Elon tells Disney’s Bob Iger to Go Boooop Himself + JoJo’s Xmas Tree Collapse

Elon tells Disney's Bob Iger to Go Boooop Himself + JoJo's Xmas Tree Collapse

Greetings brothers and sisters I made a Video yesterday bonus video like I don't I make videos every other day here so This video is going to be a little Shorter the real reason humanity is Pooped Um but let's start here a rare photo of The inside of Biden's nuclear Suitcase remember these Things they got it all going on these Are quite um quite the Invention white houses 40 foot National Christmas tree took a little bit of a Tumble on Tuesday after strong winds Toppled it down just two days before That annual tree lighting ceremony with President Biden and some conservatives On social media say this was a perfect Metaphor for the current Administration Kaboom um like can anything go right for This guy right we can't even keep a Christmas tree up you know this is the Federal Government and they you know this is a Cut down tree and they couldn't create a Suff efficient stand that would survive Winds that you know they're they're in a Coastal area Washington DC is basically A coastal city and so they're going to Get some severe winds there especially In the winter so I don't know how many Times this happened Before but um this is you know Joe Biden

Of course the conservatives are going to Mock him but don't re but don't worry Kamla Harris reveals she would of course Inform the American public if there was A problem Joe Biden and so I'm going to Show you the video in a second the video Is about something else um do you think The do do you think your role that your Role is so um she says here the person Asks her about she if she would um you Know say something if Biden was mentally We know he is like we what you think we Don't have eyes right of course if it's Necessary but there's no need to for That I don't I don't there is a Political argument that is being made That is not based on substance and You're asking me to hypothesize around What we are what are my duties to the American people as vice president United States that are based on ethics and Morals and law I always follow the rules While I'm on my knees but I or knee pads Harris I am suggesting to you that it is Important we not be seduced into the Only the only arguments that the side That that side of the aisle has right Now that Biden is scile but we know he's Scile because we can we have eyes and Ears um and so it was a good night and The last Night I think the American people made Clear that they are prepared to stand For

Freedom and for the individual freedoms And the promise of freedom in America uh And by extension it was a good night for Democracy I think that if you look at From the midterms to last night from California to Kansas um Ohio to to Virginia the voters said look the Government should not be telling a woman What to do with her body I think voters Have been clear regardless of whether They're in a so-called red or blue state That one does not have to abandon their Faith or deeply held beliefs to agree The government should not be telling a Woman what to do with her body she's Wearing a Star Trek pin there you really Can't see it Fox does his weird thing But she talks about faith Being a reason you know not abandon your Faith when it comes to this what do you Mean your faith because the religious Argument is that life begins its Conception and then therefore abortion Is murder which is what I believe and You know I have some you know I've Talked about this in the past it's not About me political or based in laws or Rules it's just based in being Honest um so there's that but this is Great here um Elon Musk you know he's Putting up more more satellites which Isn't a good thing and he's got all this You know she wants to get into the you All the stuff he did with your um you

Know whatever it is microchipping people Whatever his thing is right he's he's Into a lot of things and I don't have Faith in his his Integrity as a human Being and whatever it is but he has been Acting like a Truther and what he does here is great I Can't legitimize him you know as a Person but this is kind of Great what was that trip like and Obviously you know that there's a public Perception that and and you're Clarifying this Now um but there's a public perception That that was part of a apology tour if You will that this had been said online There was all of the criticism there was Advertisers leaving we talk to Bob Iger I hope they stop you hope uh don't Advertise you don't want them to Advertise no what do you Mean if somebody's going to try to Blackmail me with advertising blackmail Me with money go Yourself so that's great you know I've Been saying this myself what he should Do and I've said this for a number of Years is talk about the companies that Are um doing this because there is a Number of people who will Who Would Boycott these companies talk about them Openly on Twitter have a hashtag for it Have a hashtag boycott Disney boycott Apple boycott all these companies that

