Okay greetings brothers and sisters so This is what I said was going to happen Um I shouldn't say like that because it Wasn't like I said it and it Happened uh this is you know what was Displayed in front of me when I first Heard about the Hamas thing so here Israel Israel orders 1 million civilians To leave Northern Gaza humanitarian Group calls Israel evacuation order Outrageous us boost security after Former h m head calls for a day of anger Putin says Gaza ground assault would Lead to unacceptable civilian Deaths buying to speak with families of Americans believe they held hostage in Gaza Hamas tells residents to ignore Warning un says it is impossible without Devastating Consequences so Um yeah um I want to show you a few Things here and I want to get into a Narrative about this there's another guy Who Confirmed a reporter uh from The New York Times a Jewish citizen isra Israeli Citizen From uh the New York Times and he said Exactly what I said would happen um and You know it's happening now let me just Show you this map again so here is Um you know is the Gaza stre And Israel has enemies everywhere so this is

Israel and this is Egypt right Israel's Had war with Egypt they've had war with Jordan I'm not sure what this called This is Saudi Arabia which they're Trying to get some uh this is again like So it's got Egypt here which they've had Multiple Wars with Saudi Arabia who They're trying to have some some sort of Friendly relationship but that has gone South there's Jordan and there's Lebanon And over here is Syria And there is Iraq and Iran and their main enemy is Iran I mean Their their biggest worry is Iran of Course there's turkey over here all of These countries have had some sort of Issues with um with uh Israel right There's been you know there's been Conflict I mean there's conflict within This region in general like there's just Always uh within each of the countries There's you know there's a lot of Violence a lot of bad blood uh there's The Sunni Shiite type of you know Adversarial relationship there's two Kinds of uh two dominant Muslim peoples Right of course there's Libya over here Which they just recently destroyed and All these these countries Israel looks At as a threat right so they have Countries all around them that they view As being a threat to them uh people that They don't get along with historically

Which I talked about in earlier videos Right all the way back to the idea of These uh two women Sarah and Hagar and Their sons Ishmail and Isaac right um you know There was this conflict there's been Conflict ever since then it's biblical Conflict right and so in that Conflict they want to get rid of like They have basically what they consider An army base right Here and um you know this is all Populated lands beachfront properties All these things and they're living with An enemy military base right here that's The way that Israel looks at this and Then of course another enemy base over Here here in the West Bank which is Makes up Palestine and so they have to get rid of Their enemies which is their primary Goal Um so um okay so I started Ed I'm in the Editing process here and I'm just Looking at this map and thinking about What a horrible idea this is because None of these countries Palestine and All the countries around them wanted This right like not only did they not Want it they hated it they you know it Was westernized people you know this was England and Europe and these Christians That came over and did the Crusades and Tried to impose their religion on the

Muslim people I mean there's just a lot Of bad blood there between the the Arab People and England because this was Pushed through by England right this was Something that England wanted and they Had all their um you know they had the England English common wealth that voted For this which is all these countries You know which is uh makes up a majority Of the UN voting block and countries Like America and all these other Countries that you know who are voting For putting your enemies in your area People who you've had historical beef With and all these countries didn't want That like they were all in agreement They hated the idea and they were Against it they weren't you know they Was being forced down their throats by The UN and Superior military um you know The military of the US and the UN all These things and so they didn't want it Right it meant the displacement of the Palestinian people I just saw this Interview with a a Jewish Holocaust Survivor I guess he did an interview With Russell bran and he was at first a Zionist but then he saw the treatment And displacement of the Palestinian People and he talks about it pretty Graphically and I have that it's going To be towards the end of this video But I just um somebody just sent me that These Muslim countries these Arab

Countries didn't want this and they're Never going to want it like this is 3,000 years of war like you know like It's not you know they're not getting Over this thing I talk about that moving Forward here and so it's a horrible idea Doomed to failure we had this in America Where the states on the sou Southern Border were complain about immigration And the liberal states in the North like New York and you know parts of California I mean California certainly But some of these states that are very Liberal and they weren't getting the Influx of immigrants so these southern States start to uh these you know border States start to send busloads of Immigrants to New York and then all of a Sudden New York changed their tune right Like if you're going to vote for Somebody else to be inconvenienced like Imagine if the UN voted that some group Chinese people or Russians or any any Number of you know you American enemies Got a piece of America or you know piece of America and And Mexico or something and we just had To accept it they took part of our land And said we're now going to make this Into a country uh you know a sovereign Country and it was somebody that Americans had historically disliked but You know America's enemies are recent They're not from 3,000 years ago and

They're not religious enemies and so we Can't even comp prehend how bad it was For these Arabs to hear this um these Muslims to hear this you know to accept This reality and they're never going to Accept it and so it's always going to be Bad there there's always going to be Tension it's always going to be a you Know some kind of a war it's always War Either potential War so yesterday I was Watching TV I was turned on the news and There was a guy being interviewed and He's a is Israeli citizen who works for The New York Times I'll show you all That and he said all the things that I Said he said that this was going to be The complete displacement of the Palestinian people so let's watch that Here that true or not Justice was not Justice but there's no way I think in The foreseen future that Israelis would Trust the Palestinians the moderate Palestinians and I'm not saying I'm Supportive of that I'm saying this is a Fact they would trust them Um to have a diplomatic solution to this Dispute this is Horrible so sentencing the region to Live on the sword what does that mean I Mean what what does that look Like well we see how it looks like and And and it will continue the I think People maybe don't understand the Mindset from the Israel leadership point

Of view it's not just about revenge it Is Revenge for sure and we hear the Changing vocabulary from uh Israeli Political and military leaders so he had Said that Hamas was sentencing the Region to live on the sword by this Attack a gous attack and you see behind Him it says Israel versus Iran that is all using language and Words of volume that were never used uh Before um and clear what they are Planning to do but it's not just about Revenge I think that the that Kamas For reasons I cannot understand yeah Everyone keeps on saying this it makes No sense that they would do this there's No logic to their actions and there's Already more dead Palestinians early Stages I do a death count far more uh More dead Palestinians and they're being Displaced and so they're already Suffering more and that's what was going To happen everyone knew that was going To happen and you know there's no logic To they're they're doing this Right um Hamas has left Israel with no Choice because it's the Israeli Understanding of the Middle East that if It does not react with massive Force to The extent of disassembling not the not The movement the movement the movement Is the the hearts of and minds of people You cannot destroy but to destroy Kamas Regime unless this is happening and

Israel would not regain its deterence Then Israel has no chance to live here Because other foes will see and do the Same and Israel is almost doomed is uh Has feels it has an obligation to take Down the the the whole statues of of of The regime which means basically to Conquer much of Gaza if not all of it There it is Kaboom they have no choice They're doomed they have to they don't Want to they have to conquer all of Gaza So this guy you know and I watched more Of what he said and he was trying to Sound like I don't want to say a little Bit compassionate towards the Palestinians and saying you know this Isn't what I believe but this is what Say they're saying in Israel but you Know he's clearly a shill he's going on American television and saying they're Going to have to uh get rid of Gaza They're going to have to Annex Gaza That's they have no choice they're Doomed we don't want to but they're Doomed but he's putting it out there and We all know that's what's going to Happen that's what they want to happen That's what they've wanted happened Since the beginning and is what they've Been pushing for and now they're finally Going to get it Done okay so this is ronin Bergman Bergman who um I typed in just this part Of his name and Google recommended the

Rest of it and it said immediately that He's an Israeli journalist and writer so He's an Israeli citizen who works for The New York Times a failure to respond Effectively could create an existential Danger for Israel losing its deterrence In the mid East and official said let Alone the number two official said Destroying the vital Covenant the state Has to protect its citizens that's the Quote they have about him is in Israeli Investigative journalist and author he's A senior political and Military analyst For this Israel's largest daily Circulation so he works for Israeli Papers as well as working for the New York Times and he is clearly biased right um And these are there's no Palestinian people like this working for The New York Times and were being Interviewed by CNN and the rest of it so I want to say this because you know Things just come to me like I see Something and information comes to me And I just you know I I mean I can Verify it by doing some research which I Do a little bit of research right but It's more the connection to Divinity and Pattern recognition and all these things Right there's certainly lots of people Who know more about the Israeli um the Arab and Israeli the Jewish and Arab conflict and know more

About Israel and all these things but I Don't think anybody knows more about the Way that victim Consciousness is used Because I've been you know doing this For a long time and I've been aware of Victim Consciousness and the victim Stance and the victim statement and all These things uh I don't know when this Video is coming out today's Friday October 13th I already have another two Videos I've already made um or at least I did the beginning Parts I have to edit Them and you know I have a long um Journey series video I want to release So there's lots of content I got to take Some time off I was hoping that you know This wouldn't go as Escalade as fast as It was or fast as it has and you know I Feel relaxed about these things when I You know one of the reasons I can see Them because I don't really feel like It's something where I'm connected to it Right when the information comes to me I Don't really think about how it it's Going to affect me like I you know of Course I will say all right well this is Happening so this is going to affect This you know the economic system or the Price of gas or whatever right like I See those things later on but when I'm Doing the videos I'm just looking at What's being said and you know they're Liars right first of all we know we're Dealing with Liars in governments and in

