Dr.SHIVA: Who Does Elon Musk Serve? #Twitter

Dr.SHIVA: Who Does Elon Musk Serve? #Twitter

What do you believe to be Elon musk's Motives for all this all of his Companies rely on the government SpaceX They were about to go down the tubes Boom they get a NASA contract let's go To Tesla Tesla would not be profitable One iota if it wasn't for the carbon Credits you see every time he sells a Tesla he gets a government subsidy Regulatory credits he cashes them in and That's how he became profitable Twitter's valuation when he bought it Was around 50 billion dollars per 5 Billion in Revenue why does Twitter get A valuation multiple of 10. they get Section 230 immunity and that government Regulation gives Twitter at 10x Multiples Elon musk's wealth in Twitter Is dependent on being governments that Is why Elon Musk will not take down that Portal that is why he avoided that Question but Kind of what's going on Um so Yeah

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