Are doing this just destroy their brand Make sure that they lose 30% of the Market make sure that 30% of the people Who care about this issue or whatever Issue it is that you're trying to censor Them and when they become political and I said this way back when 20154 boycotting was the only possible Solution and I you know is the only is The only leverage that we have this is This happened when the big ad apocalypse Happened and nobody listened to me Because you know they don't but Boycotting and you know boycott McDonald's boycott Walmart especially During Christmas time if you could get 5% you you could tag them with 5% less Business get 5% of their customer base To boycott and then you know he has the Power to do that with Twitter to reach All these people I mean look at what Happened to Bud right and so name names And boycott them and make them feel you You know that would be the way to do it I don't know if it would work probably Wouldn't because they're going to go Through this no matter what um but I Said this in 2015 and 16 that you know up to that point the Custom was always right corporations Didn't want to be political but when the Gender thing happened you know the Caitlyn Jen Jenner thing and all that Stuff happened all of a sudden

Corporations and and companies were Willing to take a stand that was Unpopular and nobody boycotted him back Then they're doing it now to some extent And Disney's going to get into this I'll Show you with Disney Disney in a second Well here struggling Disney hints its Woke politics Present risk to our reputation in Brands Parents are you know not supporting Disney anymore they're being boycotted And they're feeling that they're having To lay off people at ESPN and no one's Watching their crappy movies I've more To talk about that and Marvel Marvel has Collapsed people aren't going to see Miss Marvel and all this the Marvels and All that stuff and Disney knows it right Disney knows that people aren't into the The woke stuff and now like you know It's going to they're they're going Bankrupt right they're going uh the Wrong way Economically go Yourself is that Clear I hope it is hey Bob hear in the Audience well well let me ask you then He's referring to Bob Iger the president Of Disney and Disney's taking a huge hit We just you know I just read you the Article and they're aware of it because Of woke politics and their you know the TV shows and movies and they have movies Coming out when they already know that

Pushing feminist characters in the Marvel Universe you know they have this Dark web thing coming out isn't working Right that people are turned turned off Off from it another disaster I'm going To tell you at the end of this thing Another disaster with their Marvel's Main villain having criminal charges and Things like this so Disney's cratering They just laid off all these people some Of them you know were important people At ESPN that you know that were doing a Good job and all across the board They're firing people and if this thing Goes south and you know he's going to Talk about here let let him get into it Uh but it's just going to hurt Disney Right right and Disney is you know can't Afford more damage they're taking on too Much as it is right they're taking too Many hits and you know this isn't going To go well for Them that's how I feel don't Advertise how do you think then about The economics of of x if if if if part Of the underlying model at least today And maybe it needs to shift maybe the Answer is it needs to shift away from Advertising um if if you believe that This is the one part of your business Where you will be beholden to those who Uh have this View what do you do FY

Gfy I I I understand but there's a Reality Too Right yes no no Linda Yaro is right here And she's got to sell advertising Absolutely so um no no tell me so so What no actually what what this Advertising voice boycott is uh is is Going to do it's going to kill the Company and do you think that the I but And the whole world will know that those Advertisers killed the company and we Will document it in great Detail but there are so that's what I Was talking about So if Twitter gets gets destroyed and Everybody uses Twitter and likes to use Twitter you know something will take its Place but all the people who care about This issue And censorship and you know truth to Some extent whatever it is and it's you Know at least onethird of the country And more so right so you know who Whatever it is but all you need is about 5% if you get a 5% reduction of people Doing business with your company Apple Or all these companies it destroys them Right and it would destroy their brand That they're into censorship and Whatever it is right boycotting I don't Know if he's going about here but him Documenting it on Twitter and having Everybody see it and these companies

Boycotting him and then they get Boycotted by the people that agree with Him and that's what needs to happen like It needs to be you know corporations Need to be taken down in this way like Again I don't believe there's any way to Fix the system or save the system but at Least this would be entertaining Watching them squirm and have to rever Reverse their positions if that's what They do because they might not do that But you have something in your Arsenal You might as well use it like I made my Position perfectly clear on this that The system can't be saved and shouldn't Be saved but you still have to try when You have something to do like you know If you're in a position of power or you Have something you're supposed to try You you're supposed to at least give it A you know some effort and if it fails It fails but at least you tried other Than that you know you just watch the Apocalypse and laugh but those Advertisers I imagine are going to say They're going to say we didn't kill the Company oh yeah they're going to say Tell it to tell to Earth but they're Going to say that they're going to say Elon that you killed the company because You said these things and that they were Inappropriate things and they didn't Feel comfortable on the platform right Who gives a Boop what they say like who