Media they lie lie all the time and some Of the reasons they lie makes sense Because people would freak out if they Told them the truth the system would Collapse if they told the truth so There's there's that part of it but the Other part of of it it's just their Nature to be deceptive right the people Who lead the people who are control of The you know people in general but when People come into power it's their nature To be deceptive because they kind of Feel like if people you know they're There's maybe some sense of guilt or Some sense of at least fear that people Will realize the bad deal that they've Gotten you know when the people who are Controlling the system have such power And such money and such you know better Life I mean in terms of material Advantages than everyone else they're Always worried about the other people Waking up to that taking it away from Them and doing something else they're Always worried about their system Collapsing because it goes against the Will of God and so governments lie and Corporations lie and media lies and they Try to demonize us now that's their big Thing obviously with the whole idea of Crazy conspiracy theorists to say that When we question their Authority we're The bad people because of course that's What they have to do they have to

Discourage that especially now with the Internet and what they lie most about is History right the history that's Happening right now the story of current Events that's happening right now They're lying about it whatever it be Whether it be coid whether it be the Economy whether it be you know whatever This war conflict things like this and I Should also say that nothing's going to Stop this from happening before I get Into the the details about this Nothing's going to stop it from Happening because they have green light Israel has a green light of course you Know they might not get everything that They want right off the bat in this Whatever it is right there might be you Know Divinity is always there and the People that control the system are so Disconnected from Divinity that they Have the the least ability to manifest Things that's why they use the Collective fear the collective anger the Collective outrage that's why they're Talking about decapitating babies they Need you to get upset and you need to Like Harvest your you know pronic energy And and use it to execute their plans They have to get you behind their plans Right every country has to win you over As has to win the people over and now The world over when it wants to wage war Like that's what America had to do when

We got you know allegedly attacked in The big event in September they have to Create victim Consciousness they have to Create that oh this evil has been done And Bey doubled down on the evil I'll Show you his little clip in a bit too as Well or as Federman says as well too Right but in terms of them having a Green light here every major political Presidential candidate is backing Israel's whatever they do they've given Them a blank check and America has also As a country all the Senators there's One senator from Tennessee I got to show You her clip that stuff effed up like Just really stupid stuff remedial Consciousness stuff and they have a Green light from America and you know Some extent the UN European countries And so me making these videos or any Making anybody making these videos and Explaining the truth of it it isn't Going to affect anything really other Than you know the message gets back to God or whatever happens but there is Destruction on the you know on the Agenda on the menu the destruction of Modern Civilization and so that's also a part Of this like this is backed by God's Will that all of these regimes all these Things are going to come down Everything's going to collapse the power Structure is going to collapse and this

Is part of it like this is the wars and The economic collapse and all the other Aspects people's you know Humanity Collapsing people younger people being Weaker and weaker addicted to the Internet and you know being physically Uh just not healthy and just all the Things right like there needs to be a Collapse of what we're doing here our Civilization and that's all part of it Like that's part of what's Happening Here Right this is all the you know all The Divine plans for a Rejuvenation and A you know uh like a Redemption of Humanity where we become more Godly People and we build a system based in Our soul Souls instead of our egos all These things you know destruction of the Old system has to happen first before a You know a a uh blossoming of the Humanity into a you know Society full of Saints and there has to be depopulation There's a lot of things that have to Happen you can see it like there's you Know one thing has to be the bad system The Demonic system has to be taken away And a new system and you know people Regretting their you know their lower Tendencies and lamenting their mistakes You know and a harsh consequences of What's about to hit us through all the Things that you know we see unfolding Right and so you know I just take this With a grain of salt because it's

Inevitable it's not anything that Anybody can stop it's the inevitable Collapse the events that are going to Unfold to collapse our civilization and You know they're getting more intense And they're happening really quickly so The official story came out but what Little I know about Israel and Palestine and Israel's position and I Showed you the map like you know in the Beginning is that Israel's primary goal And the goal of the neocons and every Politician the stated you know they have These taglines they have these talking Points and they always say Israel gets To defend itself right they have an Israeli Defense Force and the narrative Is which I said before is that Jewish People have been hated hated upon and Abused all around the world every Country that they've been in there has Been some negative treatment of them Right they don't have a place of their Own they've been scattered across the Globe living in countries where they are The Minority and people turn against them Christians because they feel like the Jews murdered uh Jesus or whatever it is Right they blame Jews for that or you Know then there's the ageold conflict With the uh with the Muslims where you Know Jewish people live mostly around Muslim countries and then there's all

The other places and you know they have Been persecuted and there's all this Victim Consciousness surrounding the Holocaust and of course Bey undermined That I'll show you that clip again with What he said because he has another two Two clips with Bey or whatever that are You know all this stuff that's kind of Contradictory with him but they have This victim consciousness and they went To the UN and said they needed a state a State of Israel they needed a place Where they could protect themselves and They wouldn't have to be uh Discriminated against by living as a Minority as being a you know a Population where they live in a Christian country or they live in a a Muslim country or whatever it might be Right where there majority of people Aren't Jewish there was this biblical Prophecy which I read to you you know a Couple different places of a promised Land and Israel was considered the Promised land that God had promised them That they would have their own State at Some point and they would Prosper there But they are surrounded by haters They're surrounded by people that hate Them and in their view in their Narrative they've done nothing wrong They've done nothing to cause the Animosity between them and the Arab People they're just you know guys's

Chosen people or whatever it is you know Whatever their belief about that is that They're the victims here And they now have to defend themselves In this region where they're surrounded By enemies and there's even enemies Within their country that they have a Divided country that has people who are Angry and bitter because you know it Used to be called Palestine their Country was split in half and then Israel has just taken more and more of Their land and so for Israel to be safe They have to destroy all the enemies Around them they have to break those Countries they have to plunge those Countries and it chaos you know they Have to have you know the those Countries all be weaker than them and They have a li limited opportunity here They have a limited window to do that so They have to get rid of Palestine first Of all get rid of anything that you know Would be a a place where there could be They could Harbor weapons or do whatever They do right they have to get rid of That they have to have their own country I mean That's essential that they that's A stated goal you know a place where They can so-called defend themselves And then they have to you know it's not Defensive they have to do aggressive Wars they have to destroy Iran which is Their big enemy and then um weaken all

The countries around them and the only Way they can do that is with America American Military American support and They have one great Ally now which is America and any time now America can Turn on them because well first of all They all know America's collapsing Globally every country knows they see Joe Biden they see Donald Trump they see The way that we're acting this is an Empire that's about to collapse they see That America's power is shortlived they See what's happening with China they see The bad decisions of self-destructive Nature everybody wants the piece of the Of the loot that was the American Empire Everyone wants to get something out of America before it collapses like that's How America's viewed right now by local Politicians you know by our our national Politicians They're looting the resources they're Laundering money through the Ukraine or Whatever it is Trump did it with his Family you know they want to cut Themselves the best deal all these Politicians all these corporations in Israel's case they want to use the American Military and and money and Power to defeat all their enemies right And to empower Israel to be a you know a World's power based in you know America Falling and they want to step up right They want to um and to do that they have

To just become the dominant Force the Oppressive force in that region they Have to dominate all of those countries Surrounding them I mean of course that's What they do if their stated goal is and You hear all these politicians all these You know Kennedy and and Trump and Biden And all these senators and Israel gets To defend itself that's what all they Say right and that's what Israel's doing Now in their minds Israel's defending Themselves the the reason was this you Know attack that happens that looks Bogus because again it doesn't make any Sense for the Palestinians because they All know this like everyone who's there Knows what I'm saying they know what's Going on here they know that there's a Limited window before America collapses For Israel to take control of their you Know their whole country get rid of Palestine and then weaken these enemies And Destroy Iran or do whatever needs to Be done right because if America What would happen to Israel like all These countries are just waiting and the Only thing preventing them from Attacking Israel is America and the Support of the you know Global you know European whatever it is but if Israel Didn't have outside support and they Were just on their own there they would Be you know they'd be attacked from all Sides right it would be absorbed the

Whole country would disappear and so Their goal is you know to while America Is still powerful to make all these Things happen right that's doesn't that Sound logical like doesn't that just Sound like The Logical path for them if You were them and you were in this Situation you were leading the country And you saw your options this would be The best option for you take advantage Of America American Support why you have All these politicians bought and paid For you have you know a system here Before America turns on you because you Know there's because there's Anti-semitic sentiment growing in America you know even globally there's The internet now and things like you Know all these things that are um the Window is closing to make this happen Right and so you need a catalyst you Need a event where you can claim victim Consciousness so you can go all out and Say that you're not safe as long as Palestinian you know the Gaza Strip is Harboring these these bloodthirsty Terrorist and they're decapitating Babies and so now they have to go in There and occupy that land they have to Remove you know this idea that there's Some Sovereign land there and you know It's going to be occupied forever it's Going to be annexed as a part of Israel I mean that's the stated goal here I

Mean they say it like they said it over And over again that they get to defend Themselves and as long as there's an Enemy base in the middle of their Country that has a harbor that has a Place where you know things can come in From the ocean right there's um you know There's always going to be something and Once they've secured their country then They have to turn their eyes towards Iran which has been on the table for Neocons it's you know Trump's on board With that and you know Iran is uh you Know I mean it's it's there like it's The big prize remember I showed you the Clip of Wesley Clark in one of these Videos who said that they wanted to Invade seven countries in five years and Iran was the big one Iran's the Blue Chip the you know the gem out there it Has a lot of oil a lot of resources and It's long been uh coveted it's got Strategic uh the place where it is in The world is strategic in terms of its Location and things and so you know That's part of the agenda whether they They'll get it done or not they're still You know things are going to play out The way they play out but the goal here The goal is always going to be is get as Much as you can why you can because America's about to collapse or you know You're you got a window that's closing And the more you get done the you know

