Dr.SHIVA™ – Vivek the SNAKE

Dr.SHIVA™ - Vivek the SNAKE

Playing off the same line of questioning I'm curious is is VI also in that he's a Douchebag I did a whole thing called VI The snake he's a completeing douchebag Anyone who has any sense of Integrity Looks at how he talks and the way he Weedles around you there's a very good Writer at orbes who did a great thing How he has learned how to just take Something manipulate it and then move Into some other manipulation he hops From one manipulation to another and I Just look at him and I've hired Thousands of people in my lifetime I Would never hire this guy ever he's aing Bull complete snake now the fact that The only reason he's even being Considered is because of the fact that Overnight Carlson of mainstream media Gives him attention look if you want to Get a book into the bookstores you need A major agent and you need to be Connected everyone listening need to Understand that all of these people are Highly connected they all go to the same Equestrian clubs with their kids they All go to the same tennis clubs they all Go to the same restaurants they're one Degree of Freedom away from each other And I really think people don't Understand now I know that cuz I used to Live in Hollywood in Malibu okay I know All these people people I grew up in the Circumstance of MIT okay and I walked

Away from all that cuz I hate these Scumbags their existence comes from Their Network Jared Kushner and V and Trump and Elon Musk all these people Know the same people and I really think You need to understand this and they Will not allow you into their circles it Is very high level of hurdle of income Of connections you need to have before They'll allow you into their circles so Why has been allowed in because it does Seem to a large extent that he has cuz He is them we now have a multi-racial Global swarm Neo cast system look he's Called the Brahman cast Okay I Came From Below his parents would spit on people Like me in India literally it would call Me the equivalent of the n-word okay and People need to understand we live in a Cast system now just look at this Douchebag can you tell me what he's Created can you tell me one thing he's Done I've had VI on the show I will Grant you that he is one of the most Gifted salesmen I've encountered anyone Who I can see through him like a Douchebag a lot of people feel that way And I even ended my interview with him Saying it's very challenging to sus out What his true beliefs are because he's So gifted at like angling it to the Audience no no you guys don't know how To ask him realing questions you need to Ask him the following and you need my

Bud anomaly certainly did yeah but Anomal learned all that stuff from us Okay but anomaly pussied out on certain Things okay here's a bottom line with VI How did he make money go look at how Someone makes money and you will Understand the character of that person How did he make money according to his Story I I don't know I haven't dug deep To know for sure but he has five or six Fa approved drugs under his that's what He says is that true I don't know let's Talk about how the motherucker At everyone he goes from Harvard by the Way he goes he told people he came from Nothing no I came from nothing that guy Came from two Brahman parents do you Know what brahmanism is lint I know it's A kind of class system cast system it's Worse than a class system it is beyond Racism okay that's where he comes from People says oh he grew up with nothing No he went to aing prep school costing Tens of thousands of dollars number one Then he goes to Harvard okay when he Graduates Harvard he goes to hang out With these hedge fund guys hedge fund Guys are and you come out of Harvard You're basically joining a club of People actually don't do much except Move Capital around and the reason they Get to make money is they all do insider Trading right that is very different Than where I grew up in New Jersey

Someone who's a landscaper plumber who Gets up and works for a living they Actually produce something of value These guys are insiders are are you Denying that he has six FDA approv drugs I'm I'm going to say go check it out Okay well I go check it out FDA doesn't Improve drugs if you ever say you have FDA approved drugs the FDA will slap you Upside the head the FDA gives allowance For drug to go to clinical trials they Do allowances so it's very important to Understand this now let's look at the Level of of this guy and Everyone listening should probably Mark The time code on this until the end you Can go verify all of it number one There's a company called he creates a Company called axovant okay what did Axovant do Clint he went and got 5 Million bucks from his fraternity of Other fools who don't do much and then He takes that 5 million bucks and he Goes to a company called glos Smith Klein remember this guy hasn't done he Hasn't been in the lab he hasn't done The research it's a scam so what he does Is he takes that 5 million goes to glos Smith line how does he get to glos Smith Line I don't know exactly you have to be Part of the click we do cold calls to Companies we don't know people we have To actually do the work but you pick up A phone because you were in that Circle

