Epic Britney Dance Part 3

Epic Britney Dance Part 3

Google let me go I gotta grab my bosoms It's been it's been two minutes I gotta Grab my bosoms there we go coming in Gonna Point yeah but you come here no go Away look at my boots again look at my Face look at my there we go going around Again where's Victor webiniana is there A Victor well it's working I want to get Slapped by a security guard the fans Play the Bongos just my top strum my Belly spin around again On my belly from my belly to my belly Living my hair There you go Devil's horns okay there we Go let's end it with the dinosaur slide On the butt and go back to the beginning All right I was going to give up on that Was too long it was I was fading but we Got to get to the devil's horse And the slap on the bottom and so There's more dance here maybe I'll do Some more on the other channel I haven't Done that for a while But that's Brittany J Spears

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