The better it is right for your you know Your stated goals okay so let me show You some clips Here so this is something YouTube Recommended to me yesterday two days ago Marsha Blackburn uh is a senator from Tennessee and she is really not smart And she you know and her team of people Her advisers her handlers her you know Publicists all the people around her Aren't smart either but I guess you know It's not going to affect her in her Political career saying something that's Stupid I stand with Israel the United States should keep our commitment to Israel we should make certain that Iran Never gets their hands on that $6 Billion and let's take that $6 billion And make certain the Israelis can use That to rebuild what Hamas has Destroyed okay so there's not stand with Israel so there's not $6 billion dollar Worth of damage in Israel but it's Iranian money it's money that they earn From their oil sales that's been um Frozen internationally like this is Someone St taking your money that you Made freezing your accounts right when The government does that and you know Again it's not it's Iran's money it's Money that they earned that's outside of Any of these other things but you know They can freeze your accounts

Internationally whatever's happened with The money and so they were only giving Money uh the money to Iran access to the Money that they already that was their Money right like these were economic Sanctions and so it' be stealing from Iran to give it to Israel And you know this is just I mean really Stupid and it's all the things that I Talk about right this is what John Federman was saying about I can't Believe these people are making the Decisions for everybody isra Israel war Leaders of Iran and Saudi Arabia Arabia Hold first ever phone call pledging United support for Palestine so that's Part of this right because they can cut Off the flow of oil to America and you Know Saudi Arabia is already cooling on America and NATO and all the um you know Selling oil whatever that's OPEC the the Oil Nations and they could collapse the Pesto dollar and they have a you know a Lot of the world's oil in those two Countries and so this is lining up badly For or you know it's lining up uh Positively for people or uh for the you Know for World War I us Qatar agreed to Prevent Iran from tapping previously Frozen $6 billion fund and so now that's Happening right says here us and Qatar Have reached an agreement to prevent Iran from accessing six billion recently Unfrozen as part as a prisoner swap the

Deputy treasur secretary told lawmakers On Thursday sources confirmed to ABC News and so again this is all part of That um I want to get into this you know This evil mfer right here uh somebody Who's preaching evil you know Point Pointing the finger at other people of Being evil but and this guy you know Blinkin this uh Secretary of State uh You know blinkin Defense Secretary of Defense I don't know whatever he is um Biden Administration Blinkin but again this Senator saying That this money that's frozen money you Know it's making she's saying let's Steal this money from Iran and give it To Israel that's what she just proposed And again it all comes with victim Consciousness this is what victim Consciousness does for you visit is Another tangible example of America's Unequivocal support for Israel Hamas has shown itself to be an Enemy of civilization enemy of Civilization the massacring of young People in an outdoor Music Festival the butchering of entire Families the murder of parents in front Of their children and the murder of Children in front of their parents look At him shaking his head Here the burning of people Alive the Beheadings the

Kidnappings of a young Boy not only Kidnapped molested hurt Attacked and the sickening Display of celebrating these Horrors the Celebration and glorification of Evil again the glorification of evil see When you're dealing with evil and if you Can sell victim Consciousness which I've Been saying all these videos that the Other side is just evil then you can do Whatever you you know you know whatever You're giving the if you sell that to People they're like oh do whatever you Got to do you can use evil too go ahead And murders Palestinians and Palestinian Children because what do you think is Going to happen when they move a million Palestinians what do you think's Happening there what do you think's Going to happen to them in the future a Million of them right I mean what's the The total death count the the total uh Death count in Israel so they're saying Israel authorities updated the death Hold to 1,200 following a string of Palestinian militant attacks again They're using the word Palestinian so This is a war between Palestine which Has no Army and has no way to defend Itself and doesn't have really the kind Of support in terms of the strongest Military and biggest economy in the World in America right and so they've

Lost 1200 people there's been so many Palestinian the death coal is always Worse for the Palestinians in all these Conflicts and any kind of uh issue that They've had that involves you know Conflict and death Palestinians always Suffer more and they lose land and they Lose rights they lose privileges you Know Israel is wanting to get rid of That we know it's already been stated This is their goal their goal is to Erase Palestine because they can no long They can't feel safe as long as they're An Arab presence in their country and This is you know how they're doing it This is the Catalyst right this event That happened without this event they Can't do what they've wanted to do Forever which is to to Annex Palestine To make it their country completely Where there's no like Indian Reservations there's no you know places There that the Palestinians can uh call Uh like their sovereign's land President Biden was absolutely correct in calling This sheer Evil Hamas is Isis and just as Isis was crushed so too Will Hamas be crushed Isis wasn't Crushed Trump just stopped ordering them To do things Right and Hamas should be treated Exactly the way Isis was Treated they should be spit out from the

Community of Nations no leader should should meet Them no country should Harbor them and Those that do should be Sanctioned Tony my Friend I say to you I say to all of us There will be many difficult days ahead But I have no doubt that the forces of Civilization will win here it is with The American flag and the Israeli flag Right and and with friends like this who Needs who needs enemies because you know They're using America they have goals And they have you know cemented these Goals within the you know they've bought All these politicians they've had strong Lobbying group and they've made this you Know a strategic partner for America Wanting a a presence a military presence In the Middle East to oversee their you Know America's oil fields right all These things and so um you know this is Where this is ending it's a bad Relationship that is you know going to Uh basically start World War III here That's the you know that's what's Happening and the reason that's true is Because we understand what is the first Prerequisite of Victory it's what you Just said in our meeting moral Clarity this is a time a particular time A special time that we must stand tall Proud and United against evil stand up Against evil and so when you're doing

When you're fighting evil when you're The good guys and they're the bad guys Then anything goes and so Palestinians Are evil they're defining Palestinians As evil Iran all these other countries You know all these countries that are Doing these atrocious things again that Conveniently happened so that you could Move forward with your already stated Goals you're already you know you're Already conceived plans I mean they had This plan ready to go right mobilizing There was massive bombardment of aerial Assault on Palestine on the Gaza Strip And now they're relocating a million People and they're just going to go in There and there's going to be tens of Thousands or more hundreds of thousands Of people killed I don't know who knows What displaced and their lives uh are Over whatever they had in terms of Lifestyle and privileges they've cut off Electricity and power there and they're Going in there because it's evil they Have to get rid of evil you know there's Like a you know it's like they're Exterminating Hamas with poisons that Are going to kill the the P like someone Coming in your house saying we got to Kill all these cockroaches and the Poisons that they're using to kill the Cockroaches also kill you or make you Sick or whatever and we got to take your House while we're doing it right you

Know so it's like this and you know this Um taking people's properties it's going To happen here in America it's going to Happen globally this is you Know seizing your assets all these Things this is part of their plan just a Little bit more here Tony you are taking That stand America is taking that Stand thank you for being here Today thank you America America for Standing with Israel today tomorrow and Always and always you got a blank check That that whatever Israel needs America's got your back right America 100% this is a relationship where what Is Israel doing for America you know we Give them money we give them weapons we Give them you know all these things and What exactly is Israel doing for America How is this a beneficial relationship For America how's this help out now They'll say well strategically you have A stronghold there in the Middle East Which is something that's not nothing But forever right forever you're going To be there for us um you know there's No forever like they know America's Falling they know Joe Biden's a scile I Mean the political process here and the Candidates that we have they know this Is a limited window of opportunity we Know what's happening with China and Russia we know what's happening globally And you know it's a fragile World they

Know that the the system is collapsing Or whatever there's no forever you he Just said did you say forever did you Say forever ever forever Everever forever forever ever forever Ever thank you for being here Today thank you America for standing With Israel today tomorrow and always And always always and forever so this is What he said I don't know when this was Um but he said this which I covered the Other day Hitler didn't want to Exterminate the Jews at the time he Wanted to expel the Jews andus went to Hitler and said if you expel them They'll all come Here so what should I do with them he Asked he said burn Them okay so um we saw this guy right um Say that and that contradicts the victim Statement and all the stuff we've known About Hitler and all of it ha Jamin Alani is um a he was a you know a now Deceased um leader who was who lived in Palestine and he's you know I mean him Saying that about this guy it goes Against everything we have heard in the Past about how evil Hitler was he puts The evil on this guy in Palestine which Seems very convenient and very effed up And you know all that we've heard about Nazi Germany all that we've heard about The Holocaust all these things and he's Contradicting these stories here and if

This guy did say that to Hitler well it Turns out that on some level he's right Because now what used to be Palestine is Israel right okay so one more thing to Add here I'm in the editing process if You ever see the five dancing Israelis Uh any coverage about them they were These guys in the big event in 2001 they Were seen Videotaping the buildings right and you Can look this up it's you know there's a Lot of there used to be a lot of videos About this and they were seeing High-fiving each other and um jumping Around and dancing when the buildings Came down and some New York cop arrested Them who became sort of Um like he ended up being just really Bummed out by the conspiracy theories of The people hassling him over the years And he arrested these guys they were in A van one guy had $7,000 of cash in his Sock and they were Israeli citizens Young guys 20s or whatever it was but When he was arrested when they arrested They said no we're Israelis we're not Your enemy Palestine is your enemy Palestine did this thing and they were Trying to say that the big event was was Done by Palestinians and there's a lot more About them but this is you know that's Their enemy like the number one enemy For Israel I mean they have Iran right

