Epic comment + Hilarious Religious Cheating + much more

Epic comment + Hilarious Religious Cheating + much more

Okay greetings brothers and sisters I Got some funny stuff to get to and an Epic comment the Epic comment is going To be most of the video Um there's a few things on my other Channels I want to point out one from Each one some uh stuff that's going on That shows that YouTube appears to be Breaking down a little bit more but First this um there is a there the video Called there is a solution it's it's Also on my Twitter feed Here um you know I believe that the SJ Mark meditation is a solution to the Problem of human life and our you know Our Soul's journey and things and I put This video up it'd be good if people Watched it it's on my um gratefulness Meditation Channel but also on my uh Twitter feed Here Um so I don't post things that Twitter I Made this video actually for Twitter but It's too long to post there so I had to Post it on a YouTube channel those of You who are interested it comes with a You know experiment of doing the Gratefulness Meditation then this happened there's a Video I'm putting up reuploading now it Appears that Yukon Iowa game was rigged In favor of Adam's Apple sporting star Caitlyn Clark um there's the Adams Apple in

Question so I there there's a couple of Clips I used one from ESPN which is bad At copyrighting and another was from a State Farm Commercial which um featured a song and So I uploaded this yesterday and I Uploaded twice and still checking to see If there's any copyright issues this is Over 24 hours that's extraordinary Usually takes 10 minutes to figure out Whether there's copyright material in it And then I can just edit out the Copyright material and reupload the Video which I'm doing now I got rid of The song and so hopefully that'll it'll Go through um but you know it's just but YouTube is not running correctly the Other thing on my um uh this is the uh Exposing the heartfulness dodgy scam and I have I asked people to subscribe and That was great you guys did a good job With that and I appreciate that was 100 A, 202 subscribers I needed a th000 and They're slow lock walking the views so This is 3 3,99 I need 4,000 to monetize this Channel it's not going to bring in much Money but it'll be you know I should get Compensated for it like it's going to Probably be like $5 a day or something You know or when I make a video like It's going to be nothing but they're Slow walking this thing because over the Last 28 days I've have 8,000 views and I

Haven't uploaded a while so you know They take about a week to register these Views but there's enough back here you Know these are Recently um but you know 7,000 and I Need 4,000 so it's already exceeded this And that's on the Lifetime of the Channel there's 13,000 views now about 5,000 of those were videos that have Been um copyrighted you know I got Copyright strike from uh heartfulness Meditation Channel but other than that Um the rest of them there's over 9,000 Views and so this should be 9,000 right But it's you know they're just um slow Walk in the thing like I just yesterday It was 3, uh 88 like 82 so they put in 30 more views like it's just ridiculous Because it just compensates them as well They want people to monetize their Channel um but they're you know I just And this is all algorithms and the Bots This is or AI you know they're just you Know I dealt with this when I ran ads YouTube's Fallen apart like they've lost Control of their their algorithms and Their Ai and their you know their Machine learning and it's just a mess so I can't verify this YouTube recommended This to me and I want to start here so Um you know they fast in on uh is it Ramadan um in the Muslim tradition There's fasting you know Kyrie Irving

The basketball player is fasting there's A college basketball player who played For I think the North Carolina State it Was fasting um you know and it's hard to Fast and and go without Water and play you know food and water And play a you know competitive sport uh But this guy is some kind of a Chic and He gets a call and again I can't I you Know I can't speak for the translation Here today I accidentally I accidentally Fell and a schwarma fell into my Mouth you can hear him say the word Schwarma with ex with some extra Tahini and a slice of Apple and around three three three Liters of water should I keep Fasting or was it was it Al who who has Fed Me the guy um the guy looking okay the Great yeah he fell down and schwarma Fell in his his mouth with extra deini And a slice of apple and some water Three liters of it and you know maybe it Was Allah who fed him and not like you Know him cheating on his his Religion taiwan's uh largest Um taiwan's largest earthquake in 25 Years Trump su's true social co-founders Morning Rundown um we know about the I don't Know what this is this Um earthquake here and we've seen this Trump doesn't like the co-founders of

His social media platform through social Should be entitled to their stock Doesn't think stock in the company According to recent Lawsuit he uh executive West Moss and Andy latinsky who were former Contestants on The Apprentice made a Series of costly mistakes that resulted In a long delay of the company going Public the lawsuit are just a judge to Strip them of their shares in the Company I mean you know the guy just Can't run anything right he just uh I Mean uh Trump's concerned about the Money don't stop there earlier this week He posted 175 million bond that all that Stuff but true social is losing Value um his you know version of Twitter And you know I mean it's a mess over There I said he should have done this While he was president but he didn't and It we waited too long till after it was Too late after they had um deplatformed Him should we be worried my uncle filmed This outside of Vegas you know these Are these military vehicles you know I've seen some things my wife and I and I have the video somewhere but we saw What looked like bomb shelters this is Maybe two months ago and then a couple Months before that as we were driving uh You know across the country there was These trucks that had these structures That had a door on either

