Dr.SHIVA™: Why A Norwegian Artist Became a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholar

Dr.SHIVA™:  Why A Norwegian Artist Became a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholar

Foreign [Music] I am from Norway I live in Oslo I have a Master degree of fine art painting major I invented the brush brush set a brush Keeper I have two children I'm an Activist and now a truth Freedom Health Warrior scholar I've always been kind of a freedom Fighter but only in 2020 I became an Activist before that I was traveling India in a parallel Thailand Cambodia U.S turkey and so on and always painting And in 2020 I was ready with my studio Brushes and canvases to make my big solo Show But then I realized that this lockdown Agenda was not what it presented the Reality I experienced and the news did Not add up I felt like I would be a Coward and very self-centered to just Sit here and watch what could be the end Of our freedoms our children's freedoms All the generations to come Foreign I believe I found the movement While looking for an expert on the Immune system I was amazed to see Dr Shiva's videos and live streams about The five-part immune system as opposed To the old 150 year old two-part system And probably I picked up on the the Streams and everything that he said we Need leaders not followers which I Really agree on and also I was a part of

The fire pouchy campaign in May April 2020 I thought that was really awesome How he was driving the votes to the White House then in the midst of the Lockdowns the BLM protest happened and I Thought he addressed the issue of racism Also with such clarity It was a relief to hear someone Simplifying this messy and complicated Situation Truth Freedom Health versus Power profit Control You know just this guiding and important Time gives a a bigger perspective on the Situation and so in 2021 early on I Arranged Freedom rallies and I Translated Dr shiva's principles into Norwegian and I have a speech in front Of the parliament and I could see people Understood and applauded his insights This gave me also further confidence Then there is the nsoe the not so Obvious establishment which constantly Divides and conquers the energies are Getting lost out there the confusion is Big and it's being funneled back into The establishment so I was really Impressed when I took the foundations of System science it got me a broader Understanding of the not so obvious Establishment which Dr Shiva is Addressing constantly and basically he Is taking the battlefield into light Logic and

Clarity truth Freedom health is the Antidote you need all you can't have one Without the other you need freedom to Find truth you need truth to find health And you need help to fight for Freedom So it's all interconnected Tfh has answers solution concrete ideas Community science holistic it's a pretty Kick-Ass movement And it's a real bottoms up movement Anchored in system science It's a in it's perfect in its Imperfections So let's do this let's Elevate our Consciousness into self-organizing Systems I believe Dr shiva once said that 5 000 Truth Freedom Health Warriors could Change the world Well I think if we are 50 000 or 500 000 or 5 million you know uh I want to be in this movement to reach That goal and I hope you decide to join This journey as well be the bright Lights Foreign [Music]

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