Obviously and they have that whole Region but for them it's the Palestinians and they have long wanted America to think of Palestine as enemies As well and so this is what Bey was Doing but when he when he changed History the the accepted history the you Know victim Consciousness narrative About Hitler being the villain and try To switch it to some other guy a Palestinian guy he undermined all of the You know all those narratives right and It makes it all questionable like well Have you been lying about this or you're Lying about that or you know because one Of they both can't be true right Hitler Can't be the worst person like people Think all right who is the worst person In history lots of people will say Hitler right he's one of the you know He's one of those guys who's considered An international villain and then the President of Israel says this other guy You know it's not is been Hitler what Are you talking like you know you have The brand like this the narrative is Kind of cemented right I'll get into That as we move forward you know the way That all this stuff is about branding But let's get back to it here so here's Iran and Afghanistan is strategically Located for whatever reason Iran is a Huge country and Iraq there's a lot of Oil in this region right and it has you

Know borders on a couple of Oceans Afghanistan is a country that People have coveted for its strategic Position you know and all this stuff Here's we have um the Ukraine and China And these things over here right um this Is Russia all over here and so um for Whatever reason this has been these are Coveted areas right um this um the Persian Gulf all these various places Here that are um it's just valuable land Of course with the oil and the resources On there you can see this whole region This was Libya has a lot of oil and all These countries around here Yemen and Oman and the UA the UAE all these Countries oil rich countries and very Profitable and you know oil is very Important and there's not a lot of it Left until they move towards electric Cars or some other you know power source Oil is important in now and you know in The immediate Future and they want Iran all PE all Kinds of people want to change um Leadership there they want to do regime Change and you know all these things With which I said about Israel small Little country here surrounded by Enemies Syria Iraq Jordan Lebanon Saudi Arabia Egypt you know and their big Ally is um all the way over here right America's all the way over here just Want to add something here I'm probably

Going to leave this video up and open And I'll probably add more things to it As things progress or degenerate there In the country formerly known as Palestine you know there's good people In every religion I mean I know good People and I know good Muslims I know Good Jews I know good Christians um good Buddhists I think I know even a few of Them I I don't know very many Buddhists Certainly good Hindus or people who are Formerly Hindus uh you know all these Things that I know from being in the Sash Mark system and I know people from All over the world that I've met the Asham in India a person from Somalia who You know we I was friends with um you Know just nice people from Russia and The Ukraine and Vietnam and you know Australia and all these other smaller Countries around there Romania or Whatever it is right places like that And there's just good people all over The world there's people who are Spiritual in nature they're you know Wholesome people they have morals they Have ethics and those people usually Don't seek power right and in religions And in governments there people who do Seek power or there are good people who Find them find themselves in position of Power and they get corrupted by the Power and they lose perspective and they Become demonic or evil or whatever you

Want to call it right and it's a problem With human nature it's a problem that All of us can fall to anybody can Potentially become a demon based in Their ego and that happens and in Powerful Organizations when some you know when There's demonic rulers bad things happen You know the Muslim people have that I've met have been great like I don't Know Any angry you know the kind of Stereotypical things you see from Muslim People and I don't know any Jewish People that have the Stereotypical negative uh you know Negative narrative that is out there all The people I've met that are Jewish or Muslim they're you know either good People or they're you know they're not Evil like there no you know they're not Power hun hungry they're not making Decisions that are hurting other people Right like you know on a global scale They're not oppressing people they're Just average people trying to get by but Historically the Jewish people have not Gotten along with other people and they Can claim that it's all other people's Prejudice against them that's their you Know their their their view on it at Least you know in terms of the power Structure and Muslim people don't get Along with people either I mean neither

Do Christians you know like I mean the Christians conducted the the Crusades I Mean all these religions you know the Christians went in and went in uh you Know just colonized all I mean there's All these things right the Hindus have Their own issues you know I've been in India before and I understand the you Know the negatives there in the you know Indian Community but the Hindus have it Built into their system to have Hospitality and even if it's Performative for many people it isn't They're very hospit hospitable people And you know the third Master of the Sark system talked about how India got Invaded by the British and then they Just absorbed the British like it's a Culture that Survives because they're not they don't Like they're very bendable like they're Very what people would consider Soft and they absorbed the British they Got invaded by other groups of people They just absorbed those people into Their country like the Christians and The Muslims of course there's tension Now and all these things but the you Know the Muslim hierarchy doesn't get Along with each other there's a Shiite Sunnite Sunni conflict so there's you Know there's plenty of blame to go Around is what I'm saying all these Religions have difficulty being in

Harmony with the other religious people And when there's biblical conflict when There's Conflict for centuries right We're talking about for 5,000 years There's been conflict between Arabs and Jews there's you know no chance of them Coming together and being compatible or Living in peace in harmony that just Doesn't happen it's not going to happen Especially now in these degraded times So it's Whoever has more power Whoever Has the opportunity to crush the other Side is going to do it because if they Have that opportunity they're going to Take it because they know when they Don't have the power it's going to Happen to them and that's what they live With that's the centerpiece of their Existence in that region and it goes for Not only Jews against Muslims but Shiite Versus Sunni and then the conflict Within the the Jewish Community like There's just it's a lot of conflict a Lot of you know a lot of anger and you Know it's over centuries it's over Thousands of years and they would fight For a million years right like this Would go on Forever like this it's not like they're Going to come together it's just going To be more and more divisive and it's Not just them it's the world and none of These countries you know when you start Looking at your enemy as evil you see it

With the Democrats and Republicans you See it with the right versus left and You see it here with the truth Community How the word evil is always thrown Around and the idea is that we're the Good guys and they're the evil guys and When you live in that kind of world Where there's good and evil and that's How you perceive the the world and your Enemies the people disagree with you are Evil there's no sense of ever you're Never going to work with evil right You're never going to you do anything to You know to form a relationship with Evil and so you know that's our current Circumstances and that has to go like You can't move forward as a as a Humanity right they want to have a Global Civilization but when there's good Versus evil you can't have that when There's a you know binary Uh adversarial approach to your Relationship with other peoples that's You know that can't happen like there Can be no coming together and living in Harmony and the idea here is from the People who control the system is all the Denters whether they're truthers whether They're so-called you know terrorists People who don't want to fold under the You know the umbrella of the the Domineering system is that they want to Expunge all of us who don't agree with

Their point of view and they want to Call us evil to justify them doing it And that's what's happening on a social Level and even on a you know on a a Human level in terms of you know Murder And you know mass murder and you know All these things a disenfranchisement of People and so it's just going to run its Course and play its way out and now it's Like in full swing it's been in full Swing for a while it's happening quickly And you know it's going to the changes Are going to be there where you're going To see Oh wow my lifestyle is much different Than it was I mean everyone's going to Say that at some point you know we have That realization that your lifestyle That you thought was guaranteed is no Longer guaranteed right it's out of Stock anyways I'll continue on with this Probably tomorrow or the next day okay So they're not talking about P Palestinian death toll they have it here At CNN um but here it says at least uh 1799 Palestin have been killed in Gaza from Israeli strikes now if you search for Israelis died I already showed you there Was 1,200 people that they're saying Died and so um here's the CNN article About now it's gone up in terms of the The death count but this isn't being Covered at least in any real way where

They're promoting this right and so There's are even more Palestinian people Dying 583 children 351 women Additional 788 people have been injured 191 children and 15 1100 women so it's Already more Palestinians have died and They're being forced to evacuate which Uh the UN is calling the humanitarian Crisis right even here on the Huffington Post which is like CIA propaganda Stunning us memo don't call for the Israeli deescalation of God a and so That was a front page and then they have The article this is huffy and post Saying This and it says here as Israel Escalates his attacks on Gaza the state Department is discouraging diplomats Working on the Middle East issues for Making public statements suggesting the US wants to see less violence according To internal emails viewed by huffing and Post in messages circulated on Friday State Department staff wrote that high Level officials do not want press Materials to include three specific pH Es deescalation ceasefire an end to Violence and bloodshed and restoring C And so they all know what's going on Here I mean like even huffing and post Is having trouble with this thing right Here I because it's obviously right now There's more dead Palestinians and so Whatever Hamas did in air quotes

Whatever Hamas air quote you know did They're now more dead Uh Palestinians more dead Palestinian Children and that's that's just going to Rise as time goes on also injured and Suffering which is in some case even Worse right I mean people die quickly And painlessly as opposed to being Maimed and you know starving to death And things like there's real suffering That's going to go on there and then Being Force marched out of that part of The you know that part of the it's a Small area right there's nowhere for Them to go they're boxed by the ocean There's nowhere for them to go and Israel is going to take that property And what happens then and so I mean it's Just you know it's an atrocity and it's Just so Deceptive and you know they're allowing This to go on and America is being told The American government Biden Administration saying yeah we're not Going to say deescalate or you know any Of that stuff right they're they're Going to allow Israel to do whatever They're going to do maybe there's going To be more pushed back from the UN and Other groups we'll see how that plays Out but Israel wants Gaza we know that Everyone should know that by now and it Makes sense for them if you were a part Of their government and defense was your

Number one priority then getting rid of The Palestinian bases you know potential Bases and all of it is um you know your Number one goal they want to get rid of Anything called Palestine in uh Israel Just to be a you know just one country Where it's it's run by Jewish people and You know they want ethnic cleansing There as well so here's a guy um I guess This guy did an interview with Russell Brand and this guy is I'm not sure who He is I'll look him up as we go through It here but he is well it speaks for Itself Holocaust Survivor as an infant Um I barely Survived my my my grandparents were Killed in Arits and most of my extended family was Killed I became a Zionist this dream of The Jewish People resurrected in their historical Homeland and the barred wire of ashs Being replaced by the boundaries of a of A Jewish state with a powerful Army and Then I found out that it wasn't exactly Like that that in order to make this Jewish dream a reality we had to visit Nightmare on the local population and There's no way you could have ever Created a a Jewish State Without uh oppressing and ex expelling The local population Jewish Israeli