Side and they were about uh 10 by 10 Foot you know big on big trucks taking Up you know extra room 10 by 10 foot and They had doors like they had three doors On each Side you know facing each other on Opposite sides of the the Structure and you could see that they Were about four 4 in thick a Concrete um and I was like what are Those like weird things and they're Shipping them across the country and we Saw it you know on two different Occasions about two months apart and We've seen a lot of these military Vehicles going out There joining me now is Tristan Snell He's the former Assistant Attorney General for New York who led the Office's investigation into Trump University he also is the author of the Book taking Trump down taking down Trump Trump 12 rules for prosecuting Donald Trump these guys is Tristan Schel by someone who did it successfully Tristan uh thank you very much for Joining us I know you're just pouring Through the filing uh but what stands Out to you and what are you Finding well first off I I'm still Trying to get information uh just as you Are uh I really really hope that that's 175 million and not 175,000 right it's Right 17 5 million was already in my

View way too low I think the appeals Court botched this badly he botched this Badly Hees badly by allowing him to get Off the hook allowing him to get off the Hook um you know $175 million is a lot Of money for this kind of thing but you Know whatever CNN facing identity crisis After firings low ratings and new Talent Not a priority don't have the Money and so um former CEO Chris lick Who spotted during Oscar week during SE Lean without a care in the world at the San Vino Bungalows Hollywood's starus Private club the the AED news exac was Seeing a solo Come corner of the Los Angeles Club privates open air Library Texting away on his phone with his feet Up maybe like as the last laughter after All this guy got fired and CNN was Tanking they brought him in and he he Had worked at Seas Steven Coar um the self brok most trusted name In news he worked at with Steven colar And they put him in as a you know Whatever and now they have like Charles Barkley on there right like they've Abandoned Reality Um the self brok cran most trusted new Name in news fighting an uphill battle To remain relevant two years after Discovery took it over sources tell There's Don Lemon Anderson Cooper remains on the

Network's only Prime Time star after CNN Ax Cuomo and moov Don Lemon to mornings Only to fire him last year under Lick's Watch before lick was shown the Door insiders at the networks they feel Talent has become an afterthought after Former New York Times and B PBC honcho Mark Mark Thompson took the helm in October following Lick's catastro 13 Month Dennis catastrophic 13 months Den As leader it's an effort to boost Ry Presumably CNN o invite fired lemon back To remote his interview with Elon Musk Which we saw um but all of it right you Know they're they're falling apart and Another sour so CNN they couldn't hire Top news Talent right now even if they Wanted to it doesn't seem to be a Priority they don't have the money to Find the next big star they don't have Any stars there we hear lemer's former Show co-host poppy harlo is limbo at the Network since it canceled her ill- fated Warning show with Phil madley in Fe February the situation is even more Bleak for staffers off the camera we Hear with one source telling us a lot of Staffers are losing their jobs and they Had to pay uh Don Lemons all this money And so there's Caitlyn Collins um you know Anderson Cooper that Strange M andf or somehow Sur surviving Unlikable they just suck over there Right it's because they suck you guys

Suck your content sucks and as much as They want like I've been covering this With Don lemon's whin about this as much As they've GED the system to get an Advantage over people in the truth Community people don't want to watch Them no matter what Israeli stage Largest protest since War began to Increase pressure on Netanyahu you know there's people in Israel that are not happy with with Happening Here lots of them there's a Big uh liberal contingent there sh Shakira says her tween Sons absolutely hated the Barbie movie It was Emasculating um is that what she looks Like Shakira that's something else Shakira says her sons absolutely hated The barber movie because they found it Emasculating good for them I'm raising Two boys and I want them to feel Powerful too while respecting women I Like pop culture when attempts to Empower women without robbing themers Their possibility to be men to also Protect and Provide so you know the movie sucks Shakira top Democrats won't won't join Calls for justice so sio Mayer to retire But they still fear a Ruth Bader Ginsburg repeat well she's going to Probably you know because of her health Issues not make it through a second

