in large numbers for Biden which is you know hard for people To believe but you know what I want to Go back to is you look at this Kennedy Family and there's just something wrong With them like the way their appearance And I don't mean they're ugly I mean They're like Monsters like it's Something internal towards them you know It's not their physical features it's Not their you know whatever it is is It's like something emanating from Inside like there's the demons that They're carrying around and the family's Just weird you know there was um this Guy this weird looking guy Joe Kennedy II there was a thing I saw this like a Movie I saw when I was a kid it was Called Joe the Forgotten Kennedy and I Heard RFK Jr talk about this guy I Remember the movie and he was the Favorite son Of his you know Father Joseph Kennedy so There was Joe John and Bobby right the The guy who was the eldest son was named Joe and he was the handpicked chosen one

But he was like done um whatever War it Was World War II or whatever it was he Was um it was World War II I guess and He was um a pilot like they had all These you know dangerous jobs and he um Was discharged he was ready to leave the Military the Air Force or whatever it Was and they had one last secret mission For him to fly it was a mission that was Like you know was undocumented was it Like something off the books and he was Going to fly a bomb over towards Something other it was a remote control Bomb like something new that they just Gotten and as soon as he took off Someone hit the remote control and blew Him up or something and he you know they Never found any part of him you he just Disappeared one of these Kennedy Tragedies like before all these other Tragedies like all three of these Sons Would be killed you know two of them Assassinated and then all the other ones That have died and it's like they have Something to prove like they have Monster chips on their shoulder and they Have something to prove like there's Something inside every one of these Twisted Mfers you know there's no sense of like The accomplishments that they've all you Know they've gotten all these Accomplishments right because they're You know they're considered there's this

Desire for greatness or whatever in that Family and I don't know you know what Psychological tortures and what goes on In that family but they're really effed Up you know but let's go back to these Two things where they're talking about Heroes Here you know what a ridiculous thing to Say but then he follows it up with an Even more ridiculous Thing you know I knew something as a Little kid when I was in history class And things and I look at these you know They're telling me how great These father and I looked at them in Their goofy wigs I looked at their faces You know with their paintings or Whatever something that I've known all These years when I've seen Politicians Reagan or Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter you know I growing up Richard Nixon these presidents and you Know anybody who was giving these Speeches they're just not great Men and with my hero President Joe Biden Every country does it they have these People that were you know these dead People Who this George Washington when he was a Little kid and he was outside and he Chopped down the cherry tree and his dad Comes out and said who chopped down this Cherry tree and George White said I Cannot tell a lie I chopped down this

Cherry tree right but I knew that these Guys were a-holes like you could just Tell they knew all this stuff was BS you Know there's no great men here there's These people who you know our Celebrities or whatever we celebrate in Terms of greatness and you could say They're great in terms of You know Accomplishments but you know just making Money or you know winning a superville Or getting elected president or any you Know ways being a celebrity any way that Being famous it doesn't make you great And if it makes you great you're you're Not great person you might be great at Something you might have some big Accomplishment but it doesn't make you Great as a person it doesn't make you a Good person In fact the good people are usually People that nobody knows about who Silently go about doing their whatever It is their good works in the world men Without any sort of um notoriety or you Know acknowledgement and those are Really the only good people out there But they're not great you know they're Good they're good solid people but you Know all these countries and all these Governments and all these religions and All these you know the dogma of all These places you know these Institutions it's about external

Accomplishments accomplishments in the Material world and it wasn't until years Later when I became a a meditator a Practitioner of the Sark system and I Met the the first Master of the system Chargy and you know I watched him in Terms of like what he was as a person And he was a truly great person now Someone who you could look up to you Know not as a hero but somebody who you Could aspire to be like like I hadn't Really met very many people like that And it wasn't like this this person had Reached another level and I don't want To call it greatness because that's an Egotistical thing but that's the word That we use in our culture so that you Know in terms of what made this person What we would call Great you know made Him into a great man was that he was Willing to sacrifice his existence to Serve God and that's like the only People that are worthy of any sort of Um praise and any sort of agulation but Really it's more about you wanting to Become like them or at least having them As an example of what you could become Aren't great at all because it isn't That he had all these great qualities he Was honest and you know he was um uh he Had like all these kind of abilities he Was a great public speaker and you know He was somebody who uh you know had Qualities and and things inside of that