Historians has shown without a doubt That the explosion of the Palestinians Was persistent it was pervasive it was Cruel it was Murderous and with deliberate attempt so That's what's called the Naka in Arabic The disaster or the catastrophe there's A law that you cannot deny the Holocaust But in Israel you're not allowed to Mention the nakba even though it was at The very basis of the foundation of the State I visited the occupied territories Russell during the first in I cried Every day for two weeks at what I saw The brutality the Occupation the petty Harassment the the murderousness of it Or cutting down of Palestina Olive Groves the denial of water rights the Humiliations and this went on and it's Much worse known than it was then it's The long it's the longest ethnic Cleansing Operation in the 20th and 21st centuries I could land in Tel Aviv tomorrow and Demand citizenship under the right law Of the right of return But my Palestinian friend in Vancouver Pak kawas who was born in Jerusalem Can't even visit now if I have the right To return after 2,000 years how come Hana hasn't got the right to return After 70 years so then you have these Miserable people packed into this

Horrible people call it the world's Largest outdoor prison which is what it Is you don't have to support Hamas Policies to stand up for Palestinian Rights that's a complete falsity if you Take the worst thing you can say about Hamas multiplied by a thousand Times and it still will not meet the Israeli repression and killing and Dispossession of Palestinians personally A holocaust Survivor as like I said Before there's plenty of people in Israel Jewish people who are appalled by What's going on and what's being done to The Palestinian people and that's Important to remember in all these types Of things that go on there's people who Are actually fair-minded and you know Some people are self-hating and that's Something different but people who you Know see that there's just a you know a A deception here that the way that this Is being painted is it's one-sided and It's not one-sided because you had two Grps groups of people who have been Engaged in bloody hatred Warfare and Wanting to exterminate the other group For 3,000 years right like there's more You can't say that One side's the good Guys and the other side's evil right Because that just isn't the case um it's Been two days so I started this on uh Thursday the 12th I didn't get to I Guess Friday the 13th I started this

Making this video and then I didn't get To do anything on Saturday a little bit Of migraine and I was working on other Things and so today Sunday the 15th of October and I found a bunch of stuff to Add to what I've ever shown you yeah and It's you know it keeps on escalating and Getting worse and so um here's Ron des Santis and he is just to me the most Unlikable I I just dislike this guy for Lots of reasons just everything about Him people I think we're talking wanted Me to comment I think on his eyes he's Does have weird eyes I you know forget What people ask me about but there's Just something about the guy and he is The biggest I mean he's just graveling Here um and uh and that's what what You'll get out of me for sure what do You think about the annihilation and the Capitation of all the Palestinians in Gaza right now they basically bulldozed The whole I live I I worked in the Gaza Strip and worked in Palestinian refugee Camps but they are not decapitating Baby's heads they are not they're not Decapitating baby's heads what else do You decapitate there and so the numbers Have gotten even worse now it's just Going to be it's now up to like 2500 I'll show you that you know I've already Covered this in this video but two days Have passed and there's another thousand Dead in Palestine and then all these

People who are being I mean they're Giving up their homes it's much worse The Palestinians are suffering much Worse than the Israelis it's definitely Um going to get worse and worse for the Palestinians and not for the Israelis Whatever happened with the original Aggression whether that's you know you Believe the official story about Hamas Or you believe that Hamas is actually an Asset you know some sort of false flaggy Type asset for Israel whatever you want To believe that part's over either way Like they might do something else not in The Gaza Strip they might do something Else with um you know the other group up There in a they might get hisb in there To do with the war with Iran um which is a different group right Whatever that is but for now the Casualties for the for the Israelis is Over and it's all going to be Palestinian casualties so him coming out And saying it's one-sided and I'll get Into this as we move forward there's a Few more things to see about this how This thing is all sort of escalated and Played out over years not intentionally Doing that going up entire residential Buildings I I watched Al jazer and They're not covering that on well I I Would be very careful with Al jazer I Mean that's funded by a lot of these Middle East governments I'd be careful

Of el jazer like he's arguing I'd be Careful of Al jazer you Know the American Media I mean he's a Trump supporter you know he was a trump Supporter he was a you know I mean he he Graveled remember how how goofy he was About Trump and reading that book about Uh the Trump stuff whatever it was like With that that book for his um he was Reading like a a book for toddlers like A board book about Trump and all these Things and he would saying the election Was ragged all these things about the Media and now he's going into Al jazer When I mean yeah okay Al jaaz sucks but Not any worse than CNN MSNBC or fox or Any of these other major mainstream Media companies be very careful with Al Think they faking pictures Of so you believe the the decapitation Story but you're saying you don't trust Al Like Dead pictures like that all isra Israel has been killing Palestinians for The whole time Gaza has existed and They've been contained Hamas Hamas Israel put in in a a warning we're going To go in this area civilians leave Hamas You leave your your country you're Invading a country Israel is invading a Country that isn't really a country and We'll get more into that in a bit um but You know this is like he's just so he Sucks so bad like he's just worse than

The rest of them tells them not to leave Hamas wants them to be human Shields That's their tactic technique and Procedure who how many other Armed Forces give give warnings to get out so Hamas wants him to be human shield why Would they want that why would the Hamas Want like this is going to be worse for Palestinian that is for Israel what's The motivation that POS the Hamas really Wants Palestinians to be wiped out and Lose their land and lose their rights This is going to be way worse for Palestinians Israel whatever deaths Whatever things that they suffered Whatever they say is happened that's Over with people are going to grieve the Palestinians life is going to get worse Whether Palestine gets completely wiped Out that's their goal so that becomes The Gaza Strip becomes just Israelis and Then they'll move over to some of these Other parts of the country that is Supposed to be Palestinian sort of Reservations because they're not even Like there's no you know there's no Place called Palestine anymore it's not On the map you can't find Palestine There's places where Palestinians live And they're supposed to have half the Country but Israel has absorbed the Country we've seen that that's a fact Israel has taken Palestine away from the Palestinians and there's a few bits left

Small areas that are you know completely Surrounded by walls and barbwire and I Mean their you know their lives are are Difficult they they don't have Businesses they don't have Economic Security they rely on Israel for Everything they're not um you know They're not It's not a a country that can support Itself right and this clown I mean he's They're ignoring all this you know these Human right violations we'll get into it You know well I mean just like that guy Said right that guy from that Israeli You know this guy from Israel who said He once was a Zionist I mean he said it You he knows better than you know he's Someone who's going to be honest there's Lots of Jewish people who talk about This they talk about the abuse that the Palestinian people suffer and they're Going to suffer worse now and so why Would Hamas be wanting them as human Shields like doesn't make any logical Sense he tries to be a truther but he's Just a piece of crap nothing worse than A you know a fake truther politician I Mean Trump is like this but not as bad As this guy before they go I think Israel is probably the only one in the World that does that I don't condone the Killing of any innocent civilians I Don't condone whatas did and The KES but Israel is doing the exact same thing

With benjam Who is a radical rightwing crazy person And I see hundreds of Palestinian Families that are dead and they have Nowhere to go they can't leave the Gaza No one's opening their borders well That's the thing you bring up a good Point though you bring up a really good Point why aren't these Arab countries Willing to absorb some of the Palestinian Arabs they will not do it Egypt will not do it Saudi will not do It none of them will do it why do they Have to leave their country why do they Have to leave their country like isra is Kicking them out of their own country Like he's saying this again just an Absolute piece of crap this guy like He's the number one politician I like Dislike him more than Biden or Trump or Any of these other people like he's just Such a weasel he's so weak he's like a Pathetic graler from Homes4 none of them will do it none of The Arab countries will be able to Accept look he's this smug too so then He went out this just came up like I was Editing this and uh you know this came Came up a couple days later this is what He said like the United Nations they're Going to start attacking Israel and They're going to blame Israel for this So think about like going into Gaza Strip Israel is telling people leave

This area because we're going to conduct Military operations because they don't Want to have civilians yeah but where do They go like you know imagine somebody Saying like going into Florida and Saying China invading Florida saying We're going to attack you and Florida Leave the area we're going to destroy Florida Okay thanks China you guys are so great Thanks you're telling us ahead of time Get rid of all the civilians just leave The military to fight a war in uh Florida and Ronda Santos you make sure Everyone else evacuates but then instead Of going to Georgia there's foreign Countries there right like you couldn't Leave and go up through Georgia but even Then would America people say yeah let's Leave no we're not going to leave we're Going to kick us out of our home we're Going to fight for our homes or whatever It is right like he's just a a POS right Just an absolute POS killed what is Hamas saying they're saying stay in that Area because they want the civilians Used as human Shields don't tell me that This is Israel's fault it is not and It's totally Israel's fault like this is Israel's plan they wanted to take Gaza Strip they want to take a land that's Not theirs because all the stuff I've Said I've established this in other Videos they talk about this right