Trump Administration and so um there's the Morning Joe people buing outraged at Israel Over Aid workers deaths says Nyaho rival Benny gance calls for new Elections um well we all know what Happened there that was a couple days Ago Israeli to open more Aid routes to Gaza increase deliveries after pressure From Biden you know it's not you know I Mean it's all Over they've they've gone in a certain Direction here but here's the best part Here Hillary Clinton gave us a lesson on How not to talk about 2020 politics Telling disadvantage voors to get over Yourselves so this was on she went on um Jimmy Fallon which is on NBC and MSNBC is Doing this article kind of slamming Hillary shows you like even They don't like her so she talks about Her grandkids going to the official White House Easter Egg thing or whatever Everyone think thinks the president is Talking to the Easter Bunny so stop Doing it I mean you can imagine what Trump would do with that right oh and he Did he did do it yeah no sense of humor No sense ofense come on they were Telling jokes can we uh yeah can we talk About the upcoming presidential election Oh no oh no let's talk about my kids and Grandkids and Easter bunny why' you

Bring me on here I have such an Award-winning personality I'm so Interesting why would you bring me on Here talk about politics what's wrong Jimmy oh why would you even do That we have to we have to no no more Easter Bunny talk out I mean it's it's Biden versus Trump we know that it is it Is it is you know this is my official Opinion and expertise it is unless it Isn't what do you say to voters who are Upset that those are the two Choices get over yourself those are the Two get over yourself those two choices Yeah get over yourself those are the two Choices it's the same W winning Personality that got her elected the First woman president of the United States I love that and I love that woo You Know it's kind of like one is old and Effective and compassionate has a heart And really cares about people and one is Old and the other one's Joe Biden and has been charged with 91 Felonies yeah okay mean okay Interesting I I don't I don't understand Why this is even a hard Choice really oh Yeah but you made some hard choices she Had a book that was called hard choices And she's like this isn't a hard choice You obviously have to vote for Biden Just like you obviously had to vote for Me in the first place and I would be

First woman president but you guys Didn't get it and I W find all [Laughter] Um because half of America doesn't Believe in the official story more than Half because now it's Democrats because Of the Israeli thing and so that's why It's a hard choice because it's not a Choice at all it's two guys who are Basically the same dude both of them Failed presidencies both of them failed Lives right and people like you are the Alternative choices and so that's why It's a hard choice because there's not a Quality candidate there's not a human Being or somebody who has integrity and Would be real president who's uh running For president has the potential to be Elected that's why it's a hard Choice Hillary I don't understand it but we Have to go through the election and Hopefully people will realize what's at Stake because it's an existential uh Question I what kind of country we're Going to have what kind of democracy We're GNA okay sillary nobody likes you Even now you're just more you get more Unlikable as you get Older okay so I got an epic comment this Video this comment deserves a video in Itself I think the person is um a Longtime viewer based in the name I'm Not sure it's a dude revisiting my old Michelle bomo videos and A-list

Hollywood actors really has nothing to The comment doesn't have anything to do With this right here right the title or The video I made this is from previous Videos you're so holier than Thou Um Me that's she speaking to me you hate Christians and that's Fine um I don't but why is that fine Right you hate Christians but that's Fine but that's fine that's how she's Saying this you're so holier than now You hate Christians and that's fine but Do but you do the same you talk about How they're stuck in their ways but you Do the but you are the same with your Beliefs it's fine then why are you Writing these comments it's fine it's Fine it's fine but then why are you Upset why you so why are you so butt Hurt why you so butt hurt Christian lady Right so first of all I don't hate Anybody and certainly not Christians so What I've talked about in the past Videos this is what she's reacting to is That there is obviously lies in the Bible and the Christian religion and I Said right off the bat if that's all you Can do that's all you can do you know I'm fine with it like and it's not my Problem I it's not for me to be fine With it or not you know if you can't do More than your religion you know any

Religion then you know that's what you Should do it's better than doing nothing At least you have some connection to the Idea of God but the religions themselves Are all uh H you know hypocrisies and They're all cultish and all these things Because they've warped the teaching of Jesus they disrespected Jesus I was Talking about how Easter isn't Jesus's The time of Jesus's death and his you Know leged Resurrection and Christmas isn't the Time the day of his birth they've lost Those official days because of the pagan Holidays all these things right that's What I was talking about and I said that If you're a so-called truther if you're A person who's looking behind the Curtain and you're realizing that the You know the the things you've been told About every is an you know way to Indoctrinate you and there's a Controlling system then you really have To look at your religion right if you're Actually you know a real truth or your Person seeking truth you'd have to look At your religion so that's all I said That's not hatred for Christians the Reason I'm bringing it up because they Keep on saying things on my channel Trying to run their agenda through my Channel which I don't appreciate right I Have my own point of view and when People kind of try to hijack that and