Cares like this guy is missing the point I'm in the editing process I've watched This a couple of different times I've Watched this like three times and I want To add this to what my you know my other Commentary already laid down here but They don't understand what's happening On the internet because the active Energy the people who are active on Social media and it doesn't mean they're Good or they're right or they're smart Or they're you know they're honest it Doesn't mean it doesn't mean they're you Know even in the truth Community Especially in the truth Community but People who are energized on the internet And who are getting you know the word Out they don't buy into the official Story anymore it's not just truthers It's woke people it's it's whatever it Is right they don't buy into the Official story and so Bob Iger and these People saying oh we don't feel like Advertising on this platform when we Don't feel comfortable advertising on This platform when Elon mus say hurtful Things they're not going to buy that Like you know this is what Elon mus is About to say here people are quick to Blame people are quick to play the blame Game and people are going to choose Sides it doesn't matter as long as you Get a number of people on your side it Doesn't matter if 60% agree with Disney

The 30% kill what's left to Disney right And Elon Musk gets into this here you You just need to get some people out There that blame Disney and get pissed About it and want to do something about It and then Disney's already taking a Lot of hits and you know they just need To be Bud lighted and they're kind of Aware of that the Bud Light thing should Have happened years and years ago when I Talked about it I said this in 2015 when This stuff first started to happen with This cultural war and you know all of it The ad apocalypse laughs on on YouTube And you know I said boycott this is what Needs to happen boycott like just send a Message to these companies that will Cease to be customers and I know if that Would work I it didn't seem like they Even cared about that but why not give It a shot like I said why not you know Try it like you can do it and there's no Reason not to do it but people wouldn't Do it so I'm like whatever you know People are want to complain but they Don't want to change anything they don't Want to change their LIF style what Their pits are or whatever so you know I Gave up on it but Elon Musk has more Leverage here and this is what he's Saying this is what he's about to say This guy's saying oh well they'll just Say this who cares what they say no one Cares what Bob Iger says right like

Nobody cares what're say and let's see How Earth responds to That so okay this then this goes back to This guy is just so squirmy and creepy Both make our cases right and we'll see What the outcome is what are the Economics of that for you I mean you you Have enormous resources so you can Actually keep this company going for a Very long time would you keep it going For a long time if there was no Advertising I mean if the company fails Because of AD advertising boycott it Will fail because an advertis boycott And that will be what bankrupted the Company and that's what all everybody on Earth will Know what do you think then of the this Goes back to the idea trust though then It'll be gone and it'll be gone because Of an Advertiser boycott But but you recognize that some of those People are going to say that they didn't Feel comfortable on the platform and I I Wonder I just wonder and ask you think About he's so concerned he's so Concerned about Tweeter that for a second tell to the Judge but the but the judge is going to Be the judge is the Public the J judge is the public right And that's the the big thing here and I Like what he's doing here because you Know I don't care if Twitter dies I mean

You know I use Twitter very I don't post Anything on it but people send me videos I have a video I'm going to show you now With Chris Cuomo but Twitter dies There'll be something else right so They'll move to something else right and You know if this hurts the companies That that did this and they take down Twitter um we'll see how it plays out And what people will do people are so Bonus hold and so lazy you know but I'd Like to see a boycott of something I you Know what happened with with budlight What's happening with Disney now you Can't um you can't pick sides as a Company you they need as many different People uh being a part of this thing Right they need as many they need a Diverse customer base and you know we'll See but at least he's doing something Here like this is interesting you know He's in terms of what I call the show I Haven't talked about you know this is a Show everything that we see here the Kardashians I covered just a moment ago Are part of the show and Biden's part of The show and and you know ESPN and Sports are part of the show and you know Anything that's on the news anything on TV anybody who's in this kind of you Know public figure type of situation You've entered into the show and this is Interesting what he's doing here is Interesting in terms of the show his