They've always talked about this and You're going to start to see more and More pressure so we just have to remain Strong as Americans that they have to be Able to defend themselves they are not The the the problem here and we got to Have a a mortal blow to to Sunni um Sunni jihadist also I will say and I Don't know what Biden's going to do but We cannot accept people from Gaza into This country as refugees I am not wait You're you're saying get out of the Country and you're you're yelling you're Saying that these other countries Shouldn't take these refugees but now He's saying don't take the refugees in America not going to do that uh if you Look at how they behave not all of them Are Hamas but they are all anti-semitic None of them believe there's no reason For that there's no this is a 3,000 year War and hatred between each other over 3,000 years I mean it's you know like It's this is historical which I'll get Into that in a bit and you're saying It's just one-sided and and that's what They've done one side has victim Consciousness the other side has oil and I'll get into that in a bit so I Remember this scene from season 3 of the Westwing and I don't know how many you Know I used to watch this years and Years ago this show the westwing show um And I don't know how many episodes I

Watched but this is the only thing I Remembered and I showed you this in a Video two years ago I found this Somebody else posted it you know put Together a compilation which is great Because it's multiple scenes In the um in the show and what it is is The president here played by Charlie Sheen's father Martin and his um his Body man is um they have a map of Palestine before it's like he likes old Maps and it's Palestine before they Divided it up and gave some of it to Israel and he puts it up on the wall and Everybody goes nuts all of his AIDS go Nuts and I remember this this like and I Showed you with one of my Kyrie Irving Video maybe it was last year then Somebody else sent it back to me one of My viewers on Facebook like you know This and I don't know if this is going Around because somebody saw it in my Video and you know because I did the Kyrie iring thing like which often Happens sometimes people come up with a Parallel idea they remember something That you know I remember as well but it Often happens where I come up with Something like it happened when I called Um Biden um Deliverance boy the Character from Deliverance and one of my Viewers a woman used to watch my videos I don't know she still does or she still Has a channel she posted that and then

People accuse me of copying her when she Like got the idea for me that was all The time where things come back around Which is kind of interesting uh where I You know and I forget about something And I and I remember posting it and then Somebody sends it to me and I remember Posting it I'm like you know comes Around full Circle it's a map of the holy land that Was drawn in 1709 it's titled Canan Palestine or the ho man seriously I'm Going to have this Frame this is great If you leave it here I'll send it out Okay so he gets the map he really into The map he likes all the Maps this is another one of his AIDS This guy is a Jewish character you're Going to put it in the outer office this Outer office yeah no why why so he's Telling him the president he can't put That on his office cuz some people are Going to find it offensive what people Are going to find it offensive why Doesn't recognize Israel doesn't Recognize Israel in 1709 they don't want That narrative to exist that this was Once Palestine years and years ago right Palestine was a country and there was a Lot more Palestinians than there were Jews and then the UN decide to change This Right he drawn 1709 yeah there was no Israel right Israel wouldn't happen for

Another 250 years yeah so what's the Problem with the map some people are Going to find it offensive so he says That and then it goes on from there I Can't show you all the I can't show all This Clips because um they'll copyright It but it's There doesn't recognize his real take Lun would you and then his um this is um The person who play Jen [ __ ] role Jen [ __ ] recognize Israel there was no Israel in 1709 that's right so it's not On the map which is what some people are Going to find offensive so they all say This right every one of his AIDS are Talking him out of putting this map up So again there's more to it than I'm Showing you because of copyright but Here they don't want us to put up our Map Charlie they're Philistines in the Fight for freedom but that doesn't Bother us does it and then his white House chief of staff hang on before I Forget that map that Charlie gave you Make sure you don't put it where people Can see it I don't believe this Recognizing Israel is a pretty hot Button when you say so then this was the Whole this is when I realized you know This is before I was really a truther I Don't know when this show was on right I Don't know in season 3 I could look it Up it was 1999 and so this is before I was like

Even you know I had truth or stuff like I had some things that I knew about I Knew about some of the medicines I knew About the the boops right I knew about Some things like that I knew some things And I had this kind of Tendencies my Brother had told me stuff um when he had An AM radio show and all these things Some truth or stuff but I was not what I Am now and I didn't know anything about Israel and Palestine but I saw the show And I was like that's pretty effed up Right um that's pretty one-sided like I Knew a little bit about the Conflict and you know I didn't know About the history I didn't know about 3,000 years I know the biblical stuff All the things I'm showing you now but I Recognized that it was you know one side Had all the power and that was Israel And the Israeli supporters and Palestine Had basically nothing okay so I saw this On the news this morning not this part And I was trying to get it to go from my Phone to my computer I was taking Forever I've been in and out doing Outside work Today Um so I've been trying to get this video Done but luckily they put it up on CNN And it had something even better here in The beginning there's two parts I want To show you Uh but I I would have missed this if

They hadn't put it up on YouTube is Rescuing the hostages a priority at all I mean Israeli news media like harat They say it doesn't seem like it at all And frankly Jake if my kids were being Held hostage in Gaza and as you know There are Americans being held hostage In Gaza right now I'd want you be you to Send in the Navy Seals what what's the Conversation like in the White House About the US conducting any sort of Operations in order to save Americans Being held host in Gaza well the president has look at this Droopy Dog look at this Sad Sack Droopy Dog having e with his somber tie been Very clear that he has no higher Priority than getting Americans back Safe Americans who are being held Hostage by Hamas Israelis are bombing The crap out of Gaza Israelis are Bombing the crap out of Gaza which means Babies are dying and you know Jake Tapper is a little bit slightly better Than than a lot of the CNN reporters About asking slightly tougher questions Still within the bandwidth but he's also Jewish which again normally it wouldn't Matter what your ethnic background is But it does matter when you're covering The Israeli Palestinian conflict right There's always going to be bias I mean There's more likely going to be bias if You are one of the two and there's not I

Don't know one Palestinian reporter B I Mean that it doesn't seem like saving The hostages are a priority at all right Now well for President Biden they are a Priority uh they're the highest possible Priority and he has sent hostage experts To coordinate and you know what if They're Maga Republicans right like There's plenty of people in America that Everybody dislikes I mean there's Different groups of demographics of People and they like they dislike other Demographics of people even hate them Right you know people say getting Americans out is a priority well really It's getting the good people out right And like it's not for me to determine Who the good people are but just in General we don't know if the people are The Americans are better than some of The Palestinians or some of the Israelis That live there like there's good people In every demographic there's good people In every part of the world like for me I Don't you know I mean I live in America But I don't love Americans right some of Them you know some Americans are great Lots of them aren't and look you know They don't care about mag of Republicans For example consult with the Israeli Government on hostage recovery efforts He's also made sure that our diplomats Are in touch with third countries in the

Region to explore avenues for their safe Release I have to be cautious about how Much I can say about certain efforts He's undertaking because we secret to Protect those efforts eorts to give us The best possible chance of getting our People home now Jake one important Point Okay so that's the first thing I want to Show you the second piece came at the End here something some great stuff Here nearby Hamas but I want to talk to You about one Palestinian American woman We talked to uh named hanen okal she's From New Jersey she's got three she's From Jersey kids 82 and two months uh I Sent you the interview we did with her Earlier in the week she got to the Border the Rafa Crossing she can't get Out she can't get out of Gaza because The Egyptians won't open the crossing Listen to what she told me earlier this Week remember she's from Jersey we tried to contact the US NBC so Many times Unfortunately they couldn't Help us at all I contacted them through The phone via email I texted and I I Called different numbers but so this Looks this is a Palestinian American Stuck in Gaza no body I couldn't hear back from Any we are all here feeling abandoned Death and we're feeling that we're left Alone I don't know how many billions of Dollars we give the Egyptians every year

Tell why wait do you give billions to The what about how much billions you Give to Israel right look at him look at Him go here can't you tell president CeCe to open the border to let Americans Out we have told president CCE to open Open the border to let Americans out the Situation there at the Crossing is Actually more complicated the Egyptians Have in fact agreed to allow Americans To depart to get safe Passage through The Rafa crossing the Israelis agreed to Ensure that the area around there would Be safe as at least as far as they were Able to do so the question when we tried To move a group yesterday was actually Hamas taking steps to try and stop that From happening but we Are this is great what watch this watch It watch droopy doging steps to try and Stop that from happening but we are Continuing to work this around the Clock and we are doing all that we can To make sure that American citizens who Are in Gaza can get through that border Crossing secretary blinkin in fact is in Egypt today meeting with the president Of Egypt this is at the top of his list To help get those American citizens out Of Gaza uh anyone uh who is a US citizen Should have the right to free Passage Through there and then have the US Government facilitate their travel home Yeah I don't I don't doubt that the

Biggest problem in all this is Kos I Don't doubt the biggest problem in this Is AOS that was great okay so one of my Viewers left this commment I had no idea About this the person said that that 43% Of the population in Gaza is 14 or under And then I found this in Gaza where Nearly half of the population is under 18 a children rights rights crisis is Unfolding it's just a disaster there Again the kids are always suffering There and that's undeniable and we heard That guy we heard that guy who visited Gaza we've seen other people have gone There you can find the videos I mean They kind of hide them but some of the Torment that these people that live in Gaza it's beyond death it's just the Torment of being oppressed and being Hassled all the time and being hated Upon in a country that used to be Europe And now it's going through ethnic Cleansing and you're being cleansed so Um this is Nikki haly this is all this Stuff's being recommended by um YouTube And it's all coming from Forbes and Republicans are worse than Democrats About this issue they're just much worse On Israel and the Palestinians North Korea Syria Afghanistan Israel the Palestinians and yes the terrorists I Was on the ground in Israel on the Border of Gaza I was on the ground in Israel at Lebanon where I saw those