Push their own you know agenda like Saying John 3:16 and you know it's Constant and those are the Christians That are annoying and they're you know And eventually I'm going to call them Out on what they're doing just like I Call everybody else out on my channel I Don't go to Christian channels and tell Them what I'm saying on my channel I Don't go to their channels and say what I believe I don't do that that would be Rude and wrong and it would have it Would be pointless right I don't do that To anybody I don't go to anybody else's Channel and leave comments about how my World view is better than theirs but They do that to me right these people Not all Christians I have lots of Christians who watch my videos who are You know um who are who like my content And they behave you know appropriately You know this this isn't all Christians I'm not blaming all Christians for the Behaviors of some of them right so There's no hatred if I was going to hate Anybody it' be dodgy And the people in heartfulness because I'm you know I know them right my ex you Know people like that right and I don't Hate them because I don't want to feel Hate like feeling hate is bad so this is Inaccurate right this is this Person's butt hurt interpretation you Are so holier than now you hate

Christians and that's fine well I don't Hate them you didn't you didn't really Understand what I'm saying what I'm Saying is that the religion has been Contaminated just like what's happening To my sa margas being contaminated with Heartfulness because that's what happens People wreck pure spiritual movements When Jesus was alive it was a spirit it Was you know he was a spiritual person He was a saint and they've warped his Teachings for financial benefit right The religion it's a power and control System just like all religions are it's What's happening to my thing and that's A real bummer if I was going to be Emotional about something it would be About that if I'm angry about something It's about what dod's doing because What's happened with Christianity that That you know that ship has sailed you Know and I had a good experience with You know if you guys heard my you know Whatever I gave I gave my opinion about Jesus maybe it was at the end of that Video but anyways you talk about how you You're they're stuck in their ways but You're the same with your beliefs it's Fine everyone has their beliefs but you Constantly bring up those people's Beliefs and how stupid and hard-headed They are no because they keep on leaving The same comments and they keep on Trying to hijack my my content and what

I'm doing here with their own agenda Which is just wrong and rude and it's Ineffective it just pisses people off And you know pushing your belief system Everyone knows what you believe you know Christianity people understand what Christianity is that the only way to get To heaven is through Jesus that's the Everyone gets that right that's what you Believe we don't believe that the rest Of us people who've left Christianity People who do other practices whatever You keep on pushing that thing and Nobody likes it right and Jesus wouldn't Like it because you're not helping Jesus Out you're you know you're pushing a Religion this has nothing to do with Jesus this has to do with a defunct Belief System it says here you just said you You just said you used to make the exact Same videos and I remember you also Shared so many beliefs that the Q people Did no the Q people hijacked things that Me and other people created and changed Them to dumb them so dumb those things Down for example the same thing happened With the pizza people right I worked as A clinician with sex offenders for years Teenage sex offenders and so as an Expert you know my ex had allegedly Suffered sexual abuse from her dad and So I you know Liv this in my personal Life you know the results of that you

Know someone who had been affected Mentally and you know emotionally Damaged because of this stuff and I Worked with it professionally and I Wrote a whole workbook on it right about Transforming abuse and the Q people came In dumbed it down like you know I for Example Jimmy Kimmel um did a sketch With Tom Hanks where Tom Hanks with Toler and Tiaras and I've showed you the The clips from it and the whole thing is Available still on YouTube and Tom Hanks Is creepy with a you know a fake Daughter who's one of those Toddlers and Tiaras thing And it's you know it's abusive and it Sexualizes children and Tom crew Tom Hanks I mean if I said Tom Cruz Tom Hanks has done other things that seem Very creepy a lot of creepy behaviors But that's all we we know legitimately As facts things that he's done that show You that he isn't this nice guy and you Know some of these other things there's A video where he's you know he's dressed In his he used to put on women's clothes In his first show uh bom buddies and he Pulls his you know pants to the side and He says some really runchy things like It's pretty gross it's stuff you can't Even put on YouTube right you know and That's what we knew factually what he Did and we can speculate about other Things that he's been involved with

There's some rumors and a woman came Forward who has mental issues and Accused him of some stuff but it's not a Slam dunk but people like Isaac Cappy Who you know were attention Seekers you Like these sometimes famous people semi Famous Hollywood rejects came in and Tried to You know gain U self-promotion and try To hijack the truth Community for their Own egotistical reasons right that's Happened quite a bit and then the the Q Movement came in and they started saying Things like that these people had all Been locked up at Guantanamo Bay like People like Tom Hanks and that's just Goofy and you know it's not true and It's ridiculous right and so they took It to another level so that was my Problem with the cubies because they Took something that was Sensational Enough and try to sensationalize it and They just ran with these imaginary Things and they just embarrassed the Whole truth community and now they're Used as look at these cubies right look At how crazy and stupid these cubes are A way to censor all of us and they don't Even know they're getting used right People who claim to be Patriots that say They want secret military tribunals Where people will be locked up and Rendered and taken to Guantanamo Bay and Not have their legal rights and give up

