Epic Britney Dance Part 1

Epic Britney Dance Part 1

Okay so I have a long three part uh Three short videos Of Britney dance here let's get into it Coming in slow coming in slow look at my Dude with my things do I have a little Here the micro movements micro movements Doing my slow dance look at my slow Dance look at my hands going up slow Look at my hips going back and forth so Look at my smile give me spit I'm gonna I'll just spinning around oh there we go Can't spin slow look at me wigging my Bottoms Look At Me wiggle my bottoms Let me turn around and flip my hair I Mean I love you I just love you so much All right okay I can't get up slow Forever here's my fastest so go and slow Again touching my hair I'm working on my Arms doing my Copa kept in I'm wearing My Barry Manilow shirt wiggling my Bottom showing you my [ __ ] step here's My [ __ ] step look at my tram step look At my bare leg with a man alone shirt Look at my hair look at my face look at Me turn around

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