So right there you go try to get into Glos Smith lines president no one on This call can do that no one on this Call can get through to Albert baa at Fiser so how do you get into those Circles that means you're already part Of them you've been vetted and you're Allowed into those circles all right is That his Harvard lineage or is it beyond That it's the lineage of people who hang Around with scumbags because they've Never worked a day in their life their Entire life has been to learn how to Hang around with those circle of people Clint they go to the right Prep School It starts at the age of 12 to 15 to 17 Their mama and papa send them to the Right prep schools and after the prep Schools they get all the Consulting to Apply to Harvard they get people to Write their essays it's a whole club and You're not part of it I actually got 800s on my SATs my parents can afford Consultants I actually filled out my own Application these people have Consultants $30,000 Consultants so There's a very interesting Harvard uh Adjunct professor said dumb people are Getting into ivy league institutions and Smart people can't even get an education Anymore so dumb mother are going to the Institions and it's changed a lot in 20 Years really so how get into Harvard Someone should go do research on that

Actually do the research he was Valedictorian of his high schools he's No dummy go ask how many kids were in The high school and go ask how did he Get his grades did he actually get them Or did he ask lick his way to doing them Because people give trophies to everyone These days actually have to do the Research the point is it's a club okay So you go to Harvard you create your Friendships then you make a few phone Calls and you can get through to blacko Smith line so 5 million bucks he raises You go try to raise 5 million today see How much effort it is you have to write This and that and you have to anyone Here on the call go try to raise 5 Million bucks yeah I was a money manager So it would be different I could Probably get it done but it is Extraordinarily challenging for an Entrepreneurial company with no assets Nothing you have to do it on the Strength of relationships yeah it's pure Networking that's it so this cannot be Underestimated that you make one phone Call oh yeah yeah man I did I remember You no big deal you're good for it and The five million he gets is maybe five Guys put in a million bucks and we Should go do research on that and that Million is part of a billion dollar Portfolio which is nothing for that Anyway you go raise 5 million and

Alzheimer's drugs 99% of them fail all This and if you just say oh I think I Have something for Alzheimer's everyone Is going to invest in it's the biggest Scam you can do okay so he goes to glos Smith line do you know the story Clint I Do yeah he acquires a drug that had Failed multiple times for for whatever Reason he believes there's viability That has been missed he decides to Acquire it for that 5 million Acquisition price and then the drug Fails no go back you missed a big step There look I've gone through clinical Trials okay phase two clinical trials Have failed once on Alzheimer's and Dementia then they tried it failed four Times it's failed and wow I can scam People so you go buy that drug and you Change the name and what do you do you Go get your mother did you know this Yeah I learned it after my interview With him because of anomaly's research Well no anomaly took it from us okay Okay then from your research yeah so he He took the drug okay his mother does The analysis of one of those four Clinical trials what is the analysis They're not even running a clinical Trial they're doing the analysis of the Failed drug data and what they do is They throw out the data which included People who didn't complete that clinical Trial called the completer analysis okay

So you threw out data and then you Analyze that data and we now in order to Get credibility in science the the Highest form of credibility is you Publish in a your review journal the Other is you give a platform Presentation the lowest form is you do a Poster session which is what Undergraduates do there's like a big Conference kids have a little poster Some nice drawings he said I did this Experiment have these results that Completer analysis data which is highly Suspect was presented as a poster Session okay now to me it's laughable as A scientist who actually has published In the leading journals yeah you that's Good for undergraduate students we're Just getting their feet wet okay Publishes it and then they take that Data and then they use that analysis to Tout the drug and to beef up an IPO Knowing it's a useless drug knowing this And then they do the clinical trial I Think about a year later after they' Hyped it and the stock crashes because It fails you knew it was going to fail And it fails by we just got a patent in Fact I'll showed you just came in the Mail this is an actual patent for real Combination therapy and we spent 10 Years doing this actually did theing Research man for combination therapy That really resolves a arthritis okay

Now that took actual me working we Didn't scam everyone I didn't take $1 of Investor Revenue think about that that's Called real Innovation what he did is Not Innovation it's called Financial Bullshitting engineering and you really Need to understand basically a Biomedical pump and dump is essentially What you're yeah it's called bull you Compare that quality of a human being to Benjamin Franklin right Thomas Jefferson Someone like me who actually gets in the Lab actually does things actually makes Real stuff this is aing scam artist it's Aing snake let me give you another Example now it's for me it's f Fasinating as a brown skinned Indian guy About half a billion people came to know About us during 2020 and they knew we Were going to run independent they they Had to go find a brown skinned Brahman Big arma brown noser this is in my view And all the people in my circles they See this as a scopin they had to go get Someone else to and there are people who Think I'm him they all look alike right But the point you you think they rep They're replacing you with him yep and Many people have said this and he Literally has stolen rhetoric of us First of all this guy's not Anti-establishment he is the Establishment through and through I Where was he at the lockdowns were