Their legal rights and don't realize That it'll be turned on them it's like They're that stupid they don't realize That if you get rid of your judicial Rights they're going to turn that on you They're not going to turn it on the So-called Elite you're stupid like it's Just dumb right it's stupid the whole Q Movement is stupid right they've taken Something that we built up that had some Legitimacy and some you know thoughtful And you know reasonable people Emotionally stable and you know Intelligent people and they've just Hijacked it right and so that's what I'm Talking about yeah we have some of the Same beliefs in like in an odd way but It's like not nearly the same thing it's The opposite right it's the same thing That's happened with religion where There's things that are legitimate Jesus Said that were legitimate and then People come in and hijack it for profit In these things that's my point right It's totally different right you also Share so many beliefs with the Q people Did but after the meter really started Coming for those people you deleted all Your videos no that's not what happened You guys wrecked it so that my videos Would cause me to lose my channel Because they were you know now Retroactively censoring because you CU Wrecked that because you fell for the

Trap and you put out lies and Sensational stuff so I had to delete my Videos not that I wanted to it's cuz you Wck it you qes and you dopes like you Don't understand this right this is Somebody making these things Up because they're emotionally hurt like You guys have wronged me in a sense and All the people who built the truth Community with your stupidity your Right-wing stupidity and your binary Your inability to have abstract thought And you know double digigit IQs and Things and coming in and Wrecking Something that was about seeking truth Not running your right-wing agenda and Claiming it to be truthful like Trump's Truth social it's not truth Trump's not A truther Trump's a you know he's one of The biggest Liars in the world right He's a you know pathetic little Narcissistic man who you know can't take Any sort of criticism or can't do Anything in terms of self-improvement no Self-reflection or anything like that Not that Biden's better you dopes but You because I know that'll come up well What about Biden you know but you Know um You deleted all your videos how can you Think that you're so much better and Smarter than them because my videos were Better than theirs I had to delete Quality videos because of what they did

Right and you know again you guys Getting worked just like Trump got Worked on covid and then you know Affecting all of us it doesn't even Matter go ahead do your little video Over my Comment yes I Will that was always made me think two Things you're actually highly sensitive To any beliefs that you don't share Which makes no sense I don't care what You believe like you guys are forcing Your beliefs on me like I see things all The time and you know it's annoying what People are doing you know it's I mean People suck right now like all of us and Then some were worse than others but you Know I don't get into other people's Beliefs that's why I've been able to Survive on YouTube it's just you keep on Forcing those beliefs like you're doing This here like you know I mean you've watched enough of my Videos like going back to the beginning You hate Christians that's fine you talk About how they're stuck in their beliefs But you are the same way with your Beliefs it's fine well then why are you Leaving this comment why are you Burdening me with your you know your Lies and your emotional uh you know butt Hurt Comet when I don't hate Christians Like you've made that up right and You've made up that me and cubies are

Like have are equal in some way in terms Of the content we produce or not my Content is better than their content Because their content is based in a uh Government operation the Q movement Operation you know the Q posts that are Going out there is um the intelligence Community and they have been you know They they know how to work these people So you you're being you've bought into a Psychological Operation and you are feeding off of That you know this the qes and it Obviously got worked out like when Trump Went down and those um those uh sealed Affidavits or whatever it was those Sealed uh whatever those you know those Thousands of sealed whatever it was Indictments all these sealed indic Ms Like all these things that were going to Happen they didn't happen and Trump lost And you guys were all embarrassed and Like all the cubies got embarrassed Because it wasn't true because you got Worked by a psychological operation that Was put out by the intelligence Community that's your enemy and they Worked you and like it was embarrassing Like it's so [Laughter] Bad it was so effed up right and so it's Not the same right like you you can't See the difference you can't see the Difference between what my content is

And what their content is you know Mine's reasonable and I say things like You know I I can't prove this and I Don't even know this for sure or Whatever it is like I make a distinction Between what's speculation and what's Not right and you know I was talking About this in terms of my videos where I Started making about you know Michelle Obama possibly being a dude you know Mine were more reasonable than the one The crap that came afterwards and my and I would change the ones I made like I I've gotten better like I've improved There's no self-improvement there's People who are making the same crappy Truther videos they made 10 years ago And I just know that because of what People say on my YouTube channel they're Still into this narratives that were put Out there that have been either Disproven or you know have been I mean They're they were limited and remedial Right they're not sophisticated in in Their ability to you know sort of Comprehend multiple possibilities and You know whatever it is right like you Know there's why you know there's the There's always the the possibility that Something's being put out there as Different Disinformation we know that now like There's things that are being put out There intentionally

