Dr.SHIVA™ – Trump was NOT Fighting for US. His Job: To Keep You Waiting.

Dr.SHIVA™ - Trump was NOT Fighting for US. His Job: To Keep You Waiting.

You've heard from many of my guests that Trump is part of the military operation At the highest level he had to play ball With the Deep state to smoke them out Yeah and I Wanted to get your views on the Q Movement here's just one word It was a psyob they put this White dude in to keep the white working Class subdued those in power have become Very very Innovative they've created What I call the nsoe the not so obvious Establishment that's represented in 2024 By Donald Trump if you go back after Obama Obama was the Trojan Horse who Kept people in abeyance oh my God Obama's gonna fight Wall Street blah Blah but what did he do in 2008 he Delivered to Wall Street what they Wanted they should have all failed all Those Banks they had that midnight Meeting at the White House and he bailed Them out Obama printed eight trillion Dollars in two terms so now working People are this they're totally Done so then if you believe elections Are selections look I'm the one who did All the election stuff I'm the election Expert in the United States elections Are selections if you take off your or Trump or Bernie or Biden Hatt put it Away and just follow rationally if Elections are selections how did Trump Get elected if you follow the logic it's

Not like oh well he got lots more votes No he was selected why I heard he broke The system no because Hillary actually Knew she was cheated people have said And she didn't file the lawsuit a whole Other story but bottom line is just Follow it through if elections are Selections why and how did Trump get Elected I'll tell you why because Obama Was a front man for two terms the white And black working class are done with Him they needed to Corral the white Working class back end they create this Guy called Trump who by the way wanted To be in Hollywood he was a Democrat Very close friends with all these people All of his slogans make America great Again lock her up these are all Madison Avenue slogans man it wasn't like this Guy came up with them please understand The goal there was only one group of People today that have something called The First Amendment and the second Amendment that is the American citizenry 300 million people four percent of the Entire world's population have that Right Nino who is the tip of the Spear Of that movement if you really look at It because majority of people here are White the white working class and in Fact you go to the sharpening of that Spear it's the conservative white Working Class People are destroying now They have to blunt their Edge it's like

Taking a tip of a beautiful arrowheading Him to blunt it that's what Trump was Brought in for and I'm saying this is a Guy who gave money to Trump anyone who's A Trumper I'm sorry I didn't see You putting up signs you may put a mega Hat on and pay 10 bucks but I gave him 2 600 bucks and I was out there and the Bitter cold in Boston in 2020 if you Remember it was my work and the campaign For truth freedom and health which Exposed fauci first we're the ones Around the fire fouchy campaign Trump Was all behind the lockdowns Trump never Fired fauci very few of the Maga cult People know this 12 hours before Trump Left the White House on January 19th he Gave fauci a big award a commendation Award for operation warp speeds obvious Biden is a fool it's obvious of bushes Are fools and the clintons that's the Obvious establishment we're way beyond That so Trump says all this stuff lock Her up I'm going to assign a special Prosecutor the first day I get in Remember that lock her up lock her up Drain the swamp the next day after he's Elected he said ah that was for the Election Now we move on quote unquote And we have it on video you have to Understand these people think you're an Idiot I'm an idiot and they hate us they Hate you Trump doesn't give a about People this is all an act it makes money

For him his businesses were tanking he's Made so much more money from this and Remember you're talking to someone who Donated to Trump put up thousands of Lawn signs for him I didn't come later In 2020 and put a mega hat on you were On board in the very beginning right Because he said the anti-establishment Rhetoric but I didn't realize he was the Jesse Jackson of the right you see the Right wing didn't have a Bernie Sanders It's all theatrics man he made so much Money off the impeachment he's made so Much money off the conviction you have To understand among the mafia they have Their own feuds so let me ask you this So yeah 2020 we can agree was stolen Correct that was a heist that was Obvious what I'm saying is all elections Are selections because it's a selection Why would they work so hard to steal That election from Trump let me give you The data because I was in the center of It if you go look at a tweet I think it Was right after Biden got in and I said Look I have unequivocal proof that the Election systems in this country are Compromised that went viral 33 000 Retweets they got a call from Mark Meadows Trump's Chief of Staff he knew I Was doing all this very intense Mathematical work for nothing no one was Paying me because I cared about this Country Meadows calls me and he goes Dr

Shiva how can we help you because I just Done the Michigan analysis showed this Very major anomaly mathematically and I Said Mark give me the data and I'll Prove this in every state I wasn't You're going to charge him any money I Have my own data center everything so They wait and they wait and they wait Rona McDaniel's office calls me from the GOP so the White House is calling me and The GOP calls me and she goes how can we Help you I said give me data and I will Do the analysis for every state they go Okay tomorrow we're going to be in front Of the RNC servers we'll get it to you Nothing and that's when I did that tweet I said if you truly care I have the data That starts going viral Eric Trump Reaches out to me on Twitter as a DM all Of it screenshotted and I said Eric do People really care about what just Happened to your father and he goes oh Call the Trump campaign they have the Data so think about these three Different organizations the white house Chief of staff calling me the GOP RNC Head calling me and Trump campaign Alex Cannon I talked to him I said Alex get Me the data they did nothing Trump suddenly switched his calling to I'm gonna stop election fraud they Raised a half a billion dollars off of It we never got any of the data ever I Did all the analytics myself so they sat

