Every day is opening day for Sharon Stone

Every day is opening day for Sharon Stone

But Sharon Stone is delivering with These ghoul-like Rants and you know her Anti-vaxx um just she's she's getting it Done And so here look at Sharon Stone A happy opening day [Laughter] What is this opening that you speak of Sharon I mean I think it's opening day For Sharon every day every day is Opening day for Sharon so it says happy Opening day go Dodgers destroying the First pitch on opening day for the Dodgers baseball team okay so there's no Video of this which seems highly Suspicious But you can see by the way she's holding The ball here She didn't throw a quality pitch right And then there's this right this is Posing this is the money shot this is What she practiced that she would end up In that position so she could have this Right bottom line is she sucks at Baseball is bad she sucks as acting She's good at opening though

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