Running massive protests against the Lockdowns he was promoting lockdowns When the lockdowns were taking place we Created the mass and oral health Protocol and we taught 3,000 people how To challenge the MK mandates at the School level I did the science help People write lawsuits Etc he was Promoting masks so this guy is part of The establishment I've been on the Ground handing out thousands of fires This guy is not an activist he's a Scumbag let's take another example he Graduates from Harvard Works in a hedge Fund has made about a million bucks Files for a soros's fellowship an Affirmative action Fellowship which is Really meant for poor people who come From the inner City's Bottoms Up this Guy didn't come from poor people he came From Brahman parents who are top down And now he says he's against affirmative Action this is like criminal in my view Because affirmative action was created For friends of mine who went to MIT came From the inner cities so they Affirmative action was a reform that Came out of the civil rights movement Because there was a distance between the Minority and the equivalent rich white Candidate right now it wasn't the right Solution right but it was a reform and He took advantage of it yeah when I came To MIT 1968 let me let me give you an

Example Shirley Jackson who was a Professor who was a graduate student at MIT was the only two black students at MIT 1968 and she threw down her thesis In front of all these old white Professors and she said it's a disgrace I'm only one of two black students Graduating MIT she's getting her PhD She's now the president of rents leer The next year they let in some students Those students came all from the inner Cities and they said we're never going To be successful you let us in so we can Fail and those students took over at the MIT Faculty Club and they demanded MIT Setup programs so they could actually Compete the students who came from the Wealthy schools this is what airm action Was designed for not for a scumbag Brahman fing brown noser and for him to Take advantage of it and then later on Say he doesn't support affirmative Action when he got an affirmative action Scholarship yeah I think he has been Caught up on telling that Tale in Different ways a couple of times he Should be slapped upside the head man if He came to new Yark New Jersey would Treat him very differently and he would Learn to shut the up very fast this Guy's a douchebag I'm sorry to laugh the Reason I saying this cuz I worked hard All my life yeah no I get it and and Every working class person I have this

Guy is claiming he's a American No he's not an American if anything he Hates this country he hates the American People because he thinks he's so much Smarter and can people that's a Hatred of people man if I can actually Prove that they they knew that the Parkinson's drug had no additional Utility cuz I just can't know I can't Know that they knew that Clint what You're a money manager I'm not going to Argue with you on money manager I'm Michael Jordan it would be like a high School student telling Michael Jordan How to shoot a basketball it's not even Believing me the process that they're Doing was a complete scam third example He claims he's for Excellency Meritocracy you have nepotism in your Own company your mama and your brother And they're the ones who did the Analysis that you used but what I find Amazing is when I every word that comes Out of the mouth I see aing scam artist And the reason anyone is following him Because they're desperate real change And so anyone who Ms words they don't Bother looking at what they actually did You go back to co this guy is promoting VX mandates promoting mask mandates and Had also started a company to track all Of us so you add all of this up and what Picture emerges is scumbag there's Nothing else people should use the most

Vehement words to expose these people Because they hate America they hate the American people they reallying do I Didn't see him in 2020 when we exposed The back door portal to Twitter where Was this fing Guy where were all of These people so now you come out because You're part of that swarm overnight you Can make a call to somebody at the New York Times who writes articles about you Once a week that doesn't happen Mysteriously so I think people need to Understand how tightly wound these People are and the level of things they Can get done over night versus us who Have to build stuff step by step okay They don't have to do that they cheat They're actually cheaters everything They have earned is not by hard work but By cheating and I want to end this with The cabal actually think wow he's a scam Artist he's good that's good oh you Scammed 5 million you made that money Wow you're smart they value people who Scam and they think the rest of us we Actually work hard or dummies And that's what I mean they hate us I See yeah for people actually wake up in The morning actually follow the rules They actually think we're dumb Clint oh No I agree I agree the ruling class Think that we are idiots and that we Ought to be ruled with an iron fist Because they are superior to us and