On it what they did do Nino is a lot of Grifters got involved throwing out crap Oh my God there's bamboo in the paper Ballots I mean just crazy there are Real issues chain of custody the ballot Images signature verification as a Scientist as an engineer I focus on the Real stuff they didn't want to clean up The real stuff so they made crazy Mike Lindell saying oh yeah I have Servers from China hitting us this I was at the Symposium I said Mike you're making up this is so you had the grifters making Up cha-ching cha-ching Lindell selling More pillows off of it Trump is making a Half a billion off of it and we're here Not seeing one penny doing all the real Work you understand you're trying to Wrap my mind around why they would work So hard to steal that election it's not That it's all they're not stealing it But you know when you two thousand mules Two thousand meals tenacious I didn't do He didn't do anything in 2020 another Rat I love how you're so candidate he's A go look at 2020. we're Doing all this stuff he waited to make a Movie to make money see this is the way It works look at coven all these people Are quiet when the shit's occurring and Then they wait so look at all all these Doctors who said Nothing in 2020 go look At my tweet March 4th 2020. I said this

Will go down in history the pandemic to Support mandated medicine to destroy Economies and to ensure censorship we Started the firefoxy campaign Trump was Locked up and Barrel to lockdowns there Was only one person who's running for President who was against the lockdowns Me you're a humble when Eric Trump and The Trump campaign never followed up You're offering your help yeah and Mark Meadows never followed up and I saw Trump make a half a billion dollars off My work then when January 6 occurred it All came together it could it be maybe And I'm just playing Devil's advocator It truly is a military operation and They're smoking out the rest of these Day rats you have a person who goes out And bangs 20 women a day comes home and Beats the out of you and gives you A flower one flower and you go oh yeah I Guess he had to do that because when he Was a child his father did this to him And I have to put up with this do you Know it's an abuse freaking mentality do You understand how up what you're Saying is Nino look at the Q movement The day he came in and he brought in the Swamp he brought in Bolton oh he's BR Doing this he's doing this but what were The results the end results if I drop This what's the end result all this Water is going to smash what were the End results 16 trillion dollars was a

Damage to the United States economy do You think you should have signed the Insurrection act if he truly wanted to Stay in Austin no what he should have Done was first of all you said you were Against big Pharma but you took a Million dollars in from Pfizer for your Inauguration boom red flag you said the Day I got her office I'm gonna get a Special prosecutor where did that happen Disappeared you have a video of him Saying that was for the election Now we Move on treating people like idiots you Know wake the up third fact I'm Against big Pharma right you brought in Big Pharma you kept fauci who's been There forever you want to drain the Swamp fire fouchy he's been around since 1984. fire him Trump had an MIT PhD I'm Known as one of the leading guys in the World on the immune system I gave him The data you have balls you claim you Have brass balls you don't you probably Have very small All Balls Donald he Didn't do he talks a big game Look I've met with Trump I had a Two-hour meeting with him yes so it's Not it's not like I don't know these People I got you but let's just say This at 2024. obviously the election System was not fixed they didn't care to Fix it it's not being fixed now where do You see this going do you see Trump Being the nominee the future is what we

Decide we have to ask different Questions the issue is what am I going To do not what the Trump does Everyone gets to a point in life where You have to ask this very fundamental Question do you accept the way the world That it is or do you want to change it Let me ask you that where do you Absolutely change it so now you come to A point you say I want to change the World so you've taken let's say a Certain branch of that decision some People never come to that decision they Just basically take the other decision Because they never even ask that so now You come to that point in life and You're living in the United States The Establishment only gives you two Pathways they say Nino you're great you Want to change the world hey man run for Office we got this thing called the Election system we're going to groom you To be a politician the others they say File a lawsuit so they have two vehicles They give that bright item bushy-tailed Person both of those systems are Completely corrupt so you're seeing it's All theatrics that Trump is just they're Pretending for him to be the Rogue Obvious The theoretical mistake I had made was I Thought the right wing had the tea party At the time as their wing but they Hadn't it had been destroyed so they

