Dr.SHIVA™ – We’re Not Waiting To Win Fake Elections

Dr.SHIVA™ - We're Not Waiting To Win Fake Elections

Each week we go through different topics We give you solutions to healthcare Solutions you can act on solutions to The environment solutions to education Innovation governance and economy my Becoming president I'll just do more of This so we're not waiting to become President we're doing it here and now so Those are the things people can do truth Freedomhealth.com become a warrior Scholar get the bumper sticker hand out A leaflet and you'll meet incredible People and every weekends on Saturdays We do this entire volunteer meeting Online you get to meet a lot of great People and we help people build Community so that's what we're doing This is a opportunity for every one of You not to vote for the lesser of two Evils you don't have to do that because All they're going to do is kill more and More and more children and frankly they Want to kill you and depopulate you they Have no interest in advancing the mass Of working people the goal is to exploit People replace them ultimately with Robots and AI so they get a world for Themselves and to help with the rest of Us we need to build a Bottoms Up Movement go to Shiva forpress

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