Made him you know like a a person that Was above the the crowd so to speak it Wasn't that these qualities made him Great it was that when you serve God God Fills you with abilities and insights And you know in terms of your what Your What you say your your understanding of The world your teachings you know your Brilliance as a person if you're willing To serve God God will come through you In a way and it's not your ego it's like Your ego is being minimized So that God can come through you because No matter what you do as a person no Matter what your accomplishments are no Matter how great you become as you know A person in your field of activity it's Not nearly as good as God can be it's Never going to be nothing like when your Divinity when your soul becomes Actualized you know you minimize your Ego and your soul is pulled forth and The Divinity within you is able to Flower and then you become a true truly Great person in your you know in your Minimization of your ego and you Allowing God to flow through you as a Conduit and that's you know a truly Great person and a person like that Doesn't need external acknowledgement Doesn't need some way some you know There's the current president of the System in charge you successor Dody run This won this goofy Indian award called

The Pam buam award which is an award you You buy in some way you know paid Bribery or whatever it is and you know Even if he I mean no awards are goofy Like you know getting an award means Nothing and when you have trophies and Things and you know your list of Accomplishments and you have these Things you know it's okay to have them But it doesn't make you not a piece of Crap right you're still a piece of Boop You know it doesn't make you a good Person because you have a title you have Some accomplishments you have degrees or Whatever things that you know are Showing that you are successful and You've you've accomplished something and Getting award is like even you know Goofier and you don't need those things If you feel good about yourself in terms Of what you've done with your life and You're allowing you know the Divinity Within you to work you're you know You're doing what you're supposed to do With your life you don't need external Validation you don't need all the Adulation that people desire on the um You know social media and the rest of it And that's what people don't understand So these men who you know supposedly Accomplished something I mean you know Thomas Jefferson you know raped his his Slave girl Sally hemmies who was 15 Years old and had three kids who became

His slaves right and Thomas Jefferson is Considered one of these brilliant people That was a founding father of our you Know much of the you know the he wrote a Lot of our partially was you know in Charge of you know writing a lot of our Constitution and the rest of these Things that we now enjoy as the You supposed toly great government right And so when you have false gods when you Have false Heroes you have all these Statues up of people and you know They're and they weren't great like they Were just you know flawed people like All the rest of us that have been you Know emboldened in some way you know It's um it hurts you as a you know as a Species because you're looking up to People who aren't great right you know You don't have something to Aspire to be Like and then the people that you're Looking at whether it be you know some Religious figure like Jesus or Krishna You know they're largely Constructed the real person the real Lessons of the person and their Teachings have been distorted so you Don't have like true Goalposts and an understanding of what It is to evolve as a human being is a Real problem there's a deficit there Right there's some kind of um you know Something's lacking because everything's Just BS and and and falsified and so

Along with that you know in this Sark System of meditation I do this guy dodgy Has hijacked the system and there's These Whispers of the brighter World Messages that the second master gave to This French woman you know after he had Died he died in 1983 and this message Comes from the year 2000 these messages Are really intriguing a lot of them have Interesting uh prophecies and Predictions but this one he talks about The system you know he warns off the Current master and saying that you have To watch okay um this is going to be a Whispers message Whispers for the Brighter World message that I'm going to Read and it'll be probably in three Videos because it's significant you'll Understand why when I read the message It has to do with the collapse of the Mission and dodgy and the rest of it um But it's important for you know various Um narratives that are ongoing on Different channels and things here to do With all of that so this is Friday January 21st 2010 a.m. Masters across The ages have left a teaching that has Illuminated the wise help those who Inspired to be so and only lightly Touched a certain number of others Without giving the least results these Teachings were often misunderstood Disorted and used for the purpose of Power over other others they became

Religions with heavy structures Domineering and a certain exploitation Of the weak the weakest this is what we Must avoid at all costs in the mission For future times the patterns must not Be repeated my son is restructuring the Mission is for him to put in place a System that cannot be that cannot Degenerate by allowing the desire for Power of certain individuals to be Unleashed individuals who are tempted to To Institute strict regulations that are Not really in line with the teaching we Give you the method is very simple Nothing must come nothing must come to Weigh down what exists to structure yes But not transform in the wrong direction It is the power of a few people that has Provoked a good many dramas in the past And continues to do so do not forget it Humans are not to be humans are to be Feared we are afraid that this path with All its riches may not in the future be Used as it should effective barriers Will have to be put up to avoid Potential drifts this is our concern for The present and the future my son must Choose his collaborators judiciously Many are fo of full of goodwi but that Is not sufficient some would like to Innovate to draw attention to themselves Which is dangerous we must remain Vigilant and Surround he must remain Vigilant and Surround himself with a few