Needed Trump you say Trump is the Bernie Sanders of the right let me try to walk Through your shoes you've decided you Want to change the world you can go Running for office voting for Tweedledee Or Tweedledum or filing lawsuits now There is the real option because if you Step back and you studied what I teach Which is not taught anywhere he said you Know what the real option is we got to Build a movement a Bottoms Up movement It's not sexy it's not me voting it's Like I gotta go neighbor to neighbor I Got to teach people all this stuff you Got to do our parents should have done That so when I ran in 2020 we had Started building our movement when was The last time an MIT engineer with the Knowledge I have ever ran for office Never but when we ran look what we did Nino because an outsider came in we Figured out the entire backdoor portal To Twitter we're the ones who figured Out the election systems we're the ones Who said firefight you look at all the we did we had these guys running And then the grifters came and had to Try to seize us but we got a lot of done Man those are huge victories now in 2024 Our movement is explosive we have Leaders in every state we have 350 000 People what happens when I'm getting on The ballot in every state they're going To try to stop me we're going to

Discover so much corruption and we're Going to get that out so that is a Movement we're getting others involved To see face to face this corruption your Plan is to expose even more expose more But the only way a guy like me an Outsider could ever win even the Presidency is a movement period This is Called system science I used to teach This course at MIT for three semesters And the science of systems is how you Realize how the elites work so we teach That to people if you understand that They are selections not elections why Are you running for president good Question in 2018 we ran against Elizabeth Warren we're the ones who Destroyed her it wasn't Trump we had 4 000 signs up here those big signs only The real Indian can defeat the fake Indians we force sure to take that we're The ones that forced her to take the DNA Test she was Native American right yeah She said she was Native American bottom Line is 10 of us in that independent Camp pain we expose Warren then I ran in 2020 as a republican in Massachusetts we Had 3 000 volunteers so the GOP is the One who did election fraud on us in Massachusetts they ran a fool against us Because they don't want us really Beating the Democrats they're In Cahoots On Election night in September 2020 the Word on the street was Dr Shiva you won

By a landslide even the GOP people are Saying that wow so in every County in All the nine counties the results come In on the evening of September 2020 September 1st and I win the hand counted Paper ballot County by 10 points all White working class every other County Nino 60 40 60 40 60 40 60 40 60 40. Everyone on my team was saying Shiva the Only way we're going to lose if they Cheat and that doesn't occur the concept Of election fraud is never even my brain After that day on September 1st I said Holy so I put on my hat as an MIT Engineer as an MIT computer scientist I Started studying every book on how these Election machines work and I was the one Who discovered that there's a feature to Flip votes if you got 10 votes and I got 10 votes they can multiply your votes by Two and take my vote multiply by 0.5 I Was the one who expose that I was under The Michigan analysis I was the one who Started the election systems Integrity Movement from knowing in my case because When a paper ballot goes through the Machines what happens a picture is taken And the AI on those machines figures out The votes and by law those pictures have To be preserved for 22 months so I went And said hey I want the images of the Ballots the secretary of state of Massachusetts at all we deleted them so That is when I said Massachusetts

Secretary of State deleted 1 million Ballot images that started going viral And that instant is when I was turned Off Twitter in the middle of my federal Election campaign because we've moved it To a writing campaign I went into Federal court the next Monday and in Federal court we find out that the way They threw me off Twitter was the Government had contact to Twitter which Is a grossest violation of the first Amendment I win that court case and we Discover that the government of the United States has created backdoor Portals into Twitter and Facebook we Wrote to Carlson we said cover This he didn't do anything why because I'm not supporting left or right and That that would have meant that we would Have gotten all those eyeballs then in Court again we went back in and Twitter Was dragged in when I was deep platform It was a historic lawsuit and I was Representing myself against seven Harvard lawyers and winning and winning And winning and then the judge gave me a Constitutional attorney who said Shiva You're going to be the first guy back on Twitter drop all your claims against the Government 72 hours before my hearing And I said off fired him and then The judge and the lawyer turned on me But I was not willing to sell out I was The one who discovered all this and all

The grifters suppressed it we got to Build a Bottoms Up movement these guys Aren't going to do for us we have a Very different Outlook sometimes I say You give the black pill to people but It's necessary it's what it is you see It very realistic of the problems that We're facing in America in this entire Planet everything you've said I've not Disagreed with and that's I'm telling You that's a lot to say there right we Have a huge opportunity right now the Opportunities for you to let go of a lot Of these Illusions here are the action Steps first action step go to Shiva for President.com donate volunteer order one Of these bumper stickers put this on the Back left of your car and order more Than one there's packs of ten we want Millions of people with these bumper Stickers this is getting on the ground One bumper sticker will be seen by a Hundred thousand people in a day so you Do that you're helping this bottom step Movement number two go volunteer we need To be on the ballot in every state so You can volunteer if you want to donate Money you'll get courses you'll get Materials you'll get the entire truth Federal health system and more so get Involved in that every Thursdays we do Two important events at 11 A.M esta at 8pm ESC go to VA shiva.com orientation And then I do my town hall at 8pm

Esciver for president.com slash town Hall and obviously go to Truthfreedomhealth.com you can Contribute there you can become a Warrior scholar take the course once you Graduate you can give the course of Hundreds millions of kids you can give It away as many people as you want so Get involved get on the ground and we've Created an amazing a community here so Get involved all right everyone go to Shiva for president.com Shiva for President.com Town Hall

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