Willingness to let Twitter be taken down And these companies be you know hit the Get hit for the on a brand recognition Get hurt hit in terms of their stock Value and and all these things and he's Willing to roll the dice you know I want To see it so then Chris cuos who you Know I mean he's a real dope there's Just nothing Chris Kos can do to come Out of the you know the I used to have a Douche off between him and Don Lemons if You guys remember those Glory Days that That was fun um you know it was fun why It lasted but now they're both fired From CNN but um he's mulling over voting For Trump which seems you know after his Whatever it's if it's Biden Trump look For me again um we survived a trump Administration uh would we survive Another one yes yes I don't think There's any greater risk To America with Him than with Biden and for people who Are now going to attack me and say what Are you talking about Trump is like this Crazy man why what do you mean people Attack you the right will attack you too Like you just think that the LI you know Who gives a crap what the Liberals say Like they're I mean the right-wing sucks I documented here the right-wing part of The truth Community the Trumper sock you Know the certain type of Christians who I just you know are part of that the QBs All suck right but the Liberals are just

You know I mean they're nothing they say Has I mean you're just a disaster right Like kind of on a whole different level I guess it's the same level but they're The ones in power and so it's worse well Look you know as Patrick says the data Is the data nobody was trying to kill us When Trump was president in a way that They're not now if anything there's more Hostility and you can have reasons for That any way you want I'm just saying Existentially I'm not afraid of a trump Presidency he's not afraid of the big Bag wolf um existentially I'm not afraid Of another Biden presidency because Unlike many people in America I Believe that the country is much Stronger than any individual leader There you go touch your face um we Survived the Russia thing we survived January 6 we survived having Biden as a Gaff machine we Biden as a gaff machine We survived it survived uh Congress I I Don't appreciate you talking about our Fine president that way uh going after Each other and doing nothing for the Rest of us we survive these things are We better for it no uh should we be Doing things differently yes I think it Happens I like the way you answer your Own questions am I [ __ ] yes I don't Know when I don't even know why but you Know in terms of who I'm going to vote For I would really have to see where we

Are at that moment in time uh and so You're open to Trump vote I am always Open he's always open and I'll tell you This people say oh [ __ ] you've never Voted for a republican in your life Wrong wrong and not only have I the First vote I ever cast was for a for a Republican no way Kaboom touch your face Again Jeopardy host mayam bik mayam biic Um uh Blossom asked where why are her Pro Progressive I'm try that Again Jeopardy host mayam Bic biic ask Where her Progressive feminists are over Silence on Hamas October 7 Oops um oops That's it's a combination of those two Things Jeopardy host mayam Bic slammed Women's organizations around the world For their silence over Hamas alleged Systemic groups of Israel women during The terrorist deadly October 7th attack The issue isn't that the issue is uh Again I talked about this extensively You know somebody left a comment about This is that people who are Israeli People who are Jewish who are unwilling To admit that they have harmed Israel Has harmed the Palestinian People nobody's saying the Hamas holes Didn't do anything I mean some people Might be saying that but the majority of People that your she's talking about the Feminists they're not talking about the Hamas holes being innocent and these

Things right and Liberals are like this Conservatives are like this they pick a Side and the Liberals and these rights Groups have picked the Palestinians Because of the abuse the Israelis have You know they're dominating these people And you have to admit to that as a Person from that you know I admit to That when America when America went After Gaddafi and an unfair way and Based in lies and you know victim Consciousness and a bunch of BS that had Nothing to do you know Gaddafi didn't Attack America it wasn't just America it Was the UN Ordered uh America and these other Countries to go destroy Gaddafi when he Was doing a good job based in the o un's Own criteria and my country my you know Country that I call a evil empire Because of these acts I'm not saying That because I you know want it to be so Or I'm rearranging reality I'm saying it Because it is anybody can see it right It's sad I wish it wasn't that case I Wish I I could be you know proud of my Country and you know you could do the Same thing but you're unwilling to do That right you're not you know there's Nothing to be proud of in terms of what Israel is doing and you're not the Victims Here Marvel rumor Disney scrapping Kong MCU storyline after firing Avengers 5

Ryer so they've put this guy and he's Really annoying actor his Cadence um he Was in the um he's in the Loki series TV Series and it was in the um the third Installment of Ant-Man in the was Quantum Mania or what it was called Horrible movie and this guy sucks he's No Thanos and he was going to be the Main villain in the upcoming uh you know Avengers 5 and now they have to scrap it Cuz the guy apparently assaulted Jonathan major begins trial on domestic Violence his girlfriend or wife or Something And so he's actually going to trial it's A criminal Trial and that puts you know's he's Playing a villain but Marvel which is You know Disney and they're all woke and They can't you know tolerate a man even Be accused of something like that is in A horrible position now because their Villain you know the guy they've been Building their whole you know their Crappy second phase of Marvel MCU that's Already cratering is now you know a Domestic abuser possibly and so you know This is all good stuff Right this is all good apocalyptic stuff Right here all these companies taking it On the chin Right so just a few more things to get To here Hunter Biden is finally going to Face hard question from those who won't