Missiles facing Israel and I was in the terror tunnels In those terrorist tunnels where they Keep equipment and they keep ammunition And they keep hostages why were you There and it's incredibly sophisticated And you know where Hamas puts those Tunnels underneath schools underneath Hospitals because they know Israelis Value life And that's their Way they're the only ones that value Life way so right now wait Israel Israelis value life that's like the rest Of us don't like what are you Do we look at what happened this Week whether it was burned bodies Whether it was women that was raped Whether it were people being dragged Down the streets of Gaza I know you saw it but did you hear He it did you hear what they were saying When they were dragging those bodies Down the street because they were saying Death to Israel death to America that's Boom two things what they do that's That's what they say how they think that Is why Israel needs to eliminate Hamas Once and for All okay so you see that where this is Going so this is from CNN um this is From CNN Christian Christina got here in the first place And where it is going to end up so let's

Get some perspective now this is Christian on Alore Yuval Noah Harari is a historian a Public intellectual best-selling author Behind books like sapiens and he joins Me now here in London welcome back to Our program thank you Christian when this all happened Israelis were saying and the world was Saying oh my gosh look at this date October 7th almost exactly again there Was the state keeps on coming back up Right 50 years since this was the date That the October 10th was the date that The girl was saying they were throwing Babies out of incubators you see my my Video from the last video I made on this Channel Kor and they thought maybe that Was the context in which to look at it But it's not like that anymore is it oh In Israel now everybody's talking in Terms of comparisons with the holoc Comparisons with Pograms uh wage for centuries against Jews so they're calling this comparison To the Holocaust which we know that Bey Benjamin Netanyahu has rearranged the Definition of the Holocaust because what What happened is that entire communities Were slaughtered systematically it was Not a attack on military units or Military bases it was an attack aimed to Simply annihilate entire communities my Aunt and uncle live in one of these

Communities kibuts Berry um they hid themselves in in in Their house as terrorists just went the Kamas took over the entire Village and Just for hours moved systematically from House to house slaughtering family after Family look at her look at her she's Riveted um my uncle is 99 years old and My 89 years old they hid themselves in Their house and they somehow survived But many of my friends and family they Just received the worst uh news of their Lives and there is shock in Israel about The um inability of the army to reach These villages in time yeah so that's You know but elaborate on that because That's where it becomes very suspicious So this is a video Israel completes 65 K kilometer C cimeter long Baza Gaza Barrier the Israeli IR wall on Gaza Border has camera sensors and radar but It but can it stop Hamas tunnel welfare This is from one year ago so they put This wall up right this look at the wall Here these are um very high walls here They're just all around here look at This thing these are they have soldiers All along this wall right they have a Monstrous wall so he's what 6 ft tall The wall is 8 foot another 8 ft of barb Wire and they have checkpoints that they Have to go through and then they have You know radar to search for tunnels all These things they put in

Here I mean it's just you know all these Things the walls just here everywhere Thick razor wire I mean look at it right Just all this Military um and you know these tunnels Or whatever it is this is um you know They're saying that these tunnels I mean You know to Tunnel you have to know Where the the exit is under the wall Right this is a small area it's only 20 Mi long and they have the whole border It's not like the the you know the Mexican border with the US um so they have all this walls here Right Israeli completes border fence With includes underground barrier with Sensors world news from the Hamas Militants Israel has completed a barrier Along the Gaza border Israel describes It as an iron wall which runs the length Of the Gaza Strip both above and below The ground the massive barrier above and Below that span 65 km took 3 and 1 half Years to complete it is equipped with Underground sensors Radars cameras the Project smart fence is more than 20 ft High look at this thing right and this 20 ft high right it's 20 ft high and They have sensors all along here and There's not Any population right over here like for The most part I mean there's stuff that Are close to the wall and they have all This military and checkpoints it is one

Of the hardest uh the highest guarded Areas in all of Israel and you know they Have mandatory um uh you have to be a Part of the military when you turn 18 Every person every Israeli citizen has To be a part of the military for some Period of Time Israeli Defense Force right and This is you know think about this And if they failed on this then it's a Big deal that they would fail and you Know I don't think they did right like I Just don't buy it they have look at this This is they have snipers up here Minister Benny Gan said that the Structure places an iron wall between The amas organization and the residents Of the Southern Israel Gans so that's 40 Mi of fence right 65 km so it's 40 Mi of Fence not a lot of fence when you Consider you know I mean what we deal With borders here in America uh 40 Mi Isn't all that much and it's heavily Guarded and any any place around a Population Center that's vulnerable is Heavily guarded and so it just doesn't Seem believable this is outrageous a Stanford Professor was suspended for Separating out Jewish students in class As colonizers I don't think suspension Is enough for this do you now here's a Rare again I don't agree with this Either um you you know making Israelis Colonizers again there's people that are

Like you and me that live in the country There's people who are in Israel who are Against what the Israelis are doing to The Palestinians right there's lots of Them there's a huge you know it's Probably like 20% or onethird of the Population I don't know how much it is What percentage is I could you know look It up but I don't know if they have any Accurate um assessment of that Over but there's always people who don't Believe in the official story in every Country and I'll get into that towards The end of the video when I go to Voiceover intentions over the war in the Middle East are now boiling over on the Stanford campus that's where one Instructor is now suspended for what the School is calling the identity based Targeting of students today in the bass Chris Sanchez is live this morning so Chris explain how something like this Happen so this appears to be a class for First year student students at Stanford And this is about fewer than two dozen Students that were exposed to this but The university is investigating what it Says uh is not an act of academic Freedom rather something that singled Students Out uh based on their own identities I Want to take a live look this morning at The Stanford campus where we know that That lecturer is not going to be in the

Classroom pending the results of the University's investigation they're Trying to figure out specifics of what Happened it has not released the Identity of that instructor now According to Stanford University the Instructor asked Israeli and Jewish Students to identify themselves and then Had those students go stand in a corner Of the classroom and then said this is How Palestinians are treated according To students who spoke to The Chronic Well again that isn't as bad as I Thought um you know he didn't have to Single out the Jewish students he could Have just done any group but you know There is that level of I mean I don't Know what's going to happen here but uh You know there is a lot of dissent among The the left which I'll get into in a Moment here okay so this was from Saturday children's shivering to sound Of bombs falling Mass Exodus underway Stunning State Department member memo no Deescalation we get to that Israeli President jaw dropper all gazans Responsible for attack um Israeli President saying that draw dropper all Gazans responsible for attack right and So you're saying everyone in Gaza is Responsible for what happened all the Civilians Biden acknowledges human Humanitarian crisis a daughter of Israeli woman kidnap has three messages

For the world so mostly this is about How people are suffering in Palestine And The Huffington Post is like CIA you Know I always think it's associated with The CIA Very liberal very woke you know I'm get So much material from their uh being on The wrong side of things and they're Actually I mean there're this is from Yesterday and this is Today dire packed Gaza hospitals R low On supplies horor two 2,223 Palestinians Killed I'll get more into that more than 1300 Israelis so they're actually Getting into this I'll show you the Statistics later about this I'll just You know just in terms of the timing of When I talk about that a million Displaced in a week gazans flee we don't Deserve this stunning State Department Memoral no Gaza deescalation we already Talked about that Israel president jaw Dropper that thing this is the other Stuff so this is from today so again This is Um they are not on board with the Propaganda Israeli wages Israel wages wages Intensifying war on Gaza as residents Grow desperate is again from The Huffington Post Israeli president suggested the Civilians and Gaza are legitimate Targets it's an entire nation out there

That is Responsible or the 1.1 million Palestinians to evacuate their homes so They're blaming everybody there and Clearly not everybody agreed with what Happened Stunning statement Department memo warms Diplomats I showed you this yesterday And what they said Was and they said avoid these three Three what they said was avoid these Three phases deescalation ceasefire Antiviolence Bloodshed and restoring Cal So they want full out War they're Backing whatever happens there Joe Biden Finally acknowledges humanitarian crisis As as priority we can't lose sight of The fact that the overwhelming majority Of Palestinians had nothing to do with Hamas and the appalling attacks well um The United States make no mistake about It stands with Israel United States Stands with Israel secretary state blinkin was in Israel yesterday and Secretary of Defense Austin is there today we're Making sure Israel has what it needs to Defend itself and respond to these Attacks it's also priority for me to Urgently address the humanitarian crisis In Gaza and my direction our teams are Working in the region including Communicating directly with the Governments of Israel Egypt Jordan and

Other Arab Nations and the United Nations to Serge support and Humanitarian consequences for Hamas Attack to help Israel you know we have To we can't that was by he's reading That didn't come out right lose sight of The fact that the overwhelming majority Of Palestinians had nothing to do with Hamas and Hamas is aing attacks and They're suffering as a result as well They're suffering more they're the Suffering the most Palestinian man in New York punched and kicked by group Waving Israeli flag police says so this Is all Huffington Post and they clearly Aren't on board with this I mean the Republicans all suck on this issue the Republicans are worse there's no Presidential candidate out there Including I mean Kennedy might be the Worst I don't know the way he graveled Beforehand and since you know Kennedy Who is pretty good about talking about Truther issues he's so wrong on this Maybe the worst I don't know they're all Bad all the candidates to one extent or Another the Democrats are a little less Because they have this human rights Thing and anti-war thing that used to be A part of the democratic party it's it's There in in in you know just in terms of Bumper sticker talk uh but the huffing Post isn't on board with what's Happening Israeli preparers ground

