Dr.SHIVA: Why Is NYC PREPARING For Nuclear War?

Dr.SHIVA: Why Is NYC PREPARING For Nuclear War?

There was a video that came out a video Came out on the New York City Emergency Management site I'm going to take it to You and it said that New Yorkers should Prepare for nuclear war and essentially A nuclear preparedness so I'm going to Show you that site so you'll know this Is not a joke so if we go to this site Which is the New York City management Page you'll see this page is what New York City has it's called prepare Respond recover and they have various Videos talking about hurricanes talking About different kinds of events that Could take place but they put up a video About nuclear preparedness and this is That video it's right here right over Here is that video and when we go to That video if we click on it I'm Gonna Play that video for you that video let Me go right there that video is Literally a public service announcement Telling people how to prepare for a Nuclear war okay so here we go let me Play that video [Music] So there's been a nuclear attack don't Ask me how or why just know that the big One has hit okay so what do we do there Are three important steps that I want You to remember Step one get inside fast you your Friends your family get inside and no Staying in the car is not an option you

Need to get into a building and move Away from the windows Foreign Step two stay inside shut all doors and Windows have a basement head there if You don't have one get as far into the Middle of the building as possible if You were outside after the blast get Clean immediately remove and bag all Outer clothing to keep radioactive dust Or Ash away from your body step three Stay tuned follow media for more Information don't forget to sign up for Notify NYC for official alerts and Updates And don't go outside until officials say It's safe all right you've got this [Music] All right so we've all got this right We've got this that's what the video Said you've got this so that is a think About the reality we're living in the New York City Emergency Management is Literally putting out a PSA telling People you've got this and this is what You should do to prepare for a nuclear Bomb attack this would be unfathomable If you told this to people about a year Or two years ago just like it would have Been unfathomable if you told people That there was going to be a broad Pandemic our movement warned people About that pandemic back in March of 2020 long before all the opportunists

Came and made money off frankly the Pandemic [Music] Foreign [Music]

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