Ask Nicely um so there's that you always Going to have to Testify you're down 41 points in Florida Gavin Newsome tells Ronda santz he'll Never beat Trump um they had this debate And Huffington Post is saying that new Someone and New York Post is saying that Um look for the video clip here why is There no video clip Um there should be video clips but There's not see if there's any here gav New sub scorches Rhonda santz for Spotting J danger and Joe Biden's age Again no video clip well maybe there's a Link we'll go look at the highlights in A moment Des santis MOX nusum over his Father-in-law leaving California for Florida in a fiery debate here's a clip Of that so I was talking to a fella who Had made the move from he was talking to A fella because it's 1940 hey fella What's Up so I was talking to a fella who had Made the move from California to Florida And he was telling me that Florida is Much better governed oh he's really Weird weird Gavin new I mean this guy's Weird they're both weird uh safer better Budget lower taxes all this stuff and He's really happy with the quality of Life and then he paused and he said oh By the way I'm Gavin Newsome's Father-in-law so we do count Gavin's

In-laws as some of the people that have Fled California um and come to the State Of Florida and why are we why are we Getting people to come we have a 50-year Low in the crime rate you don't see in The last 10 years we've had a 45% Decline in homelessness California has Had a 45% increase in homelessness Kaboom so that happened um I'm not going To see the other highlights you know There's no real highlights there it's Just bizarre this guy says he's not Running for president this guy has no Chance of winning and I mean if Trump Wasn't I don't think he was he was Someone who would win the the Republican Primary if Trump goes to jail I mean That would be atrocity because he's real They're all bad like there's no way to Say it's just a sea of bad people bad Candidates unlikable not good actors This guy's weird weird facial Expressions and they're debating why are They debating right a guy who doesn't Have a chance to win a guy who says he's Not going to run says he's loyal to Kamla and they're friends and all of That right so such a weird year because Trump could go to jail and Biden could Die or just they you know he he's so Senile that um whatever it is right you Know he's they could not run him and so It's a lot of a lot can happen in a year And these

Guys debating on Fox News Israel says Combat has resumed with Hamas as Gaza Truce expires they dropped bombs Israel Started dropping more bombs than Gaza Which um the whole um you know the whole Argument about it just being about Hostages is you know turns out to be False That they wouldn't stop bombing them as Long as they were hostages but now they Had their truce they had the prisoner Exchange and now here's this guy we're Deliberately doing everything everything In our power to Target the terrorists And the civilians as happens in every Legitimate War are sometimes what are Called collateral damage that's a Laundered way of saying unintended Casualties yeah they they're Not you want them out you want their Land so you're not they're they're People you're trying to displace and I Have a pro-israeli commenter here that Agrees with me um probably didn't think It was going to go this way and the Person writes let make this a little bit Bigger here the person writes to me to The last video I made here um uh the Reason Humanity has booped that video Let me clarify Paul Palestine never Belonged to the Arabs it's always was The land of the Jews let me give you Some backdrop information on Islam see If you're saying that then those people

Are you know uninvited guests that are Hostile to you on your land so you want Them all gone and that's a Zionist Perspective that God promised you that Land so if that's if that's what you Believe then those people shouldn't be They're like fleas or parasites or Something on your land you know they're Like fleas on a dog or cockroaches in a House this is how they're viewing them Right people who are not welcome who are You know hostile towards you and they're On the land that it says here let me Clarify Palestine never belonged to Arabs it's always was a land of Jews Well that is not accurate right because It doesn't Matter what your Bible says what your Religious beliefs say it doesn't matter What your history historical account Says it's that you know in nature and And I've said this Before it's how you hold your own land And territory like I watch the squirrels We have these small squirrels and big Squirrels you I like watching nature or The hummingbirds I talked about you have A hummingbird feeder and one hummingbird Fe hummingbird claimed the feeder for Her own and every time another Hummingbird went for the feeder she Would chase them off you know because That was her territory and that's how it Works in the natural world and you can