By thousands upon thousands of Government employees who are there to um To weaken and dilute the truth community And perpetrate it with fraud and lies Right it's always a possibility you know And I understand that when I cover Anything that's why I don't get into it Like I you know I know I can't prove Things the way that that people would Like and I would like because it's all a Mess you know that they've made Everything um not believable you really Can't believe in anybody around anything Now now with the Deep fake it's even Worse right and so we have that's what We live we live with Uncertainty U it says here there's Always it says it doesn't even matter You you think that you're so much better And smarter than Them how can you think you're so much Better and smarter than them because my Videos are better and I am smarter like I mean maybe they're smarter on some Things but certainly not this it doesn't Even matter well then why are you Writing it go ahead and do your little Comment video over my comment do my Little video over my comment there has Always made me think two things you're Actually highly sensitive to the beliefs That you don't share that you have to Try and embarrass them or you're just a Mean person who can't stand criticism um

Well you know I get criticized all the Time so I don't you know and I it's Funny to me like lots of times so it's Not that criticism has value to me on a Spiritual level whether I'm a mean Person or not that's debatable I say Mean things I mean I certainly you know But none of that is you know there's a Reason there's a reasonable reason for My behavior in terms of all these groups Because you've made all of our Lives Worse through your stupidity and it's Just you getting worked the QB you Should admit that you failed that the Q Movement is a joke and you got worked But it's coming back around again with Trump coming back you know and and you Should all admit that you got worked by Trump and that your religion has Indoctrinated you these are all it's These are all provable things Trump with His operation warp speed like we didn't Know what Trump was going to do when he First got elected and Trump was my Favorite character as a president he I Really enjoyed him up until covid and They worked him so bad on Co and then The way he acted since then he's such You know petulent little loser and it Was his own fault for getting worked and They worked his ego and everybody knows How to work Trump and that is just um You know compliment him and pretend that You like he's this greatest guy that he

Is thinks he is right and anybody who Does that can work anybody who Criticizes Trump you know Trump turns on Him and even Trump can turn on him if You you know I mean Trump can always Turn on you but that's the way they work Trump and they you know they worked him With covid and we see the results and so It says or just a mean person you Constantly say I don't uh don't I don't care don't tell me I don't need To know that's because you you're just As set in your beliefs like Christians You hate that's not true at all the Reason I say that is there are times I Can't remember somebody's name and I Don't feel like looking it up like I can Easily just Google it but I don't you Know it happened with a video where I Called Michael mcken Christopher Guest The actor from Lever Shirley Michael Mcken for the actor Christopher for Guests and I got 200 comments telling me I was wrong and it was like you know 3 Years after the video was already out And I already knew I was wrong because The first person said it right and so That's why I say I don't care don't tell Me I don't need to know it's Specifically about things like that Because I'll get so many comments about It right this would be one one comment Would be great but it's like oh my God You made a mistake or whatever it is and

So that's why I say it like I don't need To know like it's not important Whether I call Michael mcken or Christopher Guest isn't really all that Important you saw the picture of the guy You know it was a video about Full House You know and it really you know none of It really matters it's not that Important the stuff's not important to Me because I make a video and I forget About it like but you know my beliefs Change all the time and I'm evolving and So I don't need correction from all of You like I don't need you know the Negative feedback I get from hostile People is there anyway but I you know You there telling me how I can do better In these things isn't part of this thing That's why I don't ask for constructive Criticisms constructive criticism Because I'm actually working to be a Better person through the my spiritual Practice which is you know internalized And that's how I learn and do things and You anybody who's watched my videos can See I've changed and evolved over time And you know and you can see it's gotten Better because I the amount of people That my videos will appeal to is Shrinking Because that's what happens as you Evolve as a as a you know an artist and Creative material it happens with Musicians and Movie Makers and things

They make better content you know the Really dumb down bad content is what Appeals to the masses right but anyways You're butt hurt emotional and you don't Understand my I don't know how long You've been watching my Videos you don't understand any of it Right um you constantly say I don't care I don't tell I don't uh I don't care Don't tell me I don't need to know That's because you're just setting your Beliefs as a Christians you hate you're No better you constantly call other Religions Cults now you say the system You believe in is a cult why because They deviate from the some things that You don't believe in um no it's Literally I've documented DOI doing this To the to the SJ Mark right where the Previous Masters served God and served The humanity where DOI expects his Followers to serve him and DOI was a Spiritual person comish like somebody I Knew he was you know he was legitimately Spiritual and he was service oriented at Least in part but he's fallen and it's Documentable I've showed the Documentation of what's happened and so You you haven't seen any of the videos Like you're disputing the the fall of The system right what it used to be you Can look at chargie videos and see him Give a talk and you can see dodgy and You can see the fallof people are