That's why the whole world economic Forum climate change agenda talks down To people so much but it also Propagandizes the youth to think that They're participating in a way that that Is somehow uplifting and and remember This whole his fighting against the wef Suddenly it's all it's like Trying to make him look Anti-establishment you have to really Look have these people been fighting do They have a history of fighting Injustice or have they profited from Injustice their whole lives this guy has That's that is an very important Question have you challenged him to a Debate and would you be willing I'll Challeng him toing get in a ring with me He needs to have that he needs to have Be taught a lesson there is some Personal anim here debate the issue is It's really up these people are up man they're evil they're evil I agree I agree the other thing is People are a little more adventurous They can go to the website CH numeral For president.com and they download this Very powerful weapon it's a flyer and This flyer Clint gives people the Ability to print it on their home Printer go use your libraries printer You're paying your property taxes and Hand it out to your neighbors keep it in Your glove compartment we're going to

Get about 50 million of these out by the End of 2024 right this is saying I'm Going to go offline I'm not going to Rely on Elon must have help me cuz he's Already part of the swarmm I'm not going To rely on Carlson being Entertained by Alex Jones or Something these guys are entertainers They don't want to build a movement all Right and then if people want to donate Money we say great but if you donate Money when you donate money to us I give You back stuff I give you tools I give You knowledge we give you education Because we want you to ultimately be the Hero so if you go to Twitter feed people Handing out flyers there are heroes okay So I'm a catalyst in this so my running For president is quite disrupted this Guy called R Reus who was Chief of Staff Or Trump apparently guy that I know he Has him on his Board of his company said Hey Dr she is running president he goes That's going to be majorly disruptive so If you see now what they're doing I will Say look the tip of the Spear of this Movement is our running for office and It's about you Kennedy literally copied That and put puts that in a video Russell bran is now talking about life Expectancy this guy's a total douchebag Which came first his becoming Anti-establishment or his allegedly Raping these women I would presume a

Latter okay and you have to wonder did He know this was going to happen to Him like whistleblowers in some Companies they're real sincere Whistleblowers a guy knows he's going to Be fired so he suddenly starts Whistleblowing on I put him in the that Category okay all of these people who Are of the elites claiming their Anti-establishment it's become like the Invogue thing to do now where were they In 2020 Russell Brand was promoting Lockdowns in 2020 booby Kennedy was Promoting lockdowns in 2020 look at They're all up there we collected 120 Pound signatures drove our bus down and We handled those 120,000 signatures to Trump I wrote the letter saying fire Fouchi Rand Paul waited a year to use Fire fouchy and it was for donation Emails guys are all scumbags you speak The truth at the right not two years Later acting all upset likeu Carlson When you had all the documents we gave You about the back door portal he's part Of the intelligence Network we have to Understand we're being sold out and the Only person that deserves to be President is me right now is running cuz I've done the work and I have a history Without any type of exaggeration you put My CV a fighting for people next to any Of these guys it won't match it's Unmatchable what you will find is a

History of bulling people on that we Agree Dr Shiva thank you so much for Your time it was both interesting and Entertaining great to meet you and one More time for people that want to get Involved go tell them the URL Le so Number one go to Shiva numeral 4pr President.com our campaign is about Involvement it allows you get a bumper Sticker put it on the back of your car Go to Shiva for president.com go to the Download section we have we've open Source this you can print this on a Black and white printer get it out or go To Truth freedomhealth.com where you get The knowledge in the education and That's where you can become your own Leader you become your own Guru you Become the teacher but you will get the Knowledge that I used to teach at MIT For many years you'll get the knowledge That the elites have about how systems Work but that knowledge is what everyone Needs to get we have a woman who's a Hairdresser who teaches it to a PhD Anyone can learn it we have people all Over the world man and all of our stuff Is being translated we have about 120 Countries now there's someone in Antarctica who took the course Samoa I Don't know who but people live in Antarctica what the they're scientists Who live down there anyways man I I got To run but everybody please hit the like

Button hit the Subscribe button leave a Comment I'm sure there will be lots of Comments on this one and thank you again Dr shiv it was it was a pleas all right Thank you everyone be well be the light Best to you and your family Clinton and Your community be well all right Clint Cool y be well thanks yep all right Everyone that was Clint Russell was good Doing that meeting with him I hope this Is valuable anyway everyone go get your Bumper stickers right go to Shiva Forrent.com get the Flyers get on the Ground and let's win this fight but you Have to get educated go to truth Freedomhealth.com get educated or be Enslaved it's really up to you and I Leave you with that thank you be well

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