Advisers whom he whom he and we fully Trust the mission is about to reach an Important Turning Point nothing must be Left to chance we are all guiding him And assisting him in the heavy task with All our love and and the trust we have In him transmit all this to him my Daughter Baba G okay so him saying transmit all this To him she was um French you know she Was she didn't really speak English but She would you know she had a team of People who translated and then sent it To India from France right it's kind of Interesting process and him saying my Son meaning his successor charie you Know his disciple and so that was in the Year 2000 and since that time you know charie Passed away at the end of 2014 the be in December of 2014 and the new clown took GOI he was the selected president and There seems to be some manipulation on His part and you know these cronies Around charie who these you know Business guys who all wanted to do Exactly what Babaji just said would Happen and so it only took 14 years After this message for them to start Wrecking the system and turning into a Religion it happened with every religion And if you're in a religion you have to Understand that that there was the

Initial you know greatness the Divine Beings that reached the level of Divinity through their service not Because they were you know big egos Because they had a minimization of their Egos and they were willing to sacrifice Their lives and allow God to flow Through them and they created a teaching And a system to help others do the same And within you know a short period after Their deaths the system had been Corrupted and he two days later he gave This message Saturday January 22nd 2008 A.m. with regard to the teachings of Jesus what is Justified in saying Understand them who may he put in quotes Understand them who may depending on Whether he was addressing his disciple Or a crowd he didn't speak in the same Way he needed to give concrete examples The most open-minded saw beyond the Parable the secret teaching he gave to Us small number was not of the same Order you should be wary of the Interpretation that may be made of our Comments some may some may attach some May attack an unfavorable meaning attach Some may attach an unfavorable meaning To them nothing has changed not Everything can be said you you can all Still see examples around you that Confirm what we are saying how many Times has a word of your master been Been distorted his actions

Misinterpreted it cannot be otherwise You should mistrust deviations and help Your brothers and sisters who can Sometimes strafe from reality human Beings are imaginative by Nature they See things in their own way you can Certainly observe this kind of behavior In your entourage as far as as possible Try to rectify but humankind humankind Cannot be changed Boby and so you know This is what people do and that's why This whole idea of a truth Community you Know how many people are actually Seeking the truth because people are Looking to be Validated their their worldview or their Beliefs are looking to be validated People aren't looking to self-improved They're not looking to get better They're not looking to improve their Understanding of reality I mean most People you know there handful of people Are looking for that and the truth Community is littered with people who You know and then everyone else is Looking for people to just agree with Them and also people want to be great They want to be you know something Special in the material world and be Validated that way you know think about Like how there are families you know Like Hitler's descendants right you know The people who were the children of Hitler and you know the I don't know if

He had any children but whatever people Who are related to him in one way or Another your ancestor I mean the the uh The Royal Family Vlad the Impaler you know the uh Count Dracula you know real life Count Dracula Is part of their line their genetic line Right and people have that within their System especially when it's happened Fairly recently when they have somebody Who's a real failure and it's like their Family's been cursed like the Kennedy You know in some way and there's this Idea of um you know just because Something your ancestors did you you are You know cursed and everybody looks at You and you know there's it might happen Even on a local level in a village where You're you know Dad or something is a a Scoundrel or something and you and You're saddled with that right and That's why people make up false you know Uh Great Men great people statues and Things because they want you to think That humanity is better than it is right They don't want you to to look at the Drgs of society I mean they put the Dregs of society On the news all the time and the news is Largely negative and they display people At their worst but then you have these Heroes that are supposed to be you know A cut of buff and when they say Joe Biden's a hero

Right you know it's just a lie I mean He's president for for nefarious reasons And Trump is the same way right Trump is You know people look up to Trump as a Hero and he's not a hero and he Shouldn't be looked up to and this is The you know reality of the human race Right like right now it's you know we're It's like idiocracy we're going Backwards we're getting worse on every Level and it has to change like you Can't keep on going and it's and we're Going in an unnatural way as well isn't Like we're we're going back to an Animalistic state where we're more Animal than you know human and we're More instinctual at least we would be Pure and we'd be stupid but we would be You know we were we we'd be what we were Designed to be in terms of our um Behaviors and our lifestyle but you know We have all these unnatural behaviors And unnatural you know Lifestyles but We're getting stupider and more entitled And if you know you don't realize that And like fight against it to some extent And and work for your personal Evolution At least on a spiritual level to become Something more by becoming something Less in terms of your ego right and Allowing to Divinity to flow through you Then you know there's there's no Recourse for Humanity or you personally Like that's the only recourse at this

Point is to minimize your ego and to act As a conduit for God because you know What human beings have become is abysmal Only spirituality will save this world It's Pano definely point from the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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