Attack as Gaza battles humanit Arian Crisis Gaza overrun Hospital scenes and Chaos and horror again they're Minimizing it and they keep on coming Back to the you know the the Israeli Victim Consciousness top secret Hamas Documents that show that terrorists Intentionally targeted elementary Schools and youth Center H Hamas Israel Hamas why live Update di yinian crisis scripts Gaza is Israel Ready's ground attack And this is from this morning a million Displaced in a week gazans free flee we Don't deserve to die um and so this is The front page and huff to post every Day now it's something about this so It's 2,215 724 children 558 women so that far Exceeds I they even have this on CNN and it far exceeds the Israeli of 12 00 people right it's almost doubled now Well it has doubled and so and it's Going to go up there's more Palestinians Dead and that death total is just going To rise plus displaced the rights they Lose and the Gaza Strip you know I we'll See what happens but I think that Israel Is just going to Annex that part of the Of the country it's just going to be no Longer uh Palestinian dominated I I Don't know what they're going to get Away with here but that's the goal for Them okay so I started making that clip

Around 10: this morning I've been Editing now on and off today it's now 5 Almost 5 around 4:00 though I saw this So Buffington post changed their Headline bad gets worse water runs out At shelters Un uh at un shelters so they're running Out of water packed Gaza hospitals run Low on supplies there's another headline That said Israel has agreed to turn the Water back on so they had actually Turned the water off which I've said and They turned the electricity off so these People don't have electricity water and Internet they are being bombarded they Have nowhere to go they don't have any Exit they're being told to leave but There's nowhere to go about half the People are under 18 and this is okay with the world right Joe Biden said oh this is a crisis but Not doing anything about it after he Said everything we're going to do is to Support Israel and this is the bottom P Part of the headline now it's up to 20 2,670 Palestinians killed more than 1,400 Israelis a million displaced all These things that we saw before so this Is Slowly um well not slowly it's Escalating but you see the numbers Growing per day of dead Palestinians Dead Israelis unless they're there where Where the bombs are going off are you

Know I mean it's going to be minimum Casualties of Israelis It's just going to keep on going up it's Going to be young people children babies Young people in Palestine then one of my Viewers sent me this and this is so Offensive this guy Jonathan Green blad I Covered him I didn't have much of Opinion about the Anti-Defamation League The ADL a lot of people complain about It a lot of people you know hate it Don't like it I didn't really have any Knowledge of it at all until I covered This with Kyrie Irving and I found this Unlikable guy who was a spokesman for The ADL the president and he said this About MSNBC and it is Egregious have been like for you and why It's so important that you are appearing Here today with the Reverend Sharpton Well so I will be honest and maybe a Little usually I just lie you but today I'm going to be honest more vulnerable Than I normally would be these have been Some of the hardest days of my adult Life I don't Ever remember A Moment Like This um I Have family in Israel right now Under Siege and being deployed to the front Lines I have staff who can't locate Their family I have friends who are Gone um and I think Ambassador Denon put It well in a context that Americans can

Understand 9911 the evil that was Perpetrated here but the scale Jonathan The right comparison is Nagasaki are you Pooping me right this is um egregious Like this whole thing's egregious so I'm Going to name the video egregious but This is the most egregious part 177,000 People died in Nagasaki more in h Hiroshima and these other bombs in World War II and there was a book called American Holocaust that documented how There was about 100 to 10 120 million Native American peoples here here in America and I don't know how many there Are now but they were almost completely Wiped out over 90 million were killed Native people so they called it the American Holocaust and Jewish people who Feel like they own that term and I'm Going to get into that at the end of This video this guy and other people Like them they attacked the Native American people saying you guys can't Use the term Holocaust whenever When Anybody else tries to use the term Holocaust they claim ownership he's Comparing this event that looks staged You know I I don't believe it I don't Believe the official story to Nagasaki Right I me it's just Egregious this was like an atomic bomb And as 40,000 people were killed in Japan when they dropped that bomb in Nagasaki so too were the hundreds upon

Hundreds upon hundreds of people who Were killed in Israel and so while I am Sad and cope trying to cope I'll be Honest I am angry I am angry with the World that allowed the dehumanization of Israelis and sanitized the terrorism of Hamas I must say I love this show and I Love this network but I've got to ask Who is writing the scripts Hamas so this Is bad like there's a person who wrote Good for him for calling out MSNBC good For him calling MSNBC out I mean can you Believe this like you think that MSNBC And American News is biased towards uh In favor of Palestine and Hamas Kad like How could you possibly say that like I Mean it's just so egregious right I want To come back to this though the people Who did this they are not Fighters Jonathan they are not militants and I'm Looking right at the camera they are Terrorists it is a Barbarian who rapes and brutalizes women Who tear kills children in front of Their Parents and then brings them over to Gaza okay so I want to come back to this Clown but I documented this earlier the Creation of Israel by the UN and Israeli Jewish um you know people with power and Money that pushed this through whoever It was rth Charles whatever the you know The going theory is was doomed to Failure it was doomed because there's

3,000 years of hate 3,000 years of beef And it's not going to go away not based In the personalities I'm not blaming one Side more than the other but it was Something that was completely doomed These are not people that can cohabitate Right these are not people that could um You know get along and I know a lot more Jewish people I have a lot more Jewish Friends than I do have Muslims I don't Know any Palestinian people like I don't Have a fight in this thing other than Just being a truther and seeing what's Fair right I have a lot of um good Experiences with Jewish people I went to Uh my friends bar Mito Bar Mitzvah when He was 13 or whatever it was my friend Alan katton my friend Lenny he uh formed A basketball team with me a wide Basketball team with me and an interal Basketball team with me um you know back In my second attempt at College he Contacts me once in a while and my first Preceptor who introduced me to SJ Mar Was you know formerly Jewish like he had Evolved to being a spiritual person but He grew up in the Jewish religion right So I don't have any you know bad Experiences and I don't you know uh in Terms of any kind of personal Experiences I don't have any bad Experiences with the ADL but just what I Cover here and being fair about things And you know there's two billion people

2 billion Muslims worldwide and 6 Million 16 million Jews and so the only Way that this thing is ever going to Work out if if one side wipes out the Other in terms of these lands one side Has to wipe out the other and you know It doesn't look good in terms of numbers So when they put this thing together There was 3,000 years of hatred they Divided up a country between uh Israelis Who who were outnumbers by the Palestinians They gave is Israel all the choice land And Israel and Israel uh proceeded to Glom on to more of the Palestinian land And so the Palestinians were rightfully Pretty butt hurt by this and it pissed Off all the Muslims in the region but Was Israel was good at again they were Outnumbered significantly two billion People you know that's some one six or Or 1/4th of the world population is Muslims and they're you know I think Reproducing at a high rate and It's 2% not 2% but 0 2% they don't even Get 1% is Jewish people so if there's One group that's looks like they're Going to be wiped out first it would be Jewish people right in this sort of Conflict but what they didn't know was That the Jewish people were going to be Great at selling themselves as victims That they were experts at that right and And that's what they got out of this

They were also good at working the power System and you know owning America in Different ways so lobbying groups and by All these other you know things like the ADL and they really got America and some Of Europe and some of these countries on Their side and they really you know work That whole were victims they work the Whole Holocaust thing and they were able To get um sympathy and get support from Various powers that be and all the Politicians in America they all make the Pledge they have to make their pledge to Um support Israel you know this woman um Cynthia mckenny she was a a um like a Congresswoman from Georgia and she said That you have to sign this pledge Supporting Israel if you don't support It like in her case they poured a Million dollars into the you know the Jewish Lobby into uh running against her And she lost her seat because of it she Was the one who went after Rumsfeld After the big event you know uh the big Event 2001 and as somewhere the $9 Billion that they said they lost right Before the big event happened in 2001 She was you know kind of a truther and You know one of the better politicians But she um and other politicians have Said this as well so there's 100% Support for Israel in both political Parties we've seen this Kennedy may be Worse than all of them and so you know

They get a lot of support but nobody Knew how oil would come into play Because this 1945 and oil was just becoming a thing Right there's plenty of oil in America And Texas and these places and you know The World War II and then of course Gasoline was being used since the 20s But all of a sudden oil became very Important in the 50s and 60s and 70s and You know Israel was established in 1945 and so with oil there was a lot of Money you have a lot of population and a Lot of money And that's you know what they have they Have money and they have influence Through the money and they have you know Oil which they can um you know Screw the Rest of the World by making oil not Available or doing whatever right they Have power in oil in the Middle East in The Arab community and the Muslim Community and so that's made the region Even more important right because the Oil which is something that is you know We're all dependent on the petrol dollar And so now you you have this issue has Gotten even more contentious because of The power of the you know Israeli Lobby And the power of the oil money and these Other things and it's different in Different places in the world but in America Israel has won the Battle of the Media and for this guy to you know

Jonathan greenblat to complain you know About um that the MSNBC is biased and Hamas is the one where they writing the Scripts here of course they're not There's no Palestinian influence no Palestinian Lobby no Palestinian Army Right and that you know the victim Consciousness and all these things that Only go so far and how much they get Away with because they want they want Gagaza strip they want to leave with the Gaza Strip being annexed with Israel we Know that it's a land grab whether they Get away with it or not or if this ends Up being more than that they go after The west bank and then Iran it becomes An allout War whatever they try to do With this like they're pitching the Victim Consciousness hard and what Iran Does and what Russia does and what China Does and what America does and this is You know we're heading towards World War I anyways my voice is starting to go This video is really long but I'll sure I'll have more to cover at this in you Know next couple of days or whatever it Is only spirituality will save this World it's p definely reping from the Apocalyps and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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