Only hold the territory through Aggression and physical dominance and I'm not saying that as some Justification for anything but that's How territory Works governments are just A joke they're just arbitrary Governments are you know don't have the Backing of God governments are never Backed by God governments are human Construction and they can be good they Can be bad you know could be a tribal Government it could be whatever it is It's how people relate to each other Community I talked about intentional Community I think on this channel my Last video you know these types of Things but they're not you know just Because human beings say so like you Have um like I said like termites or Cockroaches in your house and then what Are you going to do the Cockroaches Don't care that you it's your house they Look at as place they live roadents Things move into your house you have Bugs that are in your house and if they Get infested termites that can eat away At the you know the wood and whatever it Might be right I cockroaches thousands Of cockroaches in an apartment building The place was saturated we had thousands Of cockroaches in our apartment like Years and years ago it was a college Apartment it was above a laundry room And they were in the walls and they were

In every apartment so even if we Poisoned our apartment I mean that's What you have to Res resort to you have To put poison in your own house to get Rid of these animals that don't respect Your property rights you know so it Doesn't matter what people say whose Land it is There's Palestinian people that were There and there was more of them than There was than there was Jewish people And the place was called Palestine Technically you know at that time and Whether it was a construct of the UN or Or England or whatever you know Arguments you want to use there are Palestinian people there that had homes You have a home you own a home the Government says you own a home but You're there you're living there and if You're going to displace people I showed You that video of a Jewish guy who just Went in and took this Palestinian home And he said well if wasn't me someone Else is going to take it right let me Clarify Paul Palestine never belonged to The Arabs it was always the land of the Jews let me give some backdrop Information on Islam according to the Quran in Holy Land Israel was assigned To the Jews by Allah Jerusalem never Belonged to the Arabs taken into Consideration uh some guy here David uh You know David the from the Bible was

Clearly not an Arab and not a Muslim the So-called Palestinians are Arabs which Means people of the desert who came Across the neighboring countes an Occupied country um none of this stuff Means anything right there's people that Live there like you're not getting this Nobody's getting this stuff there's People who live there and you're Displacing those people the Native Americans didn't have a government in The sense of you know they claim some Divine right to their land but they were Living there they had you know they had Areas that were their homes and white People came in and displaced them from Europe and these other you know European People and so you know it's wrong to do That you know I mean would you want to Be displaced you would you want someone Come over your house and kick you out of Your home these people that were called Palestinian peoples were there and the UN which you know for whatever reason England and the UN decided to divide This into one legitimate one legitimized Country called Israel and one Illegitimate country called Palestine And when they did that they said about a You know they re reignited a conflict That's been around for thousands of Years and whatever your historical take On it you have one country that's the Bully which is backed by America which

Is Israel and they have an open air Prison and they're doing these things to These people right and you know it's It's obvious what's happening and you Can justify it any way you want you can Claim biblical you know I've talked About the Bible and how it's no longer a You know even for most people certainly At least 50% maybe more in America and More in other countries it's not an Authority toss right someone just posted A bunch of biblical comments and I Banned them which I said I was going to Do I used to not but like if you're Going to use that as your Authority then That's not welcome here because it's not My authority it's not a lot of people's Authority not that I I don't believe That there's good things in the Bible It's just not an authority it's not the Word of God it's the word of God to you But not to the rest of us so you know It's it's a flawed document based in Manipulative people that are using Religious power the power of Rel Religion and people's you know desire to Connect to God as a way to control them Right and so that's it's just a part of That it's propaganda in that way But what we're seeing right now is There's Palestinian people that Israel Has desperately trying to get rid of and They have been oppressed and they have Been persecuted and they don't have an

Army and the Israeli people wanted you Know the people who are zionists want to Get rid of them and have for a while and Expand over that whole region which I've Talked about before the greater region Of Israel which is more than just Israel Itself because then this person saying That Arabs never own that land they're Talking about this you know big picture I'll use that as my I'll put that in Here as my um you know whatever it is You know this is the greater the Biblical region of Israel extends into All these other countries so then you're Saying that these Arab countries don't Own land this is what this person's Saying in this comment and that parts of Turkey a big part most of Syria half of Iraq um like you know a good chunk of Saudi Arabia and Egypt are all Israel And all those people they don't belong There they're they're not you know they Don't own that land because that's Historically that isn't their land That's all Jewish land that's all is Israeli land that's all part of Israel And Israel has a right to claim that That's you know that's what this person Is saying and there's people in the Official government of Israel and also People in America who have you know the Neocons who believe that right there's People who back the this idea and want All these lands to be know you know this