Starting to do that people have watch Watch my videos so like you know the Evidence is there and you're just making Things up right because you're Emotionally upset and you're you know Again you can say I'm an [ __ ] sure I Would you know that's that's a Legitimate you know and that I you know I say things sometimes that are mean Whatever those are the legitimate things But like you're you know you're you're Saying things like I hate Christians When I don't like that's you're you're Jumping off points are wrong because You're attributing things to me that I Don't have right and uh you know you're Making things up to justify your Feelings or your emotions and that's why You're you know like you Suck because you know you didn't think This through before you wrote the Comment because this isn't truth what You're saying these things aren't Legitimate criticisms but if you did Have legitimate criticisms which there Are because I'm not perfect certainly And I'm not ever saying that I am right Like in terms of the dodgy thing like I Couldn't do what Master chargie did in The system like I you know I'm not Willing to do that at least I don't know Whether I could do it if I could serve To that level but I'm not willing to do It because I don't you know I'm not I

Mean it's it's working for God but it's Serving Humanity as well and you know I Don't feel like Humanity deserves that Level of commitment right not that I Think charging made a mistake I just you Know I don't have it in in me to you Know I mean I do what I do do my service To God is limited because I know that People suck right there's just so much I'm willing to to do you know and that's I mean that's what it would take to be That kind of person but Dody took that On he took that responsibility on so and He's you know I mean he's failed Epically he's destroying something that Was pure and you know like all these Other things but let's get back to it And so it says here um because they Deviate for some things you don't Believe in it's a cult that means it's Always been a cult no that's not true Like why why would you even say that Because when Jesus was alive it wasn't a Cult and then became a religion like It's just stupid like you know you know Once it becomes a cult then yeah it's Probably never going to uncult toy at Least in terms of its brand I said that There's no oh we used to be a cult like You know you know that's what I've said About the SI you know the heartfulness Of debacle but it wasn't always the cult Like you're saying that like wasn't a Change in leadership which there was and

For those of us who've experienced it When chargie was the president of the System and then the other two masters Were there bobaji and Lai it was a Spiritual system and then DOI took it And made into something else that Happened like that was like L that was Reality if it was a cult it was always a Cult like you know like that's just Stupid like you're not smart like you're You know um I mean you're upset Emotionally upset but even if you're not You're not smart like how how did you Even watch my videos in the first place Right like you don't have the capacity For it if it's a cult there always been A cult keep on talking down to everyone Who doesn't agree with you well I'm not Like I just give my opinions and you Guys write comments and they're hostile Comments like this I wasn't talking to You I don't even know who you are I Don't know what you think or what you Look like or any of these things right But you leave these comments and I Respond to them and you don't like what I say and you get emotionally upset Which means there must be truth into it That you can't accept right because You're so upset about this and you're Leaving this comment you know in in in Know in full view that it's something That I would find Mockable um keep on talking down to

Everyone who doesn't agree with you That's why your channel doesn't have any Growth after new people listen to yeah That's True you know that I'm going to say Things eventually that are going to push People away and I push people away yeah That's true but growth of the channel Isn't you know I mean that's important For me to keep on going but it's also You know it's not something that I'm Going to not tell the truth about you Don't have a truther Channel after new People listen to a few videos they hear You're insulting Them is that what happened to you Pumpkin and go ahead and say it's about It's not about money LOL you keep Pushing your other channel So it'll get monetized yeah so I could Be compensated it's not you know I've Even talked about that it'll be like5 or $10 a day you know so it's not real Compensation for hourong videos that I Put up there you know it's just um I Should be compensated for my time but That's you know I mean it's a job like This is a job for me if I didn't get Paid I'm not going to do it you keep on Pushing your other channel LOL so it'll Get monetized I've been listening to Your videos for a while but you haven't Been because you don't have the capacity To do it because everything you're

Saying here is someone who doesn't Understand anything that I say I don't Have all your same beliefs and I'm okay With that well I you know I'm okay with That too it's just that your beliefs That your capacity to understand things Is not there but good grief you're so Negative I'll show myself [Laughter] Out that's the killer right there I'll Show myself out And so that was an epic comment and you Know I talk about this where People again if you're upset be upset About what you're upset about but don't Say I hate Christians again in your own I mean not because of me because of you Because that's not true if you're upset Because you say I hate Christians then That's you know there's no evidence to Support that at all I have lots of Christians here and I've benefited from The Christian Community like for example Homeschool and my kids You know I couldn't have done that Without Christian people creating a Homeschooling making it legal for Example and then all the materials Christian materials that are there There's plenty of good Christian people Out there and you know there's plenty of Good Muslim people out there and Jewish You know like actually religious people Hindu people that do a religion and

