Dr.SHIVA – Trump is NOT Anti Establishment

Dr.SHIVA - Trump is NOT Anti Establishment

Trump is not anti-establishment lock her Up lock her up drain the swamp the next Day after he's elected he said ah that Was for the election that plays great Before the election no we don't care Right he brought in the swamp he brought In Bolton Trump never fired fauci 12 Hours before Trump left the White House Gave fauci a big award for operation Warp speed in 2020 it was my work in the Campaign for truth freedom and help Which exposed fauci first we're the ones Who ran the fire voucher campaign I Wrote a letter to Trump I said do not Shut down the freaking economy I'm Telling you as an engineer as an MIT PhD Take the people truly at pre-existing Conditions quarantine them put other People on vitamin D you don't need to do This he locked it down I also spoke with Our nation's Governors who are Announcing new guidelines for every American to follow over the next 15 days Look I've met with Trump at a two-hour Meeting with him um or Donald Trump I I Got brass balls fired fauci you Couldn't do anything because you're a we got to build a Bottoms Up movement these guys aren't going to Do for us Shiva for president.com Volunteer order one of these bumper Stickers

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