Big chunk of land which has lots of oil And natural resources we already know That Gaza has a lot of natural gas and a Lot of natural oil that's not being Tapped right now and then all these Other places in Saudi Arabia and these Other you know Egypt and all these Places have all these natural resources And this is all part of that right and So um you know this is what this person Is talking about the people believe this That these people should be Displaced and this saw should be come Israel these this country or the the Biblical idea of Israel should be um Proliferated in some way so then another Person wrote this I started that other Video with a comment and this person's Responding to that commenter let me find It here I got to find it and then I Gota here we go and I got to make it Bigger all right here we go The person says this um what a fake Commenter look up J DF Jewish internet Deforce Force forces a lot of lies and Deceptions this is many Arab countries Took in Palestinians look at Jordan Lebanon Egypt highly population high High population there they can't take Anymore because these countries are Struggling as it is yeah um you know He's talking about that person saying That the even the Arab country don't Want to take in Palestinians because the

Palestinian kids are vicious right but It's just um you know it's everything That's wrong with the world the stuff With Elon Musk right and you know Disney people are backing one side here When it goes against their liberal Beliefs this thing with mayam biic Blossom all these Jewish people that who Are supposed liberals you know and like I said there's many Jewish people who Are against the exploitation of Palestinian people they are the you know The treatment of Palestinian people and We've seen that I've covered some of Those people it's not you know 100% you Can't demonize all the Jewish people I Don't know what the breakdown is but There's a number of people in Israel and There's you know different political Parties and they have a different Approach to the Palestinian people and Many of them have sympathy for them but All these people who claim to be Liberals claim to be you know part of uh You know the um you know this um the the Left-wing Ideology and a lot of these people Hollywood people celebrities you know I Covered this with um the woman from Will And Grace right whoever her name is Deborah Messing and they're coming out Now and just they're so one-sided on This thing and they're not saying what Everyone else can see which is the

Palestinian people are being mistreated Not that they're great like I'm not Backing the Palestinian people or the Arabs But in this case there's one clear bully Backed by America and they're not acknowledging The truth of the matter and Disney and All these corporations are backing this As well but they're the ones that are Pushing for this right I don't know what YouTube's poit policies are YouTube is Not you know censoring people so much That are on the side of the the Palestinians and I'm clearly not on Anybody's side in any of these things It's going to go whatever way God wants It to go because we're in an automatic Stage where everything is happening Quickly and it is going to resolve Itself like there's times you have to do Work there's times you you can always be Connecting to God you can always be Doing things in your personal life but The overall world you know the thing I Call the show is in automatic mode where Human choice is no longer really a part Of it like everything's going to happen No matter what it can't be stopped it Can't be negated you know the there was A time where Master chargie the second Master of the Sark system said doomsday Has been averted he said this I don't Know maybe in the 80s and then in the

90s he said yeah doomsday is now there's No longer a chance of this not happening There was you know there was things that People could have done collectively to Change the outcome and you can always Lessen the severity right we're getting Warning signs to to abandon our current Path in our system and to change but People don't want to change we all you Know we We complain we we hope we you Know we look at hopium we look at what's Going on and we say all right you know We're um we want to you know we want we We want the system to change but we Don't want to change ourselves we don't Want to change our lifestyle we don't Want to uh reverse course and the powers That be certainly don't want to do it They're being warned all the time They're having dreams they're having Panic attacks I mean things are Happening in their internal system They're you know they're they're going Headlong into it they're being you know Israel is being warned and you know They're getting uh I mean just just America's being all these countries are Being you know told to reverse their Course their leaders are and they're not Listening right and people aren't Listening people aren't going to change But once you accept that and you embrace The Divinity within you and you see your Ego submits to you know the part of you