They're good people like they're in They're in a you know they're in a a bad Situation with an organization that's Manipulating them but they themselves Are good godly people and they you know They they're doing the only thing that's Available to them and what their Capacity is and so certainly there's no Hatred to the every Christian that's Ridiculous like like I don't think that Way or do you know I understand that There's always you know bad apples in Every organization I I don't get along With the people even before that did sa Mar and many of them were good people And and they're doing the system well But we're not the same I I would say I Didn't get along with them but we don't You know we don't really um you know we Be hard for us to become friends or have Conversations about anything that that Wasn't Sark but that was enough for me Right but again you know it's the the Behavior of the people and them turning On master chargie who they claim they Love like these are people who were you Know better and more into sjar than I Was and they benefited from chargie as Much as I did or more and they claimed To love the guy and they watched his Legacy by be ruined by his successor and That's you know I mean that's like Not it's unforgivable not for me I mean For themselves right I mean they like

They've betrayed themselves like they You know this disloyalty like this is Like Judas level stuff right and so you Know people do that and that's I mean It's a sad fact that people you know Will will behave in such a way but again Like if you're upset at me and then you Say that I hate Christians that's you're not dealing With why you're really upset why are you Really upset by what I say because all The things you said there were lies About me right like saying my my thing Was always a cult no it wasn't always a Cult like you you don't have the Knowledge of it and me and the qes are Not the same because anybody would see This all of us who who have dealt with The the burden the QB have been on the Truth community and you know they Basically destroyed the truth Community Like it you know now it's um you know It's not as good as it was You they've made it worse just like Trump did and because of their own Personal agenda and they weren't really Truth Seekers you know you could be a Truth seeker and get some's wrong and Get emotionally worked up because of the You know being lied to and all these Things and you don't have to do what the Qes did and the you know flat earthers Did and all these other people like they You know they were just too hostile and

They were too aggressive with other People and there wrong said it wasn't The behaviors but it was also the Attitudes and it was you know know the Way it's been utilized as a weapon Against the rest of us but it's people Like this that aren't seeking truth cuz You be honest like why you you know I Can understand you're not liking me I Can understand why people don't like me Right or why you don't like my videos That's you know there's lots of reasons Why you know that would happen I don't Make an effort with I I don't consider The people that watch me fans that's First of all but I don't make an effort Like other YouTubers do to grow my you Know I don't put effort into growing What I do here by kissing people's asses And telling them what they want to hear And you know being nicer or whatever um So I can understand like you know why You might not like me but making things Up about me so that you can justify your Emotional response means that that you Have a like a psychological Schism there That you're not dealing with the fact That I'm telling you things that are True that are upsetting you like that's What's happened here you know regardless Of how you know know Um blunt I am about it or how you know Arrogant I am about it or whatever it is It's still the truth right like you know

It Is you know what I'm saying the truth That's why you had to make things up to Justify your emotional response and for What reason like what reason would you Leave this comment because I'm not Asking for this comment in fact I'm Saying don't leave comments like this I'm saying you know this is a waste of My time and your time in this case not Because you know had fun mocking it but It's a part of my content now but you Know I already made boundaries about This and you did it anyway instead of Just going away you could just stop Watching my videos but you like felt Like you had to get me which you know Like none of that stuff is true that you Said it doesn't affect me in any Possible way because it's a you you Created a version of me that's not me That's you and then you then you slam And you're trying to tell me about this Version of me that you've Created like this happens all the time You created a false version of me that Hates Christians and is the same as QB And belong to a cult and just made it up That it's the new guy it was always a Cult and that's none of those things are True right all these things that you Said about me none of them are true Because it's not me that you're talking About it's you a version of you

Imaginary version of me and you want me To like you know what you're going to You're going to whap me with a a Imaginary vers me you're going to get me With an imagined version of me right It's imagined it's not me it's your Imagination and your your your inability To face your own your psychological Inconsistencies and your emotional Feelings that you're having to whatever Content I'm producing that has nothing To do with me because I'm not even aware Of you as a person I'm sitting here you Know just talking about my beliefs and What I see in things like this even now Like all as I know I don't know what you Look like I don't know what your voice Sounds like you know I bet it sounds [Laughter] Like I'm assuming it sounds like uh You're so holier than now you hate Christian and that's fine that's what I Imagine it sounds like because that's What the tone of the you know the Comment is written in but you know it's An imaginary version of me and so you Should figure out what's going on with You only spirituality will save this World it's Spano important for the Apocalypse and the Ascension and would Have a blessed day and be Grateful

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