That's Divine then everything can you I'm talking about your own personal Existence or something collectively like What's going on here once you do that Things immediately change once you Accept that you have to change you might Be in a bad situation but it starts to Lessen immediately once you you know Once the the reason for the thing that's Happening to you you know there's Reasons that your life is going in a Certain way there's reasons that things Are unfolding in a certain way in your Life it might feel like unfair it might Feel Catastrophic but there's reasons and Once you accept that there's you have Some responsibility from what you Created in your past you know what you Created in your past is now your present And what you've done in the past is now Coming back to you know I mean there's There's consequences for whatever you Did in the past both good and bad Consequences you know see this like Let's say someone's a poor person They're hungry they're you know they're Motivated and they work real hard and They have success their work their hard Work results in success and then they Get arrogant entitled and they lose Their work ethic and their morality and Then they lose their their you know so They're hard work and they're they were

A good person working hard and they had Good results and they become wealthy or Whatever successful then the success Goes to their head and they start Feeling arrogant and cocky and all these Things and and they stopped doing what Got them there in the first place so When they were working real hard they Were creating a future where they would Be successful and then when they became Successful they became entitled and they Did all the things that would create a Situation where their success would Leave them and they would go from Rags To Riches to to rags again like this is A very common story and so that's what's Happening Here There is consequences for Our Individual uh creation our internal Creation and what we've created together The deception that we've created Together and the sooner we accept that Personally and then collectively the the Less the less the consequences are Because then you start getting back to The hard work you get back to what you Need to do to become successful again You know to become natural human beings Who are connected and and are on God's Path they on their Soul's path and when You're on your Soul's path things just Flow when you're doing what your soul Wants you to do when you're you know You're creating the you know the you're

Working uh in in collaboration with God In your soul then things are you know Still difficult but there's a flow to it And you feel good about what you're Doing and you have confidence and and Faith and and belief in what you're Doing because God is with you helping You you know get through that right Whatever difficulties and obstacles that Are there like you're still going to Have it tough but you're going to you It's going to be so much better when You're you're doing what you're supposed To do but when you have self-doubt and You know your conscience and your you You have shame and guilt and you feel Bad and you you're doing things you know You shouldn't do I mean that stuff wears On you don't sleep and you know you're Just you're going against the flow You're swimming Upstream right and That's what we're all doing collectively So the sooner we accept that the less The consequences are that are going to Be there but the consequences are coming There's no avoiding the collapse of our Civilization the way it is now or you Know just they getting more and more Evil like it doesn't matter whether it Collapses if it gets more and more evil You know people are just going to suffer The more that you get away from your True nature the nature of a human being And what you're supposed to live like

The more that you suffer anyway so Suffering is there no matter what Happens whether the system collapses or Not I mean people are suffering now I Mean look about how many people have Mental illnesses young people I just Covered this I think on my other channel Where Young people are getting mental Illnesses and they're just not getting Better the suicide rate is up all these Things you know so if civilization Civilization doesn't collapse it's still Going to be more miserable people are Going to get less and less uh it'll be Less and less human right it'll be less And less uh what they're supposed to be But as individuals because it all comes Down to us making our individual choices If we accept that we're going in the Wrong direction that this these Ideologies and all this biblical stuff And all this you know pseudo science you Know science is a religion and all these Ways people justify financially and too Big to fail and all the things that People use to excuse their behavior you Know when those things dissipate then You have something you know that's just Wrong like you're doing the wrong thing You can have as many excuses and reasons For it individually and collectively and We're doing you know we're going in the Wrong direction everyone kind of knows It and so what point do we say all right

We're going to s but we got to turn this Thing around and it's going to take a Lot of input for most people to accept That people are going to have to be Forced they're going to have to be Forced to atone for what's happened here And my generation you know this useful Generation just won't be able to you Know muster up the you know the Foresight and the you know the the Internal uh I don't know the internal Gravitas or the internal uh you know Strength and energy to to turn the ship Around and it's sad but you know it's Going to have to we're going to have to Pay that we're going to pay the maximum Suffering price because we refuse to Heed what we all see we all know we're Going in the wrong direction but people Want to blame it on one side or this Group or other people the Deep state or What have you but no one wants to change Themselves and that's you know that's The real tragedy here anyways just some Cherry Thoughts only spirituality will save This world is Paul Romano definitely Poting for the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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